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Acoustic Treatment - Before and After examples with DIY Traps (Black Octopus Sound)
http://www.blackoctopus-sound.com This is a simple video demonstrating the difference some simple acoustic treatment can do to your room. I picked up some DIY traps from a local builder that cost me $50 a panel and it turned my metallic, hollow sounding room into a clean and clear sound. Look up DIY Bass traps online to find some tutorials on building your own. Recorded using Rode NT4 stereo mic.
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John Bowen Solaris presets - Event Horizon 2 by Toby Emerson
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/event-horizon-2-128-patches-john-bowen-solaris/ Take your John Bowen Solaris into the next dimension with 128 brand new patches created by Toby Emerson. Event Horizon 2 picks up where volume 1 left off and now includes many new tricks that have been learned after extensive use of this exquisite synthesizer. Both the digital and analog realms are fully explored in this soundset and includes crystal clear bells, warm evolving pads, creamy deep bass sounds, and spaced out leads. If you are one of the lucky few that own this beautiful instrument you will definitely want to pick yourself up a copy of Event Horizon 2 today! All sounds make use of the Joystick to dial in the desired intensity for the sound. Note: The audio demo includes some reverb with Valhalla reverbs and a bit of extra compression. Everything else is all Solaris! Patch List: PD Jupiter Strings PD Satellite PD Space Age PD Rotocreep PD Milky Way PD Golden Strings PD Death Star PD The Hive PD Transmission PD Black Hole PD Hypersleep PD Hart Pad PD Warm Pad Analog 1 PD Warm Pad Analog 2 PD Ghost Pad PD Krogan PD Shaman Strings PD Deep Pad PD Horizon PD Northern Light PD Universe PD Breaking Bad PD Wall of Saws PD Lifeforms PD Waverotor PD Ocean Pad PD Valhalla PD Spaceballs PD Mission Space PD Lost Planet PD Heaven PD Overload PD Portal String PD Europa PD Moare PD Silver PD Time Traveller PD Afterglow BS Bobba Fett BS Omega BS Analog 1 BS Analog 2 BS Analog 3 BS Analog 4 BS Talky Bass BS Glob Bass BS Slayer Bass BS Phantobass BS Tough 5th BS Kick Sub BS Velbass BS Organika BS Phase Bass BS Interstellar BS Gnarly Beast BS Rough Bass BS Ultrabass Mod BS Horde Mod BS Fatbass BS Rat Bass BS Not Exactly BS Res Bass BS Basik Acid BS Antimatter BS Minisquare BS Electro SY Jupiter SY Jupter 2 SY Clouds SY Cicada SY Thicket Trance SY Neuropsy SY Voc Vel SY Comb Vel SY Nebula Vel SY Biter Vel SY Vocal Vel SY Dreamtrance SY Outback Stack SY Solar Pluck SY Moog SY Hog Seq 1 SY Hog Seq 2 SY Hog Seq 3 SY Polymoog SY Trains SY Vintage Stab SY Discovery SY Twilight SY Sharp Stabs SY Pulsar SY Saturn SY Hard Pluck SY Warmed SY Titan SY Fat Jaws SY Future Square SY Luna Arp KY Moonlight KY Gravity KY Across the Ocean KY Astral Bell KY Classic Organ KY Mallet KY Mallet 2 KY 80s KY Hard EP KY Sin City KY Gemstone KY Blue Worm KY Space drum KY Singularity KY Nebula LD Mars LD Mercury LD Kingdom LD Super Fury LD Huge Brassy LD Pressure LD First Contact LD Hoverboard LD Slam LD Alien Reece LD Theremin LD Venus LD Reptile LD Ganymede LD Oberon
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Black Octopus Sound - Event Horizon (128 Presets for the John Bowen Solaris) by Toby Emerson
Download Here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/event-horizon-for-john-bowen-solaris/ Black Octopus Sound presets Event Horizon - 128 high quality presets for John Bowen Solaris created by Toby Emerson. This soundset offers everything from huge epic pads, long evolving textures, vintage analog style sounds, deep thundering basses, and many other classic leads and keyboard style sounds. The John Bowen Solaris is simply one of the most fantastic instruments I have ever worked with. Everything about it screams class. From amazing sounding filters to countless oscillator types, I feel after several months of using it I still have not even scratched the surface. The architecture and programming behind it allows for huge sounds which can range from very organic and analog sounding to crisp and precise digital style sounds. The sound quality of this synthesizer is absolutely exceptional and I would highly recommend this synthesizer to any sound designer or professional musician that can budget for it. All patches are mapped with the joystick controlling the filters. They are best auditioned by leaving the joystick in the middle position and then adjusting it to taste. I have spent several months creating these patches for the Solaris users and offer them as a free download. However if you feel like they are of value to you I would love a donation or please pick up one of our sample packs as a way to say thanks and to support the creation of future sounds. A little bit of compression and additional reverb by Valhalla Room has been added.
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Limitless by MDK (Xfer Serum Presets, Wavetables, MIDI)
Get it here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/limitless-by-mdk-vol-1/ MDK has teamed up with Black Octopus Sound and the result is an explosive pack of Serum presets ready to take the dance music world by storm!  Limitless by MDK has been masterfully designed by the well known Vancouver based producer and contains 64 presets, 30 wavetables, MIDI files, and 100MB of bonus content from the Leviathan 2 sample pack.  With over 200k subcribers, and millions of plays on youtube, MDK is no stranger to the electronic music world.  A master of electro/breaks/complextro/chiptune styles - MDK fully taps into his production expertise, with every sound in this pack being stamped with his own unique style.  Each preset has cleverly assigned macros for ultimate control and shaping of the sounds.  Dial in the perfect preset, and sculpt the sound to perfection with just a few tweaks.  F-zero style leads, space invader arps, funky vibrato synths, deep growly basses, super sayan chords, and 8 bit FX are awaiting your tracks from this pack, so take a journey with MDK - the possibilities are.... Limitless! This pack contains 64 Serum Presets (all macros assigned) 2 Arps 37 Bass 7 Chords 4 Drums 7 Leads 1 Pad 1 Pluck 7 SFX 8 Synth 30 Wavetables 21 MIDI Files of the demo track 100MB bonus samples from Leviathan 2 Produced by MDK http://www.youtube.com/MDKOfficialYT http://www.facebook.com/MDKOfficial
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MDK Pres. Limitless 2 Serum Presets
Buy the pack here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/limitless-2-serum-presets-mdk/ MDK is at it again with his signature brand of phat, crisp, unique, and absolutely huge sound design. Limitless 2 is a serendipitous adventure through huge texturized basses, crisp plucks, phat musical leads, speaker bending fx. This Serum wizard has made a seriously high quality, Triple A level preset pack for you to make your next chart topping hits with. The bass presets are all processed and macro’d to perfection, so all you need to do is drop these on your bass track and write your melody (or use one of the 22 midi melodies provided). Definitely make sure to check your bass face in the mirror. There are also 8 presets designed for chords, play your favourite chord progression and magic will happen! The buffet of mid range synths, leads, plucks, and sequences all help complete the extravaganza that is Limitless 2. These sounds are made for music to be hype, hype. hype. Enjoy and have so much fun making your next bangers with sounds courtesy of the producer ninja MDK. This pack is for people who love something that’s different. Reminiscent of the complextro days of yore, these sounds are made for hands in the air moments, festival sets, house party classics, and epic late night club moments. Get your next productions ready with Limitless 2! 64 Presets *30 Bass *8 Chord Presets *5 Drum Hits *12 Leads *2 Plucks *2 Sequenced Synths *2 Sound Fx *2 Synth Presets 5 Custom Wavetables 22 Midi Files
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Vocal Atmospheres by Holly Drummond
Get it here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/vocal-atmospheres-by-holly-drummond/ From vocalist Holly Drummond comes a truly unique vocal sample pack of lush ambient textures and evolving vocal tones.  Vocal Atmospheres by Holly Drummond contains an extensive collection of royalty free samples from single notes to slow motion evolving melodies.  The recordings are designed to be blended together to create your own soundscapes appropriate for the type of music you are working on.  The sounds will feel right at home in ambient, chill, and soundtrack styles of production.  The long atmospheres can also work in higher energy tracks such as progressive, trance, & electro – we recommend trying rhythmic gating effects, and sidechained reverb over these sounds to get some really interesting effects!  The sounds are ready to go immediately, just add a touch of chorus and a heavy side of reverb (We recommend Valhalla Room, Vintage Verb, and Valhalla Shimmer).  All sounds are labelled with the correct key information for ease of use. What is in the pack? 60 Long Evolving Textures 36 Long single note atmospheres 73 Swells 24 Straight tones 100 Harmonies & Adlibs 5 Huge Textures Contains 283 Wav Files 1.95 GB Unzipped | 1.57 GB Zipped Download * Note the audio demo includes 1 omnisphere patch (warm blankets) & 1 piano patch (not included)
