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Assembly of SailboatsToGo kayak Sail Rig for  Aire, Sevylor
The Special Sail Rig fits better quality inflatable kayaks that have enough rigidity and enough attachment points. This video shows the steps from in-a-bag to on-the-water. Assembly is quick and easy. No tools! Among the kayaks that work with the SailboatsToGo Special Kayak Sail Rig are the Saturn Expedition models, and most Aire models, including the Tomcat. http://www.sailboatsToGo.com
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Intex Mariner with Sail Kit from SailboatsToGo.com - Inflatable Sailboat!
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/DINGHY_RIG (click preceding link for more info or to buy) The Intex Mariner inflatable boat comes alive when fitted with a sail kit from http://SailboatsToGo.com. The sail kit folds to a compact, portable package, and so does the boat. Say good-bye to trailers and roof racks. Here is a real sailboat that goes in the trunk! Say good-bye to storage fees. Here is a Sailboat that stores in a closet!
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Cart for Canoe, Kayak, Boat
Click: http://www.sailboatstogo.com/v_page.php?content=cart Dinghy dolly. Kayak Kart. Extremely strong, lightweight and well designed, this little hand trailer is the perfect transporter for your small boat, canoe or kayak. WWW.SailboatsToGo.com
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Sevylor SVX500DS u230 Sailed Solo -  17' inflatable kayak
We've posted other videos showing sailing with passengers, but on this one we kick out the crew, take off the stabilizer floats, and let her rip! The same rig fits the Sevylor SVX200DS xk2. Http://www.sailboatstogo.com
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Sevylor U282 / k85 Inflatable Boat & SailboatsToGo Sail Kit
Very affordable, extremely portable, super fun sailboat. SailboatsToGo.com is the website. Inflatable dinghy sailboat based on Sevylor K85 Caravelle is the product.
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Canoe Oarlocks & Sliding Seat for Rowing - SailboatsToGo.com
Canoe rowing on this sliding seat is fun, fast, smooth and great exercise. See it on www.SailboatsToGo.com.
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Snark Styrofoam Sailboat with Kool Sail, from 1972.  Like Super Snark and Sunflower.
http://www.sailboatsToGo.com located a 1972 Sea Snark and shows you what it can still do. Buy the modern version at http://www.sailboatstogo.com/v_page.php?content=Snark_Super_Snark_Sunflower__Sailboats . In this video we show you optional stabilizer pontoons and an optional rowing rig for the Snark. This model was called the Sea Snark. The equivalent today is the Super Snark. Another model, the Sunflower, is similar but a little bigger, with more sail area.
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SailboatsToGo.com video: How to Hook Up A Trolling Motor and Battery Power Center Box
http://sailboatsToGo.com is your best website for boating accessories. Call us at 1-888-JOY-SAIL . Email us at [email protected]
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Sailing Inflatable Kayak - Sevylor SVX200 XK2 SailboatsToGo!
Sailing the SVX200 Sevylor inflatable kayak with the SailboatsToGo sail kit. Zooming across Maho Bay. We flew there with the kayak and the sail rig in our checked baggage -- 2 bags that fit within the free baggage allowance. So we had our own sailboat for the whole vacation. See http://www.sailboatstogo.com/v_page.php?content=SVX200. Sailboats To Go has many different models of inflatable sailboats, canoe sail rigs and kayak sail rigs. Even sail rigs for rowboats! See our other sailing videos: http://www.youtube.com/jimluckett. SVX200DS is current model that superceded this and is even better. Also known as XK2 River Kayak.
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canoe rowing attachment
Row your canoe with rowing outriggers from http://SailboatsToGo.com. Rowing outriggers move the oarlocks out so you get proper leverage. Much faster and easier than paddling. Call us at 1-888-JOY SAIL or 978 263 7598 or email us at [email protected]
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The "Any Canoe" Sail Kit from SailboatsToGo on Old Town and Coleman Canoes
Your canoe can be a sailboat. SailboatsToGo.com offers compact folding sail kits for canoes, kayaks and dinghies. Inflatables too. We're making sailing portable.
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Navigator II 400 Inflatable Boat with SailboatsToGo Sail Kit
http://www.sailboatstogo.com is the place to order an inflatable sailboat. The most comfortable, most portable and most fun way to sail. Here we show the Via Nova Navigator II 400, which is very popular in Europe.
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Kaboat:  So Easy To Sail
Kaboat sails nicely even in light winds. Inflatable, with a folding sail kit, so it's highly portable and easy to store. Accepts outboard motor.
