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Home Parties and Demonstrations Made Easy
www.youravon.com/milagrosgarcia or www.builditbignow.com Have you ever thought about doing parties and product demonstrations? Did you book parties and had no results. This video will help you start your parties again without much preparation. It only takes calling a customer ahead of time so they can invite a few friends. Do you want to earn $200, $500, $1000 or $2500 every 2 weeks? Set your goal, practice and have fun. Replace a full time job with just 5 demonstrations a day. This is also very duplicatable for anyone of your team to do. Play this video at your meetings and interact with your team to share their own ideas. Don't forget to subscribe to our channel Avonwings.
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How I booked 9 parties in 15 minutes!
========Connect with Me ========= Subscribe @ YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/user/thompsonstotes My Website – www.thompsonstotes.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/samanthathompsonsells31 Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/sjthompson31 Twitter - https://twitter.com/SJThompson31 Pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/thompsonstotes/
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VLOG: boyf is home, organizing my makeup, parties & more l Olivia Jade
i hope you enjoy this random vlog where my boyf comes home, i organize my makeup, go to a fun benefit cosmetics party and more!! SUBSCRIBE :) : http://bit.ly/28OjzqA I LOVE YOU TO INFINITY AND WAYYYYY BEYOND THAT ! ♥ if you would like, follow me on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/oliviagiannulli ♥if you would like, follow me on instagram: http://www.instagram.com/oliviajade ♥add me on snapchat!: oliviajade3 ♥ if you are a company interested in working with me, or want me to review your product, feel free to email me at - [email protected] this video is not sponsored!
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Arbonne Reviews - [MUST WATCH] Make Sales Without Home Parties
Arbonne Reviews - http://kimtarr.com/arbonnetraining If you are serious about succeeding on the net, which I'm assuming you happen to be since you are watching this video recording, then you've got to master lead generation. That way irrespective of what opportunity you become a part of in the future, you will have the knowledge and skills to generate sales and earn money. If you do not have prospects signing up each and every day, then your business certainly won't grow. If your company isn't expanding then you will not make a penny. If you decide to stick with me, I am going to coach you on the easiest method to sell anything at all on the internet. This is vital! I have been in 4 mlm's that decided to do away with the network marketing branch from their company. Can you imagine how agonizing it is to miss out on a regular source of income? The first time this happened, I had just quit my corporate job and additionally got my children out of daycare. YAY! And then 3 months down the line the company I worked with decided to get rid of their representatives. That hurts! There was no income coming in the door. We found out that my hubby had cancer a couple of months later. This was without doubt a heart breaking year for our family. I really wanted to succeed online, so the only thing I needed to do was figure out how to pull it off; aside from that I truly didn't have any choice. Desperate to learn, I bought a video and blogging course and it was the absolute best money I'd ever invested. I didn't have a plan B. My determination to reach my goals became the most important element. Watch this Arbonne Reviews online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDMXaoFUuUo You have to speak about yourself when marketing on the internet. Allowing your viewers to know that you're a reputable, authentic person and giving them some personal information about you is a primary key. The services you are promoting should take second place to communicating and connecting with like minded people. They're more likely to welcome you as someone they like and join your team, if they really feel an association with you. There isn't any correct or incorrect, try to be yourself and you'll attract far more well matched men and women. You have to ask yourself. Get your Arbonne Reviews training here: http://kimtarr.com/arbonnetraining Arbonne Reviews
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Selling Scentsy Without Doing Home Parties! Independent Scentsy Consultant
Say what?! We are in the party business, right?! Yes. Our business runs perfectly doing home parties, but summertime and home parties can be a challenge. You are busy and so are your customers! So here are some fun and out of the box ideas to keeping your Scentsy business running during the summer months! Jacqui Duran - Independent Scentsy Consultant. Expand caption & scroll down for more - ★MESSAGE: http://facebook.com/jacqui.meltingpot ★ E-MAIL: [email protected]★Income Disclosure: http://bit.ly/duranincomedisclosure ★INSTAGRAM & SNAPCHAT: jduran1313 ✿ Like it? Place an order! ✿ http://TheMeltingPot.scentsy.us ✿ Want it all? Join my team! ✿ http://TheMeltingPot.scentsy.us/join ✿ Join my VIP Group! ✿ http://bit.ly/jacquiVIPs
Jeunesse Home Party Training   Instantly Ageless Parties
earn how to build your Jeunesse business by hosting home parties. In this live Hangout training you'll learn how to invite people to your home party, how to set the environment, how to conduct the home party, how to demo the Jeunesse product including Instantly Ageless, and how to sign up new customer and members.
