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Hair jewelry head jewelry diamond strand gem hair accessories accessory
Great selection and prices on hair jewelry http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Turquoise slave bracelets dance jewelry hand bracelet chain belly dancer jewelry
You will love the selection and prices of our slave bracelets and hand chain bracelets at. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Butterfly toe rings fashion jewelry cheap wholesale bargain discount
Who doesnt love a cute toe ring? Everyone loves a comfortable toe ring. This butterfly toe ring is on a stretching clear plastic ring. This toe ring does stretch over time so you may want to start out on a smaller toe then move up over time. The butterfly is designed with the bling of gems. At our cheap wholesale price of only $1.00 each http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Closeout fashion jewelry grab bags
Closeout Jewelry is just that. This is jewelry that we have discontinued for whatever reason. You will receive 12 pc of mix and match jewerly for only $8.00 each grab bag. There is nothing wrong with the jewelry, it is not damaged. This is just our way of letting our customers purchase these items at a lower price. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Zodiak earrings zodiak jewelry astrology horoscope earrings signs cheap
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Wholesale jungle cat print earrings tiger leopard cheetah safari
Jungel Cat print earrings are so unique. You will not see these earrings just anywhere. This jungle cat earring comes in Tiger, Leopard or Cheetah print. They are lightweight earrings for being long. The wire gauge is twisted into a figure 8 with about a 1" inch diameter lightweight wooden ball. The wood ball is painted with the jungle cat print giving it a hand painted look. This earring is only $1.00 each pair and available at the everyday wholesale price you can't pass up. http://www.sheilajewelry.com/junglecatearrings.php
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6 pc lot variety hoop earrings jewelry
This is 6 pair of earrings for less than the price of one. This comes with some standard round metal hoops and some with a flattened edge. For more detail on the sizes of hoops you will need to go to the website www.sheilajewelry.com This set is very nice and available at only $1.50 each set http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Medieval slave bracelets cheap wholesale fashion jewelry
Medieval slave bracelet is named so well. This gothic look and feel for the alternative wearer. This leather and chains slave bracelet is exactly what you are looking for. This slave bracelet has leather, chains, skulls and more. This is available at our everyday cheap wholesale price of only $4.00 each bracelet http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Lipstick necklaces little girl jewelry fashion jewelry cheap wholesale
Lipstick necklace and earring set is perfect for the little lady in your life. This set comes with a beautiful pair of white pearl earrings. The lipstick necklace comes in red or hot pink. The lipstick set is at our cheap wholesale price of only $1.25 each. This is also a great gift for sleepovers, birthday parties or any gathering your daughter and her friends may be having. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Pearl cocktail rings bling rave dress up costume jewelry cheap wholesale
The Pearl Cocktail ring adds bling to your hand. This chic era ring has small shooting stem coming out between the pearls that are topped off with a nice diamond like gem. This old world look goes with anything. This pearl cocktail ring comes in a variety of colors. The elegance of this ring goes without saying. The pearl cocktail ring is at the everyday cheap wholesale price of only $1.00 each http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Disco ball earrings retro fashion earrings cheap wholesale bargain discount
Disco ball earrings are amazing and light. This earring comes in silver or gold color. The disco ball is on a nice long chain. The disco ball earring catches the light just right to give off a bit of sparkle. The disco ball earring is fun and has a bit of a holiday feel to it. Available at the cheap wholesale price of only $1.00 each pair http://www.sheilajewelry.com/discoballearrings.php
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Butterfly hoop earrings
Our distinctive design lets you have the standard silver hoop with a fun butterfly that pops. They are a subtle colored earring with just a touch of sparkle to catch the light. Wear these fun earrings for any occasion. They are wholesale priced and you can choose a variety of colors. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Spider cocktail rings fashion jewelry wholesale cheap discount bargain
If you love spiders you are going to love this ring. This spider cocktail ring is simply gogeous. The butt of the spider is a large clear diamond like gem and there is another damond like gem in the center of the body. This spider cocktail ring comes in gold or silver wih such nice details. The spider ring is at the cheap wholesale price of only $1.00 each. http://www.sheilajewelry.com/spiderrings.php
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Heart with keyhole ear cuff earrings cheap wholesale bargain discount
What a cute way to say "You hold the Key to my Heart" but with this heart keyhole earcuff earring set. This unique earring cuff set comes with the one heart shape with the keyhole and the other matching earring that is connected to an earcuff. It is a barain at the wholesale price of only $1.25 each pair. http://www.sheilajewelry.com/heartearcuff.php
