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deer hunting is for girls
Monster buck taken 1st shotgun season Southwest Iowa.. Green score 159..
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Girls hunting
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Two teenage girls hunting in the woods of West Georgia
Two teenage girls hunting in the woods of West Georgia
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girls on hunting.mov
Taken from the future of hunting television show. A young huntress talks about girls hunting - past and present - I hate to say it, but they can do anything we guys do... and maybe a little better!
Two Girls Go Deer Hunting
http://ruthvideo.com/ Two girls go deer hunting. A scene from Deep South Deer Camp, available on DVD at ruthvideo.com
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Girl Shooting Guns Hunting Show.mov
Girls Shooting Guns and Outdoors Sports information from the Hunting Show Deer Camp, including information about Ducks Unlimited, Hunting, Sports
Survival Girls: Part 3 - The Hunt
Killing a wild boar...yeah
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World: Finding Supermodels in Rural Brazil | The New York Times
A model scout searches for the next Gisele Bündchen in a region known for genetic cocktails prized by the beauty industry. Related Article: http://nyti.ms/aEpsEN Subscribe to the Times Video newsletter for free and get a handpicked selection of the best videos from The New York Times every week: http://bit.ly/timesvideonewsletter Subscribe on YouTube: http://bit.ly/U8Ys7n Watch more videos at: http://nytimes.com/video --------------------------------------------------------------- Want more from The New York Times? Twitter: https://twitter.com/nytvideo Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nytimes Google+: https://plus.google.com/+nytimes/ Whether it's reporting on conflicts abroad and political divisions at home, or covering the latest style trends and scientific developments, New York Times video journalists provide a revealing and unforgettable view of the world. It's all the news that's fit to watch. On YouTube. World: Finding Supermodels in Rural Brazil - nytimes.com/video http://www.youtube.com/user/TheNewYorkTimes
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Japanese girls at husband hunting school
A Husband Hunting School has opened its doors to man-eating Tokyo ladies. . Follow us on twitter at http://twitter.com/ThisIsGenius .
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Fieldsports Britain - Shooting pheasants, partridges and grouse at Ripley Castle, episode 51
It's a good-sized day at Ripley Castle, North Yorkshire and we're with a team of guns enjoying not just pheasant and partridge drives but duck and the king of the gamebirds, grouse. From the parkland setting around the castle itself to high Hardcastle Moor via the incredibly challenging 'Landslide' drive, this is some of the best driven game shooting in the UK - and it's available on GunsOnPegs.com. That's not all. We're also learning more tips on long-range shooting from Keith Poyser of rifle training outfit Bangs Bucks & Bullseyes. It all adds up to British shooting at its best. Sign up to our weekly email newsletter www.fieldsportschannel.tv/register
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Crossbow First Person View Deer Hunting
I put my panasonic lumix TS2 on a mounting bracket attached to the scope mount on my crossbow. A group of 8 deer came out of the woods to my left and milled around while I decided which one to shoot. Passed on the button buck so he could grow up next year. Really wanted antlers, which is why I waited, but ended up harvesting the big mama doe leading the group. She was delicious. This video is as much enjoying watching the deer as it is shooting one. Shot was at 27 yards according to my Nikon Riflehunter 550. The arrow entered just behind her left shoulder and exited just in front of her right shoulder, going through both lungs. Big easy to follow blood trail, took less than 10 minutes to track and find her. Pictures: http://s1117.photobucket.com/albums/k592/genericmember/Deer/ Barnett Quad AVI crossbow with Spitfire broadheads.
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A Moose and His Girl
(DON'T APPROACH A MOOSE!!!! This woman has been taking care of this moose since he was a calf, under the controlled setting of a wildlife park.) Visit the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center! These clips were shot by moose biologist Vic VanBallenberghe who's featured in the movie ALASKAN MOOSE: A JOURNEY WITH GIANTS. To learn more, visit www.alaskanmoosemovie.com
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dusk rabbit hunt  12 guage vs rabbit / hare  hunting with my girls
the camera makes it look a little darker than it actually is, sun set was maybe 15 mins before, lots of light,still a legal shot!
