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Jacob, Johnny, & Carson HILARIOUS Moments!
When Jacob Sartorius, Johnny Orlando, and Carson Lueders are together, some serious LOLs will ensue. You've gotta see these hilarious moments from our #YSBnowBoysOfSummer shoot in 2016! Looking back, it's crazy to see how much each of them has grown up in just two short years. From posting Vines, Musicallys, and YouTube covers, to releasing their own original songs and playing for thousands of fans across the globe. Way to go, guys!
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Andi Mack Season 3 SHIPS!
From Tyrus (TJ and Cyrus) to Jandi (Jonah and Andi) to Muffy (Marty and Buffy) the "Andi Mack" cast (Asher Angel, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, and Sofia Wylie spilled on their favorite ships for Season 3 of the groundbreaking Disney Channel series. Do you want Jonah to sing "Being Around You" for Andi again? Or TJ & Cyrus become a couple? Who do *you* ship most? Tell us in the comments, and don't miss the Season 3 full episode premiere of "Andi Mack," October 8, only on Disney Channel!
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MUST-WATCH: Annie LeBlanc's Emotional & Unforgettable Fan Moment
Annie LeBlanc (Bratayley, Chicken Girls) loves her fans more than anything, & this interview totally proves it. Our interview started out really fun, talking about fan gifts (yum!) but the way it ended brought tears to our eyes. We love you, Annie!
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“Being Around You” Asher Serenades Peyton During Concert!
Asher Angel performed “Being Around You," which he first performed as Jonah for Andi on Disney Channel’s “Andi Mack." But today, he and Peyton Elizabeth Lee (and Luke Mullen, who plays TJ) volunteered their time to support the TJ Martell Foundation, which works to fund cancer research! During his incredible acoustic performance, Asher performed "Being Around You" and brought Peyton on stage to serenade her! Aww!
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Why Annie LeBlanc Wears Contact Lenses in "A Girl Named Jo"!
"A Girl Named Jo" Episode 2 with Annie LeBlanc (Chicken Girls: The Movie, Bratayley) & Addison Riecke (The Thundermans) is coming soon to BRAT! We know you can't wait, so we're giving you Part 2 of our on-set exclusive interview with Annie & Addison! We were there the day they filmed the big Phoenix Fest dance scene and it was amazing. See why Annie LeBlanc has blue eyes, see the girls dish on their characters' friendship, fashion & more!
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What Was Noah Centineo Like In HIGH SCHOOL? | "To All The Boys I've Loved Before"
Noah Centineo is about to blow up. He stars in not one but TWO of Netflix's highly anticipated movies this summer, alongside Shannon Purser (Stranger Things) and Lana Condor. In this exclusive interview, Noah told us all about working with Shannon and Lana, why he thinks his characters are similar and different, and he gets super silly about confidence and finding yourself. "To All The Boys I've Loved Before" is out NOW on Netflix!
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EXCLUSIVE: Annie LeBlanc & Hayden Summerall Friendship 411 | YSBnow BFFriday
While on set of her "Little Things" music video, Annie LeBlanc told us all about her friendship with Hayden Summerall. From favorite emojis, to fun hang-outs, get the #Hannie scoop in this exclusive interview!
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Annie LeBlanc & Jayden Bartels: BFF Q&A!
Annie LeBlanc and Jayden Bartels have the sweetest friendship ever! So when they arrived together at Asher Angel's 16th birthday party, we thought they'd be the perfect guest correspondents for YSBnow! In this exclusive, they reveal how they met, how they became so close, how they love singing and dancing together, and so much more. DID YOU KNOW THAT THEY EVEN WROTE A SONG TOGETHER!? This is one of our favorite interviews EVER! What do you love most about their friendship? Tell us in the comments!
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EXCLUSIVE: How Did Sky Score Her "Raven's Home" Role?
The Disney Channel star and rapper told us all about what she was like growing up in New York, meeting Raven Symone, & how she eventually got the role that would change her life: Tess on "Raven's Home"!
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Andi Mack Dating 411: Asher Angel on JANDI and Peyton!
How does Asher Dov Angel feel about fans shipping him with Peyton? Plus, is he team Jamber or Jandi?! Find out!
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Johnny Orlando: "Mackenzie Ziegler is..."
Johnny & Mackenzie Ziegler's "I Like Me Better" vid put #Jenzie rumors into overdrive! In this exclusive interview, Johnny teases their new original song, "What If," their Brat show "Total Eclipse," and spills on Jenzie, how they met, what makes Kenzie a great friend, and more!
