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How To Become A SuccessFul Fashion Designer! 11 Tips ♡
Here's a rundown on what skills you will need in order to figure out how to become a successful fashion designer. A successful career takes time and work! I guaranteed these 11 tips will help you learn how to become a fashion designer and get your career off to the right start! No, I don't mean being a basic t-shirt designer I mean Starting a fashion design career. Starting a fashion design career takes a lot of hard work and persistence! Fashion designers have to know how to create designs for clothing, accessories and bring their designs to life! Sewing and having a team to help them make their vision a reality! Of course you as a designer will have your own aesthetic and learn more as a fashion designer as trends evolve! However, the key on how to become a successful fashion designer is going to involve more than just sketching a design your going to have to learn how to do it your way, learn how to sew, figure out how to get a team together, stay loyal to your brand, apply for a fashion internship, have a vision, know your profits and your losses, take advice, learn how to build relationships with people, stay focus & be creative!! Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to becoming a fashion designer!! So, what are you waiting for?? Let's get into the video!! I hope it helps you and if does comment below letting me know that it did!! Comment, Rate & SUBSCRIBE!! Comment below if you have ever bought an imitation of a branded piece of clothing and if so what was it, what brand and why? TAKARA ONEÁ MERCH: http://www.takaraonea.bigcartel.com If any of you are a designers I strongly encourage you to invest in a dress form as well for sewing! USE CODE: "TEEKS" FOR FREE SHIPPING ON MANNEQUINS ONLY! Mannequin Madness: https://www.mannequinmadness.com/ This is the Dress form that I use! Female Full Body Sewing Dress Form By Roxy (Mine is a Size 6) You can buy my mannequin here: http://bit.ly/2hXKKWS Happy Designing xo ▷ PREVIOUS VIDEOS How I Style The Knit Crop Top & Midi Skirt Full Face Makeup & Hair | Immaculate Mannequin http://bit.ly/2gGfzhD DIY HOW TO MAKE A SKIN TIGHT KNIT CROP TOP AND MIDI SKIRT! KIM KARDASHIAN INSPIRED SEWING SERIES http://bit.ly/2guJNzj ▷ SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2guFdAX Become apart of the Fam! #SeeYouAtTheTop Please LIKE my Facebook Page! http://bit.ly/2fESUBz Twitter: @takaraonea http://bit.ly/2g7NyLF Instagram: @takaraonea http://bit.ly/2gyCCY0 Snapchat : takaraonea [email protected]
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How to Become a Fashion Designer with Alexa Chung | S1, E2 | Future of Fashion | British Vogue
The second episode in our series exploring the future of fashion sees Alexa visit Central St. Martins where she meets students at the beginning of their fashion careers, before visiting the studio of progressive young designer Molly Goddard to take a look at the inner workings of a fledging brand on the rise. Film correction: Willie Walters students who were interviewed by Alexa in Episode Two of The Fashion Documentary, have recently graduated from the B A Fashion Course at Central Saint Martins, they are not MA students as was stated in the programme Subscribe to British Vogue►► http://po.st/SubscribeBritishVogue Series 1 Episodes: Episode 1: http://bit.ly/AlexaSeriesEp1 Episode 2: http://bit.ly/AlexaSeriesEp2 Episode 3: http://bit.ly/AlexaSeriesEp3 Episode 4: http://bit.ly/AlexaSeriesEp4 Episode 5:http://bit.ly/AlexaSeries5 Episode 6: http://bit.ly/AlexaSeriesEp6 Click Here For Series 2: http://po.st/TheFutureOfFashionS2 Vogue has dispatched contributing editor Alexa Chung to investigate the state of fashion today in her series The Future of Fashion. Alexa Chung will be talking to everyone from current fashion students to the heads of major design houses, via journalists, buyers and all the workers in between. Watch as Alexa Chung try to find out what the future holds for this multi-billion pound fashion industry; how the next generation will get fashion careers using all the tools available to them; and what the fashion landscape looks like in terms of sustainability and technology. CONNECT WITH BRITISH VOGUE Web: http://po.st/BritishVogueVideo Twitter: http://po.st/TwitterBritishVogue Facebook: http://po.st/FacebookBritishVogue Google+: http://po.st/GoogleBritishVogue Instagram: http://po.st/InstagramBritishVogue Pinterest: http://po.st/PinterestBritishVogue Newsletter: http://po.st/NewsletterBritishVogue ABOUT BRITISH VOGUE British Vogue is the world’s leading premium lifestyle and fashion entertainment channel. Weekly releases and brand new original programming including short films, series and in-depth documentaries, British Vogue’s channel is the ultimate destination for unprecedented access into the world of fashion, beauty and culture. How To Become A Fashion Designer With Alexa Chung | Future of Fashion | British Vogue https://www.youtube.com/user/vogue
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What Does it Take to Be A Fashion Designer?
