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Laughing guy funny face
...shear stupidity
Views: 362 1011herby
Japanese Game Show Marshmallow ( Funny Face )
Lol :] Subscribe And Don't Forget to Enjoy
Views: 1332132 Legend12345678910111
Man Makes Funny Faces Behind Reporter.mp4
this guy never gets tired of himself
Views: 18423 kgm88
Baby Makes A Funny Face
www.notoriousbaby.blogspot.com Twitter: berge95 Check out the look Rachel gives me when I try to put her on her stomach! The expression is priceless! Enjoy! Dave
Views: 47451 berge95
Soggy Flappy Faces in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
For this video, HD stands for "High Disgusting" as Gav and Dan try to fend off the female attention by flapping their faces in a disturbing manner. Shot at 2000fps (80x slower than real-time) Soggy Flappy Faces in Slow Motion - The Slow Mo Guys
Views: 6703155 The Slow Mo Guys
Maxx's funny face
My baby boy pulling a funny face! 4 month old, gorgeous.
Views: 36 aimeea248
Boy makes funny face
little boy makes hilarious face while trying to do an exercise
Views: 514 88rhino88
Funny Face
Views: 654 kimbie84
baby makes funny face ( family laughing )
some more funny videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/FunVideoChannel2?feature=mhee visit us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003243692809 "Baby Funny Face" Laughing Video Pranks Cats Commercials "Videos Of People Falling" Babies Infant Cute Smile Stuff Bash "Makes Me Wonder" "Ripping Paper" "Family Guy" Camel Dog Film Faces Beauty Smiley Silly Lol Many Try Animals Humour Comedy Joke Kids "Baby Makes Funny Face" "Falling Babies" "Baby Funny Face" "Baby Making Funny Faces"
Views: 19105 FunVideoChannel2
Funny Face of Black Cat
Maniek. BoBo's Brother :)
Views: 8683 Krzysztof Smejlis
Funny face ever
funny face ever :))
Views: 536 cri cristi
Funny Family Guy Moments
Views: 7655523 CrAnkyJester
‪Funny Face -Trotro White Man Speaks Twi 2 [ghbird.com]‬‏ - YouTube.flv
a white man speaking Ghanaian Language lol
Views: 8673 efosamy
Funny Face  Flip The Frog 1933  Cartoon Funny Comedy
Flip the Frog is an animated cartoon character created by American cartoonist Ub Iwerks. He starred in a series of cartoons produced by Celebrity Pictures and distributed through Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer from 1930 to 1933. The series had many recurring characters besides Flip, including Flip's dog, the mule Orace, and a dizzy neighborhood spinster. Flip's origins are said to have been rooted in the "Silly Symphonies" cartoon Night. The short was animated by Ub Iwerks while working for his colleague and friend Walt Disney in 1930. After a series of disputes between the two, Iwerks left Disney and went on to accept an offer from Pat Powers to open a cartoon studio of his own and receive a salary of $300 a week, an offer that Disney couldn't match at the time. Iwerks was to produce new cartoons under Powers's Celebrity Pictures auspices and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. The first series he was to produce was to feature a character called Tony the Frog, but Iwerks disliked the name and it was subsequently changed to Flip. Flip's debut short was Fiddlesticks (released on August 16, 1930). Although the short looks to be very much like one of Iwerks's Silly Symphony endeavors, it attracted public attention by being the first color sound cartoon ever produced. The short was produced in two-color Technicolor and is the only Flip cartoon known to have been processed in color. However, some evidence indicates that the second Flip short, Flying Fists, may have been produced in Technicolor as well, and some have speculated that the later Techno-Cracked (1933) may have been photographed in Cinecolor. The Cinecolor process was a new two-strip color process that came out in 1932 and was considered superior to the two-strip Technicolor process. Iwerks would go on to make extensive use of this process with his ComiColor Cartoon series. Iwerks studio quickly began accumulating new talent, such as animators Fred Kopietz, Irv Spence, Grim Natwick, and Chuck Jones (who worked at the Iwerks studio as a cel-washer before going on to inbetweening and then animating at the Leon Schlesinger studio). After the first two cartoons, the appearance of Flip the Frog gradually became less froglike. This was done under the encouragement of MGM, who thought that the series would sell better if the character were more humanized. Flip's major redesign is attributed to Grim Natwick, who made a name for himself at the Fleischer Studios with the creation of Betty Boop. Natwick also had a hand in changing Flip's girlfriend. In earlier films, she was consistently a cat, but Natwick made Flip's new girlfriend, Fifi, a human who shared distinct similarities with Betty (even down to her spit curls). The frog's personality also began to develop. As the series progressed, Flip became more of a down-and-out, Chaplin-esque character who always found himself in everyday conflicts surrounding the poverty-stricken atmosphere of the Great Depression. Owing to the influx of New York City animators to Iwerks's studio, such as Natwick, the shorts became increasingly risqué. In Room Runners (1932), Flip, out of cash and luck, attempts to sneak out of his hotel in order to avoid paying his past-due rent. Another gag has Flip watch a girl taking a shower through a keyhole. In The Office Boy, released the same year, Flip tries to secure a low-level office job and meets a shapely secretary. At one point in the short, a mischievous mouse that Flip tries to apprehend scoots up the secretary's skirt. In A Chinaman's Chance (1933), Flip and his dog track down the notorious Chinese criminal Chow Mein. While investigating in a Chinese laundry, Flip stumbles into an opium den, inhales the stuff via opium pipe, and begins hallucinating. The character eventually wore out his welcome at MGM. His final short was Soda Squirt, released on October 12, 1933. Subsequently, Iwerks replaced the series with a new one starring an imaginative liar named Willie Whopper. Flip became largely forgotten by the public in the coming years. However, the character would make a small comeback when animation enthusiasts and historians began digging up the old Iwerks shorts. Most of the Flip cartoons are now available on DVD, in particular on the Cartoons That Time Forgot series. A character resembling Flip can be seen in one of the pictures in R.K. Maroon's office in the film Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
Views: 7687 Neal Kelly
Cute Boy Funny Faces
My little brother having a go on Photobooth very funny:)
Views: 182 Greg Davis
Funny Face -Trotro White Man Speaks Twi 2 [ghbird.com]
http://www.ghbird.com Who says only Ghanaians are fluent in twi. A white man boards a trotro and the people on the troski are shocked he can speak twi
Views: 369770 CosmoGhana
Funny Faces After Apples!
