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New IT needs New Thinking - A video introduction to EasyVista
EasyVista is at the forefront of Cloud-based IT Service Management, Asset Management and Organizational Service Management. Managing the diversity of IT is complex. Organizations have gone from in-house servers to cloud and virtual technology. From company issued Blackberries to user purchased iPhones. From standard PCs to tablets. From in-sourcing to out-sourcing. This is New IT.
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EasyVista Mobile Device Support
Service Management anytime, anywhere. EasyVista extends service reach to mobile service and support analysts and customers and end-users.
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EasyVista IT Service Catalog - Improve end-user satisfaction with a familiar working environment
One size does not fit all when it comes to the self-service shopping experience. With EasyVista ServiceApps you are no longer tied to a single self-service portal or service catalog. You can create multiple service catalogs and self-service portals that are brandable and can be embedded in any website or existing intranet portal. The flexibility to fully configure a website with a service catalog, chat/video/audio interactions, important customer facing metrics, knowledge articles, social media feeds, software on demand and any other IT or non-IT service related action is available.
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EasyVista Click2Get
On-demand software delivery of compliant and trusted applications, available through the IT Store or Service Catalog.
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EasyVista ServiceApps - Build the service you want, how you want, where you want
IT is rethinking its approach to how it extends service and support. Customers, whether internal or external, whether IT or business centric all want 'designed' apps or services. On any device. It's how they work. And IT needs a platform that Easily facilitates this. EasyVista ServiceApps provides you with the tools to do just that.
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EasyVista  Solution Overview
An introduction to EasyVista solutions covering EasyVista Neo, the world of New IT, CMDB and our solutions architecture.
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EasyVista Neo - Design, build and deliver powerful service management.
EasyVista Neo is a powerful IT Service Management platform that enables you to design, build and deploy applications through a codeless drag and drop environment. Build Amazing customer interfaces, and place them anywhere. Dynamically link workflow, policies and security. Automatically integrate with a range of applications and data-source API's already written within EasyVista Neo.
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EasyVista Social Networking
Communicate with your network of experts in real time without the need for endless meetings.
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EasyVista Decision Support
Complete reporting, metrics and dashboards will provide real-time performance and service status analytics.
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EasyVista Positioning
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Key challenges in ITSM - Andy White on ITSMTV
Andy White speaks to Barclay Rae at ITSMTV and discusses the key challenges faced by ITSM professionals today.
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EasyVista Business Value Metrics 2014
An introduction to EasyVista Business Value Metrics and how they can demonstrate IT's value to the business through converging IT and business intelligence.
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Executive update with EasyVista - Andy White on ITSMTV
Andy White speaks to Barclay Rae at ITSMTV and gives an update on EasyVista, its technology and approach to the modern organization service market place.
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