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The Purge Teaser and Interviews
This video contains scenes from the upcoming movie The Purge starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey, as well as interviews with the director, James DeMonaco, producer Jason Blum, and talent Rhys Wakefield. Reported by Erik Gallion of the Met Report. Special thanks to: Jeffrey Will, Kellan Stone, Eric Lansing, Brian Shelley, and Allied THA.
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Full Interview: Billy Tolley
Joe Eddings heads to the Stanley Hotel and gets an exclusive interview with Ghost Adventures: Billy Tolley.
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The Needle Exchange: combating Aids or enabling addicts?
The Needle Exchange is a program in Denver that provides drug users with clean needles, decreasing the risk of them contracting HIV. This program associated with the Colorado Aids Project; is not with out its critics. Simone De Alba brings us a closer look into this controversial new program.
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9/23/11 Musical Guest: Susie Quinn
Susie Quinn stopped by our studio to play us a few songs.
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Feauture Story- 16th Street: Home for the Homeless
Reporter Melanie Townsend looks at the continuing issue of the homeless population in Denver and Auraria Campus and talks to Executive Chief Officer, Tammie Carroll of New Genesis Homeless Program.
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Denver Comic-Con Sci-Fi Speed Dating with The Met Report
The Met Report discovered Sci-Fi Speed Dating at Denver Comic-Con, and found out that Ryan Glitch, the owner and creator of the speed dating, runs a pretty fun gig!
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Fun Home National Tour
Avery Anderson sat down with Kate Shindle and Robert Petkoff to talk about the first national tour of Fun Home. The five time Tony winning musical based on Alison Bechdel's book of the same title.
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Street Preachers on Campus| Long Version
Students react to street preachers who use their first amendment rights as an opportunity to share their beliefs on the Auraria Campus.
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Exclusive Behind The Scenes of "Wicked" in Denver!
The Broadway-famous musical "Wicked" is in town, and our very own Melanie Townsend got an exclusive behind the scenes look as the crew prepares to hit Denver with a touch of Oz.
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Denvers best thrift stores
Money is tight and students don't often have very much expendable income, especially for clothing. There are options available for those willing to stray from traditional department stores. Reporter Kelly Matzner gives you the scoop on the best thrift stores to visit in Denver.
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Betty Anne Waters
Anthony Kustura interviewed the famous lawyer.
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Anderson Farms- Terror in the Corn
A few Met Reporters visited Anderson Farms' haunted hay ride, Terror in the Corn, and brought a camera along to show you all the scares.
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Denver Chalk Art Festival 2016
Producer Melanie gives us a look at special event on Larimer Square! The Denver Chalk Art Festival is back from June 4th-5th, check it out before it's all washed away!
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EXCLUSIVE Interview: Sandeep Parikh & Robin Thorsen
The Met Report got to talk with celebrities Sandeep Parikh and Robin Thorsen from the popular youtube show, "The Guild". Sandeep Parikh's Website: http://www.effinfunny.com
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Exclusive Interview with Comic Book Creator Becky Cloonan
Our very own Miranda McHodgkins sat down at Denver Comic-Con with Comic Book Creator Becky Cloonan who was the first female artist to draw the main Batman title for DC Comics. Cloonan talks about her work on Gotham Academy and more!
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The Bold & the Beautiful in Aspen
Annalisa Blanco had the chance to sit down with some soap stars while they were shooting an episode, here in Colorado.
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Interview with Sophomore Pitcher Julian Garcia
Check out our interview with Julian Garcia as he shows off some of his pitching at the Regency Athletic Complex.
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MSU Denver Hockey
MSU Denver has a club hockey team that is shredding it on the ice. Celeste Zubia had the chance to sit down with some of the players.
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Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene!
Midwest quartet "Kerry Pastine and the Crime Scene" stopped by The Met Report studio for an acoustic performance that'll have you buying tickets to their next live shindig.
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Denver Restaurant Week-Euclid Hall
Good places to eat can be hard to find, but Melanie Townsend has an awesome look at a restaurant that is the talk of the town. Check out Euclid Hall for Denver Restaurant Week!
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MSU Denver Hip-hop Dance Team
Meet the team that's been dancing their way across Auraria's gym court.
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Exclusive: Fun Home and Beth Malone
The national tour of Fun Home The Musical is coming to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts in January. We had a chance to sit down with one of the original Broadway stars and Colorado resident Beth Malone.
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The 2017 Firefighter Calendar & Puppy Rescue Party
Spending a night with puppies and firefighters... does it get any better than that? Melanie Townsend gets an exclusive look at the 2017 Fire Rescue Dogs Calendar debut party at Denver Beer Co.
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Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy
Check out this behind the scenes look of Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy as our reporter, John Madden sees what it takes to become a pro wrestler.
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"Evita" at Lone Tree
“Evita” at the Lone Tree Arts Center is a complete and true masterpiece. The classic Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice rock opera show follows the story of Eva Peron from her humble beginnings as a poor small town girl to the First Lady of Argentina.
