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2018 Indian Chieftain Limited Review
The 2018 Chieftan Limited is a very nice looking bike with a lot of bells and whistles. At over 800 pounds it's a bit heavy but once you get it off the kickstand it's pretty well balanced. It's got plenty of power with 1811 cc's and 119 lbs of torque. The command Center on the dashboard provides you with information like how much gas you have left, front and rear tire pressure, directions, an automatic windshield and so much more. The heat management system is not quite where I thought it would be for a bike with so many extras but that's easily solved with a pair of heat shields that run around $70-$80.00. You really need to take one out for a spin if you're considering buying one. Overall, I think you'll be very happy. To learn more click on the link and tell them Clint from Motorcycle Monkey, sent you. https://www.northcountyindian.com/ Please share and subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey Channel On YouTube and click on the bell to get notifications about new videos. If you'd like to sign up for email updates click on the link and you'll see how easy it is to do that... https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/
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2018 Harley Davidson Fat Boy Motorcycle Monkey Review
We took a ride on a 2018 Harley Davidson Fat Boy, through some hills and a few twisties and then on the freeway. The Milwaukee-Eight 114 motor has plenty of power and pick up. As you can see in the video this bike has a tough look and with the solid wheels it adds to what we call BADASSNESS...I think we just made that word up but you get the picture. If you're looking to test ride a Fat Boy we've got a link below and please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey on YouTube and sign up for our updates on Motorcycle Monkey Dot Com. If you'd like to support this channel please click on the link below and become a Patreon Subscriber. https://www.patreon.com/motorcyclemonkey Motorcycle Monkey https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/ El Cajon Harley Davidson https://www.elcajonharley.com/ Specs on the 114 can be found on this link. You can also get the 107 motor as well. https://www.harley-davidson.com/us/en/motorcycles/2018/softail/fat-boy/detailed-specs-and-pricing.html
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2018 Triumph Bonneville Bobber Review
We review the best selling Triumph motorcycle on the market with an 80 mile ride. If you're looking into buying one, watch this video and ask how you can take one for test ride at Triumph Motorcycles in San Diego, Ca. Thanks to Jeff and the crew for letting us take this cool bike for a spin. If you'd like to help support this channel by becoming a Patreon Subscriber please click on the link. https://www.patreon.com/motorcyclemonkey https://triumphsandiego.com/ Subscribe to our newsletter for upcoming events, rallies and much more at https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/
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2018 Zero FXS Motorcycle
I took the 2018 All Electric Zero FXS Motorcycle out for a test ride and overall I like the bike. With 40 miles to a charge if you're riding on the freeway and around 100 miles in the city I really think this is an around town, back and forth to work, bike. It's under 300 pounds and has enough torque to get the front tire squirrely if you're in sport mode and you twist the throttle too quickly. It's very easy to ride with no gears, clutch or shifter and it's very easy to maneuver. It takes 8 hours to charge and you can plug it into any wall socket in your home given that it's a 110 volt. It comes with a 2 year warranty on the bike and 5 years on the battery with unlimited miles. Contact Triumph Motorcycles on Morena Place in San Diego, Ca. if you have questions. Ask for Jeff and tell him Clint sent you from Motorcycle Monkey. https://triumphsandiego.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAoY7VBRDtARIsAHWoO-LNWopsQM7lnNGVvknj_60UZQYGlfQabMEv6uTMrJikHryPa2XDOWQaAhotEALw_wcB Please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey Channel on YouTube and hit the bell icon to get notifications when new videos are posted. You can also check out the website for events, routes and more... https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/ Thanks for watching and if you have a bike you'd like reviewed let me know in the comments and I'll see If I can make it happen...
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2018 Harley Davidson Road King Special
I went to Biggs Harley Davidson in San Marcos, Ca. to pick up the 2018 Harley Davidson Road King Special for Ryan Hurst (Opie from Sons Of Anarchy), who's riding with us in the next video. Since I was picking it up anyway I thought I might as well review the bike for Motorcycle Monkey. I own a 2000 Road King Classic so I wanted to see the difference in a new one that has today's technology as compared to mine that's now 18 years old. I still love my bike but I have to say that the new Road King is pretty awesome. I love the mini ape handle bars that allow me to sit up straight, the power and the throttle response along with the blacked out theme and the stretched bags that provide plenty of space to store things and they look awesome. Lot's of reasons to love this motorcycle. To check out a Road King yourself go to Biggs Harley Davidson in San Marcos, Ca. and tell them Clint from Motorcycle Monkey sent you. https://www.biggsh-d.com/ Please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey on YouTube and hit the like button of you enjoyed this video.
