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Another Australian success story : Hawkei
Hawkei, a highly protected, mobile and integrated vehicle. Interview with Paul Harris from Thales Australia. Music: Istockphotos - juqboxmusic
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ETCS What is this standard? How does it work?
Understand the basics of the European Train Control System for mainline railways with Thales. Thales has been at the forefront of ETCS deployment, leading the way with the very first implementations, and since, has the best deployment record and widest experience.
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How does moving-block CBTC work?
What is it? How does it work? Understand the basics of Communications-Based Train Control with Thales. Thales developed CBTC technology and made it a "default standard" for urban train control. Thales SelTrac® CBTC solution is the world's most widely adopted CBTC solution. Design & Production: Thales/zeugma/Viewniverse Studio
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Découvrez le métier d'Ingénieur Sécurité chez Thales
Geoffrey est Ingénieur Sécurité chez Thales. Son rôle ? Superviser les systèmes d'information des grands groupes au centre opérationnel de cybersécurité de Thales ! Découvrez son quotidien.
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BUSHMASTER: presentation of an Australian success story
Bushmaster meets the requirements of global defence forces for a highly protected, mobile and integrated vehicles. Music: Istockphotos - juqboxmusic
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Stratobus: halfway between a drone and a satellite! Official video
Stratobus: official video from Thales Alenia Space - April 2016 Stratobus is a stationary stratospheric airship, offering autonomous operation and suited to multiple missions. It measures 100 meters long with a maximum diameter of 33 meters (328 x 108 ft), and weighs less than 5 metric tons. Designed to operate at an altitude of 20 kilometers (about 66,000 ft), above the jet stream and air traffic, StratoBus can carry a payload of up to 250 kg (550 lb), with 5 kilowatts of onboard power. Stratobus doesn’t need a launch vehicle to reach “orbit”. It takes just four hours to reach the stratosphere, and about the same to come back down. Its operating economics make it a real “low-cost” product, extremely competitive for regional civil or military applications, including telecommunications, navigation, observation (especially surveillance), etc. The program is led by Thales Alenia Space as prime contractor. © Thales Alenia Space/Master Image Programmes
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Iridium NEXT: low-orbit telecommunications constellation
Iridium NEXT is a low-orbit satcom constellation with 81 satellites (66 operational, 6 in-orbit spares and 9 ground spares). Thales Alenia Space is the Iridium NEXT prime contractor. © Thales Alenia Space_Master_Image_Programmes
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Upgrade solutions for fighting vehicles
Digitisation as a key factor of operational superiority and troop protection. A modular and affordable solution, ready to be deployed, improving force protection and operational efficiency.
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Iridium NEXT showcased during Satellite 2017 exhibition (Washington DC)
Discover a brand new video regarding Iridium NEXT constellation. The video was showcased for the very first time during the Satellite 2017 international trade show and exhibition (Washington DC) on March 7th 2017. Iridium NEXT is a constellation of 66 operational telecommunications satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), flying at an altitude of 780 kilometers supported by 15 in-orbit and ground spares. The first 10 NEXT satellites were successfully orbited by SpaceX on Jaunary 14th 2017. Thales Alenia Space is Iridium NEXT prime contractor on behalf of Iridium Communications. © Thales Alenia Space/Master Image Programmes
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PRV Hawkei
The next generation protected mobility vehicle. Thales is delivering a new generation of protected vehicles. Hawkei meets the requirements of global defence forces for a highly protected, mobile and integrated vehicle able to operate in an environment under threat from Improvised Explosive Devices, mines and ambushes. For more information: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/defence/what-we-do-land-forces-vehicles-platforms/hawkei
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X-ray Flat Panel Detector with integrated CMOS technology
Thales’s flat panel X-ray detectors for fluoroscopic applications are optimised with CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semi-conductor) technology. This latest generation technology provides a host of benefits to ensure outstanding system performance. For more information on our CMOS flat panel detectors, click on the link : https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/microwave-imaging-sub-systems/digital-fluoroscopy-0
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AUSS: A revolutionnary Autonomous Underwater & Surface System
At Euronaval, Thales unveils the world's first hybrid unmanned naval system capable of operating both underwater and on the surface thanks to a dozen major innovations. With its 360° agility and superior endurance, the AUSS system can perform many civil and military missions that were formerly considered impossible.
