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This is What Happens To Your Body When you Walk 5, 30 and 60 Minutes
▶ Subscribe to the channel - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Do you know walking is one of the world's best medicine? It's one of the most overlooked activities that's extremely beneficial to your health. Today, there are so many means of transportation that have taken the place of walking — they allow us to take less and less steps each day, and that's not good. It's critical for us to walk more — those overlooked steps are essential for our overall health and wellness. Look, you should know that the body creates chemical changes the longer you walk — once you realize these benefits, you'll be inspired to walk more. The good thing is, there are a whole lot of opportunities for us to walk every single day — you can decide to walk to the grocery store instead of drive or walk to lunch instead of taking the wheels. Right now we're going to explore how walking for 5, 30 or even 60 minutes can transform your health and make you feel great. Sounds good? Let's get to it! What happens when you walk for: 1 to 5 Minutes The moment you step out of the door to take your first steps, your body will release energy-producing chemicals to fire you up for the walk. When you start walking, your heart rate will increase from 70 to 100 beats per minute — this beneficial change warms the muscles and boosts blood flow. You'll also find that stiffness reduces, and this is all thanks to the lubricating fluid that your joints produce— this will help you move more easily. At this point, your body starts to burn up to five calories per minute — fats and carbohydrates will be used as fuel to burn energy. 6 to 10 Minutes At this time period, your heartbeat goes all the way from 100 to 140 beats per minute. And you'll start burning up to six calories per minute. Right now, your blood pressure will spike up a little but still gets countered by the release of chemicals that expand blood vessels. This then supplies more blood and oxygen to working muscles. Look, As you walk more, your body, heart and cardiovascular system will have what it takes to maintain resiliency, and your blood pressure lowers in the long run. 11 to 20 Minutes Right now your body temperature increases and that's a good thing. Why? Well, it's primarily because you begin to sweat and the blood vessels near the skin expand to release heat. As your walk becomes more intense, you'll burn up to seven calories per minute and breathe deeper than before. At this point, two hormones, epinephrine and glucagon rise to fuel your muscles. For the most part, epinephrine is an adrenaline hormone that provides relief to asthma attacks and allergic reactions — it's actually sold in drug stores. The good news is, you can get it for free after a 20-minute walk! 21 to 45 Minutes This is the point where your body releases more tension and relaxes further. This typically happens as a result of the release of endorphins in your brain. The good thing is, you'll get to burn more fat at this stage and insulin levels drop significantly. This is great for people looking shed excess weight — so be sure to keep up if you're one of them! 45 to 60 Minutes At this point, you're exceeding all previous benefits for longer — boosting blood flow, burning more calories and oxygenating your body. It's also good to know that you're also fortifying your heart, losing unhealthy fat, strengthening your immune system, increasing Vitamin D levels (since you're in the sun) and feeling great. Moreover, studies have shown that walking is just as effective as antidepressants — it eases stress and anxiety. Who wouldn't want to experience these amazing benefits? The bottom line: Try as much as possible to walk more often — you can even turn it into a daily routine. Your body will feel great at the end of the day, and that's what matters. Happy walking!
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Here is How Eating Garlic for 7 Days Will Change Your Body For The Better
Garlic is known as a particularly aromatic vegetable, with numerous cuisines around the world using it in its dishes. This is primarily because it is an easy vegetable to consume and cook with, it has numerous health benefits, a pungent and impactful flavour, and is quite versatile in what it can be prepared with. It is considered a superfood, ranking second in health benefits to turmeric and is known to prevent major health conditions like heart disease, cancer, and strokes. If you are looking for a way to boost your body, whether that be your immune function or lower your blood pressure, consuming a clove of garlic a day for seven days is your answer. Here is what happens to your body when you consume garlic for seven days in a row. 1. You will combat cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. The number one benefit of consuming garlic is the fact that it can reverse early stage heart disease. It prevents the formation of new plaque and helps reduce soft plaques to make it easier for the body to break down plaque build-up. This means by consuming it, you will be reducing or slowing down the progression of heart disease or reverse its early stages. 2. You modify and lower your risk for cancer. Not only have studies shown that taking liquid garlic extract can increase cancer cell death, but it is highly protective against cancer-causing substances due to its antibacterial properties. Garlic also helps DNA to repair, induces cell death, and can reduce cell proliferation which is what cancer is known for (metastasis). 3. You lower your blood pressure. When garlic is consumed on a daily basis, at about 900 milligrams, it is highly effective against high blood pressure. It works by promoting the opening and widening your blood vessels. 4. You can treat and starve off the common cold. Numerous studies have shown that the chemical compounds found in garlic, allicin, are responsible for killing off the microorganisms that cause infections and colds. When consuming garlic, you increase your chance of recovering from a cold faster and you reduce your chances of getting a cold in the first place. 5. It can regulate your blood sugar levels. When you eat garlic, not only do your blood cholesterol levels improve, but when consumed on a regular basis, it can reduce your total levels of bad (LDL) cholesterol and moderately raise your HDL (good) cholesterol levels. It is also known to help those with diabetes as it can regular blood sugar levels, increase your blood circulation, and fight off infections. The only thing you need to keep in mind when consuming garlic is that it can have a negative impact on those who are taking blood-thinning medications, birth control pills, oral medication for HIV/Aids and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. If you have low blood pressure, gastrointestinal issues, or ulcers then you will want to contact a healthcare professional first before consuming.   ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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What Really Happens When You Eat an Apple Every Day For a Month?
When it comes to munching down on fruit every day, many individuals choose items like bananas, plums, peaches, oranges, and pears which are all great choices. Except they don’t come with as many benefits as apples do. Choosing to eat an apple a day will help you lower your risk for conditions like anemia, diabetes, gallstones, liver disorders, heart conditions, and stomach illnesses. Eating an apple a day can also reduce body weakness, lower your risk of certain cancers, and help rheumatism symptoms. Plus, there are over 7,500 varieties of apples out there, ensuring that there will always be one that you will have a liking for. The Daily Health Benefits of Apples You will be able to experience the following health benefits. • It Helps Your Digestion: due to the amount of fibre in apples, your bowel movements become regular which prevents things like constipation and stomach conditions. • Increases Nutrient Uptake: in addition to stimulating the metabolism, apples balance out bacteria in the large intestine. When the large intestine is properly balanced, nutrient uptake is improved which in turn helps eliminate toxins as the body can efficiently perform due to having enough nutrition. • Reduces Cavities and Cleanses the Mouth: not only does eating apples every day help clean out your mouth; it can reduce how often you form cavities. The reason for this is that when you eat an apple, you produce saliva which kills off bacteria and the fibre from the flesh of the apple cleanses between the teeth. • Prevents Heart Conditions: apples have a high antioxidant value to them (found in the skin), so they actually reduce the oxidation of fats and reduces triglycerides that are found in your blood vessels. This, in turn, reduces how much inflammation is found in the blood vessels and thereby reduces how much inflammation is in the cardiovascular system altogether. • Reduces Carbohydrate Uptake: the polyphenols in apples have been linked to reducing how much and how quickly the human body “uptakes” or absorbs carbohydrates. Due to this, blood sugar levels remain stable for longer, and the body is stimulated to release more insulin. Apples also help speed up the removal of sugar from our bloodstream. Other than the above, apples can aid in weight loss, improve vision, and lower cholesterol levels. The great thing about apples is that they can be consumed in a variety of ways because they can be frozen, mashed, dried, baked, and minced.   ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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What happens to our body if we go Vegan for 1 month
Let's face it; we all have that burning desire to indulge in delicious things every now and then. Of course, I'm talking about the milk, bacon, cream, chicken, grilled cheese and more. But what if you decide to give up on these super tasty goodies? More like quitting the sweets and making a big switch to the plant-based lifestyle? Ever considered doing this? If so, you're not alone! Today many people have taken the big step to try out the vegan diet for their health and a few other reasons. Of course, going the vegan is also great for animals and our planet as a whole — pretty sure you get the point. Well, if you're actually considering going vegan, I'll recommend you get a better idea what it feels like to make the big switch. Of course, there are quite a few compelling benefits to plant-based diets, but you should know that the diet can be a bit difficult to follow. In essence, it's not necessarily easy to switch and stick to the vegan way. Still interested? If so, you're awesome! In this video, I'm going to let you in on what to expect in your first 31 days without meat, dairy and every delicious thing in between. Note: it's going to based on my personal experience. Let's dive in! Week 1 During the first week of your transition, there's a good chance of trying figure out how to eat properly. In other words, your diet will be all over the place. Personally, I wasn't eating enough fruits and veggies, and sometimes I end filling up with high-fat foods say nuts and more. Yes, this is one of the most common mistakes newbies are likely to make. So take note! As the week went by (more like towards the end), I started feeling more tired than usual. Following this change, I decided to decrease fats and increase my portion sizes; well, to be honest, the change didn't really affect how tired I felt. Week 2 Moving forward, the body weakness followed me into the start of the second week. But the good news is, I started regaining strength as time flew — more like towards the end of the week. And this leads to yet another uncomfortable side effect you're likely to experience — gas and bloating. Trust me, mine was super annoying. But the good thing is, these symptoms are a normal part of the transition. In essence, it's just a way of your body adapting to all the fiber you're consuming. As you probably expected, the bloating got better after a few days and by the end of the second week, pretty much everything was gone! I also think it's great to let you in on how I fell in love with my veggies. In fact, it feels like my taste buds changed as I turned vegan. Right now, I can't seem to get enough of roasted pumpkin, mushrooms, broccoli, potato, red peppers and more. Who knows? You might feel the same way too! Week 3 Here's the thing; my third week of veganism was awesome. First off, the bloating was completely gone and I no longer felt weak and tired. What's more, getting out of bed was no longer a chore — it became easier than I expected. Week 4 Yes, as I said before, my third week was awesome but I trust me, the fourth was super! I literally fell in love with my skin — the glow was amazing. The change in my diet had a great impact on my skin; my complexion became clearer than it has been in years. So basically those with skin issues are likely to love their skin after going vegan; that's just how it is! And finally, I actually lost some weight but of course, the results weren't immediate. The big idea here is that plant-based options are lower in calories than meat, grilled cheese, chicken, bacon and more. Pretty sure you get the point! All in all, losing weight as a vegan depends on what and how much you eat. The big secret is to stick with balanced and healthy choices — not going to be easy, but trust me, it's totally worth it! So what do you think? Do you feel veganism is for you? There's no doubt that a full-time vegan lifestyle can be a bit difficult to adapt, but based on all the benefits, I think it's worth giving it a shot. Stay healthy! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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What Happens To Your Body When you Quit Smoking For 1 hour, 1 Day, 1 Month and 1 Year
Already feeling sick and tired of smoking? Considering quitting? If yes, you're not alone! Today, there are a whole lot of reasons to quit smoking and the good news is, it's never too late to make the decision! As we already know, smoking is incredibly bad for your health — it's more like a way drawing yourself closer and closer to the grave! But the good news is, you can quit today and start getting your life back. Yes, the benefits of quitting smoking are almost instant — you're likely to see great improvements in as little as 20 minutes! It's however important to note that quitting smoking can be pretty tough in the beginning, but trust me, it's totally worth it! Just try to figure out a plan to handle those cravings, especially in the first few weeks — do this and you'll be well on your way to a new super healthy life. Here are some of the amazing benefits that come along with your decision to quit cigarettes. After 20 minutes to 1 hour As mentioned earlier, smokers are likely to experience impressive improvements in their health just minutes after quitting the habit. For the most part, after 20 minutes, your blood pressure starts to drop back to normal and overall circulation begins to improve. After 12 hours At this point, you should be aware that the cigarettes are chock full of harmful toxins including carbon monoxide. Of course, this gas is present in cigarette smoke and it turns out that excessive inhalation can be incredibly harmful to the body. What's more, carbon monoxide in cigarettes inhibits oxygen from getting into the lungs and blood, and prolonged inhalation within a short time can trigger suffocation. But the good news is, after just 12 hours without a cigarette, the body gets rid of the excess carbon monoxide and improve oxygen levels. After 24 hours Worried about suffering a heart attack as a result of smoking? If yes, you'll be glad to know that the risk decreases just after one day of quitting. Essentially, smoking lowers good cholesterol which eventually increases the risk of developing coronary heart disease. What's more, smoking raises blood pressure and even increase the risk of stroke. But as mentioned earlier, these risks can be alleviated in as little as one day after quitting smoking. Of course, within a short time, the body's oxygen levels increases making it easier for you to exercise and perform other heart-healthy habits. After 48 hours Smokers are also at risk of having damaged nerve endings; more like the ones responsible for senses of smell and taste. But the good news is, after just two days of quitting, the nerve endings may heal and of course, the person will begin to notice a heightened sense of both smell and taste. After 72 hours Made it to the third day? Well, at this point, the nicotine levels in the body are already depleted. Of course, this is a good thing but you should brace yourself for nicotine withdrawal. In essence, after three days of quitting, there's a high chance of experiencing irritability, moodiness, terrible headaches and even cravings. This is just the way your body readjusts to the change. After 1 month At this point, your lung function starts to improve — you may notice less coughing and less shortness of breath. What's more, you're likely to notice a renewed strength to perform cardiovascular activities including running and jumping. After 9 months After nine months of quitting smoking, your lungs will start getting its life back. For the most part, the cilia would have recovered from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke and you'll notice a significant decrease in the frequency of lung infections. For those who might not know, the cilia are delicate hair-like structures inside the lungs that help fight infections. After 1 to 5 years Right now, your risk of developing coronary heart disease will decrease by half and after five years, blood vessels and arteries will begin to widen. It's good to know that this widening indicates that blood is less likely to clot, and that's great. Of course, this improvement lowers the risk of stroke significantly and it continues to reduce as the body heals more and more. All in all, quitting smoking is totally worth it — it's a way of bringing your body back to life. Now it's up to you take the decision and live the super healthy life you've always wanted. Good luck! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 ways to gain healthy weight for skinny people
