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Performing oracle import and export with data pump feature
In this tutorial you will learn how to perform imports and exports with oracle data pump.
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How to export data from your Oracle Cloud Database service
Copyright © 2013 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP 8.2 Oracle Solution Demo
- Swingbench, Linux, Oracle SI, 380GB NFS database on NetApp cDOT 8.2 - Fast Oracle full backups using snapshots (automated using SnapManager for Oracle) - Fast test instance creation using flexClone (also automated using SMO) - OnCommand System Manager 3.0 and SMO GUI's - Linux, Oracle, NetApp views of space (including the new cDOT 8.2 footprint command) - New QOS features in cDOT 8.2 come to the rescue when a clone database runs amok
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Migrating databases from Oracle to SQL Server SSMA
Microsoft SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for Oracle is a tool for migrating Oracle databases to Microsoft SQL Server 2005, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft SQL Server 2012. SSMA for Oracle converts Oracle database objects to SQL Server database objects, creates those objects in SQL Server, and then migrates data from Oracle to SQL Server. 1-Installing SSMA for Oracle Client 2-Connect to an Oracle database. 3-Connect to an instance of SQL Server. 4-Convert Oracle database objects to SQL Server syntax. 5-Load the objects into SQL Server. 6-Migrate data to SQL Server. for more information see Guide to Migrating from Oracle to SQL Server 2012
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C# Tutorial 29:How to Export Data from Database To Excel File By using C#
Export Data from MYSQL table into excel sheet use of c#‎ Export to Excel using .net framework c# - exporting data to excel from my database Export Microsoft Access Data to Microsoft Excel using C#‎ Export dataTable to Excel from C#‎ Solutions to Export Data From Database to Excel in C# Exporting Data to Excel Export DataTable to Excel with Formatting in C# Export excel to database through c# How to export Sql Server Data to Excel File in C# Searches related to how to export database to excel in c# how to export data from datagridview to excel in c# c# export dataset to excel c# export to excel without interop export datatable to excel c# export to excel c# gridview c# export excel 2007 export to excel c# windows application java export data excel
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Super Fast export to Microsoft Excel
This video demonstrates the grouping feature and super fast export to Microsoft Excel in Master 8D
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DB- Use oracle external table
How to create Oracle Database External Table depend on External files كيفية انشاء جداول قاعدة بيانات خارجية المصدر اي انها لا تحفظ في قاعدة البيانات ----------------------------------------------------------------- Best regard Apps-Stuff Muhammad Yassein - Cairo - Egypt http://www.apps-stuff.com follow us on Facebook - Twitter with Appsstuff
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DL Dataload Made Easy, Oracle Applications Training
This lesson shows how to use the Dataload Macro Recording feature to load data into Oracle Applicaitons.
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How to Import and Export Data in Clearly Inventory
In this video we'll cover two examples of importing and exporting data. The first example shows a clean upload, and the second shows what happens when there's a problem with the file.
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Hacking Daily DevOps: Bulk Exporting Data from Cassandra - Carlo Cabanilla
DevOps Meetup NYC hosted by Datadog June 6, 2013 http://devops.meetup.com/cities/us/ny/new_york/ http://www.datadoghq.com/
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Exporting leads into CSV
How to export leads out of Open Home Pro® and into a CSV file. This is helpful if you run an open house and want to import the leads into a lead manager like Top Producer.
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How To Create and Populate Tables in SQL Developer
http://softwaredeveloperacademy.com/get-introduction-to-oracle-sql/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=isqlpreview - A demonstration of how to create and populate the tables needed for the Introduction to Oracle SQL course.
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Export Import Database
Export dan Import Database dengan menggunakan PHPMyadmin
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EXASOL Import and Export
This short video demonstrates the various methods for getting data into and out of an EXASOL database. * Point-and-click using EXAplus * IMPORT and EXPORT from SQL * Using the EXAJLOAD fast loader * Integrating with enterprise ETL tools (IBM Data Stage here) Further details from [email protected]
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Oracle Tuning Tips
Orcale Tuning Tips
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How to use Oracle SQL Loader sqlldr to load data into table from text file
How to use Oracle SQL Loader sqlldr to load data into table from text file create table emp(empno number(10),ename varchar(30)); insert into emp values(10,'asif'); set echo off newpage 0 space 0 pagesize 0 feed off head off trimspool on spool d:\oradata\sqlloader\data.txt select empno || ',' || ename from emp; spool off delete emp; update file named data.txt create a file named control.txt load data infile 'd:\oradata\sqlloader\data.txt' into table emp fields terminated by "," optionally enclosed by '"' ( empno, ename ) sqlldr asif/asif control=d:\oradata\sqlloader\control.txt
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Export to Excel
Demo explains how to export data into MS Excel. Here Trial Balance of National Traders exported to MS Excel.
