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How to Register - Trademark & Brand
In this video i have explained the complete process of trademark or brand registration. Brand registration is important for sellers who are selling unbranded, private label products. Branding is very important as it protects your business interest and gives you an identity. You can protect your brand in whatever categories you are dealing shoes apparel jewellery mobile accessories or any other product categories . they are different class in IP India where all the product categories fall. currently 45 classes are there your product will fall. In one of those classes once you get your Trademark registered in particular class you can use it and ip India will restrict any other seller or manufacturer from using that brand or -trademark. alternatively you can also get your -trademark of brand name registered in every 45 class . so that you are -trademark of brand name will be exclusive to you and nobody can use it in any other product category without -trademark also you can sell your product on different web portals like Amazon Flipkart Ebay Snapdeal ShopClues but in that case anyone can use your listing to map their products. IP India Address - http://www.ipindia.nic.in/address-of-patents-offices.htm Search Brand Name Availability - https://ipindiaonline.gov.in/tmrpublicsearch/frmmain.aspx
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How to Apply Online Trademark Registration in India Part -1 [Hindi]
How to Apply Online Trademark Registration in India Part -2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qm-zrfA_FAo How to Apply Online Trademark Registration in India Part -3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pnV9AtArUg How To Add Digital Signature in Browser, Internet Explorer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmIPiRUTSMQ Online Trademark Registration - https://ipindiaonline.gov.in/trademarkefiling/user/frmLoginNew.aspx Trademark Search- https://ipindiaonline.gov.in/tmrpublicsearch/frmmain.aspx Trademark Class- https://ipindiaonline.gov.in/tmrpublicsearch/classfication_goods_service.htm Taponetwork Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/taponetwork Taponetwork Twitter- https://twitter.com/taponetwork Vishal Tiwari Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/vishalthetiw... Vishal Tiwari Twitter- https://twitter.com/vishalthetiwari
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What is TRADEMARK?🔥 REGISTRATION PROCESS (Step-By-Step) 🔥 How Much Does a Trademark Cost in INDIA?
This video will show you What is TRADEMARK? It's REGISTRATION PROCESS (Step-By-Step) and How Much Does a Trademark Cost in INDIA? Also, you will learn other things related to ”TRADEMARK” and "TRADEMARK REGISTRATION" 👉 What is Trademark? 👉 What is the step-by-step Registration Process of Trademark? 👉“COST OF TRADEMARK” 👉 How many types of Trademarks? 👉 What is the benefits of Trademark? 👉 History of Trademark? ✔️Let’s get started with “what is Trademark” A trademark is a symbol, name, word, device or any combination (of all these) which is adopted by a company to differentiate their products or service or both from the rest of the brands / companies / product or services. The Trade Marks Act, 1999 and Trade Marks Rules, 2002 governs the laws with respects trademarks. ✔️History of Trademarks In 1940, the first trademark rule was officially passed. However, it was replaced by Trade and Merchandise Act in 1958 due to its limitations and non-use. When India become part of TRIPS Agreement Act in 1994, new set of basic standards of intellectual property rights have been established. Number of amendments have been introduced to the trademark laws in India to meet these basic standards.These amendments were made by replacing the former act with the Trade Marks Act, 1999 and the Trade Marks Rules, 2002. ✔️ Types of Trademarks are: 👉 Product Trademarks. 👉 Service Trademarks 👉 Collective Trademarks 👉 Certification Trademarks ✔️ Advantages or Benefits of Registering a Trademark are: 👉 Trademarks make it easier for your customer base to find you 👉Trademarks help prevent marketplace confusion 👉 Trademarks are economically efficient tools ✔️ Step-By-Step Registration Process 1. Trademark Search 2. Filling of Form TM-1 3. Cost 4. Use your Trademark 5. Issue of Examination Report 6. Advertisement in Trade Marks Journal 7. Trademark Registration This is just an overview, watch the entire video else you will miss key points of registering TRADEMARK. Happy Watching 😊😊 ✈️ Join TELEGRAM Channel 👉 https://t.me/amazingmarketer ★★★❌❌ DON'T CLICK THIS 👉 https://bit.ly/2rd5ueR ❌❌ ★★★ ★ ★★SUBSCRIBE to get MORE CUSTOMERS & MORE SALES ★★★ https://www.youtube.com/c/AMAZINGMARKETER?sub_confirmation=1 🔥 Related Videos 🔥 👉 Amazon SEO (2018) | How to Rank at the Top of Amazon in 3 Days or Less ➜ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JipBy... 👉 Amazon Product Listings in 2018 (CASE STUDY) ➜ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsWI4... 👉 Amazon Seller Secrets Exposed (TOP 10) ➜ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Crfd... 👉Amazon Business in 2018-The Biggest Profitable💰 Online Business For Passive Income (Truth Revealed) ➜ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RvcP... 👉 Amazon Account Suspended (in HINDI)–How to Get It Back | Appeal Letter & Plan of Action (Full Proof) ➜ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3EuX... #AmazingMarketer #Trademark #TrademarkRegistration
How can I register trademark in India? steps procedure and cost for trademark registration
how to register a brand name or a trademark in India? a guideline on cost, procedure, steps and time line for trademark registration in india at http://patentinindia.com/trademark-registration-india/ So, you own a business or want to own a business, and you are thinking if the Trademark registration India really necessary step? is it something which is just good to have for a business or a must have for a business ? well, let me ask you a question, How much time and effort you invested in your business? for your product ? or creating brand value? Did you work hard to make your business a respectable and trust worthy name in minds of your clients? How would you feel, if someone else is misusing your business name? Or You found out that the name that you are using for your business is actually registered with some other company and Even worst case would be … You work on your business for so many years to build brand and loyalty in clients mind and you found out you are infringing already registered trademark of someone and you can not use that name for your business here after It would be a huge loss of time, efforts and costs !!! Would you like to avoid such devastating scenarios that can hurt your businesses image? which can result in all the hard work you put in building brand name (image) of the business going waste !!! Then you need to seriously consider protecting your business name, identity, brand, logo, image etc. This is achieved by registering Trademark for your business. If properly used and promoted, a Trademark becomes the most valuable asset of a business. hence it is important to consider Trademark registration India. The procedure for registering trademark in India Step 1: trademark search (time: about 4 hours) Cost: Rs 0 to Rs. 500 This search is to check whether your business name or logo is similar to other already registered trademarks. Generally trademark agent or attorney conducts this search with the Trademark Office to check if there are any similar trademarks already registered under that particular class. There are two kinds of search: online and offline. It is recommended that you get both the searches done. Once found to be unique you can proceed to the next step: Step 2: create trademark application (time required: 2-3 days) Based on the results of the search conducted, the trademark attorney will draft trademark application, provided that your business name / logo found to be unique. If someone already has the same or similar trademark, you need to change yours. Or if you are of opinion that the trademark is rightfully yours and you are using it since long time even before other party trademark registration. You can start using ™ symbol as soon as you file the form of trademark application. Step 3: trademark registration (time 18 to 24 months) Cost: Government fees is Rs. 4,500/- in case of Individual/ Startup/ Small Enterprise (it would be 9,000/- in all other cases) and trademark attorney professional fees is Rs. 3500/- per application per class. The Trade marks office will first check your application to see if it's already been taken. If it has, a trademark objection will be raised. If it has no objection, it makes an advertisement in the Trade Marks Journal. If there is no opposition from other businesses in the next four months, your trademark is registered around six months later. For more questions and information or for trademark search, filing, opposition and registering trademark in India, you can reach us by going to my trademark requirement . http://patentinindia.com/
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How to apply for a Trademark Registration in India ?
