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Jeffrey Drops F Bomb...Again
Jeffrey was sent home after dropping yet another F-bomb on the air.
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Jeffrey Kills Papier-Mâché Jeffrey
Jeffrey was still angry that Papier-Mâché Jeffrey interrupted his performance at RoverFest 2012. So he came in the studio and attacked OG PMJ, PMJ 2 and Giant PMJ in a furious rage. See his maniacal attack!
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Jeffrey Admits Thinking of Duji While Nailing Wife
Audio of Jeffrey's polygraph test has revealed another explosive secret - Jeffrey fantasizes about Duji while pumping away at Mary Elizabeth! Watch him recreate it here!
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Nelly brings out Amanda Berry at RoverFest 2013
Nelly brings Amanda Berry on stage at RoverFest 2013, the annual festival of syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory in Cleveland, Ohio on July 27, 2013. It was her first public appearance since being freed from captivity.
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Frank Caliendo Teaches Dieter to do Morgan Freeman Impression
Dieter and Jeffrey try to learn a Morgan Freeman impression from comedian Frank Caliendo.
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Why is Dieter Using This Strange Voice in a Commercial?
After getting numerous comments and questions about a commercial Dieter voiced, Rover decides to investigate.
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Dieter Freaks After Drinking Four Loko
Dieter freaks out after drinking two cans of Four Loko and being told he can't have a third.
Machine Gun Kelly says Bieber Rap Sucks
Machine Gun Kelly says Justin Bieber's cover of an Eminem rap just plain blows.
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Jeffrey Gets Angry Because Rob Took Underwear from Luggage
Jeffrey freaks out after Rob took a pair of skidmarked underwear from Jeffrey's luggage before a trip to Rochester, NY.
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Jeffrey Gets Mad at Christmas Songs About Him
Jeffrey refuses to talk after Christmas songs about him are played on the air.
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Lil Jon performs Get Low at RoverFest 2014
More than 15,000 people help Lil Jon perform Get Low in the rain at RoverFest 2014, the annual festival held by syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory.
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"Spiller" - a Halloween song just for Jeffrey
Taintsmasher collaborated with Michael Crapson for the epic hit "Spiller."
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Major Freak-Out! Jeffrey Goes Berserk After Being Accused of Selling Adderall
A listener accused Jeffrey of providing Adderall to a girl, and Jeffrey went absolutely ballistic! Things got so out of control that Rover had to physically restrain Jeffrey!
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Jeffrey Smashes Skidmarked Underwear Shrine
Jeffrey freaks out and smashes through the shrine to his skidmarked underwear that's been hanging outside Studio RMG for years. Watch him lose it and cut his hand!
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Toma'serin Calls In for Know the Show
Jeffrey's son calls to guess what sports team Jeffrey mentioned during the show.
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Did Jeffrey show his unit to the red head?
An anonymous tipster claims showed his tip...to the red head in the Poon Posse. Find out whether the story is true or not.
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How to Get in Shape - With Jeffrey LaRocque
Fitness guru Jeffrey LaRocque shows you how to get in shape and get the ladies!
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RMG-TV Highlight: Jeffrey Feuds With PMJ, Storms Out and Tries to Run Dumb Over With Car
Jeffrey storms out because of his insane jealousy over Papier-Mâché Jeffrey, then tries to run Dumb over with his car.
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Caught Sexting! Jeffrey sends dong pic to The Redhead
Jeffrey, even though he's married, has been sexting with The Redhead - a member of his Poon Posse. And it was his idea to send pictures of his unit!
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JLR Cam introduced, much to Jeffrey's chagrin
You'd think Jeffrey would be happy Rover spent $2,000 on a hallway camera just for him. Think again!
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Taintsmasher rips off Charlie's hazmat suit and spits in his face
Tainstsmasher violently rips off the hazmat suit Charlie's been wearing because of his Ebola fears - then spits in his face!
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Jeffrey Ignores His Son's 10th Birthday
Jeffrey didn't get any presents for his kid's 10th birthday, nor did they do anything special.
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Jeffrey eats food out of dirty dish tub
Everyone knows JLR's hygiene is, ahem, questionable to say the least. But taking half-eaten food out of a dirty dish tub?!
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Meltdown! Jeffrey smashes underwear case and attempts to steal national shartifact
Jeffrey's skidmarked underpants are a national shartifact. But he was angry when Jolene Von Vugt tweeted a picture of them, so he smashed the case and tried to steal them before he killed his own laptop.
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Rob accuses Dieter of cheating in sub-zero weather challenge
Rob said he would have won the challenge to stay outside in -11 degree weather in nothing but his underwear...if it weren't for Dieter's cheating ways.
