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"Double Up" S2 EP5
Team Elk member Cameron Hanes takes on Utah with his sights set on an early season bull and a giant mule deer in velvet.
"Enter The Roosevelt" S2 EP9
Cameron Hanes takes on his home state of Oregon where he looks to connect for the second straight year on a big Roosevelt.
"High Country Colorado" S1 EP9
RMEF Team Elk host Cameron Hanes travels to the Hill Ranch in southern Colorado this week, chasing big bulls in the rut. It is non-stop action!
Hunters Rescue Stranded Elk
Hunters in Wyoming rescue a cow elk stranded in a icy hole in a stream. After she nearly tramples the hunters, she confounds them with her actions that follow. Video courtesy Elk Foundation Life Member Ron Niziolek.
Best Bullets for Hunting Elk with Wayne van Zwoll
See rifle guru Wayne van Zwoll's take on the ideal cartridge for elk hunting.
America the Beautiful
America the Beautiful, performed by Daryle Singletary for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation.
A Break From The Norm
Country Music Artist Josh Thompson takes to the hills of Utah looking to escape the daily rigors of being on the road by having a Break from the Norm.
The Bronx Hunter
Roughly 8.5 million people live in New York City, around 1.5 million of those people live in the Bronx. Blake Mannion is one of four people who he knows that hunt. Follow along with The Bronx Hunter as we learn more about what life is like embracing the hunting culture in a place where it is considered far from normal.
Life of Elk!
Take an in depth journey along the complete life cycle of Elk
"The Rut Is On" S2 EP11
Cameron Hanes stalks a giant bull in New Mexico, while Mark Garcia of Archer Xtreme gets in the middle of rutting bulls in Colorado.
Gear 101: Mathews Triax
New for 2018 is Mathews Triax compound bow. Casey Smith from Straight Six Archery in Missoula Montana came to RMEF headquarters to talk all things archery and to give us a rundown on this year's bow from Mathews - the Triax.
Elk Country Chronicles - Cycle of Seasons
RMEF, in association with #PROJECTELK, is excited to bring you the next evolution of Elk Country Chronicles.
Hunting Is Conservation - Full Circle
Detailing the role hunting plays in sustaining North America’s rich wildlife resources and also chronicling the life cycle, characteristics and biology of elk.
Elk Country Chronicles - Calves
RMEF, in association with #PROJECTELK, is excited to bring you the next evolution of Elk Country Chronicles.
Bull Elk Sounds: Bugles, Barks, Grunts and More
Bull Elk produce a variety of vocalizations, especially during the mating season.
"Bighorn Public Hunt" S5 EP5
RMEF Team Elk Member Randy Newberg hunts public land in Wyoming with RMEF life member Mark Hirvonen, who’s dealing with health issues and wants to get just one bull in his lifetime.
Hunting Is Conservation
Hunters play the primary role in contributing to the management of North America's wildlife. This video details the role hunting plays in sustaining North America's rich wildlife resources. Produced in conjunction with #PROJECTELK.
Hunting's Ecological Benefits
There has always been those who oppose hunting - who do not believe that humans should pursue and consume wildlife. Some prefer the idea that wild others should live out their lives in nature, while we rely on agricultural processes. Many people believe that hunting damages populations of wild animals. In reality, hunting harvest models are founded on the principle that we will impact populations minimally if we hunt the biological surplus and leave remaining animals to breed. Further, seldom acknowledged is that regulated, science-based hunting harvests can not only be sustainable but preferable in terms of environmental impacts. Regulated harvests can actually add stability to populations that otherwise fluctuate dangerously.