Gaining weight as a skinny person is not easy. It is frustrating to eat a lot but still not gain weight. One thing that skinny people do not know is that they have a fast metabolism which makes it hard for them to gain weight. A fast metabolism means that your body burns all the calories you eat. As a skinny person trying to gain weight, you have to eat a lot more than your metabolism can handle. Naturally, creating a caloric surplus in your body will make you gain weight. Probably you are skinny due to lack of knowledge of what it takes to gain weight. Below are top five tips that will help you gain weight: 5. Eat more food The leading trick to gain weight is to consume more calories than your body can burn. The mistake that most people do is to go by their feelings. Your metabolism could be much faster than you think. You need to know how much calories your body needs for you to gain weight. Keep track of everything you eat to know how much calories you consume every day. You might overestimate your calorie intake if you go with your feelings. In the first week, you will have difficulties eating all the required calories for you to gain weight. After maybe two weeks, your stomach will stretch and start getting hungry more often. 4. Track your progress Weigh yourself every week to check how you are progressing. Malnourished people will gain weight quickly in the first week due to increased bowel content and weight from the extra water as well. Continue eating the same if you gain weight; if you do not gain weight, you will have to keep adding more calories to your daily intake every week until you gain weight. You should note that the food that makes you gain the first 10kg will not make you gain the next 10kg. A skinny person with less muscle mass burns fewer calories than one with a bigger muscle mass. Thus, a person with no muscles will require fewer calories to gain weight as opposed to a more masculine person. 3. Eat more protein Protein is necessary for muscle building and recovery. The following are the best protein sources for gaining weight: whole eggs, chicken breast, tuna, cheese, and steaks. For you to build your body muscles, you will require at least 1g of proteins per 1lb of body-weight per day. However, you should have in mind that some people will not gain weight or muscles without gaining fat as well. 2. Eat more meals You have been eating little food for years. Thus your stomach is small. If you are required to take at least 1500 calories a day for you to gain weight, it will be easier if you take 300 calories in 5 meals than having 500 calories in 3 meals. Create yourself a bigger eating window. With eight sleeping hours, you are left with 16 hours to eat. Make a schedule of how you will have the five meals in those 16 hours. 1. Training Lifting weights is good for people trying to gain weight since it triggers the body to build muscle mass. If you do not train, the excess calories that do not burn will be stored as fat around your waistline. Your goal is to be muscular and not chubby. Therefore you will need to train. Remember, the more you train, the more calories you will burn and therefore the more calories you will require creating a caloric surplus. Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Foods To Eat To Quickly Gain Weight and Muscle
Sick and tired of being called skinny and weak? Looking for a sure way to gain weight or add muscle? If so, this video is just for you! Yes, we know just how hard it can be to buff up — it can even be as difficult as losing weight! But hey, there's good news — you can successfully gain weight and muscle; that's only if you can give yourself to eating the right foods. So what foods are we talking about? Well, there are a whole lot of foods that can help but this video will let you in on five of the best. More like the ones that can increase your chances of getting your dream body in no time. Let's check them out! 1. Milk Taking the first place is milk — an excellent choice for anyone looking to gain weight and build muscle. Of course, milk has been here for decades and the good thing is, it never fails to deliver. For the most part, this food is chock full of protein making it perfect for those trying to add more muscle. What's more, milk is a great source of calcium, vitamins and other essential minerals. Just focus on drinking a glass or two after your workout session — you'll definitely see results! 2. Protein Smoothies — Stick with Homemade Looking for a sure, quick and highly nutritious way to gain weight? If so, we'll recommend give protein smoothies a shot. And oh, we know you might be considering store-bought protein shakes, but trust us, making yours will be much better. The thing is, those commercial versions are typically loaded with sugar and also lack nutrients. Remember — we're looking to gain weight and muscle the healthy way; no diversions! The good news? There are a whole lot of super tasty variations you can try — just do your homework, mix and start drinking! 3. Red Meats Yes, red meats also happen to be on our list — in fact, they're one of the best muscle-building foods right now. For the most part, red meats contain dietary creatine; an amazing muscle-building supplement. And oh, if you're a big fan of steak, you'll be happy to hear that it contains leucine; about 3 grams per 6 ounces. Essentially, leucine is an essential amino acid the body needs to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and add new muscle tissue. But what if you're just looking to add some weight? Well, red meats are perfect for you; they contain the right amount of fat and calories! In fact, they're way better than lean meats in this regard. Don't hesitate to eat up! 4. Nuts and Nut Butters Nuts and nut butter — both are just perfect for your weight gain journey. First off, nuts are chock full of calories. In fact, eating just two handfuls a day as a snack can quickly add hundreds of calories. And if you're considering almonds, you'll be happy to hear that just a small handful contain more than 7 grams of protein and 18 grams of healthy fats. What more could you ask for? As for nut butter, you can choose to get some (preferably 100% nut butter) and add to whatever snack that tickles your fancy. 5. Rice Last but definitely not the least is rice — just a single serving can give you a high amount of carbs and calories. It's also good to know that rice is super easy to consume and digest. But be careful though, some types of rice are high in arsenic; a chemical element that can cause metal toxicity. And oh, once you prepare your rice, don't forget to add some protein and healthy fats to the mix — you'll be incredibly glad you did! And that's it! Five highly nutritious foods that can increase your chances of buffing up, gaining weight and looking great. Now it's up to you to make your pick and eat up! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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6 Effects Dopamine Has On The Body
Ever heard of dopamine? There's a good chance of hearing people talk about this chemical. It's typically known as the "feel good" neurotransmitter primarily because of its link to pleasure and reward responses. It's the chemical behind that's behind our dreams and deepest secrets. So what is Dopamine? Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that's synthesized in some regions of the brain from L-Dopa. Essentially, we produce this chemical when we consume foods that contain amino acids including tyrosine and phenylalanine. It's important to note that some symptoms are likely to occur when a person's levels become too high or low. High dopamine levels can lead to schizophrenia and cocaine addiction while low levels are associated with Parkinson's disease. But the big question is, "what are the effects of dopamine?" Join us as we explore just about everything you need to know! • Dopamine Boosts the Anticipation of Pleasure First off, whenever we come across a rewarding stimulus, the brain releases more dopamine and this pushes us to seek out the fun or pleasurable activity. For the most part, pleasurable experiences or moments like sex, games, eating tasty foods and even drugs can stimulate the release of dopamine. It's however important to note that dopamine doesn't mediate pleasure; instead, it enhances the expectation of pleasure in humans. The bottom line; you enjoy most of these pleasurable activities because of dopamine. • Dopamine Improves Memory and Learning The effect of dopamine in the brain helps with memory and learning. Essentially, dopamine is crucial for long-term memory storage and retrieval. What's more, this neurotransmitter reminds you of important events especially those that have motivational significance. It's also good to point out that Dopamine plays a big role in working memory; that's the capacity to use information from short-term memory to guide your actions. • Dopamine Increases Your Drive Also known as the "motivation molecule," dopamine gives us the motivational as well as the internal drive to do things. As we know, we usually do things because we find them to be worth it or rewarding. What you should know is that dopamine is the chemical that's responsible for your reward-seeking behavior — your drive is as a result of high dopamine levels. On the flip side, people with low levels of this neurotransmitter are less likely to work for things and care less about the rewards that come afterward. • Dopamine Controls Movement It's also good to point out that dopamine plays an essential role in movement. How? Well, the basal ganglia (largest and most important sources of dopamine in the brain) is the biggest factor that comes into play here — it actually controls movement. For the most part, the basal ganglia require high levels of dopamine to function optimally — this is just how it works. If limited amounts of dopamine reach the basal ganglia, several different voluntary motions may become uncoordinated — this is especially common in Parkinson's disease. • Dopamine Increase Wakefulness As humans, we're more likely to stay awake when we have higher levels of dopamine in the brain — this is precisely why you're always active during the day. On the flip side, dopamine levels fall during the night, and melatonin takes over; as you probably guessed, this chemical makes you sleepy! • Dopamine Processes Pain Besides its role in increasing your urge for exciting experiences, dopamine is also released when you come across unfavorable or sad events — more like when you have an epic argument with your boyfriend or girlfriend. Finally, you should be aware that dopamine has a link to addiction. Essentially, excessive intake of drugs can decrease dopaminergic function and eventually increase addiction to drugs. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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I Drank Water on an Empty Stomach for a Month and Here’s What Happened
▶ Subscribe to the channel - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Drinking water early in the morning has a lot of health benefits. I tried this for over a month and noticed amazing results. You can also try this at home and see the positive difference it makes to your overall health condition. Make sure that you drink water on an empty stomach. Apart from that, you will also get the best results when you drink water stored in room temperature. 1. Avoid headaches I had this problem with regular headaches and this affected my work life. The reason behind this was dehydration which I figured out later. By drinking few glasses of water early in the morning, the problem easily got resolved. It just took over two weeks to notice this amazing difference in my health condition. 2. Best solution for constipation If you are suffering from constipation, you need to choose this remedy. When you drink sufficient water on an empty stomach, it cleans the bowel and regulates the digestive track. This helps you to get relief from constipation in a simple way. 3. Detoxifies the body Yet another amazing benefit of drinking water in the morning is that it eliminates the toxins from the body. While you may not be able to physically see the toxins getting removed from your body, the effect will be clearly visible in your overall health condition. You will notice a clear difference in the health of your skin and hair. 4. Improves metabolism This simple technique also boosts the overall metabolism of the body and provides sufficient energy. The red blood cells get stimulated when you drink water and this can have a positive impact on the overall energy levels. It also results in better digestion and your body will be able to extract nutrients in an effective manner. 5. Good for the health of your hair Remember that 25% of our hair is made up of water and you need to consume water regularly for healthy hair. In this regard, it makes sense to drink water on an empty stomach in the morning to get appropriate hydration. This can show good results for your overall health and your hair will become strong in due course. You can even notice positive difference within few weeks after starting the therapy. 6. Excellent for preventing kidney stones This prevents the occurrence of kidney stones by a huge margin. When you consume water on an empty stomach, it dilutes the acids in the body and this can prevent the formation of kidney stones. Lose weight and strengthen immune system You will be surprised to know that I was able to lose weight by drinking water on an empty stomach. This gives very good result when you choose the early morning hours as your body will be very receptive in this stage. It can easily flush toxins in this manner and provide immunity from different infections and diseases. This can burn fat effectively and help you to reduce the body weight. 7. Reduces acidity levels Remember that acidity can lead to various other complications and you have to control them to keep your body in good health. One of the easiest things you can do in this regard is to drink water early in the morning as this can dilute the acids and help your body to maintain the appropriate pH balance. This helps you to get rid of Acid Re flux problems and you will not have issues with indigestion. Many people suffering from heartburn and other symptoms after eating food can benefit a lot by choosing this method. Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Cancer Dies When You Start Eating These 5 Foods
Trying to figure out how to win against cancer? Or better still, how to reduce your risk of the life-threatening disease? If yes, you're not alone! Known as the second leading cause of death globally (responsible for up to 8.8 million deaths in 2015), there's no doubt that cancer is a scourge that needs to be stopped! The good news? The right foods can actually increase your chances of winning the scary battle with cancer! So yes, there are certain super cancer-fighting foods that target and destroy cancer and cancer-causing cells. And of course, this video will let you in on not just one or two but 5 super foods that kill the killer disease! 1. Broccoli Taking the first spot is Broccoli. A cruciferous vegetable that comes from the same family as cauliflower, kale, and cabbage. Right off the bat, broccoli is packed with phytochemicals and antioxidants including glucoraphanin and indole-3-carbinol. The good news? Both these antioxidants boast the ability to reduce the risk of breast, prostate, gastric and cervical cancer. But that's not all! This super green vegetable is also high in sulforaphane, a potent compound supports the body's protective enzymes and helps flush out cancer-causing chemicals. Just be sure to become best friends with your broccoli — and oh, the amazing benefits are best raw! 2. Garlic As with other members of the allium family (say shallots, leek, and onions) garlic is loaded with powerful antioxidants that can facilitate the removal of free radicals from the body. For the most part, raw garlic can help fight colon, esophageal, stomach and breast cancers. In addition to battling cancer, garlic can also lower cholesterol levels, reduce blood pressure, boost immunity and improve brain function. Simply chop a clove of fresh, crushed garlic and add to whatever recipe that tickles your fancy! 3. Berries We all love eating berries — there's no doubt about that! But now you have all the more reason to snack on them every now and then. Yes, besides being amazingly delicious, berries are rich in cancer-fighting phytonutrients. So of course, you won't be wrong to start stocking up on everything from strawberries to blueberries to goji berries and even black raspberries. Speaking of which, black raspberries contain an incredibly high amount of phytochemicals known as anthocyanins. Essentially, these phytochemicals inhibit the growth of premalignant cells and prevent the formation of new blood vessels. To sum it berries are effective in reducing the risk of esophageal, colon, oral and skin cancers. 4. Tomatoes Why this juicy red fruit? Well, it turns out that tomato is the best dietary source of lycopene — a carotenoid/antioxidant that brings about the red hue. So yes, lycopene boast the capacity to fight the growth of certain cancers including endometrial cancer — one that's responsible for up to 8,000 deaths a year! The antioxidant is also effective in fighting lung, prostate, and stomach cancers. So how can you get the full benefits of tomatoes? It's pretty simple — just cook them! The big idea here is that heat Increases the concentration of lycopene your body is able to absorb. 5. Walnuts Walnuts contain phytosterols — cholesterol-like molecules that have been proven to slow down breast cancer cell growth. What's more, walnuts can protect against prostate cancer — it's capable of slowing tumor growth and preventing their development. So what now? Well, just start munching already! Here's to a cancer-free life! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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4 Pressure Spots You Can Massage For Instant Stress and Anxiety Relief