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Tutorial - Future Bass Chord With Serum - By Elliot Berger
The production PHENOM and highly revered Monstercat Records artist delivers us a quick, fast, hot, high impact, and very easeful way to create a huge sounding Future Bass chord patch for Xfer Records Serum. Get Breathtaking Future Bass Here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/breathtaking-future-bass-by-elliot-berger/
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Veela - Siren (Vocal Sample Pack - Black Octopus Sound)
Purchase: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/siren-by-veela/ Vocals by Veela http://www.facebook.com/veelabeats http://www.soundcloud.com/veelabeats Produced by Toby Emerson http://www.facebook.com/tobyemersonmusic http://www.soundcloud.com/toby-emerson Step into the world of Veela with this exclusive 1GB sample pack of vocal recordings. There is nothing quite like finding the right vocal for a track and with Siren you are given a collection of vocals that range from beautiful, angelic, and haunting from this sought after vocalist. 15 construction kits paired with a massive supply of bonus material, all organized and labelled with correct key and tempo information make this pack a producers dream. Veela has been featured on many top 100 beatport tracks and her collaboration with Blackmill was the #4 most blogged about song on Hype Machine. Her mission to share beauty and inspire shines through in this pack and there is no doubt that these vocals will be featured on many chart topping tracks for years to come. Pack inlcudes: 15 Construction Kits - Vocals phrases and samples suitable for all kinds of music, each kit is named with the original chord progression it was recorded to for maximum efficiency. Stories woven into songs, beautiful melodies and adlibs fill up this section. Don't be afraid to mix and match, time-stretch or load into your favorite pitch correction software such as Melodyne or Newtone to create all new melodies and phrases. All kits are recorded to 128bpm and still sound great when stretched to other tempos. Loops - Gated sustains, vocal percussion, and twisted glitch loops perfect for chopping up or laying directly in your track. All loops tempo stretched to 128bpm and labelled with the correct pitch. Vocal FX - Heavily verbed breaths, reverse reverbs both tonal and atonal, and blurred vocal swells perfect for transitions for for building tension in your tracks Spoken - Over 100 spoken phrases, perfect to drop in over a breakdown or fill. Begging to be chopped up into intricate edits! Bonus Material - We wanted to give you, the producer, as much material to work with in this pack so we've included all of the production material such as random weird vocal noises, single sustain tones (several for each note), laughs and sighs & breath noises. These recordings are a sound designers paradise! **NOTE that the demo features additional instrumental loops that are not included in the pack. Siren was recorded with a Neuman TLM103 and processed with the finest gear from Universal Audio for analog warmth such as Studer A800, Empirical Labs Fatso, LA2A compressor, EMT250, Valhalla Room, Harrison 32C EQ, SSL E Channel Strip, Manley Massive Passive EQ. All recordings are relatively dry however to ensure the producer has maximum flexibility.
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Modern Tech House - Slick Ableton Percussion Tutorial!
Check out the pack here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/modern-tech-house-by-production-master
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Black Octopus Sound - Ultimate Future Bass Bangers
Grab the pack here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/ultimate-future-bass-bangers/ Ultimate Future Bass Bangers is a must have grab for banging out those heavy and bass driven Future productions! Delivering nearly 2 gigs of gigantic drops, stylish FX, melodic synths and ultra cutting edge drums. Totalling 821 samples; you have endless supply of innovation at your finger tips! Black Octopus Sound has done it once again giving you the ULTIMATE selection in production samples and loops! Inspired by artists such as: Flume, Odesza, Venemy, Waveracer, Allison Wonderland, Chainsmokerz, and more! Whats Inside: * 50 Basic Beat Loops * 49 Drum Fills * 50 Full Drum Loops * 50 Hihat Loops * 75 Opened and Closed Hat One Shots * 50 Kick Drums * 25 Rim Shots * 74 Snares * 167 FX * 100 Synth/Bass Loops Ideal For Breakdowns * 99 Synth/Bass Loops Ideal For Huge Drops * 32 Synth One Shots All loops and samples are BPM and Key labelled.
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Leviathan 2 (main demo) 5000 sounds 6GB sample pack
Get it here: http://tiny.cc/lev2 Leviathan 2 has arrived! Following the explosive success of the first volume - Black Octopus has delivered yet another monstrous sample pack that is destined to shape the sound of music for years to come. In production for nearly 2 years, and calling upon 5 skilled professional producers & sound designers, Leviathan 2 is jam packed with 5000 samples, loops, & MIDI files. This 6 GB pack will appeal to both newcomers and professional music producers and can be used in any DAW (Ableton Live, FL Studio, Studio One, Reason, Cubase, Logic, Bitwig, etc). This sample pack comes packed with sounds for virtually every genre of electronic music - from house, electro, dubstep, trap, chillout, techno, glitch hop, breaks, dnb, and new genres waiting to be discovered by you! The percussion section is truly special, containing keyed kicks, keyed snares & claps, organic percussion, electronic percussion, and traditional world percussion samples. Many of the live traditional percussion sounds (such as the shakers & tamborine) have been provided in articulations that will allow you to chain them together to create your own live sounding loops. Tuning your drums has never been so easy with Leviathan 2 as each of the snare & kick samples are labelled with the root key. Place the kick & snare to the key of your song, or experimenting by using a kick and snare a 5th apart. The insurmountable fx section is jam packed filled with risers, impacts, atmospheres, and hundreds of glitch and short fx to add ear candy to your songs. All of the risers & fallers are labelled in 1, 2, 4, 8, & 16 bar increments for your convenience. Use the evolving atmospheres as background layers to add mood to breakdowns, or the dirt layers to add texture and grit to beats. Sidechain these for amazing results! Leviathan 2 contains a huge selection of music loops & bass loops with nearly 100 MIDI files to accompany them for maximum flexibility. Throw these loops in your favorite beat slicer to chop and rearrange them, or run them through your favorite effect sequencer such as Looperator, Effectrix, or Timeshaper to give them your own sound. Rounding off the pack is a massive amount of toploops, fills, synth one shots, bass sustains, vocal loops & chops, 808 style hits and much more! Creating music has never been easier and more fulfilling with Leviathan 2 and the sounds will be finding their way into many top tracks for years to come! Leviathan 2 download contains: Drums 411 Tuned claps, snares, & shifted claps 286 Tuned Kicks 200 Organic Percussion 134 World percussion 265 Toploops 98 Fills 66 Crash Cymbals 40 Ride Cymbals 45 Hihat & shaker loops 247 Closed and Open Hihats 80 Drumloops 100 Electronic percussion 190 808 Style kicks, snares, & subs 51 Toms FX 107 Atmospheres 111 FX Falling 100 Glitch FX 88 Impacts 50 Minimal Clicks 94 Reverse FX 140 Rising FX 150 Short FX 37 Tonal FX Musicloops 260 Musicloops 92 Midi Files 15 FX loops Synth 56 Bass loops 635 Bass one shots 401 Bass sustains 113 Synth Chords 278 Synth one shots Vocals 51 Vocal one shots 5 Vocal Loops Bonus: Producer Tip sheet on using this pack Download size 5.32 GB Zipped | 6.1 GB Unzipped Total number of files: 5000 Head Sound Designers Toby Emerson Steve Roland Johannes Weissschnur Additional Sound Design Frederik Olufsen (The Frederik) Scott Mills (Paradigm Theorem)
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Televisor Nu Disco Dynamite - SAMPLE PACK OUT NOW!
