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5.4: Boolean Variables - Processing Tutorial
This video covers having a variable of type boolean as it relates to conditional statements. Support this channel on Patreon: https://patreon.com/codingtrain Contact: https://twitter.com/shiffman Send me your questions and coding challenges!: https://github.com/CodingTrain/Rainbow-Topics Link to code on Github: https://github.com/CodingTrain/Rainbow-Code Processing: http://processing.org Processing Foundation: https://processingfoundation.org/ Learning Processing Book: http://learningprocessing.com/ For More Processing Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/user/shiffman/playlists?view=50&sort=dd&shelf_id=2
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Oracle apex Login authentication
For more info Email:[email protected] Fb:https://www.facebook.com/forkanraju88 ---------------------------------- PL/SQL CODE ------------------------------------ FUNCTION cek_otentikasi (p_username IN VARCHAR2, p_password IN VARCHAR2) RETURN BOOLEAN AS hasil NUMBER := 0; BEGIN SELECT 1 INTO hasil FROM user_info WHERE UPPER(user_id) = UPPER(p_username) AND password = p_password AND USER_STATUS_ID=1 AND USER_TYPE_ID IN (1,2); RETURN TRUE; EXCEPTION WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN RETURN FALSE; end;
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Create Authentication Schemes in oracle APX
Create Authentication Schemes in oracle application express PL/SQL code is FUNCTION my_auth(p_username IN VARCHAR2,p_password IN VARCHAR2) RETURN BOOLEAN AS FOUND NUMBER :=0; BEGIN SELECT 1 INTO FOUND FROM MY_USERS WHERE UPPER(user_name)=UPPER(p_username) and upper(user_password)=upper(p_password) and user_activated=1; return true; exception when no_data_found then return false; end; and the user table is : CREATE TABLE "USERS_L" ( "U_ID" NUMBER, "U_NAME" VARCHAR2(20), "U_PASSWORD" VARCHAR2(20), "U_ACTIVATED" NUMBER, PRIMARY KEY ("U_ID") ) if you have any problem in this topic then comment
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Building a Reports with Row wise Color | Visual Attribute |  Oracle Report Developer
www.oraclebangla.com Facebook :: www.facebook.com/oracle.shohag Email : [email protected] Skype : shohagcid2013 Building a Reports with Row wise Color (Visual Attribute ) Oracle Report Developer In this Topics, you will learn about Tabular reports that table Row color Visual attribute. By following the steps in this Topics, you can generate the report output follow the video ----- Repeating Frame pl/sql change function R_1FormatTrigger return boolean is begin   -- Automatically Generated from Reports Builder.   if (mod(:sl,2) = '1')   then     srw.set_foreground_fill_color('gray8');     srw.set_fill_pattern('solid');   end if;   return (TRUE); end;
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Function with return only
A simple function that returns a value but has no parameters
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Visual Basic .NET Tutorial 20 - Understanding Function Procedures in VB.NET
How to Call a Function in VB Function Procedures (Visual Basic) How to Create a Function in VB .NET Functions and Procedures VB.Net Functions Calling Sub and Function Procedures Searches related to call functions in visual basic how to call a function in visual basic 2010 visual basic 6 call function A Short Beginners Guide To Using Functions in Visual Basic Functions in Visual Basic Using Timer - Visual Basic Tutorial
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User Authentication for Oracle APEX
create table user_info ( username varchar2(50), password varchar2(50) ); insert into user_info values('admin','admin'); insert into user_info values('nur',123); commit; FUNCTION user_authentication (p_username IN VARCHAR2,p_password IN VARCHAR2) RETURN BOOLEAN AS v_user_info NUMBER := 0; BEGIN SELECT 1 INTO v_user_info FROM user_info WHERE UPPER(username) = UPPER(p_username) AND password = p_password; RETURN TRUE; EXCEPTION WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN RETURN FALSE; end;
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Oracle APEX 5 Custom Authentication
website article can be found here: http://www.developapex.com/2018/04/custom-authentication-scheme-on-oracle.html and here: http://www.developapex.com/2018/04/custom-authentication-on-oracle-apex.html Berikut langkah-langkah membuat custom authentication pada Oracle APEX 5: Custom Authentication pada Oracle APEX 5.0 1. Gunakan Object Browser untuk membuat tabel dengan nama TLOGIN 2. Buat sebuah database application, misal namanya myauth dengan id 123 3. Selesai pembuatan database application, klik Shred Component 4. Pada area Security klik Authentication Schemes 5. Klik tombol Create, beri nama otentikasiku, pada pilihan Schema Type pilih Custom 6. Pada bagian Source isikan kode PL/SQL berikut: FUNCTION cek_otentikasi (p_username IN VARCHAR2, p_password IN VARCHAR2) RETURN BOOLEAN AS hasil NUMBER := 0; BEGIN SELECT 1 INTO hasil FROM tlogin WHERE UPPER(username) = UPPER(p_username) AND password = p_password AND status= :P101_STATUS AND ket= 'AKTIF'; RETURN TRUE; EXCEPTION WHEN NO_DATA_FOUND THEN RETURN FALSE; END cek_otentikasi; 7. Pada bagian Settings, pada isian Authentication Function Name, isikan cek_otentikasi (sesuaikan dengan nama function) lalu klik tombol Create 8. Kembali ke Page Definition, klik tombol Edit Application Properties (kanan atas) lalu klik tab Security 9. Pada sub tab Authentication, pada isian Authentication Scheme pilih otentikasiku lalu klik Aply Changes 10. Run (Jalankan) aplikasi myauth, coba login dengan menggunakan username dan password yang ada di tabel TLOGIN. Silahkan Subscribe
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Oracle APEX - User Authorization Schemes
#orclapex #oracleapex #oracleapexbd An authorization scheme extends the security of your application's authentication scheme. You can specify an authorization scheme for an entire application, page, or specific control such as a region, item, or button. For example, you could use an authorization scheme to selectively determine which tabs, regions, or navigation bars a user sees. An authorization scheme either succeeds or fails. Common authorization scheme types include Exists, Not Exists SQL Queries, and PL/SQL Function Returning Boolean. If a component or control level authorization scheme succeeds, the user can view the component or control. If it fails, the user cannot view the component or control. If an application or page-level authorization scheme fails, then Oracle Application Express displays a previously defined message. When you define an authorization scheme, you give it a unique name. Once defined, you can attach it to any component or control in your application. To attach an authorization scheme to a component or control in your application, simply navigate to the appropriate attributes page and select an authorization scheme from the Authorization Scheme list. You can control access to a specific page or page component by selecting one of these authorization schemes on the page or component attributes pages. Once you create an Access Control, you can customize the page, tables and values to suit the specific needs of your application.