Click for more: http://ww2.kqed.org/artschool/ Oakland high school student Zachary Fernandez made it to the finals on the first season of Project Runway Junior, then headed straight back to Oakland School of the Arts to continue his education as a designer. His newest collection, Kathmandu, was inspired by recovery efforts in Nepal after the devastating 2015 earthquake. Art School followed Fernandez's process as he sketched, sourced fabric, and designed his new project, revealed at a culminating fashion show in spring 2016. Hi, my name is Zachary Fernandez and I'm currently a fashion student. So I am starting my Kathmandu 2016 collection. My collection's gonna be debuting at my school fashion show, and so I have little under seven weeks to get this all put together. So our school assignment was to pick a city that we wanted to be inspired by for this collection. I ended with Kathmandu, Nepal, all of the trouble that they went through last year was really inspiring and I was able to take those ideas of imbalance and the destruction of culture and apply that to this new collection. These are the pieces that I ended up designing. They're ever-changing and they kind of just are always in flux. My sketching process involves a lot of images, a lot of mixed medias, I like to do collages, watercolors, acrylic paste, it's a real reflection of what my mind looks like. Here you have the final sketches that I've done. The sketching process for me is really a major step between just ideas and kind of this fantasy world that I've created in my mind to really functional wearable pieces. Fabric sourcing is one of my favorite things to do. It's really like a group activity, like meet a couple of friends, we'll just go, we'll explore the city, we'll get inspiration. So I'm looking for like a very pale blue that's almost like very silverish, and then I'm gonna be looking for a very deep, rust orange color. Okay, so I need to find this, but more grayish blue. The fabric store is one of those places that you go in with one idea and one concept and one thought, and you come out with like 500 more. This is it. - This is it! - This is it. - [Girl] Dude! - Hey! Yes! So I spend the majority of my time draping and it's definitely a part that will make or break a piece. I take a piece of muslin, which is just a really basic blend fabric, and I started sculpting it to the dress form. And then those mock-ups that I make of the dress form are then fitted to the model, and sometimes I try them on a model, I'm like, this is hideous, I don't know why, it just overpowers her or something happens and that leads to even better ideas and even more just, creativeness. When you design while you create, I just think it takes so much longer and you like pressure yourself so much more. So, my design mind is turned off. And it's just about sewing, and sewing, and sewing, and sewing, and sewing. So after I finish draping, I take a part of that mockup and I totally seam rip it and I re-pattern it, and then I cut out of my real fabric. It's always really nerve-wracking 'cause a lot of times the fabric's all that you have, either the budget doesn't allow for you to get more fabric, or there's simply not anymore left. It has this like box-like structure in it. The box is actually lined with horse-hair so that it can kind of take the shape and that's why I'm kind of trying to like manipulate it right now 'cause it just takes on whatever shape you really need it to. The show, oh the show. Six days, and I'm still cutting up fabric like, I don't think that's normal. There's always going to be that last minute hurry up and finish like state of being. I have a picture in my mind about how this is supposed to go, but who knows if it actually go that way. I think that there can be a lot of different ways to read the look. Obviously you look for like the main things like color, silhouette, is this an evening piece, is this a day piece and you just kind of put the garment and choose certain categories and that really helps people read fashion out, by the time the piece is on the runway I'm already thinking about a whole new collection and I'm really thinking something totally different, but it doesn't really hit me that these people, for them it's the first time that they've seen this. I've spent months and months planning and sketching and putting it together. If I see all these different things in these pieces, but no one else does, then it's kind of sad, but then it's also part of what makes fashion art, is because people see it in so many different ways. We are in my home, studio, bedroom combination in Berkeley, California. I have this look from Project Runway Junior, which was the first episode, and this look for my most recent collection. They really mean a lot to me 'cause they show how much progress I've made within the last four, five months.
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Tips And Tricks For Upcoming And Aspiring Fashion Designers
These are my tips and tricks for upcoming fashion designers, I hope you guys enjoy the video! Thumbs, comment and subscribe xx Instagram: @Marah_nine
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Jonathan Saunders' Skype video message for aspiring fashion designers
Bite-sized career advice via Skype video message: designer Jonathan Saunders shares what he's learned about working in the fashion business, exclusively via The Skype Collaboration Project. Join the conversation at #SkypeCollaboration to be first to hear about the next event in The Skype Conversation Series. Link: http://collaboration.skype.com/?cm_mmc=SMYT_2160_vb_jonathan_saunders
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What Aspiring Fashion Designers Can Learn From Dwyane Wade
Here are some lessons from the basketball legend’s career in fashion. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComplexHustle/ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVAWBDbI_scGDPB4kdz0e4Q Twitter: https://twitter.com/complexhustle Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/complexhustle/ Complex Hustle is a lifestyle channel for creators, entrepreneurs and young professionals navigating the new economy. Delivering daily news, expert insight and original programming – we explore all things hustle – from the corner to the corner office. It’s a platform for the leaders and change-makers of today. We sit at the intersection of media, entertainment, technology and culture. Our content covers the many stages of entrepreneurship, empowering today’s do-it-yourself generation to design the careers they want. We equip our audience with the tools and tips to create content, develop products and build businesses in the modern world.
