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BearDance - Bear Speed Dating
BearDance [email protected] Sunday Sept. 16th at TMC Parade Watch Party: 12pm-4pm T Dance: 4pm-2am Featuring DJ Tony Moran, Special Performance by Colton Ford www.BearDance.org Video/Concept by Andy Stark.
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BearDance - Good Idea Bad Idea
Video/Concept by Andy Stark BearDance TBRU Friday, March 15th 2013 8pm-4am @ S4, Dallas Voiceover: Greg Gunter
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Decadent Ducks: Be You
Decadent Ducks has created a "party within a party" at Southern Decadence by offering our guests discounted hotel rooms and smaller group events where instead of standing in the street with 100,000 people, you can spend time with 10 or 20 people and get to know some new friends. People you will see year after year when you keep coming back. We assure you that you will want to keep coming back. 2018 is the 47th celebration of Southern Decadence and is also the 21st anniversary of Decadent Ducks at Southern Decadence.
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Tidal Wave Party 4K
Come along for an epic journey through Tidal Wave! This highlights reel of the Hotel and Wet n Wild parties showcases some of the best shots from the weekend. Presented in 4K.
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American Mantra - Leavestrong (Official Music Video)
Filmed & edited by Andy Stark. Additional footage by Corey Morrison.
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Full version of the TV Pilot "Bear It All" starring Matthew Moriarity and DJ Barney Philly. For distribution and sponsorship information, contact [email protected] Visit us on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/BearItAllTV
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A BearDance Halloween
Directed/Edited by Andy Stark. Friday, October 31st at the Eagle. Put on some gear or strip to your undies for BearDance's Halloween Dance party. It's Halloween so costumes are welcome too! DJ James Torres will get us in the mood to dance the night away. $5 entry benefiting Resource Center.
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Bear It All - Clip #3 "Mr. TBRU Contest"
Clip #3 from the Pilot episode of Bear It All ©2011 FoodDanceFilms "Like" us on Facebook for more info! www.Facebook.com/BearItAllTV
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Dance Gavin Dance - Lemon Meringue Tie @ SQUASH THE BEEF TOUR w/ Jonny Craig
DGD w/ Jonny Craig. 2-camera Shoot in Dallas ,TX @ The Door.
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BearDance - GoDaddy SuperBowl Commercial Spoof
Join us for BearDance at TBRU 19! Friday, March 14th 2014 8:00pm at S4 in Dallas, TX. http://www.BearDance.org for more informaton. Filmed/Edited by Andy Stark.
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Early Pearl - "Get Out" LIVE @ ROCK ON THE RANGE 2009
Early Pearl performs "Get Out" live at Rock On The Range, and signs some autographs after.
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BearDance #TBT
Throwback to some of BearDance's best moments before throwing back to Studio 54 and the disco era at BearDance: Friday Night Fever. March 13th 8:00PM @ Station 4. $25 advanced tickets/$35 at the door supports local LGBT charities. Taking inspiration from this year's TBRU theme of Studio 54, our DJ's are all set to get a disco vibe pumping with a mix of throwback back favorites and modern tunes. Headlining this year is Atlanta's DJ Sean Mac whose past events have brought his beats all over the world from Sydney to California. Opening up the main floor is Division 4 from Toronto by way of Sydney. If you want a change of pace head to the upstairs lounge which will feature DJ Romann Martinez who is returning from last year and Chris Spear from Nashvillle. Nearly 2000 bears and their friends attended our party last year. BearDance is the largest fundraising event during TBRU and the only official party open to both registrants and non-registrants alike. If you love bears and if you love to party then we want to see you there. Remember, when BearDance invades S4 we completely take over so you can feel totally comfortable and know that shirts are not required on the dance floor. Although we are a separate organization from TBRU and the Dallas Bears we are proud to partner with them for another great year. After last year's BearDance at TBRU 19, BearDance donated $42,000 to the Dallas Bears and the TBRU beneficiaries. This single donation accounted for nearly 2/3 of the total monies dispersed by TBRU 19 to local LGBT charities. Party with a purpose. Come have a great time while doing good for the community. Buy your ticket today! $25 Advance tickets are available for purchase through the TBRU website for both registrants and non-registrants. http://tbru.org/?page_id=12
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BearDance  - Hey Girl Hey!!
Hey Girl Hey!! See you at BearDance on March 16th at S4!! Video by Andy Stark, featuring Mark, Ami, Darren, Charlie, Kevin, and Mark Albert.
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Alex Casado - Untitled New Song
Alex rulez yo
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Cruise Video 2: Shit Just Got Cruisier
Check out Cruise Video 3 on Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/205747170 Filmed almost entirely aboard the RSVP 2016 Eastern Caribbean cruise on Holland America's MS Nieuw Amsterdam, this documentary will take you along for the ride and put you in the middle of the party. Featuring stops in Half Moon Cay, St. Barths, and St. Thomas, along with cameos from Cher, Brad Loekle, and many other RSVP guests, this 4K presentation lets you re-live the action of the RSVP 2016 cruise!
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Decadent Ducks - Southern Decadence 2013
Visit www.DecadentDucks-NewOrleans.com for information on booking your trip to Southern Decadence!
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Buck and Jeremy's Wedding Ceremony
6/11/16. Buck & Jeremy's Wedding Ceremony.
