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A little introduction - Gridlessness - life in the woods
Allow us to introduce us. We gave up the mortgage and the schedule and embraced living in the woods. Not your regular luddites, we're just pumped about doing life outside, with less rules. check out our blog at http://gridlessness.com/
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The Kid Caliber .243
Hunting is a part of our life that the girls love to be a part of. They first learn to safely handle and shoot firearms. The perfect little hunting gun for a 70lb girl? the .243. Get the whole story at http://gridlessness.com
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Townies: getting some gridlessness
What happens when a hundred Townies get a little gridlessness for the weekend? You've got to check it out, but it's a load of fun with a 40% chance of personal injury! Check out the blog at http://gridlessness.com/
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Big Steaming Pile: Off-Grid Space Heating with Compost
Heat your off-grid space with a giant pile of compost! We built this Big Steaming Pile in the fall out of 16 tonnes of old hay and it heated the shop all winter. This was our first attempt and we had a few setbacks but still managed to get consistent heat for the last four months.
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Gridlessness - stickin it to the man
This woman has done something that many of us only dream about. She left the busy city life behind and embraced living off-grid in the woods. Get the whole story at http://gridlessness.com
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The Rail Peelers of Tippercreek: Building a Round Pen
Building a round pen has been on our list for a couple years. In fact we installed the treated wood posts 18 months ago and haven’t got any further until now. A round pen is a great place to train and work our horses, to keep them in shape and keep our little riders practiced. Its also a nice safe place for beginners to ride. Check out the whole story on our blog at http://gridlessness.com/
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Elk bugling in the river
Well, I can't help but remember some of the highlights of elk hunting in bc from last fall. We went out for a morning walk and were soon pinned to the river bank by a few satellite bulls.  The herd bull never came out so this impromptu iphone video is the tenderloin of the hunt (elk consistently provides the best wild meat IMHO, even videos of elk are kind of tasty). check out our blog at http://gridlessness.com/
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The Man Hairdresser
Rose says "I need a haircut"... and the drama begins. I transform into a tender and inspired hair artist, the girls stream into my boutique hair salon, and the magic begins. The Man Hairdresser of Tippercreek...new styles, zero miles. Check out our off grid adventures at http://gridlessness.com/
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Easy Sourdough Bread: From Mixing to Baking in a Wood Cookstove
Rose makes this easy sourdough bread in our wood cookstove every couple days. Everything about it is absolutely awesome; easy, yummy, healthy, beautiful and cheap like borscht. Making sourdough bread is an essential homestead skill and one that you can master before you hit the woods. Want more info on sourdough? check these videos out: For a sciency and exact method to start your starter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTAiDki7AQA Lisa at 'Farmhouse on Boone' has a pile of sourdough videos including this fresh one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3k1VpMs1zg&t=514s or maybe your more into Andrea's spin on starting a sourdough starter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ym70UsoQkA&t=616s If you read this far, congratulations! You are hereby invited to subscribe and then immediately treat yourself to a second slice of easy sourdough bread (or toast if it happens to be sunny).
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This is how I take care of things while Jeff and the girls are away.
Hey, it's Dave here. Jeff and the girls are away, so I'm just kind of taking care of things for them.
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Discussions with the Mama
You know how it goes. The children are getting all crazy with their knitting and you just have to get out. GET ME OUT OF HERE, AHHHH!. So you escape to the roof with a beautiful woman to share your dreams and aspirations. This is that story.
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Camping in Maui
Camping in maui is awesome. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. You have ultimate freedom in where you stay, what you do, what you eat and what stuff you can bring with you. Get the lowdown on where to camp and what to expect. Check out our blog at http://gridlessness.com for all the details.
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Winter Bee Checkup
Our biggest little person is the local beekeeper. A reasonably warm sunny day is a good day for a midwinter check up and sugar syrup snack. check out our blog at http://gridlessness.com/
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DIY Ocean Fishing in Haida Gwaii
Catching halibut in a 14' aluminum boat? Haida Gwaii is an epic hunting and fishing adventure! Get the whole story on the blog at http://gridlessness.com
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Shiny New Composting Toilet Outhouse
Meet our shiny new composting toilet outhouse. Finally a toilet for the off-grid ages, one that just keeps giving. This outhouse has two chambers so that when one is full it has time to compost and eventually be emptied while the other chamber is in use. It uses no water and is pretty near odourless.
