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Gackt Secret garden English
Gackt's song "secret garden" sung by: ??? I found the audio on "songbuddy" and to my suprise it wasn't in japanese. Thought i'd upload it with the video to have more effect. Enjoy!
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Gackt - 02 Secret Garden (Rebirth 2001)
lyric: garasu no naka ni uita boku no hitomi wa tada... kimi o miteta yasashisa no kakera mo mienai kurikaesareru shingou ga kuchimoto ni dake ai o kataritsuzuke boku wa karadajuu ni meguru puragu o hazushi kono ashi de mou ichido dake kono sora o mita yume no naka de hirogaru sekai wa ///the last secret garden/// mou kimi no naka de kieteshimau kedo wasurenaide... boku no na dake wa yugamitsukeru toki no hazama de senaka ni sashita naifu o tsubasa ni mitate sora o aogitsuzuke boku no karadajuu o meguru kioku no baitai subete o yakitsukusu tame kimi dake o mita... ude no naka de hirogaru sekai wa ///the last secret garden/// mou kimi no naka de kieteshimau nara wasurenaide... dakishimeta koto o sotto me o tojite hikari o saegireba ii yume o mitai no nara "demo mou kizuiteiru yo..." ookiku ude o furiageta kimi no subete o yume no naka de hirogaru sekai wa ///the last secret garden/// mou kimi no naka de kieteshimau kedo wasurenaide... boku no na dake o ude no naka de hirogaru sekai wa ///the last secret garden/// kimi dake o mita kimi dake o _________________________________________ english translation: My eyes, floating in glass, only ever Looked at you As lips, which never showed a semblance of kindness, Continued to speak of love repetitively I tore out the plugs running from my body Stood with my own legs once more And looked up at the sky The world that expands inside of dreams is . . . the last secret garden I'm going to disappear from inside of you, but just don't forget My name In this distorted world The knife that stabbed me in the back gives me wings And I keep looking at the sky In order to burn away the memories Running through my body I only looked at you . . . The world that expands inside your arms is . . . the last secret garden I'm going to disappear from inside of you, but just don't forget The things that you embraced Softly close your eyes If you want to dream Let the light fade "But . . . theyÂ've already noticed . . . " You, your waving hand, your everything The world that expands inside of dreams is . . . the last secret garden I'm going to disappear from inside of you, but just don't forget My name The world that expands inside your arms is . . . the last secret garden I only looked at you Only you __________________________________________ german translation: Auf dem Glas sahen meine Augen einfach, auf dich. Ich kann auch die Fragmente der Freundlichkeit nicht sehen. Die wechselnden Signale. Nur der Mund spricht weiter von Liebe. Ich ziehe die Stecker, die durch meinen ganzen Körper laufen. Nur auf diesen Beinen, sah ich noch einmal die Realität. Die Welt die sich in meinen Träumen entfaltet ist ///the last secret garden///. Schon bin ich in deinem Innersten verschwunden, vergiss nicht? Nur mein Name... In einer Lücke sich ewig drehender Zeit. Das Messer in meinem Rücken verleiht mir Flügel. Ich sehe weiter zum Himmel auf, um die Bilder der Erinnerung, die durch meinen Körper kreisen zu verbrennen, sah ich nur dich an. Die Welt in deinen Armen ist ///the last secret garden///. Wenn ich in dir schon verschwunden sein sollte, vergiss nicht... Das was du umarmt hast... Schließe sanft die Augen. Es ist gut, wenn du das Licht abhältst, wenn du die Träume sehen willst. ?Aber sie haben es schon bemerkt?. All dein Können, das du zeigst. Die Welt in deinen Armen ist ///the last secret garden///. Wenn ich in dir schon verschwunden sein sollte, vergiss nicht... Nur meinen Namen... Die Welt in deinen Armen ist ///the last secret garden///. Und ich habe nur dich angesehen. Nur dich.
