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Magic Numbers
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Magic Number - Intro to Java Programming
This video is part of an online course, Intro to Java Programming. Check out the course here: https://www.udacity.com/course/cs046.
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Magic Number In C
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Magic Number - Intro to Java Programming
This video is part of an online course, Intro to Java Programming. Check out the course here: https://www.udacity.com/course/cs046.
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Magic & Automorphic  Number programs
instagram link https://www.instagram.com/conceptclarity/
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Smelly code and Magic Numbers
Code Smells — issues with the style of your code that makes your code harder to read, understand, and maintain. They are super common, especially in student code. So, this is the first in a series of videos about code smells. Hope it helps you produce better code. Today's smell: Magic numbers. In short, don't stick numerical constants throughout your code unless it's painfully obvious what they do and your code wouldn't be easier to maintain with a symbolic representation (variable, macro, etc). About me: I'm a computer scientist, researcher, teacher, and Internet of Things enthusiast. I teach systems and networking courses at Clemson University. I lead the PERSIST research lab. More about me and what I do: https://people.cs.clemson.edu/~jsorber/ http://persist.cs.clemson.edu/
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C# 206 - Magic Number بالعربية (Dr. ANTF)
If Else Conditions. Problem 3 To download tutorial programs & for our complete tutorials visit: http://www.antf.net
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Magic Numbers: A Visual Basic Project by sTdwares
A VB6 Project from sTdwares. You Guess a Number and the Magic Numbers reveals the Secret Number. A Project by sTdwares. Contact www.sTdwares.com for more...
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Number Magic Game in C Programming Language with source code
This video is for number magic game. This number magic game is in C programming language. This is not a big magic it's a simple mathematical trick. For more information please watch this video. Source code are available on this link: https://prabhatcodez.blogspot.in/2016/11/number-magic-game-in-c-programming.html
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Programming Problem #2 - Magic Squares (Novice/Intermediate)
Programming Problems & Solutions #2! In this weeks problem I will be showing a novice/intermediate problem called Magic Squares. This is a fairly popular problem in computer science and programming. There are many different solutions to this but only a few are efficient. I will be walking you through my solution step by step and focusing on matrixes/2d arrays/2d lists as these are the key to solving problems like this one. Think you have a better solution than me? Leave a comment down below with it or a link to it and I will be sure to check it out and shout you out in my next video! My Solutions: https://goo.gl/eKWNzR Want To Support This Channel? Bitcoin: 1PbkAYLFaJBgjbKn2ptGyBz65xWN8hJgBU Ethereum: 0xdd42dbbdba60f7163fc7a840e189474b6e8bfcad Ripple: rD4arM9CVjQWqi8f1kxdpCgkCgEkqBgtud Please leave a LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content! Tags: - Tech - Tech With Tim - Crypto - Programming - Coding - Pygame - Python Tutorials - Solving Problems - Coding Problems - Think like a computer scientest - Programming Problems for Begginers - Programming Problems and Solutions - Programming Problems - Train your brain
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How write Square root program in c programming language
In this video we can discuss about how to find Square root in c programming language
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Gold Magic 800 - Level 2 - developed using the Ring programming language in 24 hours
Gold Magic 800 - Level 2 - developed using the Ring programming language in 24 hours
Happy number programming
This video tutorial will teach you, how to write happy number code in c# but the logic is same for other languages like c,java etc.
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Java Programming Tutorial - 26 - Random Number Generator
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Replace Magic Number With Symbolic Constant
A screencast of one of Martin Fowler's refactoring patterns from the series called Organizing Data.