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authentication login
custom authentication login in oracle apex 5.1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- create table companies( userid varchar2(50), password_ varchar2(50), company_name varchar2(120) not null, logo blob, constraint companies_pk primary key(userid,password_)); ------------------------------------------------- insert into companies(userid,password_,company_name) values ('wael','wael123','ibdis'); insert into companies(userid,password_,company_name) values ('ali','alil123','zaitoons'); ------------------------------ function my_authentication ( p_username in varchar2, p_password in varchar2 ) return boolean is l_user companies.userid%type := upper(p_username); l_pwd companies.password_%type; begin select userid , password_ into l_user, l_pwd from companies where upper(userid) = upper(l_user) and upper(password_)=upper(p_password); return true; exception when NO_DATA_FOUND then return false; end;
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Logical Functions in SQL SERVER 2012 || CHOOSE and IIF functions in SQL Server 2012
This video will provide you the details of each Logical Function in SQL Server 2012. *****************************************************************************  Logical Functions (Transact-SQL)  CHOOSE (Transact-SQL) Returns the item at the specified index from a list of values in SQL Server.  Syntax CHOOSE ( index, val_1, val_2 [, val_n ] )  Arguments index Is an integer expression that represents a 1-based index into the list of the items following it. If the provided index value has a numeric data type other than int, then the value is implicitly converted to an integer. If the index value exceeds the bounds of the array of values, then CHOOSE returns null. val_1 … val_n List of comma separated values of any data type.  Return Types Returns the data type with the highest precedence from the set of types passed to the function.  Remarks CHOOSE acts like an index into an array, where the array is composed of the arguments that follow the index argument. The index argument determines which of the following values will be returned. DECLARE @a int = 3 select CASE WHEN @a=1 THEN 'DEVELOPER' WHEN @a=2 THEN 'TESTER' WHEN @a=3 THEN 'SUPPORT' ELSE 'MANAGER' END AS RESULT *****************************************************************************  IIF (Transact-SQL) Returns one of two values, depending on whether the Boolean expression evaluates to true or false in SQL Server.  Syntax IIF ( boolean_expression, true_value, false_value )  Arguments boolean_expression A valid Boolean expression. If this argument is not a Boolean expression, then a syntax error is raised. true_value Value to return if boolean_expression evaluates to true. false_value Value to return if boolean_expression evaluates to false.  Return Types Returns the data type with the highest precedence from the types in true_value and false_value.  Remarks IIF is a shorthand way for writing a CASE expression. It evaluates the Boolean expression passed as the first argument, and then returns either of the other two arguments based on the result of the evaluation. That is, the true_value is returned if the Boolean expression is true, and the false_value is returned if the Boolean expression is false or unknown. true_value and false_value can be of any type. The same rules that apply to the CASE expression for Boolean expressions, null handling, and return types also apply to IIF The fact that IIF is translated into CASE also has an impact on other aspects of the behavior of this function. Since CASE expressions can be nested only up to the level of 10, IIF statements can also be nested only up to the maximum level of 10. Also, IIF is remoted to other servers as a semantically equivalent CASE expression, with all the behaviors of a remoted CASE expression. 
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REST Web Services 18 - Returning JSON Response
Website: http://javabrains.koushik.org/courses/javaee_jaxrs/lessons/Returning-JSON-Response We'll now switch the response format of the APIs from XML to JSON
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Data Types and Conversion Functions (Introduction to Oracle SQL)
Find out about different data types and how to convert between them. The full Introduction to Oracle SQL course is available here: https://www.databasestar.com/introduction-to-oracle-sql-course/
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Intro to C++ Part 5 - Strings & Comments & Return Statements
We try our best. Enjoy!
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8.6: Pass by Value vs. Pass by Reference - Processing Tutorial
This video covers passing arguments into a function and what happens when you pass an object vs. a primitive value. Book: Learning Processing A Beginner's Guide to Programming, Images,Animation, and Interaction Chapter: 8 Official book website: http://learningprocessing.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/shiffman annotations added: click here to subscribe Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/QbxH/
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PL/SQL Tutorial 8 : Relational Operator in PL/SQL
Welcome to the VIDEO 8 of PL/SQL In these video We will learn about the Relational operator in PL/SQL. Operator: An operator is a symbol that tells the compiler to perform specific mathematical or logical manipulations. Relational Operator: Relational operators compare two expressions or values and return a Boolean result As you can see we used the relational operator greater than to find greatest number we also used LOGICAL Operator AND Which we will learn in the upcoming video as you can see 14 is the greatest we also used substitution variable Please SUBSCRIBE to our Channel Thank you for Watching.