When it comes to dealing with stress and anxiety, many individuals will use options like alcohol, hot baths, and escapism to find some relief from the mental bearing that stress and anxiety put onto our well-being. However, not many individuals will use actual physical options like massages and acupressure as a form of stress relief, which is unfortunate because these types of solutions provide long-term benefits unlike media consumption and lounging around. With this said, here are some ways that you can use massage as a technique for eliminating stress from the physical body. 1. Massage the two muscles at the back of the neck where your spine meets the base of your skull. This area is called the “heavenly pillar” and can be massaged to offer relief from insomnia and exhaustion which are a result of stress being held in this area. To massage this area, bring your neck forward, use your fingers to find the two muscles that run along either side of your spine, and follow the muscles up till you hit the base of the skull. Massage this point throughout the day to combat stress. 2. The shoulder well is a great stimulation point to put pressure on as most individuals will hold a lot of tension and stress across the shoulders. The shoulder well is located halfway between the shoulder and the base of the neck. It is a tendon that can be very delicate if you have a lot of stress built up there, so make sure you massage it gently, to begin with. The great thing about massaging this point is it will relieve tension across the entire body and help restore your energy levels. 3. The central treasury is considered a meridian point and is located right underneath where the arm meets the chest area. If you place your fingers at the top of the shoulder where it meets the collarbone and then travel downward towards your armpit, it is located halfway between the collarbone area and the armpit. For this particular spot, you want to apply pressure on the point with your index finger and either massage it gently or hold the pressure. This will increase blood circulation, help you breathe better, and stabilize your emotions. 4. The Nei Guan point is located about three fingers length down from the wrist on your inner forearm. Applying pressure to this point will help alleviate any nausea you may be experiencing as well as anxiety. You simply apply a moderate amount of pressure using your thumb and massage in a circular motion. If you go to apply pressure and find that it hurts a lot, lessen how much pressure you are applying until you find the right balance between pain and a sensation that feels good. You want to gradually massage each of these points until you no longer feel any pain or tightness. Some of these points will benefit from stationary pressure while other points can actually be massaged. Some individuals may require a higher degree of pressure depending on how sensitive their deep tissues are. It is always advisable to level your breathing and stretch while massaging these points as this will further the release of tension. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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How to Naturally Repair Kidney Damage with These 6 Ingredients
Your kidneys are responsible for filtering out waste products, regulating your blood pressure, and balancing fluids within the body. Unfortunately, these vital organs can become damaged as uncontrolled blood sugar, high blood pressure, and obesity can damage the blood vessels within the kidneys. When this occurs, your kidneys are unable to function at their optimal level which can cause waste to build up in your blood from the foot that you consume. For those who have kidney disease, a strict diet that is restrictive in sodium, potassium, proteins, and phosphorus is a must as damaged kidneys have a hard time filtering these particular minerals out of your system. With this said, let’s take a look at food ingredients you can consume that will help repair your kidneys. 1. Make sure you are getting enough water. This is the only liquid ingredient that you need for cleansing purposes. Not only can it flush out toxins in your kidney, but it can help fight against bacterial infections, kidney stones, and remove harmful particles from your blood. 2. Oatmeal has a ton of iron and Vitamin B6 per serving which is extremely important for preventing kidney stones and nutrient depletion. Try not to eat a crazy amount of it though, as some brands are a bit high in potassium levels as compared to other grains on the market. 3. Kale is absolutely fantastic for fighting against inflammation because it contains both Vitamin A and C. Although it is low in potassium, it does contain a high amount of iron which is needed for healthy kidney function. For those who have kidney disease, kale can fight against your iron deficiency. 4. Grapefruit is a fabulous source of Vitamin C which is needed to prevent bacteria development within the body. This type of fruit is lower in potassium as well as sugar, which makes them excellent for your kidneys. 5. Mushrooms contain Vitamin D which is good for kidney health as it helps regulate kidney function and can even help in preventing kidney disease. For those who already have kidney disease and do not like mushrooms, consider taking fortified soy milk or almond milk. Just make sure that the potassium count is not over the 300-milligram mark. 6. Apples work as a natural cleanser, are low in potassium and are a high source of Vitamin C. They have the antioxidant quercetin which can help prevent cancer and increase the health of your heart. Apples will help remove excess cholesterol and it will slow down your blood sugar. All in all, the best way to take care of your kidneys is to make sure that you are consuming items that are going to help with its function, its repair, and its overall health. By consuming items that are too high in potassium or sugar, you are only going to damage it further. Instead, choose foods that help support the health of the kidney and watch, as over time, your kidney health increases, repairs itself naturally, and performs better. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Here’s What Happens When You Replace Your Drinks With Water for One Month
When it comes to consuming beverages, a lot of us are completely spoiled with luxury teas, coffees, sodas, and sports drinks, but as we all know, these types of drinks are not the healthiest for us. Water, on the other hand, is a liquid that we know is good for our health, yet we do not drink it nearly as often as other liquids. This is primarily because water can be bland while a lot of other options are a lot tastier. However, if you can stomach it, water is incredibly beneficial to your body as it keeps you hydrated; it flushes out toxins, reduces ailment risks, and increases your metabolic rate. Here is what happens if you chose to drink nothing but water for a month. 1. You will experience cognitive benefits! Your brain cells require more energy to work than other cells in your body and these cells get this energy from water. When you are well hydrated, you will think better and focus easier. 2. You will remove waste build-up from your body. Not only does water aid your cells in getting proper nutrition but it also helps flush out the body by keeping the kidney in working order. If you cannot flush out the toxins, you will have these build up, causing rapid onset of health problems. 3. You stabilize your kidney function. There is a link between having decreased kidney function and a lower metabolic rate. When the kidney cannot function properly, it cannot get rid of toxins from your body thereby making the liver take over the process. If the liver is releasing the toxins, it isn’t metabolizing stored fats which leads to obesity and weight gain. 4. Your hair and skin will thank you. Your skin and hair cells require water to function because it keeps them hydrated. Proper hydration will leave your hair feeling stronger and thicker and your skin will feel smooth and fresh. When you don’t drink enough water, your skin will get tight and flaky which can lead to wrinkles. 5. You will lose weight and lower your risk for certain diseases. After you have consumed nothing but water (as your main beverage) for nine days, you will end up losing the same number of calories as if you had jogged for eight kilometers a day. This is why you end up losing weight when you substitute in just water. You also lower your risk for hypertension, bowel cancer, and bladder conditions as your organs and function better. To put this in perspective, five glasses of water a day lowers your risk of a heart attack by forty percent. Beyond this, you will end up saving a lot of money as drinking water from your home tap is free and if you would prefer to buy water, it’s a lot cheaper than other kinds of beverages. The only thing to keep in mind is that you can over hydrate and you will need to get a reusable water bottle just simply because the environment will thank you. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Start Taking Fish Oil Everyday And This is What Happens To Your Body
This is What Happens To Your Body When You Start Taking Fish Oil Today, the market is literally flooded with a whole lot of food supplements that promise you super perfect health and longevity. But let's face it; not all these supplements can do what they claim. In fact, some of them may end up doing you more harm than good. However, there's one supplement that stands out from the rest — its effectiveness has been proven by science time and again. It's none other than fish oil. Want to get a better idea of how fish oil can transform your health? If yes, you're in the right place. Here are few amazing things that happen when you start taking oil every day. 1. Lose Weight Looking to speed up the weight loss process? Just start taking fish oil. There's no doubt that you can shed those extra pounds with exercise and healthy eating — that's a given. However, adding fish oil to your diet will kick the entire process up a notch as it decreases your appetite and reduces body fat storage. It'll even make your workout program a lot more effective — what could be better? 2. Better Heart Health Fish oil can also give you a super happy heart — its omega-3 fatty acids are excellent heart protectors. For the most part, regular intake of fish oil can put an end to irregular heartbeats and also reduce triglyceride levels; now you'll get to be free from the risk of stroke and heart disease. 3. Improve Your Mood Ever heard of serotonin? It's a super important brain chemical that's in charge of regulating mood and cognition. For the most part, regular intake of fish oil improves the functionality of serotonin — it does this by promoting its release and reducing brain inflammation. Keep at it, and you'll get to have a better mood and enjoy a happier life. 4. Boost Memory Fish oil is also great for optimal brain function, and it's all thanks to its Omega-3's. Essentially, these acids serve as building blocks for membranes and cell structures. Even our nerve cells need omega-3 fatty acids to function properly! 5. Better Vision You'll also be glad to know that fish oil can work wonders on your eyes — regular intake can reduce dry eye syndrome and inhibit the early development of AMD. Moreover, omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to improve eye moisture and support tear production. 6. Stronger Immune System Want to improve your body's ability to fight sickness and diseases? If yes, just stick to a diet rich in omega-3. For the most part, fish oil can strengthen your immune system by fighting inflammation and improving blood chemistry. 7. Clearer Skin Another great thing about omega-3 fatty acids is its ability to fix damaged skin cells right from the inside. Moreover, the powerful anti-inflammatory effect of these acids keeps redness and irritation at bay — what more could you ask for? 8. Healthy Pregnancy Omega-3 fatty acids can also work wonders for you and the baby — they're are essential building blocks of the nervous system, fetal brain, and eyes. These acids also improve post-partum mood, support immune system, and overall well-being. So there you have it! With all that has been said, you can agree with me that the health benefits of fish oil cannot be overemphasized — it's the perfect supplement for you! Note: Be sure to consult your doctor before taking the supplements — this is crucial. Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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6 Warning Signs That Your Heart Isn’t Functioning Properly
Although we are well educated on what the symptoms of a heart attack entail, a lot of us don’t know that there are warning signs you can watch out for that may indicate a potential heart attack in the near future. Both men and women will have warning signs that should not be dismissed as knowing what to look out for is the key to keeping yourself out of peril. The main thing you will want to do is keep tabs on your cholesterol levels and what your blood pressure markers are. These will give you a good indication of the health of your heart, but if you experience any of the following signs, take a trip to the doctor. 1. Chest Soreness or Pain: a lot of the time a heart attack is over dramatized in films, making it seem like you are going to drop to the floor. Rather, if you feel any type of intense pressure on your chest, call an ambulance. If you experience any type of subtle pain that radiates to the neck, arm, or jaw, this is another indicator. Otherwise, if you experience chest pain after or during a workout or when you are stressed, this indicates there is a blood flow issue. 2. A Shortness of Breath: if you are physically fit and able to take a staircase with ease and then suddenly find that they feel like climbing a mountain, something is going on. It is always a good idea to track your physical activity levels and how well you perform as major changes in this can indicate a problem with your heart. 3. Lightheadedness: although it is normal to feel dizzy when you stand up too quickly, it should only last for a few seconds. If you get dizzy when standing and it lasts for a few minutes, this indicates that there is an underlying problem with your blood flow. Prolonged dizziness is linked to huge increase risk of heart failure in later years. 4. Sleep Disturbances: it is quite normal to feel fatigued weeks leading up to a heart attack. You may also experience sleep disturbances. 5. Yawning During Exercise: if you are constantly yawning during your workouts or are yawning regularly during hot days, it may be an indication that your internal cooling mechanisms are not working correctly. This may be due to a circulatory issue or a problem with your heart. 6. Bad Breath: if you have bad breath because of gum disease, your chances for a heart attack increases. This is because the inflammation caused by gum disease negatively impacts the rest of your body, including your heart. Inflammation in the body is linked to numerous chronic conditions that cause death. When it comes to your heart health, make sure you are tracking abnormal symptoms as well as your cholesterol and blood pressure levels! If you are well-informed and observant, you can catch the early warning signs. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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If You Eat 1 Orange Every Day This Is What Happens To Your Body
Oranges — who doesn't love them? Besides being super tasty and juicy, oranges pack a whole lot of amazing nutrients that can transform your health and take it to the next level. And to make things better, oranges are super convenient! So yes, you can always snack on them anytime you want! With this in mind, here are 5 incredible benefits of eating at least one of this sweetly sectioned fruit a day. 1. Super Healthy Eyes Rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin A and potassium, oranges are excellent for your eyes — eating one a day can improve your eyesight in ways you least expected. Essentially, the high vitamin C content in this delicious citrus fruit can help reduce the risk of cataracts and even promote healthy ocular blood vessels. What's more, oranges are chock full of beta-carotene — a compound that facilitates the production of Vitamin A. And of course, this particular nutrient improves our eyesight — in essence, it helps us see clearly even in low light conditions. 2. Great for the Skin Want to have clear, shiny and incredibly smooth skin? Well, who wouldn't to? The good news is, oranges can increase your chances of having the healthy skin you've always wanted. For the most part, it's amazing vitamin C content helps the body synthesize collagen, an essential protein that provides elasticity to the skin thus making it appear more healthy and youthful. 3. Fights Cancer Didn't expect this right? Well, the magical properties of this citrus fruit can also help keep cancer away from you and your family! Essentially, oranges contain citrus limonoids — a compound that boasts the ability to fight cancers of the skin, lung, mouth, breast, colon, and stomach. Pretty impressive right? 4. Boost Immunity Yes, Vitamin C is the nutrient responsible for this incredible health benefit. And the good thing is, just one orange is enough to give you 100% of your daily requirement. As you probably expected, vitamin C can give a much-needed boost to your immune system and keep you free from diseases and infections. 5. Control Appetite Finally, orange is incredibly rich in fiber — so yes, regular consumption can help slow down digestion and make you feel fuller longer. With this in mind, people looking to cut calories and lose weight won't be wrong to start snacking on oranges every day. It's also worth mentioning that its high fiber content can protect you from ailments like stomach ulcers and constipation. And that's it! Summing it up from top to bottom, you can see that one orange a day can actually keep the doctor away. So yes, you won't be wrong to start snacking on them today!