Trademark Registration: All You Need to Know We’ve all walked into these stores to buy shoes or clothes and seen brands like Adibas for Adidas, Allen Polly instead of Allen Solly or my favourite Beta instead of Bata. These things are a violation of #trademark, and can be sued. Here is everything you need to know about trademark. Now, what is a trademark? A trademark is practically anything that your customers - or potential customers - connect with. For young companies, this usually means a brand name, logo or slogan, or all three at the same time. Sometimes, your logo contains your name, as in the case of BMW or Coca Cola. This is called a logo composite mark. What does it mean to own a trademark? It means that you control the commercial rights to the brand name, logo or slogan in that sector. Each sector is known as a class. There are 45 classes in all. For example, Class 28 relates to games, toys and sports equipment. So when you trademark your toy brand under Class 28, nobody else in your field of business can use the same/similar name. Is my trademark available? --------------------------------------- Our team can check on whether your name is available or not. A good way to check is to see if the domain name is available. If it is, then the brand name is likely to be available as well. If not, worry not - there is still a high probability of your application being approved if your business model and business type is unique. My trademark is taken. Now what? -------------------------------------------------- If the name you want has been taken, you could file a logo composite mark, which incorporates the name of the brand into the logo (As discussed, Coca-Cola or BMW, for example). This will help you to get protection even if the name itself has been taken. What is the procedure to get a Trademark Registration? --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A team of experts prepares the documents and sends them to you for signature, including an “Authorization Letter”. Once we receive the signed documents, we will send you details of the final application for your approval. On approval, we file within 24 hours and send you the filed Application. You can start using the “TM” symbol next to your name. How long will the #process of Trademark #Registration take? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The initial application is done very quickly, and can be done in a few hours of you approving. As an outer limit, we can finish the application in 2 business days. It takes the Trademark Registry 18 - 24 months to grant you the Trademark once the application is made. Once that is granted, you can start using the “R” next to your name. To know more, log on to : http://vakilsearch.com/trademark-registration
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How to Register a New Company or Firm in india| Register a Startup| Register a Business| Startup
How to Register a New Company or Firm in india | Register a Business | Register a Startup | Document for startup | how to register a startup company in india | how to register a private limited company | company registration fees | how to register a proprietorship company in india | how to register a company in bangalore how to register a company in delhi | online company registration | ------------------------------------------------------------- 👉#My New Channel - https://m.youtube.com/channel/UChyCp2kRTNLciEF3zGOFCUA 👉👉#Rakesh Pandey - https://youtu.be/Bo3BzL5kaU8 ------------------------------------------------------------- 👉#Procedure to Register a company in India :- 👉To make it simple and easy for registering a business in India business in India, Ministry of Corporate Affairs Introduced INC-29 Form. #With this form ( INC-29 ) Company registration has merged few processes like Getting Business Name Approval, Director’s Identification Number (DIN) and Incorporation Application into one single process. 👉This step had made the process of company incorporation very easy. It’s all online and just takes seven days for company incorporation nowadays. 👉#1.Obtaining Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) from MCA Step one is to apply for the digital signatures of the directors, also called as DSC. DSC is e-signature to help you complete the new company registration online. It Normally takes 2 days to obtain DSC after the submitting the documents. The Information Technology Act, 2000 has provisions for use of Digital Signatures on the documents submitted in electronic form in order to ensure the security and authenticity of the documents filed electronically. This is the secure and authentic way to submit a document electronically. As such, all filings done by the companies/LLPs under MCA21 e-Governance programme are required to be filed using Digital Signatures by the person authorised to sign the documents. 👉#2. Prepare INC-29 :- #Director’s Identification Number ( DIN number ) #Name approval #Memorandum and Articles of association ( MOA & AOA ) #Registered office verification #Appointment letters and declaration 👉#3. Filing INC-29 :- Once all these documents are ready, we have to file the forms for company formation after which we get the certificate of incorporation. ------------------------------------------------------------- 👉हमसे फेसबुक में जुडें --https://m.facebook.com/PandeyVital/?ref=bookmarks ------------------------------------------------------------- 👍आपको ये Video अच्छी लगी तो Please #Like #Subscribe & #Share. ------------------------------------------------------------ 👉S+U+B+S+C+R+I+B+E - PANDEY VITAL👇👇 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl-i7PenX65VBPKLMP6hGfQ ------------------------------------------------------------- #LIKE | #SUBSCRIBE | #SHARE | ------------------------------------------------------------ Background Music - Copyright Free music (Youtube audio Library)
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How to register your business free in india | DIC  | Udyog Aadhar Registration Process Tutorial
How to register your business free in india Udyog Aadhar Registration Process Tutorial | Startup India | Entrepreneur Dosot agar aap apna business krna chahte hai aur registration krna chahte hai to ye video aapke liye hai. aapko udyog aadhar pe aadhar card se free business register kr skte hai ye aapko online District industries centre ka hi part hai aur ye MSME ke ander aata hai. Thanks for watching my Video , Keep liking and subscribe my channel About : AS Informer channel is contains daily tech news, How to guide and review with lot of technology concept.
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How to add a Registered User to your Amazon Brand Registry, File Infringements on Amazon
myamazonguy.com - Amazon Consulting brandregistry.amazon.com - File Brand Registry and add users https://www.amazon.com/report/infringement - Report Infringements to take down listings or sellers concerning your patent, trademark, copyright
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How to Get MSME free business Registration In India| Udyog Aadhar Registration Process
How to Get MSME free business Registration In India| Udyog Aadhar Registration Process if you are looking to start a new brand and business registration, you can start to register. You can follow me over #Social #Media Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/StartupAuthority Twitter : https://www.Twitter.com/StartupAuth Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/startupauthority/ Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/1/100738158871725497136 Website : http://startupauthority.in/ #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 1 How to start Velvet Pencil making business In India | Home based Velvet Pencil making Ideas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NMQAL2qOl3U #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 2 HOW TO START PAPER PLATE MAKING BUSINESS IN INDIA | Home based Plate, Dona, Thali Making business https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6ysZ5RvBbA #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 3 How To Start Tulsi Farming Business in India | Earn Upto 3 lac in Just 15000 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDlFvpPv-1A #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 4 Top 15 Small Business Ideas for 2018 | Best Business Ideas in Small investment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qFk_74XKW4o #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 5 HOW TO START SLIPPER MAKING BUSINESS IN INDIA | Start your own Profitable hwai making business https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTWrsZwsx9o #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 6 Top 10 most profitable startup businesses in Zero Investment | Zero Investment Business Ideas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bel_46T51aI #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 7 How to Start Agarbatti Making business in India | Agarbatti Making At Home https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KueHSh-yVVM #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 8 home based business ideas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kdJulRW9Sr8 #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 9 Apne Bike Se Kamaye 30 k per Month | Earn upto 30 K per month buy bike Texi https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KJtfnGDGIyc #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 10 Rakhi making business https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI6PiStYeQ4 #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 11 How to Start a RO Mineral Water Plant Business | Earn Upto 1 to 2 Lac per month https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lo7fBMwLLU0 #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 12 HOW TO START T-SHIRT PRINTING BUSINESS WITH ZERO Investment| T-SHIRT PRINTING BUSINESS for free https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oZULiU36UI8 #StartUpAuthority #BusinessIdeas 13 HOW TO START PLASTIC SHOES MAKING BUSINESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZNbcJ9cvpSo
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How to save unregistered brand from your registered brand | Stop Listing Mapping in HINDI
How to save unregistered brand from your registered brand on Amazon. about Brand Infringement Language - HINDI Join our group via link for eCommerce discussion https://t.me/joinchat/FaZBv0RlYScgx3jHvyWwxg
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How To Protect Your Registered Trademarks on Amazon | What is Brand Registry on Amazon?
Amazon Brand Gating Can Help You Protect Your Brand on Amazon Protect your registered trademarks on Amazon with brand gating! You've worked hard to secure your brand name, so now let Amazon do the rest by keeping others from hijacking your products! By registering your trademarked brand with Amazon, you can gain full access to multiple tools to help you identify hijackers quickly so you can report and remove them. This tool suite includes the full brand gating capabilities to keep other sellers from selling your products using the same ASINs! Check out podcast episodes at https://www.ampmpodcast.com/ Sign up with Helium 10 today!: https://members.helium10.com/user/signin Recommended Tools: https://www.ampmpodcast.com//tools-services/ Connect with us: https://www.facebook.com/groups/AMPMPodcast/
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How to File Consumer Complaint Online in India | By Ishan [Hindi]
How to File Consumer Complaint Online in india | By Ishan [Hindi] Who is a Consumer?: Any individual who purchases products or services for his personal use and not for manufacturing or resale is called a consumer. A consumer is one who is the decision maker whether or not to buy an item at the store, or someone who is influenced by advertisement and marketing. Every time someone goes to a store and buys a shirt, toy, beverage or anything else, they make a decision as a consumer. Consumer refers to any person who purchases some goods for a consideration that has been either 1.paid or promised to pay or 2.partly paid and partly promised, or 3.found under any system of deferred payment and does include any user of this type of goods other than the person who purchases these types of goods for consideration paid or promised or partly paid or partly promised, or 4.under any type of system of deferred payment when this type of use is done with the agreement of such person, and does not include a person who gets such goods for resale or for any business purpose or hires or avails of some services for a consideration which has been paid or promised or partly paid and partly promised, or 5.under some system of deferred payment as well as includes some beneficiary of such services other than the people who ‘hire or avail of the services for consideration paid or promised, or partly paid and partly promised, or 6.under any system of deferred payment, when such services are provided having the approval of the first described person and does not include a person who takes such services for any business purposes. Consumer Court is the special purpose court, in India, that deals with cases regarding consumer disputes and grievances. These are judiciary hearings set up by the government to protect the consumer rights. To lodge a complaint, the consumer has to first register on the site. The online registration form has to be filled in with the name, email, address and phone number of the complainant, and an user id and password have to be created. A complaint can be filed against any registered brand or service provider. Website: https://www.consumercomplaints.in There is a huge process to register a complaint in consumer court in India. If your amount is less than 10 Lakhs than you can file complaints in district consumer court. If your amount is more than 10 Lakhs and more than 1 crore than you can go through state level Consumer court. If your amount is more than 1 crore than you can go through national level consumer court. Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All credit for copyright materiel used in video goes to respected owner. Keep Supporting Us :- Website : https://www.ishanllb.com/ Website : http://www.eisarahi.com/ Email : [email protected] Facebook Official : https://www.facebook.com/eisarahiofficial Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/IshanLLB/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/ishanllb Tags:- How to File Consumer Complaint Online in India,file a consumer complaint,credit card complaint online kaise kare,kisi bank ki complain kaise kare,credit card hindi,kisi bhi company ki complaint kaise kare,online shikayat kaise kare,bill raised without credit card,unauthorized credit card charges,Oneassist Consumer Solutions,one assistant,one assist mfee hdfc credit card,hdfc credit card ki complain kaise kare,kharab product ki complaint kaise kare,ishan llb,ishanllb
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Start Small Scale Business in India Step by Step Guide - 2016
http://bit.ly/smeIndia After government of India's Startup push aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for ways and steps to start their own businesses in India. In this video tutorial post I have shown step by step procedures that need to be followed in order to setup a business in India. Starting Business in India - Step by Step Process: 1. Obtain Director Identification Number (DIN) online from MCA (Ministry of Corporate Affairs) authorized agency. Duration: 1 Day Cost: Rs. 100/- 2. Obtain Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) online from MCA authorized agency Duration: 3 Days Cost: Rs. 1500/- 3. Reserve the company name online with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) Duration: 2 Days Cost: Rs. 500/- 4. Stamp the company documents at the State Treasury or authorized bank Duration: 1 Day Cost: Rs. 1300/- 5. Get the Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies Duration: 5 Days Cost: Rs. 15,000/- 6. Make a company seal and letter heads Duration: 1 Day Cost: Rs. 500/- 7. Obtain Permanent Account Number (PAN) from National Securities Depository Ltd. (NSDL) Duration: 7 Days Cost: Rs. 100/- 8. Obtain Tax Account Number (TAN) for income taxes from Assessing Office Income Tax Department Duration: 7 Days Cost: Rs. 100/- 9. Register with the Office of Inspector, Shops, and Establishment Act (State/Municipal) Duration: 2 Days Cost: Rs. 7,000/- 10. Register for Value-Added Tax (VAT) at the Commercial Tax Office (State) Duration: 12 Days Cost: Rs. 5,000/- 11. Register for Profession Tax at the Profession Tax Office (State) Duration: 2 Days Cost: Not Applicable 12. Register with Employees Provident Fund Organization (National) Duration: 12 Days Cost: Not Applicable 13. Register for medical insurance at the regional office of the Employees State Insurance Corporation (National) Duration: 9 Days Cost: Not Applicable If you have any questions or suggestions, kindly post it in comments section below. We will answer each and every questions. Other websites are also there on the web which will help to answer the questions like online business opportunities, registering your company in India, online business, step to step process for online business, scope of b2b business etc. You can find those websites easily by searching it on google.