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Handcuff necklaces fashion jewelry costume jewerly cheap wholesale
Handcuff jewelry is funky and fun. This handcuff necklace comes in a variety of colors on the silver chain or gold colored chain. The handcuff necklace is designed with the chain connecting to the top outter part of the handcuff. This allows it to stay in place much better without twisting as much. Hancuff necklace is at the wholesale price of only $1.50 each http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Pearl ribbon bracelets
Wholesale bracelets http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Silicone barbed wire bracelets barb wire bracelets rubber i bracelets i bands
Silicone i band bracelets are fun but you need to have a little variety or color mixed in with them. This is what you are looking for. Barbed wire. That is right, barbed wire silcone neon colored bracelets. This cool bracelet set is only $1.00 per set. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Diamond stud earrings diamond heart studs oval studs square studs jewelry
Diamonds are neutral. This diamond like stud earring comes in three shapes to choose from. We have square, oval or heart shaped. This beautiful stud earring is only $1.00 each pair. http://www.sheilajewelry.com/diamondstudearrings.php
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BFF leather bracelets best friends bracelet friendship bracelet jewelry friends
Discount prices on BFF bracelets http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Butterfly shell earrings wholesale fashion jewelry
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Marijuana leaf earrings marijuana leaf earrings jewelry pot earring pot jewelry
Show your support for marijuana legalization and medical marijuana with our low price marijuana, hemp and pot jewelry. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Peace sign earrings peace love hippie jewelry cheap wholesale
This peace sign earring is a lightweight metal. What is the best part of the earring is that the outter hoop and the peace sign in the center are not connected as a solid design. Because they are connected seperately they have a nice swing motion to them. This beautiflu earring comes with the center black and outter hoop white or they come with the center peace sign white with a black outter hoop. This earring is available at the wholesale cheap price of only $1.00 each pair http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Silver hoop earrings lot
The classic silver hoops come in a value pack of 6 (six) pairs of earrings. The smallest hoops start at just 1 1/2 inches across in size to the largest size 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The classic silver hoops are so cheap at this discount price. They make a wonderful gift for that girl in your life or a gift for yourself. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Bug earrings lady bugs butterfly bumble bee jewelry cheap wholesale
Children's jewelry is hard to find. This is a great earring for any little girl. This bug earring comes in butterfly, bumble bees or even lady bugs. When kids have a way of losing everything, isnt it nice to be able to pay only $1.00 each pair. This website will save you money, time and hastle. These lovely bug earrings are at the wholesale price. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Real stone bracelets
These stone bracelets are available for a limited time only. We purchased them from a business that closed their door. We will not be getting them back in so you will want to order as soon as possible. The real stone bracelets are so remarkable and they come in MANY colors. They are only $1.00 at the wholesale price. http://www.sheilajewelry.com/stonebracelet.php
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Open heart wing necklaces fashion jewelry costume jewelry cheap wholesale
This heart necklace is unique in that it also has wings coming off each side. The open heart design is accentuated with tiny gem like stones. It comes in a variety of colors and matches our angle wing earrings (gold or silver color) perfectly. At only $1.50 each necklace this is only cheap in price not cheap in quality. http://www.sheilajewelry.com/openheartwingnecklaces.php
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Snake cocktail rings fashion jewerly cheap wholesale bargain discount
Snake cocktail rings are all the rave this season. This snake cocktail ring is adjustable and comfortable to wear. The snake has nice simple detail and is accentuated with a few tiny diamond like gems. This snake ring is available in gold or silver color. Buy it today at only $1.00 each http://www.sheilajewelry.com/snakerings.php
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Barefoot sandals slave anklets slave ankle bracelets with toe ring ankle jewelry
Shop for the barefoot sandals at the cheapest prices. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Angel wing earrings fashion jewelry cheap wholesale bargain discount
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BFF necklaces best friends necklace friends forever friendship necklaces jewelry
Get the best price on best friend necklaces and BFF necklaces at: http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Peace sign hoop earrings
Fashion jewelry and earrings at cheap prices. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Lightning bolt earrings fashion jewelry cheap wholesale bargain discount
