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Bailamos- Anthony Reyes and Rachel Carpenter-  Dance Magic, State Theatre, 2010
here's the latest and greatest revised- and finally on a real stage :)
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Bailamos- Anthony Reyes and Rachel Carpenter-  Las Plumas Talent Show 2010
Our latest routine, a mixture of salsa and bachata, with a little bit of hip hop & MJ influence
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Tormenta de Amor: Anthony Reyes and Rachel Carpenter
We do not own the right to any of these songs. The following songs were remixed by Anthony Reyes: Llorar Lloviendo by Toby Love Valio la Pena by Marc Anthony Gitano del Amor by Latin Soul Syndicate.
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Sway- Frank Eggan, freestyle dance by Anthony Reyes and Rachel Carpenter- Beyond the Music 2011
We were unable to finish our salsa/bachata routine in time, so our director surprised us on the very last rehearsal by throwing us on the stage during this guy's act and yelling "DANCE!" We love you Ms. Kathy!!
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The Way You Make Me Feel Duet by Anthony Reyes and Rachel Carpenter- Beyond the Music 2011
So we've discovered that Anthony can sing too :)
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Anthony Reyes and Julian Lee- Old men got rythm- Dance Magic, State theatre 2010
dancing to a Freeze Remix by Julian Lee and Anthony Reyes
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Baggage- CAC Teen Jazz, Anthony Reyes, Rachel Carpenter, Julian Lee- Beyond the Music 2011
Modern/ jazz performance. All suitcases are labeled with our "baggage"- fear, anger, controlling, stubborn, lonely, and many others.
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Three Worlds- Beyond the Music 2011- CAC Dancers, Anthony Reyes, Rachel Carpenter, Julian Lee
Opening number to Kathy Neal's Creative Arts Centre end of the year production, Beyond the Music.
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Black Top Crew- Feather River Winter Talent Show- Julian Lee and Anthony Reyes
my man, Julian and the rest of the guys- first big performance with this routine
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Thrilla Night
This a remix of all Michael Jackson "Scary Songs" Some are the Immortal versions. Remix and Choreography by Anthony Reyes.
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Remember the King (Michael Jackson Tribute) by Anthony Reyes
Music Edited by Anthony Reyes. I do not own the rights to this written material.
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Dangerous The Remix
Song Remix, additional lyrics, and additional choreography by Anthony Reyes
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