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Dolmar ps 421 break in, rooster tails, and noodles,
Just breaking in a new Dolmar ps 421. It has a 14 in bar and Oregon 91vxl chain. I picked this up from Tim's repair shop in Fort Madison Iowa. https://plus.google.com/+TimsRepairShopFortMadison
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Dolmar ps 6100 vs stihl 056 super
Ok here it is 60 cc new school vs 87 cc old school.
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60cc chainsaw shootout!  562xp vs 555 vs 6100
Just a quick little shoot our of some of the best 60cc saws available. White oak just under 18 in
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Fiskars ISOCore maul
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2017 Gravely ZT- HD 52
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Husqvarna 562xp 2016 updated model.
just looking around the 562 while prepping it for sale,
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Can not vapor lock the Dolmar 6100
Trying to re create a vapor lock. Actual temp was 91 degrees, Sutton the saw off as soon as out of cut with no idle time. Ran almost a full tank of fuel approximately 30 min of continuous noodling and stumping. The saw was very hot as expected and left in the sun and no vapor lock.
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NEW Husqvarna SP33G Chain. Is it Awesome?
Just got some brand new SP33G chain in from Husqvarna. Been waiting a year for this. So we will be testing this out and see if it is worth the wait.
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Poulan Pro 5020 AV Review
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Stihl 192 ce cutting hard white oak.
This ia my stihl 192 ce rear handle after about 2 gallons of fuel. Running stihl ultra at 37 -1 chain is original and been kept sharp with a granberg file-n-joint.
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Dolmar 6100 overview
This is such a neat little saw I thought I would try and point out some of the features. Being the direct competition of the husqvarna 562xp and the stihl ms 362 m but $200 cheaper it is an amazing saw for the price.
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Excalibur ex-shox install.  Project silent knight.
Installing the Excalibur ex-shox's on the Excalibur matrix bulldog 400 aka silent knight
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550xp muffler mod
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Dolmar ps 421 overview
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Stihl ms 192 c muffler mod how to
Just the details of how I modded my stihl 192 muffler. This is the same muffler found on the 192t, 193 and 193t
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How I check to see if a tree is hollow.
This is how I check to see if a tree is hollow before felling it. This is not meant as a how to or tutorial. Heck it may be deadly so do not try this at home.
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Dolmar 6100 24 inch bar in hard shagbark hickory
Shagbark Hickory is one of the hardest wood on chains. This is roughly 20" across using a 24" bar and Oregon full comp semi chisel low kickback chain. I use this chain on hickory because it dulls a chain so fast semi chisel holds up longer the full square chisel with the trade off of cutting slower.
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Part 1 Granberg precision grinder first look
Just got this in the mail and I am so excited to test it out. Treestuff.com was kind enough to send me a granberg precision grinder to put to work. I will do a few videos testing it and putting it through its paces. Hope you enjoy. You can get yours here. Granberg precision grinder. https://www.treestuff.com/store/catalog.asp?item=100
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Husqvarna 555FX UP Close
Just a quick look over of the 555FX
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Excalibur 308 short, A little girls hunting crossbow!
Excalibur 308 short serenity crossbow. We needed a very small and easy to handle crossbow for my small ladies. Wyvern creations was so very helpful and patient through the multitude of phone calls and emails. Here is a direct link and his phone number is at the bottom of the page give him a call. https://www.wyverncreations.com/excalibur-crossbows-c-70/excalibur-308-short-serenity-p-878.html?zenid=2bbb7sib0jrcg3t45ind980c56
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Husqvarna splitting maul review
Just a quick review of the Husqvarna Splitting maul. See more at my shoot out. Part one here: https://youtu.be/orZ9zi3bCtA Part two here: https://youtu.be/qS6xa4Bcc6Y A closer look at the Husqvarna small splitting axe here: https://youtu.be/G0mN5Xy6WnY
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