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How To Do Facial Spa Home Parties
This was done a while ago, and some of the products are no longer around, but it's still similar to what I still do, just with different products. The key is getting products on people and helping them feel pampered and relaxed. We want them to enjoy the party and have it really feel like an experience. The more products they experience the better. Want some more information about spa parties, Perfectly Posh, Posh ingredients or products or are you ready to start a lucrative Perfectly Posh business? I'm ready to help you! Visit one of these links: * Subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/PoshChannel * SHOP natural-based pampering products! https://ConnieJo.Po.sh * PERKS Rewards: Get 250 Perks for free! http://bit.ly/YourPerks * JOIN my team! http://bit.ly/PoshBiz * VIEW the Posh ingredients! http://bit.ly/PoshIngredients * Request a sample: http://bit.ly/PinchofPosh Find me online too: * Subscribe to my YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/PoshChannel * SHOP natural-based pampering products! https://ConnieJo.Po.sh * PERKS Rewards: Get 250 Perks for free! http://bit.ly/YourPerks * JOIN my team! http://bit.ly/PoshBiz * VIEW the Posh ingredients! http://bit.ly/PoshIngredients * Request a sample: http://bit.ly/PinchofPosh Find me online too: VIP Group: http://bit.ly/PoshVIPGroup Facebook Fanpage: http://bit.ly/PoshFanPage Instagram: http://bit.ly/CoJoInstagram Twitter: http://bit.ly/CoJoTwitter Pinterest: http://bit.ly/CoJoPins
Open houses and Home Parties.
We are ready for holiday selling with new products to demonstrate to our customers and our team. We loving the bold jewerly. It's perfect for the parties and the season. Product knowledge is importart. Our customers come to see what's new to shop their gifts during the holidays. Open houses are very duplicatible. We show our team how to showcase the products that they like so that they can have their customers shop with them instead of department stores. I hope our videos continue to help you increase your earnings. Subscribe to our channel and share our videos to help other representatives have a successful business.
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Facebook & In-Home Parties
Facebook & In-Home Parties
How To Book Direct Sales Parties Without Booking Parties
I know, the topic doesn't make sense. But it's my simple tip to booking lots of appointments to have success without begging people to have parties for you. As a Pink Cadillac Driving Direct Sales Leader for a top cosmetic company, Michelle (and her son Brady) are passionate about sharing their super simple tips for success to others in the industry. Check this out! We have a new website at: www.MichelleCunninghamOnline.com Send us a message there! We LOVE hearing from you! Curious about joining direct sales or the company I work for? Reach out to me by text anytime: 440-973-6423 or find me on my website: www.MichelleCunninghamOnline.com. I would love to answer questions! Click Here to Subscribe to get more videos from Michelle and Brady in your inbox once a week: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=directsalesmichelle Make sure to sign up to receive our weekly emails from MichelleCunninghamOnline.com. On our channel you will get tons of our simple tips for success in YOUR direct sales business. We will showcase tons of fun direct sales training on selling, booking, coaching, overcoming shyness and simple scripts and conversations for success. Want our videos emailed to you once a week? Visit our site to sign up on the home page: www.MichelleCunninghamOnline.com To all of your dreams coming true... Brady and Michelle
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2 ways to do in-person Color Street parties
Discover TWO mind-blowing ways to do Color Street parties with Michelle Albright & Rebecca Hoffman. Follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/kellifrance
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Make money from home - No Recruiting, Selling and No Home Parties
Work from home with Arise Virtual Solutions. If you are not making money in Network Marketing start working from home and earn as much money as you are willing to work for. 1099 NO W-2...Subscribe to channel for more about the Fortune 500 companies hiring at home customer support specialist and even more information on site www.diamondhousevirtualservices.com
My favorite  (and funniest) icebreaker game for home parties!
If you're looking for a way to get your guests laughing and having fun to start off your home party, this is it!
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Products To Sell From Home Parties
http://www.123marketingtips.com - Products To Sell From Home Parties - Here's some lucrative pointers from my experience. I wanted to keep this talk on "products to sell from home parties" as basic and simple as possible yet still at the same time detailed so you can leave this video knowing how things work and why to consider other things over some old school methods. You'll learn how to attract people to you using processes and much more. Well I really do hope you liked this talk on products to sell from home parties. If you would like to learn the skills needed for building a massive business from home online for any opportunity head over to my site if you did like what you hear.
