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Anderson Manufacturing AM Rifles
A short informational clip about the new Anderson Rifles
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Knight TK 2000 Muzzleloader Spring Gobbler
Sneak peek with Max Rowe of Just Kill'n Time TV on a muzzleloading Spring Turkey hunt in the hills of Virginia.
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How To Use a Turkey Call
Max Rowe shows the basics about using a mouth style Turkey Call. Simple and easy to understand.
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JKT TV takes the Benjamin Air Rifle  out Hunting
Join Max Rowe of JKT TV on a VA Squirrel hunt with the Benjamin air rifle.
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Maine Black Bear Hunt
Just Kill'n Time TV Episode 4 2011 "In the Heat of Maine" This show features the scenic beauty of the state of Maine as the setting for a fantastic bear hunt. In spite of record heat the Crew manages to get up close and personal with several black bear including a 400 pounder thanks to the help of Maine Woodsmen Guide Service. A must see episode!
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Kid Kills Big Texas Deer
Just Killn Time TV.. Join The JKT Crew as they take a young man on a hunt for his first buck!
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North Carolina Deer Hunting
Just Kill'n Time TV episode 7 2011 "Cutt'n a Shine at Cutawhiskie Creek" Do you like Peanuts? Well the JKT Crew found out deer do too! This episode will prove to anyone the Midwest is not the only place big whitetails live! Some good bone hits the dirt as the Crew unleashes some lead with Cutawhiskie Creek Outfitters. This episode is one of legend!
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Virginia Turkey Hunting
Just Kill'n Time TV 2010 Episode 6 Buck and the JKT Crew hunt Spring Gobblers in the Mountains of Virginia they call home.
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Goose Hunt
A fun Day for All!
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How to use a Turkey Call
Join Max Rowe of BTD Scents and Game Calls as he tells how to get the best sounds from your friction pot style turkey call.
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Saskatchewan Whitetails
Just Kill'n Time TV episode 9 2011 "Hunting the Delta" Cumberland House SK Canada is the setting of this week's episode. As Max and Buck join Delta Big Game outfitters little do they know that JKT TV history will be made on this trip. Showcased in a roller coaster of emotion and adventure this very well may be the best episode of Just Kill'n Time ever. Every outdoorsman will cherish to this one!
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2012 JKT Episode 7 " East Coast Whitetails"
Gerald Johnson makes his debut as the newest member of the JKT Crew in spectacular style as he matches wits with a super North Carolina deer. Then Max slips into his Virginia honey hole to see if Lady Luck is on his side. This episode holds lots of whitetail action that's up close and personal.
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Texas Hill Country Whitetail Part 1
Just Kill'n Time TV episode 10 2011 "Shot in the Heart of Texas" The Crew heads down to one of their favorite places to hunt, Panther Creek Ranch in Doss Texas. Soon after arrival the guys find themselves up to their eyeballs in big Whitetails. Tune in and witness the up close and personal non-stop action and excitement for yourself. Santa Claus comes early for the Boys this year!
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Virginia Deer Hunting
Just Kill'n Time TV Episode 8 2011 "Virginia is for lovers...and Hunters!" There's no place like home. And there's no telling what the Crew will find in their own backyards. The Mountains of Virginia are not only home to the JKT TV Crew but also to some super Whitetails. Join them and see what ends up in their sights!
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Virginia Black Bear with Bow
Join JKT's Own Josh Madison as he encounters a Black bear while hunting Virginia's National Forest.
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Turkey Hunting with VDGIF Gary Norman
Spring Gobbler Hunting in VA and TN. Join JKT Crew Members Tim Hoden, Freddy McGuire, the Unknown Turkey Slayer, and the VDGIF's Gary Norman as they smack heads in the spring woods
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Old School Virginia Mountain Turkey Hunt
Join the JKT Crew for a Flash Turkey hunt in the Mountains of Western VA.
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Big Virginia Whitetail Buck
Join JKT's own Max Rowe on a hunt near home in the hills of Virginia as he has an encounter he's sure to remember forever!
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BIG Kansas Whitetail
Anderson Manufacturing AM-10 and Max Rowe of JKT TV take down a stud of a whitetail in Kansas!
2012 JKT Episode 10  "Reservations for North Dakota Part 1"
New Town North Dakota and the MHA Reservation are the setting of this weeks show. Buck and Max are like kids in a candy store as they explore the beautiful wide-open spaces in search of a couple nice muleys. Little did they know however several bad winters had taken its toll on the population and the hunting would be harder than expected. Can they get it done? Join us and see!
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Missouri Hunting and Fishing  Adventures | JKTTV Episode 9 2016
Episode 9...taking a trip to Missouri Hunting and Fishing Adventures...without BUCK! Stay tuned for a great time in the woods! Some people hunt JUST to enjoy the fellowship of friends and family. Others hunt because they feel that KILL’N is a spiritual moment between man and beast. Still even more hunt to spend TIME communing with the great outdoors. Buck, Max, and the Just Kill’n Time Crew do it for all the reasons above and more. JKTTV FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/JKTTV/ JKTTV WEBSITE: http://www.justkillntime.com/
Canada Black Bear Hunt and Crossman air rifle squirrel hunt
JKT TV Episode 3 2011 "Bear Necessities" Larry and Bonnie head to Delta Big Game Outfitters in Cumberland House SK Canada spend some time hunting with JKT's friends Darrell and Alaine. Will the hunt bear fruit? Tune in and find out!
