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Using Doxygen to document computing projects
A brief run through of using Doxygen documentation tool to produce the technical documentation for your computing (F454) and IT (unit 17) projects. Doxygen will not pick up classes marked internal. So use find and replace (CTRL + F) in VS2015 to find internal and replace with public (make sure the scope is for the entire project). It doesn't matter for what we are doing. You must make sure you do save all after the renaming. There are other workarounds but this is ok for producing the tech docs for the project.
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How to Comment & Document Your Code Using Doxygen and Graphviz
Post Link: http://embeddedlaboratory.blogspot.com/2016/06/document-your-code-using-doxygen-and.html Blog Link: embeddedlaboratory.blogspot.com YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDBlAXL5NVb7HCgpTzC8vbg Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/embeddedlaboratory Email Id: [email protected] Skype ID: embedded.laboratory
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A quick introduction to source code documentation with Doxygen.
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How to Install and Use Doxygen (Doxygen Easy Tutorial)
Doxygen: Download it from www.doxygen.org Graphviz: Download it from http://graphviz.org
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Qt C++ 04 Documentation with Doxygen
Create documentation for your Qt projects, classes, and functions using the Doxygen plugin
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Corey's Tutorial: How to Comment & Document Your Code
This video will address the features in Visual Studio that will help you understand code commenting. I will also show you how to run a tool called Doxygen that can help you create a library of your ASP .NET code in a javadocs style. Resources used in this video were: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa696247(v=vs.71).aspx http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/5ast78ax(v=vs.80).aspx http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc302121.aspx http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/
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Doxygen QtCreator Integration
Doxygen plugin integrated to QtCreator
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Draft C# Scope, XML Comments
Pages 80-82 in the book
The comment tag is used to insert comments in the source code. Comments are not displayed in the browsers. You can use comments to explain your code, which can help you when you edit the source code at a later date. This is especially useful if you have a lot of code.
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CppCon 2017: Robert Ramey “How to Write Effective Documentation for C++ Libraries...”
How to Write Effective Documentation for C++ Libraries with Minimal Effort http://CppCon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/CppCon/CppCon2017 — With the success of GitHub, everybody and his brother is a library developer. Programmers love to create code, upload it to GitHub and hope for immortality. Most projects get only the most cursory examination before being passed over by users. Why is that? GitHub considered the problem. GitHub just published its 2017 Open Source Survey. The popular social coding service surveyed over 5,500 members of its community, from over 3,800 projects on github.com. It also spoke to 500 coders working on projects from outside the GitHub ecosystem. The Open Source Survey asked a broad array of questions. One that caught my eye was about problems people encounter when working with, or contributing to, open source projects. An incredible 93 percent of people reported being frustrated with “incomplete or confusing documentation”. see https://thenextweb.com/dd/2017/06/02/free-software-is-suffering-because-coders-dont-know-how-to-write-documentation/#.tnw_SYGx5ozW Even the most experienced and dedicated software developers can't do it. This can be confirmed by looking over recent reviews of Boost libraries. The most common complaint is that the documentation isn't useable. Programmers love their stuff and hope to get people to use it, why don't they fix their documentation? The reason is simple: They don't know how. Problems a) It's tedious and boring to write b) Developers don't know what to include and what to exclude c) Tools make things harder d) Regardless of the amount of effort invested, the end result is usually of little or no value. This presentation will present a "Cookbook" and demonstration for creating documentation. Using this method will a) Much diminish the tedium of the task. b) Help improve to the quality of library design and implementation c) Create something that is useful to the library user. We will touch upon tools like Doxygen, etc. But this is only a small portion of the presentation. We use them so they deserve mention. But they don't cause the problem, and they don't solve it either. — Robert Ramey: Robert Ramey Software Development, Proprietor Robert Ramey is a freelance Software Developer living in Santa Barbara, California. (See www.rrsd.com.) His long and varied career spans various aspects of software development including business data processing, product, embedded systems, custom software, and C++ library development. Lately, he has been mostly interested in C++ library design and implementation related to Boost. He is the author and maintainer of the Boost Serialization library and a frequent contributor to the Boost developers list. — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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PHPDoc - Simple intro to the advantages of commenting PHP code
Here I show you benefits of having commented your code for when you actually come to use your class and also for generating documentation on your project. This is a beginners example.