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/televisor-nu-disco-dynamite/ The Televisor sample pack you have all been waiting for has finally arrived! The Monstercat signed duo fully taps into their expertise of the nu disco, funky house, and indie dance genres to bring producers a diverse collection of sounds to work with. Televisors passion for music runs deep, and it definitely shines through in this one of a kind sample pack. The expertly produced sounds contain a large assortment of arps and leads, funky guitar riffs, live played bass samples, outrageously funky synth bass, drum one shots, organic sounding drum loops, fx, keys & piano, music loop, stabs, and much more! The samples in this pack serve as the perfect sound palette for producers looking to explore that Nu Disco/Indie Dance/French House sound. The musicloops serve as creative building blocks for kick starting your tracks. Use the loops by themselves or throw them into your favorite slicer to from new patterns and bring them to new life. The large assortment of one shots compliment the loops very well and will appeal to both beginners and advanced producers. Some bonus MIDI files have also been included for extra versatility. Overall this pack is chalked full of sounds that are guaranteed to provide you with the inspiration you have been looking for. Do not miss out on this absolute gem of a sample pack! Sample pack download contains 40 Arps and Leads 39 Synth Bass Loops 39 Moog Bass multisamples 9 Live played Bass Loops 52 Full musicloops 41 Synth musicloops 24 Disco one shots 48 Guitar Loops and Riffs 43 Guitar Chords 47 Piano & Rhodes Loops 13 Piano Chords 22 Claps 28 Crash 43 Hihats 40 Kicks 40 Perc 48 Snare 33 Full Kit drumloops 19 Hihat loops 23 Percussion Loops 16 Toploops 28 FX 17 MIDI files Contains 752 24-bit WAV & MIDI UNZIPPED: 1.06 GB DOWNLOAD ZIPPED: 932 MB For over two years Televisor have been releasing records on multiple labels and have a solid catalogue of original releases. Televisor have achieved over 15 releases with Canada’s biggest dance label “Monstercat” who have over 3.19 million subscribers on YouTube. Over the years the boys have built a strong connection with their fans through Monstercat, allowing them to grow a strong and loyal fan base for their music and building an impressive presence on Spotify with 8 million streams so far and over 11 million on YouTube https://soundcloud.com/televisormusic
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Black Octopus Sound - Leviathan - 5000 samples!  4GB+
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/leviathan/ Over a year and a half in the making, Black Octopus Sound releases what can only be described as an epic sample pack of monstrous proportions. Aimed at producers of all genres and skill sets, this pack features a colossal 5000+ cutting edge sounds weighing in at over 4GB in size. Leviathan is truly a complete sample pack suitable for all genres of music. With its abundance of one shot samples, construction kit style loops at various tempos, extensive FX section, and both mutli-sampled and single shot synth sounds, this pack has everything you need to create a great sounding track. Decades of production techniques have been used in the creation of these sounds to ensure each sound will sound great out of the box or with your own processing added. This is an essential sample pack in any producers arsenal and will no doubt be heard in many top tracks for years to come. What's in the pack? 267 Kick drums. All tuned to key, full of punch and thump 285 Snares, claps, and pre-shifted claps. 386 Hihats, Cymbal rides and crashes. 363 Percussive sounds. Electronic sub hits, live recorded hand drums, tambourines, & shakers 58 Tom drums ready to fatten up your fills. 42 Long atmospheric FX ranging from eerie ambient noises, vinyl dust & crackle, euphoric textures. Perfect for filling up empty spaces or sidechaining. 227 Rising & Falling FX perfect to power up and smooth over your transitions. All labelled in 1,2, 4, 8, and 16 bar increments. 76 Impacts & bombs. Huge explosions, short impacts, glass shatters & shrapnel bombs. 136 Short FX. Robotic chatter, organic movements, and bleeps & blips. 121 Glitch FX -- Alien parasites & robotic transformers. 388 Drum loops - 110, 128 & 140 bpm. Full loops, top loops, and many variations. 127 Drum fills - 110, 128 & 140 bpm. 334 Music Loops - 110, 128 & 140 bpm. 664 Bass samples. Long sustained notes and short tweaked stabs. Vocoder growls, spineshivering electro stabs, & resampled neuro basses 207 Chord stabs. Huge dance chords to melodic deep stabs. 80 Multisampled instruments - in Kontakt, SFZ & Directwave formats. Lots of bass instruments and synth patches. 292 Synth stabs. Long sustained notes and filter tweaked short stabs. 1 Producer Tip sheet. Leviathan Wallpaper graphic
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Vocal Samples - Black Octopus Sound Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions
BUY NOW: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/cory-friesenhan-vocal-sessions/ Black Octopus returns with a remarkable collection of top quality vocal samples from skilled vocalist and undiscovered gem of Canada, Cory Friesenhan. This pack is a diverse and powerful collection of songs with well thought out and meaningful lyrics that are ready to be used in high calibre productions. SIZE: 1 GB (Over 500 WAV files) All vocal samples are royalty free so you can use them in your own commercial productions. All vocals supplied are dry so you can apply your own fx. Cory Friesenhan on the web: http://www.coryf.com/ Cory Friesenhan on Facebook
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Vital Future Bass NI Massive presets
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/vital-future-bass-for-ni-massive Production Master Presents: Vital Future Bass presets Produced by Venemy, who has conquered many scenes with his extremely crisp productions and remix work (for AU5 amongst others), this pack is an extremely rare collection of brilliantly crafted and extremely professional future bass presets. Whether you need, warm and lush pads, controllable sidechained synths, airy and sexy chords, bright leads or versatile plucks...this pack will deliver with a bang! Just pull up an instance of NI Massive and be amazed by the library of sounds that this pack contains. Be endlessly inspired and turn your next future bass / chill trap / neo soul production into a masterpiece. Inspired by artists like Flume, Krne, Waveracer, Venemy, San Holo, Wrld, Allison Wonderland, Nghtmre, Boombox Cartel, Odessa, Point Point, Rustie, Mura Masa, Louisthechild, Chainsmokers, Rain Man, Martin Garrix, etc. This pack contains 101 NI Massive presets: • 5 Arps • 25 Bass • 19 Chords • 17 Leads • 8 Pads • 27 Plucks Presets are for NI Massive 1.4 or higher
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HUGE Jump Up Samples & Presets - Heavy Duty Jump-Up
Get it here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/heavy-duty-jump/ If you love artists such as Macky Gee, Annix, DJ Hazard, DJ Phantasy, Original Sin, Annix, Hedex or DJ Guv, then you are in luck. Spanning over 700MB of heavy duty samples and over 100 custom-made Xfer Serum presets, “Heavy Duty Jump-Up” is a monstrous collection of the most in your face, dancefloor jump-up ammo you can find!
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ARTFX - Snaredrum Collection Vol.2
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/artfx-snare-drum-collection-vol-2/ This packet is your one stop shop for the highest quality heavy hitting snare drums on the market! ARTFX 'Snaredrum Collection Vol.2’ contains 270 high quality snare drum samples carefully selected and crafted for use within electronic music and heavy hitting styles. All the samples are recorded on a 44.1kHz, 24-Bit so the quality is preserved to the utmost. This pack contains the BIGGEST snares aimed at energetic and loud electronic music styles!