First Time Elk Hunter - Episode 3
Chad Carman is back in the mountains seeking a bull elk on his first-ever elk hunt. #SubscribeforConservation #HuntingIsConservation
Hunting IS Conservation   Paid for by Hunters
Habitat, research and wildlife law enforcement work are all paid for by hunters. It helps hunted species, as well as countless non-hunted species. Through state licenses and fees, hunters pay $796 million a year for conservation programs. Through donations to groups like RMEF, hunters graciously add $440 million a year to conservation efforts. In 1937, hunters actually requested an 11% tax on guns, ammo, bows and arrows to help fund conservation. That tax generates $371 million a year for conservation. So far, it has raised more than $8 billion for wildlife conservation. All-together, hunters pay more than $1.6 billion a year for conservation programs. No one gives more than hunters! Every single day U.S. sportsmen contribute $8 million to conservation. Hunting funds conservation AND the economy, generating $38 billion a year in retail spending. This is just one way, of how Hunting Is Conservation.
Hunting IS Conservation - By The Numbers
Hunters have been responsible for the restoration of game species in North America. • In 1907, only 41,000 elk remained in North America. Thanks to the money and hard work invested by hunters to restore and conserve habitat, today there are more than 1 million. • In 1900, only 500,000 whitetails remained. Thanks to conservation work spearheaded by hunters, today there are more than 32 million. • In 1900, only 100,000 wild turkeys remained. Thanks to hunters, today there are over 7 million. • In 1901, few ducks remained. Thanks to hunters’ efforts to restore and conserve wetlands, today there are more than 44 million. • In 1950, only 12,000 pronghorn remained. Thanks to hunters, today there are more than 1.1 million.
Hunting Is Conservation - Summer
Detailing the role hunting plays in sustaining North America’s rich wildlife resources and also chronicling the life cycle, characteristics and biology of elk.
To some, finding a matching 6x6 shed is as big of a deal as loosing an arrow at 20 yards at an elk. But why? What makes shed hunting so special? Brandon Bates takes to the mountains with Jeremy Steffensen and his nephew shed hunting master, Cameron Sargent, to learn what makes him addicted to shed hunting, or Sheddicted.
Elk Country Chronicles - Alamocita Creek
New Mexico is well known for its bone-dry high desert climate…and that can be a major challenge for elk and other wildlife. Yet it is riparian habitat that you find here in the watershed of the Rio Grande River that represents less than one percent of New Mexico’s land cover. It is also here where the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation teamed up with a private landowner and other partners to permanently protect and open to public access more than 58-hundred acres of elk habitat. The Alamocita Creek project also improves access to more than 24-thousand acres of nearby public land. It includes more than 5-and-a-half miles of intermittent drainages of Alamocita Creek which feed large, lush cottonwood galleries. Approximately one-thousand elk are known to roam across the landscape which is also home to mule deer, pronghorn, black bear and a wide variety of other plant and animal life. The project secures opportunities for hunting, hiking, camping and other activities. In fact, it gives federal land managers the opportunity to pull 52 miles of the Continental Divide Trail off a highway shoulder and onto a scenic landscape, providing nearly 500 miles of scenic trail systems in New Mexico. And it stands as yet another testimony to RMEF’s commitment to conserving wild places and highlights how Hunting Is Conservation. Alamocita Creek Project Partners RMEF’s Torstenson Family Endowment Land and Water Conservation Fund (Bureau of Land Management) Trust for Public Land Private Landowner
Van Zwoll: Best Field Positions
Hunting and shooting guru Wayne van Zwoll gives expert advice on the best shooting positions for hunting.
Hunting's Remarkable Resilience
When will those who oppose hunting finally understand its true nature and conservation influence? For over a century now, hunting has been at the heart of conservation in countries around the world. What has sustained hunting is not just the passionate commitment individual hunters have to their tradition, but hunters willingness to give back with their money, their ideas, and their time.
"Montana Giant" S6 Ep17
Cole Hoefle and Nate Poetzl hunt Montana during the peak of the rut and find success on a giant Montana bull.
Opening Day
"Elk Hunting.... Is one of the hardest things I do all year." Nothing compares to the feeling of Opening Day. In this Elk Network Original, Brandon Bates takes on Wyoming Public Land and discusses how difficult Elk hunting truly is...