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7 Surprising Benefits of Taking Cold Showers in the Morning
Most of us believe that the best thing we can do is to take a hot shower in the morning. But that’s not actually the best thing you can do. What you want is to take a cold shower. The cold shower brings in front way more benefits and results than you would imagine. And the return on investment can be huge from that perspective, which is exactly what you need in this situation. 7. It speeds up your metabolism A cold shower has many benefits, one of them being the fact that you get to have a faster metabolism. You get to wake up a lot faster. You lower the body temperature, which means that you need to burn more calories this way. 6. Improving the immune system Not all of us have a powerful immune system. That’s why the best thing we can do most of the time is to opt for a cold shower. This will help boost the immune system power and raise it to new levels. It’s actually a system that makes a lot of sense and one that you do want to check out the best way that you can. It’s certainly worth the effort, you can rest assured of it. 5. Better blood circulation These cold showers are great because they boost the heart rate and the muscles are contracted this way as well. Since you get to have a better circulation, you get to stay healthy and your body will find it easier to fend attackers when that’s necessary. 4. Shinier hair Cold water helps your hair look better. At the same time, you can prevent situations like falling hair for example. It’s really important to keep your hair healthy, and with an approach like this results can be really special! 3. Skin health Cold water helps you make your skin firm and tense. As a result, you eliminate wrinkles and saggy skin problems. You can also use cold water as the means to eliminate dead cells and prevent things like cellulite or stress. Yes, it really is a handy thing to have and it pays off immensely as you go along, so try to take that into account. 2. Eliminating liquids As you do a cold shower, your blood vessels activate lymphatic drainage. This is really good, as it has a positive impact on eliminating liquids. If you have joint inflammation or swelling, this can be an amazing option. 1. Regulating the body temperature Since you boost up your metabolism, the natural functions allow you to balance your body’s temperature. This is great and healthy! As you can see, cold showers are really good for your body and you should consider giving them a try. Not only are they a pleasure to check out, but the mere fact that you get to improve your health naturally can be well worth the effort. So yes, you should totally take a cold shower and you will not have a problem enjoying all these benefits! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Here is What Happens To Your Body When You Are Protein Deficient
Protein is the building block of your muscles, it boosts your metabolism, and it has huge fat-burning potential. Beyond this, it helps fuel what your tissues and cells need to be healthy as protein helps maintain every part of the body, from your digestive enzymes to your immune system and your skin and hair. When you have a protein deficiency, it leads to cataracts, heart problems, muscle atrophy, fatigue, and poor concentration. Other symptoms include moodiness, muscle and joint pain, blood sugar changes, slow wound healing, trouble losing weight, low energy levels, and a sluggish metabolism. Here is what happens to your body when you are protein deficient. 1. You will feel more anxious and extremely moody. The amino acids from protein are the building blocks for the neurotransmitters in your brain. These neurotransmitters help control your mood. When you do not have enough protein, your brain will not be able to synthesize hormones like serotonin and dopamine, causing a massive drop off in positive feelings like excitement and positivity. 2. You will not sleep well. If you are consuming too many carbohydrates during the day and not enough protein, then you will have unstable blood sugars which will decrease serotonin production and cause a spike in insulin production. All of this will lead to poor sleep and sometimes even insomnia. 3. You may feel gassy but will be unable to go to the washroom. Your digestive and metabolic functions require you to have an amino acid intake. If you are not getting enough protein, your enzyme production and muscle contractions will suffer because of the lack of amino acids. 4. You will have something called ‘brain fog’. If you are having trouble learning, find that you have a lack of motivation, or have poor concentration, it could be because your brain is having a hard time synthesizing neurotransmitters. If you do not have enough dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, and epinephrine, you will have a lower performance level. 5. You will be slow to heal wounds. Having the right amount of protein is important for the absorption of calcium which is needed for bone metabolism. Amino acids from the protein will treat muscle loss and increase how quickly you can heal from bone fractures and breaks. 6. Your workouts will suffer greatly. Low protein levels will result in muscle atrophy (wasting), fatigue and sometimes even fat gain because you are unable to sustain the amount of energy your body needs to get you through the workout and then support the repair process. Although every individual is unique in how much protein is required for peak bodily performance, generally you want to hit around the 50 grams of protein mark (for both men and women). If you are unable to work out how much you need per your body weight (0.36 grams for every pound you weigh) then try to eat 20-30 percent of your calories from protein alone. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Essential Foods That Will Make You Taller
Let's face it; being tall rocks — it feels awesome. Yes, with a tall figure, you'll get to enjoy lots of attention from the opposite gender and even have better career prospects. Of course, tall guys are naturally loved by all and on the flip side, tall ladies have a higher chance of becoming supermodels — pretty sure you get the point! But hey, not everybody gets to be the tall one. In essence, some of us actually need to figure out how to increase our height a few centimeters. Are you in this group? Well, don't fret — you can actually eat your way to your dream height! Here are top 5 super foods that can increase your chances of getting taller naturally. 1. Eggs Yes, eggs are great for everything and amazingly, they're excellent for overall growth! Essentially, this highly nutritious superfood is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acid and Vitamin A; a nutrient that's essential for bone growth. But hey, eggs actually do more than increasing your height — they also offer incredible benefits to your hair and skin! Just start eating eggs already! And oh, be sure to stick to only hard-boiled or poached eggs alone. No fried or raw eggs allowed! 2. Turnips This root vegetable is yet another super effective food that can add a few centimeters to your height. For the most part, turnips boast the ability to boost growth hormones — it actually works from within your cells to indirectly increase your height. Want to start eating turnips today? Well, just cook with mild seasoning or if you want, juice them and drink up! 3. Milk Next up on our list is milk — it's basically chock full of nutrients that help build healthy bones and a majority of body cells. For the most part, milk contains calcium, protein, vitamin B12 and vitamin D. As you probably guessed, protein is one nutrient that can increase your chances of growing taller, but calcium is sure to work great too! All in all, stick to drinking up to two glasses of milk every day — you'll get taller by the day and of course, your body will thank you! 4. Oatmeal Need more protein in your diet? Just eat oatmeal! You might not know this but daily intake of oatmeal can work wonders — yes, it can make you taller! But that's not all, oatmeal facilitates weight loss, keeps your heart healthy and help build muscle mass. It's an all-in-one magical food for your dream body. 5. Beans Last but definitely not the least is the ultimate super food; bean! Loaded with proteins, fiber, minerals, and vitamins, beans are nutritional powerhouses you'll want to add to your diet today. Yes, they also have what it takes to stimulate growth hormones and make you grow taller. Need we say more? Just start eating beans and watch the magic happen! So there you have it! Now you've got up to five foods that contain powerful nutrients that boast the ability to help you grow taller by the day. The best part? All foods here are readily available at your local grocery store. Enjoy! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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How to Detox Your Organs So You Never Feel Sick or Tired
Although our bodies are designed to eliminate the toxins that we breathe in from our environments, sometimes our bodies cannot eliminate them fast enough which is what leads us to develop chronic illnesses. Unfortunately, we ingest toxins from what we eat, from our environment, and from our homes and when we cannot remove them in an efficient manner; we end up with symptoms like weight gain, mental fog, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and chronic food intolerance. With this said, there are organs that you can actually detox yourself which will help you eliminate feeling sick, tired, and fatigued. 1. Your large and small intestines. The intestines are what carry the nutrients from one place in the body to the next. The small intestine is responsible for absorbing nutrients and water while the large intestine is responsible for pushing food through the rest of the body. You detox by eating flax seeds, drinking green tea, or eating leafy vegetables like kale, broccoli, and spinach. 2. Your kidneys. Your kidneys remove toxins from the blood which means they must be healthy if you are to live. In order to detox this organ, eat a lot of fruits, specifically berries. You may also want to add in pumpkin, turmeric, and ginger. 3. Your pancreas. The pancreas is an important part of the digestion and endocrine systems as it is what is responsible for making hormones like insulin, glucagon, and polypeptides. If the pancreas isn’t working correctly, you can quickly become ill as insulin levels won’t be regulated. In order to detox this organ, use hot baths and showers, a lot of Vitamin B from leafy green vegetables and consume pineapples and lemons. 4. Your liver and gallbladder. Not only does your liver help with purifying what goes into your body, for instance, alcohol and medicines, but it helps break down serious conditions like blood clots and it aids in the digestion of the food you consume. The bile that the liver creates, which is used by the gallbladder, is what helps your stomach digest and break down fats. If the fats that you consume are not broken down then you can end up with high cholesterol levels. With this said, you can detox both of these by using turmeric, dandelion tea, garlic, beets, milk thistle, and burdock root. For the liver specifically, choose to eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, quinoa, apples, grapefruit, and walnuts. 5. Your lymphatic system. This is a network system that is part of your entire circulatory system, which is comprised of lymphatic vessels that carry lymph fluid throughout the body. It drains from your tissues into your bloodstream. It essentially is considered a “pipe” network that absorbs and transports the removal of interstitial fluid and fats. To ensure that this system is healthy, you need to be active in terms of exercise. It is highly recommended that you cleanse your body out once a month, but if you are eating healthy and moving all the time, you are generally going to have a cleaner body. It is very important that if you are consuming foods for a specific type of detox that these foods are washed properly and consumed in the right dosages. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Reasons Why You Need To Be Doing Planks Every Day!
When it comes to fitness exercises that can be done without any weights, the most common one that comes to mind is planks. This is because it can be done practically anywhere, require little to no time investment, and do not require anything beyond your own body weight. In addition to this, they are one of the most effective exercises available for your core, as they boost fitness levels in a myriad of ways. Beyond engaging multiple muscle groups, planks are known to reduce your chance for injury and can even improve your posture! Here are five reasons why you need to be doing planks every single day as part of your workout routine. 1. They Effectively Improve Your Core’s Performance and Overall Definition: because planks engage four major muscle groups, each muscle group will become strengthened the more often you plank. Each muscle group serves a purpose and contributes to the overall definition of the abdominal region. You will engage your transverse abdominis which allows you to lift more, you will enhance your rectus abdominis which improves jumping and gives you that six pack look, and you will work out your obliques which allow you to bend and twist. Beyond this, you will work out your glutes, which will provide you with an extremely well-shaped butt and a strong back. 2. You Will Reduce Back and Spinal Injuries: When you do planks regularly, not only do you help rid yourself of back pain, but you build muscle without putting any pressure on your hips and spine. The more you do, the stronger your back muscles will get and the stronger they are, the less likely you are to injure them. 3. You Can Increase/Boost Your Metabolism: If you have ever done a plank, you understand how insanely difficult it is to hold that position for 1-2 minutes. This is because you are engaging four major muscle groups while trying to maintain and hold up your body. When you challenge your body like this in short bursts, it increases your metabolism which helps you burn more energy when sedentary. When you consistently boost your metabolism to a higher rate, eventually you will burn at that rate even while sleeping. 4. Your Posture Will Improve Dramatically: Planking causes you to straighten out your back and makes you more aware of proper (and straight) form. This enhances your awareness of proper posture. When you have good posture, your bones and joints will be aligned which helps reduce pain. Plus, when you have correct posture, you look healthier, more confident, and fitter. 5. You Will Gain Mental Benefits: The four muscle groups that planks work out contribute to a lot of stress in the body. Unfortunately, when you sit all day long, your legs will get heavy, your back will take on stress, your shoulders will have tension develop in them, and your thigh muscles will get tight. By stretching these out, you can release this stress and tension which will help you relieve negative mental symptoms. Beyond this, by doing planks every day, you will become more flexible, will improve your overall balance, and everyday tasks will become a lot easier because you will get stronger. There’s really no reason to not get into doing planks regularly. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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What happens when you consume Olive Oil every day?
Are you interested in learning more about the staple of the Mediterranean diet? Do you want to know how invaluable it is to your health? If yes, you're in luck! The thing is, extra virgin olive oil has a whole lot of health benefits — there's far more to it than meets the taste buds. This nectar of the gods is rich in Vitamin E and a host of other nutrients. It's also good to know that olive oil contains up to 75% monounsaturated fat — this is a good kind of fat that's beneficial to the body. Here are some other health benefits of extra virgin olive oil 1. Perfect for Weight Loss Do you know that extra virgin olive oil is a secret weapon for weight loss? The Mediterraneans consume up to twenty liters of the oil every year and still aren't fat! The thing is, a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil may provide you with sustainable weight loss results than a low-fat diet. 2. Prevents Diabetes It's also good to know that regular consumption of extra virgin olive oil may help inhibit or delay the onset of diabetes. Moreover, this nectar of the gods regulate and balance insulin levels, and that's great for your health. 3. Heals the Skin Another great thing about extra virgin olive oil is the wonders it does to the skin. It works great for premature aging and skin damage. Moreover, the oil adds a protective coating on the skin — the good thing is, you can enjoy this benefit by both consumption and application. The oil also works as a great moisturizer — what more could you ask for? 4. Pain Relief Extra virgin olive oil also acts as a natural pain reliever thanks to a component known as oleocanthal. This substance has great anti-inflammatory properties — it's more like a natural ibuprofen. So, indulging a Mediterranean-style diet might provide you with the long-term benefits of the drug including a reduced cancer risk. 5. Stronger Immune System This amazing oil is also chock full of antioxidants which are vital for strengthening and protecting your immune system. So this simply means that extra virgin olive oil may make your body less susceptible or resistant to infection. 6. Mental Strength As mentioned earlier, olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fat — according to research, this fat inhibits the cognitive decline that's typically associated with diseases like Alzheimer’s. 7. Ensures the Smooth Running of the Body It's also good to know that extra virgin olive oil helps your body operate as it's supposed to —it plays a significant role in the operational health of vital parts of your body including the pancreas, stomach, and intestines. 8. Longer lifespan There's no doubt that extra virgin olive oil can add more years to your life since it prevents and reduce the impact of several chronic diseases including certain cancers. This is totally awesome for something that's also great for the taste buds. 9. Better Sex Life Want to improve your sex life? If yes, be sure to add more of it to your salads! It's good to know that olive oil boosts blood circulation to every part of your body including those hard to reach erogenous zones. This is exactly why the greatest lover in history was Italian — now we know his big secret! As you can see, the healing and health properties of extra virgin olive oil are huge — it's sure to change your life! There's truly far more to extra virgin oil than meets the taste buds!
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5 Things That Happen To Your Body If You Don’t Drink Enough Water
We all understand the importance of drinking enough water in theory, but in actuality, a lot of individuals still struggle with knowing how much to drink and whether they are getting enough or not. When you don’t drink enough water and your body goes without, whether you are in a dehydration state or not, you end up causing damage to your body. This is especially true if you are an avid workout enthusiast and aren’t getting enough water before and after your workouts. Here are 5 things that happen to your body when you don’t get enough H2O. 1. You end up losing water and not fat. This particularly pertains to those who are working out and don’t drink water while they are exercising. When your body is lacking water, it can burn the fat cells properly, so your body ends up shedding the water and not the fat. 2. Toxins Remain Inside Your Body. When you sweat, your body is able to get rid of toxins that have built up over time. If you don’t have enough water, you won’t be able to sweat very well, which means that toxins will stay inside your body. This goes the same for flushing out toxins that are being held within your organs. 3. Muscle Pain. You will end up experiencing muscle pain for longer because your body won’t be able to properly heal up the muscle injury. Your muscles need protein, carbohydrates, and water to properly heal up. 4. You Put More Pressure on Your Heart. When you don’t get enough water, your blood will actually get thicker and your blood vessels will constrict. This causes your heart to work harder because it has to push thicker blood through narrowed vessels. This can cause you to experience high blood pressure, shortness of breath, and even tachycardia. 5. You Will Actually Eat More. It is very easy to confuse thirst for hunger. Whenever you feel hungry, drink a glass or two of water first and see how it sits. If you are still hungry afterwards, get a snack. Other than the above, if you aren’t getting enough water your concentration will decrease and you will feel more fatigued. You will swell up as your body tries to retain the little water that it has and your workout effectiveness will decrease as your body won’t be able to burn fat or grow muscle as easily. Finally, if you don’t have enough water while working out, you will contribute to skin aging as the flow of blood that is enriched with oxygen will increase collagen production. You need water to help the blood circulate properly. So, if you don’t think you are getting enough water, grab a water bottle or a dedicated water glass and make it into a habit. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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3 WEIGHT GAINING Mistakes Everybody Makes and How to Avoid Them
If you’re skinny and want to put on weight, you will notice that it’s pretty hard for you to get the results you’re looking for. While there is so much information online on how to lose weight, there is a lack of information for skinny people on how to gain healthy weight. Gaining weight might seem easy at first. Just eat everything, right? At first this might look easy, but things tend to get more challenging, and you need to figure out a good way to gain healthy weight naturally. Here you have 3 weight gaining mistakes that people do, so that you can avoid them. 3. Working Out Too Much You see, working out all the time sounds ok, but it can actually be damaging to your body. When trying to gain weight by working out, remember that your diet will determine 80% of your results, and your workout will determine 20% Instead of working out 5+ days per week, try 3 days a week, and include compound exercise in your workout routine. This will give you more time to focus on your diet. Eating 5 smaller meals per day rather than 3 will greatly increase your healthy weight gain results. 2. Eating Too Much Protein Proteins are great for your body. But you can’t rely solely on proteins to gain weight. Overdosing on protein will give the illusion of feeling full, but you need other nutrients too, and that’s why you still need to focus on the different types of carbs you eat. Having a balanced diet is a lot more beneficial and it can bring you a stellar set of benefits to your weight gaining journey. 1. Using too many supplements Supplements can be great as long as you know how to use them. Normally, using supplements will be a good thing for your body and it can indeed do wonders. But it’s a lot better to focus on your diet instead of thinking about adding in too many supplements. You have to balance things out if you want everything to work exactly the way you plan. There are a lot of weight gaining mistakes that people do. Some of them are made unintentionally, others are performed willingly. As long as you know what you need to do in order to gain weight safety, that’s what matters the most. Just remember, it can take a while to start gaining weight the right way. So, you need patience and you will need focus. Sure, there will be plenty of challenges and obstacles along the way, but stick to a routine, be consistent with your workout routine and diet, and you will see results in no time. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Sneaky Heart attack symptoms you should be looking out for!