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Game Changing Advice for Aspiring Fashion Designers (from a pro designer)
While out shooting a few looks from Amanda Casarez's latest line, i made her buy me coffee and we talk about her life and experiences as a fashion designer. She drops some serious knowledge bombs for aspiring designers. Check her work out here https://www.instagram.com/amanda.casarez/ Check me out here ;] https://www.instagram.com/thebruceallen/
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STARTING A COLLECTION: How To Develop Your Fashion Designs!
▷ SUBSCRIBE THEN HIT THE 🔔! : https://goo.gl/k36dt1 IG & TWITTER - @takaraonea Kicking off the New Year with some design inspiration for all my aspiring fashion designers, design students and fashionista who want to start their clothing lines this year! Fashion design is not all glitz and glam so today I'm giving you some tips on Starting a Collection and How To Develop Your Fashion Designs! Here is the breakdown of each steps you will need to take in the design development process... Comment below letting me if this video helped you and what type of videos you would like to see from me next? Purchase your Takara Oneá Merch Now available for Pre-order! http://takaraonea.bigcartel.com You can purchase my dress form here: http://bit.ly/2wOQvs2 ▷ FOLLOW TAKARA ONEA Twitter: https://twitter.com/takaraonea Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/takaraonea Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TakaraOnea Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/takaraonea ▷Watch more Takara Oneá Sewing Series videos: https://goo.gl/sxiXm7 DIY videos: https://goo.gl/93ppC6 Closet Recreation videos: https://goo.gl/unY1vw Haul videos: https://goo.gl/kORvNx Fashion videos: https://goo.gl/WKWzzl Business Inquires [email protected]
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Donna Karan's advice to aspiring designers
Donna Karan, the American fashion designer who just celebrated her fashion label's 30th anniversary, offers career advice to would-be designers.
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Some of my Fashion sketches and original Designs
hey guys i am an aspiring fashion designer, i love to draw too! hope you enjoy!!
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Words of wisdom to aspiring fashion designer/entrepreneur | MMABON' Custom Clothier|Exhibitorslive
Are you planning to start a business? Maybe it is a fashion business? Entrepreneurship is no joke. Venturing into which requires all the counsel you can get. Watch this small video clip and the full interview https://youtu.be/hyJPoA5HWN0 from Elizabeth Idem Ido, the Founder/CEO/Creative Director of Mmabon' Custom Clothier and you sure would have something to take away. She was a fledgling, practicing lawyer before venturing into the murky business world. Read the full article on our website at https://exhibitorslive.com/young-lawyer-fashion-designer-business-woman-elizabeth-idem-ido-founder-mmabon-custom-clothier-nigeria ***Words of wisdom to aspiring fashion designers and entrepreneurs | CEO/Founder MMABON' Custom Clothier, Elizabeth Idem Ido | ExhibitorsLive FHD *** Follow us on other social media to stay updated with infotainment materials such as this https://facebook.com/Exhibitorslive https://twitter.com/Exhibitorslive https://instagram.com/Exhibitorslive Please, appreciate our efforts by subscribing to the channel, sharing to your friends and liking the video. Such would motivate us to do more... If any issue or not too cool with something, rather than "dislike", drop us your comment below or do us an email, and we shall promptly respond and thank you for that. Thanks **SUBSCRIBE | LIKE | SHARE **
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Sabin Davis | Aspiring Fashion Designer
Watch Sabin Davis, an aspiring artist of Dallas Texas, interview with Still Young Magazine. Follow us via IG @Stillyoungmag | FB @YLUS x SYM | Twitter | @still_youngmag Videographer | Leon Behind the Lens Official Website | www.stillyoungmagazine.blog
Aspiring Fashion Designer at Work
Ariel House is an art student and an aspiring clothing designer. She talks about what skills it takes to create her art and her future plans as a fashion designer.
