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Conservation Officer Helps Deer Tangled in Baling Twine
It wasn’t an average day at the office for Idaho Fish and Game Conservation Officer John McLain when he encountered a white-tailed buck tangled in baling twine. In August, McLain received a call about an entangled buck near Orofino, and he went to investigate it. Finding the buck, he turned on his body-mounted camera and thought, “this might be a video of me getting my butt kicked, or it might turn out alright.” Learn more about the story at https://fishandgame.idaho.gov/content/officer-frees-buck
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Emergency Winter Feeding on Tex Creek WMA
Fire burned 22,000 acres of winter range on the Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area in eastern Idaho in 2016. To support elk and deer, and prevent private property damage, Idaho Fish and Game set in motion the largest winter feeding operation in Idaho’s history. For more infomation on winter feeding at Tex Creek and other locations in Idaho go to the Fish and Game website - idfg.idaho.gov. 2017 vjo
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Steelhead Fishing - Making Slinky Weights
What are slinky weights and learn how they are better than pencil lead for steelhead fishing.
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Steelhead Fishing - Side Planer
Scott Putnam shows anglers how to rig a side planer. He likes fishing stelhead and salmon with a side planer because it gets your line out to where the boats float.
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Kokanee Fishing Tips from an Idaho Angler
Avid kokanee fisherman, Dave Triplett, shares some of his fishing secrets.
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Steelhead Fishing - Fly Fishing Setup
Here's the basic fly fishing set up to start fishing for steelhead.
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Rocky Mountain Whitefish
Anglers are passionate about Rocky Mountain Whitefish
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Field Exercise: What to Expect
What to expect for Idaho's Hunter Education program.
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Fishing and Managing Idaho Alpine Lakes
We talk all about fishing in alpine lakes! Learn about historical stocking, how we study fish populations and how you can plan your next backcountry fishing adventure!
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Boise River Trout: Preserving Idaho's Urban Gem
Idaho Fish and Game biologists surveyed the lower Boise River trout population in June 2015. Unlike previous fall surveys, this was a much larger survey from Lucky Peak to Middleton. This survey collected information to answer questions about brown trout stocking success, trout migration patterns, angler catch and harvest rates, trout population numbers and fish size range. This kind of survey information is critical to managing this valuable recreational resource. KM 2016
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75 Wild Recipes-Smoking Steelhead
Avid steelhead angler Steve Huffaker shares his favorite recipe for smoking steelhead. This "Incredible Idaho" story first aired in 1996.
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Elk Hunting in Idaho's Back Country
A recently discovered story in Idaho's video archives features elk hunting in Idaho's back crountry as told by outdoor writer Jennifer Isenhart.
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Steelhead Fishing - Plunking Setup
Plunking is an effective bank angling method for steelhead fishing.
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Idaho's Conservation Officers
Idaho is a place of spectacular mountains, stunning rivers, magnificent lakes, dramatic deserts, astonishing canyons and incredible wildlife. Protecting this incredible wildlife is our mission as Idaho Fish & Game’s conservation officers. SN 2017
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Fishing a Mountain Lake in Idaho: Roman Nose
Twenty-five fish a day is the fishing limit on Roman Nose Lake. It's one of a handful of mountain lakes in North Idaho you can drive to.If you want to explore you can also hike to upper or lower Roman Nose Lakee to go fishing. Earl and Beverly Chapin share their passion for brook trout and mountain lakes with a couple and their three children. vjo 2010
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Remote camera captures wildlife in remote spot in Idaho.
Idaho Fish and Game uses remote cameras to monitor wildlife for research projects. These images are from one camera located in the Purcell Mountains in North Idaho. ML/2018
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WILD About Mountain Goats
Idaho’s’ mountain goats are adapted to living in rugged, remote areas, so it is natural that the mountain goat would appear mysterious. But this harsh habitat is also their defense.
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Boise River Fish Population Surveys 2013
Fish population surveys on the Boise River below Lucky Peak Reservoir though downtown Boise. Surveys are performed every 3 years to monitor trends in the fish community using electrofishing gear. Fish are momentarily stunned, then weighed, measured and released unharmed. Biologists use the information collected from these kinds of surveys to manage the fishery and help provide quality fishing opportunities.
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Steelhead Fishing - Tying an Egg Loop
Use an egg loop knot to attach eggs to your hook when you don't use a bag for the eggs.
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Steelhead Fishing - Bobber n Jig Setup
Whatch how to setup a bobber and jig rig for steelhead fishing.
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Fishing the Teton River in Idaho
Tim Watters and his sons fish the Teton River in Idaho during the evening hours of a long summer day. 2014 vjo
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Fishing for Redband Trout in Idaho's High Desert
Biologist Dan Schill drops down into a well hidden desert canyon to check on Idaho's native redband trout.
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Plug fishing aka Back trolling
Steelhead fisherman Scott Putnam shows how plug fishing works fishing for steelhead.
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Fishing Returns to the South Fork Payette
After years of not stocking fish in the South Fork of the Payette Rvier, Idaho Fish and Game is once again planting catchable rainbown trout. Fisheries biologist Joe Kozfkay is hoping anglers catch on to the newest opportunity of fishing the beautiful clear water of the South Fork Payette River. MM/VO 2018
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Steelhead Fishing - Basic Steelhead Gear
Never been steelhead fishing? Watch this video to learn what kind of gear you will need.
