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Ambuja Cement "A Giant's Story" (Publicis India)
Publics India takes a humorous route to break the monotony of cement campaigns for Ambuja Cement's new campaign starring world-renowned wrestler The Great Khali.
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P&G, Oral-B/Crest "Halloween" (Publicis Kaplan Thaler)
The best way to keep teeth clean and healthy is to ban Halloween candy altogether. Crest toothpaste and Oral-B toothbrushes explore that possibility in this hilarious ad by Publicis Kaplan Thaler, by giving a group of children in costume only healthy candy-vegetable-flavored gummies, Nori pops and tofu ghost-mallows. The reactions are simultaneously adorable and gross.
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Pilion Trust "Fuck The Poor" (Publicis London)
Publicis London has created a campaign for the charity The Pilion Trust in which a man attempts to shock people into donating by walking around London wearing a sign that reads: "Fuck the poor." The man is filmed inciting anger among Londoners for his offensive sandwich board but then being ignored when it later reads: "Help the poor."
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Heineken "The Dilemma" (Publicis Italy)
Publicis Italy launched a soccer-themed prankvertising effort for Heineken entitled “The Dilemma.” A football super-fan is offered a VIP ticket to a Champions League match, but he must forsake his friends to attend. The fun comes from watching Simone wrestling with the decision to go to the match and then trying to hide his betrayal from his friends (who are all in on the prank).
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Sony Channel, The Voice "Skip Ad Festival" (Publicis Brazil)
To promote The Voice's new season on Sony Channel in Brazil, Publicis Brasil used the true view videos in YouTube to put the consumer as a judge in a musical contest. He had five seconds to approve the participant. If he skipped the ad, the singer was rejected. But if he did not skip, the singer was classified.
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CoorDown "Not Special Needs" (Publicis NY)
Publicis New York launched a campaign for CoorDown, Italy’s national organization for individuals with Down syndrome, entitled “Not Special Needs” for World Down Syndrome Day.
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Lancôme "Grandiôse de Lancôme" (Publicis 133)
Lancôme et Publicis 133 revisitent les codes du film noir pour présenter le nouveau mascara Grandiôse dans un film destiné à une diffusion digitale. Un film à l’atmosphère énigmatique et séductrice où se mêlent mouvements doux et saccadés, clairs-obscurs, courbes du corps et cygne noir, chaque élément formant une analogie au mascara et à son résultat.
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Renault ZE "The Postman" (Publicis Conseil)
For this Valentine’s Day, Renault has produced its first animated movie around love and silence of EV vehicles. The Postman tells the romantic and comical story of a postman and his troublesome pursuit to get closer to his crush, because of a very protective noise-sensitive dog. Until one day, an electric vehicle will change his life. The film, which features a Renault Kangoo Z.E., promotes the benefits of driving electric vehicles and their silent engines, which offers comfort for both the driver and the surroundings. Renault Z.E. offers a line-up of 100% electric vehicles and associated services, for both private and business customers. Renault is the European leader in 100% electric passenger and light commercial vehicles. FILM SYNOPSIS When Lars, a postman, meets a girl on his daily postal round, he instantly falls for her. The only problem? His noisy vehicle keeps disturbing her small-but-angry dog, who blocks him from getting anywhere near to his new crush. The Postman endures multiple comical attacks from the possessive dog, until finally, he is given a set of keys to a brand-new Renault Kangoo Z.E., allowing him to silently approach his crush, Karen. Everything starts with an electric moment! The film was created by The Loft Publicis, directed by Akama, produced by WIZZ and animated by NKI.
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Camisaria Colombo "Black Friday Flying Collection" (Salles Chemistry Brazil)
Publicis Salles Chemistry and Brazilian shirt store Camisaria Colombo used droned-based advertising to display its Black Friday collection in Sao Paulo business district, Vila Olimpia. The objective was to reach executives who stay in the office for long hours and inform them about special offers available on Black Friday at the Colombo short store.
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Automobile Club of Romania "Mr Bear Driver" (Publicis Romania)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trvVZdKqsgU&list=PLSu0QtS3G8nkBZId9cUa49rQoo0P3ZsqS The Automobile Club of Romania introduces “Mr Bear Driver” - the mobile game that actively involves kids in road safety. When activated in a moving vehicle, the game is directly influenced by the real speed of the car, through GPS. The main character in the game lets the kid know when the real-life legal speed has been exceeded, and asks him/her to tell the driver to slow down. If the driver doesn’t reduce speed immediately, the kid loses points and the game ends abruptly. This way, little ones can influence the road behaviour of their parents, becoming true copilots. And, most importantly, they learn that excessive speeding is never a good thing.
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Renault, New Renault Range "As unexpected as life" (Publicis Conseil)
A 360° campaign composed of TV, digital, OOH, DOOH aired, first in France as a tribute to the historical market, and then worldwide.