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Doxygen Part 1
How to open the html file using the html link and how to open the documentation using Doxywizard.
Doxygen Part 4
Using LaTeX expressions to create equation format on the html output format.
Doxygen Generator Window
Use Doxygen easily in Unity3D by using our package
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Doxygen Part 3
Using of tags @brief and @details to create specific sections on the html output format.
Tutorial - Doxygen
Site para Download: http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/download.html Trabalho de Faculdade Universidade UNIFAE - Engenharia de Software Felipe Piconi / Marcos Dornellas Matéria: Qualidade de Software Professora: Claudete Moscardini
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Doxygen Part 2
How to make changes on the documentation modifying the script code.
Creating Documentation with Sandcastle
In this video I demonstrate how to create a documentation web site for a .net class library using the Sandcastle Help File Builder
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C++ Lesson 8.2 - Code Documentation
Analyze and apply the basics of explaining program code
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Python for Beginners 11 | Writing Comments in Python
python comment python comment block python comment syntax python comment multiple lines python comment style python comment shortcut python comment multiline python comment function python comments example python comment line python comment character python comment out single line python comment a block python comment after line continuation character python comment a line python comment at top of file python comment all lines python comment at end of line python comment a function python comment arguments python comment after code python comment a class create a comment python python comment a block pycharm python comment a file python comment a few lines python comment block shortcut python comment best practice python comment block syntax python comment block of lines python comment block style python comment block visual studio python comment block vim python comment block function python comment code python comment conventions python comment code block python comment color python comment code shortcut python comment class attributes python comment char python comment close python comment delimiter python comment doc python comment def python comment doxygen python comment definition python deprecated comment python documentation comment format python double comment python django comment python comment etiquette python comment entire block python comment error python comment expected an indented block python comment encoding python comment end python comment emacs python comment eclipse python comment executable python comment format python comment function arguments python comment for multiple lines python comment file python comment function style python comment first line python comment from to python comment function return python comment field python comment guidelines python comment generator python comment google python comment group of lines python comment group python comment good practices python comment get python genfromtxt comment python green comment comment python gedit python comment hotkey python comment help python comment how to python comment hyperlink python comment hierarchy python comment hashtag python highlight comment python html comment python hash comment python comment in line python comment in middle of line python comment in function python comment indent python comment inside list python comment in config file python comment indent expected python comment in requirements.txt python comment in multiline string python comment invalid syntax python comment json python comment jupyter python comment javadoc python jira comment python jinja2 comment python jpeg comment python install comment json python remove json comment comment json python 3 python comment keywords python comment keyboard shortcut python kwargs comment python comment block keyboard python comment out keyboard python comment large section python comment link python comment line shortcut python comment line continuation python comment lines of code python command line arguments python comment line arguments python comment list python comment method python comment multiple lines shortcut mac python comment multiple lines shortcut sublime python comment middle of line python comment multiple lines pycharm python comment multiple lines shortcut jupyter python comment multiple lines shortcut python comment notation python comment new line python comment note python comment not working python comment noqa python comment numpy ipython notebook comment python nested comment python # not comment comments in python python comment out python comment out shortcut python comment out block jupyter python comment on same line python comment on function python comment over multiple lines python comment operator python comment out multiple lines spyder python comment paragraph python comment part of line python comment parameters python comment pep python comment parser python comment pycharm python comment put python comment plot python print comment python programming comment python comment quotes python comment quick python quotations comment python comment three quotes python comment out quotes python double quote comment qgis python comment comment quitter python python comment return python comment region python comment remover python comment rules python comment regex python comment requirements.txt python comment rows python comment reference python comment raises python comment restructuredtext python comment section python comment symbol python comment single line python comment several lines python comment style example python comment shortcut mac python comment shortcut pycharm python comment s'en occuper python comment todo python comment tags python comment text python comment template python comment top of file python comment tests python comment tutorial python comment uncomment python comment unexpected indent python comment utf-8 python comment url python comment uncomment shortcut python comment unit test
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Internal Documentation Basics
This is a basic introduction to internal documentation using 2 methods. One is the function overview method, where there is information about each function at the start of the declaration. This will show the data being passed, processing overview and the output of the processing. This is a very useful method. The second method is using comments at the end of lines of code and blocks of codes within a function. I also go through a structure you can use at the start of the program to give some context to the application being developed. I hope you find the function overhead and line method useful. There will be other videos later to show more advanced usages that will help with validation videos for projects.