Let's face it; a heart attack is deadly — yes, this situation has its way of sending chills down everyone's spine. Now, the very first thing you should know is that heart attack affects both men and women. But of course, the symptoms in men are quite different from what women experience. Speaking of which, heart attack symptoms in women are generally less dramatic those in men. But hey, whichever way it goes, you should be aware that heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. So exactly what are these sneaky symptoms? Well, as mentioned earlier, heart attack symptoms in women are typically subtle and vague. And yes, that's precisely why we call them sneaky. Here are a few you'll certainly want to keep in mind: 1. Pain in Different Parts of the Body First off, it's never a good idea to ignore body pain when it hits you. And yes, since we're talking about heart attack symptoms, you should look out for pain in both arms, neck, jaw, back or stomach. Essentially, you should be aware that the onset of the pain may be sudden and it could also worsen and lessen before becoming life-threatening. And oh, you should try as much as possible not to mistake the stomach pain for heartburn or flu — see your doctor before it gets worse. 2. Mild Sensations in the Chest Yes, this is yet another symptom that most women are likely to ignore. Now, there's no doubt that sharp chest pain screams heart trouble, but hey, it's also crucial to keep your eyes peeled for the minor sensation. Speaking of which, you'll want to look out for squeezing or fullness sensation and yes, this could be felt anywhere in the chest. It's also important to note that the pain may linger for a couple minutes, disappear and return. So what's the point? Well, it's pretty simple — don't ignore the pain. 3. Sweating Do you frequently break out in cold, nervous sweats for no just cause? More like experiencing sudden sweats even while sitting still doing nothing? Well, if yes is your answer to these questions, you won't be wrong to get medical attention immediately. Yes, abnormal sweating is one of the few sneaky symptoms of heart attack in women. 4. Shortness of Breath This is yet another common symptom of heart attack in the fairer gender. And yes, it can happen with or without chest pain or discomfort. Just don't hesitate to see a doctor if you find it hard to breathe for no apparent reason. 5. Fatigue Last but certainly not the least is fatigue. Yes, if you happen to be one of the many women who tend to be tired for no reason, we'll advice you take a trip to the doctor's office. And oh, when we talk fatigue, chances are you may find it hard to do simple everyday activities like walking to the restroom or climbing the stairs. Pretty sure you get the point. So there you have it! These are five sneaky heart attack symptoms you should look out for and of course, address accordingly. As mentioned earlier, heart disease is a leading cause of death in both men and women. But of course, the good news is, you can actually stop the disease from causing major damage by seeking quick medical attention. Remember, delay only makes things worse — save your heart today! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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How To Trick Your Body To Be A Morning Person
Whether you want to seize more of the day, enjoy the early morning sunshine or prepare for your body for a new you, becoming a morning person can be difficult if you don’t implement the right tricks. The main thing you have to keep in mind is that you will need to gradually adjust your body to the new time which will include re-adjusting your internal clock and changing up your psychological perspective. Here are some easy ways to trick your body into becoming a morning person. 1. Make sure you get enough relaxation during the night. If you fall asleep and have a fitful sleep, you aren’t going to want to get up when that 6:30 am alarm clock goes blaring off. Instead, invest in some extremely cozy pyjamas and drink and eat something that soothes you. In addition to this, get a bedtime routine going so that your body knows that when you hit the sheets, it is sleep time. 2. Although you may get creeped out at first, convince yourself to keep the blinds open during the night. This will ensure that you get a heaping dose of sunshine in the morning when you wake up. This makes it easier to get started with the day rather than hitting the snooze button. The light helps your biological clock get reset and aligned to when the sun rises. 3. When you get out of bed, don’t get back in and instead do a fifteen to twenty minute workout. It doesn’t have to be insanely intense, but it has to be enough to get your blood pumping. You could jog on the spot, do jumping jacks or do a few laps of the stairs. Regardless of what you do, exercise helps your body get energized and it removes unwanted toxins from the body. Better yet, add some music to that workout to get you pumped up. 4. Consume protein in the morning. Don’t grab a sugary breakfast and certainly don’t skip out on it completely. Instead, take the time to eat a breakfast that is filled with protein and healthy fats. Not only will this give you the energy you need to start the day but it gives you something to look forward to once you get out of bed. 5. Use a smart alarm to prevent yourself from hitting that snooze button. It’s very easy to wake up, feel groggy and immediately think about another five to ten minutes of sleep. This is where you get into trouble because hitting that snooze button is oh so easy. Instead use a smart alarm that requires you to solve a puzzle or math equation in order to turn it off. This requires you to sit up, think, and get yourself out of your groggy state. Finally, don’t sweat bed time. Sometimes we get all riled up about going to bed at the same time every night and this can cause stress, which is exactly what you don’t want when you are trying to relax before bed. Try to aim to go to bed around the same time but mostly listen to your body. Go to sleep when you feel tired and you will eventually wake up and doze off at the same time every day. Other than this, avoid the urge to nap during the day and establish a routine that rewards you. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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7 Surprising Green Banana Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know
Typically when you go grocery shopping and you hit the produce section with bananas, you see everyone go for the ones that are fully yellow. A fully yellow banana that does not have its brown spots yet, is ripe and still relatively non-sweet. Most people tend to skip over the unripened or green bananas, but did you know that there are actually a ton of benefits with consuming green bananas? Keep watching to find out how you could benefit from eating these unripened and delicious fruits. • They Will Aid in Digestion: unripened bananas have a high amount of starch and fibre, which can help prevent any type of bloating and constipation during digestion. However, they should be eaten in a moderate amount. • They Will Regulate Blood Pressure: bananas are high in potassium which is extremely important for lowering the stress levels of your arteries and blood vessels. Eating green bananas can lower the tension caused by higher blood pressure levels. • They Improve Nutrient Absorption: green bananas have short-chain fatty acids which help improve how well your body absorbs nutrients. This, in turn, will help improve the overall health of your colon. • They Boost Your Metabolism: unripened bananas contain a large amount of essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to operate efficiently. This includes complex carbohydrates which your body needs for energy. They can also help speed up how quickly your body burns calories. • They Are High in B6: green bananas contain almost forty percent of the recommended daily value of B6! This critical vitamin helps form hemoglobin, aids in blood sugar control, and plays a major role in hundreds of reactions in your body. • They Aid Your Kidneys: a raw banana can help maintain the balance of electrolytes within your body. This will help keep your kidney functioning properly and minimize kidney issues. • They Are Great for Diabetics: green bananas are a great option for diabetics who still want to consume bananas without their sugar content. Fully yellow bananas and ones with brown spots have a higher sugar content, so these should be avoided. Although eating unripened bananas does seem unappealing, you can always boil them, fry them, or put them into shakes to make them easier to consume. They are really no different unripe when they are ripe, just that they may be a bit more bitter and definitely a lot less sweet. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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I Stopped Smoking and After 1 Month Here's What Happened
Let's face it; smoking is bad. Besides impacting your health, the habit takes its toll on your appearance, clothes and of course, your wallet! As a new ex-smoker, I can say for sure that smoking affects your body in more ways than one, but the good news is, it's never too late to quit. Of course, after many years of smoking, I decided to take the big step towards cessation. Although it hasn't been easy, I can say that I've been seeing the fruits of my labor — it's really amazing! So far so good, I've stayed away from cigarettes for one month — of course, I started experiencing the incredible health benefits right from day one up until this moment. In this video, I'm going to let you in on how my health changed during the first month of giving up on the habit. And of course, I hope it motivates you to quit smoking once and for all! Here's What Happened After I Stopped Smoking For One Month For starters, you're likely to experience the amazing benefits of quitting in as little 20 minutes — that's just how fast your body heals! Fast forward to one month, I started noticing great improvements in my respiratory health. Yes, I always experienced nasty coughs and shortness of breath in the past. Even cases of sinus pain and congestion was a norm. But the good news is, I've been recovering from these symptoms ever since I quit — one month down the road, I know for sure that I feel better now. Essentially, the moment you stop inhaling cigarette smoke, cilia in the lungs comes back to life. In essence, the delicate lung tissues begin to regrow and function like they ought to. For the most part, cilia help to move particulates (in this case, toxins from cigarette smoke) we breathe in back out of the lungs. But unfortunately, smoking causes them to be clogged with tar. Of course, as mentioned earlier, the delicate lung tissues begin to function again after quitting smoking. And for those who might not know, shortness of breath is a smoker's disease that impairs your ability to breathe. It actually took a toll on me back then, but I see amazing improvements today — just one month after quitting, I now breathe freely and easily. That's not all — I also found it easy to perform a range of cardiovascular activities including running and jumping. What's more, my dull sense of smell also improved — it was really amazing to smell subtle scents that have evaded me for years. In addition to the health benefits, I also found that my confidence began to grow as time went by. Of course, this new sense of empowerment has the potential to bring new positive relationships that can change other areas of your life. All in all, the journey hasn't been easy, but I can boldly say the change is totally worth it! It's all about settling in and allowing the smoke-free days pile up. With time, you'll start enjoying the fruits of your labor! Best part? The benefits continue on long after your first month; in essence, after years, you can be sure of being as healthy as can be. Good luck! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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4 Steps to Checking For Breast Cancer Symptoms
Trying to figure out how to detect breast cancer early? Well, besides regular visits to the doctor, you can also give yourself to self-examination. The thing is, the simple act of examining your breast can increase your chances of detecting cancer early, and that's huge. As we know, early-stage cancer is more likely to respond to treatment compared to one that has grown deeply in surrounding tissues. Note: you may not be able to find all types of cancer through Breast self-exam, but it's still crucial to take the step and see how it works for you. Let's get started! Step 1: For starters, stand in front of the mirror and of course, take a good look at your breasts. Be sure to keep your shoulders straight and place your arms on your hips. Things to look for: • Normal breasts; usual size, shape, and color • Evenly shaped breasts that are free of visible distortion or swelling Signs that you need to see a doctor: • An inverted nipple or one that has changed position • Bulging or puckering of the skin • Soreness, redness, swelling or rash. Step 2: At this point, you'll want to raise your arms and of course, look for the same changes Step 3: While looking in the mirror, check for any signs of fluid (milky, watery, yellowish or even blood) coming out of either one or both of the nipples Step 4: Now, lie down on your back and use your right hand to feel your left breast and of course, your left hand to feel your right breast. Using the first few finger pads of your hand, touch your breasts firmly (be gentle) while keeping the fingers flat and together. While using a circular motion (this should be about the size of a quarter), cover the whole breast right from top to bottom, and side to side. In essence, start from your collarbone to the top of your abdomen, and from your armpit to your cleavage. Just stick to a pattern to be sure that you cover the entire breast. Now, start at the nipple and continue to move in larger and larger circles until you touch the outer edge of your breast. What's more, you can choose to move your fingers up and down vertically, in rows. Do you prefer the up-and-down approach? If yes, you won't be wrong to feel just about every tissue right from the front to the back of your breasts. For the most part; • Use light pressure for the skin and tissue just beneath • Use medium pressure to feel the tissue in the middle of your breast • Then use firm pressure for the deep tissue in the back. At this point, you should be able to feel down to your rib cage. And that's it! Now you can check for breast cancer and of course, increase your chances of kicking it out of your life for good. Stay healthy! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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What I Learned From Eating Oats Every Day
My breakfast is never complete without a healthy serving of oats. My love for oats started while I was still in college and it became stronger when I realized that oats are very healthy. They are mainly eaten in the mornings with breakfast as porridge, but you can find oats in healthy snacks and biscuits which taste even better with the oats. Discovering the health benefits of oats made me so excited, I also found out that you can either buy the processed oats which are quicker to cook or the real oats also called the oat groats which require more intensive cooking. I am still enjoying the benefits of including oats in my daily meals, and I will like to share some of the amazing goodness that you can get by eating your favorite oat porridge brand daily. Oats contain important nutrients You can make up your body’s nutrient requirements to start the day in the morning by eating oats. In its different forms (porridge or snacks) oats is a reliable source of nutrients such as carbohydrates, Vitamin B1, Zinc, Iron, protein. Oats aid your digestive system The fiber content in oats is very high. Having oatmeal every day will improve the functions of your digestive system due to the high fiber content. It also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria culture in your gut which aids internal processes. You can prevent uncomfortable conditions such as constipation by eating oats regularly. Oats can reduce bad cholesterol There are many reasons why you should get rid of bad cholesterol in your bloodstream. This is the cholesterol that tends to clog your arteries causing circulatory issues. Oats contain sufficient amounts of Beta-glucan which is a water-soluble fiber. Beta-glucan is known to help the body eliminate cholesterol that can lead to health complications in the future. Eat oats to lose weight The fiber content in oats can make you feel less hungry for longer periods. This means you can effectively reduce the amount of food you consume by eating a normal serving of oats porridge with your breakfast. While the porrid ge will make you feel satisfied, you will also benefit from the calories in the oatmeal which will provide enough energy needed to have a productive day at work. Oats provide a natural remedy for constipation If you are feeling constipated, you probably need a serving of oat porridge. The fiber content in oats will aid your digestive system to become free, providing you much-needed relief from constipation. This is one of the reasons oatmeal is recommended for older adults who may be prone to experiencing constipation due to the degenerating capacities of their digestive system. There are many more benefits you can get from eating oats daily. Moreover, the best part is that oats are very affordable and easy to prepare. You can make a bowl of steaming oats porridge in less than ten minutes (only for processed oats). There are also many brands of processed oats in the markets. Some brands have smoother oats, while others are quite coarse. However, trying out the different options will help you decide on a preference. Start enjoying the benefits of oats today. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism Into High Gear
Whether you are looking to ramp up your fat loss after working out or are looking to just maintain your weight while still eating the foods you enjoy, it all comes down to your metabolism and how fast it is. For some individuals, they can eat as much as they want and not gain any excess weight, while others will eat a couple pieces of pizza and gain a few pounds. This is because those in the latter group haven’t made their bodies into efficient fat-burning machines. Keep watching to find out five ways you can kick your metabolism into high gear so that you can start losing the weight, or at least maintain it while still enjoying your cake. 1. Make Sure You Are Building Muscle: you can keep your metabolism running high by building up the amount of muscle that you have. Since muscle is heavier and denser than fat, it will burn more calories and therefore more fat. If you lose all of your muscle while trying to lose weight, your body will slow down. 2. Get Up and Be Active As Much as Possible: if you like to watch a lot of television, make sure you are getting up every 15 to 20 minutes and doing a quick exercise. The idea here is to frequently be active as much as possible so that you can burn more calories and keep your metabolism up. Being inactive for long periods of time will make your body sluggish. 3. Do Interval Training: when you exercise in short, intense bursts, you are able to improve your fitness levels drastically. Not only will this burn more fat, but it will burn more calories and increase both your muscle strength and cardiovascular systems. 4. Make Sure to Exercise Your Mind: exercising and keeping your mental health is critically important and one of the least talked about methods for boosting your metabolism. If you are able to manage your stress levels effectively, you can ensure that your hormones stay in check. Use stress management methods (journaling, coloring, meditation, and yoga) to reduce your stress levels and stay happy. 5. Do Not Skip Meals or Previous Hours of Sleep: when you go for long periods of time between meals this can actually make weight loss more difficult because it changes your body chemistry. If you end up binge eating because you went all day without any meals, this is what causes over-eating and weight gain. Other than this, do not lose out on sleep. Chronic sleep deprivation causes your body to slow down and perform at lower than optimum levels. Other than this, make sure you are eating a diet that is packed full of nutrients and is high enough in calories that your body stays fuelled throughout the day. One of the mistakes that people make is eating too few calories, which causes the body to switch into the fat-storage mode or otherwise known as starvation mode. This is definitely something you do not want if you are trying to lose fat and keep your energy levels up. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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These 5 Methods Will Help You Sleep Like a Baby
When it comes to getting a good nights sleep, we all want to sleep like a baby and wake up feeling completely refreshed and ready to start the day. Unfortunately, for most of us, this is a rarity because we either toss and turn, have insomnia, or have an overactive brain that just doesn’t want to switch off. With this said, there are a couple of things that you can do to help you sleep like a baby, but it may require you to do a few things that you haven’t done before. Check out the following five methods and see if you sleep better afterwards! 1. Try Earthing Yourself: this is an extremely easy way to make yourself feel connected to the earth and all you have to do is take your bare feet and touch them to the ground, whether that be in sand, on soil, or in the grass. By doing this, you allow free-electrons to pass from you into the earth which will ground you. This will help you sleep better, it will improve your mood, and it will give you more energy. 2. Turn off Electronics One Hour Before Bed: unfortunately, the bright lights from our electronic devices mess up the body’s production of melatonin process, which is the hormone that regulates our sleep. By turning off the electronics an hour or two before bed, you help your body slow down and produce more melatonin, making it easier for you to fall and stay asleep. 3. Stretch Out Before Bed: the physical and mental stresses of the day build up in our bodies as tension. When you stretch out, you help your body release some of this tension which can help you feel less irritable and help you sleep better. It is always a good idea to stretch out 5-10 minutes before bed. 4. Adapt Your Sleep Schedule to the Seasons: your body has a natural internal clock as well as a seasonal rhythm, get in tune with this seasonal rhythm so that you know how much sleep your body needs during the seasons. Generally speaking, most individuals will need to go to bed earlier in the winter months and sleep longer and sleep less in the summer months. 5. Go to Bed Early and Get That Exercise In: when your sleep schedule is not regular, your body will become stressed because it cannot repair itself properly. According to Chinese medicine, your gallbladder works the hardest between the hours of 11pm and 1am whereas, your liver works the hardest between 1-3am. So to make the most out of your body’s healing processes, get to bed before 11pm. Combine this earlier bed time with a lot of exercise throughout the day. If you physically exhaust yourself, you’re going to want to sleep. Beyond this, make sure that you have a cool enough bedroom, have a dark room, and have blocked out all external noise. By doing all of the above, or combining a few methods that work, you should be able to sleep like a baby in no time. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Cutting vs Bulking — which one first if you're a beginner!