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Our Brands in India
Established in the early 1980s, Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG), headquartered in Australia, is one of the world’s largest travel companies. Listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, FCTG today, has an annual turnover of more than 20 billion AUD. The group has company-owned operations in 14 countries and a corporate travel management network that spans more than 90 countries employing over 20,000 people globally and has over 40 brands under its portfolio. The 4,000-crore Indian arm, registered in India as FCM Travel Solutions is one of the top leading travel companies in India and operates an extensive portfolio of businesses across leisure and corporate travel and forex, the brands being: FCM Travel Solutions and Corporate Traveller (corporate travel management), Flight Shop and Travel Tours (leisure travel), FCM MICE (incentive travel and events) Travel Money India (foreign exchange), FCM InComing (inbound travel) and Travel Air Representations (travel trade representations).
Registered Brand Infringement on Amazon HINDI
Language - Hindi Join our group via link for eCommerce discussion https://t.me/joinchat/FaZBv0RlYScgx3jHvyWwxg
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How to Register Company & Firm in INDIA ? Process | Cost | Step by step Procedure in Hindi
how to register a company in india Private Limited Company, Startup Company, Register a Company in India, How to Register a Company in India in Hindi, How to Register a Company in India Online Udyog Aadhar Registration Process Tutorial, how to, register your business, in india, udyog, aadhar, aadhar card, startup, startup india,
Registering A Trademark (UK) - What It Costs
Ever wondered the cost of registering a trademark in the UK? In this video, I reveal exactly what the price is and how it can change depending on the type of trademark you're registering. - Register for a trademark in the UK here: https://trademarks.ipo.gov.uk/ipo-apply - Find the classes you need to register your trademark for: https://euipo.europa.eu/ec2/
How to Register a Company in USA - For Indian Entrepreneurs
In this video, we will talk about US Company registration for Indian Entrepreneurs. If you are interested registering a Company in the United States Please Visit https://enterslice.com/company-registration-in-usa Startup Intelligence by Enterslice. Recently we have seen a demand of Indian entrepreneurs building SaaS and Tech Products interested in registering their companies in the United States. Here is Why you should register a Company in the United States. It is easier to take International Payments in a US Entity. You get Multiple Payment options like Stripe, Braintree, and Venmo, usually not available to Indian Companies. These providers have rock solid APIs and they are loaded with a lot of features that can help you to scale. Makes it super easy to charge for subscription, which is not available with Indian Payment Gateways. Makes it easier for taking payments from the third party. You can receive checks, accept cash and get the wire transfers the same day. You can also accept Bitcoins! Increases trust in your brand, and you can also go ahead and get an EV SSL certificate for your brand and can get all those trust-marks like BBB, Trust-e Privacy, etc. Being an US Entity gives peace of mind to International Customer. As long as the US company is not a subsidiary of your Indian company, you don't have to worry about the US company's taxation here in India. Eligibility, Any Indian Citizen, can open a business in the United States. For C-Corp you need two directors at the minimum. We prefer C-Corp in the Delaware State. Delaware is home to many tech companies and has very sound corporate laws. Now let’s see Registration process of a US Company. The first step is to finalize a name, like Acme, Inc. and Prepare necessary documentation like Proof of identity and Address. For registering a company in United States, you can either take a Virtual Address or register with a Co-working Community that allows you to use the address for receiving snail mail. Bank and Filing Authority needs a Physical address for sending emails. Once Documents are ready, and Address is available, we proceed with documents filing with Incorporation Agency. You receive Incorporation certificate in seven to fifteen days. Once Incorporation is complete, we apply for Employer Identification Number. It usually takes seven to fifteen days. After EIN is received from IRS, we proceed with the recommendation to Banks for opening your Account. Bank verifies Business Model, Credibility and Incorporation Documents and send bank account. This Completes the process, and you can apply for Payment Gateways like Braintree or Stripe to start receiving payments.
Non Registered Brand Protection on Amazon in Hindi PART - 1
How to protect your non registered brand on Amazon in Hindi Part - 1 Join Telegram Group https://t.me/joinchat/FaZBv0RlYScgx3jHvyWwxg
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How To Trademark a Name and Logo | Trademark In Canada And USA
How To Trademark a Name and Logo Secure Your Brand with Trademark Factory® Risk-Free, Guaranteed. https://www.trademarkfactory.com Number 1: Decide WHAT you want to trademark. Would it be your name, your logo, both as a single trademark or both as two separate trademarks. Number 2: Find out if you CAN trademark your brand. You need to know if the brand you picked is even trademarkable. And it means a lot more than simply checking if someone had trademarked the same brand before. Number 3: Decide WHO will own the trademark. Is it you personally? Your company? It can be either, but you need to make sure your decision makes sense from business perspective. Number 4: Decide WHERE you want to trademark your brand. It doesn’t matter where you are. It doesn’t matter where your company is incorporated. What matters is, where do most of your customers come from now or will in the near future. You need to look at your most important markets and trademark your brand there. Number 5: Decide WHEN you want to trademark your brand. You should trademark your brand in your home country as soon as humanly possible. It is often too late but never too early to protect your brand. A great deal of very successful brands were trademarked BEFORE launch. That’s when it’s the easiest to protect your brand—as long as it’s trademarkable. Number 6: Decide WHICH products and services your trademark application would cover. Trademarks don’t give you a monopoly over your name, logo, or tagline themselves. Trademarks give you a monopoly over the mental link between your brand AND the products and services you have listed in your trademark application. For example, Apple doesn’t own the word “Apple.” They own the word “Apple” in connection with computers, phones, software and stuff like that. But it doesn’t mean they can stop someone from calling their excavators “Apple”. Number 7: Decide HOW you will be filing your trademark application. Basically, there are 4 ways to do it. You can do it yourself. The danger is that most business owners, however smart and experienced they are as business owners, don’t know enough specifics about trademark laws to go through the whole process successfully. In case you don’t know, it takes on average 14 months to register a trademark in the United States and 18 months on average to register a trademark in Canada. During these long months, you would be communicating with the Trademarks Office. And if you don’t know what you’re doing, you will probably end up with nothing. The second option is to use online filing websites, which basically have developed software that makes it easier for you to understand what should go where into your trademark application. The problem with this option is that they are not representing you. The third option is to use a traditional law firm. The problem with this option is unpredictability. And finally, the forth option, you’re welcome to file your trademarks through Trademark Factory. Not only will we conduct a comprehensive trademark search to tell you exactly whether your brand is trademarkable FOR FREE, we will also offer you our most popular package All-Inclusive. It’s basically one flat fee for our services that covers everything from start to finish. You will never see another invoice from us. And for most trademarks we file, we will actually also offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Which means that if after spending as much time as necessary trying to come up with a winning argument, if we then lose, you will get all your money back. We’re the only firm in the world that does this. And if you have a brand you want to protect, fill out the form at trademarkfactory.com—and we’ll get the process started. Trust me, your brand is worth it! ----------------------------------- Trademark Factory® resources: ★ Website: https://trademarkfactory.com ★ ☆ YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/trademarkfactory.com ☆ ★ Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/thetrademarkfactory ★ ☆ Twitter: https://twitter.com/realTMfactory ☆ ★ Kick-Ass Brands Show: http://kickassbrandsshow.com ★ ☆ Kick-Ass Brands Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kickassbrands ☆
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Registered Brand Protection/Brand Infringement on Amazon in Hindi PART - 2
How to protect your registered brand on Amazon in Hindi Part - 2 Join Telegram Group https://t.me/joinchat/FaZBv0RlYScgx3jHvyWwxg
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How To File To Register A Trademark In Under Five Minutes Online!
