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Day Dreamer
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Come on! (*Seisure warning*)
Come on! Official Video.
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Course work Music Area of study 3 - pop culture and music
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Audition - Day Dreamer
Larger than 450mb so I have to post on YouTube, then copy link to audition.
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I guess the name says it all???
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Art With Words   Preview
Here is what I have for the album already.... thinking of putting more groovy upbeat poppy songs in there before I publish.
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Acid Wine
A song about taking psychedelic drugs with your other half... someone you love dearly...
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Romance in Paris
The crappy video isn't working! (This song has been copyrighted by "www.Protectmywork.com")
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Blue Oyster Cult Last Days Of May Cover
this is my version of blue oyster cults last days of may its not exact but its inspired by the song and still is the song but my own version I do not own the song this is my own cover
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A Curse within
beta, sound levels are abit mess up but its ok!
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broken ship project
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God Is Incest
Just my view on the bibles teachings
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Romance in Paris
A song about prostitution in paris... the only love and affection I'll have with a woman...
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The Demo Album Vol.1
The first section of recorded demo's. Quality is pretty bad on many songs, to those who complain? They are demos, rough demos recorded on my computer.
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Rise Of The Pimple Kid
The pimple kid is a fictional character, representing a nick name given to a student, who is bullied and hated in his place of education. One day he will rise.... and kill everyone... that's the story
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The Demo Album Vol.2 (ANNOUNCEMENT)
*ANNOUNCEMENT!* Due to getting kicked out and having nowhere to live, I now have to store my valuables and my computer somewhere and so I can no longer record. That is the end of my little run until I can get back to my computer, I still have the band so that's where it's at now. There are 8 songs. Some are clearly unfinished because I needed to throw what I had together. If only I had more time... if only I could of done more... Until I return... peace
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Some piano piece I wrote, I think it sounds cool.
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A Curse Within
Just a cool song I wrote a few year back
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Test 123
Just a song I quickly wrote to test out my microphone in my computer... It sounds good though.
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Carrier of diseases
Just a cool demo of some shitty song I wrote
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We Can Bleed
Wanted a grungy sound, that will make you put the song down. But for those that listen longer, it gets happy
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