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Biggs Harley 2019 Road Glide Special
In this video we focus on the 2019 Boombox GTS on the 2019 Road Glide Special. It's a larger screen than last year's model, much clearer than year's past, glove friendly for the touch screen and so much more. My favorite feature is that you get to choose a direct route or twisties or the most scenic route through the navigation system. Our next video will be more about the specs for 2019 Road Glide Special. Please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey Channel and click on the bell icon so you can get notifications of when we post new content. If you have questions about the Road Glide Special tell Biggs Harley Davidson that Motorcycle Monkey sent you. https://www.biggsh-d.com/ Check out our website: https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/
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Zero Motorcycle Review by Motorcycle Monkey 4K
All Electric Zero Motorcycle Review. Thanks to Triumph San Diego for the ride. Address: 5171 Morena Pl, San Diego, CA 92110 If you'd like to support this channel please click on the link below and become a Patreon Subscriber. https://www.patreon.com/motorcyclemonkey For the specs click here https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/wp-content/uploads/Zero-S-Electric-Motorcycle-Specs-ZERO-MOTORCYCLES.pdf
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Riding With Opie (Ryan Hurst), From Sons Of Anarchy. AWESOME!!!
We invited Ryan Hurst (Opie From S.O.A.), to join my ride club to Sycuan Casino for a cruise. He's on the 2018 Harley Davidson Road King Special from Biggs Harley Davidson in San Marcos, Ca. Ryan arrived at Santee Coffee Corner where about a hundred bikes were already waiting excitedly to meet him. From the minute he got there for more than 30 minutes he shook hands, took pictures and signed autographs. First impression, he's huge in stature and in his heart. Super nice dude!!! We went kickstands up and took a 45 mile route through some back Country in San Diego, Jamul and into parts of Dehesa Valley. Temperatures reached 111 degrees and I was worried Ryan might melt in the heat. At a couple of stops I yelled above the engine noise, "Are you ok?" To which he replied with a smile "Yeah Man", in his Opie style delivery. So cool... We arrived at Sycuan Casino, parked and headed into Game Day Sports Bar And Grill where we were met with smiling faces and a friendly staff. After we finished eating we all walked over to the lobby for a Q&A session where some fans (along with myself), had the opportunity to ask him questions about S.O.A., upcoming projects, his personal life and more. He was a great guest of honor and if you've ever wondered what it would be like to meet him I assure you he's one of the nicest people you'll encounter. A huge thanks to Sycuan Casino, 101.5 KGB, I Heart Media, Biggs Harley Davidson, Santee Coffee Corner and everyone who was a part of this very special day. Please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey on YouTube and sign up for the email updates on https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/ To visit Sycuan Casino:https://www.sycuan.com/ To check out Biggs Harley Davidson: https://www.biggsh-d.com/ To visit or start your next ride at Santee Coffee Corner: http://santeecoffeecorner.com/ Lock it into 101.5 KGB FM in San Diego, Ca. with me for your afternoons: https://101kgb.iheart.com/featured/clint-august/ Thanks for being a part of Motorcycle Monkey and ride safely... Follow us and find out more: https://www.facebook.com/Motorcycle-Monkey-649502655221015/ https://twitter.com/ClintAugust https://www.instagram.com/motorcyclemonkeys/ https://youtu.be/siksLHMziBk
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Cerberus Moto Shop Tour Motorcycle Monkey
We delivered our Motorcycle Monkey Coffee to Cerberus Moto so we took a quick tour of their shop. As you'll see in the video, they do everything from repair to complete builds or you can do it yourself with their service bay space. They've also got retail items for sale and some very unique motorcycle related parts as well. Click the link for the address, phone number and more information about Cerberus Moto: http://www.cerberusmoto.com/ Please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey's email updates and YouTube Channel. Click here to visit the site: https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/
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Jacumba Hot Springs Spa Overnighter 2017
Clint's 5th Annual Overnighter To Jacumba Hot Springs Spa: What a fantastic time we had on the ride, exploring the abandoned train yard and of course...Cocktail Karaoke. We had some regulars and some first timers this past weekend. Check out the pictures and thanks to everyone who came out and to Jacumba Hot Springs and Spa, staff. Check out our website for upcoming events, routes, rallies and more: https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/ To book a room at Jacumba Resort: http://jacumbaresort.com/ For Coffee Corner hours and to start your next ride there: http://santeecoffeecorner.com/ Jays Southern Cafe: http://www.jayssoutherncafe.com/
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1850's German schuetzen rifle
We learned about the 1850's German Schuetzen Rifle, at Trident Gunsmithing. This is a beautiful rifle with a nautical theme to it that's been refurbished by Dan. A lot of work went into the stock and various other parts of this collector's piece. It's a working rifle that was originally restored for a Navy Seal. They have several other unique guns as well if you'd like to check them out at Trident... http://shop.tridentgunsmithing.com/ Check out Motorcycle Monkey Coffee and sign up for the update on events, reviews, ride routes and more... https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/coffee/ https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/