How to file an online trademark application in under 5 minutes. Log on to www.Trademarkia.com now to get started! Video By Spiral Moon Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved / 2011 www.SpiralMoon.com
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HOW TO Verify Company is Registered or Not in India
When you start a private limited company in India or want to check your Company is properly registered with the government or not then you have to Verify Company is Registered or Not in India. So here in this video guide where you can learn about to Verify Company is Registered or Not in India. If one wants to check whether a company is registered or not it can be done by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) website. This feature can be used to check the genuineness of the company. As all the corporate bodies like the company, LLP etc are registered with MCA in India. It publishes the data online which is publically available on MCA. You can not only check the details of the company as well as charge details and the details of the signatory of the company. Procedure to Verify Company is Registered or Not in India – Step 1 : You have to visit the MCA website http://www.mca.gov.in/mcafoportal/viewCompanyMasterData.do Step 2 : You should enter the company’s name in the company name and click on search. Step 3 : If the company is not registered then you will get a pop up that no matches found. Step 4 : If the company is registered then the following information of the company. CIN/LLPIN/1A Ref No. Company or LLP Name. State in which company is there. Registration date. Company status. ROC information and registration number of the company. Company category like company limited by shares or by guarantee or an unlimited company. Class of company public or private company. Authorized capital of the company and the paid-up capital of the company. Date of incorporation. Address and email of the company. Listing status of the company. Step 5 : You can also check the index of charges of the company. The company has a charge when it raises a loan from the bank or other financial institutions. One can check whether a company has taken any bank loan or from any other financial institution. Then it will display the state of charge created, charge amount and holder and address of charge holder as shown in the Step 6 : You can also view the signatory details of the company which contains the list of directors of company or partners of LLP can be found using the signatory details of the company it will state their DIN number details, name of directors, address of directors address of the directors and designation and date of appointment and digital signature status Step 7 : You can also take out the print out of the details of the company. Step 8 :- You can also check the detail of directors just click on DIN No of the director. Step 9 :- New window will be open in this window You can see how many companies it is the director. So hope this article helpful for you to check and verify about any private limited company or One Person Company. if you face any trouble regarding verify any company name then just mentioned in below comment section.
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Full Guide to Start Security Agency Business
सि‍क्‍युरि‍टी एजेंसी बिज़नेस कैसे शुरू करें? जानें पूरा प्रोसेस.... Security agency ka business shuru kar achchi kamai karein Online Company Registration https://efilingportal.in/ Online Service Tax Registration https://www.aces.gov.in/STASE/ui/jsp/common/registerWithACES.do EPFO Registration- http://www.hrcabin.com/epf-registration-new-company/ Security Agency License- https://www.indiafilings.com/learn/how-to-get-private-security-agency-license/ ►Watch this playlist for more business ideas-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhKaqhTgibk&list=PLWLTel3df0Wgv5sRLuJLEhKrInxdHAHJf ►Watch our top videos here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWLTel3df0Wh89J7Pj0mcO7qXy2ZnTic2 ►Subscribe to our channel, click here http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgBpQ1Q60e7ky56P62PMRg ►Twitter: http://twitter.com/swetatechtips ►Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Swetatechtips ►Google +: http://plus.google.com/+SwetaTechTips ►Jyada business idea ke liye ish playlist ko dekhiye –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhKaqhTgibk&list=PLWLTel3df0Wgv5sRLuJLEhKrInxdHAHJf ► Hamare sabse zyada dekhe gaye video, yahan dekhiye -https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWLTel3df0Wh89J7Pj0mcO7qXy2ZnTic2 ► Hamare YouTube channel ko subscribe karne ke liye, yahan click kariye-http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgBpQ1Q60e7ky56P62PMRg ► ज्यादा बिज़नेस आईडिया के लिए यहाँ देखिये - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhKaqhTgibk&list=PLWLTel3df0Wgv5sRLuJLEhKrInxdHAHJf ► हमारे सबसे लोकप्रिय वीडियो, यहाँ देखिये – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWLTel3df0Wh89J7Pj0mcO7qXy2ZnTic2 ► हमारे यूट्यूब चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करने के लिए, यहाँ क्लिक करें -http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgBpQ1Q60e7ky56P62PMRg About: Sweta Tech Tips channel provides videos related to different business ideas to startup own business, technology, computer and health tips. New video is posted every day. Source-Dainik bhaskar This video is non promotional, created only to provide information. This channel is not responsible for any profit or loss in any business. Its all depends on your business strategy and your hard work. You must research yourself before start any business. About: Sweta Tech Tips channel provides videos related to different business ideas to startup own business. We are not responsible for company related problem like Transaction, Online transaction, Machine, Raw Material, etc. Please research yourself before contact to company. ©Copyright Sweta Tech Tips
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How to Private Label Your Amazon Product So No One Else Can Sell It
Get examples of product inserts you can use to differentiate your product here: https://justonedime.com/lm/14-product-insert-examples 💪🏼 We show you step-by-step, from A to Z, how to build a successful business on Amazon that works for you instead of you working for it.💪🏼 🔥 https://justonedime.com/amazon-fba-coaching 🔥 Succeed on Amazon with 5 hours of weekly live coaching for an entire year, plus everything you need to utterly crush it on Amazon 👉🏻 https://justonedime.com/coaching 👈🏽 We are a growing network of entrepreneurs, impacting the world by helping those in need, investing in opportunities and new ideas, creating wealth, and living a life of meaning. ★ Follow us ★ ➜ Instagram: @sethkniep ➜ Twitter: @justonedime 🔥Beast up on knowledge 🔥 ➜ Just One Dime Amazon Warriors Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jod.amazon.warriors/ ➜ Just One Dime Amazon Warriors iTunes podcast https://justonedime.com/itunes ➜ Just One Dime Blog: https://justonedime.com/blog If this video was helpful to you, please like, subscribe, and comment below! Subscribe here ➜ http://bit.ly/JustOneDimeSubscribe If I was asked, "What is the #1 most important thing to teach a new Amazon seller?" without hesitation I would reply, "How to private label your product so that no one else can sell it." This is the heart of building passive income on Amazon. Private labeling means you did something to the product to make it uniquely your brand that no one else has rights to sell. Private labeling can be done on numerous levels, and one level that I did not mention in this video is informational private labeling, where you add a manual or how-to tips to your product--information that you personally wrote, so that no one else can mimic your product. Here are the main levels of private labeling your product on Amazon: First Level: - In your listing title, add "By [Your Company Name]" - Upload your logo as one of your product photos. Make sure it is not the first photo or the last two photos. Second Level: - Have your logo printed on a sticker that you attach to your product or to the packaging. - Have your logo printed on the product or the retail packaging of your product Third Level: - Accessorizing. Add accessories to your core product that no one else is adding to theirs. A powerful way to achieve this which makes it extremely hard for competitors to compete with you is by adding a training manual or instruction tips that you personally wrote. Fourth Level: - Trademark your company name and logo. You can apply for trademarks in numerous countries simultaneously here: http://www.wipo.int/madrid/en/ Brand Registry: When you register your brand with Amazon, no one else can edit your listing and it also makes it much more difficult for competitors to claim that your product is "not authentic." Three steps to take to be prepared for applying for the Brand Registry https://sellercentral.amazon.com/brand/catalog-brand-application/create?: 1. An image of your product packaging with branding visible on the packaging. 2. An image of a product with your branding visible on the product itself. 3. Link to an active website that displays your brand or products.
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Online Brand Registration
View a step-by-step video tutorial on how to submit an online brand registration statement with the Illinois Liquor Control Commission.
What is FSSAI License or Registration ? How to Get FSSAI License ?
