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[Audiosurf] Nolita - Riverwalk (Big Room Edit) (Stealth)
Walkin' down by the RIVER, yo! I don't own this song, this artist, this label, or music in general.
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Summer Bronycon 2012 - Discord
Howto & Style is right.
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[Audiosurf] Doctor Who - Jakazid Remix (Stealth)
The Doctor travels to a dark and stormy night, ten thousand years before a dark and stormy night, ten thousand years ago. Suggested tags: +Turtles
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[Audiosurf] Death Grips - Beware (Stealth)
I don't own this, or that, or those; or these.
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Scootaloo Is Terrified Of Styx
The poor girl.
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[Planetside 2] Netcode Red
At four AM CST, Soltech just can't take the DOZENS of people playing Planetside 2. William 'Arathlo' Shatner elaborates.
Views: 85 Orgus Din
[Planetside 2] The Terran Republic Space Program
Blast off to the starry heavens with our heroes Pauly D and The Situation! Music is Encoder by Pendulum.
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[Minecraft] The Kangaroos of Aspen California
When Doctor Tarnis gets hungry again, wood planks meet snow in this summer blockbuster. Will the kangaroos of Aspen, CA overwhelm the vikings? Or will Brave Sir Valiant give them his address?
Views: 83 Orgus Din
[MUST SEE] Definitive Proof of the Definitive Proof of Gnomes
You will not doubt this gnome.
Views: 300 Orgus Din
[Age of Conan] [PvP] The Boone Legacy
In this thrilling conclusion to the one part singlegy, Jack Boone dies! Again, and again! And again! Credits song is Icarus by Madeon.
Views: 163 Orgus Din
[Minecraft] Hardcore Parkour
Watashi wa LITTLE YANKARUUU OH SO FLY PARKOUR? HERE HOW DO! Hours of Intense Credits Action --------------------------------------------- Doctor Tarnis Duke Vdashone Saysukay Australia, all of it. Server --------- Jundcraft (DESH) Provided by John T. Buscus, the original Hardcorer Parkourer.
Views: 174 Orgus Din
[Planetside 2] Fat Kid Gets Slapped (Fatter Kid Edition)
Czech this kid, russian around. I don't own a single ruddy thing, mate. Quite right.
Views: 187 Orgus Din
[ESO] Off-world Exploits - Off World's Finest
Checkerboard streets run red, yellow, blue, white, and purple with blood. - Music by Nolita (All into Nothing) - Some bits sped up to expedite long travel times. - I own nothing but the clothes on your back.
Views: 230 Orgus Din
[Planetside 2] Stuck at the Airport
Captain Kirk loves, loses, and betrays Mister Sulu; in this classic tale of love, loss, and betrayal. This is his story...of love, loss, and betrayal.
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Hero of Tython
Views: 82 Orgus Din
[Audiosurf] The Party That Destroyed Equestria
This song is the best ringtone ever.
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[Planetside 2] Name Name: The Flickering
The darkness threatens to overwhelm all sides of the planet, can Name Name do what must be done? And what is that infernal clicking sound?
Views: 66 Orgus Din
[ESO] Horse Porn
A seemingly solemn sailor takes a silly sojourn down seriously screwed up streets. Horses. ESO and its bizarre glitches all credited to Zenimax.
Views: 1630 Orgus Din
[Guild Wars 2] INVIGORATING!
Chalupas so grande you can't ready your tastebuds for that flavor explosion.
Views: 27 Orgus Din
[ARMA 2] John Lennon's Big Asexual Pony Dance Party
In Takistan, you know it. You know it, you gotta know it, and now you do. I don't own this song, nor do I own John Lennon, but if I owned John Lennon I'd make him listen to this song. LENNOWNED! (Song is Nettohunden - Get my Rope)
Views: 59 Orgus Din
[Age of Conan] [PvP] Field of the DEAD
Stay away from Wolves' Pass. Music is Elation Station by Infected Mushroom.
Views: 319 Orgus Din
[Legends of Equestria] The Night(er-er-er)
Batman is the TRUE Legend of Equestria.
Views: 112 Orgus Din
[Neverwinter] D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-d
evil May Cry I own nothing, girl. Not even this text. Get at me.
Views: 37 Orgus Din
[The Old Republic] The Greatest Journey
As day falls on Tython, the terrors of the night leap out at the intrepid trio of adventurers that have gone to that fair planet to steal the terrible secret of space. Will they be able to rescue the datacron from the clutches of the Dark Lord Sauron? Or will the darkness be granted +4 endurance? A Hero of Tython Production.
Views: 25 Orgus Din
[Planetside 2] SGGDestroyed
All too easy.
