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Magic - War
Lyrics : (*talking*) This organization was built on me What I put together, that no man come in between I am the foundation, and I will weather the storm You don't wanna go to, you don't wanna go to You don't wanna go to war with us You don't wanna go to, you don't wanna go to What... [Chorus] You don't wanna go to war with us My niggas be too dangerous You don't wanna go to war with these Soldier boys we bout it bout it, so nigga please whooa You don't wanna go to war with us My niggas be too dangerous You don't wanna go to war with these You hating my click, well nigga please whooa [Magic] See I'm sick dog, and I rip your lip off, if I get pissed off Or ripped off uh-huh, that's when the shit starts I'm vicious, I didn't get all of my shots When I bite I lock, and I won't let loose until the bones pop And I watch you, until your vital signs stop And walk off in the night, with no worries fuck the cops This shit is real dog, play with us and watch how many pop up In the junk yard scattered round, bodies all chopped up If I flip out, I take a quick flight up out the country Better ask somebody, Mr. Magic he acts a donkey I spit shit that make the average, not stand a chance And I keep spitting until the top dogs, know I'm the man I'm running you back to the streets, go and hustle the corners This time I'm playing for keeps, so I think you wouldn't wanna Four c-notes turn to dimes, and dimes turn to ones Your pockets is getting young son, so [Chorus] [Magic] Close and personal with the sorrow Connected with the, crooked to fire your hips Whole nation regretting, that their punishment raised killas You forget about having this, the game not fair No trusting in one another, when the love not there I promise thug life, niggas control this track Since you niggas twisted the game, we just twisting it back I'm related to hurting, hurting by material praise Settle for less, and let the stress make us forget about better days Have mercy, these demons wouldn't guide us right We come if nobody's trying to make it, to the guiding light I'm a victim of living, pay me what you owe and hate And let me die, with a smiling face Just me and my people thugging forever, we no longer bleed no mo' And who so ever approach us, don't wan breathe no mo' Give a blessing to every nigga, that held us down My people issue in hell right now [Chorus] [Magic] I'm a ridiculous lyricist, you hear the fire in my vocals You can't keep up, and oh well got me some more sales 25 years old, but I'm young and I'm still learning This shit just pours outta me, keep the c.d.s burning Fuck gold, I'm trying to sell a couple of mill If this ain't my year, then somebody is getting killed Excuse my anger, but I feel like I'm being cheated I won't be denied, I refuse to be defeated If we broke we jacking, anything got cash If I can't make it in this rap, y'all better kill my ass Cause I click off knock your dick off, and leave you stuck out If I let you live, then pray nigga cause you been lucked out Ahh I abuse you, and the shadow behind you Beat you both to death, where they mama she couldn't find you And them people that signed you, got to charge it to the game Still the same, ain't a thang changed [Chorus - 1/2]
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Magic - What
White Eyes
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Mr. Magic - 9th ward
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Chyna Whyte & Mr Magic - Blocka Blocka
Chyna Whyte & Mr Magic - Blocka Blocka
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Mr Magic -That's Me
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Mr Magic - So Tired (Ft. Trouble)
From The Album On My Own (2003)
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Mac - War Party ft Magic & D.I.G.(Explicit)
No Limit Records (FREE MAC)
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Grover Washington Jr. - Mister Magic
Grover Washington Jr. Album: Mister Magic (1975) Kudu Records
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Mr. Magic - 9th Ward (Thuggin)
Producer / Mark In Da Dark* Lyrics / I'm from the ninth ward[been there since the day I was born] From the ninth ward[got us coming up like a storm] From the ninth ward[niggas better sound the alarm] Here come the ninth ward,ninth ward hard [magic] Bitch,i was born and raised in the ninth ward So you niggas don't bother me You can say what you may about the ninth ward But I bet you won't follow me 'cross that canal where my niggas dwell You know me well Cause I sold rocks, upon my block Till I was hotter than hell Every nigga down here remember me Nothin' really changed but my gold teeth I'm still that same nigga from my flood street Only difference now is that I'm on my feet And I don't sell dope no mo' Don't rob no mo' Mane a nigga don't plot no mo' Cause I'm performing in shows Shakin' off hoes Smokin' on optimos It'll be a world war 3 f**k with me Now my niggas won't let that ride I'm the only nigga out chere screaming 9th ward So people tryin' to keep me alive Everywhere I go they see the nine on my arm And they swear that I'm in a gang But nigga this is a warning, I'm 'bout my hands Like I'm 'bout them motherf**king thangs I'm trouble starter just like my father He was raised in the nine So if you cut my arm it still tated in my mind No matter millions or which ever the situation might come I'll never forget you niggas Never forget where the f**k I'm from Chorus-2x [magic] You know you could take the nigga out the nine But you can't take the nine out of nigga Pulling capers is my nature I'm addicted to making paper Got my own way of living Bitch I'm from the c-t-c Where niggas roam around looking for beef Killing for free I take this ward shit to heart It's tated on my arm So me and my niggas never part I keep you niggas in my mind For every clucker that I serve For every nigga that I shot For every tourist that I robbed To every God damn rock For every cop that done chased me To the bitches that hate me What have you done for me lately For every neighbor that was peeking at four o'clock in da morn It never helped to lock me up You could've left me alone We learned to improvise on my block Never had a ball We played football wit' a concrete rock Now picture that I could never forget my mission I'm a turn the nine into something bigger that yo' vision Before I'm done the world'll scream
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Disopionted in  war heads 😢😭
Eating war heads with Mr magic
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Grover Washington, Jr.  Mister Magic
Old school is definitely in da house with this classic from 1976. To you young folks out there on Youtube, this is what excellent music is ALL about!!