Methods with Parameters | Program to find Palindrome | Java tutorial for Beginners 16 | TalentSprint
Watch our "Java Tutorial for Beginners " series and become a Java Professional. In this series, we will be explaining Java from the very basic step and all other JAVA concepts in a very easy to understand manner. JDK Download link: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/jav... Eclipse Download link: https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/pac... #javatutorialforbeginners #javatutorials #javaprogramming #javaprogrammingtutorial #javabasicsforbeginners ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Jumpstart your career with TalentSprint! 1.Take Subject wise Practice tests and All-India Mock Tests with Benchmarking, Feedback and Recommendations by Tia (A bot that has helped over 10,500 Students crack competitive exams). 2.Thrice a Week Problem-Solving Classes by Expert Trainer. 3.Trainer-Student Forum Access that provides a Highly interactive forum for instant doubt 4.Clearance & discussions with peers. 5.1 working Day Trainer Team Turnaround for Forum Queries. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Choose Your Preparation Method. Online - Join and get a dashboard full of video lessons, ebooks, LIVE classes & other preparation material. Pendrive - Delivered at your doorstep with a COD Option. A pocket classroom that helps you prepare on-the-go with no internet. XP Centres - A classroom with a difference. This enhances your preparation and helps you explore more advanced forms. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fast forward your career with TalentSprint! 1.Prepare with India’s Leading Trainers 2.Study on the go with 24/7 Digital Learning 3.Practice with All India Tests 4.Improve with Personalized feedback with TIA 5.Get 1000+ IT recruitment drives per Year. 6.Win with 5 times higher success rate. For more information, Please Contact us at 1800 108 3535 or Visit our website at https://www.talentsprint.com/it ☛Subscribe here - https://goo.gl/wKmO6Z ☛Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/talentsprint...
Oracle Reports | How To Develop Reports Using Format Triggers | Bangla R-23
Oracle Reports | How To Develop Reports Using Format Triggers | Bangla R-23 To See More Reports Tutorial Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_0f_iILlmY&list=PLXXvCMuixAJUfU4ZISmPtHrmKe5qRvyVY To See More Forms Tutorial Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsu4CWo_vwk&list=PLXXvCMuixAJU3Ap_FE2zSEBicv8IC5kDU Dear viewer, In this tutorial you will learn How To Develop a Reports Using Format Triggers and also know Types Of Triggers: We can code PL/SQL in a variety of triggers in a report to provide conditional or additional processing at run times. There are three Trigger types in Oracle Reports, such as: Report -Five Triggers Data Model -Parameter validation Layout -Format trigger About Format Trigger: A format trigger is a user-written PL/SQL function that executes each time before the object containing the trigger is formatted. The function must return a Boolean value (TRUE or FALSE). The trigger can be used to dynamically change the formatting attributes of the object. You can access format triggers from the Object Navigator, the Property Inspector, or the PL/SQL Editor. Using Format Trigger: Format Trigger on a Main Frame Format Trigger on a Repeating Frame Format Trigger on a Field Format Trigger on a Boilerplate To Get more Tutorial Subscribe The Channel click here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ3ea4zVCfnKBx1_7h8raGQ?sub_confirmation=1 To Get All Post Like The Facebook Page Click here https://www.facebook.com/oracledbsolutions Follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oracledbsolutions Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ3ea4zVCfnKBx1_7h8raGQ?view_as=subscriber Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/465557066961548 Contact us: email: [email protected] Skype: oracle26solutions Mob: 01734557080, 01627422780
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Boolean Variables 15
Please watch: "Install Oracle Database 12c Release 2 on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5705VFJmku0 -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Oracle Reports | How To Develop Report Using Report Trigger | Bangla R-21
Oracle Reports | How To Develop Report Using Report Trigger | Bangla R-21 To See More Reports Tutorial Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_0f_iILlmY&list=PLXXvCMuixAJUfU4ZISmPtHrmKe5qRvyVY To See More Forms Tutorial Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zsu4CWo_vwk&list=PLXXvCMuixAJU3Ap_FE2zSEBicv8IC5kDU Dear viewer, In this tutorial you will learn How To Develop Report Using Report Trigger and also know about Triggers in Oracle Reports. Types Of Triggers: We can code PL/SQL in a variety of triggers in a report to provide conditional or additional processing at run times. There are three Trigger types in Oracle Reports, such as: Report -Five Triggers Data Model -Parameter validation Layout -Format trigger Report Trigger: Report triggers enable you to execute PL/SQL functions at specific times during the execution and formatting of your report. The function must return a Boolean value (TRUE or FALSE). Using this triggers, You can do things such as -customize the formatting of your report -perform initialization tasks -and access the database. To create or modify a report trigger, you use the Report Triggers node in the Object Navigator. Types Of Report Trigger: Oracle Reports has five global report triggers. You cannot create new global report triggers, such as: Before Parameter Form trigger After Parameter Form trigger Before Report trigger Between Pages trigger After Report trigger Before Parameter Form trigger: -It is fire before opening the parameter form After Parameter Form trigger: -It is fire after closing the parameter form Before Report trigger: -It is fire before opening the report output Between Pages trigger: -It is fire for each and every page except first page. After Report trigger : -It is fire after closing the report output To Get more Tutorial Subscribe The Channel click here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ3ea4zVCfnKBx1_7h8raGQ?sub_confirmation=1 To Get All Post Like The Facebook Page Click here https://www.facebook.com/oracledbsolutions Follow us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oracledbsolutions Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ3ea4zVCfnKBx1_7h8raGQ?view_as=subscriber Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/465557066961548 Contact us: email: [email protected] Skype: oracle26solutions Mob: 01734557080, 01627422780
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SAP HANA Academy - HANA SQL: Boolean Data Type
*** Important: please read this for prerequisites and links to code. In this video we'll look at the Boolean data type in SAP HANA. The three possible values of this data type are TRUE, FALSE and UNKNOWN, where UNKNOWN is the NULL equivalent for the Boolean type. The syntax used in this video is here: https://github.com/saphanaacademy/SQL/blob/master/BOOLEAN%20Data%20Type
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1.4 Function Syntax
This is a video designed to assist a student learning basic programming in the C++ language. In this lession, you will learn how to create and use functions, return values, and parameters.
