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JLU: Hot
When I saw Tyrone's video set to this song about how much "Sex, women, and drinking" was present in Star Trek, I was inspired to make a similar video about Justice League Unlimited... which has more than its fair share of innuendo, and then some ;) JLU is property of DC Comics. Rest of credits in video. Made with Windows Movie Maker.
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Fallout 4: World Series 2076 Baseball Bat
So this is my favorite weapon in Fallout 4, the World Series 2076 Commemorative Baseball Bat! You can find it by doing a quest you can pick up in Jamaica Plains. Sorry for the potato quality; my rig apparently isn't good enough to run FO4 AND Fraps at the same time without turning down the settings in both programs. Also sorry for the crappy editing, it's not my forte!
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Orouboros portal fun (CoX I11)
In CoH issue 11, you can get a power which teleports you to the base of Orouboros, in front of a similar gateway that sends you back if you click it. Well, if you set up an "enter" portal within the Orouboros zone, you get teleported right back to the start. So what happens if you set the enter portal right next to the exit portal and click like a madman? FUN! NOTE: as of the latest build, the devs seemed to have nerfed this by making o-portal self-destruct. Pity =(
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Sloppy Silver Ace
Getting an Ace in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is normally a pretty big deal. Unfortunately, I got this Ace due to the fact that two of my opponents were bots, one enemy player was AFK during the buy-time, and luck just happened to be on my side. This is some ugly, groan-inducing play, so I recommend some protective eye-gear or something.
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KB Rooting
Just a demonstration of how being hit with a knockback power keeps you rooted longer than the animation
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CSGO Sloppy Silver Ace 2: Pistol Boogaloo
Finally got my silver-ranked butt another ace, this time in a pistol round!
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Badguy death bug
Just a bug i found in CoH... immortal enemies! ...sorta.
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STF Dance!
Messing with in-game cutscenes is fun!
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