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A Long Day (with no Cybersecurity)
What would the world be like without cybersecurity? It is on the basis of this interrogation that this film produced by Thales demonstrates some of the impacts of cybersecurity on a daily basis. Filmed with Thales Angénieux spherical lenses, directed by Maxime Chefdeville with the 87s agency, the film “A Long Day” was presented at the first #ThalesMediaDay, organised on April 11 2018, focusing on the theme of cybersecurity. Find out more: http://thls.co/sOnc30jzsB5
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TALIOS , The new generation omnirole pod, ready to fight - Thales
TALIOS is the first and only system merging high performance targeting and reconnaissance features in a single pod, covering the entire decision chain, from intelligence gathering through to threat neutralization. With the new Permanent Vision™ technology, TALIOS also provides constant situational awareness to the pilot and to the ground forces, by incorporating the pod's real-time imagery into a 3D mapping display. Artificial Intelligence onboard More info https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/defence/what-we-do-air-forces-air-forces-optronics/talios
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TopOwl® helmet-mounted sight and display for helicopters
TopOwl® is the result of over twenty years experience in the Helmet Mounted Sight Display field for rotor wing and fixed wing aircraft. TopOwl has been designed by pilots for pilots. TopOwl uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the only complete, integrated helmet system solution featuring : VISION TopOwl provides the pilot with optimum vision of the environment featuring unique visor-projected intensified night vision which is extremely comfortable to use. MISSION To accomplish the mission, TopOwl can display before the pilot's eyes images from any sensor located on the aircraft such as an FLIR HD. The high accuracy head tracking system is able to slave any weapon. COMFORT TopOwl provides the pilot with the best comfort, reducing pilot fatigue and improving performance over long and iterative missions. TopOwl® has been chosen by 16 countries for their army, navy and/or air force attack and transport helicopters. In full-rate production, TopOwl is operational on 5 major helicopter programmes: Tiger, NH90, Cobra AH-1Z, Huey UH-1Y and Rooivalk; T129 is in progress. More on TopOwl: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/defence/topowlr-helmet-mounted-sight-and-display-helicopters
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Thales - Performance specialists in CBTC
Learn about the benefits of Thales' SelTrac® Communications-Based Train Control technology, the world's leading proven metro signalling solution. Thales maintains over 56 projects in over 30 major cities around the world, representing over 1,300 kilometres of track moving 3 billion passengers a year. Learn more: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/transportation/train-control-cbtc
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How does driverless CBTC work ?
