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The Puzzle Ball Solution
Puzzle Ball solution
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Disneyland houdinis magic shop part 2
Part two of this guy doing card magic trick
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Disneyland houdinis magic shop part 1
Part one of this dude doing string magic trick
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How to do the "Mysterious Queen,Jack, Ace, and King" magic card trick
My second magic trick hope u guys enjoy!
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Hanayama devil puzzle solution
Hi everyone!!! I just got this puzzle from my parents today, and took forever trying to figure it out.... and finally figutred it out!! :) so here is a solution video for this puzzle. Enjoy!
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How to do "Four Ace" magic card trick
Welcome to my first magic trick! My name is Brian and i hope u guys enjoi!
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Nickles to Dimes coin magic trick performance
Hope u guys enjoi!!
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