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Nestlé, Nescafé "The Nextdoor Hello" (Publicis Italy)
Nescafé has launched "The Nextdoor Hello", a social experiment, developed by Publicis Italy, to encourage people to "get closer to those close to you", your neighbours.
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Heineken "When You Drive Never Drink" (Publicis Italy)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trvVZdKqsgU&list=PLSu0QtS3G8nkBZId9cUa49rQoo0P3ZsqS This spot encourages responsible drinking and shows former racing driver Sir Jackie Stewart continually refusing to drink Heineken throughout his career because he is driving. It will be shown on outdoor screens at the Grand Prix track in Monza, and supported by digital activations, live fan experiences, PR initiatives and packaging/point-of-sale activations.
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Vicks "Learning to Love#TouchOfCare" (Publicis Singapore)
Publicis Singapore made a four-minute film for P&G's Vicks that is based on a true story of a young man whose life is transformed by an abandoned baby.
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Nescafé, Dolce Gusto "Creativity Reinvents The Classics" (Publicis Conseil)
Publicis Conseil joins forces with will.i.am to launch "Creativity Reinvents The Classics" campaign for Nescafé. The campaign sees the singer reinventing Otis Redding's iconic hit (Sittin On) The Dock of the Bay.
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France Television/France 3 "La Forêt, Bet on a Murderer" (Publicis Conseil)
The first TV series where anyone can bet on the murderer's identity. "I can bet he is guilty..." Who’s never said this sentence, when watching a thriller series with a complicated ongoing investigation? To promote the launch of its new series La Forêt, the french TV channel France 3 smartly bounces on this universal observation and sets an innovative experience allowing each viewer to take real bets on the series murderer’s identity. An interactive airing imagined by Publicis Conseil, in partnership with betting platform Winamax. In an exclusive partnership with betting platform Winamax, the channel will thus air the TV series in an interactive broadcasting, in which the many suspects will appear on screen with their betting odds matching their suspicion’s level. These odds will be evolving from one second to another depending on the plot and on the characters’ more or less suspicious activities. Available every airing nights live at lacotedususpect.fr, the experience invites the viewer to follow his intuition and to bet on the murderer’s identity for free, all along the 6 episodes of this multiple twists TV series. A strong idea, coming from the TV series’ plot itself. Synopsis: In a small and quiet village in the Ardennes, a sixteen-year old girl disappears in the forest in the middle of the night. Captain Gaspard Deker, former military and freshly arrived, leads the investigation with Virginie Musso, the local police officer. Soon enough, the leads multiply and one after another the villagers are listed as suspects. The experience is supported by a national outdoor campaign – displayed from November 15th. Fabrice Delacourt, ECD at Publicis Conseil: "The rise of TV series in our daily lives offers a unique playground to create this kind of laboratory projects. From the insight’s accuracy, directly coming from the consumption of the thriller genre, to the creation of betting odds adapted for the first time to a fiction’s storytelling, every step has been an opportunity to see the line between communication and pure entertainment blurring."
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AXA "Kathmandu-Believe In You" (Publicis Conseil)
Discover the first AXA global brand campaign ‘Kathmandu-Believe in you’, showcasing the new brand positioning: “Empower people to live a better life”. The campaign is inspired by a true story, and has been conceived to be fully integrated from the start.
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Renault "Real Views" (Publicis Brussels)
For the pre-launch of the new Renault Megane, Publicis Brussels created Real Views: a surprising experiment to find out how many people wanted to see the car. Not via views on YouTube, but in real life, as the car drove by.
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Tiger Beer "Tiger Trading Co" (Marcel Sydney, Australia)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trvVZdKqsgU&list=PLSu0QtS3G8nkBZId9cUa49rQoo0P3ZsqS Tiger Beer and Marcel Sydney have repurposed a Canal Street discount store and turned it into a stunning showcase of the best Asian art, fashion, technology and design.
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Go Outside "The Outside Edition" (Talent Marcel)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trvVZdKqsgU&list=PLSu0QtS3G8nkBZId9cUa49rQoo0P3ZsqS Go Outside is a world-renowned magazine that brings the best of the outdoor universe. To celebrate more than a decade of its publication in Brazil, the magazine decided to live up to its own name with a special edition: The Outside Edition. The idea was simple: produce a magazine entirely outside, at the same time and place where its articles would took place. The project took almost a year and involved dozens of professionals including journalists, photographers and illustrators. Despite following the graphic design of the magazine, each page is unique. All photos are instant and chosen from more than 900 clicks. Several techniques of illustration and painting were used, including taking advantage of raw materials found in the midst of adventures. More than 35,000 kilometers were traveled and 12 expeditions were made to produce a single magazine. From it, an exclusive and limited edition was made on special paper referring to the texture of the original. It is being distributed to outdoor life influencers. A digital version has been published to the general public on oustidedition.com, with extra content for visitors. Go Outside. The magazine that always had the soul outside, now has the body.
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