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DWA Demo
DEEP WOODS ADVENTURES (DWA) is a fresh and innovative outdoor television series that focuses on introducing, and encouraging women to get involved with the sport of hunting. Each week we hope to educate, inspire, and share the sport of hunting through a female perspective, by showcasing female hunters of all skill levels and their hunting experiences. We believe here at Deep Woods Adventures, that hunting is a sport that should involve family, and by reaching out to women worldwide we hope to get more families out in the woods and keep the tradition of hunting alive. Premiering June 26, 2011 on Sportsman Channel HD! SUNDAYS @ 4:00PM WEDNESDAYS @ 11:00AM FRIDAYS @ 9:30AM (Eastern Standard Time)
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Hunting Girls Rule!
Christy puts the hurt on a Great 170 class Muley at 250yrds Nice shot!
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Hog hunting pup training
starting next years power hog dog pup training
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Girl can hunt just as well as guys
My buffalo hunt dec 2010. put to my favorite garth brooks song. This was my last year hunting in wyoming till I'm done with school at Boise State. My Dad surprised me with putting me in for the hunt and I was one of the lucky few to draw. It was definately one of the best hunting experiences of my life. Right up there with my mountain lion hunt in 2003.
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Kentucky Girl's Record Book Deer
Fourteen-year-olds dont typically humble seasoned hunters with their harvests. Michaella Mikie Monroe, however, is not typical and neither is her deer. Host Tim Farmer introduces us to the Spencer County sportswoman whose buck, taken during the October youth hunt, is bound for the Boone and Crockett Clubs all-time record book. Follow Kentucky Afield on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/kentuckyafield -or- search kentucky afield on Facebook and become a fan. Thanks for watching!
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Buck Girl
Buck Girl is here for the women and young girls of the hunting world! Because Girls Hunt Too! www.BuckGirl.com - created at http://animoto.com
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Load up
Deer Huntin Two Girls Just Huntin
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A little girl getting chased through the woods gets the upper hand on her attacker. A funny commercial for a shooting stick/ woopin stick by Kilgore Outdoors
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Boone Life: Girl vs. Wild
Mary Kate Puscian decided to start bow hunting after going out on a hunting trip with her boyfriend. Now she goes out hunting by herself almost every weekend.
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Funny Dad an Easter  Reality Video (Stealing Easter Eggs is Grand Larceny)
Spring is here and now it is time to spend more time outdoors having fun. See what happens here on Easter when two girls wakeup to find that there is something sitting on the couch in the living room. Wonder what or who it could be. See some funny, scary and heartfelt moments here in this video. Could there be some strangers lurking around waiting to steal eggs or maybe some kids? You never know around here! You never know what kind of fortune you will find in those Easter eggs around our house. Some of these eggs can be traded in for a new laptop computer! See what happens when color coded eggs are scattered in designated areas around the house outside. We do have a unique system when it comes to Easter egg hunting. our system is different than the average. We use color coded eggs which are placed in designated areas that are talked about the day before. There are 4 color coded eggs hidden in each designated are for each kid. We also place real eggs in those designated areas as well. A designated area can be larger than 2 acres. There are many decoy eggs that are placed in the non-designated areas which may lead to temptation to cross over to the non-designated areas so this helps fine tune self control as well as good memory skills and following directions. This system has to be done this way so they each get the same amount in the prize filled eggs. We have two Easter egg hunts, one is in the morning and then one is in the evening just before dinner. The even Easter egg hunt is the traditional system used by many and the morning Easter egg hunt is our own system. Would you cry over these eggs if you tried to use the traditional system with the total of 8 our of 40 eggs having prizes and you got 1 prize filled egg and the other got 7prize filled eggs? If you would like to audition for acting or singing and would like to be on TV then visit our website: all4tubekids.com/audition Royalty Free Music By Kevin MacLeod incompetech.com Jason Shaw and is released under Creative Commons license 3.0 audionautix.com Please tell us about your Easter or special day you have during the Spring.
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Deer Hunting Dogs - Hunting With Dogs
http://www.deer-hunting-videos.com/ One of my favourite pastimes along with bow hunting. Unfortunately deer hunting with dogs is becoming more and more uncommon, keep it alive!!!
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Deer hunting
Alexis playing with the deer
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Young Girl Russian Boar Hunt
This young girl got her very first boar at Superior Game Ranch. She won this hunt at the 2010 Commemorative Bucks of Michigan banquet in Marquette, MI. Superior Game Ranch is located in Watson, MI. (Please visit their website at www.superiorgameranch.com .) She makes a perfect shot on this very big Russian sow.