What is it? How does it work? Understand the basics of Communications-Based Train Control with Thales. Thales developed CBTC technology and made it a "default standard" for urban train control. Thales SelTrac® CBTC solution is the world's most widely adopted CBTC solution. Design & Production: Thales/zeugma/Viewniverse Studio
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Future Railway Signaling: A Scenario for 2033
Envisage a greenfield mainline signaling project in 2033. Railway customers want their projects equipped with the latest technology for new networks. Along tracks there will be no signals, balises or axle counters installed. Field elements such as point machines and railroad crossings will be energy self-sufficient and support predictive maintenance. Trains routes are booked and managed by means of "Route Markets", train dispatchers manage traffic from anywhere. Trains run driverless as well as "green" and have an on-board unit for radio communication with the control center and for data evaluation. "Electronic drawbars" will link together trains and share an activated route. Train integrity is monitored systematically and there is localization via satellite. Trains perform preventive monitoring of the track/rail condition Intermodal "Door-to-door" transport of goods and people are supported by network control centers which allow for optimized operation in terms of different parameters, for example, energy-efficient transport, time-optimized transport, cost-optimized transport, minimized change of transport mode, etc. Network control centers will also prioritize maintenance service activities, allocate and coordinate resources, and will perform proactive asset and spare part management – all based on predictive diagnosis and maintenance. More info : https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/transportation/reseaux-ferres-et-transports-publics
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Thales AESA multibeam
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"Minimum Viable Product" Lifecycle - Thales Group
In the digital and industrial world, speed is the new currency. Imagine you could develop your ideas into viable products in just a couple of weeks. At Thales, we have implemented digital offers and ways of working that allow us to design innovative solutions as MVPs. Discover our process. Visit the Thales Digital Factory website https://www.thalesdigital.io/en
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Thales Alenia Space
We look after the earth beat. More on Space solutions designed by Thales: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/homepage/worldwide/space
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Thales UK | Air Group | PIRATE
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Aeronautical communications architecture study
The findings of a large scale EC funded research project -- Seamless aeronautical networking through integration of data links, radios and antennas.
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Australia chooses Hawkei
The Hawkei is set to become the latest addition to the Australian Defence Force fleet following the signing of a $1.3 billion contract with the Commonwealth. Soldiers on operations will benefit from increased protection and mobility in a powerful 4x4 vehicle, which can be adapted for different missions. For more information https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldw...
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Thales unveils ArtPix™ Mobile EZ2GO
A revolutionary Digital Radiography Imaging Sub-System Thales gives way to a new generation of Digital Radiography Imaging Sub-System: ArtPix Mobile EZ2GO. It is the best retrofit solution for mobile radiology units, featuring a state-of-the art Graphic User Interface (GUI) and incorporating Thales’s best in-class Wi-Fi detectors Pixium 3543EZ and Pixium 2430EZ. https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/microwave-imaging-sub-systems/digital-radiography
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Ingénieur commercial : regard croisé
Ingénieur commercial ? Un métier passionnant ! La preuve avec les témoignages de Stéphanie et Etienne.
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Identification Friend or Foe: How it Works
Pilots can rely on IFF solutions from Thales to prevent friendly fire in their decisive moments, discover how it works. Copyright (for images and music) : Thales – Master Image
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THALES SEA FIRE a new generation of naval multifunction radars
Full digital AESA 4 fixed panels
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Talios - Multi function targeting pod
Designed entirely around operational feedback from users, TALIOS is the latest addition to the Thales family. TALIOS is the first optronic pod to cover the entire critical decision chain from intelligence gathering to weapon delivery. Capabilities range from deep strike with long-range missiles and bombs to air-to-air target identification and close air support, and include the rapidly emerging requirement of Non-Traditional Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (NTISR). Key features - Latest generation of high-resolution sensors and high-precision line-of-sight stabilization - Wide-angle vision providing critical contextual information and making the pod a key component of the pilot’s visual environment throughout the mission. - Open architecture and a high level of functional integration All functions will be standard for both French and international customers. With its open architecture, the TALIOS pod is conceived as a ‘plug & fight’ system for integration on all existing and future fighters. Further info: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/defence/talios-0