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2012 JKT Episode 4  "Grin and Bear It Boys!"
Tim Nickerson, of Maine Woodsmen Guide Service, invites the Boys up for a Black Bear hunt. As always Tim puts the Crew on the Bear. From there is should be easy right. WRONG. All the Boys can do is Grin and Bear it. Join Buck, Max and The Crew and see who leaves Maine grinning and who leaves it wondering exactly what just happened. This episode proves it ain't over till its over!
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Just Kill'n Time TV Episode 8 2013  "Stone Cold Super Bucks" Part I of II
Charles Stone Outfitters in Saskatchewan Canada is the setting for the most extraordinary and event filled hunt of Buck and Max's lives. A don't miss two part episode!
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2012 JKT Episode 5 "Carolina in the Pines"
There is nothing like being in a place where the game is plentiful, and the fellowship grand. Rick Grubbs of Waccamaw Hunting Services has created such a place and Buck and Max jumped at the chance to experience it. Fun and comedy await on this action packed show!
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Disabled Hunter Spring Turkey Hunt with Crossbow
Just Kill'n Time Takes a Spring Gobbler with a Bow. Then We join Barry Arrington on a Wheeling Sportsman Hunt with a Crossbow for Gobblers
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Foggy Spring Turkey Hunt
From the limb to the freezer. Join the JKT Crew on a Spring Turkey hunt as they take a HUGE Gobbler in TN
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A gift for my Dad. I miss you!!
A tribute to JKT TV's beloved Joe Rowe
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Virginia Trout Fishing
Just Kill'n Time TV 2010 Episode 2
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Kentucky deer hunt
Join JKT's own Buck Buchanan as he heads to Kentucky with Deer Haven Trophy Bucks looking for the right whitetail
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Girls Day Out Deer Hunt
Join Amy McGuire on a VA Deer Muzzleloader hunt and watch her gett'n it done Lady style!
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Osceola Turkey Hunt
Join JKT's own Freddy McGuire down in Florida doing battle with a mature longbeard.
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Heater Body Suit Promo 2012
The Heater Body suit is the best kept secret in the deer woods. Try one today. Money back if not satisfied
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QDMA in Virginia
Just Kill'n Time TV Episode 12 2011 "Hunting Home Sweet Home" Growing up in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia has many perks, wonderful neighbors, breath taking scenery, and the opportunity to hunt the very same bloodline of whitetail deer as our Country's founding Fathers did. Join the JKT Crew this week as we prove to the entire Country big deer do Live and Die in Virginia. A must see Episode!
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Disabled Hunter uses Crossbow to take a spring gobbler
Many years ago a tragic fall from his tree-stand left Barry Arrington confined to a wheelchair. This man has been an inspiration to the JKT Crew and anyone who touches his life. There are few men in world who's character stand as tall as Barry's... This is the story of just one of his many successful hunts!
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Virginia Deer Bow Hunt
Join the JKT Crew on a hunt you have to see to believe Deer hunting bow action in Virginia with Freddy McGuire
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Heater  Body Suit and JKT TV
#jkttv #heater body Suit
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South Carolina Velvet Bucks and Hogs
Just Kill'n Time TV 2011 Episode 5 "Dreamy Steamy South Carolina This week the JKTTV Boys are hunting in one of their favorite early season spots with Hayward Simmons at Cedar Knoll Lodge in Fairfax South Carolina. The weather is hot and so is the action. Tune in as the boys have amazing encounters with lots velvet bucks and hogs. Non-stop action and good old fashion fun make this episode one to remember!
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Hunting Mule Deer
The JKT Crew chasing Montana Mulies Check us out ot the web at JKTTV.com
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2012 JKT Episode 9 "Bucking the Odds"
Missouri has long been know for good hunting opportunities with that in mind Buck, Max, and the Crew head to the show me state in hopes that it will live up to its name and show them some big whitetails. Join the guys as they endure unusually hot weather, and see what Missouri ends up showing them!
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Texas Hill Country Whitetails Part 2
Just Kill'n Time TV 2011 Episode 11 "Shot in the Heart of Texas...Part 2" Part 2: The Crew is still at one of their favorite places to hunt, Panther Creek Ranch in Doss Texas. Buck is in pursuit of his Texas Whitetail but Little Kyle (Reggie's Grandson) who is only 4 years old just might get to him first! Tune in and witness the up close and personal non-stop action and excitement for yourself. Santa Claus comes early for the Boys this year!
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Just Kill'n Time TV  Not-A-Sode 10,543 Fun in South Carolina.
You never know who will be hunting with the JKTTV Crew! Buck definitely has a "Winning" personality!
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Just Kill'n TIme TV 2010 Sneak Peek
A Glimpse into JKT Tv's 2010 Shows
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Kansas Deer Hunt
Nothing sparks images in a hunter's mind of big whitetails swaggering across CRP fields and sneaking up brushy creek bottoms quite like the mention of Kansas. With those exact images in their head the JKT Crew heads west to the Land of Oz hoping their choice of Hunting Sports Plus ground will pay off with some big bone. A fantastic end to the JKT Crew's fairytale season!
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Virginia Deer Bow hunt
Tag along with Josh Madison on a bow hunt in the Hills of VA. A real heart breaker www.jkttv.com
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