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Melodic RnB & Trap Samples - Future Soul
Buy it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/future-soul-melodic-rnb-trap/ Origin Sound - Future Soul, a cohesive collection of meticulously crafted samples, blurring the line between organic and electronic. You can expect to discover delicately warped instruments, versatile vocal phrases, rich drum hits, cascading melody loops and much more. This library contains every musical element required to create a detailed Future Soul jam from the ground up.
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Jersey Club & Neo Soul NI Massive presets
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/jersey-club-neo-soul/ Jersey Club combines Baltimore booty twerking breaks, smooth, sexy R&B composition, deep 808 trap patterns, and fresh future synths. Now just add in the smooth vibes of Neo Soul and the modern touch of Future Bass and you have a preset pack ready to get any dance club in the mood. Being pioneered by artists like Cashmere Cat, Lido, Trippy Turtle, Swizzymack, Dj Sliink, DJ Hoodboi, DJ Tiga, DJ Fade, Dj Rell, Dj Unique, DJ Tray, Nadus, DJ Tameil, DJ Tim Dolla and UNIIQU3, Jersey Club is undeniably having an influence on the current state of electronic dance music, the club scene, and blogs all over the internet. Jersey Club & Neo Soul NI Massive pack includes phat 808s, deep subs, big chords, lush pads, rock solid drums, soaring arpeggios and space age FXs. If you want to produce hits that ride the Jersey waves then this preset pack is all you need. And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a Bonus! We included one shots, drumhits, synth stabs and chords ready to resample to your heart’s content. Now check out the demo and get your tracks ready to party Jersey Club style. Sample pack download contains: 155 NI Massive presets 5 Arps 4 808s 8 Subs 18 Basses 24 Chords 24 Synths 14 Instruments 18 Plucks 19 Pads 10 Drums 11 Fxs Bonus Material 4 Full demo kits (142 Files) 36 Drum one shots 182 Chord one shots 12 Single Notes 10 MIDI Chords Total Files 540 | 213MB Zipped Please make sure your NI Massive is updated to the latest version to ensure the presets will load
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Future Bass/Cableguys Volume Shaper Plugin Tutorial
Tutorial on how to get make Future Bass style modulated chords with Cableguys Volume Shaper plugin and Ableton 9. To try a demo or purchase the plugin please visit http://www.cableguys.com
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Nemesis - War of the Gods (Cinematic samples & loops)
Get The Pack Here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/nemesis-war-of-the-gods/ Dive into the most cinematic and orchestral world with “Nemesis - War of the Gods.”, which is undoubtedly one of our most ambitious packs to date. Over 2 years in the works with several cinematic composers, right out of Hollywood and recorded by various singers with an opera background. This is a pack that will take you through various themed cinematic styles; from dramatic tension builders to mystical dark voodoo to angelic highs, “Nemesis - War of the gods.” will take you on a journey of blockbuster proportions! Vocals, instruments, FX, soundscapes or orchestral percussions; “Nemesis - War of the Gods” has it all! Music has always been something of a crucial ingredient when it comes to movies, games and advertisements. Sound design alone has the ability to inflict sadness, joy, excitement and fear into an audience, and acts as one of the fundamental factors in giving these things context and structure. So, if you want to apply some of these methodologies and theatrical techniques to your music productions; we’ve got you covered! Taking inspiration from Hollywood blockbusters such as Alien, Lord of the Rings, Avengers, Star Wars, Dunkirk and top-sellers in the gaming world like Halo, Fallout, World of Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed and many more – “Nemesis - War of the Gods.” is bursting with the most cinematic, orchestral samples and vocals, ready to be composed with. This library contains over 3GB of the most authentic orchestral sounds ranging from strings, plucks, brass, woodwind instruments, ethereal pads, soft flutes, angelic choir vocals and atmospheres – right through to spine-chilling FX, hits, pulses, horns and braams, fantastic transitions, risers, reverse FX, hits and booms, as well as dark voices, melodic loops and orchestral percussions. These expertly crafted sounds, vocals and samples will act as powerful assets for evoking the emotions of your listeners, whether you produce music for movies, games, advertising or if you are a dance music or orchestral music producer with an lust for drama. All recorded vocals have nonsensical ad-libbed lyrics, ideal for soundscapes or layers. All vocals were recorded with a Neumann U87 microphone. You will also find a Kontakt library of the vocals, for ease of use. All sounds were recorded through an SSL SL 4000 G series mixing console and processed through a Universal Audio Vacuum Tube preamp to ensure they keep that full-bodied, canorous degree of sound, which will put your creations a cut above the rest. Each sound has been provided in 24-bit WAV format, including MIDI files to give you maximum control. Create some cinematic music or to add cinematic elements to your dance music or songs with “Nemesis - War of the Gods.”. Check out the demo and get your copy of this essential library NOW! Pack Contents: 385 x Vocals 186 x FX 180 x Soundscapes 57 x Melodic Content
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Brutal Dubstep & Riddim - Serum Presets & Samples
Get the pack here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/brutal-dubstep-riddim/ Dubstep is back with a vengeance and this pack highlights every single thing that is making 2018 the year of Dubstep’s return and showcasing Riddim’s energetic impact on the genre! Pulling from the sounds of the biggest cutting edge Dubstep artists of the year; this pack has it all and piles it into one bass driven drum slammin monster! Inside are top of the line Serum Presets that will get your bass kicking heavier than you have ever heard, synths driving the songs with attitude and so much more! Alongside these brain stomping presets and wavetables, you have some of the biggest and baddest drum loops (sorted by kick and snare, beats, build ups, hats and percussions and fills), drum one shots, FX, and to top it all off, 2 Ableton Racks! If you want to take the world by storm with some of the heaviest Dubstep and Riddim, then this is the one! Pulling inspiration from artists such as Virtual Riot, Excision, Datsik, Downlink, Destroid, Badklaat, Le Lion, Infekt, MAZE, Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Madcore, etc. Whats inside: * Mindblowing Serum Presets: Bass (63) FX (4) Leads (6) Pads (7) Plucks (8) Sub (3) Synths (4) + 30 Wavetables * Huge Samples and loops: Drum Loops (57) Drum One Shots (30) FX (17) + 2 Ableton Racks
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Electro & Complextro bass Tools FLP and samples for FL Studio (Black Octopus Sound)
Purchase samples & FLP files: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/electro-bass-tools/ Black Octopus returns with a huge collection of tools for electro bass lovers. This unique pack features a full length royalty free FLP project* (for use with FL Studio) to study, remix, or extract ideas from - all royalty free! Also included is an empty FLP template, designed to speed up workflow and chalked full of crunchy, dirty, and tweaked out electro bass samples. To top things off in this pack you will find 420 single shot bass sounds in 24 bit WAV 44.1k format. While geared towards the electro / complextro genres, these sounds will fit right at home in other genres such as Dubstep, Trance, Breaks, and DNB. The sounds are divided up into 2 categories: Bass Sustains - Long sustained notes with the filter wide open, ranging from clean, punchy, and deep to filthy, dirty, and chaotic. Designed to be loaded into your favorite sampler such as Kontakt, Alchemy, DirectWave, Ableton sampler etc - throw your own filter envelopes or LFO wobbles on these to really take advantage of these sounds. Bass Tweaks - Pitch bends, filter wobbles, and Punchy stabs - this folder comes packed with all kinds of tweaked out sounds perfect for adding complex movements and fills into your basslines. *Requirements for Opening FLP files & saving bass patches: FL Studio 10.0.9 or higher. Harmor for resaving of bass patches. If you would like to purchase the bass samples or FLP files separately please email our support. FORMAT: WAV 24 bit 44.1k .flp
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Chillout/Downtempo Samples - Stratosphere by Elliot Berger
Get it here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/stratosphere-by-elliot-berger/ Stratusphere is elegance and beauty all rolled up into one grooving heater of a sample pack. Creator Elliot Berger is no stranger to top quality packs that flood the scene and charts with pure awesome sauce (as seen with his pack Breathtaking Future Bass). With his new pack Stratusphere, he shows just how versatile his packs can be for producers and their work.