Honoring the Hunted
Why doesn't society recognize the good we do? Non-hunters find it difficult to believe that we care about wildlife in any emotional sense. If we wish to convince the general public that we care for something more and pursue something greater than the animals death, we must emphasize the experience and the living animal most. We care for animals in a fundamental way. Yes we may take the life. And thereby take possession of one wild creature during our hunt. But that does not mean that we do not admire them in life, and wish to see their future secured. Even if that future does not include hunting. Let's diminish the focus on our achievements and on us. Let's start honoring what truly matters.
Hunting Is Conservation - Ethics of Food
Detailing the role hunting plays in sustaining North America’s rich wildlife resources and also chronicling the life cycle, characteristics and biology of elk.
Since 7
Country music artist Andy Griggs has dreamed about hunting elk his entire life. As a young boy growing up in West Monroe, Louisiana, the most mysterious thing in his life was the herd bull he'd see in magazines. Follow along as he finally gets the opportunity to do something he'd wanted to do since he was 7 years old - get up close and personal to hunt a bull elk with his bow.
Wayne van Zwoll: Sling Up & Hit
Gun expert Wayne van Zwoll explains sling technique for bench-like accuracy ...
First Time Elk Hunter - Episode 1
Follow Brandon Bates as he helps Chad Carman experience his first bull encounter in Utah in RMEF's premier Team Elk IN SEASON Episode. See Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1npVZjLmiI&index=3&list=PLijsYs6ooWgWzOCJ8I-1X5a4Z1puwHSCB See Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1npVZjLmiI&index=2&list=PLijsYs6ooWgWzOCJ8I-1X5a4Z1puwHSCB #SubscribeForConservation #HuntingIsConservation
#PROJECTELK Official Trailer
#PROJECTELK follows the epic journey alongside one of North America’s most majestic creatures, the Rocky Mountain elk. "It is compelling and delivers an important message for all ages and lifestyles that examines the vital link between hunting and conservation.” Now Available in the iTunes Store: https://goo.gl/Rm01an
Elk Country Chronicles - The Tenderfoot Project
An 8-year effort by RMEF and its partners protected and secured public access to 8,221 acres surrounding Tenderfoot Creek, a tributary of the famous trout fishing waters of the Smith River in Meagher County, Montana.
Elk Country Chronicles - Beaver Creek Project, North Dakota
In this month’s installment of Elk Country Chronicles, we feature the Beaver Creek Project in North Dakota. It’s the largest public hunting access ever created in the state and the project stands as an example of the power of cooperation.
America The Beautiful - Daryle Singletary Tribute
“Once upon a lifetime, you might find a singer who can sing note-to-note with your country music heroes and legends. Once upon a lifetime, you just may come across a friend with the integrity and conviction that can stand toe-to-toe with any other soul dwelling on God’s green earth. Once upon a lifetime, you might become a huntin’ buddy with a hunter who can shoot barrel-to-barrel with his own yearly record for missing the most gobblers. Once upon a lifetime, just maybe, you’ll embrace a friendship with a human being whose ripple effect lasts for eternity. Once upon a lifetime along comes a priceless and everlasting gift like Daryle. Once...upon a lifetime.” —Andy Griggs Read the complete tribute to Daryle at https://elknetwork.com/daryle
RMEF Member #133147 Minot, North Dakota A passion for elk and elk country that has driven a 25 year commitment to RMEF and its mission. #ElkNetworkOriginal
"Giants of Southern Colorado" S3 EP4
Southern Colorado is known for giant bulls, and when you put two very experienced hunters, Cameron Hanes and Scott Chester, in the middle of big bull country, excitement follows.
How to Adjust Trigger Pull in a Browning Rifle
Tools Needed: Trigger Pull Gauge Allen Wrench Set Knife First, check your starting trigger pull with the trigger gauge. Remove the housing surrounding the trigger housing using the allen wrenches. Make not if the any screws or bolts are different sizes. Once the housing is off, you can use a knife to pop any sealant out of the screw used to adjust the pull strength. Using an allen wrench, make slight adjustments clockwise to increase the pull weight and vice-versa to decrease the pull weight. Be certain to make small increments and test using the trigger gauge. When you've got the trigger to the amount of pull desired, replace the housing around the trigger and get ready to hunt!