FSSAI लाइसेंस क्या है ? FSSAI लाइसेंस कैसे प्राप्त करें? फ़ूड लाइसेंस के लिए कैसे आवेदन करें? How to get Food License in India? Food Safety Website To apply for FSSAI License or Registration click on below link: https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/index.aspx ►Watch this playlist for more business ideas-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhKaqhTgibk&list=PLWLTel3df0Wgv5sRLuJLEhKrInxdHAHJf ►Watch our top videos here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWLTel3df0Wh89J7Pj0mcO7qXy2ZnTic2 ►Subscribe to our channel, click here http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgBpQ1Q60e7ky56P62PMRg ►Twitter: http://twitter.com/swetatechtips ►Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Swetatechtips ►Google +: http://plus.google.com/+SwetaTechTips ►Website: http://swetatechtips.com ►Jyada business idea ke liye ish playlist ko dekhiye –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhKaqhTgibk&list=PLWLTel3df0Wgv5sRLuJLEhKrInxdHAHJf ► Hamare sabse zyada dekhe gaye video, yahan dekhiye -https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWLTel3df0Wh89J7Pj0mcO7qXy2ZnTic2 ► Hamare YouTube channel ko subscribe karne ke liye, yahan click kariye-http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgBpQ1Q60e7ky56P62PMRg ► ज्यादा बिज़नेस आईडिया के लिए यहाँ देखिये - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhKaqhTgibk&list=PLWLTel3df0Wgv5sRLuJLEhKrInxdHAHJf ► हमारे सबसे लोकप्रिय वीडियो, यहाँ देखिये – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWLTel3df0Wh89J7Pj0mcO7qXy2ZnTic2 ► हमारे यूट्यूब चैनल को सब्सक्राइब करने के लिए, यहाँ क्लिक करें -http://www.youtube.com/channel/UClgBpQ1Q60e7ky56P62PMRg About: Sweta Tech Tips channel provides videos related to different business ideas to startup own business, technology, computer. New video is posted every day.
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What is Trademark ? || Learn easily || in Hindi ||
This video is a must for anyone interested in starting a business to sell a product or offer a service. It highlights the important role of trademarks in that process, including a discussion of how trademarks, patents, copyrights, domain names, and business name registrations all differ. It gives guidelines on how to select the right mark--one that is both federally registrable and legally protectable. It also explains the benefits of federal registration and suggests resources if you need help with your application. By the end of the video, you'll understand why having a trademark component of your business plan is critical to your success.!!! For more interesting updates Please subscribe My Channel http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC-lFnMcPKLJ4keTMhJoEkA What is GST ? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gx3IDDZb0s Visit my official facebook Page : @apcreation123 Please SUBSCRIBE to “A.P. Creation”, Thanks !!
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Trademark Registration in India | Company360.in
In this video learn how to file Trademark application in India. This video provides you information from Legal Expert to get your Trademark Registered in India. Popular post on Trademark Registration : https://www.company360.in/blog/trademark-registration/2017/01/26/trademark-registration-learn-how-to-apply-for-trademark-in-india.html Trademark Registration @ Rs.5800 (10% discount price) : http://www.company360.in/trademark-registration Trademark Objection @ Rs.3000 : http://www.company360.in/trademark-objection-reply Patents @ Rs.15000: http://www.company360.in/patents-in-india Private Limited Company Registration Rs.13999 : http://www.company360.in/private-limited-company
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Trademark Registration in India, Trademark Filing, Brand name Registration, Trademark in India
Click Here to Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2BGA4jxzDFlW7blFHfAuNg?sub_confirmation=1 For more information, visit our website: https://www.intepat.com Intepat provides assistance in every step of your trademark registration process and beyond. Our trademark team provides solutions from trademark search to trademark renewal in India. Registering a trademark (brand name, company name, logo, symbol or device) has its own advantages of gaining exclusive legal rights to your trademark and accords better protection of your mark. Therefore, it is the first step of establishing your own brand name. Registering a distinctive trademark helps to distinguish your goods and services from others in the market. Besides, it also works as a deterrent to others who would want to pass off their goods as yours. Trademark registration in India is mostly based on the priority of user date of the mark. However, the application can also be made for the proposed mark. The entire process of filing till trademark registration in India may take two years to complete. After filing the trademark application, there may be an objection during the examination, so one needs to respond to such office examination. Once the Trademark Office is satisfied with the responses, the TM office will publish the application in the Trademark Journal. Thereafter, anyone can oppose the registration within three/four months of the publication. If opposed, the Trademark Registrar asks each party to present his case and allows or denies registration accordingly. Furthermore, to make sure there are no delays in the trademark registration procedure, care should be taken to choose a trademark which is unique, so that chances of opposition also becomes less. Intepat’s team of highly experienced trademark agents and attorneys understand the nuances underlying such registration and are adept at handling online trademark filing in India. We help from filing a trademark application to its final trademark registration in India. Further, we handle the entire process of trademark registration, namely i) preparing responses to examination report; ii) preparing and submitting responses to provisional refusals in India [Madrid Trademark]; iii) filing an opposition; iv) responding to an opposition; v) amendment of applications; and also vi) attending opposition hearings whenever required We provide cost-effective and efficient services in handling trademark registration in India and internationally. Besides registration services in India, we collaborate with our international partners to help our clients register their marks internationally. Register Now: https://goo.gl/NXW1JK
Company Registration Process Step by Step Guide | अपनी Company खुद Register करवाए 12 min में
How to register a Pvt Ltd Company in India ? In this video you will learn the company formation process. Incorporating a company through Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company electronically (SPICe -INC-32), with eMoA (INC-33), eAOA (INC-34), is the default option and most companies are required to be incorporated through SPICe only. MCA : http://mca.gov.in search name of company : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWlDMdPsmck Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/charteredwisdom/ Email : [email protected]
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Licence and registration for all types of Business in hindi
Before you launch your new business, you'll need to apply for a business license with your city or county.
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How to Register Your Brand in Amazon's Brand Registry
Choose the best product to sell on Amazon with this FREE tool: 🔥https://justonedime.com/lm/product-research-evaluation🔥 💪🏼 We show you step-by-step, from A to Z, how to build a successful business on Amazon that works for you instead of you working for it.💪🏼 🔥 https://justonedime.com/amazon-fba-coaching 🔥 Succeed on Amazon with 5 hours of weekly live coaching for an entire year, plus everything you need to utterly crush it on Amazon 👉🏻 https://justonedime.com/coaching 👈🏽 We are a growing network of entrepreneurs, impacting the world by helping those in need, investing in opportunities and new ideas, creating wealth, and living a life of meaning. ★ Follow us ★ ➜ Instagram: @sethkniep ➜ Twitter: @justonedime 🔥Beast up on knowledge 🔥 ➜ Just One Dime Amazon Warriors Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/jod.amazon.warriors/ ➜ Just One Dime Amazon Warriors iTunes podcast https://justonedime.com/itunes ➜ Just One Dime Blog: https://justonedime.com/blog If this video was helpful to you, please like, subscribe, and comment below! Subscribe here ➜ http://bit.ly/JustOneDimeSubscribe A huge step toward protecting your Amazon product as a private label is getting your brand enrolled in Amazon's Brand Registry. In this video I show you step-by-step exactly how to do this. Why should you consider enrolling your brands in Amazon's Brand Registry? • It gives you complete control over your own brand. • You get to use your own product identifiers instead of standard UPC's. • No other sellers will be able to edit or merge you listings. • You own the buybox for your own ASINS listed under your brand. • Your product is far less likely to get suppressed by Amazon if a competitor or customer questions its validity. Keep in mind that this does NOT mean other sellers cannot sell your listing. They can. But once your brand is gated (future video), no one else can sell your private labeled product.