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How To Configure Oracle Database in Flashback Mode
How To Configure Oracle Database in Flashback Mode; Configure Flashback related parameters; Enable / Disable Flashback mode
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TSQL: Bulk Insert Data
Easy script for bulk inserting data using TSQL
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Oracle pl sql tutorial - %TYPE and %ROWTYPE attributes #26
Lesson 26 END tutorial Subscrise for my thx !! all
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Create Oracle 11g Duplicate Database on Same Machine without RMAN
Creating Oracle 11g Duplicate / Clone Database on Same Maching without using Recovery Manager
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External Table
made with ezvid, free download at http://ezvid.com
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How to Replicate Data from an On Premises Database to Amazon RDS
This short tutorial will show you how to set up a task in Attunity Replicate that replicates data from SQL Server to Amazon Redshift. In this tutorial I will be using SQL Server as my source database and Oracle as my Amazon RDS database, although you can use any databases supported by Attunity Replicate instead. If you want to use another database, make sure that you have the appropriate database client installed. Attunity Solutions for Amazon RDS Challenge: Supporting MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL, Amazon RDS is easy to set up, operate, and scale. With Amazon RDS, organizations enjoy high-performance computing at a reasonably low cost and with minimal administration. Often integrated with other systems, Amazon RDS can serve as either a source or target for critical data. Among the examples: *On-Premises Database to Amazon RDS *Amazon RDS to Amazon RDS (Region-to-Region) *Amazon RDS to Amazon Redshift (Data Transfer from Amazon RDS available only as Full Load) To assure Information Availability across systems, organizations encounter these common challenges: *Extracting data from heterogeneous sources *Adapting that data for ingestion to Amazon RDS *Achieving near real-time replication *Moving large datasets over the WAN *Monitoring and assuring data integrity To implement an end-to-end data loading process, organizations often face a great deal of 'heavy lifting', costly development work, taking months to go-live, as well as on-going maintenance. To learn more, go to http://attunitycloudbeam.com/solutions/amazon-rds
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Partner Webinar: Migrate Your Business Critical Oracle Applications to the AWS Cloud
Amazon Web Services (AWS) and smartShift Technologies, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, provide an in-depth discussion on how to migrate your existing Oracle applications to the cloud and achieve a disaster recovery solution to meet your business critical requirements. smartShift Technologies provides an overview of how they fully migrated their customer's, Smarter Agent, Oracle database to AWS to provide a scalable and cost effective hybrid implementation.
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Pentaho Excel to Mysql Db transformation tutorial
I read from an excel and write it into a database.
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Oracle Data Integrator 12c - Creating and Connecting to Master and Work Repositories
This is the first in a series of three recorded webcasts in the Oracle Data Integrator 12c: Getting Started series. The tutorials are located at https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=44785:24:0::::P24_CONTENT_ID,P24_PREV_PAGE:7952,1. Repositories are schemas and tables in a database that hold information about ODI Designs, Topologies, and Security. There is a one-to-many relationship between Master and Work repositories. The repository schemas and tables can be created either manually using ODI Studio or automatically using Repository Creation Utility (RCU). RCU is the preferred method of maintaining the repositories. The database storing the repository can be Oracle Database 12c or several other supported databases. This recording will walk you through the steps that are needed to create and connect to the Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Master Repository and the ODI Work Repository using Repository Creation Utility (RCU) and ODI Studio. Copyright © 2013 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
C# Tutorial 6:  Insert/Save data to database
------------------Online Courses to learn---------------------------- Java - https://bit.ly/2H6wqXk C++ - https://bit.ly/2q8VWl1 AngularJS - https://bit.ly/2qebsLu Python - https://bit.ly/2Eq0VSt C- https://bit.ly/2HfZ6L8 Android - https://bit.ly/2qaRSAS Linux - https://bit.ly/2IwOuqz AWS Certified Solutions Architect - https://bit.ly/2JrGoAF Modern React with Redux - https://bit.ly/2H6wDtA MySQL - https://bit.ly/2qcF63Z ----------------------Follow--------------------------------------------- My Website - http://www.codebind.com My Blog - https://goo.gl/Nd2pFn My Facebook Page - https://goo.gl/eLp2cQ Google+ - https://goo.gl/lvC5FX Twitter - https://twitter.com/ProgrammingKnow Pinterest - https://goo.gl/kCInUp Text Case Converter - https://goo.gl/pVpcwL -------------------------Stuff I use to make videos ------------------- Stuff I use to make videos Windows notebook – http://amzn.to/2zcXPyF Apple MacBook Pro – http://amzn.to/2BTJBZ7 Ubuntu notebook - https://amzn.to/2GE4giY Desktop - http://amzn.to/2zct252 Microphone – http://amzn.to/2zcYbW1 notebook mouse – http://amzn.to/2BVs4Q3 ------------------Facebook Links ---------------------------------------- http://fb.me/ProgrammingKnowledgeLearning/ http://fb.me/AndroidTutorialsForBeginners http://fb.me/Programmingknowledge http://fb.me/CppProgrammingLanguage http://fb.me/JavaTutorialsAndCode http://fb.me/SQLiteTutorial http://fb.me/UbuntuLinuxTutorials http://fb.me/EasyOnlineConverter -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to: Insert New Records into a Database Database Access with Visual C#.NET sql server - Insert Data into database in C# How to insert Data to Ms SQL server 2008 using C#.net .net - C# insert data into SQL table Using Visual C# and SQL cannot insert data into table..‎ c# import data from text file into sql databse line by line‎ store xml in SQL Server 2008 from C#‎ Using SQL in C# - Cannot insert data into SQL table visual C# - Could not Insert the data using VC# in MYSQl Add, save & retrieve data in SQL insert data in sql 2005 from excel file through c# asp.net‎ insert data into SQL table from pre filled boxes in C# 4.0‎ insert into database unsing ado.net and C#‎ Insert DateTime into SQL Server using C#‎ Searches related to c# insert data into sql c# insert data into sql table c# insert data into sql server inserting data into sql table insert query sql insert statement from another table
