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This is the beginning of My "HOW TO" series. You might ask; why I would post a video of how to dress a hog to start the series? It's quite simple really. Many of my viewers have already killed hogs and will hopefully kill many more before I finish my series. I hope this helps. Please practice good safety while handling sharp objects and always wear rubber gloves.
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Talon Guess and Byron South 4 coyotes down part 2
this shows an awesome triple by good friend Byron South and my son Talon. Byron can;t judge distance and Talon drops a runner up close! lots of fun right here.
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Boar Down Calling Hogs
During field testing the Glenn Guess signature series sounds from convergent hunting solutions, I called and killed a summer time boar.
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30 Plus Hard Charging Hogs, Calling Hogs 6 Kill Shots
I was joined here with goof friends Byron South and Ed Schoppman to try and call some hogs. The reaction of these hogs is almost instantaneous. Incredible footage of hogs coming to "Sow Hysteria" created by Glenn Guess
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This video is long and may be boring to some. It’s not an action packed video, full of death and mayhem. It is here to help beginners locate areas that might hold hogs and who knows if you experienced guys make it to the very end you might even pick up on a thing or two you’ve overlooked. You might even think of something I’ve missed. Please watch it to the end and ask questions if you have any or make suggestions for future “How To” videos. PS if You ask a question that has been covered in the video, I’ll know you’re not watching the whole thing. Hopefully there is something here for everyone. Thanks for watching
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Valentine Hog Hunt Part 2 2017 calling hogs
Well she's greedy and mouthy, she wouldn't let me shoot a hog and when she thought i wasn't listening she was mouthing off! Happy Valentine's Day
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Glenn Guess shoots Monster 553 pound Texas boar killed with .243
This is the biggest boar I've killed to date. He was 100% wild 100% free range. I shot him in the neck with my Ruger .243 at 110yd!
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Millionth View Celebration 60 Graphic Kill Shots
Thanks to all of our family, friends and sponsors for helping us reach our millionth view. The following is a special video announcing all of our new sponsors and giving you what you came here to see 60 graphic kill shots.
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Hog Called In and Killed Explanation and Sequences
This video shows how to call in pressured hogs, with an explanation of the sounds used and sequences.
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Hog Zombies Randy kills 4 Hogs
As massive herds of hogs destroy farmers fields we do our best to stay on them and get them killed. We took 4 from the group that day, but we have stayed on that group and killed many more on the surrounding properties.
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Spot and stalk hog hunting with Glenn Guess
This is my good friend Randy Pyle making good on two hogs in 100+ weather. He is using 6.8 SPC in 120gr. Hornady SST ammo, EOTech XPS and 3X magnifier.
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Michelle And Talon Double Up On Called Hogs
Michelle takes an hard charging sow and Talon makes a great long shot on one that sticks to the brush.
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Hog Zombies, State Troopers and BLM
Hog Zombies, State Troopers and BLM { beef lives matter} Hog Zombies daily lives can sometimes be strange and exciting. Our neighbor called in distress and needed my help with her steer, who had his head caught in a pet taxi. I sped down the highway to get Michelle to help me and passed 2 state troopers trying to get a cow back in someone’s pasture. They had heard the call on the radio stating: a bull with something stuck on its head and came to see if they could help as well. Gotta love life in the country.
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Michelle Kills The Call, Calling Hogs
When a hog gets so close to the call they both die!
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Kill Shot Monster Bucks, Wild Boar, Coyotes, Ducks, Turkeys
This video it is made up our family and few friends doing what we do best. hogs, coyotes, deer,ducks and turkeys. Includes thermal vision night hunting for feral hogs.
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Glenn 2 Boars Down Calling Hogs
I call in a bachelor group of hogs and manage to drop 2 and miss one, it's rare but it happens. lol
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Two Called Boars
Michelle and I call two boars in close enough to kill. I shoot mine left handed and Michelle shoot hers with a 12 ga. Shot gun.
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Calling Hogs Hog Hunting With Glenn Guess Hog Sounds
These guys didn't believe you could call hogs, they do now. Watch as this hog uses the pond dam to try and get down wind of us. Didn't work!
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This is the first hog called in during field testing my personal sounds that would eventually become the Glenn Guess Series for Convergent Hunting Solutions.
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Two Called  Hogs With An Old Friend Part1
we are joined on this hunt by an old friend for calling hogs.
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True European Boars Called 2 hogs down
These are true European wild boars called in with my custom hog sounds in Europe. A follower of Hog Zombies called and killed them. For reasons of his own he chose to remain anonymous. I don't understand what they are saying but you can sure hear the excitement in their voices. Watch closely the bend in the road and listen as the hogs vocalize to the call in the tree. Incredible! I want to thank you personally for the video. You know who you are. Looking forward to more.
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Spot And Stalk Hog Hunting
Talon Guess stalks into a big group of hogs to try and take out a nice sized sow.