Views: 3350 Black Octopus Sound
Future Garage FL Studio Template by Ova9000
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/future-series-fl-studio-templates-by-ova9000/ Are you ready for the future? Ova9000 is back with the new Future Series FL Studio Templates. One of the best ways to learn FL studio is to study project files to see how a track was produced and Ova9000 has provided 3 brand new FLP project files with many tricks included. In this series you will learn how to create future house, future bass & future garage by examining these FL studio project files in FLP format. Template 1: Future House With this template you will learn how a variety of popular future house bass sounds are creating using Sytrus, the FM synthesizer in FL studio. You will also learn layering techniques, creating effects, as well as mixing & mastering techniques. Template 2: Future Bass With this template you will how to create a variety of future bass sounds using the 3xosc, Harmor, & Sytrus synthesizers. This template also is a good demonstration of creating effects, track arrangement, mixing & mastering. Template 3: Future Garage This template covers everything you need to learn about creating soundscapes, pads, and drones for Future Garage using 3xosc, Harmor & Sytrus. Learn layering techniques, create lofi effects, mixing & mastering techniques. Everything is creating using FL Studio 11's native & factory sounds. All FLP's are compatible with FL studio 11.1 & later. The FL studio templates are designed to be used as educational tools & templates for creating new tracks. You must create your own melodies and arrangement if using the templates to create commercial releases.
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Ambient Guitars - Demo
Buy pack here: : http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/ambient-guitars-2/ Producer AK presents “Ambient Guitars”, a sample pack that is the definition of texture and ambience. It has guitars from another galaxy wrapped inside a trippy and other-worldly space. reverb, delays chorus, swells and other amazing effects all spiraling in and out of existence, paying tribute to what the guitar is capable of. Great for sound design, scoring films, pads or drones in your productions or soundscapes. Add this masterfully crafted set of guitars to your downtempo, chill out, experimental, or cinematic productions today for an extra special dose of live instrument magic! Pack Contains: 395 Guitar Samples all processed with variations of: Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Distortion
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Electropolis (128 presets for Xfer Serum)
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/electropolis-xfer-serum-presets/ In the futuristic dystopian world of Electropolis, a new world of sound awaits for electronic music producers.  Electropolis is a masterfully crafted pack of Xfer Serum presets & wavetables perfect for hybrid trap, electro, riddim, glitch hop, and more.  This pack is full of shredding growls, mind exploding arps, twisted FX, and outrageous leads.  Tweak the sounds to fit your tracks with the deep sound design possibilities found in Serum or use on the macros to create additional movement and modulation to the sounds.  The future is now, and let Electropolis be a stepping stone for getting the sounds you want into your tracks.  The presets in this pack are inspired by artists such as Snails, Skrillex, Zomboy, Virtual Riot, NGHTMRE, etc. Preset pack contains 128 Xfer Serum presets 11 Arps 51 Bass 23 FX 30 Lead 13 Pad 30 Wavetables Please note this pack contains Xfer Serum presets and wavetables only.  For drums please check out the Wicked Drum Hits sample pack. Please ensure your copy of Xfer Serum is up to date to ensure proper loading of presets.
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VOCAL SAMPLES  None Like Joshua - Linguistics (Black Octopus Sound)
Get it Here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/linguistics-by-none-like-joshua/ From the mind of None Like Joshua comes a one of a kind vocal sample pack with a staggering 7000 vocal samples for your productions. The versatility in this pack is unmatched with phrases ranging from whisper, conversation, loud, and yelling. Many of the parts feature as many as 8 different takes (for doubles, triples, and different timings). Six different languages are also covered in this pack, English being the main focus. Use the vocals as is or run them through your favorite vocoder, time-stretcher, pitch shifter, or other effect of your choice to add your own distinct flavor to these sounds. The sound design possibilities with the large amount of material in this pack are enough to keep anyone busy for years. Whats included in the pack? Loops - 5290 phrases and loops recorded at 85, 110, and 130 bpm. These short phrases work wonders in various styles - perfect for fills, breakdowns, or chaining together to create longer phrases. Each phrase comes at various volumes (whisper, conversation, loud, yelling) to match the energy of your song or for ramping up the excitement. Beatbox - 80 single shot recordings of mouth percussion. Great for adding snippets into drum loops to make percussion more interesting. Great for tech house, techno, electro, and any style that could use some vocal percussion. Breaths - 75 Long exhales, short gasps, and other random breath sounds. Drench these sounds in reverb for some long vocal ambiences. Stretch, reverse, and delay fx works wonders on these sounds. Characters - 304 voices in different vocal styles. Beast mode, Emo, Gamer, Hipster, Nerdy, Old Man, Rapper, Uncle Jeorge, Religious, and stereo-typical Japanese, Jamaican, and British accents. English - 485 english words, short phrases, and numbers. French - 154 french words, short phrases, and numbers. German - 155 German words, short phrases, and numbers. Japanese - 272 Japanese words, shorts phrases, and numbers. Spanish - 160 Spanish words, short phrases, and numbers. Laughing - 30 Laughing sounds to be used at your disposal. Pitch these down low for some extra creepy evilness! Misc - 112 random mouth sounds ranging from barfing sounds, vocal clicks, grunts, and scat riffs. Another gold mine for the sound designers. Passages - 5 lengthy intellectual readings great for spiritual or psychedelic intros or breakdowns. Screams - Long yells and other random screams. These sound amazing drenched in reverb and delay! FX - 15 reverse breaths and noises to help with build ups and transitions. Size (Unzipped) 2.5 GB Format 24 bit WAV | All of the vocals except for the FX are dry.
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PURE Nord Lead 4 - 99 Patches for Clavia Nord Lead 4
Get it here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/pure-nord-lead-4/ Though on paper the Nord lead 4 has a simple layout, the inclusion of digital waveforms and new filters has given the Nord engine a new lease of life and an expanded palette. “Pure” provides a lush and full sound all the way through. The bank contains 99 presets and 25 performances, including huge pads, silky strings, brooding atmospheres, deep basses and rich plucks and leads. The influence of electronic dance music runs through the bank, so just about all sounds will easily fit that context, but no since genre dominates, allowing “Pure” to cater to a wide variety of styles. These patches are designed to inspire. Some of the performance patches are combinations of different sounds chosen to compliment each other, while others are programmed to behave just like individual sounds, but of course with the added benefit of more oscillators, filters and routing, resulting in a richer tone than could be achieved with individual sound slots. 35 MIDI files are included provide musical inspiration and examples of context, you can hear these in the demo. FEATURES: 99 Individual Nord Lead 4 patches 25 Performance patches 35 MIDI files Modwheel assignments Many hours of careful programming, this bank started in 2014! REQUIREMENTS: Nord Keyboards / Clavia Nord Lead 4 Formats: Nordlead 4 Presets, MIDI
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Production Master - Riddim Dubstep Weapons 2
Buy it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/riddim-dubstep-weapons-2/ Riddim Dubstep Weapons 2' is a massive bank of real sound weaponry! If you managed to get your hands on the first edition, you'll know exactly what to expect with this latest pack. We've pulled out all the stops when it comes to feeding you the ingredients you need to create utter gutter filth and have your listeners running riot.