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Fulmar X Unmanned Aircraft System
Fulmar X is a small unmanned aircraft system that delivers exceptional endurance and high quality aerial intelligence, using a small, flexible air-platform with low running costs. Crédits: Thales
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Iridium NEXT: the most sophiticated communications system ever
Iridium NEXT is the world’s highest performance and most sophisticated telecommunications constellation in orbit ever. This video was broadcast for the first time during the 2018 World Satellite Business week. More info (official Press Info): http://thls.co/qoDb30lLdmM Thales Alenia Space CEO's LinkedIn post: http://thls.co/Pypu30lLdGa © Thales Alenia Space/Master Image Programmes
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Thales GROUND Master 400
The GROUND Master 400 is part of ThalesRaytheonSystems's fully digital 3D air defence radar family. Designed to protect key assets to forces deployed on remote operations, watch this video to find out more. More on GROUND Master 400: https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/content/ground-master-400-gm-400
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Thales LifeFlight AW139 simulator - Build Timelapse
The most advanced simulator of its type in the region, the Reality H Full Flight Simulator is located at the Thales LifeFlight Training Centre in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The world-leading simulator represents a multi-million dollar investment by Thales, and features the unique Hexaline all-electric motion system, which provides the most realistic motion cues to trainees while requiring less power. It also features an extended visual field of view, the globally-recognised ThalesView® Image Generation System, as well as Computer Generated Entities for the intelligent management of the virtual animations – all combining to simulate complex search and rescue and medical emergency scenarios. The simulator therefore represents a completely immersive environment for training in the most challenging conditions, and has also been approved for training with Night Vision Goggles. With these innovative technologies, the Thales Reality H FFS provides a training environment that mimics real operational conditions to support helicopter operators’ key priorities of safety and mission success. The simulator is already attracting strong interest from AW139 operators both locally and overseas, and over the next few years will contribute to Australian exports in the service sector. The full flight simulator forms part of a larger expansion of training facilities in Brisbane, undertaken by Aviation Australia and the Brisbane Airport Corporation
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Thales North South Railways
Thales, as the main contractor, undertook a complete turnkey project for the Saudi Arabian railways, providing freight and passengers traffic across the country, along 2400 km. The Thales turnkey rail project includes: - train control with ETCS L2 (European Train Control System Level 2) - route control with interlockings - field elements to increase safety along the route - an operation control centre (OCC) for traffic management with ARAMIS, security & trains supervision (power supply, diesel generators, etc.) - communications for train control (GSM-R), security & passenger information, - rolling stock management Saudi Arabian railways are now being equipped with the latest technologies for train signaling, ensuring safety and operational efficiency. As for instance, ETCS L2 is the latest Train control technology for mainlines, it allows the reduction of wayside signaling elements and it optimizes the system lifecycle cost.
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Spacebus NEO: 100% electric !
All-electric Spacebus NEO! Spacebus NEO is Thales Alenia Space's new family of platforms for geostationary telecom satellites. It will be available in different versions, one with all-electric propulsion. A wide variety of configurations These new platforms will be available in a range of versions for all types of geostationary satellites, from small to extra-large. Operators can choose the configuration that matches their needs, from all-electric to all-chemical propulsion, as well as hybrid models. Starting in 2016, they will be ready to handle payloads up to 2 metric tons, with onboard power up to 20 kW. All-electric version The all-electric Spacebus NEO will be commercialized starting in mid-2015. It can handle payloads exceeding 1,400 kg, with more than 16 kW of power. Texte en français Spacebus NEO : 100% electric ! SpaceBus NEO est la nouvelle gamme de plateformes de Thales Alenia Space destinée aux satellites de télécommunication géostationnaire. Elles seront disponibles dans différentes versions, dont l’une totalement électrique. Une grande variété de configurations : Les nouvelles plateformes offriront un éventail de versions pour tous types de satellites géostationnaires, des petits aux extra-larges. Les opérateurs auront la possibilité d’opter pour la configuration de leur choix, du 100% électrique à des versions hybrides en passant par des solutions intégralement chimiques. Elles embarqueront, dès 2016, des charges utiles jusqu’à 2 tonnes et d’une puissance pouvant atteindre jusqu’à 20 kW. Une version 100% électrique : La version Spacebus NEO « tout électrique » sera disponible sur le marché dès mi-2015. Elle pourra emporter des charges utiles d’une masse de plus de 1400 kg et d’une puissance de plus de 16 kW. https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/space