What are your fitness goals for the rest of the year? Are you looking to build muscle, lose fat or do both? Whichever the case may be, you'll want to learn more about cutting and bulking. These are basically the two paths to your dream body; so yes, it's crucial figure out where to start before taking the next step. Need a little help? Well, we're pretty sure you do — just keep up as we explore everything you'll ever want to know. First things First — What is Bulking and Cutting? Here's the thing; these are just two words in the bodybuilding world that refers to building muscle or losing weight. So basically a person would bulk when his/her primary goal is to build muscle and of course, cut when looking to lose unwanted body fat. Bulking When we talk of bulking, it simply means that you're purposely eating a caloric surplus diet to gain weight and build muscle. So yes, it's more like a plan where you get to eat whatever you like; more like oats, sweet potatoes, brown rice and the likes. But hey, it's not recommended to go overboard here — in other words, don't just go about eating like you got no control. Remember, the primary goal here is to build muscle and not otherwise. So in a nutshell, bulking should focus on building muscle whilst keeping fat gain to a minimum. Cutting On the flip side, the ultimate goal of cutting is to shed fat, lose weight or get lean — it's pretty easy to comprehend. But of course, you shouldn't cut up to the point where you lose all the muscle you've worked so hard to build. When cutting, you'll have to eat a caloric deficit diet; in essence, you'll want to drop all complex carbs out of your diet and just stick to protein and fat. So yes, as you probably guessed, cutting requires more mental toughness than bulking. The Big Question: Bulking or Cutting — Which Should You Start With? Well, the answer to this question depends on what you're looking to achieve. Today, most people start out with bulking before switching to cutting (and alternating between the two if need be). So yes, you could choose to build a solid base of muscle before shedding excess fat to reveal the fruits of your labor. But what if you're already overweight? Well, if you're in this position, I'll recommend you lose fat and get your weight under control. So yes, you'll want to start with cutting before returning to the bulking phase. To sum it up, it's all up to you to decide how you want to get the body of your dreams. The good news? Bulking and cutting are equal in their own special way; so you're sure to see impressive results either way. And oh, don't forget to add workouts and supplements to the mix — super helpful. Good luck! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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HACK: 2 Methods to Fight Off Acne with Baking Soda
Pimples can be really irritating and no matter how you treat them, they tend to come back again and again. Pimples can basically be defined as small comedones that tend to appear in skin areas where the oil glands are supremely active. However, baking soda has appeared to be an effectual and reliable treatment for these pimples. Moreover, the best part about it is that this ingredient can be easily found in your kitchens. Here are different treatments involving baking soda that have been tried and tested for pimple removal. Baking soda and Honey By mixing together honey and baking soda, you can get an effectual treatment for pimples. Both these ingredients lend a helping hand in restoring pH and putting a stop to excessive oil production in the body. You just need to mix together 2 tablespoons of Baking Soda and 2 tablespoons of honey to form a paste. Just apply the paste on your entire face or on the affected area and leave it for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, just rinse your face with warm water and repeat this treatment for twice a week. Baking Soda and Lemon Lemon is known to be a detoxifying as well as lightening ingredient. Thus, when it combines with baking soda, it can help in removing the toxins from the skin and preventing the occurrence of pimples. You just need to mix 1 tablespoon of Baking Soda and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice to form a paste. After applying the paste on your affected area, you need to leave it there for 10 minutes. Both these treatments have been known to combat pimples really well and even prevent the re-occurrence of pimples. ? Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Your Body Has a Second Brain – Here is How It Impacts Your Health
The human abdomen or gut is known as the body’s second brain, mainly because it contains more neurotransmitters than your actual brain. Unfortunately, a variety of foods and chemicals, when consumed can wreak havoc on the bacteria that lives within our gut, which is why it is so important to balance out our gut health. If we do not, not only will we have digestive issues but the body’s ability to absorb minerals, regular hormones, produce vitamins, eliminate toxins, and provide an immune response will be impaired. Here is how your second brain impacts your entire well-being. 1. The bacteria in your gut will dramatically impact your weight. Not only does it influence how your body absorbs nutrients and creates hormones, but it helps with ensuring you feel full and it balances out your blood sugar levels. You can reach an optimal weight just by taking care of your gut health. 2. Having a healthy gut will ensure that you have enough short-chain fatty acids which are important for reducing temporary inflammation, maintaining bacterial balance, and strengthening your gut barrier. Beyond this, SCFAs are responsible for creating energy, so if your workouts are suffering, make sure to get some prebiotic fibre in. 3. A healthy gut will boost the function of your immune system. A lot of individuals will complain about getting respiratory sickness after intense bouts of training. This is because the short-term effects of intense exercise on the immune system is directly supported by your gut. About 80% of your immune system cells live in the gut, so if it is unbalanced, you are going to experience interruptions due to sickness. 4. When it comes to nutrition, most individuals believe that if they are consuming nutrient dense foods than achieving weight loss and fitness levels should come naturally. However, this is not the case if your body is unable to absorb the nutrients you are consuming. How your gut is balanced will determine whether your body is able to use the nutrients, break them down, and absorb them. 5. Unfortunately, your body can take quite a beating from exercise. This can translate into negative effects on your joints and bones. You can mitigate a portion of this damage by cooling down and warming up appropriately, but you can also tackle temporary bouts of inflammation that would otherwise leave you achy. Finally, good and bad gut bacteria will have an influence on your hormones. If you have a healthy balance of good bacteria, you will have increased mental focus, clarity, and less brain fog. Several ways you can help maintain, boost, and support a healthy gut is through eating whole foods that are high in plant-based fibres, consuming prebiotics, and limiting your exposure to antibiotics. Of course, you should also reduce the amount of stress you have and make sure you are exercising regularly. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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I ate nothing for 7 days and here's exactly what happened to my body
Fasting — there's a good chance of hearing a lot about it; probably from friends, colleagues or even your family. The point here is that fasting is pretty popular right now. But still, some people may be finding it hard to wrap their head around extended longer duration fasting. Well, as you probably guessed, this type of fasting demands that you avoid eating for a couple days — 3, 5, 7 or even 21 days. Now, as a newbie, we don't recommend going 21 days straight — pretty sure you get the point. Moving forward, in this video, I'm going to shed more light on exactly what will happen to your body if you choose to go on a 7-day fast. Trust me, the extended fast is not as bad as you think it to be. In essence, you don't need to worry about losing muscle mass, slowing down your metabolism and the likes. In a nutshell, a longer-term fast won't take a toll on your health — you can put your mind at ease. But of course, I'll recommend you try fasting for shorter intervals before making the big switch to a 7-day long fast. For the most part, you won't be wrong to start with a two-day fast and see how your body reacts to the change. And oh, jumping straight into the 7-day fast won't harm you in any way; you would neither breakdown nor drop dead. What you should know is that your body is way stronger than you think. For the most part, it's great at conserving energy even when a happy meal is nowhere in sight. I mean, how do you think Ghandi, even at 74, survived a 21-day fast? Yes, the body is super amazing! Even if you cast your mind back to ancient times, you'll find that our distant ancestors didn't always get food on demand. It wasn't like today where you can choose to eat whenever you want to. So what's the point? Well — it's pretty simple, contrary to what you think, most people can actually fast for 5, 7 or even 10 days without dropping dead. Still in doubt? Well, according to 1973 study from a University in Scotland, an incredibly obese 27 years old man fasted for an astonishing 382 days! Good thing is, his efforts paid off, as he was able to go from weighing 456 pounds to 180 pounds! What's more, researchers monitored the man for five years and found that he was able to maintain his new-found weight. So he basically lost the weight and kept it off — what could be better? As you probably guessed, such studies indicate that fasting doesn't affect your metabolism in any way. So yes, it won't shut down or be all over the place if you decide not to eat for a couple days. Now that we've cleared up the myths, let's take a look at what you should expect following a 7-day fast. Right off the bat, after 6 hours of starting the fast, your body will finish digesting food and convert glycogen to glucose. Of course, your body will eventually use glucose for energy — that's how you'll get to survive your time without food. It's however important to note that glucose may get depleted after 6 hours thus increasing your susceptibility to food cravings and sudden hunger pangs. What's more, you should look forward to being a little hangry in the initial phase of your fast. And oh, these hunger pangs may come along with nausea, dizziness, and weakness. But there's a good news — these feelings should subside after the first 2 to 3 days of your fast. That said, your chances of making it through the fast are higher if you can overcome the first three days of hunger. In essence, you'll no longer feel super hungry and your energy levels will dramatically increase. It's also good to know that during the first 3 days, your body will begin to gradually burn off glycogen reserves in your muscles and liver. Once this happens, you can look forward to losing a significant amount of water weight and your body will start using fat for energy. Of course, at this point, your body is already used to process — it's now up to you to keep going till you achieve your 7-day goal. Good luck! *Please consult with your doctor before partaking in any advanced diets such as this one. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Light weights vs. Heavy weights for MUSCLE Growth
What's your perception of muscle growth? Today, there's a good chance of hearing people say that lifting heavy weights for a low number of reps builds muscle while lifting lighter weights for higher reps tones them. Well, this is not entirely true — there's actually more than meets the eye here. First off, people typically use the term "muscle tone" to describe the firmness of a muscle, but what you should know is that your muscle has the same tone regardless of whether you're in shape or not. So what's the point? Well, it's pretty simple — your muscle tone doesn't change with exercise. Essentially, the appearance of the muscle is centered on how much fat is covering it and the elasticity of the skin. That said, there's a slim chance of toning your muscle if you're focused on lifting light weights for high reps. In fact, there's not much of a difference between using heavyweight and lightweight for your workout sessions. The difference actually lies in the intensity as well as one's ability to lift the weight. For the most part, weightlifting challenges the muscle tissues to provide support to the physical load being placed on it and at the same time, generate just enough energy to support intense muscle contraction. It's important to note that these adaptations tend to be fast when you're just starting out, but of course, they begin to slow until they finally come to a halt. This typically happens when your muscle can meet the demands of your workout. Once you reach this stage, the surest way to allow for further adaptation is to increase the demand. The big idea is that your body adapts to exercise and still needs to be constantly challenged in order to see continuous muscle growth and improved levels of fitness. For the most part, the effectiveness of the weight you're looking to lift (heavy or light) is actually dependent on the present condition of your muscle. With this in mind, lightweight will give you impressive muscle changes in the beginning, but its effectiveness is likely to decrease with time. So, yes, you'll eventually have to increase the intensity of your exercises — this is the surest way to stay on the right track to muscle growth! Good luck! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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How Much Coffee is Too Much?
