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Kissing Moments in Cartoons Compilation
These are my favorite moments of cartoon characters as couples kissing from different series.
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Mamaji - Life of Pi (short clip)
In the movie, it explains that Mamaji, the uncle of Pi was born with much water in his lungs, and that what gives him this huge chest and skinny legs that makes him such a great swimmer. From what I thought, Mamaji's chest is so sexy, with lots of chest hair and armpit hair. This has inspired me to create some "sexy" story about a guy who has big chest with water/fluid inside his lungs, and that what makes girls got attracted by his attention. The guy is always seen shirtless because there is no shirt that can fit his body in.
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Darwin can't take Gumball's hot meal
this video is a short cut from The Amazing World of Gumball: The Secret. someone upload an edited episode of this and then I cut it apart of Darwin was been prank by Gumball of eating his super hot food, I thought he (fish) was allergic to something. it's really funny to watch Darwin freak out after eating Gumball's hot food because when he asked Gumball to give him a water with full of nonsense screams and also his reaction when he swells up his cheeks (the one looks like taking a deep breath) then exhaled slowly with some black smokes coming out of his mouth because his mouth is super hot. you should totally look at his eyes' reaction. it looks like Darwin was sad and crying with all those sweats coming out, really gross. and that when he started to jump all over Gumball to take the glass of milk from his had, and then later he gave up because of his mouth got burn and he's totally sweaty, he walks over the carpet by his hand approaching the glass then Gumball takes off the glass of milk and staying it dodging Darwin to drink and tell off his secret, then Darwin supplicate Gumball like he's asking for love or girlfriend to someone else. that's the really funny one. I wonder how Darwin continued his life with his mouth burnt and having a temperature after eating Gumball's hot food. he'll probably ask Carrie using magic to take over his hot sauce meal from his burnt tongue.
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Ben 10 Omniverse (My Favorite Clips)
Mostly I like the part where one of Charmcaster's rock monsters lifts up its armpits to attack on Ben, Rook, and Kevin.
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Eli The Heart-Shaped Chested "Aardvark" (Thinnest Elephant)
The picture in the video is a re-drawn picture of Eli in his “brother’s” suit in the very thin body formation after losing his breath (cameo snapshot) for blowing away Ant’s house for his “brother,” Aardvark. You can clearly see that I made his chest to be shaped around like a heart (making it looks like his heart is still the same size as before his body turned thin) and it traced on his chest, making him feels hard to breathe and to consume the food his swallowed, and also crushing his rib on his chest because his heart is “big” and can’t fit on his chest perfectly. You also can see that he’s working on exercise to make himself thin (as it looks on the picture that he’s drinking Low-Fat Milk to make himself turned down and up) At the bottom of his pants, you see that he’s peeing while drinking his milk, and also that you can see a little cloud of gas behind his butt that means he’s farting. In the show he is a thin elephant blowing the Ant’s anthill (without mouth figure) on “slouching position” and his shirt seems tighter, and so his pants. And all of his body and even his clothes are blueberry blue, but in the re-drawn picture I make him sucking low-fat milk using a straw with his trunk, and I added a mouth and he’s smiling/laughing. And also his body is straight and wears a watch on his left hand and two bracelets on his right hand. I added the letter “E” on his shirt, meaning for “ELI” and so that shirt is obviously his, and I made his pants a lot shorter and tighter, that’s because his legs are longer. I wanted to color it so it would look he’s “metal,” but I’m afraid my mom’s going to bust me. Anyway, for all my fans who liked my video, make sure to keep rating and subscribing for more! 
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Poop and Toilet Paper Cute Couple
These pictures in this video is about sixteen pictures of a cute cartoon couple drawings of a poop figure and its cleaner, toilet paper. They both are happy with each other, but all of these were caught on Google Images.
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Shirtless Fuleco
The picture in this video is about Fuleco from one of Brazil's FIFA World Cup Armadillos that I had redrawn with no shirt plus some thick dark green armpit hair. You also can see its nipples and huge hole of belly button on its body with a smiley face. Holding a huge white ball in shirtless condition, wearing green shorts with some hole behind so its tail can stick out.
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♡ Honeymoon of Egg Couple ♡
This is a captured photo of an animation called “Chicken or the Egg” by Evozi. Since the Pig tries not to think about the eggs, he imagined that the character in the movie he was watching turned into eggs couple who were in a ship where they had their honeymoon, and that’s the moment I took a snapshot of it. The Male Egg behind the Female Egg was trying to hold the Female Egg up and it looks like the Female Egg is flying over the skies near sunset. It’s pretty romantic to me, but I don’t like the idea of putting an egg body to the characters.
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Top 30 Scourge the Hedgehog Photos
The whole video shows my favorite Scourge photos (from Sonic the Hedgehog) and all of them are photos. My favorite the most if the last one. :) I hope you like it!
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Shortness of Breath - Pleural Fluid (10 Min Compilation)
I do not own this video. the video only shows human lungs filled with water half of full and how it work out to process, it says it can make our breath shorter than our full deep breath. how about the diaphragm? it seems to be hard to make us breath hold the water up, but there's one guy named Arco Wasam that the only man who can breathe water, he was used as a lifeguard in the Piscene Molitor Pool since 1929. but then after having a lot of water in his lungs, in 1957, he accidentally had a diaphragm issues due to his lungs weight of breathing. it's a long story.