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14 Year Old Girl's Amazing 500 Yard Shot!
This is her first time hunting and with her first trigger pull, she drops a buffalo at over 500 yards! Remarkable!
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Girls At Our Best- Politics
Follow me and my record hunting on instagram @djmoustachealex Great female post punk from 1980.
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Camp Wild Girls Commercial - Check it Out!
http://www.ampmoutdoors.com - This is a commercial I produced for Camp Wild Girls dot com, a site dedicated to hunting and fishing resources for women in the outdoors. Check it out, especially if you're a women by visiting http://www.campwildgirls.com
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Pistol deer hunt
Deer season offers Kentucky hunters a variety of firepower options. Farmer opts for a modern pistol. Although Farmer's .44 magnum pistol is a bit less common than the bow or a rifle, it is up to the task of taking a doe. Follow his adventure near the Shelby-Franklin county line. Subscribe to Kentucky Afield's Channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=kyafield&feature=iv&annotation_id=annotation_984203
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[Teaser] Mutant Girl Squad
*See my Channel for more independent, cult, foreign, animation and genre flicks* http://www.sentoshojo.jp/ "The story is sort of a spoof of X-Men. [Yumi] Sugimoto plays Rin, a bullied teenager who discovers her arm has mutated into a razor-sharp weapon on her 16th birthday. A shadow government organization immediately begins hunting her down, slaughtering her parents in the process, but Rin is saved in the nick of time by a super-powered being called 'Hiruko'. Soon, mutants from all over Japan are gathered together and begin militant training to overthrow the government. Meanwhile, Rin is fitted with a special iron mask and begins her life as a 'battle girl', utilizing both her mutant powers and acrobatic abilities to fight against mutant-hunting special forces." - Nipponcinema.com
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Hunting and Fishing Sex Tourism (even with young girls) - ABC News goes undercover
http://abcnews.go.com/WN/sex-tourism/story?id=10288468&page=1 What do you expect from wildlife terrorist aka "sportsman" sickos.? Safari Club International, NRA and the hunting industry (all related ) are the reason why CRUSH videos where small kittens and puppies are crush to death under the heels of beautiful women is now legal and so is many other videos depicting extreme cruelty that way the hunters can protect their own sadistic videos of animal torture under "free speech" law.
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[Trailer2] Mutant Girls Squad
*See my Channel for more independent, cult, foreign, animation and genre flicks* http://www.sentoshojo.jp/ "The story is sort of a spoof of X-Men. [Yumi] Sugimoto plays Rin, a bullied teenager who discovers her arm has mutated into a razor-sharp weapon on her 16th birthday. A shadow government organization immediately begins hunting her down, slaughtering her parents in the process, but Rin is saved in the nick of time by a super-powered being called 'Hiruko'. Soon, mutants from all over Japan are gathered together and begin militant training to overthrow the government. Meanwhile, Rin is fitted with a special iron mask and begins her life as a 'battle girl', utilizing both her mutant powers and acrobatic abilities to fight against mutant-hunting special forces." - Nipponcinema.com
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Bath City Beat - Girls Night Out Goes Hunting
With Michigan's fall hunting season now open, Downtown Mount Clemens is getting into the act with its favorite perennial Girls Night Out.
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Scouting For Girls (and boys)
Our team in Rio hunted high and low for suitable male and female participants in the Bruzil programme. This is hunting high. A stunning view of the city from the peak of Corcovado mountain at the statue of Christ the Redeemer. Not quite as impressive as Glasgow from Cathkin Braes, but stunning nonetheless.
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Good Will Hunting | "The Best Part of My Day"
Scene from the film GOOD WILL HUNTING (1997) starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck
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Hanna's deer shot.3gp
Hanna get her first deer. The Hunt Connection member gets her first deer at Two Ponds Plantation Pauline SC.
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The GIRLS ghost hunting .wmv
went to visit karina again ..we went to fort george inside the tunnel ,AND WE WERE THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE TUNNEL ANYWHERE [email protected] you can clearly hear a womans voice say DION ?...i was the only one who heard it at the time but..you can hear it when replayed ..it wasnt any of our voices...then debbie sees a shadow up the stairs a second later ...trippy ...really trippy this video is unedited except for replaying the voice @ the end
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February Ahiu Wahine
Go to http://www.ahiuhawaii.com for more girls.....