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IIF function in SQL Server
iif function in sql server 2012 iif function in sql server example sql server iif function example In this video we will discuss IIF function in SQL Server. IIF function Introduced in SQL Server 2012 Returns one of two the values, depending on whether the Boolean expression evaluates to true or false IIF is a shorthand way for writing a CASE expression Syntax : IIF ( boolean_expression, true_value, false_value ) Example : Returns Male as the boolean expression evaluates to TRUE DECLARE @Gender INT SET @Gender = 1 SELECT IIF( @Gender = 1, 'Male', 'Femlae') AS Gender Example : Using IIF() function with table data. We will use the following Employees table for this example. SQL Script to create Employees table Create table Employees ( Id int primary key identity, Name nvarchar(10), GenderId int ) Go Insert into Employees values ('Mark', 1) Insert into Employees values ('John', 1) Insert into Employees values ('Amy', 2) Insert into Employees values ('Ben', 1) Insert into Employees values ('Sara', 2) Insert into Employees values ('David', 1) Go Write a query to display Gender along with employee Name and GenderId. We can achieve this either by using CASE or IIF. Using CASE statement SELECT Name, GenderId, CASE WHEN GenderId = 1 THEN 'Male' ELSE 'Female' END AS Gender FROM Employees Using IIF function SELECT Name, GenderId, IIF(GenderId = 1, 'Male', 'Female') AS Gender FROM Employees Text version of the video http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/2015/10/iif-function-in-sql-server.html Slides http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/2015/10/iif-function-in-sql-server_14.html All SQL Server Text Articles http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/p/free-sql-server-video-tutorials-for.html All SQL Server Slides http://csharp-video-tutorials.blogspot.com/p/sql-server.html All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in English https://www.youtube.com/user/kudvenkat/playlists?view=1&sort=dd All Dot Net and SQL Server Tutorials in Arabic https://www.youtube.com/c/KudvenkatArabic/playlists
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Java Scanner Class Methods - Reading Input from the Keyboard - next nextInt nextDouble char
The Scanner class (java.util.Scanner) is used to read data into your program. See the Java API for more information on the class Scanner https://docs.oracle.com/javase/8/docs/api/java/util/Scanner.html Here are some commonly used Scanner methods: next() - read as String up the the blank space delimiter nextLine() - read a String to the end of the line, including spaces nextInt() - read an integer nextDouble() - read a double (floating point number) nextBoolean() - read a boolean nextLong() - read a long nextByte() - read a byte nextShort() - read a short next().charAt(0) - read the first character of a string (char) Please SUBSCRIBE to Appficial, and check out more Java Programming Tutorials! http://www.appficial.com The Basic Parts of a Java Program - Class and Main Method Header and Comments https://youtu.be/sHEk2DSBnSg Java Declaring and Initializing Variables https://youtu.be/Ag8ZH5qRzqM Naming Java Identifiers - Variables, Methods, and Object Names - Java Tutorial https://youtu.be/g0NR6Z0ac1A Java Reserved Keywords - Words like public static void class int double https://youtu.be/dklOXLDdeqc Java Primitive Data Types - byte short int long float double char and boolean https://youtu.be/hHTrxfEWPy0 Java Integers - int long byte and short Integer Variables https://youtu.be/FsrIsDSgTiQ Java Floating Point Numbers - float and double https://youtu.be/6JRufRrO1mQ Java E Notation - Doing Scientific Notation in a Java Program https://youtu.be/9tTKa9jEgNs Java Integer Division and Dividing by Zero - Java Tutorial - Appficial https://youtu.be/46Ngr6eczpA Java Basic Math Arithmetic Expressions and Precedence Rules https://youtu.be/IMavhbsbIeQ Java Compound Operators - Combined Assignment Arithmetic Operator Examples https://youtu.be/2TP7XOyCW1o Java Constants - Constant Variables using Keyword Final https://youtu.be/cj_5D8-vrfQ Java Math Class Methods https://youtu.be/Guhb43pivCs Java Type Conversions and Type Casting https://youtu.be/hXxFVXBxQ1Q How to Convert Binary numbers to Decimal Numbers https://youtu.be/g1TOLO2FsvQ Java Characters - The char Primitive Data Type https://youtu.be/LBQrD2nkKQg Java Escape Characters https://youtu.be/jZpSjEGMlUQ Java String Class https://youtu.be/3G9IcmbV4Gs Java Scanner Class https://youtu.be/A1QXB_6ALDA Java Integer Overflow https://youtu.be/lTnUbx5Gi6o Java Style Guidelines https://youtu.be/P7xur0m6-do
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Function with no return (void) type in C language | 20
Welcome to Tech Talk Tricks and in this video, we will learn what is function ? types of function, how to declare function and what is return type in function in c language.So stay tuned and watch how to declare function and how to call function in main method. #RanaSingh #TechTalkTricks #Function #CProgramming #CLanguage #CTutorial A function is a group of statements that together perform a task. Every C program has at least one function, which is main(), and all the most trivial programs can define additional functions. ... A function declaration tells the compiler about a function's name, return type, and parameters. A function is a block of code that performs a particular task. There are many situations where we might need to write same line of code for more than once in a program. This may lead to unnecessary repetition of code, bugs and even becomes boring for the programmer. So, C language provides an approach in which you can declare and define a group of statements once in the form of a function and it can be called and used whenever required. These functions defined by the user are also know as User-defined Functions C functions can be classified into two categories, Library functions User-defined functions Library functions are those functions which are already defined in C library, example printf(), scanf(), strcat() etc. You just need to include appropriate header files to use these functions. These are already declared and defined in C libraries. A User-defined functions on the other hand, are those functions which are defined by the user at the time of writing program. These functions are made for code reusability and for saving time and space. Benefits of Using Functions It provides modularity to your program's structure. It makes your code reusable. You just have to call the function by its name to use it, wherever required. In case of large programs with thousands of code lines, debugging and editing becomes easier if you use functions. It makes the program more readable and easy to understand types of user defined functions in c, syntax of function in c, return in c programming, what is function in c in hindi, user defined functions in c ppt, functions in c programming with examples pdf, syntax of function in c, types of function in c, function in c programming examples, advantages of function in c, user defined function in c, what is function in c in hindi, recursive function in c, functions in c programming with examples pdf At Tech Talk Tricks you will learn HTML, CSS, SQL, PL/SQL, JAVA and many more computer as well as mobile tips and tricks. So please SUBSCRIBE to getting updated with the latest technology. SUBSCRIBE our channel at : https://www.youtube.com/techtalktricks ************************************************** Follow Tech Talk Trick on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/techtalktricks ************************************************** Follow tech talk trick on Twitter https://twitter.com/tecktalktrick ************************************************** Follow Tech Talk Tricks on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/techtalktricks ************************************************** Subscribe tech talk tricks on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/techtalktricks ***************************************************
