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Deer Poo and Deer Rubs and Deer Sheds, OH MY!
Backwoods Girl (www.backwoodsgirls.com), Anna Vogler, enjoys the afternoon in the woods looking for deer sheds. She comes across lots of deer poo, tons of deer rubs, and one NICE deer shed!
Views: 1789 Michael Lee
How to Make Great Food Plots with Anna - Backwoods Girls
Anna shares how she prepares food plots
Views: 35118 Michael Lee
How to Keep Your Hunting Gear Dry - Backwoods Girls
After finding a unique product in the local hardware store, Anna decides it would a great idea to test it out on her deer stand cushions!
Views: 1616 Michael Lee
How to Repair a Boat Seat
Anna is getting ready for SPRING fishing! But first, she has to get the boat ready. Here she shows us how to sew up a boat seat and what tools would be best to use.
Views: 77378 Michael Lee
BIG Redfish in Destin, Florida - Backwoods Girls
A beach trip wouldn't be complete without some salt water fishing! Backwoods Girls, Beth Lee and Anna Vogler, take on some Bull Red fish down in Destin, FL!
Views: 1638 Michael Lee
Backyard Bow Practice with Anna
Backwoods Girl, Anna Vogler, practices with her Elite bow to get ready for the upcoming deer season! Bow shooting with a beautiful woman.
Views: 3325 Michael Lee
Deer Hunting in South Georgia with Anna
Anna heads to south Georgia deer hunting in hopes of tagging a few does, but did she fill any tags? Watch and find out!
Views: 6182 Michael Lee
Backwoods Girl Anna Goes Fishing!
Backwoods Girl, Anna Vogler, gets her tackle ready for some late winter/early spring fishing. This girl is a nut!
Views: 999 Michael Lee
Anna faces buck on the ground
Watch as Anna tells us what happens as soon as she climbs down a pinetree out of her climber!
Views: 678 Michael Lee
Backwoods Girls on the Farm!
Beth Lee and Anna Vogler hang out at the Lee Farm with their hubby's, Michael Lee's sister, Sunny Lee, and their parents. Bonfires, bread pudding, and tailgate rides made for an eventful weekend!
Views: 1794 Michael Lee
How to: Summer Vegetable Harvest 2013 - Backwoods Girls
Backwoods Girl, Anna Vogler, not only stocks up on meat, but she also puts up lots of veggies to last through the next year!
Views: 1185 Michael Lee
Lake Tobo
Took the boat out for a test drive!
Views: 1686 Michael Lee
One of "The Twins"
Meet "Peewee", as Beth likes to call him. He is a regular at this stand.
Views: 526 Michael Lee
2012 Deer Season Summary with Anna
Backwoods Girl, Anna Vogler, shares about her 2012 deer season.
Views: 716 Michael Lee
Merry Christmas 2012
The Backwoods Girls would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! ♥ Katie, Beth, Maggie, Lindsey, and Anna
Views: 55 Michael Lee
Backwoods Barbie
Backwoods Girl, Anna Vogler, makes up a song for us!
Views: 1099 Michael Lee
2012 Deer Season Partner Review - Backwoods Girls
Anna Vogler goes over the products that has helped the Backwoods Girls for the 2012 deer season.
Views: 546 Michael Lee

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