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Highly Mobile Multi-Weapon Air Defence Systemfor mechanized brigade protection. RAPIDFire combines the CONTROLMaster 60 surveillance radar with the CONTROLView command and control module. RAPIDFire is adapted to both vital assets and fixed points defence, as well as mobile troops or convoys protection missions. This mobile, multi-role weapon system is designed to respond to the new threatsbeing encountered by armed forces today and in particular the low cost targets which canattack in swarms and can saturate conventional missile defences. RAPIDFire benefits from 40 years of Thales' background experience in field proven Weapon Systems for French and overseas Armed Forces. With its powerful antiaircraft gun, high performace 3D radar and versatile C2 module, RAPIDFire is optimized to defeat all types of air threats including Fighter Ground Attack (FGA), helicopters or Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) and cruise missiles or precision guided munitions. The RAPIDFire system has also been designed to enable firing of the STARStreak missilesystem, a Very Short Range Air Defence missile system with a speed in excess of Mach 3 and a range of around 7km. The combination of six STARStreak missiles and the latestgeneration 40mm cased telescope ammunition ensure both precision attack and high firepower. Optronic sensors have been integrated directly into the turret thereby ensuring thatthe RAPIDFire can operate autonomously if required. Using various types of ammunitions,RAPIDFire can also be used against ground targets, including armoured platforms, to ensurethe self protection of the system Key Missions: - Multi-weapons: missiles & guns : The Starstreak missiles efficiency combined with the power of a 40mm gun calibre - Multi-role : 40 mm gun has both air and ground defence capabilities - Fast into action - Precision and high firepower - Full autonomy - Improved Survivability - The Starstreak missiles efficiency combined with the power of a 40mm gun caliber More info on https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/defence/rapidfire
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Thales Making the world Safer
Together, we innovate with our customers to build smarter solutions, everywhere. Thales is a global organisation focused on helping customers to perform difficult tasks in critical environments. More on Thales https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/about-us
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Thales Air Traffic Management - Global Surveillance
More than a supplier of sensors, Thales is also the only company worldwide to provide global solutions by mastering all technologies: traditional Primary (STAR 2000, TRAC 2000 N) and Secondary Radars (RSM 970 S), maturing ADS-B and Multilateration (MAGS), ADS-C (TopSky - Datalink), Multi-sensor trackers (TopSky - Tracking) and innovative solutions such as Multi Static Primary Surveillance Radar (MSPSR). Thales has developed its global surveillance concept with one goal: Support any ANSP willing to implement new surveillance sensors or optimize it surveillance architecture by jointly designing cost effective solutions. The solutions, based on comprehensive suite of simulation and validation tools developed by Thales, shall provide ANSP with the most adapted surveillance capability.
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Thales provides effective protection for our troops, wherever they are in the world
Thales has one objective: to design effective solutions to counter the threats Protecting forces in the theatre of operations calls on a wide range of technologies — some of them simple, others much more complex. Thales has many years of experience in this field and has developed some particularly innovative solutions to protect soldiers against a broad array of threats. These threats include improvised explosive devices, or IEDs. IEDs are low-cost weapons, but they are particularly devastating. Every year, many soldiers are wounded or killed by IEDs. With its ECLIPSE product for vehicles and STORM-H for dismounted soldiers, Thales offers effective solutions to counter the threat from remote-controlled IEDs. Thales also offers effective area protection and vehicle protection solutions. Area protection systems from Thales are designed to detect any unwanted incursions into a given area, such as a forward operating base, for example. Thales's active protection system for military vehicles is designed to counter incoming threats, even when fired at close range. Protecting forces also means being able to distinguish between friendlies and hostiles. In the confusion of the battlespace, this can be a real challenge. A global leader in the field of identification friend or foe, Thales offers a complete range of identification solutions to meet the current and future needs of armed forces around the world. To date, over 17,000 IFF devices from Thales have been installed on more than 200 types of land, air and naval platforms in 63 countries. With a wide range of dedicated force protection solutions, Thales is helping to keep our troops safe.