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5 Tips For Amazing Facebook Parties
Moving cross-country definitely pushed me to offer better service for my customers who were thousands of miles away & thats when Facebook parties really took off for me. Here are my top 5 tips to help make your direct sales Facebook parties better! 1. Hostess coaching 2. Inviting less is actually more 3. Personal, purposeful content 4. Use Google Forms for taking orders 5. VIDEO sells! ★ Like it? Place an order! http://order.kimberlypulito.com ★ Love it? Host a party! http://party.kimberlypulito.com ★ Want it all? Join my team! http://join.kimberlypulito.com ★ Have a question? http://info.kimberlypulito.com ★ Become a Scentsy VIP: http://vip.kimberlypulito.com *SOCIAL MEDIA PLETHORA* Facebook: http://facebook.kimberlypulito.com Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/kimberly.pulito Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/kimberlypulito Google+: https://plus.google.com/+kimberlypulito Instagram: http://instagram.com/kimberly.pulito Tumblr: http://wicklesskimberly.tumblr.com/ Periscope: http://www.periscope.tv/kimberlypulito
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Partylite | How To Make Daily Sales in Partylite, Without Home Parties.
Partylite http://DavidEmil.com/pl Click to get FREE Daily Partylite Training & Intro Video for the system I use to sponsor reps daily... Click Above NOW! Partylite -- Secret Strategies to Become a Top Earner You're reading this either as somebody who is considering joining Partylite given you have a scalable and predictable system to market it, or you're already in and you're not getting the results you desire because you don't have the former. If you want Partylite to pay you like a business and create a new lifestyle for you and your family, you're going to have to learn to market like a real business. If your idea of marketing is making a list of 200 friends, family, & associates who want nothing to do with making 30 dials a day and going to 2 networking events a week, well I'm glad you landed here. That is the old direct sales slavery model. If you learn the marketing strategy congruent with your personality, have the right system to train you, & the best platform to execute it, you can have strangers enroll with you online daily, and only call new teammates...like I do. Partylite -- Secret Strategy I. -- Know Your Target Market, Solve Their Problems, Build a List of Raving Fans. Most likely the person who sponsored you into Partylite or whatever business you join, well tell you to go after successful people, especially business owners, friends and family who love candles, maybe even networkers. Lets narrow it down for you. Forget the product users (1 producer = 1o,ooo product users). You are looking for those who play your sport; other people in direct sales, network marketing, or affiliate marketing. The biggest mistake I see people make here is immediately pitching them your business. The definition of an entrepreneur is somebody who solves problems for a profit. You want to be 'the connector' in their eyes; the person who connects them to the solutions to the problems they all face: more qualified leads, more sales, more enrollments...& less time on the phone. The way you do this is by giving them info training products, proven in the marketplace to solve these problems (and use them yourself), that pay you high referral commissions on. You do it with an email autoresponder that they subscribe to. If you have a system like the one you can click on below, most of the emails are pre-written for you by copywriters, & the system will do the selling and build the trusting relationship. This way, you create a bunch of raving fans who see you as the connector, you monetize the relationship on the front end, and many will ask you about what business you're in on the back end. That's when you show them Partylite. Lets be honest; 90% aren't ready now and probably will never join you in Partylite, so why leave that money on the table? This system will show you how to do it on a platform set up for you....& give you 100% commissions: Partylite -- Secret Strategy II. -- The Marketing Strategy that Suits You Best The successful people you seek to bring into your Partylite team, inside our industry and out, are not looking to tack on another 2 hours on the phone each day. In many cases, they are looking for an asset to fund with paid marketing. You require the training system and platform that will train each of these types of people where they're at. If the way you're marketing Partylite isn't attractive, nobody is going to want to do what you're doing. Did you know that for every talent, skill, & passion, exists a congruent and proven strategy to market? You want the Partylite strategy YOU choose to feel natural. It should spark your creative side. I used to make 35 calls a day, go to a networking event each week, & sponsor 1 person a week. Now that I've learned to market, I enroll reps and customers daily, & only really get on the phone with people who've already joined me. THAT is a qualified conversation! ; ) By the way; if you don't have a personal blog, you're basically invisible online in our industry, and you lack credibility. Here is a fully customizable blog, with capture form, Facebook commenter, & all the bells n' whistles for $25...definitely the best out there as you build Partylite... http://DavidEmil.com/pl You absolutely need an attractive way to market Partylite or nobody is going want to join you because they think what you're doing sucks. I look forward to working with you to make sure your marketing doesn't suck and you become a top recruiter in the next 90 days. Its possible that fast with leverage ; ) To Your Vision, David PS - In addition to using attractive marketing, you have to get new reps paid in the first 30 days or they'll go search for someone else who can get them Partylite+100% Commissions: http://DavidEmil.com/pl https://plus.google.com/u/0/112487332049263754977/posts/awmkkpbVVXX http://youtu.be/cVoxMMN6iV0
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BEST TEXTING INVITES: Direct Sales Home Parties
Direct Sellers and Network Marketers: We have a NEW Direct Sales CD System that will change your life at DirectSalesRocks.com. This video: The most amazing invitation app ever. It’s free and amazingly simple to use!! And then, Brady and Alyssa show you their favorite jump moves!! As recovering shy person, Michelle Cunningham is now a leader for a top direct sales team in the nation. Her passion is showing others how to achieve success without bothering people. Leading a Direct sales team that spans 40 states, her passion is the success of everyone on her team! Check out our awesome, fun website: Www.michellecunninghamonline.com Visit: Directsalesrocks.com for more info on our NEW lead generating system! Need to reach Michelle about direct sales? Michelle would love to work closely with YOU and have you join her record breaking team. [email protected] Text Message: 860-463-5843 (24/7) You can text this number to reach Michelle’s Office. We respond to all texts in the order received. LOVE hearing from you!