Views: 16 Orgus Din
[Guild Wars 2 PvP] Pauly D Pauly Does It
It gets Pauly Done. Much thanks to my lupine associate, The Indomitable Wolfbad. Additional Credits: Music: Some guy Kids: Some kids Pauly D: For being mesmerizingly handsome Arathlo:
Views: 29 Orgus Din
[Guild Wars 2 PvP] Walking Circles Around Them
A leisurely stroll across the battlefield leaves two Jedi Masters feeling satisfied.
Views: 45 Orgus Din
[Planetside 2] 00:00 - The Return to Battle
The time is nearly at hand, we're going to be out of time, and just in-time Pauly D is here to do it; but does he have enough time? Find out next time, and this time, it's personal.
Views: 14 Orgus Din
[LotRO] Ling Moe
I am
Views: 18 Orgus Din
Netcode Dead
A man gets testy testing his video encoder and gets straight pissed when a rift forms betwixt him and Belsavis, his favorite planet. A rift in time, a two second delay. With a tenth of a second of latency, and minutes to spare, can brave Major Wolflad manage to get through his skill rotation without losing his mind? Or has he already lost his mind? Find out in the glorious three-quel to last year's blockbuster hit 'Netcode Red'. ETA. Whenever another company can't manage their shit.
Views: 19 Orgus Din
[The Old Republic] David Duchonovan (Is On TV)
greatest victory over impossible odds
Views: 45 Orgus Din
Preach Vol. 4: Kyle's the Bandit
In this installment, zombies aren't attracted to the sounds Wolfbad makes.
Views: 9 Orgus Din
[Guild Wars 2] Our Journey (Was a Short One)
A leisurely stroll across the battlefield leaves two Jedi Masters feeling dissatisfied.
Views: 14 Orgus Din
[Battlefield 3] The Award Ceremony
Wherein the terrible secret of space is finally revealed!
Views: 21 Orgus Din
[2 Planetside] Inverting The:Down Upside
...no gniog si lleh eht tahw wonk t'nseod yluaP D yluaP
Views: 16 Orgus Din
[Planetside 2] Punkbusted 1v1
Doo doo da doo doo doo doo. Doo doo da doo doo doo doo.
Views: 25 Orgus Din
Let's Try To Play: Mavel Heroes
Two Star Spangled Stranglers desperately long for the freedom to do but one terminal, what is the price of that freedom? Furthermore, could Gazillion provide it for ANY price? I'm glad I don't have a $200 founder pack. Credits ---------- Orgus 'Jedi Master' Din, Jedi Master Tarnis 'Doctor Lord' Rad, Doctor Lord El Cappytan Americano, Gordita Crunch Gazillion for making such a bad game Marvel for giving them the license to make such a bad game Marvel again for not giving them enough of a license to make a bad game that is complete upon its release
Views: 81 Orgus Din
[MUST SEE] Definitive Proof of Gnomes
Deep in the jungles of Peru, an expedition was mounted with the sole purpose of seeking absolute proof of diminutive bearded cryptids known as 'Gnomes'. This footage, shot on the camera provided to Prof. Orgus Din, is all that has been found of the expedition. He, together with his esteemed colleague Doctor Tarnis, and their twenty-two Siamese children are presumed dead.
Views: 877 Orgus Din
[Audiosurf] Abelcain - Danse Macabre (God Tier Stealth)
1v1 Suggested tags: +Ninja +Turtle +Turtles +Mutant +Raphael
Views: 70 Orgus Din
[Planetside 2] Pauly D(oesn't need a parachute)
The G in GTL doesn't stand for gravity, and neither does Pauly.
Views: 1336 Orgus Din
[Planetside 2] Millitary Man Wumbledorf
VSWumbledorf VS the World.
Views: 158 Orgus Din
[Planetside 2] Party at the Warp-gate
BYOB - Bring your own bomb. Music is T-Rock, Keep Da Weed Comin
Views: 47 Orgus Din
[Planetside 2] The Situation's Driving School for Winners
In Joisey, tanks come upside down.
Views: 65 Orgus Din
[Audiosurf] Savant - ISM (Stealth)
I own less than nothing, and music is loud because musicians are music also. Remember to drink lots of music or bad times. Actual guy that owns stuff sells stuff here. http://soundcloud.com/sectionz-records Go buy stuff or don't.
Views: 59 Orgus Din
Your Boy Jae
Jae, this one's at your expense! I don't own any songs, GTAIV, Youtube, the internet, or the millions of celebrities (At least) that got a credit in this video. Songs (In order) after the break. Deftones - Knife Party (Pitched way the hell down) HEALTH - Eat Flesh Scatman John - Scatman (Game Over Jazz) Kryptage & Trippy Myst - Bliss Scatman John - Scatman (Game Over Jazz) Gorillaz - 19-2000 (Soulchild Remix)
Views: 57 Orgus Din
[Planetside 2] Fatter Kid Gets Slapped (Mustard Edition)
There is no need to be upset.
Views: 129 Orgus Din

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