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Happy Tree Friends - Best of Splendid
The picture above is about a Blue Squirrel as a superhero holding hands with a Blue Bunny. This picture is made from Happy Tree Friends series. I got this from Google Image. I always thinking about it when a squirrel colored blue and wears a red eye mask with cape to be a superhero, and then finally the Squirrel caught a girl that seems liked him because maybe he’s looked handsome or because he’s so brave and saved her life. And while saving her, he holds her hand and she got blushed. I don’t think that the Squirrel is still a child or a kid and saves everyone's life and got a girlfriend, because he seems so. It’s really hard to explain but if you do know what I mean, maybe you could’ve the picture for more than 10 minutes. I’ve think about it, and I thought maybe this is the way to get a girlfriend – for Boys only, dresses up as tidy as you can, styling your hair, and make sure to fit your body up, sometimes it referred as “Six Pack” because that’s most superheroes have.
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Cactus and Balloon Love Hug
I found this image from Google Images where I was supposed to find another "Alan and Carmen Impossible Love Kiss" on classic idea.
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Finn Holding Erin for Save
I caught this snapshot photo of Finn as a caterpillar is holding Erin the female caterpillar in out cold position, and Finn is holding her to stay alive and he hopes for food, water, chain, and Jake saw something far away, and it’s the oasis. Ever since they are eating, Finn and Erin’s heads smacked each other and making them blush. After they all three had eaten the leaves, Finn and Erin are on a big leaf and Jake is beneath them in upside down. Jake tells them that the oasis is pretty romantic and he asks them how many kids they wanna have, and they both attracted. Finn asks Erin if she want to get married with him. Which is pretty funny to me.
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♡ Darwin choosing Ladies for Love to Date ♡
This picture is about Teenage Darwin the fish choosing ladies in the class who kinda likes him in a moment, like Rachel and Masami, except for Carrie. As he looks “handsome” to me and the girls, I made him choosing some ladies for himself for date.
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the story animation of how "Samuel the Scratch" is died
I do not own this video. the video shows that the story Lair Samuel trapped thousands of flies in his lungs and how he suffer and continued his life without scratching his chest for one night. this is just an animation. just imagine how itchy does it feel of flies crawling around finding an area to survive in your lungs, must have been super itchy doesn't it?
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What if All Elephants Have Human Chest Bones?
This is a recolored and redrawn picture of Eli the Thin Emaciated Elephant in Blue color and Grey color with colored clothing and whole colored version of both colors. It’s Eli pointing at something/someone with his hands while standing in red small-sized shirt and grey/blue shorts and smiling to whatever he was seeing. Looks like he’s trying to look cool in front of others or he was just trying to invite his friends to his party.
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NRG's Green Chest Nipples and Armpit Hair
This is a redrawn picture of NRG flying around in mid-air after coming out of his suit and lifting up his armpits while smiling and saying "suckers." He originally wears black underwear and green shorts underneath with black suspenders and green circular lock-on belt covers. And instead after that redesign him as what I wanted for him to, he has a pair of large and thick dark green chest breasts with red nipples and some dark green armpit hair on both of his underarm as well. I also re-outline his figure with yellow outline after I made him transparent in the first place. His black suspenders are also gone. And his wristband is colored dark red instead of black. I also added geosynclinal surface under his (visible) armpit(s) as the place where the armpit hair grows and stays put. The background is colored black so he stays "visible" instead of the original background of dark red of a molten volcano surface. This photo was going to be stretched out so it fits with the length of the thumbnail/full-screen, but it doesn't match with the original length of his head, and breasts. The reason I made his breasts dark green and the nipples red is because I want people to think that NRG is having chest problems and possibly eats too much vegetables since he is a red, hot, burning lava boy, and to make sure that everything I made is sexy and "abnormal." You would understand if you're the one who made this.
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Colors of Steve Trooper the Red Pikmin
These are a bunch of recolored pictures of snapped Red Pikmin that I took thanks to ChannelFrederator for the thumbnail. It is shown that the Red Pikmin was doing some kind of extreme activity with a smile-mad face wearing black suspenders and other ropes tied around its body. Then I recolored the body with other colors and variations. The colors listed in order were: 1. Apple Skin 2. Black 3. Blue 4. Blush 5. Broccoli 6. Brown 7. Coal 8. Flesh 9. Five Nights at Freddy’s variation 10. Fried (some kind of fried orange) 11. Ghost (transparent white) 12. Glass (transparent teal/aquamarine) 13. Gold 14. Green 15. Grey 16. Lavender 17. Hotheaded (mad/angry face) 18. Maroon/dark red 19. Moldy (dark lime) 20. Nauseous (dark lime on the head) 21. Nigga (color for black people/skin) 22. Oily (covered in oil) 23. Orange 24. Peanut Butter 25. Pink 26. Poisoned (dark green on the head) 27. Purple 28. Red (the original color) 29. Rocky (natural blue-gray colored rocks) 30. Sausage (sausage-colored skin) 31. Silver 32. Strawberry red (red for strawberries) 33. Suffocated (holding breath) 34. Sushi red (red for sushi) 35. Sweaty (sweat droplets around the body and face) 36. Tan 37. White (possibly as a ghost) 38. Yellow
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If Your Six-Pack Abs Are Distended
This guy is named Neckbeard having a distended muscular six pack abs on his chest while holding his breath in.
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NRG Without Suit Original and Redrawn
This is the difference of NRG without suit from the original snapped pose to my redrawn pose with Paint.
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