Wayne van Zwoll Shot Placement for Elk Hunters
Elk rifle guru Wayne van Zwoll gives advice on shot placement and distance for elk hunting.
Wayne van Zwoll: Sit to Hit when Rifle Hunting
Shooting guru Wayne van Zwoll demonstrates an effective technique for shooting and elk and other big game in the field.
5 Ways To Get Out Your Elk
Hunting elk is good fun. But as anyone who has ever killed an elk knows, the real work starts once the tag is notched. In towns around elk country in the fall, you’ll see pick-ups idling at stoplights with four hooves pointing skyward. I’ve helped hunters get whole elk into the bed of a truck. I don’t like it. I like elk to come out in pieces. They’re heavy pieces, but manageable. Horse and mule packers have long known the advantages of making smaller bits of elk out of one big elk. But not everyone has access to stock or wants to deal with beasts of burden. An ATV is an option, but again, not everyone can afford it, and in many spots across elk country, they’re not allowed. So what’s left? We reached out to our members (check out page 24), scoured the web and talked with those who make elk-hauling gear to bring you some of the most creative non-equine and non-motorized methods of elk extraction. We’ll provide you the resources so you can get your elk into manageable meat chunks and then show you how to get those chunks out of the woods. When we tested the following gear, it was mid-April and we didn’t have a fresh, dead elk around. Instead, we used 60-pound bags of traction sand to simulate elk meat and quarters. It’s a fair comparison given the similar weight and awkwardness of the load. Hopefully this section will take some of the strain (not all, of course) of getting your elk out of the woods this fall.
Elk Country Chronicles - Luera Peak Access
The number-one reason why most people stop hunting is they don’t have a place to hunt. That’s why one of the main facets of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation’s conservation mission is to open, secure and improve public access. You want a perfect example? This is Luera Road in west-central New Mexico. RMEF and its partners joined ranks to provide funding a for continual two-mile right-of-way road easement that provides access to 52,000 acres of outlying public and State Trust Lands. Without it, access would stop right here for hunters and others. The high desert landscape of the Luera Mountains is home to thousands of elk. It’s also prime habitat for deer, black bear, mountain lion, wild turkey and many other species. Creating and maintaining public access is often a collaborative effort. And that’s exactly what you have here. The Luera Peak access project stands as yet another testimony to RMEF’s commitment to conserving wild places and highlights how Hunting Is Conservation. Credits to: Luera Peak Project Funding Partners Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation New Mexico Department of Game and Fish New Mexico State Land Office
New Eberlestock Camo Pattern "DoppleGanger"
Interview with Eberlestock Founder Glen Eberle on the new Doppleganger camo for 2017 Team Elk Pack.
This Is Hunting - Episode 2
As the new day begins, the forest comes alive. Bull elk bugle to signal their cows to head for cover while coyotes surround the chaos of the herd. As the hunter calls for the first time of the day, he hears only the wind and the chatter of surrounding squirrels. The hunt begins... This IS Hunting.
Elk Country Chronicles - Tex Creek
In this month’s installment of Elk Country Chronicles, we feature the Tex Creek Wildlife Management Area in southeast Idaho – more than 34,000 acres of public land for hunters to enjoy.
Gear 101: Browning X-Bolt Pro Long Range
New for 2018 is Browning’s X-Bolt Pro Long Range rifle. They call this a semi-custom production rifle because of the specialized finishing touches and higher-end construction above the already awesome X-Bolt family of hunting rifles.
New Mexico First Time Elk Hunter - Episode 1
Follow along on our 2017 In Season hunt with first time elk hunter Cooper Davis as he hears his first elk bugle and experiences hunting like never before.
Cleaning up to Hunt Elk with Cameron Hanes
Backcountry Hunting Legend Cameron Hanes demonstrates his favorite lift when weight training to hunting elk in the high mountains.