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SHOCKING Fashion PRANK!! | Prank It FWD
Today we decided to do something we've NEVER done before! We pulled a prank for good on a young aspiring fashion designer! Huge thanks to Kellogg's Frosted Flakes for making it all possible! http://bit.ly/KelloggsFrostedFlakes ✅ SUBSCRIBE! http://bit.ly/LoveEG Can you guys get this video to 15,000 LIKES IN 3 DAYS?!👍 JOIN OUR NEW FACEBOOK GROUP - https://www.facebook.com/groups/1037844153018763/ 👗OUR STORE 👗 http://www.MadisonandMallory.com Vlogs - ▶️ http://youtube.com/TeeAndEss OUR YOUTUBE CHANNELS: ▶️ http://youtube.com/eleventhgorgeous ▶️ http://youtube.com/TeeAndEss SOCIAL NETWORKS twitter ►► 11thGorgeous facebook ►► eleventhgorgeous instagram ►►eleventhgorgeous snapchat ►► tracyandstef 100 Coats of Liquid Lipstick video ► https://youtu.be/6WIAnUzbYQ4 Full Face Using Only Kids Makeup ► https://youtu.be/g8PgqDAqgRo Birchbox Vs Ipsy ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc_BYtThchpL7rOkCGWP1F6sD1rFDcba2 Dupe or Don't ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLc_BYtThchpJSiiUmW87NazWBYweKiKHa Watch YouTube AD Free ►►http:// bit.ly/1Q9sXq9 Wanna send us something? Send it here: eleventhgorgeous PO Box 70121 Tuscaloosa, AL 35407 Business Inquiries: [email protected] We're Tracy and Stefanie, two sisters who love to share our passion for affordable makeup and fashion with the world. Some of our favorite videos include unboxings, makeup hauls, fashion hauls, morning routines, monthly favorites, DIYs, hacks and more! Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a video! ▶️ http://bit.ly/LoveEG
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My Life As An Aspiring Fashion Designer
My journey to finding peace through design. To read my story, click the link below. ❤️ Go Fund Me: https://www.gofundme.com/s5p2ta-fashion-school Song: Ain’t It Fun- Paramore
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Story of an Aspiring Fashion Entrepreneur
Rachitha decided to pursue her passion for fashion by joining our school even though her educational background was different. And within the first few months of her course she had already begun making her own clothes.
10 year old aspiring fashion designer
I looooove the fashion designer Tracy Reese and hope to meet her one day!
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Top 5 tips for the aspiring Fashion Creative
Michelle Taylor Ward the Creative Entrepreneur explains her top 5 tips for young people who wish to get into the fashion business. As a designer of 16 years and a fashion entrepreneur Michelle wants to reach out and offer guidance to aspiring creatives. Thanks for watching, Michelle Join Us on Twitter @thecreativent1 Join me on Facebook as @theCreative Entrepreneur Join me on Twitter as @thecreativeent1 Join me on Instagram as @pokemoninspire Join me on Linked In www.linkedin.com/in/michelletaylorward https://themeforest.net/user/taylorward/portfolio?ref=taylorward
SheerLuxe Behind-The-Scenes Season 2 | Episode 3: London Fashion Week Style Rules & Designer Fashion
Exclusive designer flash sale & Meet Fashion Designer Amanda Wakeley London Fashion Week has been and gone and SheerLuxe Editor Georgie and Fashion Features Writer Charlotte visited the Amanda Wakeley show room to see the new collection for Autumn Winter 16/17, other publications in attendance were Vogue, Porter, Red, Instyle and Marie Claire as well as the best known bloggers from around the world. The collection had a strong focus on the layering and hand embroidered pieces which are both hot trends for this season, likewise, rose gold details ran throughout the accessories collections. Then, they met the designer herself who relayed the importance of detail in the fashion design process. Then we hear from the team about their experience of working at the digital magazine, all noting the fast-pace and responsiveness of readers. Then a sneak peek into SheerLuxe’s next upcoming flash sale with London based designer brand Poppy London – the team discuss pricing, discounts and their desire to offer their readers exclusive access to designer wear for less.