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Intro to JavaDoc - 2 of 2
In this video I demonstrate how you can generate the HTML documentation based on the Doc comments you wrote in your code.
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Using doxygen to document C++ code in Eclipse
Views: 46845 Jerry Gannod
How to write, generate and use Javadoc in Eclipse : javavids
How to write, generate and use Javadoc in Eclipse. Part of JavaVids tutorials: http://www.javavids.com/
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Who's Laughing Now? -Doxygen
Sometimes we put pen to paper to express ourselves.
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Doxygen /ˈdɑːksiɡən/ is a documentation generator, a tool for writing software reference documentation. The documentation is written within code, and is thus relatively easy to keep up to date. Doxygen can cross reference documentation and code, so that the reader of a document can easily refer to the actual code. Doxygen supports multiple programming languages, in particular C++, C, C#, Objective-C, Java, Perl, Python, IDL, VHDL, Fortran and PHP. Doxygen is free software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License. This video is targeted to blind users. Attribution: Article text available under CC-BY-SA Creative Commons image source in video
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Are your Coding Comments Correct? How to write Programming Comments, the Right Way - 9 Comment Tips✔
Are your coding comments correct? How to write programming comments, the right way - 9 comment tips insufficient comments during coding can destroy whole projects and this is why big companies create specific lessons for their employs that teach how to create solid comments that are understandable from their co-workers. First of all this video is for everyone in every possible programming language. 1) C++ programming comments 2) Java coding comments 3) C# programming comments 4) Matlab programming comments 5) Python comments 6) Assemply programming comments Do you want to learn Programming Languages in Udemy with our unique way (using animation, digital pen and actual programming)? You can use these Coupons to get the lowest price possible. PYTHON ($9.99) https://www.udemy.com/learn-programming-in-python-with-the-power-of-animation/?couponCode=YOUTUBE C++ ($9.99) https://www.udemy.com/learn-programming-in-cpp/?couponCode=YOUTUBE JAVA ($9.99) https://www.udemy.com/learn-programming-in-java/?couponCode=YOUTUBE --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philosophy Behind Coding - PBC This video deals with: How to right Programming comments 1. First of all, you should start the code with a general description of the whole program. This will be very helpful if you read a code and you don’t have the creator to guide you. 2. Then inside your code, you have functions right? Right. So before every Function you should explain the input-output and the general idea of what the function actually does. 3. Now the most important! Separate your code in small parts and inside these parts explain what this code actually does. In the beginning, you should have the title and in the end the closure. 4. Also be generous with the classical comments in a line, they are completely free for you and they can help anyone to understand and read through your code easily. 5. coding comments in a line or in a block that you believe is wrong. 6. Keep the comments simple and direct. Don’t start to write every little detail because the reader will stop reading them. 7. When you work as a team use tags to help your team work faster. 8. Add comments while you write code. If you try to create comments later, you will forget half of them and the process will take you twice as long. 9. Write comments as if they were for you to use 10. Finally, The main goal is to understand how the program works in case you lose all the code and you only have the programming comments to work with Philosophy Behind Coding - PBC This the right way to right programming comments ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philosophy Behind Coding (PBC) is the perfect place for someone that now try to start a career as a programmer in general, or want to improve the algorithmic way of thinking Subscribe here ;) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKYJJA7nYEu6HfVwmje3YXQ/featured ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow as on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Phil_B_Coding ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Business email: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Outro Song: Electric Joy Ride - Origin [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iScT5IfgG-Q BackGround Song: http://www.bensound.com PBC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philosophy Behind Coding (PBC) Keep Coding Guys!