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Boolean Data Type
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What is LIKE Logical Operator in SQL Server - SQL Server  /TSQL Tutorial Part 123
SQL Server / T-SQL Tutorial Scenario: What is LIKE Logical Operator : LIKE logical operator is used when we want to return the row if operand matches a pattern. Like operator returns TRUE if the operand matches a pattern. Sometime we need to perform pattern matching instead of equal or not equal. Like is used when we want to return the row if specific character string matches a specified pattern. Pattern can be combination of regular characters and wildcard characters. To return the row back, regular characters must exactly match the characters specified in the character string.The wildcard characters can be matched with arbitrary parts of the character string. Link to scripts used in SQL Server / TSQL Tutorial Video http://www.techbrothersit.com/2016/06/what-is-like-logical-operator-in-sql.html Check out our website for Different SQL Server, MSBI tutorials and interview questions such as SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) Tutorial SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial SQL Server DBA Tutorial SQL Server / TSQL Tutorial ( Beginner to Advance) http://www.techbrothersit.com/
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13 Functions in C++ (Part 1)- definition, advantage and types
Functions- A larger program is subdivided into smaller subprograms and these subprograms are known as functions. Please like, share and subscribe!! Thanks for watching!!
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Enums with State Behavior Java tutorial
enum java enum java example enum java 8 enum javadoc enum javascript es6 enum java 8 example enum java string enum java tutorial enum java constructor enum java valueof enum java class enum java api enum java array enum java attributes enum java advantages enum java assign value enum java android enum java adalah enum java argument enum java api 8 enum java abstract method create a enum java iterate a enum java extend a enum java string a enum java return a enum java make a enum java print a enum java define a enum java initialize a enum java declare an enum java enum java best practices enum java bean enum java boolean enum java byte enum java benefits enum java bluej enum java baeldung enum java bitmask enum java basics enum java beginner enum java constants enum java compare enum java class example enum java contains enum java complex enum java custom values enum java convention enum java case insensitive javatpoint c enum enum java doc enum java definition enum java declaration enum java default value enum java description enum java different values enum java database enum java data type enum java double enum java direction enum d java tableau d'enum java enum java example string enum java example mkyong enum java explained enum java extends enum java ejemplo enum java example valueof enum java example integer enum e java enum java from string enum java functions enum java for constants enum java find by value enum java from int enum java foreach enum java for enum java final enum java from value enum java file enum java get value by name enum java geeksforgeeks enum java generics enum java get string enum java getter setter enum java get all values enum java getname enum java get enum java get int value enum java hashmap enum java how to use enum java hashcode enum java hibernate enum java hierarchy enum java how to enum java hyphen enum java heap enum java handle exception enum java handler enum java integer enum java interface enum java inheritance enum java in class enum java int value enum java inside class enum java interview questions enum java initialization enum java iterator enum i java enum java javadoc enum java javatpoint enum java jpa enum java json enum java json example java enum json deserialize java enum jsonproperty java enum java 8 java enum java java enum java 8 example enum java key value enum java keyword java enum key map java enum key to string java enum key name java enum keyset enum keyword java version java enum kind java enum get key from value enum java là gì enum java list enum java loop enum java lowercase enum java length enum java.lang.nullpointerexception name is null enum java.lang.nosuchfielderror enum java.lang.exceptionininitializererror enum java.lang.noclassdeffounderror could not initialize class enum java lookup enum java multiple values enum java map enum java mkyong enum java memory enum java meaning enum java mysql enum java method parameter enum java map key enum java month enum java number enum java naming convention enum java name value enum java numeric value enum java null enum java new enum java null value enum java next enum java name tostring enum in java enum java ordinal enum java oracle enum java override valueof enum java object enum java ordinal example enum java order enum java == or equals enum java override enum java override tostring enum java ordinal value o que é enum java usando o enum no java enum java parameter enum java properties enum java program enum java package enum java performance enum java private enum java position enum java private constructor enum java pdf enum java public enum java questions enum java quiz enum java que es enum java qiita java enum query java enum equals java enum fully qualified name java enum multiple choice questions java queryparam enum qualifier enum java enum java return string enum java reflection enum java return enum java random enum java return int enum java reference enum in java javarevisited enum java reverse lookup enum java rules enum java ru enum java syntax enum java switch enum java set value enum java sample enum java switch case enum java sorting order enum java stack overflow java enums enum java to int enum java thread safe enum java two values enum java tostring example enum java to json enum java to list enum t java t extends enum java enum java uses
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Java Tutorials: Boolean Variables, String Variables, and User Input
This just my start at some Java tutorials. You will all learn as I learn more as I still have very very much to learn and hope this is a fun journey for all of us. Some Links that will help you: https://netbeans.org http://www.oracle.com/index.html http://stackoverflow.com
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Method Table Java Tutorial
simplex method minimization table plane table method mapping easy method multiplication table moscow method table mpn method table method to memorize multiplication table big m method tableau table method nic undefined method table_name undefined method table_name rails payment method table name in sap receipt method name table in oracle apps sap table method names newton's method table table method of integration by parts method of table method of table salt percentage method table on publication 15 method statement table of contents payment method table oracle table method python table method php method pivot table wizard failed method periodic table undefined method table' prawn virtual method table pointer c++ table method r shipping method table rate magento shipping method table rates java method return table dl method resource table abap method refresh_table_display c# method return table filter method react table sap method returning table r table method method tables method table swift method table salt method statement table table method simplex short method truth table pedagogy method time table payment method text table sap grid method times table periodic table method to learn method of truth table column