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Learn Python Programming - 23 - Square Number (Exercise)
Problem -- https://trinket.io/python/b01462adf1 Solution -- https://trinket.io/python/c29ee08905 Enroll in Course -- http://cleverprogrammer.to/enroll How to write a function that takes in one input and returns its sum? ... ... ★☆★ LIVE 1-ON-1 CODING SESSION: ★☆★ https://goo.gl/rXohFR ★☆★ FREE Lesson 1: The Most Important Thing For a Successful Programmer★☆★ https://goo.gl/LwgTHk Enroll for coding exercises, projects, tutorials, and courses... http://cleverprogrammer.to/enroll ------------------------------------ Clever Programmer Website ► http://cleverprogrammer.to/enroll Facebook ► http://cleverprogrammer.to/facebook Twitter ► http://cleverprogrammer.to/twitter Instagram ► http://cleverprogrammer.to/instagram YouTube ► https://www.youtube.com/c/CleverProgr... Snapchat ► Rafeh1 ... Github (Code) ► http://cleverprogrammer.to/github
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Manifest Abundance Music⎪Nikola Tesla Pyramid Universe Magic Numbers of Manifestation 369⎪Solfeggio
Manifest Abundance Music Nikola Tesla Pyramid Universe Magic Numbers of Manifestation 369 Solfeggio NO HEADPHONES VERSION ♡VOLUME: ☯ During Meditation volume should be between 40% - 60% ☯ During Sleep volume should be between 30% - 40% ♡HOW TO USE THIS BASICALLY: ☯ Follow your own intuition ☯ Listen while meditating or sleep (Seating or Lying down) ☯ Listen 15 min minimum daily for 7 Days minimum ☯ Best listened with reasonable Headphones or Earbuds ☯ Observe your breath naturally to become mindless ☯ After mindless to become the Flow State (Soul State) ☯ Let Yourself Go ♡Spiritual Diet (My Self Experience Path): ♡for Awakening Ascension Awareness Activation: ☯ Drink 1 US gal / 4l Pure Water daily (only drink this water in your life) (Distilled Water made at home on glass jar) ☯ Raw Vegan Diet (Vegetables and Fruits) ☯ Raw Juices made on Wheatgrass Manual Juice Extractor (BL-30) ☯ Meditations ☯ Mudras ☯ Yoga, Tai-Chi or any other activity where it involves the present moment of now which is pure Divine contemplation ☯ Darkroom Meditation ♡Be Aware:. This is a New Series of Music made as an: Ambient New Age Music: Inspired by jean Michel Jarre Contains a Binaural Beats in which I consider to use: Any type of Headphones for a perfect audible experience (Reasonable Headset or Earbuds) Left ear 432 Hz and Right ear 436 Hz creating a Binaural Beats effect of: ☯ 4.0 Hz Bridge Between Theta and Delta Enkephalins, Extrasensory perception; Astral Projection, Telepathy, "Seduction mindset"; Catecholamines, Vital for memory & learning, respond at around 4 hz. Subconscious Problem Solving/ Full Memory Scanning (if one can manage to stay awake); Associated with object naming, an important aspect of memory; "Those who suffer from Chronic Fatigue exhaust very easily. When moved to 4 hz these individuals showed marked improvement in the length of time between the occurrence of exhaustion after certain exercises were completed." 🙏☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎🙏 Frequency Range Headphones at least: 20hz - 20’000hz) This Music has been tuned to A4 = 432 Hz and 30 Bpm 432 Hz Resonates with all the 7 Chakras and Universe Oneness it features: ☯ 432 Hz Universe Resonance ► Vibration Tuning Frequency Music ☯ 963 Hz Return To Oneness ► Frequency ☯ 639 Hz Re-Connecting Relationships ► Frequency ☯ 396 Hz Liberating Guilt & Fear ► Frequency ☯ 40 Hz Brain's Operating System ► Frequency ☯ 4 hz Bridge Between Theta and Delta ► Binaural Beats ☯ New Age Music ♡ Intent: Manifest Abundance⎪Pyramid Numbers Manifestation 369 ▲ Links: ⬊ List of Frequencies: http://lunarsight.com/freq ⬊ About Solfeggio Miracle Tones: https://attunedvibrations.com/ ⬊ About 432 Hz & 728 Hz: http://www.crystalblueent.com/ ⬊ About Secret Healing Tones: http://www.solfeggiotones.com/ ⬊ About Mudra: http://www.azulfit.com/hand-mudras-power-and-meaning/ 🙏☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎🙏 My channel is all about pure ascension, so i take all observations into account and always with my wisdom, knowledge and experience, I recreate who i really am and share with the Oneness. 🙏☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎🙏 ONLINE MUSIC STORE: http://www.waaotv.com NOW AVAILABLE iTunes/ Apple Store, Shazam, Google Play, Deezer, etc LOKOS TV NOW MEDITATION DMT ENERGY MANIFESTATION BODY | MIND | SPIRIT | ENLIGHTENMENT UNCONSCIOUS | SUBCONSCIOUS | CONSCIOUSNESS AWAKENING | ASCENSION | AWARENESS | ACTIVATION SPIRITUAL UNIVERSE VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY ENERGY UNCONDITIONAL FORGIVENESS | ACCEPTANCE | LOVE AWAKENING THE GOD WITHIN YOU EXTREMELY POWERFUL 🙏☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎☀︎🙏 Our Goal is to achieve the UNCONDITIONAL GRATEFULNESS FOR EXISTENCE WELCOME TO THE INFINITE PROCESS OF CREATION MANIFEST DMT LOKOS TV NOW MEDITATION SUBSCRIBE BY CLICKING THE BELL ETERNAL ONENESS NAMASTE ◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎◎
Eiffel Style - Magic Numbers
Style and coding guidelines for Eiffel and the handling or removing of Magic Numbers using constants.