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Exciting Fresh New Way To Build Thirty-one Without Home Parties
Still building Thirty-one with home parties? Build Thirty-One online just as I showed you in the video by clicking here - http://marketingwithjake.com/Thirty-one/?t=ytthirty-one One of the main challenges when you are building your thirty-one business is that your time is very limited when you are doing solely home parties. As you have found out, you can only do so many home parties per week so your personal production capabilities as far as personal product sales and recruiting is capped. If you want to be able to exponentially increase your recruiting and bags sales then you need to find a way to expose your thirty-one catalog to an unlimited number of interested prospects without you personally having to physically do so. This is the main advantage of online in addition to building it offline with home parties where you show off the bags and give out catalog. You see, you can post a video demonstrating some of the latest thirty-one bags and have it play over and over for people and it doesn't require you to do anything. When it is done they can just click on the link and purchase it without you having to be there. You just need to know how to get people in front of your videos. That's what I will show you how to do here... http://marketingwithjake.com/Thirty-one/?t=ytthirty-one 1:00 Thirty-one | Goal of Thirty-one home party 2:38 Thirty-one | Ways to build Thirty-One online 3:17 Thirty-one | Selling thirty-one products on YouTube Find out how to build it online here - http://marketingwithjake.com/Thirty-one/?t=ytthirty-one Here are some more tips for building your thirty-one business... Creating A Stronger Network With Thirty-one Thirty-one may sound difficult, conjuring images of complex social networking combined with all the pitfalls of marketing, but in reality, it has been practiced for many years. Perhaps the simplest form of Thirty-one is the insurance industry, which uses independent agents to reach potential customers. This content of this article, will familiarize you with Thirty-one and get you started in its practice. You must work as a team and make sure you to help your Thirty-one downline or the people under you. It is important that you portion your time in a balanced manner with the people that are on your Thirty-one team. This promotes unity and confidence, and your team is more likely to succeed. Do not make the recruiting of new Thirty-one consultants a personal thing. This means do not help your friends join the program and ignore the other customers. Act like a professional and consider selling Thirty-one similar to selling the Thirty-one bags and catalog. Maintain a character of honesty and integrity when promoting Thirty-one. If your potential leads see you as someone they can trust, they are more likely to want to invest in Thirty-one and their bags. Making yourself likable and trustworthy will make it much easier to turn a cold market into a warm lead, and from there into a contact. Your Thirty-one success is surprisingly dependent upon being positive. Without a positive attitude and excitement about your Thirty one bags or when you hand out your Thirty one catalog, the referrals and clients will not join. Listen to your prospective Thirty-one clients carefully. Let them tell you what they want, instead of trying to convince them that they want what you are offering. This way, you can tailor your Thirty-one marketing efforts to their specific needs, and you're more likely to turn a potential Thirty-one bags customer into a Thirty-one consultant. Although it may seem a daunting task, Thirty-one can provide you with the ability to reach thousands of prospective clients through the use of a framework of independent representatives. Thirty-one has existed in the business world for many years, and now, by applying the advice in this article, you can use it to further your business, as well. The creator of this video may receive financial compensation for actions resulting from this Thirty-one video. Subscribe to my Channel - http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MarketingWithJake Visit my YouTube Channel - http://www.youtube.com/user/MarketingWithJake
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How I do my Jamberry home parties!