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Verint on Oracle Database Performance with EMC VNX
http://bit.ly/VmrQTH Watch Verint Vice President of Architecture and Delivery Assurance Natraj Subramaniam discuss why this analytic software and hardware provider turned to EMC to realize performance and efficiency gains. With the Oracle eBusiness Suite and Oracle Business Intelligence providing the key database and platform for the business, Verint leveraged EMC's FLASH 1st strategy on EMC VNX with EMC FAST Suite and Flash drives. As a result, Verint gained better operational efficiency levels through reduced processing times. Also, the company leveraged EMC VNXe as a remote office solution throughout its geographically dispersed environment.
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Day 2 Wrap-Up | Oracle OpenWorld 2013
Open source plays a key role in IT innovation strategy this year and it's obvious from watching Oracle do its thing. In fact, Recent years have seen the emergence of a system in which the open source and free software are keeping innovation in IT world. This system takes root in some large web companies that do not consider their core system as the owner, but as technologies that they can share with others and pool. At the Oracle OpenWorld 2013 held from September 22 to 26 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA, the company offered IT organizations with a one stop shop from heterogeneous collection of newer cloud-based solutions, middleware solutions and data sources to legacy applications for IT operational and business processes. For developers looking to automate some of these processes, Oracle provided tools such as Concurrent Manager and Process Scheduler for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and PeopleSoft or PL/SQL scripts to automate Oracle database processes. Managing DB dependent development How do you manage development when development depends on underlying databases? Databases have no data control like source control for code. Because these development environments depend on databases and those databases are large and/or complex to build the build time can take anywhere between a few days to weeks. ManageEngine, which offers enterprise IT management solutions including network, server, desktop and application management, announced significant upgrades to the Oracle database monitoring feature in Applications Manager, its application performance monitoring solution. The latest upgrade improves tuning and troubleshooting of Oracle systems by enhancing real-time visibility into the health and performance of Oracle databases and their related applications. Whenever a business-critical Oracle application or process is underperforming, IT teams tend to point fingers at areas that are not well understood. Applications Manager monitors across the Oracle application stack — and any other heterogeneous set of servers, app servers and databases. The performance insight now offered by Applications Manager reveals exactly what's running and whether a problem is at the application, database or network level; so, you can solve performance problems faster and spend less time. Oracle 12c is capable of managing a set of guests or "pluggable databases" beneath its core system. Darryl Smith, Chief Database Architect for EMC IT, shared that Oracle databases allow database administrators to focus on getting in front of the business, understand what their problems are, so that IT can be more agile and responsive. He said once DBAs know about architecture and other aspects, automation can drive data protection-as-a-service (DPaaS) and DBAs can build automating the full application stack, backups, built in security, and a built-in DevOps model. He added DPaaS can literally set service levels for backup, set priorities, but to leverage DPaaS, DBAs need to be in control of both backup and recovery, and a tool such as DD Boost helps achieve that. More automation Most of the companies today operate in heterogeneous applications and platforms and are looking to more easy way to communicate across different platforms. Products from Oracle like Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft and JDEdwards have been designed for developers to more easily build and manage these cross-application and cross-platform batch processes. Beyond today's solutions, one of the goals of developers is to run job scheduler with technologies including Java, Web Services and Oracle Stored Procedures to allow it to hook into third-party applications. Oracle provides DBAs an enterprise automation solution to schedule a PL/SQL, Export or Import task once, but execute it multiple times across different Oracle DBs within a single interface. Day 2 Wrap-Up, Oracle OpenWorld 2013 with John Furrier and Dave Vellante @thecube #oow13
Cold Backup
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Deploy an application to an Oracle Java Cloud Service
This video will show you how to deploy an application to an Oracle Java Cloud Service. Copyright © 2013 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
الدرس الثالث Oracle DBA lesson3 - Control database
تطبيق عملي على مواضيع : parameter file startup database : open , mount , nomount shutdown : normal , abort, immediate restricted session kill session http://joury-soft.com/
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Informatica : Oracle To Teradata Using ParameterFile
Inserting data from Oracle table to Teradata table wherein at Source Qualifier we pass the SQL Query value using Mapping Parameter and Source and Target connection values from Session Parameter..