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Angela Udovic Aspiring Fashion Designer
Created a short video to go along with my resume. Check out my online portfolio: http://angelaudovic.weebly.com
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Kristen Luong's Advice to Young Aspiring Fashion Designers
Kristen Luong, fashion designer & owner of KROMAGNON, makes an appearance on Frank Banter. In this clip, Kristen gives advice to young aspiring fashion designers. Check out KROMAGNON's website: http://www.kromagnon.com/ Follow KROMAGNON on social media: https://www.instagram.com/kromagnonnyc/ https://www.facebook.com/kromagnonnyc https://twitter.com/kromagnonnyc --- Check out my website http://frankbanter.com Follow me on Social Media http://instagram.com/frankbanter http://twitter.com/frankbanter http://facebook.com/frankbanternyc
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Wowowin: Aspiring fashion designer, ipinagmamalaki ng kanyang ama
Aired (January 11, 2017): Hindi man lubos akalain ng ama ni Jordy na siya ay magiging isang fashion designer ay taas noo niya pa rin itong ipinagmamalaki. Watch ​'Wowowin,' weekdays on GMA before '24 Oras.' Hosted by Mr. Willie Revillame -------------- Subscribe to the GMA Network channel! - http://goo.gl/oYE4Dn Visit the GMA Network Portal! http://www.gmanetwork.com Connect with us on: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GMANetwork Twitter: https://twitter.com/GMANetwork Instagram: http://instagram.com/GMANetwork
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LIFE UPDATE: My Journey As A Fashion Designer Begins
Sharing my journey to those who are aspiring to study fashion, to be fashion designers or just interested in this industry xx http://www.dephnemadyara.com/testimonyofgodsfavour/ --------------------------------------------------------------------- ● BUY MY BOOKS ● Incorruptible Beauty amazon - http://amzn.to/2v2W6ND kindle - http://amzn.to/2wruEqA iBooks - http://apple.co/2vvM5ci eBook - http://payhip.com/b/dhfQ Breaking Soul Ties amazon - http://amzn.to/2u9SWcf kindle - http://amzn.to/2uqAtTP eBook - http://payhip.com/b/HfJl A Woman's Body Is A Temple amazon - http://amzn.to/2v5cYBX kindle - http://amzn.to/2feoJlx iBooks - http://apple.co/2uqMitg eBook - http://payhip.com/b/hJm9 A Woman's Body Is A Temple : Study Guide amazon - http://amzn.to/2wdrk3l kindle - http://amzn.to/2u7tQX6 iBooks - http://apple.co/2wbD09b eBook - https://payhip.com/b/HQy8 ● SHOP MY FASHION LINE ● http://www.dephneaviyah.com ● MY SOCIAL MEDIA ● ⇢ Website - http://www.dephnemadyara.com ⇢ Instagram - http://instagram.com/dephnemadyara/ ⇢ Facebook - http://bit.ly/2oI0cnY ⇢ Twitter - https://twitter.com/dephnemadyara ● SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL ● ⇢ http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dephnedle ● BUSINESS INQUIRIES ● ⇢ To sponsor a video or to work with Dephne please use this contact page - http://www.dephnemadyara.com/contact ❤ If You Were Blessed by This Video Please Be Sure To Share It With Others! ❤ Thank you for Watching, Subscribing, Commenting, Liking & your Support! Love & Blessings Dephne FTC - Not sponsored
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Advice for aspiring footwear designers - Louisa Page
Sole Stacks sits down with footwear designer Louisa Page as she describes her career path and why she has embraced designing for women. For more information about Sole Stacks visit Solestacks.com or email us at [email protected]
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Fashion Designer Interviews: Behind the Scenes at Massif Fashion Week
Get an unfiltered glimpse behind the scenes at Massif Fashion Week held in Denver, Colorado every May. I attended the events this year and to do fashion designer interviews with 9 different guests to capture their insights, anecdotes, and advice from the 2018 event. This episode is full of fashion designer interviews plus backstage stories from executive planners, event photographers, and aspiring young fashion professionals. If you've never been behind the scenes at fashion week, this is your chance to experience it firsthand. Outline of This Episode [0:43] Behind the scenes at Denver’s Massif Fashion Week [3:29] Kevin Alexander, co-producer and director of Massif Fashion Week [9:59] Luis Gonzales, hair stylist, on training new hairdressers for runway looks [15:03] Carloz Bryant on promoting the Massif brand through photography [18:51] Brittany Sconier on turning her ideas into a runway-ready piece [25:12] Stephanie Carlson on body positivity and fashion for sizes 8-18 [29:46] Julia Rhoden on working with local artists and finding her true focus [33:41] Chelsea Ma, winner of Project Runway Junior Season 2 [37:00] Geoffrey Mac on the differences between showing in NYC vs Denver [42:24] Qi Zhou on balancing fashion and motherhood What is the Massif Fashion Week? The Massif Fashion Week event is Denver’s “most exclusive, buyer-based runway showcase focused on high-end fashion design, quality construction, and ready-to-wear.” Not only does it serve as a platform for designers of all ages and backgrounds, it’s also bringing attention to the Denver fashion scene. Throughout this podcast, you’ll hear from the co-producer and director for the Week as well as many people working to ensure the events run smoothly. You'll also hear from new and veteran designers as they explain why they love seeing their pieces worn on the runway. Massif Fashion Week is one of the few fashion events based in a photography and film studio, and it brings together an incredible mix of designers, students, models, and buyers. This episode is one not to be missed! Denver’s Massif Fashion Week is great for designers of all ages and backgrounds Larger cities are often famously tied to high-end fashion. Think of NYC and LA. But Massif Fashion Week in Denver is evolving into a must-attend event for designers. It’s logistically easier to attend and more financially feasible for designers just starting out. On this episode of The Successful Fashion Designer, you’ll hear insights from both a designer fresh out of high school and a veteran designer who has had multiple showcases at Massif. You don’t want to miss hearing them tell their passionate stories, so be sure to listen. Designers love seeing their creations come to life during live events All of my guests for this episode explained that they love seeing their creations come to life during the Massif Fashion Week. From the early design stages to final fittings before hitting the runway, it all culminated during the week’s events. My designer interviewees describe the joy they feel when a buyer finds a perfect piece or when a collection exceeds everyone’s expectations. That’s what makes live events like Massif so incredible. You don’t want to miss hearing these stories first hand, so be sure to listen. You need THESE skills to successfully work fashion week events In order to successfully work at fashion weeks, you have to be comfortable in high-stress, high-anxiety situations. There are countless moving pieces that must be organized in order for events to run smoothly. My guests on this episode explain how stylists, photographers, managers, and designers all work together through the organized chaos to execute an excellent event. They exclaim again and again that even though it’s hectic, it’s 100% worth it. To hear how they gracefully work through the stress and how you can learn to do the same, be sure to listen to this episode of The Successful Fashion Designer.