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The 'Any Canoe' Sail Kit - Clamps On
http://SailboatsToGo.com sells canoe sail kits to rig any canoe for sailing. Canoes make great sailboats. 1-888-JOY-SAIL (1-888-569-7245)
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Sail Kit on Razorlite Kayak Part 1 (How to Assemble) by SailboatsToGo
See part 2 at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmpV52qWMC8
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Canoe Sail Kit from SailboatsToGo
You canoe can be a great sailboat. Check out this item: http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/CANOE_RIG/999
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"Any Kayak" Sail Rig, Straps On, Tacks Upwind - See On Tango Sit-On-Top; Innova Inflatable
Click: http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/KAYAK_RIG/6004 The "Any Kayak" upwind sail kit from SailboatsToGo.com straps onto your kayak and transforms it into a real sailboat. Seen here on the Tango sit-on-top kayak from Mainstream and also on the Helios III inflatable from Innova -- but those are just two examples of the thousands of different kayaks it can work on. Adjustable. Optional stabilizer floats in several styles (including ultra-portable inflatable ones) prevent tipping. Some kayaks are stable enough to sail without stabilizers with a skillful skipper. Many options and upgrades available to customize your kit to your needs and budget (e.g., larger sail, custom colors, special leeboards, heavy-duty mast). Sail kit folds down to a compact package so it can travel in checked baggage, or in the trunk of your car and store under a bed or in a closet. www.SailboatsToGo.com. email: [email protected] Tel: 978 263 7598 or 1-888-JOY-SAIL (toll free, US only).
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Super Snark Sailboat for Fun and Learning from SailboatsToGo.com
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/content/Snark_Super_Snark_Sunflower__Sailboats is the place to go for Snark Sailboats. Order online or by phone (1-978-263-7598. Email [email protected]
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Mariner 3 (Seahawk II) Inflatable w/ SailboatsToGo Sail Rig - Assembly & Sailing
http://sailboatsToGo.com (click this link) Now known as Mariner 3, but it's the same boat. Easy assembly, great portability, comfort, low price and good sailing performance make the Seahawk II with SailboatsToGo sail rig a great sailboat. www.SailboatsToGo.com
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Sail Kit on the Conquest Vista Inflatable Kayak Glass Bottom Boat
https://sailboatsToGo.com is the website that sells this amazingly portable sailboat. The Conquest Vista with SailboatsToGo folding sail kit. It's an inflatable sailboat in two compact bags. This kayak has clear viewing windows in the floor, to see the world below you. Comes with seats, pump, bag, repair kit and paddles (not shown). Visit our website at SailboatsToGo.com . Email us at [email protected] Telephone: 1 978 263 7598 or toll free in the US at 888-JOY-SAIL. MusicL "Stalling" (by Topher More & Alex Elena) Royalty Free music under Youtube license.
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Capsize Recovery For Big Inflatable Sailing Kayak
http://www.sailboatstogo.com demonstrates how to turn a fully rigged sailing kayak right-side-up again after a capsize and turning turtle. SailboatsToGo is the best place to shop for an inflatable sailboat or sail kit for any kayak, dinghy or canoe. The boat in this video is a Sea Eagle 465 FT inflatable kayak.
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Big Inflatable Ocean Kayak Under Sail - Sevylor SVX500DS u230
http://SailboatsToGo.com The Sevylor SVX500DS is 17 feet but weighs only about 45 lbs. With the folding SailboatsToGo sail kit (about 35 lbs) it becomes a great sailboat. See it here on Maho Bay, St. John. http://www.sailboatstogo.com has a variety of inflatable kayaks with sail kits.
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Inflatable sailboat you can sail, motor or row from SailboatsToGo.com
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/DINGHY_RIG is the page to see inflatable dinghies with sail kits that can also motor and row. SailboatsToGo is our company name and http://www.sailboatstogo.com is our website. Extremely portable sailing that is also extremely versatile. The boat in this video is the Intex mariner 4. Call us a 1-978 263-7598
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Electric Motor Package for Intex Mariner, Seahawk II
SailboatsToGo presents the extremely portable, extremely convenient, motoring package. Add motor power to your inflatable sailboat that is quiet and clean -- like sailing!
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Sail Kit for WaveWalk Kayak "W" Boat Catamaran
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/v_page.php?content=W_boat_wavewalk offers a compact folding sail kit for the Wavewalk W boat kayak.