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Dieter takes off his hat and reveals odd hairstyle
Dieter is rarely seen without a hat, and now we know why! See his bizarre hairstyle here.
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Jeffrey's son Toma'serin calls in for the Know the Show question about dogs
Jeffrey's son Toma'serin tries to answer the type of dog Jeffrey had as a kid.
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Jeffrey Busts in On Guy With Wife
Will Jeffrey finally believe what people have been telling him for months? See what happens when he's outside as a man goes into his house!
Views: 117594 Rover's Morning Glory
Jeffrey chokes Charlie with infamous skidmarked underpants - but they're a decoy!
Jeffrey thought he ripped the infamous "skidmarked underpants" to shreds and choked Charlie with them at RoverFest...but they were a decoy. See what Charlie presents to JLR in the studio!
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Jeffrey Tries to Pronounce Susquehanna
Jeffrey says hello to new Rover's Morning Glory affiliate Binghamton, New York...but he has trouble pronouncing the name of the river the city sits on.
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Banana and Sprite Challenge
The guys on the show attempt to eat two bananas then slam a 2-liter of Sprite. Watch the disastrous results here!
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Jeffrey insults West Virginia fan
A fan from West Virginia called into the show to offer JLR a name for his upcoming book. He didn't like it, and tried to in-in-in-insult the fan.
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JLR Does Drug Run for His "Friend"
Jeffrey runs a personal taxi service for his "friend" - which includes drug running and driving kids with no car seats.
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Dieter tracks Dumb's lip-smacking
Dumb has become a worse lip-smacker than Jeffrey, so Dieter compiled all his lip-smacks from the past ten shows. Then Taintsmasher turned them into a song.
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Jeffrey Coughs During Live Commercial Read
JLR continues his great live commercials with a coughing fit in the middle of a live read.
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Corey Feldman - Green is the Colour (Protein Version)
This is a cover of Corey Feldman's smash hit Green is the Colour. It's a slightly re-worked version of it by Dieter from Rover's Morning Glory. It's called Protein.
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Charlie was bullied and called a wombat in school
Charlie reveals that he was the victim of bullying in school, with kids calling him "gay" and a "wombat." But is the wombat label appropriate? Watch to find out!
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Rob Lies About Being at Motel With Woman
Rob is newly single. But something strange is going on. A fan spotted him checking out of a motel Saturday morning, but Rob denied it...until confronted with evidence.
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P.O.D. - Youth of the Nation (Acoustic from Rover's Morning Glory)
P.O.D. performs an acoustic version of Youth of the Nation live on Rover's Morning Glory.
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Jeffrey has a theory on why he's a little slow - and it's crazy!
Jeffrey thinks he knows why he's not a "fast thinker" - and it's absolutely insane! See what you think of his outlandish theory.
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Did Jeffrey lie about seeing the movie he reviewed in Skidmark Cinema
Jeffrey claims he saw the movie John Wick. But he can't remember basic details of the movie, let alone the ending.
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Jeffrey stumbles trying to explain damage to his car
Jeffrey comes up with about 10 different stories on how his car was damaged.
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League of Extraordinary Morons Season 2: Finals Week 1 - Cactus Hockey
League of Extraordinary Morons Season 2 from Rover's Morning Glory (www.roverradio.com). Finals Week 1: Cactus Hockey. Dieter and Jeffrey square off in the best-of-three Finals. Each person gets 5 shots on goal with a hockey stick and a cactus, with the best score winning.
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Dieter Explains his Famous WHAT?! Drop
You'll hear "WHAT?!" played during the show sometimes. Dieter explains how the his high-pitched expression came about.
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Jeffrey's alter-ego Ace Maverick makes an appearance
Jeffrey's backyard wrestling alter-ego "Ace Maverick" made an appearance in-studio. He wanted to meet WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan, and he was all business.
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Bobby Lee admits to gay experimentation
COmedian Bobby Lee revealed for the first time ever that he sexually experimented with other guys.
Views: 11939 Rover's Morning Glory
A Woman Gets Angry at Rover About Alimony
A woman called in to argue with Rover about whether women deserve alimony after a divorce.
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Jeffrey opens show and mispronounces a mispronunciation
Jeffrey was hoping Rover wouldn't arrive so he could host the show. But he makes an immediate movie-quote gaffe when he talks about a famous scene in A Christmas Story.
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Vanilla Ice - RoverFest 2012 - Ice Ice Baby
Vanilla Ice performs Ice Ice Baby at RoverFest 2012, the annual festival of syndicated radio show Rover's Morning Glory.
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Jeffrey Does The Shizzy for the Vacationing Duji
Jeffrey LaRocque filled in for the vacationing Duji and read news hot off the presses that was handed to him by Rob.
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