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Goodfellas, Morrie's Wigs commercial
Scorsese's take on advertising. enough said.
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1994 Just For Men Commercial
This is a 1994 Just For Men commercial that aired on TBS during a commercial break of Clash of the Champions XXVIII on 8/24/94.
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Just for men Baby Beard commercial
This is a creepy comercial for a product called just for men New vid every week subscribe This commercial is property of just for men
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3 Tips To Boost Your Testosterone -- For Men Over 40 Only
How men over 40 can get a toned, defined six pack: http://go2.sixpackshortcuts.com/SH19w Hey guys, I'm here to share with you 3 of the best tips for boosting your natural testosterone production. So let's get right into Tip #1: Stop doing the wrong types of workouts for your body and age... Here’s the thing... Certain workouts can actually lower your testosterone. And decreasing your T-levels further will put a lot more fat on your body... very quickly You see, the first thing most older men do when trying to get in shape is head to the gym and work out aimlessly… Jumping from machine to machine, with no rhyme or reason. Huge mistake... I mean you wouldn’t try to start a business by spending your money on random things that have nothing to do with your type of business? So why would you go to the gym and do random stuff that has nothing to do with burning fat? And one of the most common and worst thing older men can do is stationary cardio... Tip #2: Stop following those fat-free diets... Now I know doctors and fitness coaches always mention getting rid of fats in your diet... Now it’s true that it will help you lose some weight, however most of that weight you’ll be dropping will actually be coming from loss of your muscle mass - not fat mass. You see, fat is vital for testosterone production, so when you cut fat from your diet... you also cut testosterone from your body. Tip #3: Get rid of your belly fat... Now most men don’t know this, but belly fat is proven to causes low testosterone. The reason this happens is because belly fat produces a hormone that actually turns your testosterone into the female sex hormone - Estrogen. And as a man, when you have excess estrogen in your body... your body becomes a fat storing machine. Now here's the problem... getting rid of your belly fat is very difficult when you already have low testosterone. And this becomes a vicious fat gaining cycle that most men become trapped in - I myself used to be that guy. Now what you have to do is break this vicious cycle of your low-T causing you to have belly fat and your belly fat causing you to have low-T. You can reverse the effects of low-T fast: http://go2.sixpackshortcuts.com/SH19w And like I said, this was the exact same problem I had... However I was able to do one simple thing to break this fat gaining cycle by finally getting rid of my belly fat quickly. And at my website, you’ll see exactly how it’s works for men over 40 like us. All you have to do is click here to check out precisely what I did to get ripped: http://go2.sixpackshortcuts.com/SH19w
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Hugo Boss Man of Success Commercial
I don’t sleep because I’m a man of today. I can’t sleep until I reach my goal…success. Being successful is the passion that drives and motivates me. Success equals freedom, that’s something that we all want but only a few are willing to put in the work to achieve it. When I walk outside I smell like success. Boss fragrances for men were made for the hard working successful man. Are you a Boss?
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CK Men commercial
You can find best perfume commercials in https://www.youtube.com/user/babadugagrand a great place to find fragrances and perfumes. Look through our chanel and you can see a great amount of mens fragrances, womens fragrances , cheap perfumes and designer perfumes. We are worldwide seller, with 100% authentic designer perfume brands. Babaduga Grand Fragrances only carry genuine brand name perfumes and colognes.
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Just for men commercial
Vanessa Siren, Brian Allen star in this commercial for Just for Men Touch of Gray shot in Miami in December 2008.
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Just For Men Sports Legend Commercial
Sports Legends, Emmitt Smith, Keith Hernandez and Walt Frasier, use Just For Men Brush-In Color Gel to stay in the game.
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Only Britain Soldiers On
TV ad from the film "Children of Men."
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NEW Heineken Commercial - verry funny
It's a men's dream to have it at home...
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Just For Men Commercial
A commercial i found for my ethics project (forgot it was still on youtube :P)
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1992 Hair Club For Men Commercial
And by the way, I'm not only the hair club president, but I'm also a client.
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Men Only Deodorant - Commercial produced in Ghana...
Men Only Deodorant -Commercial produced in Ghana...