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Northern Pike Populations Monitored by Idaho Fish & Game
Northern pike are a popular sport fish for Northern Idaho anglers. But pike are also a voracious predator that potentially could impact other fish species, if not kept in check. That is why Idaho Fish and Game biologists keep regular tabs on northern pike populations in various Panhandle Region lakes. A new video posted on the Fish and Game website shows how anglers help with northern pike population surveys through Fish and Game’s “Tag You’re It” program. The video also includes a demonstration on how to fillet a pike, which makes excellent table fare.
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Fall Chinook on the Snake River
Fishing for fall Chinook in Idaho is still somewhat new for anglers. As Stuart Rosenberger has followed the fall runs up and down the Snake and Clearwater rivers, he's learned a few things about fishing for these remarkable fish. 2015 vjo
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Harvested in Idaho
Hunter and anglers show the fish and animals they have harvested in Idaho.
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Wild Steelhead Habitat Restoration in Idaho
Restoring steelhead habitat in the Potlatch River drainage is a high priority for Idaho Fish and Game, federal agencies and local landowners. See the recent work completed in North Idaho. Project recently won Idaho American Fisheries Society Habitat Restoration award. 2019 TU
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Chukar Hunt
Chukar hunting in the rough terrain of southwestern Idaho from our archives. October 1992
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Horseshoe Bend Catfish Surprise
Angler hooks a big fish in a small pond, and lands it with a little help for Idaho Conservation Officer Craig Mickelson. CM/VJO 2018
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How to rig for bluegill
The basics to rigging your fishing gear for pan fish
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Steelhead Fishing - Drift Fishing Setup
Joe Dupont shows the basics of setting up a drift fishing rig for steelhead fishing.
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Steelhead Fishing - Tying a Snelled Hook
Snelling a hook helps prevent kinks in your line and maintains the line strength.
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Perch Hunters of Lake Cascade
Lake Cascade is bursting with perch and winter is one of the best times to fish for perch.. Ice fishing booster, Sean Cluff, shares his enthusiasm and tips for pursuing perch at one of Idaho's ice fishing gems. VO/GO 2018
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Duck Hunting on the Snake
Tom Lind and his dog Berta head out on the Snake River for a day of duck hunting. GO/VO 2019
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Catfishing the Snake
Discover one of the best kept fishing secrets in Idaho. Catfishing on the Snake River. GO/2018 https://idfg.idaho.gov/blog/2018/06/catfish-plenty-snake-river-video
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Salmon Fishing Revived on the Upper Salmon River
In 2008 salmon anglers cast their lines for the first time in 30 years on the Upper Salmon River @2008
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Family Tradition: Kokanee
Bill Hawkins grew up fishing the deep waters of Lake Pend Oreille. The fish of choice then was kokanee and still is. His uncle taught him the patience and skill to hand-line for kokanee, which he in turn has shared with his own children. 2015 vjo
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Girls With Fire
Conservation Officer George Fischer makes introducing youngsters to the world of hunting a priority. Local landowners often help him out by allowing youth hunts on their private property. On one such hunt in 2015, Fischer helped three teenage girls on their first deer hunt.
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Spring Steelhead Fishing on upper Salmon River
Anglers eager to fish for steelhead find ways to access the upper Salmon River spring fishing. Jim Hardy, Construction Foreman for the Screen Shop describes anglers determination to go fishing and opening access. @2014
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Accessing the Snake River - Southwest Idaho
A line of fishing and boating access sites along the Snake River in southwest Idaho provides all sorts of recreation opportunites. Major improvements to one, the Map Rock Access site, is good for people and wildlife. VO/MM 2018
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Elk, Ranchers and Winter
Fish and Game uses several tools to manage Idaho's elk and deer herds that benefit landowners, hunters and deer & elk. For more information on winter feeding in Idaho go to https://idfg.idaho.gov/conservation/winter-feeding
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We are Idaho Fish & Game
We are Idaho Fish and Game and we work hard to manage all wildlife in our state. Here are just a few of the things we're doing to ensure our wildlife heritage for all Idahoans.
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Steelhead Fishing - Choosing Flies for Steelhead
A quick look at the flies used when fly fishing for steelhead.
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How to Field Dress a Deer
Wildlife biologist and hunter Steve Nadeau takes us through the steps of field dressing a deer.
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Moose on the Loose!
Idaho Fish & Game relocates a young bull moose from a backyard in Lewiston Idaho.
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New to Idaho Waters: The Mighty Bull Trout
Bull trout are natives, but sometimes they have to compete with non- native fish for food and space.
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RiverWork: The Kootenai River
Idaho Fish and Game's work to improve fishing on the Kootenai River in North Idaho is a long term commitment. It started back in the early 2000s with actually making the river more nutrient rich. The success of that effort has improved the fishery. Today, biologist T.J. Ross shares work currently being done to continue to build the Kootenai River fishery. 2015 vjo
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Chukar Life
When Katherine Thompson steps out with her dogs, it's to go upland bird hunting along the Snake and Salmon rivers in Idaho. vjo 2015
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