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Live a Better life Do Subscribe Our Channel for Regular Updates on 99Sublimation & Learn Different Printing Business #E-Commerce #Digital Printing #Sublimation #Online Business #Facebook #Instagram #Amazon #Flipkart #Paytm #Rediff #Yahoo #ShopClues #Twitter #Whatsapp Selling Business Models trademark, trademark registration, trademark law, trademark registration process, trademark search, trademark act, trademark song, trademark kya hota hai, trademark india, trademark registration india, trademark certificate, trademark in hindi, trademark act 1999, trademark application, trademark act in hindi, trademark album, trademark agent, trademark apply, trademark act 1999 cs executive, trademark act 1999 india, trademark attorney, a registered trademark, a&h trademark, trademark band, trademark business, trademark benefits, trademark brand, trademark by sanyog vyas, trademark brand registration, trademark band songs, trademark by your side, trademark blud, trademark basics, trademark class, trademark complaint, trademark company, trademark copyright patent, trademark complaint received, trademark cases, trademark class 35, trademark case study, trademark class search, trademark digital signature, trademark definition, trademark dance, trademark design, trademark dj, trademark da, trademark dispute, trademark da skydiver, trademark da skydiver rap and chill, trademark domain name, o.d trademark, trademark explained, trademark examples, trademark eric, trademark engine, trademark even when i close my eyes, trademark eric johnson lesson, trademark eric johnson cover, trademark eric johnson, trademark e filing, trademark eric johnson backing track, e filing of trademark application, e filing trademark india, trademark for ecommerce, trademark fees, trademark filing, trademark factory, trademark football, trademark full album, trademark ft heavy k, trademark fair use, trademark freaky friday, trademark football celebrations, trademark goals, trademark guitar cover, trademark group, trademark gaming, trademark global, trademark greatest hits, trademark greatest hits full album, trademark goal celebrations, trademark getting paid, trademark games mini pool table, trademark hindi, trademark how could i know, trademark hearing, trademark how to apply, trademark how could i know lyrics, trademark hotel nairobi, trademark holding on alone, trademark hot water music, trademark how to, trademark how to register, trademark infringement, trademark in telugu, trademark in tamil, trademark ipr, trademark in english, trademark infringement and passing off, trademark is it love, trademark i could live on loving you lyrics, trademark issue in cyberspace, i grind trademark, trademark jet life, trademark john cena, trademark justin bieber, trademark jets, trademark johnson, trademark jgi, eric johnson trademark, eric johnson trademark live, eric johnson trademark lesson, eric johnson trademark cover, trademark karaoke, trademark kaise le, trademark kaise banaye, trademark kaise check kare, trademark karaoke songs, trademark kerala, trademark kya hota h, trademark kem, trademark khuluma, relient k trademark, trademark lecture, trademark logo, trademark law in hindi, trademark law in india, trademark live, trademark lyrics, trademark lecture in hindi, trademark law in india in hindi, trademark logo of footballers, trademark l, trademark meaning, trademark meaning in hindi, trademark malayalam, trademark my child, trademark mp3, trademark mp3 song, trademark meaning in tamil, trademark music, trademark market, trademark mix, trademark name, trademark name search, trademark name search free, trademark new song, trademark non stop, trademark new money, trademark name and logo, trademark new songs 2017, trademark name availability, trademark name availability in india, trademark ova n out, trademark objection, trademark objection reply, trademark online registration india, trademark objection reply format india, trademark only love, trademark on amazon, trademark only love cover, trademark one love, trademark opposition, trademark oh my baby, trademark process, trademark public search, trademark procedure, trademark pop it off 2017, trademark patent copyright difference, trademark passing off, trademark process in india, trademark payment,
3 Terms You MUST know for Registering your Trademark
Here is the link to check your brand name availability in less than one minute - http://vakilsearch.com/trademark-search If you are applying for a trademark registration in India, then you must be aware of these terms, which your Trademark Lawyer might use. 1. Word Mark 2. Logo Mark 3. Logo Composite Mark WORD MARK: A word mark is a Trademark applied for a word. Typically, this word is your Brand Name. For example, AIRTEL is a brand name, McDONALDS is a brand name. LOGO MARK: A logo mark is a Trademark applied for a logo. A symbol or image through which customers identify your business is called a Logo and that can be protected through a Trademark. LOGO COMPOSITE MARK: A logo composite mark is a trademark applied for a Logo. It is different from the Logo Mark in the way that you can read the name of the brand from a Logo Composite Mark (but not from a logo mark). For example, you can read the brand names from the logos of Coca Cola, Nokia, Samsung, and Airtel. Such logos must be trademarked as a Logo Composite Mark. Apply for your Trademark NOW!at https://vakilsearch.com/trademark-registration We Make Legal Simple. We are a technology-driven platform organising the professional services industry in India. Our services cover all the #legal needs of #businesses, such as #incorporation, #government #registrations & #filings, #accounting, #documentation and #annualcompliances. We also offer a wide range of services to #individuals, such as #property #agreements and #tax filing. Our mission is to provide one-click access to individuals and businesses for all their #legal & #professional needs. For more updates: Subscribe us: https://www.youtube.com/user/legalsolutionsvakil/ Like us at : https://www.facebook.com/vakilsearch Follow Us: https://twitter.com/Letsvakilsearch
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Company, It's Types and Registration
~~~~~~~~~~ VIDEO IS ABOUT: Company, Types of Company, Company Types, Registration of Company, Company Registration, Different Types of Companies and Their Registrations Procedures, What is a Company, Company Definition, One Man Company, Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company... ~~~~~~~ ABOUT US: Hello Friends, We regularly post Videos related to Income Tax and GST (Goods and Services Tax) on our YouTube Channel. If You want to co-relate with us in making a healthy and vigilant environment of Taxation. Plz Hit "SUBSCRIBE BUTTON" and also "NOTIFICATION BELL ICON" next to it. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL NETWORKS: Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/drpawanjaiswal Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drpawanjaiswal LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/drpawanjaiswal
Types Of Business Registrations In Telugu | Company Registration | Firm Registrations Formats Telugu
We have different company registration formats to register a business in India.Let explore all those startup registration types in the Telugu language. Sole proprietorship is the first registration type which is useful for individuals to start a business on own. It is useful to apply for tax registration for your business.It is recommended for small manufacturers and traders. Partnership Firm registration needs two persons and it is best recommended for home business people.But it has liability issue with your personal assets. LLP is the new trending business registration in India which needs two members as directors. It has liability protection and recommended for professional service firms. Privated Limited registration is the actual company registration in India. It is good for a startup which plans to raise an investment in future. OPC which is one person company is new registration format introduced in India which has the ability to run a business by a single person. Follow us on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/smartteluguofficial Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/smarttelugusite/ Twitter - https://twitter.com/smarttelugusite Our Telugu Website – http://www.smarttelugu.com For English Readers – http://www.english.smarttelugu.com
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Sole Proprietorship Registration Udyog Adhaar | Register Your Business with MSME
This video is all about Sole Proprietorship Registration through Udyog Adhaar. If you want to register Sole Proprietorship for ecommerce via Udyog Adhaar registration is best option. You need to simply fill online registration form of Udyog Adhaar and get the Certificate from Ministry of Micro Small & Medium Enterprise(MSME). We have explained in detail how to register online your ecommerce business through MSME udyog Adhaar. You can register your business online with MSME in free of cost and directly avail government schemes & benefits for your business. Udyog Adhaar Certificate is very important document for your business and every business should register with MSME whether Business type is Private Limited,LLP,Partnership etc. Government time to time announces many schemes to boost business but lack of information all businesses remain unaware of the benefits of those schemes. Once you register your business with MSME Udyog adhaar you will get all the notification about all schemes via Mobile Message,Email & even by post. Earn from Home Zero Investment Business App: https://youtu.be/yepsv4omaME 👉Download Meesho App: https://meesho.com/invite/ZAAYEGA992 CHECK NECESSARY ITEMS TO START ECOMMERCE BUSINESS affiliate links given below. Free Product Research Tool - http://bit.ly/JungleScout-SaleEstimator Inkjet multifunction Color Epson Inktank refill printer - http://amzn.to/2t1UUa1 HP InkJet All-in-One Printer- http://amzn.to/2tYCub6 Laser Black only HP Printer - http://amzn.to/2uq5dI9 HP G5 Notebook for startup- http://amzn.to/2vqrK59 Printing paper- http://amzn.to/2ttKQWJ MRP Labeller Gun http://amzn.to/2tfNDrb Amazon Branded packing material- http://amzn.to/2tXZAPo Non branded White packing bags - http://amzn.to/2nn7D49 Non branded packing Corrugated Box - http://amzn.to/2nz0K0q Bubble wrap - http://amzn.to/2ol3Wwz Tape dispenser - http://amzn.to/2nmWG2B Cutter Blade - http://amzn.to/2nncjH4 If you have any query, doubt or question about ecommerce selling write us in comment box. If you found this video informative Please like and share it. If we have added value to you by this video, Please do not forget to subscribe our channel Get More Update & E commerce guidance: https://goo.gl/THfEAc We provide Ecommerce suggestion, guidance, Tips & Tricks, Tutorials, Ecommerce News updates and all about ecommerce selling.