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Magic Square in C programming
This tutorial will help you to make a magic square using c programming language.
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Garage Door Opener - Universal Remote - Easy How to Program
In This Video, I show you the simple steps to firstly reset your garage door remote and then show you how to program it. Simple step by step garage remote how to guide.
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Top 10 Programming Pitfalls | Bad Habits to Avoid
Top 10 newbie bad habits to avoid for programmers and software developers. Improve your programming practices early by following these tips. 1. Using Global Variables and Magic Numbers. 2. Writing all the code at once. 3. Not Using Descriptive Variable and Function Names 4. Not Commenting Your Code 5. Over-complicating your code. 6. Excessively long and convoluted Functions. 7. Not Modularizing and Reusing Code 8. Using Copy and Paste 9. Reinventing the Wheel 10. Not understanding critical Tools like Debuggers and Version Control.
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Java Programming with Eclipse lesson 5 - Generating random numbers
In this tutorial we learn how to generate a random decimal number between 0 and 1, we then learn how to convert it to a random integer between 1 and 6, similar to rolling a die.
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Computer Programming for Beginners | Counting binary | Ep4
To find out how we convert a base 10 number like 125 to a binary base 2 number to [ 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 ] then we need to understand primary numbers, why they are so special and how bits actually represent primary numbers. Programming 101 course: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGC-hHIh7l5s6Spz86OT1u0A7kvQH-2B0 This tutorial is brought to you by http://www.avelx.co.uk/ - Coding tutorials to help you grow.
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C++ Programming Challenge: Lo Shu Magic Square Part 1  (C++ 2d arrays, C++ loops, C++ functions)
C++ Programming Challenge: Lo Shu Magic Square Part 1 (C++ 2d arrays, C++ loops, C++ functions) In this tutorial we'll set up a function that randomly selects numbers 1-9 and assigns them to a C++ array. Create an app that randomly chooses numbers 1-9 and evaluates if the result is a 3x3 Lo Shu Magic Square. Learning to code? Follow my C++ tutorials for beginners. I do a lot of C++ programming challenges and C++ projects as part of my homework - every day! If you are learning to program, nothing beats solving real programming exercises and coding challenges. So don't forget to subscribe, as I release new programming videos every day! DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE: http://www.codinghomework.com/?p=968
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How to find square root | without using sqrt |sqrt() function||in programming ||by programs magic
Hi... Friends welcome to progrms_mgic?. :- Subscribe to our channel and hit the bell 🔔🔔🔔 icon to get video updates. Subscribe:- http://bit.ly/2FeUXGq in this video we are learn How to find square root without using sqrt() function and how to find square root. IN C PROGRAMMING AND C++ PROGRAMMING a very important video for programmer why because. all thing understand in the video. we are learn today what is inside sqrt() function,c language,c++ language and how to coding in c. inside sqrt() function. you want to learn to watch the full video and fully understand. some secret of sqrt(); function, and fully explain in this video how to work sqrt() function, and which type of code inside of sqrt function. How to find the square root, in c language, and c++ language THIS VIDEO has SO long BECAUSE IN THIS VIDEO two programs first the program name is How to find the square root, and how to find the square root using sqrt() function .c language and ,c++ programming And the second program name is # How to find square root without using sqrt() function, and HOW TO FIND SQUARE ROOT WITHOUT USING SQRT() sqrt FUNCTION all information and fully easily explained with 100% understandable in video so first watch a video, are you want to best programmer so watch this video,
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Solving Magic Square using Functional Programming -- HaskellRank Ep.12
Forming a Magic Square: https://www.hackerrank.com/challenges/magic-square-forming/problem Support: https://www.patreon.com/tsoding Magic Square Party Trick - Numberphile: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQxCnmhqZko
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Palindrome & Neon number program
instagram link https://www.instagram.com/conceptclarity/
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Part 26 - Program to print Pattern with Numbers in C#
This video explains to print pattern with Numbers in C# language but logic is common for any programming language like C,C++,Java,Python etc.