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Julie Gilhart Gives Advice to Aspiring Eco Fashion Designers
Julie Gilhart, Senior VP of Barneys New York give aspiring eco fashion designers advice about how to make your designs sell.
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Riya Kodali workshop for Dreamzone Fashion Design students
Riya Kodali's motivational interaction with the aspiring fashion design students of Dreamzone Fashion Institute
Views: 2582 Riya Kodali
2nd Murderer of Delhi's Aspiring Fashion Designer Held
Delhi police arrested second murderer of aspiring fashion designer. These two young accused kidnapped, raped and murdered a fashion designer when she was alone at home. SUBSCRIBE to India TV Here: http://goo.gl/fcdXM0 Follow India TV on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/indiatvnews Twitter: https://twitter.com/indiatvnews Download India TV Andriod App here: http://goo.gl/kOQvVB For More Videos Visit Here: http://www.indiatvnews.com/video/
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Chokolaate Ponds Mother Daughter Fashion Designer 2014 Contest & After Party
Celebrate Mother's Day through a stylish catwalk collection that draws mother -- daughter friendship even closer.This unique event features one - Of --A -- Kind Creations of 15 Aspiring Fashion Designers,Modeled by Real mothers and daughter. Don't Forget to take part in the voting for your favorite designer at the show. Battled Of Design Schools in Fantasy Wear. Award for the Best Dressed Lady & Most Elegantly Dressed Gentleman Which will be On 24th May 2014 At Sri Lankan Exhibition & Convention Centre,5.30 Pm Onwards. Tickets are priced At Rs.1500/= | Rs. 2500/= ( Includes Refreshments & After Party ) Tickets Also available at: Sadeepa Book Shop Borella | Sarasavi Book Shop Nugegoda, Maharagama| Vibration Union Place | Vanapetha Bookshop Dehiwala | Yamaha Music Centre | TicketsLK Office.
The Fashion Designer's Resource Book Series   Chapter 1   Part 3
Author Samata Angel talks through her book, 'The Fashion Designer's Resource Book' This video covers Chapter 1 | Part 3 - manufacturing, how policy affects the fashion industry for fashion designers on a personal level and why some designers are getting their clothing manufactured abroad. All of this is covered in Chapter 1, 'An overview of the industry' and much more. If you have the book please tweet a picture of the book to @samataangel and direct your questions to Samata beneath the video which she will answer in a video response. www.samataangel.com/book Be sure to pick up a copy of the book that ELLE, InStyle and The Design Trust have named a must-read for all aspiring fashion designers! Enjoy and please let me know your thoughts below!