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Jalapeno and Cheddar Smokies
Hunting and harvesting our own food is a humbling, rewarding and primitive endeavor. Making Jalapeno and Cheddar Smokies with the deer we shot, however, is pure artistry. As with other types of artwork, smokies don’t always turn into masterpieces, but these ones did. The perfect mix of spicy, cheesy and meaty. The kind of smokies that dreams are made of. Hope you enjoyed the video, you can read about it and other off grid adventures at our blog http://gridlessness.com/
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Free Camping in Maui
What’s better than camping in Maui? Free camping in Maui. Yep, I’m cheap, but I also just like to get away from the crowds and create our own adventures. We found a couple awesome, beautiful free places to camp, did some boogie boarding, hiking (pig hunting without killing any pigs), spearfishing and made some killer beach sushi. Check out our blog for the whole story at: http://gridlessness.com
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Fishing for Lake Trout...Maybe even catching some!
Fishing for lake trout this fall proved to be very successful... for the girls. These giants are super smoked! Smoked and canned for a winter day!
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Brewing Basics: Birch Beer by a Beginner
I just lost my homebrewing virginity to a tall, dark carboy of Birch Beer. Birch beer made out of birch sap with a little honey. Get the whole story at http://gridlessness.com Hey, if you like it, feel free, and a little obliged, to like it.
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Simple forced air charcoal retort
This charcoal retort works awesome and was very simple to make. The only magic is the 5" PC fan connected to a cordless drill battery. Burns hot and clean. Build it in a couple hours. Get the whole story on our blog at http://gridlessness.com/
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How To Make Kombucha With Fruit
Rose puts on a clinic and shows us how to make kombucha with fresh (or frozen) berries. If you want more detailed instructions or recipes we recommend you have a look at a great video by the homesteading family at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRvUMlKA8kc The awesome song is Texas River Song performed by Little Fire (Dave and Shoshanna Godber). check them out at http://shoshannagodber.com/
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Collecting Birch Sap
The flow of Birch sap is the first chapter in spring’s playbook. Collecting birch sap and making birch syrup is the only appropriate response. If you need nutrition fast, skip the syrup making, and just drink it. If you’re a connoisseur, you will be overwhelmed by its smooth, sweet and subtle flavour. If you’re a redneck, it will taste like water. Check out the whole story at: http://gridlessness.com/
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Milking the Bees
It's the bee keeping money shot moment, HARVESTING HONEY! Check out all of Sarah's bee related exploits on our blog at http://gridlessness.com
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Snow Day at Tipper Creek: Sledding and Snowblowing with the Toolcat
The driveway has an ideal sledding hill... and yes, that means that the driveway is not the ideal driveway. A fresh 6" makes it an official snow day. Perfect for sledding and snowblowing with the Toolcat. I get to play with the snowblower. The Bobcat Toolcat; 65hp diesel, 6" hydraulic snowblower, all-wheel-steer, heated cab for two is the natural companion for an acreage. Our little piece of land located many miles from the nearest ploughed road required a work mate of some type to maintain year round access. We have tried a few tactics over the last few years; hiring a grader (not reliable), ploughing it with a pickup with a snow blade (too much snow), using a smaller gas snow blower (too much snow), giving up and not clearing the road (too much snow). We resisted getting a machine for a number of reasons but eventually our need for access justified the purchase. The Toolcat has not disappointed. In fact, if you like machines, you can guess that it has been a blast. Besides the snowblower, it can handle a plethora of attachments including our other favourite, the brush smasher. The kids get to sled. We have a snowmobile skimmer for our snowmobile. Except that we don't have a snowmobile. The skimmer is more of a bobsleigh for the kids. It can fit a half dozen when they want. Sledding is maybe one of our finest activities. The equipment required (sled) is approximately 1/1,000th the cost of a snowmobile, it provides exercise, excitement and just the right amount of pain. Snow days are one of the reasons we live in the woods. In the city snow is often the enemy, but with a lot less other stuff to do, we can sometimes actually just play with it. Check out our blog at griddlessness.com
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Guatemala Kids and Firecrackers
We're visiting our good friends and all the kids with Story International in Guatemala. The firecrackers are just a super cheap and readily available bonus! Check out Story's story at http://www.storyintl.org/
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Tannerite is for Girls
Tannerite is for girls. Why not eh? One of the main reasons we live like we do is that we can have whatever kind of fun we want. Tannerite fits that description. Tannerite is an exploding rifle target. Target shooting without Tannerite is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without the peanut butter and jelly. All the girls are handy with guns so a little timed competition was a great way to test their fortitude under pressure. What a lot of fun. I'm not entirely certain there are any homeschool credits we can squeeze out of this one but I feel it's worthwhile anyways. The song in the video is Motivated by NF (Nate Feuerstein), who is awesome. I think his music is a perfect example of what to do with anger; write about it and sing about it and avoid being controlled by it. Let us know what you think about Tannerite is for girls, try out the fancy like or share buttons below. Anyone got any great ideas for our next shooting spree, got a great Tannerite story? Leave us a comment and subscribe, you'll get the next offgrid adventure video emailed right to your doorstep. check out our blog at http://gridlessness.com/
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Jeff and Dave Commentary: Ben Fogle and New Lives In The Wild
Jeff and Dave provide commentary as Ben Fogle visits Jeff, Rose and the girls on new lives in the wild. The gridlessness family is doing all things off-grid homestead: collecting firewood, caring for goats and chickens, hunting moose, fishing and just generally having a great time. Jeff and Dave provide a commentary to make sure you know the real story behind the show. Turns out Ben Fogle is a great guy and an even greater caller of moose!