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Chime NI Massive Dubstep presets & beats
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/chime-massive-dubstep-sounds-beats/ Melodic Bass music producer Harvey Thompson, better known as Chime (formerly Dec3mber), has created track for iconic labels such as Firepower Records, Rushdown, Kinphonic, Most Addictive Records, etc. On this pack he pulls out all the stops and brings you 101 top quality NI Massive presets made for the full range of dubstep styles around. Ranging from melodic dubstep chords and synths, to a wide range of filthy basses that are perfect dubstep. This pack is sure to boost your output with fresh sounds and new inspiration. On top of this you also get 11 full beat kits, carefully crafted by Chime himself. Drag a beat into your DAW of choice and get blown away by the massive kicks, snares and driving percussion loops! Pack download contains 101 NI Massive Presets 12 Comb Bass 10 Growl Bass 9 Other Bass 11 Phaser Bass 14 Screech Bass 2 Sub Bass 6 FX 3 Arps 5 Chords 11 Leads 11 Plucks 7 Supersaws 11 Bonus Beat Kits (61 Loops total) 58 One shot drums
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Breathtaking Future Bass By Elliot Berger
Buy pack here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/breathtaking-future-bass-by-elliot-berger Monstercat Records phenom Elliot Berger is here to help you break some serious ground in your Future Bass productions with his immaculately produced sample and preset pack. This is the collection of premium drum samples, arps, basses, chord modulations, and 808's that Future Bass producers have been wishing for. This pack will breathe some serious life and utter music writing pleasure into your Future Bass/Future Pop/EDM producing experience. Black Octopus Sound is operated by veteran producers, so when we say a pack wows us, we mean it all the way. Elliot Berger has a rich catalog of incredible production, hailing many releases on the iconic Monstercat Records label. With over 1 million views of his music on Youtube, it's fair to say he is a bonafide hit maker. This pack is for producers who love the hot new Future Bass movement coming from artists like Odesza, Waveracer, Illenium, Will Black, San Holo, David Guetta, and Flume. Choose your own adventure with this pack; samples only, presets only, or the full enchilada for an overflowing abundance of all usable Future Bass content. This masterpiece of a pack contains: 91 Drum Loops (68 loops, 23 builds & fills) 90 Drum Oneshots  (Check out the steppy, stylish snares) 60 Bass Loops 96 808 One Shots 175 Synth Loops 48 Instrument Loops 14 Vocal Loops 32 FX 64 Serum Presets
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Venus Post Trap & Pop Vocals, Serum Presets, & Samples
Get The Pack Here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/venus-post-trap-pop-vibes-xl-pack/ "Venus" is a brand new XL pack by Production Master, ideal for people who want to mix Pop and Trap music and dominate the charts with the trendy vibe that has taken over the world. With an ever growing popularity, pop trap and post trap is gaining ground and slamming charts everywhere. Artists like The Weeknd, Post Malone, ZAYN, Frank Ocean, Khalid are now some of the biggest streamed artists ever and female singers like Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Evan Giia, Lana Del Rey, Bebe Rexha and Doja Cat are filling up the gaps in those charts. Enter "Venus", a pack so grand we had to name it after the roman goddess renowned for love, beauty, desire and sexuality... Which is also what a lot of the lyrics of this pack touch on. Big trap beats with smooth female pop-like vocals, that is what you can expect from this original library. 11 FULL HIGH QUALITY VOCALS "Venus" features 11 full vocal tracks by Czech born singer Anna Zitnikova, who has also sang on the top Production Master vocal sample pack "Essence". Included are 11 full songs with harmony stems, ad-lib stems and various variations per song, so that you can mix and match the vocals and layers needed for creating your hit record! Every song features original lyrics (themes are love, beauty, desire and sexuality) and each song has an intro, chorus, verse 1, verse 2 and bridge. Plenty of vocal content to make hit records! Every vocal is delivered as wet and dry version and all vocals were recorded with a Neumann microphone for maximum clarity. 1 GB+ OF PREMIUM SAMPLES Venus contains over 1GB of expert crafted samples with various melodic and beat content; euphoric melodies, sinister melodies, slamming beats, snappy drums, handcrafted loops and percussions, sick 808 basslines, FX loops and various one-shot sample content. This sample pack is so masterfully crafted that every producer, novice or expert, will  be amazed by the sheer quality of it and have hours of fun by utilizing this easy-to-use library. We have made sure that even for beat makers, who just want to create music to rap on, the samples are drag and drop ready. All music loops were created with top notch soft and hardware such as Novation Bass Station 2, Waldorf Pulse 2, Juno-DS and plenty of software synths. You will be vibrating in your studio chair with excitement on how fire this library is! 101 PREMIUM XFER SERUM PRESETS "Venus" features 25 wavetables and 101 Xfer Serum presets, fully macro’d, covering all needed instruments for pop trap. All presets feature top quality FM synthesis and are made to be not just useful, but to become your go-to library for pop and trap. Get down with sick 808 basses, skillfully crafted instruments and leads, bright synths, ear pleasing keys and more. Use them as given or learn on how to construct these sounds by reverse engineering... or twist them up into your own sound. The choice is yours!  Move your audience with Venus. Grab this thrilling pack NOW!Pack Content: 808 Loops (20) Bass Loops (22) Drums & Percussion Loops (62) Drums & Percussion One Shots (96) FX Sounds (46) Chord Loops (31) Lead Loops (22) Vocal Acapellas (128) Presets (101) Tables (25)
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Vomitstep Vol 1- samples for music production
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/vomitstep-vol-1/ Vomitstep / Riddim is taking the world by storm and you undoubtedly heard the vile and nasty sounds in many top dj’s their set. Pioneered by Getter, Snails, Skrillex to name a few, this style is not for the faint hearted! Production Master called on “Never Modern Talk” who took the internet by storm with his music to create the filthiest set of samples imaginable. The result is “Vomitstep Volume 1″, the dirtiest and nastiest sample pack you have ever heard by far! Get grimey with sick basses, violent drumkits and loops, dope oneshots, killer kicks and snares and many other dirty surprises. Drag and drop these expertly crafted sounds into your DAW / Sampler of choice and get ready for violent seizures. This pack will blow your mind! Producers who demand seriously heavyweight sounds that have been inspired by the latest productions from artist such as Skrillex, Snails, Laxx, Getter, Borgore, Virtual Riot, Barely Alive and labels such as Owsla, Firepower and Disciple, will certainly find in this pack what their twisted mind desires. Sample pack download contains: 34 Bass Loops 50 Bass One shots 18 Synth Loops 11 Vomitstep drum hits 10 Atmosphere Loops 5 Vox Download Size 111MB
Views: 15924 Black Octopus Sound
Alien Weaponry - Trap & Riddim Serum Presets + Samples
Get pack here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/alien-weaponry-trap-riddim/ Game changer pack alert! The producer mastermind Tevlo returns to Black Octopus Sound with another Triple A list quality sample and preset pack. After the huge success of Wet & Sinister Serum Presets, Forbidden Future House, and Future Funkstep packs; this Alien Weaponry Trap & Riddim pack is two levels up! The name says it all. Ridiculously clean & punchy drums, detailed bass, searing leads, astral fx, and twisted brain melting Serum Presets highlight this fantastic bundle. The bass section has short one shots, long shots, and BPM labelled loops that are ready to drop into your next high quality bass music/riddim/dubstep/trap production. Use the cinematic impacts for creating tension, drama, and a sense of impending doom. This pack is an essential for the latest sounds in dubstep, trap, riddim, future bass, and electro productions. This pack has everything you need in exceptional quality. Just drop them into your DAW and pound the speakers. This pack is ideal if you like the sounds of Virtual Riot, Zomboy, Au5, Prismatic, and Fractal. Unleash the beast!
Views: 5149 Black Octopus Sound
Revolvr presents Massive Trap sounds
Get it here: "Revolvr needs little introduction, especially with releases under his belt on Monstercat, Universal, CR2, Simplify etc. Known for his slamming bass music, original sounds and immaculate production skills, he is now sharing these secrets. This pack contains a whopping 101 unique killer trap/bass music presets for NI Massive in Revolvr signature style, made by the man himself. When you use this pack you are bound to create a top track as all sounds are of the highest quality and macro'ed for that flowing organic feel. Want the beats? No problem. The beats of the demo you can find on our ""Revolvr presents Trap and Future Bass beats"" pack."