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Anti-Hunters Exposed (Anti hunters want American soldiers DEAD 2-28-10)
Anti-Hunters Exposed New every Weds and Fri, Sometimes in between. This topic is how Anti hunters dont have any compasion for our American troops... Check out our Deer Hunting USA page where we have all of our hunting videos. Including How to skin a deer with a golfball. http://www.youtube.com/user/Scoobasteve26
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Jamies 1st Deer
Jamies 1st Deer
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deer hunting bucks 2008
Deer hunting 2008 my buck!! ;-) November
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//hunting ever// [sue hunters part 2]
The ladies are back and this time they are searching for the main protagonist by the name of Ever Bloom. The Hunt is on. Songs are: (1) Things You See In a Graveyard-Repo (2) Oh Fortuna (3) Treats and Goblins
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Big Deer Killed at Highland Hill Farm      a Monster Buck
http://www.huntingrelics.com 215 651 8329 Deer Hunting and Trophy Bucks! - Awesome Antlers Whitetail Photo ...A listing of monster bucks and photos of trophy deer. www.awesomeantlers.com/ - Cached - SimilarBill Jordan's Realtree Monster Bucks | monster bucks | outdoor ...Join Realtree's Bill Jordan, David Blanton, Michael Waddell & friends as they deliver the most exciting and intense whitetail hunting action from sixteen ... www.outdoorchannel.com/Shows/MonsterBucks.aspx - CachedNew In 2010 at Monster Bucks Outfitting and Guide ServiceMonster Bucks is an Outfitting and Guide Service for resident and non-resident hunters, specializing in whitetail deer hunts we will help you obtain Kansas ... www.kansashunter.com/ - Cached - SimilarMonster Buck Moments - ESPNDec 13, 2010 ... SHE Safari founder Pam Zaitz is hunting the brush country of south Texas and has found where a Monster buck is living. Join us this week as ... sports.espn.go.com/outdoors/tv/.../story?...monster_buck... - Cached - SimilarWhitetail Deer & Turkey Hunting in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio ...Sep 23, 2010 ... Hunting in Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, & Ohio for Trophy Whitetail Deer and Turkey. www.imbmonsterbucks.com/ - Cached - SimilarSecrets Behind Illinois Big Bucks | Illinois Deer Hunting | IL ...There are several factors that play into Illinois big bucks including deer management and deer nutrition. Deer hunters can look into several government ... www.ilmonsterbucks.com/ - Cached - Similar
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UAF - 2010 - Hunting for methane with Katey Walter Anthony
University of Alaska Fairbanks Professor Katey Walter Anthony takes us onto a frozen lake in Fairbanks, AK to demonstrate why methane gas has "exploded" onto the climate change scene.
Let's Play Mount & Blade - 58 (Hunting Vaegemites, Being Hunted, Lordless, Caravwned)
The phantom thud strikes again! Also, we attempt to hug some Vaegers. They run like girls! We run like MEN! A couple of close scrapes, some friendly taunts, and a lot more running away. Then, we sell a lord. No shipping, delivered straight to your door, hot and fresh like a pizza! Then, we knock over a caravan for their juicy meats.
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Corinne Dufour gets terminated
Corinne Dufour, secretary to Hugo Drax, gets fired and is subsequently eaten by dobermans. One of the roughest deaths for a Bond woman....especially one as sweet Corrine. Great music by John Barry!
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Tips on getting that special girl to notice you!
Maybe you will fall in love or maybe she will get a restraining order. Here are some tips on getting that special girl to notice you!! Happy hunting! Some of the music is royalty free music i got via http://www.incompetech.com - Kevin MacLeod Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0"
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Karagans 1st Buck.WMV
7 year old girl kills her first buck and her 5 year old sister helps her blood trail him. Their excitement is priceless!
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Coyote Hunting - Predator Hunting - Bucking The Odds 35
http://buckingtheodds.com Coyote Hunting - Lance Benson and Uriah Wurst hunt coyotes in the mountains of Colorado. The dream stand is interrupted.
Views: 15065 Lance Benson