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Flames By Design Custom Fire Pits And Tables
I spoke with my buddy David Timmons from Flames By Design about the awesome custom fire pits and tables that he creates for customers. He uses wine barrels and various colored table tops that use either propane or natural gas. He can stain, paint, shape and pretty much do anything you want to create your own backyard or man/woman cave custom piece. I love his work and you will as well. Please subscribe to the Motorcycle Monkey Channel on YouTube and check out more custom fire pits on the link below. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/motorcyclemonkey Flames By Design: https://www.flamesbydesign.com/ Motorcycle Monkey: https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/
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Motorcyclist Safety Program Motorcycle Monkey
We take you behind the scenes and show you what it's like to take a motorcyclist safety course through Tabitha Lipkin from Fox 5 News as she learns how to ride at Pacific Safety Center. She's into diving, modeling, traveling and now riding motorcycles. If you have interest in contacting Pacific Safety Center check out their website and tell them Motorcycle Monkey sent you. http://psc411.com/ For events, routes and much more you can visit the website below and sign up for the email list. We don't give your information to anyone. https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/ Please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey right here on YouTube and look for more videos...
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Trident Gunsmithing
Trident Gunsmithing shows you what a California Compliant AR-15 Conversion Kit looks like. They're also now carrying our Motorcycle Monkey Coffee. We also show you around the shop. Please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey on YouTube and sign up for the weekly update on Motorcycle Monkey Dot Com... https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/ http://shop.tridentgunsmithing.com/contact.php
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P I B  Beer With Motorcycle Monkey Coffee Tasting
We had our special V.I.P. Monkey Mocha Brown Ale tasting at Pacific Islander Brewing in Santee, Ca. A lot of people showed up to try it out. We asked folks what they thought of it during this fun event. Check out the video to see their reactions... To learn more about our Motorcycle Monkey Coffee: https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/coffee/ Pacific Islander Beer Company: http://www.pibbeer.com/ Coffee Corner: http://santeecoffeecorner.com/
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Motorcycle Safety Check
My bike wasn't handling the way I thought it should and Jim Martin showed me why. Glad I checked because my tire was in bad shape. In this video we show you that it only takes a couple of minutes to do a safety check before you ride. https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/ for the weekly update and upcoming events. http://www.martinsmotos.com/ for service or a safety inspection.
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Jacumba Hot Springs Drunk And Locked Out 2018
We had a great ride from Santee Coffee Corner out to Jacumba Hot Springs for our 6th Annual Overnighter. It was supposed to rain but we only hit about 60 seconds of sprinkles coming through East County. We took the 52 East to 67 South, 8 East and then got off the freeway on Buckman Springs so we could ride the rest of the way on Old Highway 80. We arrived and Jacumba Hot Springs Resort and checked into our rooms. Most of us went to the abandoned train yard again and took some great pictures. It's only about two blocks away from where we were staying so it's a quick, easy adventure. On our way back we stopped at Jay's Southern Cafe to try the ribs that we missed out on last year. Well worth it as they were super tender and the sauce is some of the best I've had. We all agreed that if you make it out to Jacumba Monday through Saturday you have to try Jay's out. We then went to the convenience store to grab snacks for the rooms later and once we got back to the resort we decided it was time to eat, drink and be merry. Some of us started drinking at Noon and some of us waited. You could definitely tell by the time cocktail karaoke started, who was tipsy and who waited to knock back a few. It was a really fun trip as always and if you have interest in checking out any of the places in this video, booking a room or checking out the town we've got the information below. Santee Coffee Corner. http://santeecoffeecorner.com/ Jacumba Resort. https://www.jacumbaresort.com/ Train Yard. https://hiddensandiego.net/carrizo-go... http://www.jayssoutherncafe.com/
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Ramona Motorcycle Rally 2018
The 3rd Annual Ramona Motorcycle Rally and Bike Show was a lot of fun with bikes, vendors, prizes, music and a beer garden. My pals Thomas and Mike cruised with me for a quick stop at this event and it was well worth the ride and the time. It's always fun to run into friends that you don't get to see too often. Also, meeting new folks is cool. Thanks to Paul Zawilenski and the Ramona Chamber Of Commerce for putting this on. They're doing it again next year so check out https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/ for upcoming events including this one and post yours if you've got one coming up. Please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey Channel and share it with your friends and if you have a bike or route you'd like to share let me know. Ride safely...