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Programming And The Number 13
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How to add two numbers(HINDI) || Basic programming example||Maths programming 1|by programs magic
hi.. Guys first subscribe now I m programs magic. I am your friend. Today ! we are learning about programming in C/C++ with focus on logic... BASIC C/C++ PROGRAMS FOR MATHS LOGIC TUTORIALS START Here. all maths logic tutorial divided into subpart 1. Addition 2. Multiplication 3. Divition 4. Find area's all Programs 5. And calculations this video very important for beginners in programming and all programmers. because in this video very deeply explaining and fully focus on logic. start learning with programs_magic and have you any problem any dought so fast comment. Contact me ...fast anywhere http://programsmagic.ga facebook inst .....
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Special 2-digit Number Program ICSE 2014 Programming In Java
Watch this java programming youtube video showing a simple program. this java program is run in bluej ide running in windows 10, using java development kit, this online video presents a very interesing topic and also shows how to write, compile and run a java program, java being an object oriented language is easy to learn. this problem is a part of last 10 years solved problems in our channel. This channel is managed by a group of advanced coders having more than 8 years of coding experience in various real time programming platforms such as Arduino, Android, Windows PC, Windows tablet, Web server, Website Development, Hacking and Security etc. We upload new videos whenever we get some time out of our daily busy schedule. Subscribe to us by clicking on the link at the bottom for some really interesting stuff. We provide help to programmers in latest technologies: java, C, C++, python, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, PHP, WAMP server, Apache, nginx, Eclipse, Netbeans, Visual Studio, Arduino IDE, Borland turbo c++, Bluej, Android studio, Eclipse with ADT, DBMS, SQL, We use OOP (Object Oriented Programming) concept to implement most of the programs so that they become easy for beginners. viewers are requested to put their feedback in comments section. Subscribe Here: http://bit.ly/subapkaguruji Music: www.bensound.com
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Text and Numbers - Intro to Java Programming
This video is part of an online course, Intro to Java Programming. Check out the course here: https://www.udacity.com/course/cs046.
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C++ Programming Challenge: Lo Shu Magic Square Part 2 (C++ 2d arrays, C++ loops, C++ functions)
C++ Programming Challenge: Lo Shu Magic Square Part 2 (C++ 2d arrays, C++ loops, C++ functions) We continue to build our program and create functions that assign the numbers to a C++ d2 array and displays our magic square on the grid. Create an app that randomly chooses numbers 1-9 and evaluates if the result is a 3x3 Lo Shu Magic Square. Learning to code? Follow my C++ tutorials for beginners. I do a lot of C++ programming challenges and C++ projects as part of my homework - every day! If you are learning to program, nothing beats solving real programming exercises and coding challenges. So don't forget to subscribe, as I release new programming videos every day! DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE: http://www.codinghomework.com/?p=973
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Random Numbers - Intro to Java Programming
This video is part of an online course, Intro to Java Programming. Check out the course here: https://www.udacity.com/course/cs046.
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Algorithms: Bit Manipulation
Learn about bit manipulation. This video is a part of HackerRank's Cracking The Coding Interview Tutorial with Gayle Laakmann McDowell. http://www.hackerrank.com/domains/tutorials/cracking-the-coding-interview?utm_source=video&utm_medium=youtube&utm_campaign=ctci
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The Magic Number
Get access to FREE Leadership Tips here: http://www.drjohnizzo.com What if I could tell you that this one number would tell you if you're an ADMIRED LEADER or and ADMIRED COLLEAGUE? Are you curious what the number is? In this 3-minute video, I share with you what I know about the magic number. As it turns out numerous research studies support this simple fact about if you're an admired leader or not. This magic number is mirrored in a Linked In Study, where they asked what are people's biggest pet peeves about your colleagues at work? This magic number, not only applies to your leadership but it's also the secret to long-term happy marriages. In the comments below, I'd like to hear from you. What would you like to do differently? What do you want to keep doing?
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Text and Numbers - Intro to Java Programming
This video is part of an online course, Intro to Java Programming. Check out the course here: https://www.udacity.com/course/cs046.
