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Queen's TV Presents: Frosh Week 2013
Enjoy this year's frosh week highlights! Credits: Videographers: Travis Rhee Natasa Bansagi Mohammad Kasraee Rachel Guergis Justin Mathews Editor Travis Rhee Follow us on twitter @queenstv and facebook! Song Credits: On Top Of The World - Imagine Dragons
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QTV Presents: Homecoming 2012
On a whim we decided to take a trip out to the homecoming football game. What we filmed surprised even us. Did we rush the field? Watch this to fine ou- ah hell, of course we rushed the field! Queen's TV does not take ownership of the music used in this video. Song: The Black Keys- Howlin' For You
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QTV News: The Goat Man
There's a goat in Kingston! QTV News pays him, and his owner, a visit.
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QTV Breaking News: Holi
QTV heads to the park to engage in some colourful events
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We wanted to welcome the Class of 2017 like never before.. we decided a flash mob was in order. On September 1st, 2013, Queen's students got together outside Victoria Hall and performed an EPIC OIL THIGH. Organizers: Justin Mathews & Stacey Lambert Camera Crew: Travis Rhee, Mohammad Kasraee, Rachel Guergis & Justin Mathews Editors: Rachel Guergis & Justin Mathews Music: "Started From the Bottom" by Drake Special thanks to: Austin vanArsdall & Jason Bell Thanks for all those who came out! Cha Gheill! Connect with us at: www.facebook.com/QueensTV www.twitter.com/QueensTV www.queenstv.ca
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Arts and Science, Class of 2016, Frosh Dance Video
QueensTV presents the class of 2016 Arts and Science frosh dance video! Song: Everybody Talks- Neon Trees
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QTVLive Highlight: Shit Queen's Says
We at QTVLive are many things, but original isn't one of them, so we decided to jump on the latest of YouTube bandwagons. Full episode: http://www.queenstv.ca/videos/qtvlive-episode-11/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/QueensTV Twitter: http://twitter.com/queenstv
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Arts and Science Frosh Dance - Class of 2015
The Arts and Science Frosh Dance for 2011 Queen's Frosh week, Class of 2015. Produced by: http://www.queenstv.ca
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Queen's Harlem Shake
Organized by: Justin Mathews, Tymek Kubick, Kyler Gazzola, Anthony Marangon, Ray Kennedy & Marcus Leung Filmed by: Justin Mathews Edited by: Sebastian Diaz & Justin Mathews Thanks for all those who came out! Cha Gheill! Connect with us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/QueensTV
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QTV Profiles: Paul Gross
This week Sebastian Diaz interviewed Canada's own Paul Gross
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QTV Presents Frosh Week 2012
The Queen's TV crew spent the entirety of frosh week gathering footage to bring this video to you. Queen's is an incredible place to be, and we wanted to show off as much of the week as possible! Queen's TV does not take ownership of the music used in this video. Song: Motley Crue- Kickstart My Heart
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QTV Arts and Entertainment: The Glorious Sons
The Glorious Sons played at the Merchant House on September 20th, and we went to talk with the Kingston based band. They opened up about how they formed, their influences, and the future.
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QTV Arts and Entertainment: Said the Whale ft. Alvvays
The 2011 Juno Award's "New Group of the Year", Said the Whale, stopped in Kingston on their current tour. We caught up with the band and their opening act, Alvvays, for an interview during their show at The Grad Club.
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QTV Kingston Life: Haunted Kingston
In the spirit of Halloween, we visited some of the spookiest places in Kingston. We investigated Haunted Walks of Kingston, Skeleton Park, and Fort Fright!
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Frosh Week 2014
Check out the highlights from Orientation Week 2014! Credits: Katie Annand Erin Prysiazny Emma Fuller Song Credits: Best Day of My Life by American Authors Follow us on twitter @queenstv and facebook!
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E5 C4 Aberdeen Street On Homecoming 2007
QTV covers Aberdeen Street on Homecoming.
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QTV Kingston Life: Classic Video
QTV's Kingston Life ventured over to Classic Video (located on Clarence Street) on their 26th anniversary! One of the only stores left of its kind, Classic Video is very much alive and thriving. Watch this vid to see what employee Ray has to say about Classic Video!
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QTV Presents Queen's Move In Day 2012
Did you get your free QTV frisbee today? A few members of the Queen's TV crew went out and spoke with the incoming frosh as they moved into their new homes. Queen's TV does not take ownership of the music used in this video. Song: The Black Keys - Everlasting Light
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Queen's TV  Web Exclusive: Epic Meal Time Interview
Visit: http://www.queenstv.ca/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/queenstv In a world exclusive first in-person interview, correspondent Patrick Vogel talks with the guys from Epic Meal Time about girls, food, and fame.
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Queen's TV Gets Eng Cuts
The Eng Cut is a huge part of Frosh week for the Engineering Faculty. We decided to go to Agnes Benidickson Field and see how creative (and crazy) these haircuts can get.