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Clint's Ride Club 11 03 18
We started at Santee Coffee Corner and our first stop was at Mauzy Heating Air & Solar for the flag ceremony and food drive. They had activities for everyone with food and music. We hung out there for about an hour and then headed to Torque Moto Cafe in North Park, Ca. This event was to raise awareness and funds for sexual assault victims. Torque is a very charming coffee shop that has a great feel to it both inside and out. They had a lot of great prizes, food and of course...COFFEE! I recommend going there whether you ride or not. Below are the links to all of the businesses you saw in this video and please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey Channel on YouTube and tell your friends about it. Also, if you'd like to sign up for the updates for events and other motorcycle related topics please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey Dot Com using the link below. Thanks so much and ride safely... http://santeecoffeecorner.com/ https://www.mauzy.com/ https://www.torquemotocafe.com/ https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/
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Clint Reviews Viking Cycle Blood Axe Motorcycle Jacket For Men
Clint August Reviews The Viking Cycle Blood Axe Motorcycle Jacket For Men. Update: I've been wearing this jacket for more than a year now and it's held up nicely. No issues with it. It's gone up slightly in price since this review but I still say it's well worth the money. Please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey and share it with your friends.
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Julian Cider Run For Aseltine School
Motorcycle Monkey And Clint's Ride Club met up to support The Julian Cider Run for The Aseltine School. It was a little warmer than we hoped but it was a fun ride for a great cause... Please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey on YouTube and share this video with your friends. Also, visit https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/ and subscribe to the email updates. Start your ride at Coffee Corner and click on the link to find out more about where Motorcycle Monkey Coffee comes from... http://santeecoffeecorner.com/ Wanna know more about The Aseltine School For At Risk Youth? Click on the link... https://www.aseltine.org/
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Clint August Reviews Viking Cycle Ironborn Textile Motorcycle Jacket 01 10 16
Clint August Reviews Viking Cycle Ironborn Textile Motorcycle Jacket. I've had this jacket for more than a year now and I still like it. Just wanted to give an update and let you know that my new site is Motorcycle Monkey. Please subscribe on YouTube...
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Camp Pendleton Rider Training 2018
After 28 years of riding I took the Rider Safety Training Course at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside California. It was eye opening to realize how much I didn't know before I took this course. Camp Pendleton offers the same class that you and I would pay for at various other training facilities throughout California. The difference being that all military, retired, DD214, dependents, etc...can take the course for free. As riding, shifting, balance and breaking seem simple most of the time it surprised me that I need to improve my breaking and counter steering skills. It seems so counter intuitive to me to push your handlebars in the direction that you need to go in some instances. It feels so much easier to just lean quickly but after learning from the instructors on Camp Pendleton I realize there so much more I need to know to be as safe as possible on a motorcycle. I encourage you to look into a course whether you're military or not...If you are, here's a website with some information. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/motorcyclemonkey https://www.mcaspendleton.marines.mil/Safety/Motorcycle-Mentorship-Program/
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Cheers Ramona Bike Night And Burger Club MM
Twisted Throttles had their bike night at Cheers of Ramona. With live music, a bike show and a few vendors it was a fun time. We took the burger club there and got to see how they make The Cowboy Burger. We highly recommend it but you better be hungry! Motorcycle Monkey: https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/ Cheers: https://www.facebook.com/cheersoframona/ Twisted Throttles: http://twistedthrottlessd.com/ CruzArmor: https://www.facebook.com/CruzArmor/
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Baby Gator CHOMPED by HUGE Alligator (CRUNCH!!!), CAREFUL.
We were at the Gator Farm in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina when I saw a juvenile alligator get eaten by a HUGE (18 foot), alligator. As I watched nature take it's course I had to catch it on video. Sad for the little guy and the noise that it made freaked everyone out!
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Coffee Tasting At Ace Hardware   Motorcycle Monkey Coffee
Motorcycle Monkey's first coffee tasting at Ace Hardware Downtown San Diego, Ca.