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Magic - White Eyes [Full Album] Cd Quality
Intro War 0:55 Hustler 5:27 What U Gonna Do 9:59 Creepers 14:15 I'll Be There (feat. Sweety) 17:37 What Up Then (feat. Monique O'Neil & S. Bear) 20:34 Shake a Little Something (feat. Partners-N-Crime & 5th Ward Weebie) 24:00 Fire 28:20 Good Life (feat. 6 Piece) 31:04 What 34:28 With You (feat. Tyron) 37:30 Friday 40:42 Ball Like Us (feat. Suga Bear & Ezell Swang) 44:50 Never Slippin' 48:05 Smoke On 51:03 Forgive Us 54:58 Outro 59:21 White Eyes is the third album released by rapper Magic. It was released on March 18, 2003 through The New No Limit. The album failed to match the success of his previous albums and only made it to #147 on the Billboard 200 and #37 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. This would turn out to be Magic's final album with No Limit Records. Posted By Cory Caudill
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Body Head Bangerz feat Youngbloodz - I Smoke, I Drank (Remix)
Body Head Bangerz (Mr. Magic & Roy Jones Jr.) feat Youngbloodz - I Smoke, I Drank (Remix)
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Amy Winehouse - Mr Magic (lyrics video)
Album: "Frank" (2003) Hidden track in last track "Amy Amy Amy"
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Mr  Magic - What
A great Dirty South Song
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MR. MAGIC MUST BE CRAZY 2011_0001.wmv
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EXCLUSIVE!!! :: Mr Magic :: Like Beeyonce :: Official Music Video
Official music video to the hit song "Like Beeyonce" performed by Mr Magic featuring Level + Young Ready. It is a comical music video sure to make all viewers laugh. Artist: Mr Magic Song: Like Beeyonce Featuring: Level + Young Ready Directed by: Joe Mexican © 2012 Banx Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.
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Mr. Magic This is it (Das war's) Tribute to Michael Jackson HD
http://www.mr-magic.de http://www.facebook.com/Mr.Magic.M.A.B http://soundcloud.com/mr-magic-mab NEW Michael Jackson Germany Tribute-Song
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LEGO HP Magic War (Short-Film)
Herkese merhaba Ata bugünkü videoda kısa bir test yaptım Yeni gelen Harry Potter legoları ile bir dövüş animasyon yaptım umarım beğenmişsinizdir iyi seyirler
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Mac - Bloody ft. Magic
Lyrics : Chorus: [mac/(magic)] Niggas really wanna die tonight You know you fucking with a rider right We can all get bloody if you want to You gotta crew, I gotta crew, so what you wanna do ( what you wanna do nigga) Niggas really wanna die tonight You know you fucking with a rider right We can all get bloody if you want to You gotta crew, I gotta crew, so what you wanna do ( what you wanna do nigga) [mac] Now what y'all mean, niggas on my team, they all about the cream And my enemies, we take it to extreme,to get the green Nahmean, turn the block to a murder scene And I be screaming whoa, in the drop with my nigga wop Runnin from the cop who was trying to meet that quota I'm young and I'm black so they be thinking I'm slanging that baking soda You ain't heard about, nigga from that dirty south, keep a boot in his mouth Bitch everybody yelling bout it, let 'em know what you bout Before you leave your house, cause at night, nigga freaks come out Get the gat with the extra clip cause if you catch us slippin You might be the next to rip, get shot get stab you get cut up strip You boxed up in a ship, thinking niggas on some retaliation tip Then take a trip to the land Where them niggas do the murder man dance on the enemies And fake niggas that pretend to be friends of me, Are the ? ? ? nigga can't fuck with me Won't buck with me the murda murda kill kill for scrilla Cap pilla turned rap dealer chose the style Your style, my style, our style Turn up the beat loud so we can all get wild Chorus [mac] Is your niggas in the air like mine Can they make a m-16 sound like mine? Get hit with a stray from a big ole' k Get up say never die they just walk away Nigga mac got something to say I get to bucking they better get to ducking and it's getting to fucking It's real tell them niggas I'm back, heavy triggers that's fat We got grenades now let a nigga hit you with that You get