method times table table method factoring trinomials bisection method using table simplex method using table java method update table unitary method table table method vba method validation table life-table method vs kaplan-meier ich method validation table pivot table method vba virtual method table cdph standard method v1.1 table 4-1 vjd method table table method where dump method table windbg fault table method with example substitution table method was adopted by euler's method with table trapezoidal method with table percentage method withholding table 2017 method 1 table e1 method 19 table 19-2 icea method 1 table e1 and e2 •icea method 1 table e-2 epa method 19 table 19-2 icea method 1 table e-2 standard color code method 1 table e-2 icea method 1 table e2 color code percentage method table 2017 percentage method table 2018 method 1 table 2 color code percentage method table 2016 percentage method table 2015 wage bracket method table 2016 wage bracket method table 2015 installation method table 4a2 icea method 4 table e-2 csa z462 table method table 4a method for tablet preparation 5 cut method table saw formula 6 times table method table method in ax 7 8 times table method 9 times table method method table method tables for income tax withholding method table in c# method table in java method table windbg method table in .net method table abap method tableau table method integration method table pointer method table laravel table method ax 2012 table method arc flash ax 2012 table method display method table ax 2012 undefined method arel_table' mtca method a table substitution table method adopted by table method weight and balance the table method the tableau method the table method of graphing table method integration by parts bisection method table bisection method table matlab $('#table').bootstrap table('method' parameter) against method table 1—cui bono table method boolean table based method method table c# table method calling sequence in ax 2012 table method calculus table method centroid virtual method table c++ simplex method table calculator c virtual method table objective-c method table method table definition table method directors method refresh_table_display virtual method table destructors virtual method table dynamic dispatch payment method description table sap scientific method data table java method dispatch table scientific method data table example d/l method table d/l method table t20 table method extension table method excel table method examples method 1 table e-2 method 1 table e-1 display method table extension access_method=external_table d365 table method extension sap method importing table table method linear equation table method for integration by parts table method finite math table method for sampling percentage method table for income tax withholding undefined method table' for # prawn method set_table_for_first_display in abap percentage method table for 2018 method set_table_for_first_display table method graphing table method get method generate table substitution table method given by method_opt gather_table_stats slope method given table geography method table can't call method get_table on an undefined value at state table method hardwired control division method hash table method of hash table method of hash table in java hi method table table method inequalities table method in python table method in spark payment method table in sap method table java table method javascript virtual method table java jninativemethod methods table jni method table
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Whats new in PHP 7 in Hindi (Scalar Datatype Hinting) | Part-2
This video series explains new features introduced in PHP 7. And this video covers scalar datatype hinting in PHP 7.
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Variables   Boolean In Java
Variables Boolean In Java In Java For Android development java tutorial bangla, java tutorial 2017, java tutorial derek banas, java tutorial eclipse, java tutorial for beginners intellij, java tutorial for beginner, java tutorial anisul islam, java tutorial animation, java tutorial arabic, java tutorial app, java tutorial advanced, java tutorial arrays, java tutorial advanced programming, java tutorial android studio, java tutorial arraylist, java tutorial abstract class, java tutorial by ratan, java tutorial boston, java tutorial by telusko, java tutorial by durgasoft, java tutorial beginners, java tutorial by derek banas, java tutorial by gc reddy, java tutorial blog, java tutorial basics, java tutorial classes, java tutorial crash course, java tutorial complete, java tutorial classes and objects, java tutorial cave of programming, java tutorial constructors, java tutorial calculator, java tutorial collections, java tutorial classes and methods, java tutorial data structures, java tutorial database connection, java tutorial game, java tutorial greek, java tutorial guru99, java tutorial graphics, java tutorial gc reddy, java tutorial getter setter, java tutorial game development, java tutorial hello world, java tutorial hindi video, java tutorial in hindi, java tutorial indian, java tutorial inheritance and polymorphism, java tutorial in netbeans, java tutorial in urdu, java tutorial intellij idea, java tutorial in one video, java tutorial loops, java tutorial list, java tutorial learn java programming, java tutorial learninglad, java tutorial linux, java tutorial login form, java tutorial logging, java tutorial lambda expressions, java tutorial linked list, java tutorial lynda, java tutorial methods and classes, java tutorial mac, java tutorial methods, java tutorial netbeans, java tutorial new boston, java tutorial nptel, java tutorial oop, java tutorial object oriented programming, java tutorial oops concepts, java tutorial objects, java tutorial on mac, java tutorial objects and classes, java tutorial oracle, java tutorial on notepad, java tutorial on loops, java tutorial project, java query tutorial, java tutorial shqip, java tutorial series, java tutorial snake, java tutorial static, java tutorial step by step, java tutorial strings, java tutorial switch, java tutorial threads, java tutorial this keyword, java tutorial theory, java tutorial using notepad, java tutorial udacity, java tutorial using eclipse, java tutorial using intellij, java tutorial udemy, java tutorial using cmd, java tutorial using eclipse for beginners, java tutorial user input, java tutorial variables, java tutorial videos for beginners, java tutorial visual studio, java tutorial video in hindi, java tutorial videos download, java tutorial video lectures free download in hindi, java tutorial with intellij, java tutorial website, java tutorial with eclipse, java tutorial with projects, java xml tutorial for beginners, java xmpp tutorial, java xml tutorial deutsch, tutoriales y mas java, java swing tutorial a - z, java tutorial java tutorial 1 hello java getting started with eclipse, java tutorial 2018, java tutorial 20 connect to mysql database, java video tutorial 2, intermediate java tutorial - 5, java eclipse gui tutorial 5, java jdk 7 tutorial, java 8 tutorial for beginners, java 8 streams tutorial, java se 8 tutorial, java 8 lambda expressions tutorial, java 8 tutorial by durga, java eclipse gui tutorial 8, java ee 8 tutorial, java tutorial netbeans 8, java programming tutorial - 8, java 8 tutorial, java 8 complete tutorial, java eclipse gui tutorial 9, java programming tutorial - 9, java tutorial for beginners 9, java video tutorial 9, java programming tutorial tutorial java ee java 9 tutorial
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Excel Magic Trick 607: Match 3 Lists: Matching Accounting Documents PO, Receiving & Invoice
See how to Match three lists using 2 VLOOKUP functions and the AND function. Matching the accounting documents PO, Receiving documents and the Invoice. Is item in list? Compare two three tables.