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GACKT - Secret Garden PV (SUB ITA)
Gackt - Secret garden pv Sub ita
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Gackt - Secret Garden Translation/ Interpretation
This video is a dedication to Gackt's musical brilliancy. Song starts at 3:00 If anyone ever tried to translate Secret Garden, or in fact any of his songs, he/she will know how difficult it is. Because every word he sings is loaded with emotion. And as any emotion, there are many interpretations. Me and my friend both tried to look for the deeper meaning behind his words. As some may already have noticed, especially watching his pv, this song is not about romance, even though it can be perfectly interpreted in that way (this video is an example of that), but also, about the hardships in people's life. In the pv we see a very crowded bus as a setting for this song. And we see various people, old, young, poor, handicapped, prostitutes, thiefs, ect all being portrayed doing their thing in life. I think what gackt wants us to reach, is our own secret garden. Where we are in peace and in harmony, even though it is not easy in the world we live in. However, The interpretation we did for this song, is focussed entirely on romance. Because that's the thing with his songs, the kanji and words he uses are so poetic, it can mean just about anything when seen in a certain light. However we found it amazing that we could adapt the whole song to a romance level. Usually the romance level is what most see, but I want you to also realise that this song is so much more than that. You can look up various interpretations online about the more deeper meaning. As I mentioned before, his lyrics are very complicated, so we listened to the song over and over and over again, trying to see which words he emphasises and which emotion he tried to portray in that specific moment. Take for example the part where he sings "subeteすべて" meaning "everything" in english. To our ears, "everything" was not enough. There was more passion hidden in the way he sung it, so we made it "just everything" the "just" showing the desperation, the depth of which he loves everything about her. So really, listen carefully and you notice just how colored his music is. The man can give any word a thousand interpretations just by the way he can lay emotion in his voice. Anyway enough of that! The last thing I wanted to mention is the way we translated. As you may know the english and japanese language have reverse sentence structures. So it would mean we had to translate backwards. However! We purposefully (with one exception) did not do this. We tried to play with the sentences over and over again so we got a translation that came sentence-wise, as close to the japanese as we possibly could. So all these elements made up for this video and translation. I hope you guys enjoy it, and hey, tell us what you thought!
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Gackt | 6th Day 7th Night - Secret Garden (+ Rus subs)
6th Day 7th Night - Secret Garden
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Gackt - Secret Garden [The Sixth Day & Seventh Night]
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GACKT-TV_MusicStation_08.12.2000_talk+SecretGarden.[ENG SUB]
Также с рус.сабом http://youtu.be/DGGf3-YapY0
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GACKT - TV Music Station 08.12.2000 talk SecretGarden [RUS SUB]
Also with engsub http://youtu.be/LfEf7ByfQ9Y
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Gackt 6D7N - Part 3 [Secret Garden & Lu:na]
The Sixth Day & Seventh Night 2004 tour. The choreography in Lu:na = wow.
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Gackt - Secret Garden (Instrumental)
Secret Garden, intstrumental. It's getting really hard to find new pictures of Gackt now XD Anyway, enjoy! Disclaimer: I do not own this song, Gackt does. No copyright wrong intended.
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Gackt - Secret Garden (lots of pics!)
A slideshow of the Japanese singer Gackt and his awesomeness! Here you'll find: Pictures of Gackt being absolutely gorgeous. Pictures of Gackt being silly. Pictures of Gackt with things in his mouth. Pictures of Gackt as prince charming. Pictures of Gackt as a gothic angel sent from the gods. Pictures of Gackt playing Jenga! Pictures of Gackt sleeping. Pictures of Gackt with no shirt on! Pictures of Gackt....wet.... Pictures of Gackt that make you wanna jump on him! Pictures of Gackt melting your heart! and more!
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Gackt Rebirth Full Album
00:00 4th, 03:30 Secret Garden 08:15 Maria 12:40 Uncontrol 16:53 Sekirei 21:05 Kalmia 26:05 Sayonara 30:14 Marmalade 34:25 Papa lapped a pap lopped (Unplugged) 37:25 Seven 41:33 Kimi no tame ni dekiru Koto
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Gackt - Secret Garden
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Secret Garden by Gackt
Secret Garden by Gackt
Gackt - Secret Garden (Instrumental) (With Karaoke)
I don't remember were I get the effect
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Gackt-Making of Secret Garden
this is the making of secret garden^^ Gackt is so sexy =)
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Gackt - Making of Secret Garden [60fps]
Gackt behind the scenes playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfa97Hd52wd4H1RNso1j4lbQlgGZ8M0SS The early Gackt Making of videos are from a VHS source originally and the original encodes are old, so the quality is not as good as later DVD releases.
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Gackt - Secret Garden
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GACKT Dooms Day live sub Eng
lyrics from moon-struck and lyricmania
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gackt fragrance live (subtitled)
My favorite Gackt song performed live
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Gackt - Secret Garden
Gackto fan video. Enjoy !!!
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Tribute to Gackt - Secret Garden from your Dears
This is a cover song we did with a couple of people in 2005 to send to Gackt. 5 CD's were eventually sent to Gackt. You can now hear the song and watch some pix of my Gackt collection and my Gackt madness. The following people collaborated on the song: aeonblue3 - guitars Sisilaya - chorus vocals Joost - instruments, lyrics, verse vocals Midori - website, cover art Caspar - postproduction
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GACKT - LU:NA English sub
Gackt Training Days 2006 Drug Party
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this is a fan video
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Fma in the secret garden...of DEATH!!
My very first real AMV with music from Gackt (Secret Garden) and Full metal Alchemist!
