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East Ukraine was a part of the Rurikid Dynasty: Russia's First Empire
This is pretty controversial but true!
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Why is the Netherlands the Second Largest Food Exporter?
I highly recommend that you watch Visual Politick's video on the Netherlands to learn how the Netherlands became such a major food exporter!
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Engel's Law: An Important Economic Lesson
The U.S. government should take note of this law and begin to apply it for economic reasons!
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The Beginning of the New Ottoman (Turkish) Empire
Learn how Turkey is rebuilding the Ottoman Empire today!
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Norte Chico Civilization: Peru's Very First Civilization
This civilization is really interesting ladies and gentlemen! How can your civilization have huge mounds and textiles with no visual arts? How can your civilization possibly invented writing for itself with no signs of military defenses?
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Merv- A Fascinating City
I talk about the ancient city of Merv located in Central Asia. I talked about why the city was important in world history. For example, the third Caliphate, the Abbasid Caliphate, may have not been able to come to power if it was not for the support of Merv.
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Adrian Mellon: IT novel vs. 1990 miniseries
The homosexual guy, Adrian Mellon gets stabbed and thrown into a river by three homo-phobics! Now I doubt that is going to be in the 2019 movie with all this political correctness we got going on in America.
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U.S. Sugar Subsidies Destroying Both The Economy and The Environment
Two examples given for this video. First, Florida for the environment. Second, 10,000 manufacturing jobs lost.
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