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Viamare 400 (Pathfinder II) Inflatable Kayak & Sailboat
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/KAYAK_RIG/2025 (click link for more info or to buy) . Email [email protected] A most portable sailboat. The hull weighs only 25 pounds and fits in a suitcase. The sail kit weighs about 40 pounds and fits in a golf bag. This is a sailboat that travels in checked baggage or the trunk of a small car and stores in a closet or under a bed. Yet is sets up in just 30 minutes and gives great sailing fun to 2 adults with room to spare. And it's very affordable. Click the link at the beginning of this writeup. Inflatable kayak with sail kit from SailboatsToGo. We make sailing portable.
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Lever Lock System for Stabilizer Floats from SailboatsToGo.com
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/v_page.php?content=stabilizer_length is the place to go for canoe stabilizers. Lever lock system clamps the pontoons tightly. Call 1-888-JOY-SAIL or email [email protected]
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Canoe Motor Mount - Super Strong
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/v_page.php?content=Canoe_Motor_Mount is the page to visit for buying canoe motor mounts. Or call 1- 978 263 7598 or email [email protected]
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SailboatsToGo Kayak Sail Kit Installation on Sea Eagle Fast Track Inflatable Kayak
Click http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/KAYAK_RIG for the SailboatsToGo page where kayak sail kits are sold. Or call us at 1-888-JOY-SAIL or 1-978-263-7598. To read more about these kayaks on the Sea Eagle site click: http://www.kqzyfj.com/click-4273968-10301119?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.seaeagle.com%2FFastTrack.aspx target="_top
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4-Float Super Stabilizer for Canoe
Some canoeists need super stability. With our super stabilizer options, you can double the flotation and increase the distance of the float from the boat for greater leverage magnifying the stabilizing power of the pontoon
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Red Star Buccaneer I 300 Inflatable Boat and Sail Rig from SailboatsToGo.com
Red Star Marine's Buccaneer inflatable boat makes a nifty little sailboat with the addition of a Sail Rig from SailboatsToGo. Use the Buccaneer as a tender for your big boat, and you can sail around the harbor while the big boat sits on the mooring. http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/DINGHY_RIG Email [email protected] Phone 978 263 7598
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Snark Sea Skimmer from SailboatsToGo 1-888-JOY-SAIL
http://www.sailboatsToGo.com (click it) is the site for ordering a Snark Sea Skimmer sailboat. This incredibly light and inexpensive sailboat is a well established classic design, introduced in the 1970s and still going strong. It's a sloop rig, meaning you get a jib and a mainsail. But even though it has 2 sails, one person can sail it. Call us at 1 888 JOY SAIL or email [email protected]
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Sailing the Navigator III 400 with a SailboatsToGo.com Sail Kit
Red Star's Navigator III 400 together with SailboatsToGo's sail kit for inflatable dinghies -- an inflatable sailboat the performs great, transports in a small car and stores in a closet. Check it out at SailboatsToGo.com. Email [email protected]
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Sailing Kayak: Sea Eagle 420X Explorer.
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/KAYAK_RIG/6051 Click the link to see where to buy this sailboat. The Sea Eagle 420X Explorer combined with the SailboatsToGo sail kit makes a great portable sailboat
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Sailing Inflatable Kayak - Sevylor SVX500DS SVX200DS u230
The 17-foot Ocean Kayak or SVX200DS XK2 River Kayak and our SailboatsToGo sail kit make an incredibly fun suitcase sailboat to take in you luggage on vacation or use around home. Stores in the back of a closet or under your bed. Travels in the trunk of even a compact car. Even fits the Sevylor SVX100DS XK1!
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Inflatable Sailboat Dances (Bote de vela inflable baila) Navigator III 400
Having fun with the nimbleness of a SailboatsToGo inflatable sailboat. Starring the SailboatsToGo folding portable sail kit attached to a Navigator III 400 from Red Star Marine. WWW.SailboatsToGo.com
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Sea Eagle Fast Track 465 w/ Sail Kit from SailboatsToGo
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/KAYAK_RIG/305 (click link to go to webpage selling kayak and sail kit as package). Or this link for sail kit sold by itself: http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/KAYAK_RIG/6022 Sail kit folds to compact 4-ft. bundle for traveling and storage. Sail area is a big 45 sq. ft. or 55 sq. ft. for more speed and thrills. SailboatsToGo has been selling its sail kits for a wide variety of boats since 2003. We make sailing portable! See our customer feedback: http://www.sailboatstogo.com/testimonials.php
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Cat2Go: Sailing Haiku Catamaran  (Clear Blue Hawaii)
SailboatsToGo converts the inflatable Haiku pontoon boat into a real sailing catamaran: The Cat2Go. A 2-person inflatable catamaran sailboat that deflates and folds to fit in two 40-lb duffel bags. You sit right over the water and watch it rushing by beneath you. Really cool-looking, cool-sailing boat. The sail kit folds and the Haiku does too, so this is a sailing catamaran that's duffel-bag-portable. Clear Blue Hawaii's Haiku with SailboatsToGo sailing conversion kit. See it at www.SailboatsToGo.com.