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Bee Reproduction: Managing bees before they swarm
Check out all the details at http://gridlessness.com
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Discussions with the Neighbour - Bering Land Bridge
So its winter, and like so many, I found myself fantasizing about visiting with my neighbour. Just like we used to…. check out our blog at http://gridlessness.com/
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Beer for Children
The kids don't have to stand on the sidelines any longer while you build a brew! No, they don't, there is Beer for Children! Yep, exciting as any home brew, but way faster and for those concerned, less complicated and less intoxicating. It is, to the delight of pint sized pint consumers, super fizzy! Check out our blog for all the details at http://gridlessness.com
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Harpooning Big Butts: Halibut Fishing
Fishing for Halibut and Shrimp and Crabs and the elusive Spring Salmon on the BC Alaska border and what do you do? Harpoon big Butts!
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Super Easy Soap: Making Soap with Lye and Lard
Making soap is a Homestead-101 kind of skill. Making soap with lye and lard and one secret ingredient ...... Our super easy soap secret? Cottonwood buds! You can make it without but it may smell a little piggy, no big deal but you know what they say "less piggy your soap the better". Every wonder how to make soap? This isn't exactly a step by step but more of a motivational piece and should give you a feel for the process. This is one of those really nice projects for the kids, pretty interesting and not just a make work project. Make your own super easy soap? leave a comment and link your own soap making video.
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The Perfect Elk Hunt, Packed Out on Horses
Maybe one of our most favourite hunts, bugling elk right from the house. That was only half the fun, having the whole family to help load it onto horses and pack it right to our front door made it perfect. Elk is perhaps the best wild game and its been years since we've had any. It took a great shot with the Tikka 7mm and some hard work by the girls to bring home a years worth of meat.
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Prospecting: Gold Panning and Highbanking
Prospecting is a bit addictive, the tiniest bit of gold while gold panning can feed your soul, while highbanking can send you right over the top! If you want to know how its really done, check out the Friendly Gold Fiend and fellow addict Dan Hurd, at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOReOAYx8VDLwC0pOEcQD-g He's got the answers to your deepest gold questions.
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Spring Bee Checkup
Our two bee colonies made it through winter and are in fine shape. To increase the farm buzz, we just invested in another 4 colonies. It's clearly time for a Spring Bee Checkup. Check out all the details at http://gridlessness.com/
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Making Water after Rainwater Collection Fail
With the rainwater collection and storage system depleted, it's time to make water the old fashioned way. Turns out that melting snow is not a big deal, it certainly doesn't cost very much. Don't get me wrong, its not that making water is my favourite thing, but there is a time and place, and peace of mind, to know that we can't easily be denied the water we need.
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Spearfishing All Day
Spearfishing in the river!? How did we not think of this sooner? Make a spear, lower yourself into the depths, fighting off certain death and poke a fish.
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Up close with a Grizzly Bear in the Mountains
A little-too-close with a Grizzly bear sow and cubs while scouting in the mountains of BC. Get the whole story at http://gridlessness.com/ check us out on Instagram @gridlessness The awesome song in the video is 'B.C.' by the star studded Last Horse Standing: https://www.facebook.com/LastHorseStanding/ and on itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/last-horse-standing-ep/id1091395954 To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email [email protected] - Forward all media requests relating to your video to our licensing team: [email protected] - For all other queries, please contact [email protected]
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Prospecting and Panning for Gold
Our first trip to our new claim, total newbies prospecting and panning for gold at a remote creek. This proved to be an amazing experience and will definitely not be our last. A big thanks and "Well Hello Everyone!" to fellow BC Tuber and gold hound DAN HURD https://www.youtube.com/user/Galidain for all the information and entertainment. Basically, if we didn't do it right in the video, blame Dan.
