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Common Mistakes In Writing Causes
Common Mistakes that people do while writing causes during problem solving. Causes are written before taking corrective actions. Causes are written during QC story or 8D or 6Sigma. Causes are written during 5Why analysis or as a part of Cause and Effect diagram. Some of the common mistakes people do in writing causes are explained in the short video.
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Mahesh Hegde Rope Magic
Rope fastest knot, ends increases 2 to 4, becomes endless. Show performed in kannada sangha. Rope is given to audience for verification
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Amazing mind reading card magic - Cutting the deck
Unimaginable, mind-boggling magic performance using simple deck of cards. Spectator thinks one 1 card in his mind among 52 cards. magician cuts deck exactly at the place without looking at the cards
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Corrective Preventive Action  Mahesh Hegde
This video clarifies the meaning of "Corrective Action and Preventive Action" along with examples. Explanation is inline with ISO 9000 and ISO/TS. It also helps to understand type of causes. It helps to remove misconceptions. What to update after action.
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Two Ace Magic  Mahesh Hegde
2 Aces held by spectator magically changes to other card
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Rope Escape Mahesh hegde
Audience tie Mahesh with rope and escapes in seconds. Person who is on stage unable to realize in-spite of tapping him that hands are free. Same magic is performed at various stages are shown.
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Basics Of Problem Solving and misconceptions
Application makes person to learn. Part within specification can create problem.
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Rabbit from Balloon
When the balloon is burst, magically rabbit appears. Show was performed during Euro-kids - Nigadi - Annual day. All kids and parents enjoyed the magic
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Mahesh Hegde - Common -Special Cause - Stability & Capability
Video is taken during Six Sigma Green Belt training delivery of Mr.Mahesh Hegde. Difference between common and special cause is explained through demonstration. Stable and capable process, type 1 and type 2 error is explained. This video is uploaded for the benefit of past participants for recap of key points.
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Reading card in the mind
Random selection of card is predicted magically. Watch this amazing magic till end.
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Histogram In Excel  Mahesh Hegde
Learn how to plot histogram using microsoft excel. It includes enabling analysis tool pack and then easy way to plot hisogram
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Mahesh Hegde -Silk Magic
Performer: Mahesh Hegde - Trainer and consultant Six Sigma Silk magic performed during practice is recorded at home. No camera tricks. If you like it write feedback!
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Kings and Queens Magic  Mahesh Hegde
This close up card magic is performed with normal (Borrowed) card pack. Initially 2 kings and 1 Queen which gets changed to 3 kings, later 3 queens and finally 1 queen, 1king and 1 Ace
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mahesh hegde torn and restored news paper
News paper is torn and magically rejoined
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Advait Mahesh Hegde - Kannada Sangha - Magic
Advait Hegde - performed few magic tricks infront of 500+ people on stage first time. Age 4 Years - 0 months. Picture comes in empty frame, production, colour changing feathers, ball to cube
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Mahesh Hegde Invisible Card Magic
Spectator cuts the deck of cards and keeps on the ground. Later he keeps on throwing invisible cards that are not needed by him. Finally one card is remaining which is appears in the place he cut the deck
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Paper Eating Magic Mahesh Hegde1
Lot of paper is eaten and removed back magically to entertain small kids. The magic was performed in 2007. Note: Kids not to try this at home.
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Mahesh Hegde magic -Red And Black Card Separation By Spectator 1
Pack is shuffled by spectator. Without seeing, spectator keeps card in 2 groups randomly and he finds that cards are separated as red and black without his knowledge
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Advait Hegde Magic Hand Chopping
Advait Hegde Performed magic of chopping hand in front of orphanage children on 1st Jan-2017. Children are astonished from flawless performance.
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Amazingly selected card found in orange
Spectator selects a card, which is disappeared and found in the orange selected by spactator
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Advait Mahesh Hegde Eurokids Nursery Magic
Advait Hegde - Nnursery student of Eurokids-Nigadi performing magic show during annual day of school. Magically photo appears from frame, silk changes its color, water from empty glass turns to confetti, Indian flag appears
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Ring Through Rope   Mahesh Hegde
Ring is magically passed through the rope and removed. Magic is performed with borrowed item. Any rope and any ring.Watch till end as lastly it is done even faster way
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Muda Of Waiting - Day to day examples
One of the 7 Wastes is WAITING. Useful for beginner to visualize waiting as non value added. People in the organization can identify various waiting MUDA and improvements (Kaizens) to minimize waiting can be done.
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Mahesh Hegde Card matching magic
Spectator cuts the deck in 2 places and magically it turns out be the same number which had kept on it. Finally randomly selected card is matching with other card which was selected earlier. Magic trick performed while delivering training to Mahindra and Mahindra Limtied employees on Problem Solving at Pentwin Club - Igatpuri
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Cube Magic Advait Hegde
Rubik's cube solved magically Advait Hegde. Magic performed on 1st Jan-2017 to bring smile on faces of Orphanage children at Alandi-Pune
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Incredible Red and Black Card Magic
Spectator shuffles card pack and keeps cards as per his wish making 2 groups, without seeing. Amazingly red and black cards are separated by spectator
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Learn Magic of Jumping Rubber band
Rubber band magically jumps from finger to finger in second. Even though fingers and rubber band is locked, it jumps. Finally how to do is reveled. You can learn by watching this viode
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System Phylosophy
Don't target person who has done the mistake, find out why, how? Take action on system rather than finding fault with person
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Coin From Air Mahesh Hegde 1
Magic was performed for small kids - coin from air. Finally coin comes from hand of a small kid.
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Pigeon Box Magic   Smita Advait
Get surprised by magical act of Pigeon !
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Latest Mind reading magic from mobile phone
WOW ! It comes 100% correct No any calculation, no any voice recognition. No such technology used. Magic cane be repeated. Dont miss to watch till end. Writing a number in the mind on mobile phone beforehand.
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Fastest way for searching selected card1
A card freely selected by spectator from a deck. It is inserted in middle and shuffled by spectator making it impossible to find the card. Magician removes the card within a second without looking at the card pack. One of the best way to search selected card
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Your Card Predicted  - Mind magic
Randomly selected card is predicted before hand
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Trainer and Consultant - TQM, Six Sigma, Quality Improvement Facilitating major improvement projects and helping organizations to achieve excellence.
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Archit Advait And Smita   Pigeon Production
Magically Pigeon produced on stage ! Kids are entertained by magica performance of Archit, Advait and Smita Hegde
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Advait magic Silk To Cane Adharashram
Silk to Cane Magic by Advait Hegde to Entertain Orphanage Children at Alandi on 1st Jan-2017
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Smita Cane And Silk Magic
Astonishing magical performance by Smita Hegde ! Magically stick changes to beautiful fan and silk joins
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