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Pepsi Max commercials for men
Pepsi gives men tricks to escape borring everyday life moments... Girls should take a lesson from it ! Power of male friendship As embodied by the Pepsi Max campaign Bubbly moments More commercials : http://www.youtube.com/CulturePub .. All rights reserved. For all inquiries, please mail to [email protected]
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Giorgio Armani  Code Fragrance for Men Commercial 2016
Script and edits - Bomi Thomas Videoshoot - Hoshil Jaikishor No Budget - Educational purpose only College of Northwest London I Don't Own Any Of This Music
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Only for Men wordt 'Men Only'
Uit onderzoek blijkt dat wij mannen, het allerliefst alleen of met andere mannen shoppen. Dus daarom worden vanaf 6 maart alle Only for Men winkels 100% Men Only!
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"Dr. Pepper Ten" For Men Only
Dr. Pepper is introducing a new diet soda called "Dr. Pepper Ten" that's supposed to be for men only. But the doctor's "manly calories" campaign is being described as flat at best, and even sexist. Maureen Aladin has details.
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Versace 'Eros" Fragrance Collection for Men Commercial (2014)  - Macy's Version
Featuring Brian Shimansky DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT own this video. No copyright infringement intended. For viewing enjoyment purposes only. For more information about the content of this videos please visit: versace.com/en/fragrances/men/eros
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Men's Liberty TV Commercial 2017
Learn more about the benefits of using Men's Liberty to manage your urinary incontinence instead of diapers or traditional catheters. Men’s Liberty was designed to help men with urinary incontinence – no matter how old or young, no matter what the cause – regain their freedom and dignity. Men’s Liberty: Stay dry 24/7 and only re-apply once a day Was designed to help men of all ages who are suffering from urinary incontinence regain their dignity and freedom Effectively directs urine away from the skin, which reduces the risk of urinary tract infections and skin irritation Is covered by Medicare and most private insurance plans To find out more about how Men’s Liberty’s products compare to other types of male urinary products you may have used in the past, call our expert care team at 1-800-814-3174.
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Honest Commercial for Men's Cologne
There is only one scent made for a real man. Subscribe now! Plenty more coming up soon. LIKE on Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/talsolomonofficial FOLLOW on Instagram → http://www.instagram.com/talsolomonofficial (cologne commercial, commercial cologne, cologne ad, ad cologne, funny cologne, cologne funny, a real man, chair for men, perfume commercial, commercial perfume, cologne for men, cologne parody, perfume parody, cologne commercial parody, commercial cologne parody, honest commercial cologne, chair on shirt, fragrance parody, parody perfume, men's cologne, tal solomon)
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Blunt TV Ad (for men only) - reaction
TV news coverage of the outrageous abortion ad that ran in Oregon.
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Hair Club Commercial - (1986) I'm Also a Client (:60)
http://www.hairclub.com - Find out why Hair Club For Men has been the leader in hair restoration since 1976 by clicking or call 888-817-4804. Take it from Sy Sperling, "Remember, I'm not only the Hair Club President, but I'm also a client." Founded in 1976, Hair Club is the leader in hair restoration and the largest company in the industry offering all proven hair loss solutions. Hair Club has granted more than 500,000 men, women, and children an experience that truly changed their lives. Today, Hair Club has 100 locations throughout the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico offering hair transplants, non-surgical hair replacement and hair loss prevention. Call us today: 888-817-4804 Visit us online: http://www.hairclub.com/ Subscribe to our YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/hairclub Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hairclub Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/HairClub
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Resident evil For men. Commercial
Resident evil. Perfume for men. Commercial. / Обитель зла. Парфюм для мужчин. Реклама. Download video best quality here: / Вы можете скачать видео лучшего качества здесь: http://f-bit.ru/540074. Starring: Leon Scott Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Ashley Graham, Ada Wong, Jill Valentine, Chris Redfield & Manuela Hidalgo. Making time: ~ 172 hours. Render time: ~ 351 hours. Compositing time: ~ 53 hours. Total time: ~ 576 hours. Resident evil For men. Poster 1: http://taitiii.deviantart.com/art/Resident-evil-For-men-Poster-1-495730765. Resident evil For men. Poster 2: http://taitiii.deviantart.com/art/Resident-evil-For-men-Poster-2-495730827. Resident evil For men. Review: http://taitiii.deviantart.com/art/Resident-evil-For-men-Review-495730784?q=gallery%3ATaitiii%2F39676135&qo=1. Resident evil For men. Review. Animation version: http://taitiii.deviantart.com/art/Resident-evil-For-men-Review-Animation-version-495731014?q=gallery%3ATaitiii%2F39676135&qo=0. This is my first try at rigging in Blender. Only I didn't expect that video will be such long. / Это моя первая попытка риггинга в Блендере. Правда я не ожидала, что видео получится таким длинным.