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Introduction to Oracle: Administration of Workspaces
Introduction to Oracle: Administration of Workspaces
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dg switchover
dg switchover
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BASH scripting lesson 10 working with CSV files
More videos like this online at http://www.theurbanpenguin.com We now have some more great fun and see how much we can use the shell for; creating reports easily from the command line against CSV files. The script should be quite easy to read now as we use a while loop to read in the CSV file. We change the file delimiter to be the comma and then we have the line that we read in broken up into the schema elements we need. A report then is easy with colours and search ability. This is very usable
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Setup Database Cloud Self Service for Provisioning Schemas (Schema as a Service)
Copyright © 2013 Oracle and/or its affiliates. Oracle® is a registered trademark of Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Oracle disclaims any warranties or representations as to the accuracy or completeness of this recording, demonstration, and/or written materials (the "Materials"). The Materials are provided "as is" without any warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including without limitation warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement.
Powerful Analytics in Under 5 Minutes at Paychex
Looking for an analytic solution that didn't require IT resources, Michael Barone of Paychex downloaded Alteryx and within 5 minutes was able to complete a 25 minute process in under 5 seconds. "I downloaded a trial and within 5 minutes a process that would've taken me 25 minutes under our old architecture took less than 5 seconds, that's when I knew I was onto something."
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Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader for Salesforce
The Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader for Salesforce is here! And it once again offers Salesforce users the most powerful data migration tool available today. Available for both Windows and Mac users, the Jitterbit Cloud Data Loader quickly and easily automates the import and export of your Salesforce data. It's also the only migration tool that natively supports all editions of Salesforce, including Group and Professional. Running on the same integration platform as our awarding-winning flagship product, Cloud Data Loader has lightning fast performance, ease of use, and a seamless upgrade path to the enterprise product when you need more complex integration in the future. Everything runs on a single platform, which means you can quickly scale to meet all of your integration needs. Best of all... it's FREE!
Mobilize Oracle Now with Capriza
Capriza extends web applications to mobile devices with a simple, user-friendly, point-click designer. With no coding required, anyone can mobilize a business workflow with no IT involvement.
1  Connecting with oracle and creating new user
The complete package of oracle 10g XE.....
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eXtreme Parallel Processing for Oracle
Is your current processing task complex and depending on CPU? Does it take too much time processing your PL/SQL eventhough you have strong HW? Don't have time to rewrite PL/SQL sources to optimize them? If your answer is yes, then our product eXtreme Parallel Processing for Oracle is exactly for you
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Exporting Directly to Databases in Arbutus Analyzer Audit Software
Arbutus Software Tutorial Series: Exporting Directly to Databases in Arbutus Analyzer Audit Software
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Batch export data from SQLite tables to SQL files
Batch export data from SQLite tables to SQL files, by using SqliteToTxt, http://www.withdata.com/sqlitetotxt/ , Download link: http://www.withdata.com/down/SqliteToTxt.exe .
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How to Extract Information From Notepad to Excel : MS Excel Tips
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowtech Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowtech Extracting information from Notepad to Excel is something that you can do in a few different ways, including by copying and pasting. Extract information from Notepad to Excel with help from a Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist in this free video clip. Expert: Jesica Garrou Filmmaker: Patrick Russell Series Description: Microsoft Excel is one of the most powerful spreadsheet and document creation tools in existence. Get tips on Microsoft Excel with help from a Microsoft Certified Applications Specialist in this free video series.
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Excel 2010 VBA Tutorial 77 - ADODB - SQL UPDATE
Official Website: http://yourprogrammingnetwork.co.uk Forum: http://yourprogrammingnetwork.co.uk/Forum Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YourProgrammingNetwork
DBA losson9-Net service and DB link and materialized-Part2
Net service and database link and materialized view
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