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The 77th Army Band
The 77th army band is hard at work practicing their instruments in Fort Sill. Our reporter Miranda McHodgkins found out what unique instrument separates them from the rest of the army bands.
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Fifty Two 80's A Totally Awesome Shop
Our reporter Addison Goodell travels back in time to the 80's at Fifty Two 80's A Totally Awesome Shop.
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History of the Tivoli
Roe Baker fills you in on the amazing history of our student union.
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Mad Max Cosplay
Check out this Mad Max Cosplay crew we found at Denver Comic Con.
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The Haunted Oxford Hotel
Melanie Townsend takes a looked inside the Haunted Oxford Hotel in downtown Denver.
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Obama's political platform
Nina Dadabhoy gives you an overview of President Obama's political platform.
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Full Show 04.03.2015
Returning from spring break, The Met Report feels reinvented and our anchors are sharp as ever. Melanie returns to go over stories such as an MSU-Denver class producing a documentary about Whooping Cranes. Josh Cozart also returns to talk about the details of the German Wings flight in the alps. John Madden joins in to give locals an important story on prairie dogs. We get Christina Kleemann doing weather for the first time and she does one significant job, giving locals the current forecast while speeding through the following week's weather, Christina does an excellent job for her first time on camera. Another excellent addition to being on camera is Ashley Craven, with grace and winning smiles she presents to everyone an April fools prank, Tidal, Motown in Denver, and two very fun Must Sees. And finally, Davy Burke presents Player of the Year, men's and women's tennis, men's baseball, and women's softball. He is comfortable sharing Met Report Sports, he is looking dashing as ever and is confident as ever. We hope you enjoy this weeks edition of The Met Report.
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Colorado Scottish Festival
Ramsey Scott gives us a taste of Scotland at the annual Colorado Scottish Festival.
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Broadway Parking
Be prepared to make a parking change, after RTD shifts their parking system. John Madden has the full story.
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Doyle and Debbie Show
Want to kick off the summer with a nice beer and country music? Ok, maybe country music might not be your cup of tea, but if you are up for parody that will push you off your seat, then the Doyle and Debbie Show is the country show for you! Show runs through June 23rd. Hassan Shah gives us an exclusive interview with Doyle and Debbie and see if you got what it takes to be just like them!
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Princess in Boulder!
It is amazing how art is able to take something traditional, like a Disney princess, open it up, look inside, expose its insecurities and create something out of it that is breathtaking . “DISENCHANTED!” at the BDT Stage does just that.
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Auraria Rec Center Facelift?
The Met Report's Erica Lloyd asks Morgan Swaney, the Vice President of MSU Denver's Student Government, about her proposed changes to the Auraria Campus Rec Center funding.
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Preachers on Campus
There has been a problem on the Auraria campus with street preachers and students getting into heated arguments. Reporter Miranda Mchodgkins took a further look into this issue.
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Tivoli Brewing Co. Grand Opening!
Tivoli Beer is back in it's orignal building, the Tivoli! Josh Cozart shares how MSU Denver and the Tivoli Brewing Co. are partnering up to help educate students.
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Janine Davidson Announced as MSU Denver Presidential Finalist
Janine Davidson was announced as the sole finalist of that search committee at the Faculty Senate meeting on February 1.
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EMET Exclusive-Inside 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi
Check out Melanie Townsend's sit down with the actual marines who fought in Benghazi , John "Tig" Tiegen and Mark "Oz" Geist. Don't forget to see 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi starring John Krasinski, Max Martini, Dominic Fumusa and more in theaters today! For more interviews like this, head to www.MyMetMedia.com.
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James Holmes mask for sale on eBay
Details continue to develop inside the case of the Aurora tragedy including one person who attempted to make a profit. An anonymous seller titled "realface13" was selling a halloween mask in the likeness of James Holmes on eBay. Benjamin Smith got some reactions on Auraria campus.
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Ball aerospace finishes construction on space mirrors
The James Webb space telescope is one more step closer to completion. Ball Aerospace out of Boulder, Co has recently finished construction on 18 primary mirrors to be used for the Webb telescope, the project meant to replace the Hubble telescope. These mirrors are made with beryllium and coated with gold for reflective purposes. The Webb telescope has been under construction for almost ten years and will be lofted in 2012.
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The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera has returned to Denver for an all new remastered production.
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Air Buds
This fury program at DIA helps those wit stress flying relax and join their time. Ashley Craven has the full story on these four legged pals.
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Vertical Fitness Club
The Vertical Fitness Club helps students get fit in a unique way.
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Malley Drive Elementary's Gifted Program
Check out what these gifted third graders have been working on for the past month.
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Denver's Growing Population
Denver's population is growing. Our own Belen Ward tells us how this will affect the Mile High City in the upcoming years.
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Scarlet Overkill Cosplay
We ran into supervillain Scarlet Overkill at Denver Comic Con.
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