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What is IN Logical Operator in SQL Server  - SQL Server /  TSQL Tutorial Part 122
SQL Server / T-SQL Tutorial Scenario: What is IN Logical Operator : IN logical operator is used when we want to return the row if specified value matches with any value in the sub-query or a list. The IN Logical operator is going to be true if the operand is equal to one of the list of expressions. Let's say that we have dbo.Customer table with below rows. We want to return the rows where CountryShortName is equal to 'PK' OR 'US'. Link to scripts used in SQL Server / TSQL Tutorial Video http://www.techbrothersit.com/2016/06/what-is-in-logical-operator-in-sql.html Check out our website for Different SQL Server, MSBI tutorials and interview questions such as SQL Server Reporting Services(SSRS) Tutorial SQL Server Integration Services(SSIS) Tutorial SQL Server DBA Tutorial SQL Server / TSQL Tutorial ( Beginner to Advance) http://www.techbrothersit.com/
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Buy JAVA books (affiliate): Java - The Complete Reference https://amzn.to/2oB4jVg Programming with Java https://amzn.to/2wBFInL Head First Java: A Brain-Friendly Guide https://amzn.to/2wDNWvo Core Java: An Integrated Approach https://amzn.to/2PUjAwV Java - A Beginner’s Guide https://amzn.to/2PXwx93 Core Java - Fundamentals https://amzn.to/2MFOaMJ Java 8 in Action https://amzn.to/2N8KYbQ Programmer's Guide to Java SE 8 Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) https://amzn.to/2PXGYcG ------------------------------------- find notes,PDFs,books at-https://viden.io/search/knowledge?query=java
Views: 2841 LearnEveryone
Java Tutorial #005 true or false [4K] [Deutsch/German]
Java Download: https://java.com/de/download/ JDK Download: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jdk8-downloads-2133151.html Eclipse Download: https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/? NetBeans Download: https://netbeans.org/
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Introduction to Classes in Java
java classes, java classes and objects, java classpath, java class loader, java class tutorial, java class diagram, java class loading, java classes and constructors, java class structure, java class 1, java class and object, java class method, java class array, java class variable, java class and object tutorial for beginners, java class and method, java class and object example, java class and object tutorial bangla, java class and constructor, java class array of objects, java class and interface, java class abstract, java class by durga, java class by ratan, java class beginners, java class basics, java class boolean, java class book, java class by harikrishna, java class bangla, class.forname in java by durga, java bean class, java class casting, java class class, java class composition, java class concept, java class constructor, java class creation, java class container, java class circle, java class circle area, java class comments, java class declaration, java class definition, java class design, java class diagram example, java class diagram tutorial, java class diagram generator, java class diagram generator intellij, java class dependency analyzer, java class decompiler eclipse, java class example, java class explained, java class editor, java class extends, java class extends and implements example, java class extends and implements, java class execution flow, java class example code, java class extends example, java class exception, java classi e oggetti, java classe e objeto, java class file, java class for beginners, java class file editor, java class file format, java class forname, java class forname newinstance, java class file editor source not found, java class forname vs classloader loadclass, java class function method, java class function example, java class generics, java class getter setter methods, java class generic parameter, java class getters and setters, java class guide, java class get set, java class generate random string, google java class, java graphics class, java graph class, java class hindi, java class hierarchy, java class header, java class hierarchy diagram, java class loader how it works, class modeling in java in hindi, helper class java, class loaders in java in hindi, class fundamentals in java in hindi, java class in tamil, java class instantiation, java class invariants, java class in hindi, java class in netbeans, java class inheritance, java class interface, java class instance, java class introduction, java class interface or enum expected, java class jframe, jsp java class, kvr java class, kofel java class, java class literal, java class library, java class lecture, java class loader interview questions, java class library example, java class loader architecture, java class loading mechanism, java class method object, java class model, java class method example, java class meaning, java class math, java class multiple constructors, java class mit, java class in malayalam, java class not found, java class not found exception, java class netbeans, java class not found exception fix, java class not found exception oracle jdbc oracledriver, java class not found empty test suite, java class not found in classpath com.mysql.jdbc.driver, java class not found exception eclipse, java class not found exception error, java class names, java class object, java class object method, java class online, java class object method tutorial, java class override method, java class obfuscation, java class open, java class object and instance, java class of constants, java class object example, java class program, java classpath variable, java class premam, java class package, java classpath in windows, java class pattern, java class permission denied, java classpath error, java class process, queue class java, java class reference, java class relationships, java class reference another class, java class reloading, java class reference type, java class return value, java class return array, java class relationships tutorial, java class robot, java class return multiple values, java class setup, java class set get, java class structure example, java class subclass, java class socket, java class student, java class shape, java class static variable, java class scanner, java class telugu, java class types, java class time, java class transformer, java class to read json file,
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Chapter 5 - PHP Boolean Values
In this video Boolean values and its applications in PHP are explained
Wednesday October 4: Room 2011: Oracle Code Sessions
https://www.oracle.com/javaone/index.html 08:30: Ask the OpenJ9 Architects 09:30: Make Your CPU Cores Sweat with Parallel Streams 10:45: Java at Speed: Getting the Most Out of Modern Hardware 12:45: Lambda Chops: Recipes for Simpler, More Expressive Code 01:45: Asynchronous API with CompletableFuture: Performance Tips and Tricks 02:45: Flow and the Future of Reactive Systems on the JVM 04:30: The Good Cop/Bad Cop Guide to Java 9 05:30: It’s Java, but Not As We Know It
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Comparison Operator in SQL  AND,OR,BETWEEN
comparison operators in SQL, use BETWEEN , IN Operator in oracle
Views: 81 Oracle Tutorial
What happens if we use System.exit(0) in try block. Does the finally block gets executed or not
Finally Block will not be executed if there is System.exit(0) in try block. The java.lang.System.exit() method exits current program by terminating running Java virtual machine (JVM). This method takes a status code. A non-zero value of status code is generally used to indicate abnormal termination. This is similar exit in C/C++. Following is the declaration for java.lang.System.exit() method: public static void exit(int status) exit(0) : Generally used to indicate successful termination. exit(1) or exit(-1) or any other non-zero value – Generally indicates unsuccessful termination. Note : This method does not return any value.