What are the three keys to effective code commenting?
What are the three keys to effective code commenting? Subscribe for Brain Bytes: https://goo.gl/OSxFVl
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AUTORES: Jonathan Franco Ramiro Gavilanez LINKS: DOXYGEN: http://www.stack.nl/~dimitri/doxygen/download.html MUSICA: The xx - Intro
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python3 sphinx documentation generator
python3 sphinx auto document generator http://sphinx-doc.org/ # notes https://github.com/thesheff17/youtube/blob/master/sphinx/sphinx.txt
Views: 17761 Dan Sheffner
C++ Program Organization and Comments
C++ Program Organization and Comments
Views: 1556 Dan McElroy
Automatically Generate Source Code Documentation
With Visual Expert • Generate complete documentation (HTML, PDF, RTF) • Customize your documentation style • Schedule your documentation generation Your documentation is always up-to-date.
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Eclipse Javadoc Tools
Once you've written Javadoc comments, Eclipse has several tools to help you generate, preview, and modify Javadoc web pages.
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008. Как мы документируем программные интерфейсы - Алексей Миронов
С какими API и SDK нам приходится сталкиваться в Яндексе, какие методики и инструменты мы используем и как генерируем документацию из кода. Речь пойдёт о RESTful (HTTP) API, документировании JavaScript-кода и библиотек Java / Objective-C / C++.
Docs Like Code - Interview with Anne Gentle
Source: https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-av9am-735bcd Interview with Anne Gentle, author of Docs Like Code and Product Manager at Cisco.  Interview by Ellis Pratt, Cherryleaf Subscribe to Cherryleaf's newsletter Cherryleaf training course – Advanced technical writing techniques For comments and feedback: [email protected] Topics covered:  What is docs as code? Why do it? When might this approach might be applicable? The limitations Docs like code in development sprints Is it only for developer docs? Do you you need to understand programming? Why did you self publish? The benefits of taking this approach The future developments Automating document builds Links to topics mentioned: https://www.docslikecode.com/ Conversation and Community: The Social Web for Documentation Troy Howard Documentarian, Super Genius at Twitter http://codewerdz.org/ Repository analytics for code and docs Matt Fleming on Twitter Docs Like Code GitHub repository Jekyll https://docs.openstack.org/pike/ WADL RAML OpenAPI https://bitbucket.org/ http://docs.metacloud.com/ Liquid scripting YAML PrinceXML Lunr Search Engine  Solr (Search Engine) Why we use a ‘docs as code’ approach for technical documentation Jen Lambourne, GDS, GOV.UK The Definition of Done Learn Python the Hard Way AsciiDoc ReST GitHub Flavoured Markdown spec XML Press REST API Building Docs Like Code - article Travis CI  Jenkins Circle CI Webhooks Bash scripts An Introduction to Static Site Generators GitHub Pages
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Tutorial doxygen
Tutorial d'instal·lació i funcionament doxygen
Views: 26927 gadi524
Benefit Of Comments Tag in HTML
Benefit Of Comments Tag And How to Create A Comment Tag in HTML ? Host: SIAM AL MAHMUD
Views: 47 Siam Al Mahmud
Kalash - Mwaka Moon ft. Damso
Kalash - Mwaka Moon feat Damso Extrait du nouvel album ""Mwaka Moon"" Disponible en précommande ici : https://kalash.lnk.to/MwakaMoon Sortie le 13 octobre 2017 Compositeur : Pyroman Real Video : Pierre Saba Production : Pelican Connecte toi avec Kalash sur ses réseaux sociaux : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/officielKalash Twitter : https://twitter.com/kalash972 Instagram : https://instagram.com/kalash972/ Music video by Kalash performing Mwaka Moon. (C) 2017 Capitol Music France http://vevo.ly/bUbwjt
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Static site generation for documentation with Docfx by Chris Ward
Speak at a Contentful Meetup - https://www.contentful.com/events/bec... Contentful Slack - https://www.contentful.com/slack/ Contentful Forum - https://www.contentfulcommunity.com/ Docfx is a static site documentation tool from Microsoft. Specifically aimed at c# projects, it has a lot of great features for projects written in any programming language, such as a custom Markdown flavour, seamless merging of documentation sources and a thorough template engine. Talk given by Chris Ward at the 5th Static Sites Berlin Meetup (https://twitter.com/chrischinch)