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Intellectual Property Rights In Telugu || Patents || Copyright || TradeMark || Registered
#KOTHA_ABHISHEK My Blog: http://kothaabhishek.blogspot.in/ Music :http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music Programming Tutorials In Telugu by Kotha Abhishek Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Programming-Tutorials-In-Telugu-146323729206321/ Google+ : https://plus.google.com/100152656881619711250 Twitter: https://twitter.com/abhishekkotha LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/abhishek-kotha-0a413b13a Youtube: https://youtube.com/programmingtutorialsintelugu HTML in telugu : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FY-OxURSqlI&list=PLv_sM9ZH4RUWkdiiILVHnNZUsOr2DBS7S CSS in telugu : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfHdLSN0ZRM&list=PLv_sM9ZH4RUVjmxTl5PysFSxJ6VQbdnRc JavaScript in telugu : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUhkKI1fkrE&list=PLv_sM9ZH4RUW_Pgz-6B0Q-YTfWvC7RVFN ORACLE in telugu : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk1x48fLUAQ&list=PLv_sM9ZH4RUXedOGLCSx9kSgcE1gSdShN Java in telugu : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uv_tyv0IWGQ&list=PLv_sM9ZH4RUX80_kQBVolY5te0JWF_V38 PHP in Telugu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xw5qtJwlaro&list=PLv_sM9ZH4RUV9OZcXjU_oJyT63oTkpsUz Python in Telugu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PI2cpyOGqgk&list=PLv_sM9ZH4RUXF7ARa1ogf8lJpCtgV10eu AngularJS in Telugu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_LAnEQZwHI&list=PLv_sM9ZH4RUWdXn7yejVgqm2R8zX84V7x C in Telugu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3ns0tkN55Q&list=PLv_sM9ZH4RUWi0XbsEi22SRLq0j0NP3to XML Tutorials in Telugu https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLv_sM9ZH4RUVVgcym1eWfexIEuXRuTEqJ Materials For Programming Tutorials: http://htmlintelugu1.blogspot.com http://cssintelugu1.blogspot.com http://javascriptintelugu1.blogspot.com http://sqlintelugu1.blogspot.com http://javaintelugu1.blogspot.com
What is Patent, Copyright & Trademark in Hindi | By Ishan
What is Patent, Copyright & Trademark in Hindi | By Ishan A patent is a right granted to an inventor by the federal government that permits the inventor to exclude others from making, selling or using the invention for a period of time. The patent system is designed to encourage inventions that are unique and useful to society. Congress was given the power to grant patents in the Constitution, and federal statutes and rules govern patents. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) grants patents for inventions that meet statutory criteria. The following provides a general overview of what a patent is. Patent Categories There are three different kinds of patents: utility patents, design patents and plant patents. 1.Utility Patents: The most common type of patent, these are granted to new machines, chemicals, and processes. 2.Design Patents: Granted to protect the unique appearance or design of manufactured objects, such as the surface ornamentation or overall design of the object. 3.Plant Patents: Granted for the invention and asexual reproduction of new and distinct plant varieties, including hybrids (asexual reproduction means the plant is reproduced by means other than from seeds, such as by grafting or rooting of cuttings). Copyright: Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection provided by the laws of the United States. Copyright protection is available for original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible form, whether published or unpublished. The categories of works that can be protected by copyright laws include paintings, literary works, live performances, photographs, movies, and software. A Copyright Owner's Rights: The primary goal of copyright law is to protect the time, effort, and creativity of the work's creator. As such, the Copyright Act gives the copyright owner certain exclusive rights, including the right to: 1.Reproduce the work 2.Prepare "derivative works" (other works based on the original work) 3.Distribute copies of the work by sale, lease, or other transfer of ownership 4.Perform the work publicly 5.Display the work publicly The copyright owner also has the right to authorize other people to do any of the rights mentioned above. The copyright owner has the option and ability to transfer his or her exclusive rights -- or any subdivision of those rights -- to others as well. The Copyright Office does not have forms for these transfers, so a transfer of copyright is usually done through a contract. It is not legally required for a transfer to be recorded with the Copyright Office, but having a legal record of the transaction is often a good idea. What is a Trademark?: A Trademark generally refers to a “brand” or “logo”. Trademark registration can also be obtained for a business name, distinctive catch phrases, taglines or captions. Properly used and promoted, a Trademark may become the most valuable asset of a business. Trademarks such as Coca Cola, HP, Canon, Nike and Adidas serve as an indication of origin of the goods as well as an indication of quality. It is also essential to obtain trademark registration for the business name/trade name under the Trademarks Act. Registration of a company or business name under the Companies Act does not in itself give protection against others who might commence using identical or similar marks. Disclaimer- Some contents are used for educational purpose under fair use. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. All credit for copyright materiel used in video goes to respected owner. Keep Supporting Us :- Website : https://www.ishanllb.com/ Website : http://www.eisarahi.com/ Email : [email protected] Facebook Official : https://www.facebook.com/eisarahiofficial Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/IshanLLB/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/ishanllb Tags:-What is Patent,Copyright & Trademark in Hindi,what is copyright in hindi,copyright act definition in hindi,copyright act in hindi,copyright act kya h,patent kya hota hai,trademark kya hai,copyright act 1957 in hindi,what is copyright law,patent law in hindi,patent act 1970 in hindi,what is patent in hindi,patent law meaning in hindi,patent ke prakar,what is patent in india,copyright kya hai,patent ka matlab,trademark kya hota hai,ishanllb
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Single Product Listing on Paytm with Registered Brand & Unregistered Brand in HINDI
This video is about how to list single product on paytm with registered brand & unregistered brand. Language - HINDI Join our group via link for eCommerce discussion https://t.me/joinchat/FaZBv0RlYScgx3jHvyWwxg
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How to Register DIGITAL SIGNATURE in Trademark Application ? Register Digital Signature in 5 Minutes
Now you can register Digital Signature in Trademark registration : STEP TO INSTALL CAPICOM.DLL The Installation of or registration of capicom.dll varies according to the Windows bit version like 32 bit version or 64 bit. For Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (32 bit) For Windows 7 or Windows 8 (64 bit) To see windows bit version right click on My Computer and choose property For Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8 (32 bit) Go to My Computer/ Local Disc (C:)/Windows/ System32 Copy capicom.dll to My Computer/ Local Disc (C:)/Windows/ System32 Search cmd file Right click on cmd and open in Administrator Mode Type command ''regsvr32 capicom.dll'' On clicking Enter button, the successful installation message displays. For Windows 7 or Windows 8 or Windows 10 (64 bit) Click on windows Start button  Type “%systemroot%\SysWoW64\” in the search text box to open system folder Copy the corresponding capicom.dll to following folder “%systemroot%\SysWoW64\” Open the cmd prompt in administrator mode Goto folder “%systemroot%\SysWoW64” from cmd prompt Run command “regsvr32 capicom.dll” On clicking the ‘Enter’ button, the successful installation message displays. TRADEMARK REGISTRATION PROCESS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ouHr98kTf8
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ले  ISO Certificate और कमाए करोडो (ISO के फायदे )(ISO Registration/License)
ले ISO Certificate और कमाए करोडो (ISO के फायदे )(ISO Registration/License) 9990694230 or [email protected] ISO Certification In India Certification #ISO 9000 - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) ISO CERTIFICATION INDIA: #ISO 9001, #ISO 14001, #OHSAS 18001, ISO #ISO #Certification Process in India #How to Obtain #ISO Certification in #India BIS #Bureau of Indian Standards Process of ISO Certification in India #ISO #Certification in #India #Procedure #ISO Registration #Get ISO certification online #ISO consultant ISO 9000 - FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) ISO India Certification for ISO 9001 ISO 9001 certification gets your quality management system recognized globally ISO means international quality standards ISO registration helps you gain client trust #DELHI #Gurugram ISO of certification in India #Noida iso india full form iso certification online registration iso certification fees iso certification bodies in india iso certification in india wiki iso certification cost how to get iso certification for educational institute iso certification means This video is solely made for the purpose of educating student/ society and not for purpose of advertisement/ solicit clients Subscribe the channel click on below link and click red Subscribe button https://goo.gl/UhM73U Connect on Google Plus Click below link and follow https://goo.gl/Lx3YTW Connect on Facebook Page click link and Do like the page https://goo.gl/hCPFAi Connect on Instagram https://goo.gl/TCZG43 DISCLAIMER This video is merely a general guide meant for learning purposes only. All the instructions, references, content or documents are for educational purposes only and do not constitute a legal advice. We do not accept any liabilities whatsoever for any losses caused directly or indirectly by the use/reliance of any information contained in this video or for any conclusion of the information. Prior to acting upon this video, you're suggested to seek the advice of your financial, legal, tax or professional advisors as to the risks involved may be obtained and necessary due diligence, etc may be done at your end.
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Register in Voters' List today!- Aamir Khan
Election Commission's Brand Ambassador Mr. Aamir Khan appeals to Register to Vote and check your name in the Voters' List to ensure that you exercise your precious Right to Vote. If you are 18 or above, Register today to Vote Voting is simple, fast and easy Vote is your Power Vote with Pride and Joy Presented by Election Commission of India Subscribe to Stay Connected
How to Apply for Copyright Registration ?
All your questions about getting a #copyright answered by a copyright expert: Here is the link to know more about copyright registration - http://vakilsearch.com/copyright-registration 1) What is a copyright? #Copyright #Registration confers upon its owner sole rights to copy or reproduce the work or grant permission to another to do so. The applies to literary (books, scripts, even software) and audio-visual (music, photographs, movies) works. #Business entities often copyright instruction manuals, product literature and user guides. Copyright is usually owned by the creator of the work, but may also be owned by the employer of its creator or the person who has commissioned the work (unless there is an agreement to the contrary in either case). Copyrights are also transferable. 1. For what can a copyright be obtained? You can get a copyright for any unique and creative content. This could range from a design, a sketch, a painting, a song recording, a music video, a movie file, a poem, a book or even a short story. 2. Does it apply to titles or names? Copyright does not ordinarily protect titles by themselves or names, short word combinations, slogans, short phrases, methods, plots or factual information. Copyright does not protect ideas or concepts. To get the protection of copyright a work must be original. 3. What is the difference between trademark and copyright? A trademark is a mark given to protect a brand name, logo or slogan. On the other hand, copyright is a protection given to unique content like a book, music, videos, songs and artistic content. 4. How long is copyright registration valid for? Copyright protection is valid for a duration of 60 years. If it is literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works the 60-year period is counted from the year following the death of the author. In the case of cinematograph films, sound recordings, photographs, posthumous publications, anonymous and pseudonymous publications, works of government and works of international organizations, the 60-year period is counted from the date of publication. 5. Is it valid in #India only or across the world? A copyright is valid in India. However, if you have filed a copyright in India, you can use this as evidence before any government to prove that you were using the copyrighted content first. 6. Can I sell or transfer a copyright registration? A copyright registration can be sold, transferred, gifted and franchised with due consent from the owner of the work.