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Lesson 32: Non-repeating random numbers part 1. Beginning Programming with Visual Studio C++ 2010
Tutorial list: http://iam4eversmart88.blogspot.com/2011/02/blog-post.html Shows you the logic on how to write a non-repeating random numbers (source code in next tutorial) You can ask me questions that i was not clear on and i will answer ASAP. Please provide complements and likes if the vid was good OR constructive criticism if they could be better or just flat out suck. I WILL edit or remake videos if they are horrible in certain areas or if they just flat-out suck and will take your feedback into consideration.
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1 Trick to Solve any Programming Problem! Why you can’t Solve your Coding problem?
A trick to Solve any Programming Problem! Why you can’t Solve your Coding problem? Every programmer tries to solve a problem. From the beginner who doesn’t know how to create a Fibonacci series to the expert who can’t figure out how to create a neural network that separates images. So is there a secret that can help you solve problems? Do you want to learn Programming Languages in Udemy with our unique way (using animation, digital pen and actual programming)? You can use these Coupons to get the lowest price possible. PYTHON ($9.99) https://www.udemy.com/learn-programming-in-python-with-the-power-of-animation/?couponCode=YOUTUBE C++ ($9.99) https://www.udemy.com/learn-programming-in-cpp/?couponCode=YOUTUBE JAVA ($9.99) https://www.udemy.com/learn-programming-in-java/?couponCode=YOUTUBE When you finally learn the basic commands in a programming language you will understand that the difficult part of Coding is not how to write loops and “if statements” but how to solve problems. The general idea is to communicate with a computer in order to create a step by step process that does a specific task. The art of solving a problem in computer science involves various different tips and tricks and more importantly to actually practice a lot by solving many problems. I know two types of programmers. Number 1 The HERO CODERS, who as soon as they are assigned a problem they start solving it immediately without any thoughts or any hesitation. What? this is not possible! Believe me, I have seen it with my own eyes. Ok, and the results? The results are not so good. Some of them start to write a bunch of commands but after 10 minutes stop trying and start the design of the algorithm. Other ones create the whole algorithm and as a result (yes, you guessed it) they give up during the debugging process. Number 2 are the conservative programmers. Many of the software engineers try to give some thought to the problem. What is the fastest way to create the code or the most optimized solution? This is actually a good idea and helps a lot, but how can we take this general idea and transform it into a strategy that is robust and can be used in any problem? Philosophy Behind Coding - PBC Ok, I have a notebook, but how exactly can I use it? Hmm, every problem is different. But I can give you some guidelines in order to start developing your ritual. A very powerful tip is to start writing your problem, again and again, using different conditions. For example, the problem is to create a circle. Start drawing different circles with different radiuses. OHH, but I don’t have a problem with shapes and geometry. Don’t worry, this technique can be applied to almost every problem. Now it is time to start the critical thinking. For example, if you should find the maximum number in an array, you can create a bunch of arrays in parallel and you can try to find the maximum number in every one of them. Oh, before I forget, if you are new in this channel and you didn’t watch the Video “Maximum numbers” from my co-worker, you can find it in the description of this video and in the annotation here. But this is not the only tip. When you finally understand the problem and you start to create an algorithm you can write the solution on the page. What? It doesn’t help at all. No no no, you don’t understand. The main idea is to use the examples that you already write in the previous steps. You will work as the compiler and you will repeat your algorithm again and again. So in this way you can understand if this algorithm actually works!! So now you can start to actually write your code. And during the development of the code, you can go back to these notes in order to have a better understanding of your arrays or your solution in general. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philosophy Behind Coding (PBC) is the perfect place for someone that now try to start a career as a programmer in general, or want to improve the algorithmic way of thinking Subscribe here ;) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKYJJA7nYEu6HfVwmje3YXQ/featured ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow as on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PB_Coding ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Business email: [email protected] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Outro Song: Electric Joy Ride - Origin [NCS Release] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iScT5IfgG-Q BackGround Song: http://www.bensound.com PBC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philosophy Behind Coding (PBC) Keep Coding Guys!
