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Kiba Learning Tricks
My 4 month old Keeshond puppy Kiba learning new trick "bang bang" or play dead.....! he just started learning it two nights ago... I think he is catching on!! EDIT: he is actually 4 months here not 5 ;)
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Tickle me Brazilian Black (G.Pulchra)
I had a little bit too much fun with my tarantula, sorry Chanel.
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Kiba the Keeshond -  8 months playing outside
This is my keeshond puppy Kiba, we brought him to my friend's cottage this weekend!
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Keeshond playing on the beach!
Kiba, my keeshond puppy playing on the beach for the first time!!
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Keeshond pup plays with his own fur
My Keeshond puppy Kiba playing with his own fur!!!! I thought it was so funny! He plays with everything XD
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Sherlock I dont Have Friends Rough Animation
Well, it's very rough to say the least.
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Alan Rickman Seminar Stage Door 12.20.11
Dec.20th! Mr.Rickman signing autographs at the stage door :) He is super nice and hilarious..... Seminar was excellent I'm so honoured to have gone a watch all the actors/actresses preform all so talented....and a lovely team. If anybody else has videos from this night please share!! and if you were here on this night I have lots of photos, just ask me to email them or put them on photobucket maybe you will be in them :)
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Keeshond plays with his fur
My dog kiba is almost two years old and he still plays with his fur!!!
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A Snape Bat Brews Glory
A couple of things I want to fix on this, but this is my first muzzle lip sync!
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Keeshond Plays with Fur
My Keeshond Kiba plays with his fur to get attention. I think it's hilarious. He's always done it ever since he was a pup. He usually grabs his front main but sometimes he grabs his side fur.
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My first flash video
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Year 1 - Ball and Tail Animation
First Year Animation Student
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RAGE! ANGER! Kiba barks and growls!
Kiba heard a man cough and he wondered....... XD
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Jaime and Brienne Theme
Made a video for my game of thrones OTP
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