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Hair Club for Men commercial (version 1) - 1990
Commercial for the Hair Club For Men, featuring President/Client Sy Sperling. Recorded in 1990.
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Axe for Men Commercial
A brilliant commercial of Axe
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New Dr. Pepper drink "not for women"
Soft drink companies are getting in line with Old Spice and Miller Lite with products and advertisements geared specifically at men. Betty Nguyen reports.
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Funny Brazilian Dove Shampoo Commercial (Portuguese to English Subtitles) Male Shampoo
The song in this video was apparently originally created for this commercial by Loud BR audio production company, not sure if that is true . It is a remake of some . This playlist is for Funny TV Commercials only. Enjoy!
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LAMPlatoon critique: Dr. Pepper "Men"
Dr. Pepper recently rolled out Dr. Pepper Ten as part of their effort to bring healthier beverage options to their consumers. That must mean their advertising campaign follows the same sense of corporate responsibility, right? They wouldn't undermine it with horrendous, phobic, sexist messaging, would they? This commercial is also just one piece of a larger "It's Not for Women" campaign, so this one video doesn't tell the whole story of Dr. Pepper's marketing message. For more about the campaign, why we find it problematic and how you can take action, read our open letter to the Dr. Pepper Ten marketing team: http://www.thelampnyc.org/2011/10/13/an-open-letter-to-james-r-trebilcock-and-the-dr-pepper-ten-marketing-team/ This video was created by The LAMP as part of a media literacy workshop. It is intended as a criticism of and commentary on this advertisement. The goal of this video is to encourage and persuade advertising firms to make more socially responsible advertisements for children. The original advertisement itself has been inserted only to give context to the criticism. Insertion of the advertisement does not imply that the advertising firm that created the advertisement or the company whose goods and services are being offered for sale in the advertisement in any way sponsored or is connected with this video. In addition, any use of the company's trademarks is intended only to describe the mark owner's goods and services, and in no way implies the mark owner's support of The LAMP's videos, services, or mission. The LAMP is a non-profit organization creating a grassroots movement to reform and improve media. This is achieved through free media literacy workshops and public events for youth, parents and educators. The LAMP's vision is that one day media literacy will be seen as the critical requirement to understanding the world and our place in it. Educated consumers demanding more accountable media will create a ground swell to which media companies will have to respond. As part of this movement, The LAMP works in communities to build healthy relationships with all forms of media.
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Givenchy  Gentlemen Only    New Fragrance for Men 2013 with Simon Baker Commercial
Givenchy Gentlemen Only New Fragrance for Men 2013 with Simon Baker This video is available on the perfume commercial addventure YouTube for users. If the owner of this video and you want that, I cleaned it, please write to email: [email protected] I'm sure it will delite. http://www.youtube.com/user/MrRainPerfume Commercial tv, Production Videos 2012, 2013, fragrance TV, advertising, advertisement, publicity, promotion, blurb, reclame, ad, advt, interesting ad, advertising Business, usa, America, We are waiting for you! ___________________________________________________ | fragrance | perfume | parfume | commercial | reclame |
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Gravity Cologne For Men Commercial
All music used in this video is for educational use only, this video is not monetized. I / We do not own any of the music used in this video, the music and video are for educational purposes only. I take no credit in creation of the music and of any relation to profit of this video. Music is; Ode an die Freude Ode to Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven. I / We own all visual portions of this video.
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Hair Ties For Guys™ Are Awesome
Buy at → http://hairtiesforguys.com Stop using the same hair tie as your little sister. Get superior hair ties for men, only from The Longhairs™
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1994 Hair Club for Men Commercial
(c)1994 Hair Club/Adernas One of those ubiquitous early 1990s commercials for Hair Club for Men featuring Sy “I'm not only the president, but I'm also a client” Sperling (offering a free booklet in this spot)
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Original Music by Bing Jee Ng for Conair for Men Commercial
This was a commercial I composed music for when I was taking a music for commercial course with 3030Career. This is for spec reel viewing purposes only.