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1st Annual Temecula Bike Blessing 2018 Event
The 1st Annual Temecula Bike Blessing was a huge success at VFW Post 4089. There were vendors, food, live music, prizes and so much more.Thanks to Will and his crew for putting on this great event to benefit the community in Temecula, Ca. Also, a big thanks to Bryan Stanton for getting me involved with the cause. To learn more about VFW Post 4089, click here: https://www.facebook.com/VFWPOST4089/ You can sign up for the email updates on Motorcycle Monkey and post your own upcoming events. Click here to check it out: https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/
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1st Annual Temecula Bike Blessing 2018
The 1st Annual Temecula Bike Blessing was a huge success at VFW Post 4089. There were vendors, food, live music, prizes and so much more.Thanks to Will and his crew for putting on this great event to benefit the community in Temecula, Ca. Also, a big thanks to Bryan Stanton for getting me involved with the cause. To learn more about VFW Post 4089, click here: https://www.facebook.com/VFWPOST4089/ You can sign up for the email updates on Motorcycle Monkey and post your own upcoming events. Click here to check it out: https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/
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Motorcycle Monkey Coffee at Ace Hardware Intro 4K
Hey guys, we've got coffee at Ace Hardware in Downtown San Diego, Ca. I'm talking with Harry Schwartz about all of the great products and they just picked up five of different styles and flavors of Motorcycle Monkey Coffee. Check out our coffee here and get the stories behind each flavor: https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/coffee/ You can buy these flavors at Ace Hardware in San Diego: http://www.sdacehardware.com/ Drunk Monkey: Whiskey, Caramel and Vanilla Vanilla Monkey Nuts: Vanilla flavored Monkey Mocha: Chocolate and Hazelnut Monkey Mojo: Medium Roast Knuckle Dragger: High Caffeine
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Vietnam Vets Appreciation Lunch Ride
My buddy Clarke Liske and I, decided to put on a lunch ride for the Vietnam Veterans Association Chapter 472. Clarke himself is a veteran and a member of the chapter so this was a no brainer. He came up with the 70 mile route that you see parts of in the video. We started at Coffee Corner in Santee, Ca. Headed up the 67 North Freeway into Lakeside, up through Wild Cat Canyon into Ramona and through Highland Valley Road until we passed the 15 Freeway. From there we headed South to Scripps Poway Parkway and then East to 67 South to finish the route where we started. We ate lunch with our Heroes and raised some money for the Vietnam Veterans Chapter 472. If you'd like more information about the chapter: http://www.vva472.us/ Please subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey Channel here on YouTube and hit the bell to receive notifications as we post more videos. Also, you hit up https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/ to post upcoming events and to receive the weekly email. Thanks Coffee Corner in Santee for helping out with this event and you can check them out at: http://santeecoffeecorner.com/ Special thanks to Chuck Abney and The Law Tigers for providing lunch to everyone. To learn more about them: https://www.lawtigers.com/ Finally, thanks so much to all of the volunteers, riders and donors for helping out on Saturday February 24th, 2018.
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Twisted Throttles At Barona Raceway
Twisted Throttles Weekend had drag racing, vendors, flat track racing, BMX Stunts, Food and a whole lot more. A great event for riders, families and everyday folks who wanted to enjoy the fantastic weather.
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PIB Brews Beer With Motorcycle Monkey Coffee
We take you behind the scenes at Pacific Islander Brewing with head brewer Will as he walks us through every step of the beer making process. We blend their Tahitian Brown Beer with our signature Motorcycle Monkey Chocolate Hazelnut coffee. Join us during this special access video and make sure to be at our limited V.I.P. tasting event on 10/08/17 at 3:30pm. Only 120 pints so don't monkey around... Beer tasting Sunday October 8th, 2017. Click here for more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/119068102106140/ Click here for PIB's Website http://www.pibbeer.com/ P.I.B. Address: 8665 Argent St, Santee, CA 92071 https://www.motorcyclemonkey.com/
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Lil' Larry Stocking Stuffer
Subscribe to Motorcycle Monkey for more reviews. The Lil' Larry Stocking Stuffer for Christmas. This is perfect for not only riders but anyone who drives or may need a great emergency light at home or on the road. A magnet on the bottom end, a pocket clip on the top and three settings. 250 lumen, lower setting and a flasher. Love this thing for 20 bucks or less depending on where you go and it only takes 3 AAA batteries. Get one at El Cajon Harley, Biggs Harley and check the other dealerships near you to get it in time for Christmas or order it online. The link below takes you to several sites. https://www.google.com/search?q=lil+larry+250+lumen&oq=lil+larry&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j35i39j0l4.4240j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
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MM intro 2018
Motorcycle Monkey is all about the riding lifestyle. You'll find reviews on motorcycles, gear, tech and more. We also share routes and we've even got apparel, collectibles and premium coffee. Thanks for stopping by the channel and please subscribe and share if you haven't already. Also, click on the notification bell so you know when new videos are posted.
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