Let's face it; we all love coffee. In fact, most of us barely feel human without gulping a cup or two. Of course, there's also a good chance of drinking up to five cups a day — that's just how it is! Amazingly, caffeine energy inducing effects can turn out to be the difference between surviving and thriving in a day. Now, there's no doubt that there are quite a few benefits associated with drinking coffee. Besides improving physical and mental performance, caffeine also reduces the risk of severe cardiovascular disease, liver disease, and even neurological disorders. But what happens when you consume too much? OR better still, how much coffee is too much? Yes, the very first thing you should know is that caffeine is beneficial to the health, but that's only if you consume in moderate amounts. In essence, drinking too much coffee may end up doing you more harm than good. In this video, we're going to let you in on how to know if you're consuming too much coffee coupled with signs that scream "cut back right now!" Let's get started! As mentioned earlier, caffeine's stimulatory effects can increase your chances of achieving more during the day. In other words, drinking in moderate amounts can boost your energy levels and increase mental awareness. It's however important to note that caffeine tolerance varies from person to person. In other words, a friend of yours may be able to drink up to 10 cups of coffee each day without any side effects; but the case might not be the same for you. So yes, the key here is to find balance and stick with it. Moving forward, the average person should aim to consume below 400 to 500mg of caffeine each day. Such consumption is considered safe and of course free of unwanted side effects like insomnia, heart palpitations, irritability, restlessness, and dizziness. One of the signs that you may be consuming too much coffee is if you find that you can't get through the day without a cup or two. Or if you usually experience extreme withdrawal symptoms when you try to cut back. What's more, it's important to note that caffeine's stimulatory effect is short-lived. In essence, there's a good chance of experiencing fatigue and energy slumps a few hours after consumption. Moreover, high levels of caffeine can affect those who are sensitive, especially when they're trying to get some sleep at night. In essence, such individuals may find it hard to sleep or even end up being restless throughout the night. So what's the point here? Well, it's pretty simple — just figure out how to set a clear limit for yourself and of course, let it be according to your personal level of tolerance. As you probably guessed, doing this will prevent you from drinking too much, too often. On a final note, we'll recommend you stick to drinking up to five cups of coffee each day — that's 400 to 500mg a day. So yes, if you've been consuming well above this amount, you won't be wrong to start cutting back today. The bottom line; less is more — stay healthy! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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How to Lose 1KG in 1 Day With Lemon Water!
When it comes to getting rid of that extra weight, there are a ton of healthy routines you can combine like exercise, balanced eating, and mental health tricks but for those who want to lose weight fast, there’s another option. The lemon water cleanse has been around for decades, being the first water detox that received popularity due to the health benefits it carries. The reason why many people have success on this cleanse is because the lemon is a natural diuretic, it replaces any other beverages you would be drinking, and lemons have important vitamins and antioxidants. Here is what you need to know about lemon water for losing 1kg a day. How Does Lemon Water Help You Lose Weight? • Lemons contain flavonoids which help protect your body’s cells from getting damaged • Lemons contain vitamin c and potassium which lowers your blood pressure levels and supports heart health • Lemons naturally boost your metabolism so getting into the habit of drinking lemon water on a daily basis can keep your metabolism running at a higher level • It will suppress your appetite which will help you consume less calories • It helps increase your absorption rate of nutrients which can help keep you full longer. How to Prepare Lemon Water? Luckily, this is an extremely easy as all it takes in cold water and some fresh lemons from your local grocery store. You can do this a couple of ways, either: 1. Cut the lemon in half and squeeze the lemon juice into an ice cube tray and leave that sit in the freezer. Place in your water prior to drinking. 2. Cut the lemon into slices and throw those directly into your drink when you go to have it. 3. Make a lemon infused water combining mint, lemon, and cucumber into a pitcher with cold water. 4. Heat the water up until it is warm, and then add in lemon juice, mint, and honey into a bowl with the warm water. Let it sit for about thirty minutes and then place it in the fridge. Enjoy throughout the day after straining the mint leaves out. When you go to consume your lemon water, place an ice cube into the drink as it will cause your body to work harder to heat the ice cube up, thus burning off more calories. If you would like to lose up to 1kg a day, then drink this lemon water before breakfast, before bed, and once in the middle of the day. As for food, consume items like salads, fruits, chicken, fish, nuts, eggs, and apple cider vinegar as these items will keep your food calorie limited to a healthy number. By following these steps, you will be able to lose up to 1kg a day! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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What happens when you drink alcohol on an empty stomach?
Most people drink alcohol, it’s a way to enjoy their time and just step away from some of the day to day challenges we encounter in life. But this also has to be quite problematic. Some people say that if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, things will be even worse. While that is true, not everyone knows why that even happens. That’s the reason why we are here to help, so everyone can figure out the unique reason behind those stomach issues if you drink alcohol without eating. Keep in mind that any liquid leads to gastric emptying. What this does is the stomach will process the liquid a lot faster and then remove it. Alcohol will stay in your stomach until 15% of the entire alcohol is broken down in the liver. Some very small amounts of alcohol will not be a problem, but if you drink a lot of alcohol you will remove this process. As a result, your system will have to deal with some really high levels of intoxication. The other 85% of the alcohol is broken down in the liver. The alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream and then sent to the brain. That’s where the feeling of hangover comes from. One thing to keep in mind is that when you drink alcohol on the empty stomach, the blood vessels are widening a lot faster and the normal absorption rate is not as good. While this does bring in a sense of warmth, it also comes with its own set of problems. First, you will notice that this thing comes with a temporary dehydration. You will urinate most of the liquids and your body will end up having problems gaining the necessary liquid amount. There are some other effects like anxiety, depression, addiction, kidney and liver damage. These are all side effects that are presented in the regular alcohol consumption. But the more you drink on a less stomach, the harder it will be for your body to process all of that. Basically, if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach, you are generating some very high levels of alcohol concentration and intoxication. If you want to drink alcohol, then you can do that, but you will need to consume foods that are full of protein, fat and dense carbs. These will slow down the alcohol absorption and thus you will be safe. Keep in mind that if you do drink alcohol, you will also suppress appetite, so that’s why you need to eat before drinking. In case you don’t eat and drink alcohol aplenty, then you can deal with problems. You won’t feel the need to eat anymore, instead you will want to drink more and more. This leads to a lot of health problems and then you can encounter some of the major side effects listed above. What you want to do is to make sure that you at least eat something before you drink alcohol. And, if possible, you should avoid drinking a lot of alcohol. The less you drink, the better for your body! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars and Spots in 72 Hours!
When it comes to acne scars and spots, not only do they make you feel unattractive but they always feel incredibly difficult to take care of. Plus, while they are forming they are extremely painful and then when they finally leave, they are always prone to scarring. When this is an ongoing problem, it becomes frustrating and it only makes sense that you want to get rid of them as fast as possible. Here are a few methods you can use to help you get rid of your acne scars and spots within a seventy-two hour period. 1. Make sure that you are drinking water throughout the day as this will help prevent any further breakouts. When you drink enough water, you help your body remove bacteria and toxins, and it flushes out your skin and keeps it moisturized. If your skin is well hydrated, then you are less likely to clog up any further pores. 2. Try applying ice to the area, especially if the acne is underneath the skin. By applying ice to the infected area, you reduce the inflammation and pain, and promote faster healing. 3. Try using aloe vera cream or gel on any of your acne scabs. This also helps bring down inflammation and promotes healing. Aloe vera also has antimicrobial properties which will help keep the area clean from further infection. 4. Take a look at what you are eating and boost your vitamin levels. The best way to heal acne marks and scars is by eating goods that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc, and collagen (egg whites). When you have the right nutrients being absorbed into the body, you make it easier for your body to heal itself. 5. Use topical remedies like tea tree oil and coco butter. Tea tree oil is known to prevent acne bacteria from spreading across the face and coco butter can help remove acne scars by smoothing out and moisturizing the skin. Another option would be mixing honey with cinnamon to make a paste which can be applied to the affected area and left on for about an hour. Both honey and cinnamon have remedial properties, so these can help get rid of acne scars. You can do the same thing with a crushed up aspirin tablet and honey. Essentially, in so long as you are washing your face, providing your skin with the nutrients it needs, and taking care of the inflammation and infection, you will be able to eliminate and heal acne scars and spots within a seventy-two hour time fame. You just need to be diligent with the healing option you choose! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Japanese Methods For Staying Healthy and Fit
The Japanese are well known for their slim physiques, living the longest, and being the healthiest group of people on the planet. Not only do they have one of the longest life expectancies in the world, they have the lowest incidences of mortality related to cardiovascular conditions. This is because the Japanese not only eat smartly, but they lead active lifestyles that promote macro management and a diverse food palette. If you want to be healthy like a Japanese individual, here are five methods you can use. 1. Stop Consuming Liquids During Your Meals. According to Japanese culture, drinking water or other liquids during your meals is bad for your digestion because it cools down the body. Instead, you want the food to create warmth in your body as this ensures that the food gets burned off. Plus, liquids tend to neutralize acid in the stomach which results in poor digestion. 2. Use Japanese Water Therapy. This essentially states that water helps to boost your digestive system and clean out the stomach. It is recommended that you drink water upon waking after sleep in a lukewarm state and do not consume any food within forty-five minutes of drinking the water. Four to six glasses of 200 millilitres is the recommended dosage. 3. Balance Out Your Macro Nutrients. The Japanese are much better at controlling their macronutrient intakes despite not tracking the same way as North Americans do. Instead, they make sure they are getting enough carbohydrates, fat, and protein by eating satiating vegetables and fruits with fibrous grains like rice. 4. Start Your Meal With Soups and Swap in Rice. By filling up on soups, you are less likely to overeat on items that have a lot of calories, fats, and sugars in them. By swapping in rice instead of bread, not only are you going to feel more full but rice promotes healthy digestion whereas bread can cause a lot of bloating and gas problems. 5. Practice Hara Hachi Bunme. This is a little-known habit that states that you should only eat until you are about eighty percent full. This way, you give your brain some time to catch up to your stomach. The reason this helps you lose weight and keep weight off is that it takes your brain about twenty minutes to register that it is full. By only eating until you are eighty percent full, you end up being less likely to overeat. In addition to this, you should eat your food slowly to help with the process. Other than the above, the Japanese promote active lifestyles that keep them fit as they move around regularly. Although they don’t necessarily hit the gym all the time, they do make sure that they move about daily by walking and using public transportation to get around. You may also want to drink tea instead of sugar-filled beverages, choose fermented foods, and snack smartly on small portions. If you can incorporate the above into your daily routines, not only will you see some weight come off, but you will find that you sleep better and are overall happier and healthier. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Bad Habits that Raise Estrogen levels in Men
Lower testosterone levels and higher estrogen levels? Yes, we get it! And no, you're not alone! Of course, in the world of men's health, basically every one of us know the importance of the hormone, testosterone. Testosterone levels, for the most part, affect everything from the male s drive to muscle mass to bone density to heart health and more. But hey, you should be aware that things may not always stay perfect. In essence, there are certain factors (mostly your lifestyle and habits) that can affect your hormonal levels. Of course, at this point, we're talking about the situation where you experience a decline in testosterone levels and an unfortunate rise in estrogen levels. Yes, as most of us already know, such changes in hormonal levels only spell trouble — dysfunction, increased body fat, loss of muscle mass, depression just to name a few. So what now? Well, now that you're aware of the troubles that come with hormonal imbalance in men, it's only normal to learn more about the habits that are likely to make things go south. Of course, you wouldn't want to have (gynecomastia) or erectile dysfunction when you can actually do something about it, right? With this in mind, here are 5 habits you won't be wrong to change or avoid altogether. 1. Eating too Much Carbohydrate What can you say about your eating habits? Do you always find yourself eating foods high in refined carbohydrates (bread, cereal, white rice and more)? If yes, you certainly won't be wrong to figure out how you can cut down on these foods or stop altogether. Why? Well, it's only because a diet high in refined carbs triggers insulin resistance and weight gain. And of course, increased body fat leads to the production of more estrogen! So yes, the solution here is pretty simple — eat healthily! 2. Stress Yes, stress is a normal, unavoidable part of life — we all experience it. But hey, you should be aware that excessive amounts of stress only spell trouble. Yes, when you experience too much stress, the enzyme, aromatase will begin to convert testosterone into estrogen. Aromatase? Well, it's basically an enzyme that produces estrogen by aromatizing androgens (testosterone in this regard). With this in mind, it's best you learn how to manage and reduce stress in your day to day life. Just don't let life's unpredictable ups and downs get the better part of you. 3. Not Exercising Got the habit of sitting around all day doing nothing? Or are you the type who believes exercise doesn't really matter? If yes, think again! Of course, today, it's no secret that regular exercise is one of the surest ways to keep your body in tip-top shape. In fact, the simple act of working out (regularly) can save you from countless health problems and keep your hormone levels in check. But what happens when you choose to stay inactive? Well, you'll only end up getting more fatty tissues in your body and eventually experience a rise in estrogen levels. 4. Excessive Intake of Alcohol Yes, we don't really need to talk much on this one! If you're a health conscious person, you'll relate when we say alcohol doesn't go too well with your liver. As a matter of fact, long-term use of alcohol can increase one's risk of chronic liver inflammation and liver disease. For those who might not be aware, the liver plays a crucial role in metabolizing the hormone, estrogen. So of course, one can easily tell what happens when it (the liver) gets damaged. Yes, your estrogen will be all over the place! Our little piece of advice; cut down on the bottles or better still, stop it altogether. Trust us, your liver will thank you! 5. Too much Caffeine Got a thing for coffee? If yes, you're not alone; most if not all of us can't do without our morning cup of Joe. But hey, you should be aware that excessive intake can spike estrogen levels — yes, it can! So, just try not to go overboard with the cups; three a day should be perfect. Stay healthy!