Views: 1687 Black Octopus Sound
Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions 2: Banshee 1.4GB Vocal samples
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/banshee-cory-friesenhan-vocal-sessions-2/ The highly anticipated follow up to Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions has arrived – Banshee: Cory Friesenhan Vocal Sessions Volume 2! This massive royalty free vocal sample pack contains 15 songs in various tempos suiting for all kinds of electronic music. Melodic harmony stacks, soft and hypnotizing leads, and some deep and gritty takes will feel right at home in your electro, deep house, chillout, dubstep, and progressive trance tracks. Use the vocals as is or stretch them to your desired tempo or style.
Views: 15274 Black Octopus Sound
Heavy Dubstep Presets - Vicious Dubstep Serum Presets XL
Buy it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/vicious-dubstep-serum-presets-xl/ Guillotine has teamed up with Production Master to bring you a sick follow-up to the highly successful Vicious Dubstep pack! Inside you’ll be provided with an extensive package of the most monstrous and dynamic bass shots, grinding reeses, deep wobbles, slamming leads, pads, plucks and raw, shrieking synths designed to get any crowd pulling funny faces and simply begging for more!
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Future Funkstep - NI Massive presets & samples
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/future-funkstep/ From futuristic neurofunk to the classic sounds of drum and bass, Future Funkstep will give you everything you need to make that next hard hitting banger. Future Funkstep contains over 275 royalty free samples, & over 40 presets for NI Massive. Designed for todays hottest genres, the sounds will fit right at home in Glitch Hop, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and Progressive House. These samples are the inspiration you’ve been looking for too satisfy your bass cravings. Create your own beats with the punchy drum samples and layer in some foley from the crunch and splatter section to bring some organic life into the mix. The massive presets contain a paradise of modulated sounds, from neuro reeces, band filtered basses, and phases transformation sounds. Each sound can be tweaked with ease to fit into your tracks and style. Top things off with some fx and vocal stabs and you are on your way for an afternoon of production heaven. Pack download contains: 64 Bass 16 Claps 15 Crunch & Splatter Foley 13 FX 17 Cymbals 30 Glitch 25 Kicks 5 Miscellaneous 30 Percussion 10 Risers & Falls 26 Snares 6 Track Starters 25 Vox Stabs 41 Massive presets including: 24 Bass 8 Leads 9 Plucks & Chords Produced by Tevlo https://www.facebook.com/areonedm/ https://soundcloud.com/tevlomusic https://tevlo.bandcamp.com Download Size 146 MB Zipped | 185 MB Zipped
Views: 9197 Black Octopus Sound
Chill Future Samples - Future Soul II
Buy it here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/future-soul-ii-melodic-rnb-trap/ Future Soul II continues on from its predecessor, toeing the line between electronic and organic sonics. Delivering a cohesive collection of carefully crafted samples enabling you to create a detailed Future Soul Jam with all the tools provided.
Views: 945 Black Octopus Sound
Chill & Downtempo samples - Arctic Chill
Get it here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/arctic-chill/ Arctic Chill has arrived and is sure to be a favorite sample pack among chill, downtempo, & ambient producers with it's unique selection selection of samples & loops.  This sample pack is chill in it's purest form, featuring icy winds, lush & aura ambiences, euphoric melodies, drum hits, deep bass drones, synth shots & fx.  The sounds in this pack can not only be used for downtempo & chill styles, but could also be useful for genres such as deep hip hop, ambient, future bass, and more.  The organic & lofi drums will set the deep & desired tone right away. Once you have built up a groove using the 120+ drums shots & loops, find the perfect euphoric melody & atmosphere to accompany them.  We suggest pitching & chopping up the melodic loops & elements and adding stacks of fx to these samples to get your own unique sound.  All loops are tempo / key labelled for easy drag & drop into your DAW.  Embrace the cold & set your productions into a deep freeze with Arctic Chill today! Sample pack download contains: 126 Drum Hits & loops 20 Aura Ambience 20 Lush Background Atmospheres 5 Deep bass Drones 24 Euphoric Melodies 12 FX 8 Synth Shots
Views: 2609 Black Octopus Sound
Bass Hysteria (DEMO)
Grab it here! http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/bass-hysteria/ Get ready for Bass Hysteria! An exciting new pack inspired by the jungle terror movement, made famous by Wiwek and Skrillex. Expect a massive fusion of Bass House, Trap, Breakbeat and Dubstep. This pack is wild! All of the sounds in this pack have been made by careful sound design on hardware as well as software and processed with various outboard distortion effects and gear. We made sure all the content would be top notch by using synthesizers such as Roland Alpha Juno 2, Novation Bass Station, NI Maschine, Novation Peak and Arturia Minibrute to name a few. This full library of 24-bit WAV files contains more content than you’ll ever need to set the dancefloor on fire with your jungle terror! Inside you will find: insane bass hits and loops, tribal percussion loops and sounds, a slamming collection of deep kicks and tonal snares, sparkling top loops, energetic melodies and melodic one shots and also includes hype phrases, vocals + top notch builds and effect loops. Inspired by Skrillex, Wiwek, Yellow Claw, Bro Safari, UFO!, Cesqueaux, Major Lazer, Diplo, Mastiksoul etc. Grab Bass Hysteria NOW! Package includes: 29 Bass Loops 50 Bass one Shots 125 Drum Loops (Snares, Percussion, Hats, Fills) 155 Drum One Shots 7 FX loops 19 Hype Loops 28 Melodic Loops 25 Melodic One Shots 19 Vocal Loops 12 Vocal One Shots
Views: 2180 Black Octopus Sound
Origin Sound - Elysian
Get the pack here: http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/origin-sound-elysian/ Origin Sound are proud to present “Elysian” – A premium library containing a sonic universe inhabited with hypnotic melodies, elegant chord progressions, introspective bass lines, ethereal SFX and more. “Elysian” contains a extensive library of royalty free samples weighing in at over 1GB. “Elysian” contains every element needed to create an immersive, beautiful, deep and gripping soundscape. Prepare to be hypnotised by elegant guitars processed with rare analog boutique pedals, gorgeous pianos, Rhodes keys, unconventional world instruments with modern processing, ethereal pads and drones, haunting vocals and cyclic atmospheres. A unprecedented collection of 31 drum loops provide the foundation for “Elysian”, including separate stems for interchangeable grooves, and a range of extra percussive, foley-infused loops to add flair to your rhythm section. On top of this, the extra drum fills included have been produced to specifically mesh and merge with the drum loops and are a great way to ensure smooth transitions. The vast amount of one shot drum samples range from real kicks to foley layered snare drums and dusty tops, providing a brilliant variety of toned and textured drum hits to add to your productions. The atmospheres and SFX provided in this extensive library contain many raw field recordings and foley elements, ranging from city nights, vegetable snare layers and urban spaces to slate one shots and mountainous soundscapes. These soundscapes come alive when layered with musical loops or combined with the many beautiful toned textures included in “Elysian”. Simply adding these tones and recordings to your productions can provide your music with a overwhelming sense of realism and space. “Elysian” is an extensive premium library of sounds for producers looking to add a touch of elegance and beauty to there productions, taking influence from downtempo artists such as Bonobo, Sampha, Tycho, Tourist, Chasing Flies, Maribou State, Flying Lotus, Culprate, Photay, RUFUS and more. “Elysian” can help transcend your sound to a state of bliss. ⁃ Whats in the pack? • 61 Crisp Drum Hits • 20 Unconventional Drum loops (Full bounces and stem bounces) • 11 Extra Foley infused percussion loops • 21 Warm Bass Loops (including Midi files) • 21 Elegant Chord Loops (including Midi files) • 37 Hypnotic Melody Loops (including Midi files) • 15 Intriguing SFX • 20 Ethereal One shots • 10 Thick Tuned atmospheres • 10 Varied Field recordings • 10 Intricate Drum fills
Views: 1587 Black Octopus Sound
Black Octopus Sound - Beats From The Bass Ship 2