Views: 292 Shreyansh jain
Fatal error Call to undefined function mysql connect()
Fatal error Call to undefined function mysql_connect()
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Day 1 Part 3: Introductory Intel x86: Architecture, Assembly, Applications
The class materials are available at http://www.OpenSecurityTraining.info/IntroX86.html Follow us on Twitter for class news @OpenSecTraining. The playlist for this class is here: http://bit.ly/IILMeN The full quality video can be downloaded at http://archive.org/details/opensecuritytraining Intel processors have been a major force in personal computing for more than 30 years. An understanding of low level computing mechanisms used in Intel chips as taught in this course by Xeno Kovah serves as a foundation upon which to better understand other hardware, as well as many technical specialties such as reverse engineering, compiler design, operating system design, code optimization, and vulnerability exploitation. 25% of the time will be spent bootstrapping knowledge of fully OS-independent aspects of Intel architecture. 50% will be spent learning Windows tools and analysis of simple programs. The final 25% of time will be spent learning Linux tools for analysis. This class serves as a foundation for the follow on Intermediate level x86 class. It teaches the basic concepts and describes the hardware that assembly code deals with. It also goes over many of the most common assembly instructions. Although x86 has hundreds of special purpose instructions, students will be shown it is possible to read most programs by knowing only around 20-30 instructions and their variations. The instructor-led lab work will include: * Stepping through a small program and watching the changes to the stack at each instruction (push, pop, call, ret (return), mov) * Stepping through a slightly more complicated program (adds lea(load effective address), add, sub) * Understanding the correspondence between C and assembly control transfer mechanisms (e.g. goto in C == jmp in ams) * Understanding conditional control flow and how loops are translated from C to asm(conditional jumps, jge(jump greater than or equal), jle(jump less than or equal), ja(jump above), cmp (compare), test, etc) * Boolean logic (and, or, xor, not) * Logical and Arithmetic bit shift instructions and the cases where each would be used (shl (logical shift left), shr (logical shift right), sal (arithmetic shift left), sar(arithmetic shift right)) * Signed and unsigned multiplication and division * Special one instruction loops and how C functions like memset or memcpy can be implemented in one instruction plus setup (rep stos (repeat store to string), rep mov (repeat mov) * Misc instructions like leave and nop (no operation) * Running examples in the Visual Studio debugger on Windows and the Gnu Debugger (GDB) on Linux * The famous "binary bomb" lab from the Carnegie Mellon University computer architecture class, which requires the student to do basic reverse engineering to progress through the different phases of the bomb giving the correct input to avoid it "blowing up". This will be an independent activity. Knowledge of this material is a prerequisite for future classes such as Intermediate x86 (playlist:http://bit.ly/HIaD4O) , Rootkits(playlist:http://bit.ly/HLkPVG), Exploits, and Introduction to Reverse Engineering.
Views: 28197 Open SecurityTraining
Java (Netbeans) Tutorial 4 (Using If Condition)
This video explains the concept of if statement in Java and how to make programs using if checking conditions.
Views: 214 Anjali Luthra
Intro to Node-RED: Part 3 Advanced Nodes
Node-RED Tutorial Part 3. In this beginner's guide to Node-RED you'll learn how to use some of more advanced nodes to build a clean, powerful Node-RED application. Opto 22's Terry Orchard will explain: - Function nodes - Access Persistent Variable - JSON - Link nodes - Exec nodes - JavaScript Learn more at http://developer.opto22.com http://workshops.opto22.com http://www.opto22.com https://nodered.org https://help.github.com
Views: 33453 Opto Video
Db2 SQL Tutorial 18 - Constraints
Read the Blog: https://www.calebcurry.com/blogs/db2/intro-to-db2 Get Db2: http://bit.ly/FreeDb2 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Support me! http://www.patreon.com/calebcurry Subscribe to my newsletter: http://bit.ly/JoinCCNewsletter Donate!: http://bit.ly/DonateCTVM2. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Additional Links~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ More content: http://CalebCurry.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CalebTheVideoMaker Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CalebTheVideoMaker2 Twitter: http://twitter.com/calebCurry Amazing Web Hosting - http://bit.ly/ccbluehost (The best web hosting for a cheap price!)
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Creating a cover letter for a resume
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