Superhero earrings are the best. The lightning bolt on this earring is in two 2 layers. The back layer of the earring is black then the top layer is colored. This gives a 3D affect on the earring. This lightning bolt earring is not just for being dressed up as Wonder Woman, or whatever your superhero choice may be, this earring is for the superhero in all of us. We are amazing and we should show it by weaing a little sample every now and then. Wholesale price of only $1.00 each pair. You may want to have one in every color.....I know I did. http://www.sheilajewelry.com/lightningearrings.php
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Spiked anklet and toe ring set spike ankle bracelets spikes spikey anklets
Perfect site to find wholesale prices on ankle bracelets http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Silicone love bracelets heart bracelets rubber i bracelets i bands jewelry
What better way to say "i love you" than with jewelry. This i band silcone bracelet set comes with 6 love bracelets. This love bracelet is a thinner silcone band, so you can wear more at a time, and they say love all around it with little hearts in between. Silcone bracelets are the most popular jewelry right now with teens and little girls and boys. This is at the cheap wholesale price of only $1.00 per set. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Skull wing cocktail rings biker rings wholesale cheap discount bargain jewelry
This ring is one to see in person. The skull wing cocktail ring is adjustable. The skull wing ring has amazing detail without being too much. The wing skull ring has a tough look yet with the peace sign in the center of his skull it is unique. This ring is only $1.00 each at out everyday wholesale cheap price. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
Views: 235 Cindy Smith
Charming ankle bracelets charm anklets cheap wholesale jewelry bargain
Charming doesnt describe this beautiful anklet. This ankle bracelet is designed with twoseperate chains. One chain is simple and plain while the other chain has several trinkets. It comes with a variety of hearts, pearls and beads accentuating the ankle nicely. This is available in a variety of colors. The charming ankle bracelet is at the everyday wholesale price of only $1.00 each http://www.dressupwholesale.com
Views: 1004 Cindy Smith
Stone slave bracelets fashion jewelry costume jewelry cheap wholesale
Stone slave bracelets are so comfortable and fun to wear. This lovely slave bracelet has an adjustable ring and the bracelet portion of it can also be adjusted. This slave bracelet or dancing bracelet is perfect for belly dancers. The stone slave bracelet comes in a variety of colors. Available at our everyday cheap wholesale price of only $1.00 each bracelet http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Bright painted wood hoop earrings jewelry designs online wholesale jewelry
This wooden bright painted earring comes in some great colors from white, hot pink, bright yellow and more. I love that this wood hoop earring is lightweight. The wood earring catches attention with its unique floral pattern and bright colors. This earring is only $1.00 each pair at our online jewelry store http://www.dressupwholesale.com
Views: 408 Cindy Smith
Spiked with spring bracelets spike cuff bracelets cheap wholesale bargain
Bangle cuffs are a great accessory to any outfit. This spike spring bangle bracelet is a bargain at only $1.00 each. This bangel comes in gold or silver. It is average size 7 bangle. This spike bracelet is perfect for any look. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Ear wrap stud earrings ear cuff wraps jewelry earwraps pierced ear ear wraps
Where to get the cheapest price on ear wrap earrings. http://www.dressupwholesale.com
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Skull cocktail rings fashion jewelry cheap wholesale discount bargain
The skull ring is prfect for any woman or man. This ring is a quality havier ring made of a solid band. The skull ring is one that you expect to hear a pirate shout out Urg. This skull ring has a twisted metal look over one eye with a diamond like stone in the center of where his eye was. The other eye is a black stone. Th detail on his teeth is something to see. The skull cocktail ring is only $1.00 each. Everyday everything on the website is at cheap wholesale prices. http://www.sheilajewelry.com/skullrings.php
Views: 77 Cindy Smith
Skull chain earrings mardis gras skull earrings wholesale cheap
Mardi gras bead skull earrings are fun. This earring comes in many colors. The skulls are hanging on a few chains. This fun skull earring is one you will want to see in person. The skull mardi gras earring is only $1.00 wholesale price http://www.dressupwholesale.com
Views: 127 Cindy Smith
Wood floral earrings wooden flower earrings cheap wholesale bargain discount
Wood earrings are so nice with a natural material earring. This wood hoop earring has a delicate floral pattern lightly painted on the front of the wood earring. Nice wood earrings are hard to find. Well, this earring is exactly what you want. Nice quality, lightweight, great simple detail. Only $1.00 each pair at the wholesale price http://www.sheilajewelry.com/woodfloralearrings.php
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Pearl flower bracelet
Views: 98 Cindy Smith
Skull earrings skull jewelry wholesale cheap
This adorable skull earring comes with small crushed gems in the forehead of the skull. The skull dangling earring comes in gold skull, silver skull or black skull earrings. This earring is at the everyday cheap price of only $1.00 each pair http://www.sheilajewelry.com/skullearrings.php
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