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Lane Scott, College Rodeo Promotion Video Submission. this video is to help Lane get a full ride at College. good luck fella, hope this helps you out. no matter what happens, your sure to be a world champ someday.
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Practice Pen 7-28-13 (Bull Riding)
2yr olds never been bucked.
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PRACTICE PEN 5-21-13 (Bull Riding)
@ the practice pen 3yr olds first time bucking
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River Treasure 2.0 (Bison Skull)
Bison Skull babies... yee yeee!
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PRACTICE PEN 4-7-13 (Bull Riding)
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Crazy Cow Riding
you wont catch me doing this.... but i love watching it...
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WWII Combat Veteran Lloyd Lindeman 1 of 3
Hometown Hero Lloyd "Bud" Lindeman, shares his story. Least we forget of the sacrifice of our greastest generation.
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God Hates a Coward
Bull Riding - Check
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Lane Scott (the dancing cowboy)
bust it...
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Lane Scott @ Elk Horn Neb. Bull Ride 6-8-13
Lane had broke his wrist on Friday night and switched riding hands to pull off an 84pt ride on Saturday night. AMAZING!!!!!
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Chicks Dig'em (Lane Scott)
Lanes Fancy Glitter Riding Boots... Chicks Dig'em.. I Guess...
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Ty Dugdale Competitions (Exira) (Woodbine) 2012
Ty Dugdale Exira and Woodbine Rodeos July 2012
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WWII Combat Veteran Lloyd Lindeman 2 of 3
Hometown Hero Lloyd "Bud" Lindeman, shares his story. Least we forget of the sacrifice of our greastest generation.
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Horseback Shooting (Training)
More than just training, it really takes a good horse to even attempt this, and i'm proud to say shes coming along nicely.
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Going Pro "Yee Yee"
Pro Bull Ride.. Lane Scores a 74 Point Ride, and Chad Rides for 7.8 Seconds.. Honestly I Think Chad Covered His Bull... But You Can Time it for Yourself.. Anyhoo its a Damn Good Showing...
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Cheating Death (One Bad Bull Riding Wreck)
Josh cheats death but ends up with broken jaw and battered body.
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1:2 Scale 1840's 6lbs Cannon
come and take it...
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Drag the River
a few things the boys and i have found over the summer while kayaking the river.
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The People In The Pictures
This documentary is a visual essay portraying farm families during the Great Depression through World War II and the postwar years, as seen through the eyes of Iowa photographer Pete Wettach who took nearly 50,000 pictures of rural America, mostly Iowa, over a span of 40 years. Wettach was born in New Jersey but his fascination with rural life, particularly with farming, led him to Iowa where he would remain until his death in the late 1970s.
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(Cocaine Money) Chad & Tom @ Springfield Rodeo
Chad leaves with the prize money and Tom leaves with a torn shirt.. Then we raise a little hell and nurse the hangover.. ya know.. cowboy shit..
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Lane Scott 3 out of 3 McCool Jct. Nebraska
McCool Jct.Neb Bull Ride
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Restoring Lady Liberty
Steve Nelson restoring Lady Liberty for the Atlantic city park... hope you guys dig it...
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deer hunting is for girls
Monster buck taken 1st shotgun season Southwest Iowa.. Green score 159..
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Riley (Bull Riding)
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Josh Practice
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Teaser Clip
Official teaser clip for submission for a new reality television series. Following four cowboys and their adventures on rodeo tour. The only question is, would you watch it? Keep in mind this is only a teaser clip to highlight the potential for a season long show of pure excitement. Are you ready for the ride of your life? Comments welcomed.
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Dugdale & The Dip
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tales from the farm.. graphic violence...
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River Treasure (8pt Buck)
not enough water to kayak the river so we decided to walk it to see if we could find some hidden treasure. sure enough we find this 8pt buck that had been buried and im surprised its in that good of shape. have fun out there...
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Omaha Roller Girls
Q: is flat track roller derby the sexiest sport ever?? A: HELLS YEAH!! I LOVE THE OMAHA ROLLER GIRLS... FLIPP'N LUV THEM!! DEICATED TO CUPCAKE BATTERHER #76 or know on youtube as http://www.youtube.com/user/76juniorg76 please go say hello...
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Ripple Effect
Video Reply http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWE2cbbs9r8
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sneak peek
coming soon or at least i hope so.. Artisan 2.0 tagged 3.0 ( for 911tourettes, no im not puss'n out) chicken hypnotism ( for wendy ,its harded than it looks) oldbuses toilet (shooting vid) oathkeepers handout rants, raves, shoutouts, and what have you... sorry its been awhile... just trying to enjoy the summer weather.. take care, be well...
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Sioux & Nishna
on second thought, maybe i should have named the channel BEANS & BISON.... welp anyways... here be the livestock , fresh off the RBH... they seem happy with thier new home, and i couldnt be happier.. a dream come true really... anyhoo also included is some BONUS SNOW BAJA FOOTAGE enjoy...
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Banks of the Nishnabotna
floating by the rocky banks of the east nishnabotna river
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80 years in the making
from 1929 to 2009... 80 years of quilting.. My Grandmas first and last quilts.. for those of you who were interested... thank you..
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WWII P.O.W. Burdette "Shorty" Parrot 1 of 2.
Sgt. Burdette "Shorty" Parrot of Atlantic Iowas, 34th "Red Bull" Div. 168th Inf. Co. "K" captured by Rommel in North Africa "Kassirine Pass". Shorty will be 90 years old on Aug. 21st 2010.
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reliving my childhood, with my niece..
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Bull vs Buck
just another Saturday night....
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Human Expectation
Robert A Heinlein
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the good, the bad, and the very, very dead.
well, i thought it was funny...
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Giddy Up Cowgirl
my 5yr old niece riding jane... shes growing up quick.
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WILD RIDE (Bull Riding)
Andy gets some major air time!!!!
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How It All Went Down (Stalking Whitetail w/ Bow)
Here's the story of how it all went down while bow hunting.
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