Videos uploaded by user “Razors Edge”
Deer Hunting: Girls Hunt Too!
Daniele's first buck! Taken with a Scorpyd Ventilator 125 crossbow!
Views: 5794 Razors Edge
Crossbow Hunting: Pass'n Thru Heart Shot
My second time hunting! Heart shot and she went down very quick!
Views: 6911 Razors Edge
Razors Edge Crossbow Hunting: First Hunt
This is my first ever hunt! Opening day NJ bow season. Equipment: Scorpyd Ventilator 125 Rage Broadheads Black Eagle Executioner Arrows
Views: 288696 Razors Edge
Bowhunting: Awesome Winter Bow Deer Hunt
Winter bow hunt from New Years Day 2011. Heart shot doe!
Views: 2551 Razors Edge
Recording Hunts On Video- Camera Comparison Of 3 Models
Hunting video to show 3 different cameras and how they perform under different lighting.
Views: 1142 Razors Edge

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