Intimidated at the thought of doing a whole official direct sales presentation? Then don't! Just "play" with the products! My parties average over $600 with this strategy!
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Younique House parties - top tips
Younique House parties - top tips Vanity Flair video training on house parties. Get the most out of the night! Follow me on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/lianne.Anderson82 Buy products here: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/vanityflair/products/landing Join my company here: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/vanityflair/business/presenterinfo#.VmGtrLfhDIU
Silpada Designer Silver Jewelry Home Parties Party Catalog Representative  Terri Lawson Knoxville TN
Silpada Designer Silver Jewelry Home Parties Party Catalog Representative -Terri Lawson Knoxville TN Every piece of Silpada Jewelry is inspired by fashion runways, handcrafted by artisans, and designed with today's chic, modern woman in mind. Silpada is committed to offering the highest quality, which is why our Sterling Silver pieces come with a lifetime guarantee. Slipped also offers an opportunity to work from home, part-time or full-time. Contact me today to purchase, be a hostess or start your business!
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Successful Scentsy Home Parties Part 1
Watch this video to learn how to prepare and format your home parties to result in a huge success!
In this video, I'll show you the psychology behind Tupperware among other Selling Parties - and how they manipulate you into buying their products. Although in this Video Tupperware Parties were used to explain the psychological mechanisms behind most home selling parties you can find additional information about the success of the Tupperware Brands Corp here: https://www.tradingview.com/chart/TUP/
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Unique Home Selling Parties
The Gold Refinery offers the opportunity to host one-of-a-kind home selling parties. The kind of party with nothing to sell and the only party in town paying out instant cash for old, broken, mismatched, and unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry. Learn more at: http://www.thegoldrefinery.com/host-a-gold-party-book-my-sell-your-gold-home-parties/
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Scentsy Home Parties: Tips & Tricks
A walk through of how I do parties, what I take, and games I play! My guaranteed easy peasy party format! * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * - Call or Text Me: (574)354-0183 - BUY! http://www.dawngetswaxy.com - HOST! http://host.dawngetswaxy.com - JOIN! http://join.dawngetswaxy.com - Find me on social media: @dawngetswaxy | Search or share: #dawngetswaxy - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DawnGetsWaxyBiz - YouTube: http://youtube.dawngetswaxy.com
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Fun games for in home parties!
Here are some games to do :)
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Avon Home Parties
Avon Home Parties
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Selling Without Doing Home Parties!
Summer parties made easy for you and your hosts!! Jacqui Duran - Independent Scentsy Consultant. Expand caption & scroll down for more - ★MESSAGE: http://facebook.com/jacqui.meltingpot ★ E-MAIL: [email protected]★Income Disclosure: http://bit.ly/duranincomedisclosure ★INSTAGRAM & SNAPCHAT: jduran1313 ✿ Like it? Place an order! ✿ http://TheMeltingPot.scentsy.us ✿ Want it all? Join my team! ✿ http://TheMeltingPot.scentsy.us/join ✿ Join my VIP Group! ✿ http://bit.ly/jacquiVIPs
http://www.yarivgai.com/ jewelry parties at home Tips on Hosting Successful Jewelry Parties at Home One of the most profitable and enjoyable ways of selling your jewelry would be by organizing jewelry parties at home. These give you a unique platform where it is only you and your potential clients and you have the unique opportunity to impress and score some impressive jewelry sales while winning over life-long customers. They really work for many direct sales jewelry companies. With jewelry home parties, you have a one of a kind focus group of buyers who love shopping and like urging each other on to buy fine things. In this case, they have only one buyer to choose from. However, that alone does not close the deal. How you organize the parties and present your jewelry will determine whether you will score some good sales or if your clients will simply walk off without buying your jewelry. Jewelry home parties can be organized in a very short time-frame and without elaborate planning and budget but the return on the investment can be tremendous. A few hours of partying can result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in jewelry sales. Unlike trade shows or various other events, you don’t have to pay a commission or booth fees. If well organized, you can get your guests relaxed and fairly comfortable with you that they will be willing to purchase now and in the future. You will be able to develop the trust that is key to successful business transactions. When buyers are comfortable and relaxed without