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C++ Programming Challenge: Lo Shu Magic Square Part 3 (C++ 2d arrays, C++ loops, C++ functions)
C++ Programming Challenge: Lo Shu Magic Square Part 3 (C++ 2d arrays, C++ loops, C++ functions) We finish our program by creating more C++ methods, including a test methods that contains our control values. We put everything together and optimize some of the C++ loops. Create an app that randomly chooses numbers 1-9 and evaluates if the result is a 3x3 Lo Shu Magic Square. Learning to code? Follow my C++ tutorials for beginners. I do a lot of C++ programming challenges and C++ projects as part of my homework - every day! If you are learning to program, nothing beats solving real programming exercises and coding challenges. So don't forget to subscribe, as I release new programming videos every day! DOWNLOAD SOURCE CODE: http://www.codinghomework.com/?p=975
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Subconscious Mind Programming: Use The 'Magic Window' Of Opportunity
Subconscious Mind Programming Use The 'Magic Window' Of Opportunity Free: FIVE Cutting-Edge New Creative Visualization MP3s Helps You Attract More Success & Abundance In 5 Days (Or Less). Click here to join: https://www.colinhiles.com/5-day-visualization-challenge-invite Thanks and talk soon, Colin "The Mindset Guy" Hiles http://youtu.be/AyXAQHB3Hng CONNECT WITH ME: Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/colinhiles/ Blog: https://www.colinhiles.com/ GET DAILY INSPIRATION: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ColinHilesMi... Twitter: https://twitter.com/colinhiles
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Faster than a calculator | Arthur Benjamin | TEDxOxford
Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: http://bit.ly/1FAg8hB Benjamin makes numbers dance. In his day job, he's a professor of mathematics at Harvey Mudd College; in his other day job, he's a "Mathemagician," taking the stage to perform high-speed mental calculations, memorisations and other astounding mathematic stunts. It's part of his drive to teach math and mental agility in interesting ways, following in the footsteps of such heroes as Martin Gardner. TEDxOxford is organised by University of Oxford students, aiming to bring together the young minds of tomorrow's world with the movers and shakers of today. TEDxOxford is kindly sponsored by Neptune Investment Management - http://www.neptunefunds.com In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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Magic Reductions - Programming Languages
This video is part of an online course, Programming Languages. Check out the course here: https://www.udacity.com/course/cs262.
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How to calculate square root without using sqrt( ) function in C programming | By Sanjay Gupta
In this video how to calculate square root without using math.h header file and sqrt() function is demonstrated in c programming by sanjay gupta. This video is helpful for school or college students exam and technical interview preparations. Connect With Me! Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SanjayGupta_TechSchool Download App : techimage [Google Play Store] Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/tech.saanjaygupta Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/saanjay.gupta Email ID : [email protected] Website: https://www.techimage.in
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Frogger SFML OOP Tutorial #005 - Removing Magic Numbers and Hard Coded Values
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Coding Challenge #139: Calculating Digits of Pi with Collisions
Happy Pi Day! In this video I attempt to compute the digits of Pi using the "collisions" method, thanks to 3Blue1Brown for the idea! 💻 https://thecodingtrain.com/CodingChallenges/139-pi-collisions.html 💻 https://editor.p5js.org/codingtrain/sketches/4FuKfd-LJ 💻 https://github.com/CodingTrain/Pi-Day-2019 🔗 Playing Pool with Pi: https://www.maths.tcd.ie/~lebed/Galperin.%20Playing%20pool%20with%20pi.pdf 🔗 Elastic collision on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elastic_collision 🔗 Euler Method on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euler_method 🎥 The most unexpected answer to a counting puzzle by 3Blue1Brown: https://youtu.be/HEfHFsfGXjs 🎥 How colliding blocks act like a beam of light...to compute pi by 3Blue1Brown: https://youtu.be/brU5yLm9DZM 🎥 Pi and Bouncing Balls by Numberphile: https://youtu.be/abv4Fz7oNr0 🎥 Patron/Member Live Stream: https://youtu.be/yii2P7WVfNE 🚂 Website: http://thecodingtrain.com/ 💖 Patreon: https://patreon.com/codingtrain 🛒 Store: https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/codingtrain/ 📚 Books: https://www.amazon.com/shop/thecodingtrain 🎥 Coding Challenges: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRqwX-V7Uu6ZiZxtDDRCi6uhfTH4FilpH 🎥 Intro to Programming: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRqwX-V7Uu6Zy51Q-x9tMWIv9cueOFTFA 🔗 p5.js: https://p5js.org 🔗 Processing: https://processing.org #PiDay #HappyPiDay
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