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Only 3 simple Plank exercises that will tighten your love handles
Love handles — no one really likes these suckers; they ruin your chances of wearing skinny jeans and of course, they're not so easy to get rid of. For those who might not be aware, love handle fat basically sits on the side of the abdominal area. Essentially, they lie right on top of the obliques — a very specific group of abdominal muscles. So how can you work them? Well, you got to do it the old-fashioned way — exercis! But hey, you should be aware that those suckers aren't going anywhere unless you target them precisely. And of course, you'll still want to give healthy eating a shot. In fact, you're unlikely to see any result if your diet is loaded with junk or processed foods. So yes, once you've taken care of your diet, you can try these three 3 simple exercises that actually target love handles. Let's check them out! 1. Bicycle Crunches • Lie on your back with your knees bent and hands behind your head. Be sure not to clasp your hands together. • Now engage your abs by lifting your shoulders and upper back off of the floor. And at the same time, move your right elbow toward your left knee ensuring that they meet in the middle of your body. • Now, it's time to switch position — simply bring your left elbow to your right knee. Just continue switching as quickly as you can while still keeping your torso raised off the floor. 2. Russian Twists • Start by sitting on your buttocks with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Ensure that your torso is leaning back at a 45° to the floor. • While holding a dumbbell in both hands, lift your feet from the floor, crossing them at the ankles and balancing your butt. • Now, from this position, twist your torso to the right and touch your dumbbell to the floor next to your body. • Then twist back over to the left touching the weight to the left side of your body. Just repeat back and forth while balancing with your legs and torso raised off the ground. 3. Side Plank Hip Lifts • Get into the side plank position, placing your elbow on the floor and your legs and hips resting on the ground. • Now, while engaging your abs and keeping your body in a straight line, raise the lower half of your body up off the ground into a straight plank position. • Just lower again and repeat. Try to do at least 15 reps on both sides — right and left. And yes, here's to hoping that these exercises actually kick those love handles to the curb. Good luck! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Best 5 Exercises to Improve Eyesight Naturally
Do you know that our eye muscles are the hardest working muscle group in the body? It's second to the heart. We use our eyes all the time regardless of whether we're at work, at the gym or relaxing at home. Now the thing is, our eyes are likely to get tired and less efficient over time, and that's exactly why you need to look for ways to improve your eyesight. The good news is, your eyes can be more efficient with simple exercises — you'll get to reduce the strain on your eyes and enjoy perfect vision for years to come. Here are five exercises that are sure to keep your eyes in tip-top shape: 5. Just Blink Most of us spend a significant amount of time looking at smartphones, computers, and televisions — these activities prevent you from blinking enough, and that's bad. Your eyes need to get away from all that light — they need a period of darkness. This is precisely where blinking comes into play — the act of blinking relaxes and rehydrates the eyes. You can choose to slow blink or quick blink — both of them are sure to work wonders on your eyes. You can blink your eyes every 30 seconds for two minutes or blink every 4 seconds for two minutes — just stick with the one that works for you and keep at it. 4. Focus It's also possible to strengthen your eye muscles by performing a simple focus-driven exercise. Focusing on objects which are near and far away from you can help train your eyes for better eyesight. • Start by sitting in a comfortable position • Now hold your thumb and let it be 10 inches away from your eyes • Use your eyes to focus on every detail of your thumb for a few seconds • Now look away at any object that is 10 to 20 feet away from you. Focus on the object for a few seconds then return to your thumb. • Just repeat the cycle of focusing on your thumb and the far away object. 3. Figure Eight Are your eyes feeling lazy? Well, it's time to snap them out of it! This simple exercise will bring your eyes to life and help them regain their lost flexibility. Let's give it a shot! • Start by visualizing a large figure of eight about 8 to 10 feet away from you • Now, use your mind to turn the 8 to its side — it should look like an infinity symbol if done correctly. • Finally, slowly rotate your eyes along the shape of this figure for about 3 to 5 minutes. Once you're done, reverse the direction for the same amount of time. 2. Round the Clock This is yet another exercise that has to do with your imagination. While seating and closing your eyes, picture a clock in front of you. Now visualize the numbers 12 and 6 while still closing your eyes. Move your eyes down from 12 to 6 in a clockwise rotation — be sure to do this 15 to 20 times. You can visualize new numbers like 3 and 9 repeat the process in a clockwise and counter-clockwise motion. This exercise can provide relief to blurry vision. 1. Massage the Upper and Lower Eyelids When you massage the eyes, you'll get to relax them while reducing strain and tension for better blood flow. Moreover, applying mild pressure on the tear duct will increase moistness and eventually provide relief to tired eyes. So there you have it! These are simple tips to improve eyesight naturally — start working those eyes! Subscribe for more! https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r
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5 Morning Habits That Will Change Your Life
Trying to figure out exactly how you can start connecting with yourself today? Or how you can gain perspective and set the tone for the entire day? If yes, you won't be wrong to start incorporating the right morning habits into your life. Of course, doing this is more like celebrating your body and mind in anticipation of having a super day. Who wouldn't want that? So, the big question is, 'are you ready to face your days with renewed energy and enthusiasm?' If yes, Here are five foolproof morning habits you'll want to start following right now. 1. Meditate First off, it's in your best interest to get involved in the ancient art of mediation. Trust me, those countless calls, text, notifications, tweets and emails can take a huge toll on your mental energy. So, of course, you won't be wrong to start taking advantage of this amazing mental exercise. The best part? It takes just 10 to 20 minutes to practice meditation each day. And even better, you're likely to see impressive health benefits in a matter of weeks! For the most part, meditation can alleviate chronic pain, reduce anxiety, boost concentration, lower blood pressure and even improve immunity. Just sit and watch your breath today — be kind to your busy mind. 2. Work Your Body After rising early and clearing your mind, what's the next thing to do? Of course, you'll want to get some morning exercise. In addition to giving you a much-needed energy boost, an early exercise routine rev up your metabolism, build up muscle, relieve stress and make your day awesome. What's more, several studies indicates that those who perform morning workouts tend to enjoy a much better night rest. 3. Drink Lemon Water Next up is this simple and refreshing habit — one of life's little secret to good health. So how do pull it off? Well, it's super easy; just squeeze the juice from half a lemon into glass of warm water and sip! Of course, you should do this first thing in the morning. As you probably expected, this easy habit comes with quite a number of benefits that can take your health to the next level. For the most part, lemon water improves digestion and boost iron absorption. Moreover, the smell of lemon can increase your chances of enjoying a stress free start to the day. What more could you ask for? 4. Eat Breakfast and Drink Water Yes, just quit the habit of skipping breakfast and start eating a super healthy one. Essentially, a healthy breakfast should be filling enough to get you over to lunch in one piece. In other words, you should have just enough energy to tackle tasks without collapsing. And oh, be sure to drink enough water while you're at it. 5. Be Thankful And finally, make it a habit to always show gratitude to at least one person before heading to work. It's as simple as smiling and saying thank you! Just do this each morning — trust me, you'll be totally glad you did! So there you have it! Five fantastic morning habits that can transform your life and make it super. Start taking advantage of them today — it's about time to live the super productive life you deserve! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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5 Best Natural Ways to Remove Inner Thigh Rash
Inner thigh rashes — unsightly, uncomfortable and super annoying. Yes, most of us can relate to this fairly common skin condition and we know just how disturbing it can be. Well, the very first thing you should know is that inner thigh rashes are not linked to any health problem — they're basically triggered by certain controllable factors. And of course, we're talking about everything from poor hygiene to allergies to skin chaffing and skin irritations. Speaking of which, obese people are more susceptible to this problem due to skin chaffing they're likely to experience while running or walking. But perhaps the biggest highlight here is that inner thigh rashes can affect both men and women. And yes, the itch, burn and discomfort can be an incredibly unpleasant experience for all. Any good news? Well, of course, there is! You can actually use some simple natural ingredients to treat inner thigh rash. So no, you really don't have to keep living with the pain and discomfort. Just use one or two of these home remedies and you're good to get the much-needed relief you deserve. Let's dive in! 1. Aloe Vera Aloe Vera is the perfect medication for a variety of skin problems. It has since been used to treat the likes of acne, eczema and itchy dry skin. And yes, it's also super effective in treating inner thigh rash. Just follow this process for incredible results: • Mix ¼ cup of aloe vera juice with 1 cup of freshly brewed green tea and 4 tablespoons of lavender water. • Now apply the mixture to the inflamed areas and leave to dry completely. • Repeat twice a day for best results. 2. Ice Compress Yes, this home remedy is basically a no-brainer. With an ice compress, you can soothe and reduce the inflammation that came as a result of the rash. In fact, the coolness can numb the nerves that trigger the itching. • Don't have an ice compress? Just place ice cubes in a clean cloth. • Now place the ice pack on the affected area. • Leave to sit and remove after a couple of minutes — 15 minutes tops. • Be sure to repeat several times a day until you get complete relief. 3.Apple Cider Vinegar ACV is yet another super effective home remedy for thigh skin irritation. It boasts incredible healing properties that can reduce the pain, inflammation, and itching caused by inner thigh rash. • Start by diluting equal parts of water and apple cider vinegar (it's ill-advised to apply undiluted ACV directly to your skin). • Then soak a cotton ball in the ACV mixture and gently wipe the affected areas and leave to dry completely. • Be sure to keep at it until the inner thigh rash disappears. You can choose to repeat the process 2 to 4 times a day. 4. Turmeric Ever heard of turmeric? Well, chances are you've heard about it and its amazing healing abilities. In fact, turmeric has been used for centuries to cure countless skin ailments including inner thigh rash. Be sure to stick to organic turmeric for quick and safe results. • Mix 3 tablespoons of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of water. • Just apply the paste on your rash and leave to dry. • Finally, rinse off with water. • Repeat regularly for best results. 5. Honey Honey also boast natural curative properties that can provide relief to the symptoms of inner thigh rash. So yes, it can treat the inflammation, redness, pain, and itching. The best part? It works to ensure that the rashes never come back! • Combine equal amounts of honey and lukewarm water. • Mix properly and apply on the problem areas. • Leave to dry completely and rinse with water. • Repeat every now and then for best results. Good luck ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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4 Reliable Ways to Build Muscle and Burn Fat FAST
Workout routines nowadays revolve around building muscle mass and burning fat which was not the case a few years ago. However, now the priorities have changed and people want to go for plans and tips that can lead to muscle mass building along with fat loss. Workouts can surely help in achieving this task but they just account for two hours or less of your everyday routine. How and what you do during the workout and afterwards also has a huge impact on your weight loss and muscle building. Here are few tips that can lend a helping hand in getting that desirable muscle mass and losing that undesirable body fat at the same time. 1. Increase that protein intake A diet with many essential nutrients is imperative for getting that muscle mass. However, proteins hold the most important place in these nutrients. Proteins give amino acids that can contribute effectively to the muscle formation process. Moreover, protein also lends a helping hand in regenerating the muscle microfibers that are broken due to various reasons. 2. Take Adequate Sleep Though it may not sound logical but getting that adequate sleep is really necessary for rejuvenating your body. Poor sleeping hours can interfere negatively with the process of regeneration of microfibers. 3. Try To Eat After Every 3 Hours When you eat small meals after an interval of 3 hours, it helps in regulating blood sugar, promoting of muscle mass, and eliminating the habit of overeating. This eventually leads to fat loss as well. 4. Try Water Activities Athletes who are involved in major water activities tend to have chiseled and perfect bodies. Water sports basically involve high-intensity workouts. Thus, if you can learn swimming, surfing, or any other water sport, you can surely burn that excess fat while gaining that muscle mass. ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com www.pexels.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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Eat 1 Boiled Egg Every Day and This is What Happens To Your Body
Got a thing for hard-boiled eggs? Well, you're so not alone — they always make a quick on-the-go snack and also fit well in your salad at lunch. What's not to love? But hey, do you know that these oval-shaped foods also bring a whole lot of health benefits to the table? Well, they do! So yes, eating at least one hard-boiled egg every day can do your health a whole lot of good. In fact, if your body could talk — it'll definitely say a big thank you! Here are a few reasons why your body needs at least one hard-boiled egg a day. 1. Adequate Supply of Good Fats First off, hard-boiled eggs are loaded with good fats — monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. As you probably expected these fats super healthy in the sense that they stabilize blood cholesterol levels and reduce your risk of heart disease. What's more, MUFAs and PUFAs have been shown to regulate insulin in your blood and that, of course, is a great way to keep your blood sugar in check. 2. Build Muscle Mass Here's the thing; just one large hard-boiled egg provides you with over 6 grams of protein. Yes, hard-boiled eggs are chock full of protein — a nutrient that plays a significant role in building muscle mass. It's also good to know that protein helps repair tissues in your body and provide structure for cellular walls. So yes, hard-boiled eggs are a must-have for every gym junkie out there — be sure to snack on them if you're one! 3. Stronger Bones Eating one hardboiled egg a day can also provide sufficient amounts of vitamin D for strong bones and teeth. So how does vitamin D improve bone health? Well, for the most part, this essential nutrient supports the absorption of calcium and regulates calcium levels in the blood. And of course, this process provides the right amount of calcium your skeleton needs for strength and structure. 4. Healthy Eyes Yes, eggs also contain vitamin A. It's basically a component of a protein responsible for absorbing light in your retinas and protecting membranes around the cornea. That's not all — vitamin A in eggs can also reduce your risk of night blindness! To sum it up, just one hard-boiled egg provides your body with up to 75 micrograms of vitamin A — super! So what now? Well, it's about time to start adding those hard-boiled eggs to your diet. The good news? They're sure to work great in everything from salads to toasts to sandwiches and more! Here's to good health!
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6 Quick Tips to Lose Weight If You're Lazy
Let's face it; everyone wants to lose weight, but of course, things don't always go as planned. In essence, most of us tend to get tired of strict diets and intense workout sessions and eventually give in to laziness. Well, the thing is, we can't always stay on track when working towards our weight loss goals; there are just too many distractions to deal with. But the good news is, there are quite a few things you can do to shed those extra pounds with little to no effort. In essence, you won't have to give yourself to torturous diets or exercise! Let's check them out! 1. Practice mindful eating Right off the bat, you'll want to give your food all the attention it deserves — adopt the habit of eating consciously. In other words, don't eat with when you're distracted, exhausted or emotional. When you do this, you'll have a better connection with the food and of course, eat less than you normally do. 2. Drink water Ever given thought to how water can amp up your metabolism? Well, it can actually do you a solid especially when you drink it at the right time. Essentially, you won't be wrong to drink 1 to 2 glasses of water 30 minutes before your meal. Doing this will help kick-start your metabolic processes, and of course, you'll have lesser urge to eat. 3. Just sleep You might not know this, but sleep can be a big part of your weight loss journey — at least, you're unlikely to eat when you're asleep! You'll also be glad to know that a good night's sleep can improve metabolism and at the same time, enhance the hormones that help you stay fit. But do you know the best part? Your body actually burns calories while you sleep — up to 100 calories per hour! 4. Stock up on small plates Yes, smaller plates can be lifesavers at those times when you're tempted to eat larger portions of food. It's also great to use small spoons or chopsticks — they help you eat slowly, and the best part is, you'll feel full in no time. Mindful eating is sure to work great here! 5. Eat fat burners It's also an excellent idea to add a few fat burners to your menu — think eggs, nuts, salmon, olive oil and green tea. What's more, the scents of citrus or peppermint can reduce your craving, and that's a big part of the plan. 6. Brush your teeth At this point, there's a good chance that you brush at least twice a day, but the thing is, you won't be wrong to start brushing after every meal. Why? Well, it's only because you're unlikely to reach for more food when you have menthol flavor in your mouth! It's actually a bit of a no-brainer. And that's it! These are just a few lazy hacks you can try today — I really hope they work out for you! ▶ Subscribe to the channel! - https://goo.gl/nJ8d6r Royalty free Pictures from www.pixabay.com Royalty Free Music from Audio Library – No Copyright Music
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