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2015 Commercial - #RealStrength Ad | Dove Men+Care
Share what #RealStrength means to you: https://www.youtube.com/user/dovemencareus/RealStrength/ 90% of men around the world say that their caring side is part of their masculinity and strength. Dove Men+Care acknowledges the caring side of men and celebrates their #RealStrength as a true sign of masculinity. Share your #RealStrength with us on: Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/dovemencareus Twitter - https://twitter.com/dovemencare Instagram - http://instagram.com/dovemencare Our website - http://www.dovemencare.com
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Ne-Yo - Good Man (Lyric Video)
Lyric video for “Good Man” by NE-YO. Listen on Apple Music: https://NE-YO.lnk.to/GoodMan/AppleMusic Listen on Spotify: https://NE-YO.lnk.to/GoodMan/Spotify Buy & stream: https://NE-YO.lnk.to/GoodManYD Get GIFS from the video on GIPHY: https://giphy.com/NEYO Follow NE-YO: https://www.instagram.com/NEYO https://twitter.com/NEYOcompound https://www.facebook.com/NEYO http://www.neyothegentleman.com Music video by NE-YO performing ‘Good Man’. (C) 2017 Motown Records, a Division of UMG Recordings, Inc. http://vevo.ly/Ud2kn1
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Beware of the Doghouse- Hilarious!
A reminder of what will happen if you get your girl the wrong gift this year. LOL!!! Dual-bag gets put in the doghouse for getting the wrong anniversary gift, and learns the ways of the Doghouse!
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Tampon Commercial - Presented by Men!
Men know things! DP: Cory Fraiman-Lott Voice Over: Molly Rabinowitz Special Thanks: Kyleigh Johnson, Evan Harms Hammerkatz is: Peter Kelly David Ojo Tirosh Schneider Rachel Pegram Duncan Gregory Anna Lockwood Jake Levy Ben Marshall Jackson Schwartz Rachel Horwitz Mahayla Laurence
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Man Church Commercial #1
For men only.
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Nike Commercial- Men VS Woman(Federer,Torres,Ibrahimovic..)
Nike+ Commercial
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Degree Men Commercial (2016)
Degree features actor Richard Nwaoko in #EveryMoveCount commercial. Measuring Richard's movement is the only way we can try to explain what happens when he gets going.
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Black Tie Men's Cologne Commercial (1975)
"A gentleman knows how to keep her satisfied." Black Tie 'Cologne & Splash On' commercial. Aired November, 1975. *Visit BionicDisco.com for 1970s pop culture fun.* Fair Use. No copyright infringement is intended. Posted for museum purposes only.
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Recovery Center for Men TV Commercial
RCM (Recovery Center for Men) recognizes the importance of gender distinction in addiction and mental health treatment. Many studies have shown that men and women often develop, experience and heal from addiction in completely different ways. The benefits of having separate treatment programs allow for the complex and unique needs of each gender to be met without gender based distractions. RCM (Recovery Center for Men) is a specialized facility that was established by Palm Beach's addiction care leader, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches. RCM (Recovery Center for Men) was created to help fill the void of so few men only rehab centers in the US that really provide evidence-based treatment. We are very proud of thousands of men whom we have treated that have learned to successfully manage their addiction and enjoy productive lives filled with meaning and purpose. Recovery Center for Men will never try to sell you our latest book or employ any other schemes to sell you products while you are being treated at our facility. We know that our patients are in a vulnerable or suggestible state of mind and we will not take advantage of that like some other rehabs do, who are more focused on being authors or merchandisers. Our only goal at RCM is for you to achieve a successful recovery from your addiction. Our professional medical staff combines innovative, cutting-edge clinical methodology in combination with a holistic approach to treatment. RCM (Recovery Center for Men) provides expert, targeted and comprehensive care to male patients suffering from substance abuse and mental illness.
Max For Men Hair Styler Commercial (Gillette, 1972)
"For the natural look." Gillette Max for Men Hair Drier & Styler commercial. Spot aired in October 1972. *Visit BionicDisco.com for 1970s pop culture fun.* Fair Use. No copyright infringement is intended. Posted for museum purposes only.
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Rexona For Men  this deodorant is for tough guys only
This Channel full of Funny Ads/Commercial that makes you laugh, Subscribe this Channel for Future and Upcoming Commercials.
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