See product here! http://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/beats-from-the-bass-ship-2/ Ahee is back again with another INCREDIBLE dose of bass heavy Serum shredding madness! This master Serum sound designer has made your life is a seriously sick music producer so much easier. Also included are his signature phat, crisp, huge, and immaculately produced drums. This pack is an absolute game changer for people who value clean production, crisp and punchy drums, as well as innovative sound design. NEXT LEVEL ON ALL FRONTS! This pack includes: 52 - Huge 808 Sub kicks 22 - Clean and sloppy trap claps 20 - Quirky fx 20 - Hi Hats 36 - Clean and crisp percussion hits 50 - Hard snares that are ready to go into your project 128 - Next level Serum presets including: -9 Arps -64 Bass -10 Chords -16 Fx -11 Leads -7 Pads -7 Plucks -4 Rave style patches
Views: 4180 Black Octopus Sound
Drum and Bass and Neurofunk Samples and Loops - Infektion by Production Master
Grab it here! https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/infektion-drum-bass-and-neurofunk/ Raise your bass weapons and arm yourself for the zombie neuro apocalypse! ’Infektion’ delivers a raw fusion between neuro and high octane dancefloor dnb. Expect the highest quality source loops and samples, which have been waiting to fall into your creative hands! Featuring an earth-shattering sound library with a tinge of dirty funk. If you’re a fan of artists like Noisia, The Upbeats, Phace & Misanthrope, Teddy Killerz, Signal and Synergy, prepare yourselves for skull-smashing beats and breathtaking basslines and get ready for a neural invasion with one of the most outstanding drum & bass sample packs we ever released!  Heavyweight drum and percussion folder ‘Infektion’ features an advanced arsenal of tools that will ravage the dancefloor and give your neurofunk productions a serious edge. Inside you will find a plethora of industrial breaks, boomy kicks, crazy percussions, crisp hi-hats, thundering snares and way more! Find raging beat loops with triplet swing, straight stepping dnb mayhem and feast on the twisted, percussive neurofunk, jump-up and dancefloor madness! Eerie modulated basslines Get ready for cone-tearing mid range screamers and colossal sub growlers with modulated textures that will blast through the walls of your studio. The bass sounds in this collection ride that fine line between the iron-chomping neurofunk and modern stomper jump-up, making them suited for just that style that is tearing up dancefoors right now.  Robotic-killer synths If you’re after dystopian leads with that essential funk feel, look no further! This collection includes a huge amount of psycho-sounding arps, bleeps and leads that carry that typical new era neurofunk sound. Feel free to decide between heavily processed samples or go for the more natural and warm tones. With this folder, finding the right mood for your track is just a breeze.  Dark atmospheric FX Explore the aura of creepy apocalyptic sounds with our FX folder! Add these tension-wrenching effects as an extra layer to enhance your creation and inject new life into your sound. What are you waiting for? Create some serious flesh melting drum & bass! Grab ’Infektion’ NOW!
Views: 1800 Black Octopus Sound
Production Masters - Riddim Dubstep Weapons (DEMO)
Buy pack: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/production-master-riddim-dubstep-weapons/ Imagine an arsenal of unstoppable armor piercing dubstep samples and presets. Relentless riddim dubstep beats, drums and sounds inspired by labels such as Firepower, Never Say Die / NSD: Black Label, Disciple, Rottun, Gentlemens Club. Meticulously crafted by top producers for maximum impact! In this pack you will find: 70 of the best riddim dubstep XFer Serum presets 80 fresh slamming drum one shots 100 meticulously crafted bass hits 30 original bass loops 25 killer melodic loops 60 vocal shouts to spice up your tracks 35 dazzling effects On top of this, we have created a top notch riddim dubstep template for Ableton Live to inspire your future productions and help you learn how the pros construct their songs. Complete with royalty free samples, presets and MIDI data. Enter the battlefield armed with Riddim Dubstep Weapons! Grab it now!
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Xfer Serum presets for Dubstep / Riddim / Trap - Gold Chainz
Get it here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/gold-chainz-for-xfer-serum/ Black Octopus continues its legendary line of word class Xfer Serum preset libraries with Gold Chainz! Created by the producer of Electropolis, the sounds in this pack are masterfully crafted and sculpted to perfection. You can expect an abundance of shredding growls, glitched out arps, spaced out alien leads, & dystopian pads to jumpstart your creativity. The deep & dirty sounds will fit right at home in dubstep, trap, riddim, glitch hop, hip hop, and other genres looking for some twisted bass heavy sounds. Make the sounds unique by tweaking assigned macros and watch the sounds come alive. 30 Wavetables have also been included for users wanting to take this pack to the next level and create their own sounds. As an added bonus an additional 100 samples from the demo track are added, including 5 dynamic and punchy drum kit loops, vocals, one shots, & fx. This pack contains: 100 Xfer Serum presets • 10 Arp • 46 Bass • 12 FX • 21 Lead • 11 Pads • 30 Wavetables Samples • 32 Drumloops (from 5 Kits) • 10 FX • 13 Musicloops • 32 Percs & Oneshots • 13 Vocals
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Production Master - Zodiac
Buy it here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/zodiac-downtempo-electronica/ ‘Zodiac’ will capture your audience and take them on a journey through mystery and serenity, with this comprehensive goldmine of beautifully hand-crafted loops and samples. This pack features a cornucopia of luscious chord progressions, mysterious vocal atmospheres and a plethora of melodic content, made to add that euphonious charisma to your productions.
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Mystical Indian Percussion (live recorded loops)
Get it here: https://blackoctopus-sound.com/product/kv-balakrishnan-mystical-indian-percussion/ The bustling streets, the smell of fragrant Chai, radiant colors everywhere, and the uncanny character of the Tabla drum. Bring the essence of India into your studio with this high level Indian percussion pack recorded and produced by the prolific, legendary Indian percussionist K.V. Balakrishnan. This masterpiece of a sound library contains expertly crafted and beautifully mastered drum hits for any variety of production. EDM, Bollywood, Cinematic, Downtempo, Psychedelic, Dubstep, Trap, and Drum & Bass; these samples will give your tracks an innovative twist! Your production will stand out with this stunning array of tabla, dholak, mridangam, cabasa, dukki tarang, ghata singari, kanjira, moongos, various shakers, salangai, tambourine, and finger cymbals. With really high attention to detail, this percussion master has delivered an exceptional quality sample pack that will keep up with quality standards and stay relevant for years and years to come. The nearly 1200 loops provided have been broken down into both ensemble loops, and single loops so you can piece together your perfect percussion grooves. Loops have been provided in 120, 125, 130, 135, & 140 bpm and have been conveniently labelled with instrument type, tempo, & key for ease of use. A variety of Dholak & Tabla one shots have also been provided to sequence brand new beats from scratch. Sample pack download contains: 677 Ensemble percussion loops 519 Single perccusion loops 92 Dholak one shots 71 Tabla one shots 1359 samples total Size: 2.62GB (Yep)
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Bingoshakerz Enormous Future House & Nu Disco
Check out the pack here: blackoctopus-sound.com/product/enorm…use-nu-disco/ We're proud to present our latest – Enormous Future & Nu Disco House! Packed with supreme bass & synth loops, mixed and mastered construction kits, punchy drum loops, single percussion, clap & hat sounds, key-labelled bass & synth one-shots, FX and much more. Inspired by the artists such as EDX, Croatia Squad, Lika Morgan, Nora En Pure and many others – Enormous Future & Nu Disco House delivers prime time sounds for your next chart-topping studio track. This collection features 400Mb of sounds which are ready to be loaded into your DAW. All loops and samples are WAV format, tempo & key-labelled. What's inside: 50 x Single Bass Shots 50 x Single Synth Shots 51 x Bass & Synth Loops 35 x Drum Loops (no-kick) 32 x Claps (single) 50 x Hats (single) 50 x Kicks (single) 30 x Percussion (single) 15 x FX 02 x Mixed & Mastered Construction Kits FutureHouseNuDiscoBingoshakerzBlackOctopusSoundEnormous
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