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How to Get MSME Registration सरकारी योजनाओं का लाभ कैसे लें by Dr. Amit Maheshwari
Dr. amit Maheshwari Business Trainer, corporate Trainer training how to get Registration of MSME govt of india msme, online, udyog aadhaar registration, udyog aadhar, aadhar, udyog adhar registration process, ease of doing business, aadhar card, micro small medium enterprises, business, entrepreneur, hindi, udyog, startup, how to, as informer, dic, udyog adhar, udyog adhar registration, udyog aadhar registration, udyog aadhar for ease of doing business, how to udyog aadhar business, how to udyog aadhar small business ragistation process, myprotechtips, micro small & medium enterprises, aadhar registration, udyog aadhaar telugu, udyog aadhaar memorandum, udyog aadhaar edit, udyog aadhar card, udyog aadhaar benefits, bijnesh, gov, free, small bujnesh, tutorial, india, employment, self employee, own bossDr. Amit Maheshwari for Leadership seminars, Leadership sessions, Leadership seminar workshop, Leadership awareness Training, Leadership skills for students and others. Dr. Amit Maheshwari is Best Motivational Speaker in Delhi, India. Watch more Motivational Videos in Hindi and English by Dr. Amit Maheshwarimsme, registration, ssi, online, to, how, india, what, small, medium, register for msme in india, register for msme, documents required for msme registration, micro, procedure, process, of, documents, required, msme registration procedure, benefits of msme registration, ssi registration, msme registration, hindi, udyog aadhar, udyog, aadhar, business registration, tutorial, dic, entrepreneur, internet, online registration, business, industries, business registration india, register your business name, registration process, startup india, startup Watch it now, If you are looking for motivational or inspirational Videos in Hindi. Secrets of Success of APJ Abdual Kalam Guaranteed Success Dr. Amit Maheshwari has been consistently awarded as best motivational speaker in India. He is a first choice and noted Keynote Speaker for all Franchisee, Dealers, Distributors, super stockist, Conferences, Annual Sales Meet, AGM Meets, Corporate Events, School, Collages and Institutions Watch more and subscribe now for regular high power motivational and inspirational videos in Hindi and English Language. Stay Inspired and Motivated with Dr. Amit Maheshwari For Training Program Registration Call Us at: 8882989694, 9911473894, 8882610799
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How to file and register a trademark WITHOUT a lawyer!!!
http://vondranlegal.com/zip-counsel-affordable-trademark-legal-services/ YES YOU CAN SHARE THIS VIDEO ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORKS. MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR POPULAR CHANNEL! DON'T FORGET TO WATCH THIS IMPORTANT VIDEO WHICH TALKS ABOUT HOW TO "SEARCH" BEFORE YOU APPLY FOR A TRADEMARk. https://youtu.be/R7GqsYgOV4s Attorney Steve® does it again, this time with a helpful video for startup companies and individuals looking to register a federal trademark but who may not have the money to hire an intellectual property or trademark lawyer. This video is general legal information only and NOT legal advice or a substitute for legal advice. Trademark registration can be MUCH MORE COMPLEX than highlighted in this video. It is important to always do a thorough trademark search BEFORE applying for a trademark through the USPTO. Once you file, you cannot get your money back. So make sure there is no one else using your trademark before you apply. You can do this by searching the internet. Search for domain registrations that may be similar. Search on Google. You can Thomson Thomson to run a detailed paid search. You should also try to pick "arbitrary and fanciful" names as opposed to suggestive and descriptive terms. In other words "Nike" or "Xerox" are better names than "Sports Shoes Company" or "Copy Paper Inc." Be creative - think out of the box. Also, keep in mind there are many different things you can get a trademark (for goods) or service mark (for services) for. Examples are: 1. Your company logo 2. A slogan you use in your business 3. Nicknames (ex. "Johnny Football") 4. Your business name These are just a few of the common examples. At any rate, this video should help you understand what lawyers do when filing a trademark. This is the same process companies like LegalZoom do. So in short YOU CAN DO IT without a lawyer if you take time to read the screens, and watch some of their helpful videos the USPTO offers. If you need help and are willing to pay a LOW FLAT RATE FEE - we can help you. We can also help with the following: 1. Trademark name searches (we can help you pick a good mark to build your brand on) 2. Registering trademarks and service marks 3. Responding to office action letters (refusals or denials) from the trademark examiner 4. Cease and desist letters 5. Trademark arbitration, mediation, litigation 6. Domain name disputes For more information, call us at (877) 276-5084 or click on the link at the top of this page to go to our corporate homepage. As we like to say - we are The First Name In Legal Services" Hope you enjoyed this video!! Check out our others. Keep in mind there are RISKS associated with filing your own trademark with the USPTO (such as having to respond to an office action letter, or having your trademark denied when a good search would have prevented the filing), but many people are finding that filing a trademark application (for example to start your own clothing line, or a name of a band, or product name) is not as mysterious as people once thought. ATTORNEY STEVE TIP: Make sure you SEARCH your mark BEFORE you buy a domain name, engage in advertising, name your product etc. There is nothing worse than picking a name that some other company already has or which is "confusingly similar" to their name, This means your trademark will not register. This is the biggest risk of filing for your own trademark. Sometimes it is worth the money to just pay trademark counsel to search and file for your corporate trademark. We can do slogans, logos, and company names. _______________ PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON - OUR GOAL IS TO BE THE LEADING PROVIDER OF LEGAL NEWS AND INFORMATION BUT WE THERE IS NO WAY WE CAN DO IT WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT. LET'S CHANGE THE WORLD TOGETHER: http://www.Patreon.com/AttorneySteve
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Link/Register Mobile Number with Aadhar Card Online [Hindi]
My New Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYFoVTIfeKlu4W5W8zm6DpA In this Video i Have shared complete procedure to Link your Mobile Number with Your Aadhar Card. You can do this thing Online & Offline too. Watch This Video if You like this Video Hit that Like Button & Also Dont forget to Subscribe our Youtube Channel how to register mobile no in aadhar card. You can Register Mobile No. with Aadhar Card Online. Download Registration Form - https://goo.gl/Q4TUP2 Address to Send - Box No. 10, Chhindwara, Madhya Pradesh – 480001, India OR UIDAI Post Box No. 99, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad – 500034, India ===================================== Subscribe Tech Brand - http://www.youtube.com/c/techbrand Don't Forget to Like, Share & SUBSCRIBE Intro Music Credit - http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music Background Music - Check Youtube Audio Library :P Upcoming Videos - Subscribe to Know :P :P :P How to Link youtube Channel With Adsense Account https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTRFQIa_tdQ How to Transfer Money to Bank from Paytm Wallet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9keStgqnL6w How to Remove Daily 1 GB Data Limit in Jio 4G Sim https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IsniByHJ6c How to Change your Wifi Password https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h_Hr6ghJrrk How to Earn Money by Watching 3 Ads Daily https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mRkcPnMpuQ How to Apply Online for PAN Card in India 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Kk2RkhUv6k How to Download Aadhar Card Without Mobile No. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWYXaVd-bjc How to Update Mobile no. In Aadhar Card https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtKXrQECI_s Wondershare Filmora Full tutorial for Beginners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1voHNYM1Rg How to Earn Money From Amazon India https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqsXICjq5Xw How to Install Android 7 in Moto g4 Plus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vfEmBiadgFY&t How to Send Blank Messages on WhatsApp https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NkCp5YFBcFA How to Block Lost ATM (Hindi) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPeQtFLFq50 How to Earn Money Online by Typing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lraUncEEUY4 How to Get Plastic Aadhar Card https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZELx6VwkgM How to Apply for Loan From Aadhar Card https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0MAw9s4kQY
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Company aur website government se registered hai ya nahi kaise check kare - video tutorial
Dosto , video me bataya gaya hai ki koi bhi company government se registered hai ya nahi aap isko kaise check kar sakte hai.Bahut saare log jaankaari nahi hone ke chalte galat companies ke chakkar me fas jaate hai.video me step by step bataya gaya hai ki aap kaise check kar sakte hai ki koi bhi company government se registered hai ya nahi.Iske liye apko MCA ke website per jaan hai aur waha company ka naam enter karma hai uske baad search button ko dabana hai.Uske baad agar apko approved likha hua milta hai to company government se registered hai otherwise nahi.Yeh video dekhkar aap apne ko kisi bhi fraud company ke khilaf secure kar sakte hai. Follow me Mr. Abhishek Anand Email : [email protected] Website : http://www.mmmindia2.blogspot.com My facebook link : http://www.facebook.com/abhi612 My twitter link : http://www.twitter.com/vic2dataentry Skype id : vic2dataentry