gutted, throw in them dogs in the mud and get mudded That's what you get when you fuck around with my buddies Murda murda and this shit is so love, man them niggas can't fuck with me Won't buck with me the murda murda kill kill for scrilla Cap pilla turned rap dealer chose the style Your style, my style, our style Turn up the beat loud so we can all get wild Chorus (x2) [magic] So you want to get bloody Fucking with my niggas is like fucking with my money, you think it's funny Twist ya, make your momma miss ya Tell your baby momma bye and tell your kids kiss ya, dismiss ya 45 words that you spoke with your tongue Mac pass the gun and his killing is done You niggas ain't heard, magic from the 9th and mac's from the 3rd You don't want to war with me but you done went far with me Put him in the trunk this punk is dead, I done hit him in his head With a .45 slug, now he coughing up blood I'm a 225 pound nigga rapper slash killer cap pella grave filler So what you wanna do, no limit is my back bone Slap a tank on your back if you say something wrong About the clique I'm with, I'm a sick man Wanna take his 5 grand, I'll leave with your dick in your hand And I'm a grown man, and I'm down with mac So all you so called killers better step back Chorus [magic] Bitch ass niggas y'all don't want to fuck with us We niggas who love this type of shit Bunch of pussy ass motherfucking niggas We the real motherfucking riders ya heard me? Mr. magic and mac down for the 2000 Ain't nothing motherfucking stopping us We tank doggs we can't be motherfucking stopped You motherfucking niggas better listen For ya get your ass wacked ya heard me? Well if it's on it's fucking on
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Mr Magic
9th ward
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12. Magic - Puff Puff
Views: 249650 ShoRRo0909
Gazzle And Mr Magic!!
This is gazzle and magic's thumb war at magics leaving party from sandy bay!
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Mr.Magic-White Eyes
something i was fooling around with
Views: 30050 blackgogeta
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Grover Washington, Jr. - Mister Magic (Full Album) [1975, Jazz/Funk]
I do not own the rights of this music. Tracklist: 00:00 Earth Tones 12:24 Passion Flower 18:00 Mr Magic 27:02 Black Frost
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Magic - Thugs
Lyrics : [magic] Ok, let the fuckin dogs come through ok? Get the fuck out the way man And let the fuckin dogs come through ok? This belongs to us man. We the fuckin thugs. 1 - we thugs What you ain't heard of us, man we motherfuckin murderers Nigga we thugs A million dollars ain't easy to touch Cause us niggaz ain't scared to bust {repeat 1 x4} [magic] I do my best to keep my past in my past, I remember wearing ski masks Running from the taz, busting at they stupid asses Coward fuckin bastards would love to see my wrapped up in plastic With a lock on my casket But ut uh, ain't goin be none of that Yall will see me jump in my black 'llac With the windows down busting back (man here come the fuckin coppers) You think I fuckin worry bitch, I got a fuckin chopper I'm the southerns finest, rewind this And see if your shit can call me your highness You can't find this no where else but the south I love ducking but money is what I'm bout My career is my necessity, who could the best be Shit, man you motherfuckers testing me It's no limit, I leave the war without a motherfucking blemish Bitch I'm a soldier, I walk in the rain and I won't get wet You motherfuckers better give me respect Bitch I'm mr. magic, I thought you knew I was here to cause havoc Don't get mad, cause 2 - i'm a thug What you ain't heard of us, man we motherfuckin murderers Cause I'm a thug A million dollars ain't easy to touch Cause us niggaz ain't scared to bust {repeat 2 x2} [c-murder] There you have it. (there you have it baby.) This has been a mr. magic presentation, ya dig. Brought to you by tru records. Millions and millions respect us, ya dig. Ain't no fakes, ain't no phonies. Nothing but tru motherfucking homies. What's up, what's up p? What's up silkk, what's happening snoop? Magic, doing your thing. You put that fucking ninth ward on the map too. Damn, they goin love you for that boy. This nigga's straight outta new orleans. And guess what. Tru records can't be stopped nigga. What's up?