the pressure selling that they are used to in the stores, they can indulge more into your product offerings and become lifelong clients that you can always rely on to make your business sustainable. Organizing Jewelry Home Parties You can do it on your own or use the services of jewelry party companies that can help you make it a success. You can even put up the parties every week while holding onto your regular day job. You only need a few hours to prepare and the party will also take only a few hours. Considering you are going to score a few sales as well as long term direct sales networks, it is a small time commitment that is certainly worth it. Here are some simple tips on how to organize the most successful jewelry parties at home:- • Go for open house format parties: These generally put guests at ease. Set up a booth and work up the party to make your guests comfortable. Be talkative and create time for all guests to explain the jewelry. Make sure you include lots of refreshments. It shouldn’t be a big expense. • Setup in advance: Setting a jewelry home party shouldn’t take you hours so it is important to do it in advance before the party begins. • Make it a cash and carry: Instead of just displaying samples and fulfilling orders later on, make the jewelry available so that your guests can take them home. • Talk about yourself and business: Try to be as open as possible. Talk about yourself, your passion for jewelry and how you entered the business. Talk about the jewelry, the sources, the craftsmanship and other useful information that will make your clients learn more about your pieces. • Allow multiple payment options: Give your customers lots of options to make payments including cash, credit cards, PayPal, checks etc. People shopping with credit cards tend to spend more. • Incorporate bright lighting: Bright lighting that creates the right ambiance is going to lead to better sales for your jewelry. Pick good natural light bulbs or standing lamps that will create the right lighting ambiance. • Wear some pieces of your fine jewelry or have your party hostess wear them. • Have an economy gift selections area where guests can pick bargains. • Ensure every jewelry piece has an attractive gift wrap. You can request some of these from their jewelry brand that you are buying from wholesale. Take your jewelry business to the next level with Yariv Gai’s informational eBook products and professional consultation services. For more information, check out http://www.yarivgai.com/
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Do I HAVE to do home parties?? #DirectSales #Parties #Upsell
Why home parties are so important, and how to make the most of them by up-selling!
Are home parties dead?
Direct Selling Expert, Belinda Ellsworth, answers 3 common questions... 1) Are home parties dead? 2) I'm successful online with recruiting, but I can't seem to get my team members to stick with it. How can I get them to work the business? 3) I'm a seasoned consultant who has had success with parties, but I'm overwhelmed with social media. How can I learn to attract the younger generation online? For training and resources, join our free community at http://www.directsellingnow.biz Belinda Ellsworth Step Into Success
Direct Sales Home Parties - Are They Necessary to Make Money At Home
http://www.freedomwithholly.com/truescience/?=ythomeparties Connect with me on facebook: http://www.fb.com/freedomwithholly Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/freedomwithhollygreen Direct Sales Home Parties - Are They Necessary to Make Money At Home? I went to my first home party tonight.. and decided.. I just will never do a home party, and I discovered tonight, they aren't necessary to make money at home. You don't have to chase your friends and family to make money at home. Plus most of these companies have commissions that go from 25%-50% When you are making a decision on what you should do to make extra money from home, you have to look at a few factors: - Do you want a way to be able to make money without chasing your friends and family? - Do you want to create time freedom so you aren't glued to parties as a the main way to make money? - Would you like to make 100% commissions that are residual month in and month out? If you answered yes to one or more of these, I want you to click this link and learn about the system I use that will help you with all of that and teach you the science to making money at home: http://www.freedomwithhollly.com/truescience/?=ythomeparty Direct Sales Home Parties Home Parties younique home parties jamberry home parties Make Money at Home make money at home with your computer make money at home online ways to make money at home
Social Selling and Home Parties
Call or text Jamel +61466-984-938 visit: http://www.teamgday.com/index.html Ladies and Gents... introducing Saveur, new addition to the Youngevity Family ! #YGYID #Saveur #Youngevity - facebook live presentation here: https://www.facebook.com/1228179820/videos/10213555517302126 - (if you have been referred by another distributor by sharing, we will honour the referral. Otherwise we would love to have you on board as a customer or distributor).