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Baby Goats: From Labour and Birth to Super Cute Playful Goat Babies
Baby goats are the cutest babies ever, although watching them being born, from labour through birth, is maybe more educational than you care for. We've been watching our Nubian milking gats carefully for a couple days and were able to be with them for the entire birth process. Although terrifying at first, these babies are super cute within minutes. Because goats are so awesome, they easily have their babies without your help. This is another reason why they are a great animal for the off-grid homestead. Funny Song by BENSOUND http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-... Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music promoted by Audio Library https://youtu.be/9mHpr8lhjZE
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Gridlessness Mashup - Empty Hammock Brings the Beat
Barry from Empty Hammock lays down the beat with this sweet mashup. Check them out at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7543hRCrXixrahvzjgwVfQ
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Hunting in Canada: Family Hunt for Mountain Goat
Hunting in Canada is always awesome, but a family hunt for mountain goat is both awesome and ridiculous. See the problem is the mountain goats are a the top of the mountains. We're not a afraid of a little hiking, the real challenge is weather. If its socked in with rain or snow we can't really see to navigate or find the animals. Couple this with a rather large hunting party of 7 and it could be tricky to close the distance. But whatever, the chance to go on a family hunt in the some of the most beautiful mountains in the world could never be a bad idea. Like hunting with a thousand people? You should definitely subscribe! Thingamajig by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Artist: http://audionautix.com/
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Horseback Caribou Hunt
The whole family goes on a horseback hunt in the mountains for moose, elk and caribou.
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Homeschool Homestead: The Hong Kong Commentary
We've been a homeschool homestead for 12 years now and I guess it was inevitable that we eventually spill our guts about it. The world doesn't need more kids that know the exact same facts from the exact same textbooks. We need kids with curiosity, passion, work ethic, kindness and a variety of life experiences. Friends from Hong Kong filmed with us last spring and made a cool short documentary. They really focused on the homeschool aspect of our off grid homestead. The film is part of a mini-series airing on Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) and you can watch the original here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fLzc25U-JzE&feature=youtu.be Of course it's in Cantonese so we had to dub in the english. I'm pretty sure we captured the intent although.... on a few occasions we did use a little imagination. Check out Yeah Man's facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/yeahmanhk If you're thinking about homeschool on the homestead, or in the city.... You can do it.
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Serious Crabs
The ocean, just show up and it delivers some serious crabs. It's a little early to expect a lot of fish, but there is always something to eat from the sea. The two awesome songs from North Country Gentlemen are "Why Do I Love You If You're Trying To Kill Me" and "Restless Wind".
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Spearfishing in Maui
Spearfishing is a delicious hunting and fishing cocktail. Spearfishing in Maui combines this cocktail with the sun and beaches of an action packed family vacation. Check out the whole story on our blog at http://gridlessness.com/ If you like the video, share it, and subscribe for weekly off grid adventures.
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Placer Gold Mining at our Mini Mine
We decided to start mining, so we picked a spot and started digging into the highbanker. A gram of gold would be just perfect.
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Bonjourning: Snowboarding behind a Horse
Snowboarding behind a horse, yup, thats Canadian eh? It's like Skijoring except with a snowboard and a horse.
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Hunting: elk and deer and bear and moose
The girls do most of the hunting now. But there was a time, back in the day, When Rose and I had to get the meat! Deer and elk and bear and moose hunting.
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Snaring Rabbits and Making Rabbit Stew
Snaring rabbits is one of the easiest and most rewarding outdoor winter activities. Making rabbit stew is even easier, because Rose does it. In an effort to be accurate please be aware that the rabbits I refer to are actually snowshoe hares (which are essentially super yummy rabbits). Check out our offgrid adventure blog at http://gridlessness.com/ Rabbit Snaring Guide for Townies: You must first employ your greatest sleuthing skills to track down some rabbit tracks. Next, find a place where they make a well packed trail through a narrow opening in the brush. Take about 24" of light wire (22 or 24 guage) and make a small loop. Feed the other end of the wire through the small loop to make a big loop about 5" across. Twist the free end of the snare wire around a sturdy branch and position the snare four or five inches off the ground. Poke a few sticks in the ground on either side of snare and and angle some underneath the snare. This ensures the rabbit keeps its head up and hops through instead of going around. Then return to your cabin in the woods and grow giddy with anticipation! Check your snare everyday until you have collected enough participants for the rabbit stew study (three rabbits makes a big pot of stew). Take your participants to the kitchen sink. You can use a knife to get things started but rabbits are made to be cleaned, most all their non-meat parts just pull off. Remove anything that you do not want to eat. Rinse the rest off and cut into friable pieces. Coat with flower,salt and pepper. Sear on each side for a minute in bacon fat. Throw in pot with onions and this home made cream of chicken soup. Cook low and slow for a long time. Enjoy. Let us know what you think about Snaring Rabbits, try out the fancy like or share buttons below. Leave us a comment and subscribe, you'll get the next offgrid adventure video emailed right to your doorstep.
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