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QTV Student Life: What's the Sport of Kings? (Homecoming Magic)
We caught up with Queen's magician Jonah Babins on Homecoming Round 2 and asked students, "What's the sport of kings?" Filmed by: Justin Mathews Edited by: Justin Mathews Connect with Jonah at: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jonah-Babins-Magic/434225276658632 www.jonahbabinsmagic.com
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Queen's University Lip Dub - "We Are Golden"
Queen's TV presents the first ever Queen's University Lip Dub
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E6 C3 Queen's Fencing Team
QTV interviews the Queen's Fencing Team.
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QTV Student Life: After Hours - Christmas Edition
A hard-hitting look at the opinions of inebriated Queen's University students on the topic of "Christmas".
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QTV News Foreign Exchange
QTV News went out and talked to a bunch of exchange students to get their perspectives on Queen's, Canada, and their adventures. Take a look at what we found!
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QTV Student Life: After Hours - Sex Edition
QTV's hard-hitting look at the opinions of inebriated Queen's University students on the topic of "sex".
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E17 C2 Econoline Crush
Sirin Erensoy and Dominic Dobrzensky interview Econoline Crush's Trevor Hurst.
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QTV Presents Engineering Frosh Week 2012: Thundermugz
QTV has been racing all over campus to film as much of the frosh week festivities as possible, but rarely is it that an event deserves it's own video entirely. This one took the cake. The engineers really knocked Thundermugz out of the park! Queen's TV does not take ownership of the music used in this video. Song: Rage Against the Machine- Killing in the Name
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Re: School Spirit is Pointless...
A Globe and Mail article earlier last week offered some critique of Orientation Week at Queen's University and its overwhelming Tricolour spirit. Here's what Queen's students had to say... Filmed by: Justin Mathews Tyler Godard Written by: Taylor Mann Justin Mathews Edited by: Justin Mathews Tyler Godard Connect with us at: https://www.facebook.com/QueensTV https://twitter.com/QueensTV Original article can be found here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/arts/books-and-media/school-spirit-is-pointless-its-time-to-end-the-frosh-week-tradition/article14255448/
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QTV Play: Mother Mother
For the first episode of QTV Play we talk with Ryan Guldemond and Jasmin Parkin from Mother Mother.
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QTV Student Life: Homecoming Hunger Games
As the saying goes, "the early bird gets the worm" and QTV woke up at 6am to experience the lineup with you! May the strongest and most patient students prevail and get a ticket to the homecoming game.
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QTV Play: Moka Only and Evil Ebenezer
We caught up with Moka Only and Evil Ebenezer on their ZZBRA tour before their performance at Revolutions Night Club.
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QTV Live: The UnCommon Ground
The Common Ground is staffed by people who are too nice, too open minded. We've decided that in order to rival their efficient business practices we'd have to cater to a slightly different demographic.
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QTV Play : The Darcys
We met with Toronto-based group The Darcys at Yoga Studio 330 for a performance of "100 Mile House" and an interview with Wes Marskell and Jason Couse. Check out www.thedarcys.ca for a free download from their forthcoming, self-titled album due out October 25th.
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QTV Student Life: First Year Students
Every year Queen's welcomes a new group of students. This week QTV explores campus and interview some first year students on how their experience is at Queen's thus far.
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Matt Mays and El Torpedo: Season 20 Episode 12
An Interview and concert footage with Matt Mays.
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How To Purple: Season 20 Episode 5
Have you ever wanted to paint yourself purple? Well here's how you do it!
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Queen's TV Beyond the Net: Women's Volleyball Episode 2 "The Captains"
Meet the co-captains of the women's volleyball team, Shannon Walsh and Katie Neville.
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QTV Arts and Entertainment: Les Misérables
"Les Misérables" is a very popular musical, especially after the release of the major motion picture. When Bottle Tree Productions recently performed the musical in Kingston, QTV simply couldn't miss it! We interviewed the cast and crew about the show and their production process.
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Beyond the Net Episode 4: Jackie Tessier
The Senior striker of the Golden Gaels shares some insight as the team nears playoff season!
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QTV Kingston Life: The Screening Room
QTV's very own Andrew Clark ventures down Princess street to check out The Screening Room. Join us in finding out what makes it one of the coolest independent movie theatres around! Make sure to check out: http://www.moviesinkingston.com/
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QTV Kingston: Mayor's Thoughts on Homecoming
As the second homecoming approaches, we talked with Mark Gerretsen on his thoughts of the previous homecoming and his remarks on twitter.
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QTV Kingston Life: Martha's Table
QTV sits down with Rhonda Candy to discuss Martha's Table, one of the many soup kitchens located here in Kingston.
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QTV News: Kingston Humane Society
This week Queen's TV's Kat Kopiak went to the Kingston Humane Society to find out how the adoption process works.
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QTV Kingston: Farm Girl
Farm Girl is a mobile restaurant that travels around Kingston serving you seasonal gourmet food. We talk to the owners as well as Farm Girl herself. Follow their truck on twitter @farmgirlfood to get the daily menu and their location
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Arts and Science Frosh Week 2011
Check out this video montage of this years Arts and Science Frosh Week
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E1.C4 Grease Pole
Sirin and Alex check out the Engineering Grease Pole.
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Queen's Wrestling Team: Season 20 Episode 12
Find out about Queen's wrestling team.
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