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Cruise Video 2 Trailer
Filmed almost entirely aboard the MS Niuew Amsterdam during the RSVP 2016 cruise, this video follows the adventures of a few dudes from Dallas who came to party and left with a ton of memories and a slight sunburn. Featuring cameo appearances from Cher, Brad Loekle, and just about everyone else on the ship. Available in 4K and lower resolutions.
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Decadent Ducks Do Southern Decadence 2011
Join Candy Samples and the Decadent Ducks at Southern Decadence weekend! For more info, visit http://decadentducks-neworleans.com/
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Journey Of A Cherry - Jackass Mt. Ranch
Follow a cherry from tree to packaging at Jackass Mt. Ranch.
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Silence After Sundown STUDIO VIDEO #2
The adventure continues...
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Bear It All - Clip #2 "Big D Bear Dance"
Clip #2 from the Pilot episode of Bear It All ©2011 FoodDanceFilms "Like" us on Facebook for more info! www.Facebook.com/BearItAllTV
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This February, the trilogy will be complete on Koningsdam.
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Decadent Ducks Fundraising
Decadent Ducks hosts several annual fundraisers during Southern Decadence benefiting NO/AIDS Task Force/Crescent Care and Food For Friends. This video takes a look behind-the-scenes to show exactly how your funds help the people who need it the most. CEO Noel Twilbeck gives a brief history of how the organization has grown, how they provide their services, and exactly where your donations are helping.
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Gone To The Dogs - A Heinz Ketchup Commercial
A Heinz Ketchup commercial by Thaddeus G. Fenton and Andy Stark.
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Bear It All - Clip #1 "Texas Bear Round Up"
Clip #1 from the Pilot episode of Bear It All ©2011 FoodDanceFilms "Like" us on Facebook for more info! www.Facebook.com/BearItAllTV
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NAGAA Softball World Series 2014 Opening Ceremony
Shot/Edited by Andy Stark. The 2014 NAGAA Softball World Series was held in Dallas, TX. The opening ceremony took place on Monday, September 22nd, 2014 at Annette Strauss Artist Square. This is a compilation of all of the videos that were part of the flag ceremony, which welcomed NAGAA softball leagues from around the USA and Canada and kicked off the start of the tournament. Produced by Dallas Series 2014, LLC.
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Decadent Ducks: Bayona Lunch
Defying definition or simple classification, Susan Spicer's team creates food that moves across a spectrum of styles and influence. Using the best local ingredients, to craft flavorful, balanced yet complex dishes is Bayona's specialty. ​With inspiration from the Mediterranean, Asia, North Africa, France, Spain, Italy, and all around the United States, you will always find something new and innovative on our daily specials. Featuring Susan's favorites over the last 23 years, Bayona's classics menu continues to delight. A pioneer of the slow food movement, we invite you to relax in our 200 year old French Quarter Cottage or unwind in our courtyard while dining. A specially prepared 3 course lunch will be offered including soup or salad, choice of fish, pasta or grilled lamb entree, and the chef's selection of desserts, which includes unlimited martinis. Other cocktails will be offered. www.bayona.com for more information about the venue, food and chef Susan Spicer. $35.00 includes meal, martinis, gratuity and taxes. Mixed drinks and wine are additional. Limited to 30 guests, with 10 people seated amongst 3 tables to encourage conversation. Don't miss out! Date: August 29, 2014 Time: 11:30 am - 1:30 pm Cost: $35.00
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Silence After Sundown STUDIO VIDEO #1
Studio Video #1
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FlashMob - Final Cut 3
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Sunday Services with Candy Samples: 10 Years
Produced by Decadent Duck Events, this year marked NYC's singing/songwriting drag phenomenon Candy Samples' 10th year performing her Sunday Services for Decadence audiences. What once started out as a small Sunday morning gathering has grown to be one of Decadence’s most revered events. Since that first Sunday Services show Candy has taken to fundraising and HIV advocacy in her home city of New York, helping raise over $200,000 for AIDS Walk New York/GMHC and over $20,000 for the Braking AIDS Ride/Housing Works along with her work for NO/AIDS Task Force. After remarks from Troy Richardson (Owner, Decadent Duck Events and Dabbler Travel), the show began with a 21-minute documentary which told Candy's story from her genesis at the Miss Pool Slut Pageant in 1995 to the fundraising powerhouse she is today! For more information about Decadent Duck Events and Dabbler Travel, visit www.DecadentDucks.com
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American Mantra - Shadow Of The Statue OFFICIAL VIDEO
American Mantra - "Shadow Of The Statue" Directed/Shot/Cut by Andy Stark
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FlashMob - Short version
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David & Jessica - Wedding Highlights
Shot & cut in 1080i HD.
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Ted & Phil's Wedding - Highlights Reel
Ted & Phil got married on September 15th, 2012 in Dallas, congratulations!!
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Andy Stark - REEL 2010 v2.0
My updated reel for 2010.
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My film reel.
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Candy Samples - Sunday Services Intro 2016
This video introduced Candy Samples to her adoring crowd at the 2016 Sunday Services during Southern Decadence. Held at One Eyed Jack's, Candy once again used her powers for good to raise thousands for charity. The show was presented by Decadent Ducks. http://www.DecadentDucks.com
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Dale Hansen's Remarks @ 2014 NAGAAA Softball World Series
WFAA-TV Sportscaster Dale Hansen's remarks from the 2014 NAGAAA Softball World Series Opening Ceremony on 9/22/14.
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Ted & Phil's Wedding - Highlights Reel Version 2
Ted & Phil got married on September 15th, 2012 in Dallas, congratulations!!
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