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Sea Fire 500, a  new multifunction fixed-array radar
Sea Fire 500 is a multifunction radar relying on a solid-state four-panel phased-array antenna and smart management of radar resources. First version of a new family of multifunction and high performance radars designed to meet evolving naval mission profiles and threats.
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Space becomes digital
Stunning video "Space becomes digital" introduced on March 13th 2018, during the Satellite 2018 opening ceremony, in Washington DC. It deals with the digital solutions used by Thales Alenia Space, in particular in the framework of telecommunications and Earth Observation space programs. Enjoy! Copyright: ©Thales Alenia Space/Master Image Programmes
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Thales Digital Factory - Thales Group
Take a tour of the Thales Digital Factory located in the heart of Paris at WeWork La Fayette! Discover how we help to grow ideas and innovations into high tech realities in fields like Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and IoT. The Digital Factory is revolutionising Thales' professional culture as well as its digital reputation, by creating an environment that fosters competitive, open and digitised collaboration. Find out more here: https://www.thalesdigital.io/en
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Thales’ Transportation Solutions in Singapore
Thales is a market leader in the fields of ticketing and signaling solutions in the Singapore transportation sector, as established through the recent Ground Transportation contracts. Today, Thales provides revenue collection systems for the North-East and Circle lines as well as the signalling technologies for the North-South and East-West lines of Singapore’s Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system. https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/singapore/global-presence-asia-pacific-singapore/transportation
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Master collaborative combat at night as well as in daylight with the new Sophie Ultima!
Thales launches Sophie Ultima, thermal imager designed to give tactical superiority through collaborative and augmented imaging capability at night and by day. At 2.5kg Sophie Ultima is the world most lightweight 4-in 1 thermal imager combining tactical binoculars, infrared target locator, daytime laser rangefinder and teleconverter. Visit our Eurosatory dedicated page https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/thales-eurosatory-2018
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ExoMars: "Life on Mars?"
ExoMars is a joint exploration program between the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Russian Space Agency, Roscosmos, that aims to study the Martian environment, atmosphere and soil. It will lead to an enviable data harvest that will feed scientists' research for many years to come. Thales Alenia Space is prime contractor on the ExoMars missions (2016 & 2020). © Thales Alenia Space/Master Image Programmes
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ANTARES: an innovative multifunction optronic / video system with 360° hemispherical field of view
Thales’s ANTARES system is part of the SCORPION programme, the French Army’s most important modernisation programme for armoured transport and reconnaissance vehicles for several years. ANTARES is an innovative hemispherical viewing system to be installed on GRIFFON and JAGUAR vehicle types providing a complete, panoramic image of the area around the vehicle.
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Thomas Pesquet : d'excellents souvenirs de stage !
Le 23 novembre 2017, Thales Alenia Space a eu l’honneur d’accueillir l’astronaute de l’Agence Spatiale Européenne Thomas Pesquet à Cannes. Au cours d'une conférence, l'astronaute français avait partagé son expérience au Palais des Festivals devant un auditoire essentiellement composé de salariés de Thales Alenia Space. Thème du sujet vidéo : d'excellents souvenirs d'un stage effectué au sein de l'établissement cannois de Thales Alenia Space en 2001. Copyright : © Thales Alenia Space/Creative Spirit
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Thales’ solutions to protect Critical Infrastructures
Thales’ solutions to protect Critical Infrastructures against terrorism, cyber-attacks & natural disasters
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Thales’s solution for citizen security and urban safety
Thales is helping governments and organisations across the world make citizens’ lives safer, developing intelligent, integrated security solutions while guaranteeing the continuity of service for the public and private sectors, on both a daily basis and in times of crisis. Thales solutions are based on a comprehensive concept of urban security covering the most diverse types of threats, including industrial and natural catastrophes, social unrest and terrorist attacks. https://www.thalesgroup.com/en/worldwide/security/what-we-do/city/urban-security
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