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Gackt - Secret Garden [Legendado - ExUnited]
http://japann-music.blogspot.com.br https://www.facebook.com/JMusic-Brasil-1322271264503197/ http://unitedlegendas.blogspot.com.br/
Secret Garden (Lyrics)
I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE CONTENTS IN THIS VIDEO! This is my first Final Fantasy "only" video. My 49th AMV uses the song "Secret Garden" by Gackt. And the video footage is from Final Fantasy Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, and Last Order. Enjoy.
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Final Fantasy Tribute: "Secret Garden"
A tribute to FF couples..
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Gackt - The Making of Secret Garden
Gackt - The Making of Secret Garden pv
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The last secret garden
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Sephiroth vs genisis
sephiroth vs genisis gackt secret garden gackt and genisis same person
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Gackt  SecretGarden  歌ってみた
Gackt Secret Garden ガクト シークレットガーデン gackt secret garden vocal cover
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Gackt / Secret Garden ~ カラオケ by Yuuki
最近、同い年だと知りました(笑)。Gacktさん今もかっこいいですよね! 私のボクシングの師匠が、Gacktさんのトレーニングを目の前で見た事があるそうなのですが、格闘技.の腕前も素人のレベルじゃないって言ってました。 http://yuuki20120509.blog.fc2.com/
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Gackt - Last Secret Garden (Genesis Vs Sephiroth)
This is something I've wanted to refresh since it was made several years ago. English translation are of my interpretation of Gackt's song, since it's open to speculation. I wanted to test my new video editing software as well, so I figured it would have been best to try something simple first. ✧ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SliceTyphoon ✧ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/slicetyphoon
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Secret Garden/GACKT ドラム Drum
GACKTさんの名曲Secret Gardenのドラムパートです。
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【Cover】 GACKT Secret Garden Illustration+Song by hidden
hidden(ヒドゥン)と申します。 有り難い事に海外の方から熱烈なリクエストを頂き、 GACKTさんの「Secret Garden」を歌ってみました。 いつものようにイラストも自作しました。 まだまだ拙い部分が目立ちますがよろしければ聴いてやってください。 この度はリクエストありがとうございました! Thank you for the request! ※御本人以外が歌う事を許せないという方は視聴されない事をおすすめ致します。
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Gackt   Birdcage ENG SUB
Gackt - Birdcage ENG SUB
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Cloud and Tifa's Secret Garden
I love this couple x x
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GACKT 「 Secret Garden 」[vocal cover]
Hey guys ♥ ~ I know it's been a long time but... yeh. But yes, I'm back with a NEW COVER, new new new ! I spent some hours training with this song and record it + some hours to mix it, this part is so long... I hope you'll like it as well ♥ HAVE A GOOD TIME ! ;) I DON'T OWN ANYTHING BUT MY VOICE. I hope you guys enjoy my voice, my music and my cover :) Please, subscribe, comment and tell me your advice ! Thanks for listening ♥ Follow me on Twitter : https://twitter.com/Pika382
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Secret Garden
Secret garden es uno de los mejores videos de Gackt
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Wolfs Rain - Secret Garden (Wolf soul)
AMV Wolfs Rain about wolf soul
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Gackt & Hyde - FanVid
Hello~! This Vid is made on my own, it´s my first...therefore be not too hard. I am nevertheless proud before...although some pictures are not so good. Have Fun~! ^^ Mata ne -Haido- PS: Song Gackt "Secret Garden" PPS: My english is very bad...
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【GACKT】 ARROW (English Subtitles) 【MV HD】
So this is GACKT's new single and since I couldn't find a subbed version of it yet, neither one in HD, I decided to make one. Enjoy :) I really like the feeling of this song, it's closer to his older songs and style than the most of his other newer songs. //PS: Did you know that GACKT announced a new world tour for 2016? So to all the fans outside of Japan, including me, keep yourself updated! //PSPS: Yes I know the whispered part isn't subbed but I can't speak Japanese yet so I didn't understand what was said where. So for those who don't want to click on the translation link here is that part again: (UPDATE: I think I fixed it now, hope my ears let me do the right timing for that part) (ware wa omae dake ni toki wa shinai yo warera onaji hi ni shinu koto de arou mata kitto kitto deaeru sa) (You are the one I will never let go of We will die on the same day We will surely, surely meet again) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Song: GACKT Translation: http://radiantbutterfly.tumblr.com/po... (It's not guaranteed that this translation is right to 100% but it's the best one I've seen so far. So a big thanks to the translator. I own nothing but the subtitles.
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Gackt - Cube English Subtitles!!!
One of Gackt's best!! Enjoy! I saw that no one had posted an english subbed version of this awsome song so, i thought i would do it myself x Love Camui Gackto x x x Camui Gackto
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Black Stone - GACKT lyrics (English + Romaji)
I got the translation and lyrics from : www.senshigakuen.com/translations/lyrics/gackt/black_stone.htm ~ Feel free to subscribe and check the other videos I made. I'll be making videos like this constantly. Enjoy~
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