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Aspiring fashion designer girl Hina Jilani commits suicide in Mumbai
An aspiring 22-year-old fashion designer ended her life at her rented apartment in Malwani on Wednesday evening. Based on the circumstantial evidence, which includes a suicide note, cops have ruled out foul play in Heena Jilani's death. SUBSCRIBE for more updates- News24 English Website-http://news24online.com News24 Hindi Website-http://hindi.news24online.com Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/News24page Follow News24 on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/news24channel Twitter: https://twitter.com/news24tvchannel Google+:https://plus.google.com/+News24channel
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Attention to all aspiring FASHION DESIGNERS / ファッションデザイナー支援
Kanna Fujita Designs help start-up fashion designers and entrepreneurs to extend their business in NY by using its unique experience and local network. KFNY agents support various needs such as to learn fashion, to gain experience through an internship in the fashion industry, to develop a brand as a designer, and the life of your dreams. は、アメリカ・ニューヨークにおける独自ネットワークや経験を活かし、ファッションビジネスを拡大させたい方のお手伝いをします。 ファッションを学びたい、ファッション業界でのインターシップを通して経験を積みたい、デザイナーとしてブランドを立ち上げたい等の様々なニーズにKFNYエージェントがきめ細かく対応します。
Entrepreneur Brings High Fashion and Philanthropy to the Philippines
When fashion designer Rajo Laurel began designing clothes in his grandmother's basement, he had $500 to his name. Since then he has created a million-dollar fashion company, dressing the Philippines' most famous politicians and entertainment stars. Subscribe to the WSJ channel here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://www.wsj.com Follow WSJ on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/wsjvideo Follow WSJ on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+wsj/posts Follow WSJ on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJvideo Follow WSJ on Instagram: http://instagram.com/wsj Follow WSJ on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/wsj/ Don’t miss a WSJ video, subscribe here: http://bit.ly/14Q81Xy More from the Wall Street Journal: Visit WSJ.com: http://www.wsj.com Visit the WSJ Video Center: https://wsj.com/video On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/wsj/videos/ On Twitter: https://twitter.com/WSJ On Snapchat: https://on.wsj.com/2ratjSM
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Aspiring Fashion Designer falls to death breaking into boyfriends window. After being with other man
Drunk aspiring Fashion Designer falls to her death, while breaking into boyfriends window. After being with another man http://meetmagazine.blogspot.com/2014/04/drunk-aspiring-fashion-designer-falls.html
Views: 54 MEET Magazine
Delhi: Juvenile Arrested for Rape and Murder of Aspiring Fashion Designer
Delhi Police arrested a juvenile for rape and murder of aspiring fashion designer. Girl was alone at home when these two people kidnapped, raped and murdered her. SUBSCRIBE to India TV Here: http://goo.gl/fcdXM0 Follow India TV on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/indiatvnews Twitter: https://twitter.com/indiatvnews Download India TV Andriod App here: http://goo.gl/kOQvVB For More Videos Visit Here: http://www.indiatvnews.com/video/
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Know the success story of fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee उधार  से  बना 100 करोड़
Know the success story of fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee उधार के 20 हजार से शुरू किया था बिजनेस, आज बना 100 करोड़ का फैशन ब्रांड Audio Credit : Americana - Aspiring by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1200092 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
Views: 42899 Pyara Uttarakhand
People #1 Fashion Designer Zoe Meng
A story about a young fashion designer Zoe.
Views: 2337 Yarina Yao
Kyra's Inspiring Story as a Fashion Design Intern in London
Kyra, an aspiring fashion designer from Texas Tech University, shares her story interning for a fashion supplier in London, England. In her video, she shares how her unforgettable experience abroad "inspired her" as a fashion designer, a sneak peek of her clothing sketches and designs that came to life, and more! For more information about Global Experiences' Fashion Internships, visit: http://globx.co/2zMypMq
Views: 308 Global Experiences
Peter Som's advice to Parents of Future Fashion Designers
Designer Peter Som takes a second to give advice to parents of budding fashion designers.
Views: 45 Melissa Tiffany
Attempted Murder : Aspiring Fashion Designer Harassed by her Friends || #NoWomanEver || NOIX LIFE
Check out the video to know what happened to Purna who aspires to become a fashion designer. She planned to do her further studies in Bangalore but an attempted murder changed her life. Subscribe to NOIX LIFE - https://goo.gl/Hsq9aO Subscribe to NOIX TV - www.youtube.com/noixtv
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Ethnic Fashion Event - Upcoming Catwalk Designers & Aspiring Models Show