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Hog Called To 9 Yards While Hog Hunting
I called this hog in to 9 yards yards with a grunt tube.
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Glenn Guess Calling boars
called in a nice double only got to kill one of them.
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Incredible Hog Vocalizations Calling Hogs
The most incredible response from 3 different groups of hogs responding to Sow Hysteria produced the sounds we used to call this boar..
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Talon Guess of the Hog Zombies Shoots Running Hog
This is one of Talon first hog drives. He was 10 years old at the time and made good on a big ol sow. Joined by several good friends we killed many hogs that day.
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Michelle Stalks A Monster boar
I wanted the pretty hog, Michelle wanted a big hog. Watch this boar posture and scent mark to other hogs.
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Michelle Guess Hog Hunting Stalk
Michelle stalks up on a group of hogs, the excitement never gets old for her.
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Michelle Calls A Hog Close
Michelle uses a grunt tube to call a mad sow in close!
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Thermal Hog Hunt Big Boar Down
Watch me nearly get ran over by a hog as Michelle waits for her shot. you will see a hog scent marking a tree and a sow. You will also see Him posturing towards another boar. We are Using Eotech X320's .
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Where To Call Hogs "The Sanctuaries"
Hog zombies tip of the week: Where To Call Hogs "The Sanctuaries"
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2 Huge Sows Calling Hogs
We called in this group of hogs and due to rifle malfunction I was only able to take one of them. Incredibly I was able to call them back and get one more.
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Michelle Guess Calling Hogs, Hog Hunting "Swamp Boar"
Watch as we call in a bruiser of a boar. A special bonus feature, Michelle falls in the swamp. I did not push her!
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Valentine Hog Hunt Part 1 2017 calling hogs
Michelle and I have just about the perfect solution of every "special" occasion. We hog hunt....lol For Valentine's day this year we called in 2 big calico boars this is part 1, don't miss part 2.
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Meet The Hog Zombies 2018
Nothing compares to time outdoors with the family.
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Custom 6.5 Creedmoor Alamo Precision Rifles{lady hunter 2 hogs down}
We are proud to have Alamo Precision Rifle as a sponsor. This video is to demonstrate the effort they go through to make an incredibly accurate custom rifle. Whether you are a target shooter or a hunter they can build a rifle for your needs.
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Michelle Guess stalks a Monster Boar
We had seen this boar several times and he always managed to see us first. This particular day it was well over 100 degrees and we suspected he would be laying in one of the many wallow along this creek bed. Sure enough he was.
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Michelle Mid Day Sow Calling Hogs {Hurricane Harvey Hunt pt1}
We called this hog in August in the middle of the day this was just one of many that day.
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Family Night Out Thermal Hog Hunting
Michelle stalked a boar, Then Talon stalked 2 that were feeding in the hay lot one way in and one way out. We were standing in it! Then I find a really dumb one.
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Krista Guess of Hog Zombies shoots the caller and the coon with one shot.
Hard charging coon attacks the call. Krista gets both with one shot and Michelle finishes the coon off with a shotgun. think the call still works?
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A Boar Called with Boar Specific Sounds
Randy's magazine blows up when he shoots this boar.
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Shot Placement and Gear pt 1 {3 kill shots}
please leave comments. do you want to see more of these? opinions? The are based on my opinion and experience in the field. They are worth every cent you paid. thanks in advance for comments.
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Well Hog Zombies gotta do what Hog Zombies do, kill hogs. On the Texas deer season opener Talon and Leanna ended up shooting hogs instead of a monster buck.
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Talon Called Sow Shotgun Close!
Talon stops this sow dead, with a 12 gauge just a few feet from the call.
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10 Years Of Called Hogs #1 hog calling series
10-19-16 marks the10 year anniversary of my first intentionally called hogs. This is #1 in a series of videos on calling hogs. This series is intended to teach others how, where, and when to call hogs. The sounds to use and what they mean.
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Aggie Spot and Stalk  Hog Hunting
This is a good friend of mine hunting on his lease. He keeps feeders running and baited areas going year round. this is a good way to spot and stalk hunt. Not my preferred method of hunting as most know. Fun none the less.
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Michelle Guess Kills Boar With A Shotgun
WE called in 2 hogs on this stand. One got close enough Michelle dropped him with a shotgun at 16 yards.
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Michelle Stalking A Boar
We were on our way to call hogs when Michelle spotted one to stalk.
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Jayden Guess of Hog Zombies Kills Monster Buck 2015
We have sever deer ADHD. We were hunting and went after a huge boar only to have a heard of beef spoil it. To heck with BLM {beef lives matter} Eat more beef! Then we had a buck enter the field that totally ignored our calling. We had to sneak back to the creek and make a long stalk to get in good range. watch what happens.......
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Boar Hunting with Krista Guess of Hog Zombies
Krista makes a head shot on a good boar close to 100 yards away with a 6.8 SPC.
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