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Matchbox Dice Booking Game for Your Direct Sales Parties
This idea came from an idea I saw on Deb Bixler's blog! I just took it and adapted and made it my own. If you're looking for bookings at your next direct sales party, THIS is the game you want to play at the party! #party #directsales #bookinggame #31 #31bag #31bags #thirtyone #thirtyonegifts #booking #games #dicegame
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ELEPHAS Portable Video Projector for Home Cinema, Entertainment, Gaming, Outdoor Parties
Welcome to Mer Product Reviews! If you would like me to review your product, contact me at [email protected] To View or Purchase Product: https://www.amazon.com/Projector-ELEPHAS-Portable-Entertainment-Mutimedia/dp/B01GNLY3CK/ My Written Review This is a portable projector- it is small enough that you can definitely move it around easily and use in different places but it is large enough that it still has nice built-in speakers. The product comes with a handy remote control, but also has all of those buttons on the top of the projector as well which is really nice, should you happen to lose the control or if you are sitting in close proximity to the projector itself and just want to control from the box. When you initially plug this in the lights will come on and blink for a few seconds. When they turn solid this means that it is ready to be turned on. When you turn on it will warm up for a few seconds more before the lamp comes on. The main menu screen offers quick access to the following: Movie, music, photo, text, USB, SD card, Source, Settings. The built-in speakers really puts out some good sound. You can also plug this into a sound system or additional speakers but it is great to have a quick setup where you just play with the projector itself. You could use this projector in a lot of different ways. You could mount this on the ceiling upside down and you are able to flip the picture. This could definitely be used in a home cinema room. You could easily take this outside to project a movie onto the side of your house or a movie screen and hook up to some louder speakers if you are going to have a large crowd or be sitting far away from the box. You could pull this out anywhere in your house and use as a TV replacement to do gaming or watch movies, etc. You can use this to display photos for friends that come to visit or you could easily hook this up to a laptop or tablet to project a PowerPoint presentation- this is great to move around at work. You can easily put this in a room where you don’t have a TV and plug in a Chromecast to it so you can access any kind of media and stream to it. We like to hook our x-box up to this or hook up our laptop to play jack box games as a family or with friends for a party. It’s awesome that we could do this in any room in our house or even take it outside when it is night time. We even took this camping with us- we have a room separator in our tent that we projected the image on and were able to watch movies with the kids as we were going to bed. This projector is awesome and so versatile! Let’s talk about the picture. It is vibrant, bright and clear in dark lighting. The light is not bright enough to get a super bright picture with lights on or tons of daylight streaming in. We have used this during the middle of the day in a bright room with the curtains drawn and it has been just great- the curtains did have black-out quality. This would be ideal for a room without windows or a room with black-out curtains to use any time of the day. At night time, with the lights off you can put it anywhere. We don’t have a screen for ours yet but have been able to just display on a plain white wall and it looks great. It my demonstration video we are projecting onto an off white wall that has a bit of gray/brown in the paint color and the wall is also textured. We still get a nice picture. You can easily adjust the angle in which the projector sits and you have dials to adjust the focus and zoom. All picture and color quality can be adjusted through the settings as well. There is no lag or blur in the picture and it is a crisp picture that works great with videos, pictures, presentations or even gaming. Various Connections and Capabilities • VGA Connection • HDMI • USB in • USB out- you can actually charge devices through this • SD card slot • Audio Video (comes with a connections cord for that) • Headphone jack- for private listening Probably the only thing that it doesn’t have is wireless but you could really plug in wireless to this- there are ways around that. Do I love this projector? Yes I do! I am so pleased with this purchase- this is a great buy for all that you can do with it. It is high quality, versatile and fantastic. Please see my video for a product demonstration. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.
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Keep my number on "file" game for your Scentsy home parties!
Use this simple, fun and quick game during your home party presentation to get your contact info stored in your customers phones for easy reording in the future!
Home Parties
Halley Martinez Jamberry Nails Founding Executive IG: @halley_loujah FB: facebook.com/jamberryhalley SHOP HERE: halleymartinez.jamberrynails.com
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In home demos and lauch parties for SeneGence and LipSense
Are you wanting a great way to earn discounts...in home demo parties are fun, easy, and will provide the opportunity to try many new products. If you sign up to be a distributor, this is also what you can look forward to for your launch party helping you complete your first sales and orders :) Follow me at: Facebook Group: Everlasting Lips with Lauren Lucille https://www.facebook.com/groups/Everlastinglipswithlaurenlucille/ Instagram: @everlasting.lips.with.lauren https://www.instagram.com/everlasting.lips.with.lauren/ Email: [email protected] SeneSite: https://www.senegence.com/SeneSite/Home.aspx
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In home parties, the easy way!
Here is a video for how I do my in home parties, the easy way! You want to make the parties duplicatable! So make it easy, make it fun! Remember you can adapt this to any company as long as you have a brochure or catalog :)
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TIP for Younique Parties - Online or Home
Check out my website and blog for more details... http://www.beautibyela.com/ Whether it be an Online or Home Parties... are you taking full advantage of the opportunity to connect with customers?!?
