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Luisa Omielan...Thigh Gap..What Thigh Gap Bitches?!
Luisa Omielan at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Oxfam Gala 2015. Am I Right Ladies?! Indigogo campaign to self film the whole show that this set comes from https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/am-i-right-ladies-live-stand-up-recording
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Luisa Omielan at JFL, Broad City presents..
Just For Laughs Comedy Festival 2014, Broad City Presents... Luisa Omielan
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Getting Called Old and Fat when you Fly as F
So I really want to try and get a meeting with Netflix, I know my live audiences love my shows and thankfully BBC have supported and have my first one! My second I really want to get it on an international Platform, I think my jokes and the topics I talk about are so relevant and this show as Fresh as F! It's like a manifesto for women but men love it too! So this weekend, I got a message from someone who had seen thigh gap and how it helped with her sense of Body image, especially eating Chocolate and it made me wanna share this snippet with you. Dear Lord, please can you help me get this on an international Platform, I wanna spread the word! Please share and tag your friends, Luisa xxx
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Luisa Omielan on Live at the Apollo
December 2017. Talking about Mental Health, Feminism, Cancer and Cannabis Oil. They cut out the bit where I said Jeremy Hunt should be tried for Manslaughter and Legalise Medicinal Cannabis but apart from that.... It was such an honour to do this gig. Hosted by the wonderful Nish Kumar xx
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Mental Health Awareness Week
In aid of mental health awareness week, this is a short bit from my second show Am I Right Ladies?! If you are struggling, ask for help, there is plenty out there and you are not alone. Warning Adult language and content
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Luisa Omielan...Am I Right Ladies 2015
A short snippet from my second stand up show 'Am I Right Ladies?!' the follow up to the beautiful 'What Would Beyonce Do?!' Hope you enjoy!
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Dating Rules For Guys TOO EXPLICIT FOR TV
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Luisa Omielan's What Would Beyonce Do?!
Debut stand up show from Comic Luisa, Its been hailed as the 'biggest stand up hit of the decade' Guardian. Private Link x
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Luisa Omielan, second stand up show 'Am I Right Ladies?!' A manifesto for life
Follow up to What Would Beyonce Do?! My second solo stand up show, a manifesto about depression, self worth, fighting for your career and deserving of love x
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Luisa Omielan on BBC Breakfast
Comedian Luisa Omielan talks about her upcoming BBC3 stand up special 'What Would Beyonce Do?!' (launching 14th February 2017) and her Valentines comedy show and afterparty (11th February) Tickets available here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/luisa-omielans-valentines-partyam-i-right-ladies-tickets-29152568116 #WhatWouldBeyonceDo?! #AmIRightLadies?! @luisaomielan
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How to make Polish Doughnuts
via YouTube Capture
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Luisa Omielan Edinburgh 2016
Back for one weekend only. The most successful debut stand up show to come out of the Edinburgh Fringe, followed by the follow up! EICC 9.30 Aug 26th and 27th
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Valentines Q&A with New Look ❤️
The Baes at New Look have asked me some very personal love questions, but luckily we dating so its cool like that....
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Audience member proposes at comedy show....
Audience member proposes at comedy show....
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Bitch On A Bench! Advice Series. Ep1. Tinder
Hey team! I've made a MINI ADVICE SERIES!! Usually I can be found crying at a train station or in a park or outside dominoes but ever since Thailand, I have found inner peace! So I've decided to use this insight to help others! May I Present..... 'BITCH ON A BENCH!' Episode 1. TINDER! http://po.st/RhXHpF ‪#‎YesTheBeepMeansAnal‬
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Bitch On A Bench: Diets
Luisa Omielan continues her advice series...
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Am I Right Ladies?!...A Teaser clip from Luisa Omielan
Online download of Luisa's second solo stand up show 'Am I Right Ladies?!' is available now from www.iloveluisa.com From the woman that brought you 'Thigh Gap, what Thigh Gap?!'
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Training for the summer...
Get beach body ready in one meal!
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Bitch On A Bench : Episode 6 Climax Fairy
Do you like having lots of sex? Good for you!
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Bitch On A Bench: Episode 4. Get Naked
Luisa Omielan continues her advice series
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Bitch On a Bench: Episode 5 Chasing Dreams
Going for what you want in life
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What Would Beyonce Do?! The Book
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Eggy Beard Man   #ValentinesParty
A lil skit by Luisa Omielan, directed by Stefan Georgiou & Produced by Bridget Arsenault. Part of a love theme collection.. Valentines Party. Feb 11. Forum, Kentish Town. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/luisa-omielans-valentines-partyam-i-right-ladies-tickets-29152568116
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Bitch On A Bench: Episode 3 Bad Photos
Luisa OMielan and her advice series, this week, bad photos
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Jan 17, 2016
via YouTube Capture
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