Gavin's had apples and oatmeal before several times and loved them! But for some reason, this breakfast just wasn't the same to him. His reaction is too funny.
Views: 704 funsizemommie
Funny Face
Funny face
Funny face
Views: 39 jrod120573
Dubstep Face Guy
This is the funniest crap i have seen on you-tube EVAARR!!!!!!!! The song is Big Boss - By Doctor P. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmCe3fg7B4w
Views: 307940 rrowhe4d
Funny face
Connor and I were at macdonalds and I asked him to make a funny face. This is what he did
Views: 207 paul mruk
D'Banj Oliver Twist   Dance Competion ( Funny Face )
Funny face here doing his thing on the Koko Master's Oliver.. Dis guy eat Gari so u know he can dance..Mine was more on the creative side just for fun.
Views: 24567 Kwame G
Funny Face (1933) - Ub Iwerks Flip Cartoon
Probably the greatest of all the Flip the Frog cartoons, according to Leonard Maltin in his book "Of Mice And Magic". After he is dumped by his Betty Boop-ish girlfriend for a boy that's more handsome, Flip decides that a facelift is in order. This cartoon was posted here on YouTube by someone else, but the audio and video was not in synchronization with each other. I've corrected that issue in this post.
Views: 8526 SignOffsGuy
Baby Boy asks his Daddy for Beans
LIKE/FAV!! BabyTedster wants BEANS! This is a funny video of Teddy asking for beans and making a funny face.
Views: 145953 BabyTedster
funny face at random guy
driving up to katy, texas. me and my mom got bored.
Views: 38 felts12
Funny face of a mexican child
Child making funny faces
Views: 159 25cgll
Funny boy with funny face's
Views: 46 Marcus Stanley
Funny Face (Australian ad) 1987
White Wings Funny Face ice blocks commercial from 1987 transferred from beta tape. One of those wacky kids commercials from the 80s featuring a bunch of kids pulling funny faces then munching on the ice blocks.
Views: 4360 retrooldcommercials
pooping baby! funny face and sounds!
while at the grocery store, baby tyler could no longer hold it..
Views: 3936 msntrnatnal
Ugly Face Furniture Salesman
Special thanks to Fred and Dana and all the employees at Furniture Discounters in Indianapolis Indiana for letting us film at their locations. Also be sure to check out their You Tube channel to see footage from our Meet and Greet and future behind the scenes and out take videos. http://www.youtube.com/furniturediscounter
Views: 1803686 Ed Bassmaster
funny face kid
me making funny faces
Views: 514 yourhunter1
New born baby making funny faces
My kid making funny faces hearing the TV
Views: 4892 rsfb2011
Funny faces - kids
Kids make faces, here are some simple ones
Views: 940 Guruprasad Rao
Brens funny face
Little kid
Views: 446 Callum Hartley
Funny Face Kid
Aro's Funny Face!
Views: 570 yakos99
Asian guy makes funny face for camera
gota say, asian people make me laugh
Views: 4850 LeperGoon
Funny Face -Trotro White Man Buys Roasted Plantain
http://www.ghbird.com Who says only Ghanaians are fluent in twi. A white man buys roasted plantain,boards a trotro and the people on the troski are shocked he can speak twi
Views: 134714 CosmoGhana
Hello Funny Face - Jamie Redfern
Jamie Redfern's hit, Hello Funny Face. Apologies for the slightly scratchy soundtrack.
Views: 3340 widebreeze
Funny faces cross eyed
Views: 328 Doggy445545
Funny, Stupid, Ugly Faces of Little Boy
My stupid ugly funny cousin recording himself making faces on Photo Booth when he thought no one was watching :) Comment and Like or Dislike! :)
Views: 1414 1313689
Funny Faces while singing Marry You
Little nephew
Views: 184 chubbuachubbua
Nathan making funny faces
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
Views: 59 Carlos Hernandez
The Funny Face Kid
Views: 531 uvetsi1
Gymnastics, funny faces :)
this is a crazy, funky kind of montage. It's not my style of montage but it went well with the theme. So hope you enjoy it ! :)
Views: 44776 Daphnouune1696
Cute Baby Boy Eating Sour Candy :) Sour Face Baby! Funny
My baby boy is eating an orange Sour Patch Kid. He likes it!! ;) This is so cute!
Views: 2120 Victoria Jines
Rat and Boy Funny Face
Rat and Boy discuss humorous expressionism.
Views: 134 TheRatsmith

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