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Jayden Bartels: "Connor Is A Good Friend Because..."
We caught up with Jayden Bartels at the launch party for Annie LeBlanc's Annie LeBling jewelry! We know you guys love Jayden and Connor together, so we asked both of them why their BFF is a good friend and their answers were adorable. We also know you guys loved Jayden's first music video (starring Connor!) so we got the scoop on her new music and more! Watch Connor explaining why Jayden is a good friend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m30XVRlVTpc&t=1s Music: www.BenSound.com
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NOW UNITED Describe Each Other In ONE WORD
Things got pretty crazy (and LOUD) when we hung out with the guys from Now United and asked them to describe each other in one word. Watch as half of the members of Now United describe another member in the group in just one word.
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Annie LeBlanc Singing 411 & Hayden Song Scoop!
Annie LeBlanc (Bratayley, Chicken Girls) has been singing and slaying stages all over the country on the "Rock Your Hair" Tour! In this exclusive interview, she spills on getting over stage fright and performing with Hayden Summerall. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this interview, where she talks about fan gifts and shares a touching fan moment she'll remember forever. We only met Annie for the first time a few weeks ago, but she's one of the sweetest and most special stars we've ever talked to, so we're hoping to do more interviews with her soon! Leave your questions in the comments!
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Annie LeBlanc Opens Up on Her Life & Dreams
In her most personal interview yet, Annie LeBlanc (Bratayley, Chicken Girls, A Girl Named Jo) reveals her journey from being a competitive gymnast in Maryland to soaring to international superstardom. In Part 1 of our exclusive cover story, the "Picture This" singer shares her advice for discovering your passion, her true thoughts on social media, and so much more. See all photos here http://www.ysbnow.com/en/detail/5b56070fd74440685e301787/exclusive-cover-story:-annie-leblanc
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The "I Am Frankie" Cast Spills 5 Secrets!
Kyson Facer (Andrew), Alex Hook (Frankie), and Carson Rowland (Cole) AKA the awesome cast of Nickelodeon's hit show "I Am Frankie" share things their fans didn't know about them!
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Annie LeBlanc FAN Q&A | Dealing With Bullies, Her Idol, and More!
We asked you guys to send in your questions for Annie LeBlanc before our interview with her and you guys totally came through! We picked three to ask and here's what she said!
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"A Girl Named Jo" Show Secrets with Annie LeBlanc & Addison Riecke!
"A Girl Named Jo" Episode 1 is coming tomorrow, and Annie LeBlanc (Jo) & Addison Riecke (Cathy) are spilling secrets inside their real-life friendship and taking you behind-the-scenes on Brat's newest series! Find out their advice for making new friends (especially if you're shy) and even what snacks they love to eat and shows they love to watch on set! Don't miss full episodes of "A Girl Named Jo," starting tomorrow! What snacks & shows do you and your BFFs love? Tell us in the comments!
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Connor Finnerty: "Jayden Is A Good Friend Because..." | CAYDEN
We caught up with our pal Connor Finnerty at Annie LeBlanc's launch party for her new bracelet line, Annie LeBling! All of Annie's friends showed up to party and celebrate with her, including two of our fave BFFs - Connor and Jayden! Fans love Connor Finnerty and Jayden Bartels' friendship, so we asked them their advice on finding good friends and why they appreciate their BFF so much! Stay tuned for part 2 with Jayden - coming tomorrow!
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You watched Annie LeBlanc & Jayden Bartels interview each other in our last vid. Now, we've got "Chicken Girls" stars & singers Carson Lueders & Hayden Summerall spilling the scoop on how they met, telling "secrets" about one another, and teasing their upcoming songs and music!
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Luke Mullen (TJ) & Peyton Talk TYRUS & "Andi Mack" Season 3!
This week we have been BLESSED with so many "Andi Mack" interviews! LOL! But prior to today, we had never met the super talented Luke Mullen (aka TJ)! We met him and Peyton Elizabeth Lee when we were all out supporting Asher Angel and the TJ Martell Foundation, and had to get his take on Tyrus (TJ and Cyrus) and more scoop on Season 3 of the groundbreaking Disney Channel series. Tell us what you want to see happen in Season 3 in the comments, and don't miss the full episode premiere of "Andi Mack," October 8, only on Disney Channel!
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6 Things You Didn't Know About "Andi Mack" & "Shazam" Star Asher Dov Angel!
You love him as Jonah Beck on Disney Channel's "Andi Mack," but did you know these six facts about Asher Dov Angel?