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What is API WRITER? What does API WRITER mean? API WRITER meaning, definition & explanation
What is API WRITER? What does API WRITER mean? API WRITER meaning - API WRITER definition - API WRITER explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. SUBSCRIBE to our Google Earth flights channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6UuCPh7GrXznZi0Hz2YQnQ An API writer is a technical writer who writes documents that describe an application programming interface (API). The primary audience includes programmers, developers, system architects, and system designers. An API is a basic library consisting of interfaces, functions, classes, structures, enumerations, etc. for building a software application. It is used by development teams to interact with and extend the software. An API for a given programming language and system may consist of system-defined and user-defined constructs. As the number and complexity of these constructs increases, it becomes very tedious for developers to remember all of the functions and the parameters defined. Hence, the API writers play a key role in building software applications. Due to the technical subject matter, API writers must understand application source code enough to extract the information that API documents require. Some common tools used by API writers include computer software that extracts documentation placed by programmers in the source code in a structured manner, preserving the relationships between those comments and the programming constructs they document. API writers must also understand the software platform/product and document the new features or changes as part of the new software release. The schedule of software releases varies from organization to organization. The writers need to understand the software life cycle well and integrate themselves into the Systems Development Life Cycle. API writers in the United States generally follow The Chicago Manual of Style for grammar and punctuation. API writers typically possess a mix of programming and language skills; many API writers have backgrounds in programming or technical writing. Computer programming background (Knowledge of C, C++, Java, PHP, Assembly, or other programming languages). Knowledge of formatting standards like Doxygen, Javadoc, or DITA. Knowledge of editors and tools, like FrameMaker. Excellent communication and writing skills to interact with developers. Expert API/SDK writers can easily become programming writers. About 60% of the time spent in the writing process consists of analyzing and understanding the source code and planning the document(s). The remaining 40% of the time would typically be spent writing and reviewing the document(s). It is often the case that the analytical, planning, and writing stages do not occur in a strictly linear fashion. A good foundation of a variety of programming skills is well-complemented by an ability to communicate effectively, especially when the writer seeks to develop a fluent level of understanding with developers. This process is one of the most important challenges faced by technical writers. The writing and evaluation criteria vary between organizations. Some of the most effective API documents are written by those who are adequately capable of understanding the workings of a particular application, so that they can relate the software to the users or the various component constructs to the overall purpose of the program. API writers may also be at least partly responsible for authoring end-user product documentation.
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CppCon 2015: Dmitri Nesteruk "CLion Tips & Tricks"
http://www.Cppcon.org — Presentation Slides, PDFs, Source Code and other presenter materials are available at: https://github.com/cppcon/cppcon2015 — Lightning Talk — Videos Filmed & Edited by Bash Films: http://www.BashFilms.com
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