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Sexy Shades of Summer! New Products Fantasia Home Parties
Make summertime your playtime! Hot new bedroom toys and accessories that will sure to add another 'personal chapter in your shade of grey! For more details, visit our website for complete product description and how you can host your Summer Shade of Gray Fantasia Home Party! http://www.fantasiahomeparties.com
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Booking LipSense Parties - Easy Ways to Fill Your Calendar
How to easily book LipSense parties. When I run my parties, I always have a post that tells my partygoers that the first three people to message me will earn a free lip color. This often times create a sense of urgency and I will get several people messaging me asking to host. If the party is a little bit more quiet, I will tag my hostess and ask her to tell me her experience hosting a Lipsense Facebook party. She will always give raving reviews about the party, saying things like " this was the easiest party to do! So much fun! Amy was so easy to work with! And who doesn't love getting a free color?! " I sometimes will also send her a PM asking her who does she think would be good as a hostess. Sometimes she will contact those girls and put a little bug in their ear or sometimes I can mention something to them at check out. The other way I get parties booked it is at check out, I always offer my customers the opportunity to host. I will say something like " I can see you really love these colors! What do you think about earning one for free by hosting a Facebook party?" Often times they will say yes to this. Sometimes they will have objections. When they have objections, it becomes my job to help them work past them. Here are some of the objections I hear the most. The first one is I am too busy to have a party or it takes too much time. I have to explain two girls that my parties only take a total of 60 minutes over the course of five days. Most people do not realize that the time commitment is so minimal. Once I explain this that often changes things. I also have people who tell me they are traveling a lot and not able to host a party. I tell them that the kinds of parties that I do are easily run from their phone and on the go. The third objection I hear is they want to try the product before they book a party. Absolutely! I want them to have tried the product before hosting a party. But here's what I tell them, I suggest that let's go ahead and get a party on the books and what's they get their product in the mail they will love it, but if they do not, we don't have to hold the party. But I emphasize to them that they will love it! Most people feel like they are off the hook when they know this. I also make sure that I book my parties 2 to 3 weeks out. When I am booking parties I offer my hostess 2 to 3 dates to choose from. This is my calendar that I am trying to fill out and I give the options.
Scentsy Selling Without Home Parties!  Independent Scentsy Consultant
What if I told you that you could effectively work your Scentsy business without doing home parties?  You totally CAN!!  This week I'm talking all about working your business around busy schedules, busy lives, busy Summers, busy everything!  No excuses - you can work your Scentsy business even with a very busy life!   Jacqui Duran - Independent Scentsy Consultant. Expand caption & scroll down for more - ★MESSAGE: http://facebook.com/jacqui.meltingpot ★ E-MAIL: [email protected]★Income Disclosure: http://bit.ly/duranincomedisclosure ★INSTAGRAM & SNAPCHAT: jduran1313 ✿ Like it? Place an order! ✿ http://TheMeltingPot.scentsy.us ✿ Want it all? Join my team! ✿ http://TheMeltingPot.scentsy.us/join ✿ Join my VIP Group! ✿ http://bit.ly/jacquiVIPs
Scentsy:  Selling without doing Home Parties
Do you have to do home parties to be successful? Here I discuss opportunities to succeed with Scentsy in other ways. Interested in becoming a Scentsy consultant? Request info at http://ldnwicklesscandles.co.uk/christine-Jolley Connect with me at: http://Facebook.com/christinejolleywicklesscandles http://Pinterest.com/cmjolley35 http://ldnwicklesscandles.co.uk Http://twitter.com/ldnwickless
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How to Book Parties for your Home Party Sales Business - Video 3
http://www.howtobookparties.com, Need to book more parties for your network marketing, home party sales, party plan, or home based business? This training will teach you how to fill your calendar!
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Aren't Party Plan? How to Have Home Parties in Direct Sales
If you aren't in a party plan company and want to try having parties in your direct sales business to sell and recruit more, here is a simple way to start. Before I decided to start selling Park Lane Jewelry, I was in a direct sales company that did not have a party plan sales model in place. I knew though that home parties were a great way to grow my warm market and get more customers and recruits. In this quick video I explain what I did before I joined my party plan company that worked for me. If this video is helpful to you please share it with others. If you would like to connect with me on social media: Business Page: www.facebook.com/PLJulieHoffman Group: www.facebook.com/groups/JewelryVIPs Personal Page: www.facebook.com/JulieLeeHoffman Instagram: @julieleehoffman If you are looking to buy or sell Park Lane Jewelry, please visit my website or contact me. www.myparklane.com/JulieHoffman
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