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ANNIE LEBLANC: Up Close & Personal at our PHOTO SHOOT!
From singing "Picture This" to starring in "Chicken Girls: The Movie" and "A Girl Named Jo," Annie LeBlanc is 100% the QUEEN of Summer 2018!! Part 1 of our EXCLUSIVE COVER STORY with Annie (who 1st soared to stardom via Bratayley vlogs) will go live on SUNDAY, JULY 22, and we can't wait for you to see the photos, interview, and more! While you wait, check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes video from our awesome day with Annie!
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ANDI MACK CAST: "The 1st Time We Met ASHER..."
Season 3 of "Andi Mack" is in full gear, with full episodes premiering Friday nights on Disney Channel! At Asher Angel's birthday party, we had his cast mates, Joshua Rush (Cyrus), Luke Mullen (TJ), Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi), Emily Skinner (Amber), Lilan Bowden (Bex), and Darius Marcell (Walker) spill about the first time they ever met their co-star and share what "Jonah Beck" is like in real life. Watch below for an awesome trip down memory lane!
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ANDI MACK: "Our Most Emotional Scenes" [PERSONAL]
The "Andi Mack" cast (Asher Angel - Jonah, Peyton Elizabeth Lee - Andi, Joshua Rush - Cyrus, and Sofia Wylie - Buffy) reveal their favorite ships for Season 3 of the groundbreaking Disney Channel series. From Cyrus' coming out, to Jonah's panic attacks, to Andi's revelation from Bex, and Buffy's scene with her mom, grab a tissue cause this interview has us all up in our emotions!! What scene was the most emotional for YOU to watch? Tell us in the comments, and don't miss the Season 3 full episode premiere of "Andi Mack," October 8, only on Disney Channel!
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EXCLUSIVE: The "Andi Mack" Cast Reveals Their Hidden Talents!
The stars of Disney Channel's "Andi Mack" (Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Asher Dov Angel, Sofia Wylie, Joshua Rush & Emily Skinner) reveal their hidden talents! Peyton Elizabeth Lee - Andi Asher Dov Angel - Jonah Sofia Wylie - Buffy Joshua Rush - Cyrus Emily Skinner - Amber
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EXCLUSIVE: How Lizzy Greene Became a Nickelodeon Star!
Lizzy Greene (Dawn Harper on Nickelodeon's "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, & Dawn") shares her inspiring journey from Texas to Hollywood and talks about the importance of giving back. You don't want to miss Lizzy's most revealing interview yet!
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Mackenzie Ziegler Reveals FAVE TOTAL ECLIPSE SHIP
We caught up with Mackenzie Ziegler on the pink carpet at the release party for her new line of beauty products, "Love, Kenzie" in Hollywood, California! Kenzie told us all about what inspired the line, how she stays grounded in this crazy business, and of course - her fave "Total Eclipse" ship!
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8 Things You Didn't Know About "Andi Mack"
"Andi Mack" Season 2 is in full gear on Disney Channel and we're telling you 8 things you didn't know about the show and its cast. Featuring Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Asher Dov Angel (Jonah Beck), Joshua Rush (Cyrus), Sofia Wylie (Buffy), Emily Skinner (Amber), Garren Stitt (Marty), & Luke Mullen (T.J.)
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We knew that IN REAL LIFE'S Chance Perez, Sergio Calderon, Michael Conor, Drew Ramos & Brady Tutton had the best voices, but they also have the best senses of humor! Watch the LOLs that ensue when we ask them to tell us one random thing #Lifelines might not know about them!
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In a revealing interview, the "Stuck in the Middle" star shares her incredible journey
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Connor Finnerty on Jayden, His OMG Moment, & More!
Connor Finnerty answers YOUR burning questions about singing, dancing, his friendship with Jayden Bartels, and more! The California native joined us for an awesome interview (more coming soon!) and told us about his journey as an actor, singer, dancer, and musically star. We covered so many topics, but in Part 1, we asked him YOUR questions. Find out about how long he's known Jayden, his biggest inspiration, favorite food, and so much more by watching the vid! Don't forget to subscribe (and follow us on Instagram) for more exclusive interviews with Connor and your other favorite stars!
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RAVEN'S HOME Star Navia (Nia) Spills 5 Secrets!
Navia Robinson (Nia on Disney Channel's "Raven's Home") spills 5 things you didn't know about her!
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EXCLUSIVE: Max & Harvey Singing + Funny FAN Q&A!
We went backstage with Max & Harvey at The Roxy in Hollywood, CA where the singers and musically stars answered YOUR fan questions!