http://www.ethnicfashionevent.com - The # 1 Ethnic Fashion Event announced plans for their ethnic and Islamic apparel trade show, the London Ethnic Catwalk Fashion Week, (LECFW), will be held in London once each year, in October. LECFW trade show also has plans for trade shows in Jakarta, Dubai and the USA with a goal of adding more major cities in the near future. The goal of the London Ethnic Catwalk Fashion Week, is to bring together a showcase of the ethnic and Islamic high-end fashion communities, and offer an alternative to western fashion trade shows. It is hoped that the LECFW trade shows will bring a worldwide brand to the ethnic and Islamic fashion industry, with the featured runway fashion models. London Ethnic Catwalk Fashion Week, presents an alternative to the London fashion week. LECFW was presented for the first time in October of 2011, by Preeti Fab, UK, as a place for fresh and undiscovered fashion talent, both designers and models to showcase their talent and design concepts. Events at the annual London Ethnic Catwalk Fashion Week, will highlight a variety of ethnic designers of ready to wear fashions and featured matching accessories. Sponsors such as ethnic fashion houses and modeling agencies, along with other interesting individuals with a flair for creative thinking, are welcome to join the LECFW fashion events. Each year LECFW and its sponsors, bring together the brightest and most talented upcoming designers and aspiring models, within the ethnic and the Islamic fashion wear industry. The fashion trade show events begin in October in London, and then the London Ethnic Catwalk Fashion Week moves on to other featured venues in other countries. If you are interested in the potentials of becoming a sponsor, or just want to keep up to date on our exciting members and hot industry news, we invite you to keep in contact with EFE by registering here. To keep up on the latest news about our fall/winter & spring/summer upcoming catwalk shows, and exhibitions of the brightest ethnic and Islamic designers and aspiring models on the fashion scene today, as well as the newest fashion houses then register here. "The oppressors as us on the run" This Event Happens Once a Year......Where Will You Be? Be Part Of This Event! WANT TO BECOME A  PF RUNWAY OR CATALOGUE MODEL? Take care of yourself! Decide what kind of model you hope to be Educate yourself Take some snapshots Take and know your measurements and stats Be professional, polite, and courteous Be creative  Learn to stand like a supermodel Develop your own signature walk Identify good posture Train your muscles to do the work- Do stretches Find your center. Proper standing posture is about alignment and balance Walking Posture & Full control in High heel walking, twisting & turns control on wet/dry surface. Train Your Core Muscles - Stay in shape Do Shoulder Exercises in Yoga - engage your shoulder muscles using a variety of poses and movements. You Must Understand How To Work The Runway In High Heel Like These Natural Fierce, Sexy, Gorgeous and Beautiful CHERRIES! Try To Emulate Anyone Of These Fiercest Catwalk Babes: T.Banks, N.Campbell, Beyonce, H.Klum, V.Roslyakova, I.Kulikova, S.Onopka, C.Rocha, I.Fontane, C.Kass, What Job Skills Are Needed to Be a Fashion Designer? You will need to master: Sketching - sketch designs, garment or accessory, understanding of color, color arrangements and how to apply them to a sketch Communication - valuable skills a fashion designer need to have is the ability to communicate. Sewing - expect to be taken seriously must know how to sew Computer Skills -- An advantage Attending a fashion-design school, and get a fashion-design master degree Makeup artist -- You must be graphically/artistically/people-oriented/tolerant, calm and understanding/think independently and creativel/ highly organised /Good vision is an absolute. Stylist -- A fashion stylist helps to coordinate all of the parts of a fashion shoot or fashion showcase on the catwalk. In this capacity, a fashion stylist handles the interaction of the clothing with jewelry and other accessories, to make sure the look is as it should be. In a personal capacity, a fashion stylist may be hired to help a person pick out exactly the right look for them, and to help them find the right wardrobe and accessories. Understanding what it means to be a clothing innovator Ability to Communicate Able to influence without overpowering. A stylist/look) Contact -- Submit your portfolio, design/or idea are speak to our guys at Preeti Fab Modelling Agency:) . YOUR COMMUNITY WEBSITE:Under: http://www.ethnicfashionevent.com In the mean time...Join & Follow Us On: Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBvzBZGs-aY Twitter: http://twitter.com/lecfw Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ethnic-Fashion-Event/235164463275924 Fastvideo: http://fashvideos.com/2012/10/13/
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Fashion Design Workshop and fashion show ‘Runway 2015’
On August 5, about thirty aspiring fashion designers gathered at the Port Moresby Arts Theatre for a workshop sponsored by the Australian High Commission and facilitated by Australian Indigenous designer Grace Lillian Lee. The new generation of PNG designers learned how to find their own voice and create a business about their designs. Following the workshop on August 8, Australian High Commission alongside Stella magazine hosted a fashion show ‘Runway 2015’ which featured designs from Grace Lillian Lee and eight of the PNG designers who paid homage to their traditional culture alongside contemporary pursuits. The support complements Australia’s initiatives in PNG to promote economic empowerment of PNG women.
Aspiring Fashion Designer Kidnapped and Killed After Rape in Delhi
Watch India TV's special report as an aspiring fashion designer was kidnapped and killed after rape in Delhi. Her family was away from home and she was alone at home when goons kidnapped her. SUBSCRIBE to India TV Here: http://goo.gl/fcdXM0 Follow India TV on Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/indiatvnews Twitter: https://twitter.com/indiatvnews Download India TV Andriod App here: http://goo.gl/kOQvVB For More Videos Visit Here: http://www.indiatvnews.com/video/
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Fashion Designer Ruchika Sachdeva at #PearlPortfolio
Know More: https://pearlacademy.com/aboutus.aspx?mpgid=66&pgidtrail=141

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