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Inflatable Sailboat Twirling and Swerving This Way and That
http://www.sailboatsToGo.com owner Jim Luckett gives a demonstration of maneuverability in an inflatable sailboat equipped with steering oar steering. Jibing and coming about are demonstrated and explained.
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Pirate Sail for Sunflower, Snark, canoes, kayaks
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/v_page.php?content=Snark_Sail is the page for buying this sail and many others. Go to http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/DINGHY_RIG for the dinghy sail kit. And the kayak sail kit is http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/KAYAK_RIG. Canoe pirates should go to http://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/CANOE_RIG for their sail kits.
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Snark Sailboat Delivery and Assembly In Great Detail
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/v_page.php?content=Snark_Super_Snark_Sunflower__Sailboats is the link for learning about and buying a Snark Sailboat. SailboatsToGo.com. 978 263 7598 Or email [email protected] We also have all parts.
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Aqua Glide Blackfoot Kayak with SailboatsToGo Sail Kit - Fun Sailing!
Visit https://SailboatsToGo.com to see our line of sail kits for kayaks, canoes and dinghies. This video shows the Aqua Glide Blackfoot fishing kayak with our sail kit, playing in the Caribbean Sea. The Blackfoot is specially designed for fishermen, with Scotty Bases in several locations. When its not fitting, it makes a great base for our sail kit.
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SailboatsToGo.com Nanocat Inflatable Sailboat
https://www.sailboatstogo.com/catalog/product/2060 -- Please click to go to page where the Nanocat and folding sail kit are sold . Please Email [email protected] with any questions. The Saturn Nanocat can be propelled by oars, motor or our sail kit, making it a very versatile portable sailboat.
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Sailing Navigator II 500 Inflatable Dinghy
SailboatsToGo puts a sail kit on the Navigator II 500 from Red Star Marine. http://www.sailboatstogo.com/v_page.php?content=Navigator_II_500 Result: Another extremely portable sailboat. The Navigator II 500 is big, rigid and comfortable. And it sails well. See new video on same boat, shot in beautiful Caribbean setting: http://tinyurl.com/navII500maho.
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Aire Tomcat Kayak W/ Sail Kit from SailboatsToGo
The SailboatsToGo sail kit for the Aire Tomcat Tandem inflatable kayak turns that boat into a real inflatable sailboat. http://www.sailboatstogo.com/v_page.php?content=Aire_Tomcat_Tandem
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Sailing Canoe & Inflatable Boats - Sailboats To Go!
http://www.sailboatstogo.com offers you the joy of sailing without the drag of trailers, launch ramps, mooring fees and expensive maintenance. Boats and sail rigs you can carry in your car or even in your airline luggage. Store them under a bed on in a closet. But what a blast when you get them out on a lake or bay! The inflatables include Intex Mariner Sport 400, Intex Seahawk, Sevylor Caravelles and Super Caravelles. Among the Sevylor models we fit are: XR116GTX, XR86GTX, k85, HF360, SVX200DS, SVX500DS, Colorado Canoe KCC335, K79 kayak. www.sailboatstogo.com
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Canoe Stabilizer from SailboatsToGo.com 1-888-JOY-SAIL
http://www.sailboatstogo.com/v_page.php?content=stabilizer_length See our canoe stabilizer in action before you buy in this video. Then go to SailboatsToGo.com or Call 1-888-JOY-SAIL (1-888-569-7245). Canoe Stabilizer consists of adjustable horizontal bar that clamps on your canoe with pontoon floats on the ends. Adjustable up and down and in and out. Keeps your canoe from tipping. We have two styles: Ethafoam ($199) and Hydrodynamic ($299). We have a whole line of accessories that mate up with the crossbar. Easy on, easy off, no tools, no drilling. Everything you need is included. Kayak stabilizer also available using same components plus kayak mounting legs that go on deck of kayak. Phone number from outside USA 978 263 7598. Email [email protected]
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Big Sail On Paddleski Kayak
http://www.sailboatsToGo.com has more options for the Sea Eagle Paddleski than any other retailer. We offer sail kits in the standard 28 SF size, but also larger sail kits in 45 SF and 55 SF sizes. And they fold to a compact bag for easy storage and transport
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Initial Sail Assembly for Sailboats To Go Sail Kit
Questions? Email [email protected] Visit our website at https://www.sailboatstogo.com .
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