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EXCLUSIVE: "Dance Moms" Star Kalani Hilliker Shares Her Hollywood Journey
See how the Arizona native went from cute kid to international superstar!
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IN REAL LIFE'S Chance Perez, Sergio Calderon, Michael Conor, Drew Ramos & Brady Tutton played TRUTH OR DARE with YSBnow!
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EXCLUSIVE: 5 Breanna Secrets You Don't Know!
"School of Rock" star Breanna Yde (Tomika on "School of Rock") came by the YSBnow House to talk about her new movie, "Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" and we can't wait to see it! But we also had to ask her if she could share 5 things our fans might not know about her...and she totally delivered!
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EXCLUSIVE: Why Drake Posted THIS Pic of Breanna Yde!
Did you see the picture Drake posted of Breanna Yde on Instagram? Ever since they met a few months ago, fans were curious about if they were working together, became friends, or what! So we asked Breanna to tell us the FULL story!
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PRANK ALERT: Asher Dov Angel & Peyton Elizabeth Lee Spill All!
The stars of Disney Channel's "Andi Mack," Asher Dov Angel (Jonah Beck) and Peyton Elizabeth Lee (Andi) spill on spicy foods, cast superlatives, & much more!
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EXCLUSIVE: "If Season 3 of Andi Mack Was a FOOD..."
Season 3 of "Andi Mack" premieres 10/8, and yesterday, you saw us talk about ships like Tyrus (TJ & Cyrus). But now Asher Angel, Peyton Elizabeth Lee, Joshua Rush, & Sofia Wylie are spilling the scoop on the new episodes by comparing Season 3 to a FOOD! LOL! Check it out now! Plus, do you think "Andi Mack" will be more like a kiwi, jellybeans, or Mexican food?! Tell us in the comments!
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COOP & CAMI: "How We Got on Disney!"
We love the Coop & Cami Ask the World theme song and trailer, and we can't wait to watch full episodes of Disney Channel's brand new series when it premieres Episode 1 on October 12th! We caught up with the show's stars, Dakota Lotus (Cooper) and Ruby Rose Turner (Cameron), to talk about why they're excited for you guys to see the show and reveal how they got the part and became Disney Channel stars!
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EXCLUSIVE: Twins Max & Harvey Mills Spill Their CRAZIEST Fan Moments!
We went backstage with Max and Harvey Mills before their concert, and the British musical.ly stars told us about some pretty crazy #MaxAndHarveyOfficial fan encounters and more!
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"I Am Frankie" Cast Spills 1st Impressions of Each Other!
The cast of Nickelodeon's "I Am Frankie" came by to tell us about their new show, their first impressions of each other, and where they were when they found out they got the part!
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Johnny Orlando & Mackenzie Ziegler (Dance Moms) just dropped their new duet, "What If" and even sang it live at a concert in Canada! We put Johnny to the test to see how well he knows his BFF, Kenzie!
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PRETTYMUCH is Nick Mara, Brandon Arreaga,, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter & Zion Kuwonu. The hot new boy band came by YSBnow to talk about growing up, falling in love with music and becoming a band. Don't miss PRETTYMUCH performing their debut single, "Would You Mind" on this weekend's Teen Choice Awards.
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How Navia (Nia on Raven's Home) Got on Disney Channel!
Navia Robinson, who stars as Nia Baxter on "Raven's Home" on Disney Channel, came by to tell us about her journey to Hollywood!
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In Real Life "How Badly" We Cringed LOL Moments!
From Michael Conor's dance moves to Chance Perez's voice crack, the "How Badly" singers spill their facepalm-worthy moments from ABC's "Boy Band." Plus, in this exclusive interview, Sergio Calderon, Brady Tutton, & Drew Ramos do impressions, spill on awesome fan gifts & more!
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EXCLUSIVE: "Why Don't We" Talks About Living Together!
WHY DON'T WE members Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Jonah Marais, & Zach Herron came by the YSBnow house & told us all about their house & being roommates!
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Hayley LeBlanc GUSHES Over Sister Annie | Annie LeBling
We caught up with Hayley LeBlanc at her sister Annie's launch party where we asked her why her sister is a good role model, how she came up with the idea for her jewelry line, and whether or not we will see any designs from Hayley in the future!
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"Raven's Home" Cast Secrets From Issac Ryan Brown!
Issac Ryan Brown (Booker on Raven's Home) talks about each of his Disney Channel co-stars: Raven, Navia (Nia), Jason (Levi), Sky (Tess), & Anneliese (Chelsea)!
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