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DJ Red Alert: 30 Years of "The Bridge is Over"
With BX representer Remy Ma steady throwing shots at NIcki Minaj from Queens, the smell of interborough beef is in the air and hip hop’s competitive juices are flowing. What a time to be alive! The Bronx has a long and proud tradition of legendary MC battles, perhaps none more so than the epic Bridge Wars of the late 1980s, when Boogie Down Productions waged lyrical war on Marley Marl and the Juice Crew. Today happens to be a red letter day in that chapter of hip hop history: the thirtieth anniversary of the release of “The Bridge Is Over.” Three decades ago today DJ Scott LaRock and the Blastmaster KRS-ONE delivered the killing blow over a dancehall-flavored track laid down by Keyboard Money Mike and Ced Gee of Ultramagnetic MCs and the hierarchy of hip hop changed forever. To make sense of this day, Mass Appeal reached out to Kool DJ Red Alert, who actually made a cameo appearance on the record, which he premiered on his groundbreaking 98.7 KISS FM mix show. “It made quite a stir,” Red says with characteristic understatement. The DJ who was instrumental in the breaking countless classic hip hop records and nurturing the careers of Native Tongues acts like The Jungle Brothers and De La Soul, broke down the roots of the conflict, going all the way back to when BDP was known as 12:41. Apparently they brought their record “Success Is The Word” to Mr. Magic who was not trying to play it on his Rap Attack radio show, leaving hard feelings all around. So when Magic’s boys Marley Marl and MC Shan dropped “The Bridge” the members of 12:41, now known as BDP, decided to bust a shot in their direction. The song “South Bronx”—also premiered by Red Alert—set the streets of NYC ablaze and elicited a response from the Juice Crew in the form of “Kill That Noise.” The follow-up to this somewhat lackluster answer track was “The Bridge Is Over” and the rest, as they say, is history. “The whole thing was fun,” Red Alert stresses. “It was all about the microphone and who demolished who.” Listen up ladies! Subscribe to Mass Appeal here: http://goo.gl/LqG3wZ --------------Mass Appeal-------------- Website: http://massappeal.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/massappeal Instagram: http://instagram.com/massappeal Facebook: http://facebook.com/massappeal What started as a humble graffiti ‘zine in 1996 would soon grow to be one of the most trusted outlets for youth-spawned urban culture. Today, Mass Appeal is a media collective led by authentic voices and inspired minds. We are a platform for radical creatives who are transforming culture.
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Mr Magic - Good Lookin Out
Mr. Magic
Views: 53564 theunsane187
What - Mr Magic (R.I.P.)
Cd : White Eyes Song : What Artist: Mr Magic Song Art By CoryCTV Rapper Mr. Magic and Wife Die In Car Crash; No Limit Artists React
Views: 20514 WhenRapWasReal
Who is Mr Magic Love?
Who is Mr Magic Love?
Views: 152 Nefy2007
Mr. Magic - What You Wanna Do?
Mr. Magic "What You Wanna Do?"
Views: 272302 jjcenterprises
How Stardock's Elemental: War of Magic Failed | War Stories | Ars Technica
Brad Wardell, founder of Stardock Corporation, details the difficulties in the development of Elemental: War of Magic, a game that shipped in a largely broken state. A memory error caused the development team to pull features from the game in order to fix the issue, but the concern wasn't resolved by the time the game released. As a result, the original vision for Elemental: War of Magic was never fully realized. Connect with Ars Technica: Visit ArsTechnica.com: http://arstechnica.com Follow Ars Technica on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/arstechnica Follow Ars Technica on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+ArsTechnica/videos Follow Ars Technica on Twitter: https://twitter.com/arstechnica How Stardock's Elemental: War of Magic Failed | War Stories | Ars Technica
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Bun B Ft Mr. Magic - 24's - S.U.C. Thang 17) *2010*
Track 17 - 24's Album - S.U.C. Thang This Sum Of That SLAB Music Foreal!.Hit Me Up On That Myspace At http://www.myspace.com/394664559
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Mr. Magic - Ice on my Wrist
Views: 28504 theunsane187
Grover Washington, Jr. - Mr. Magic (Live)
In honor of black history month for the entire month I will feature some of the greatest black artists in musical history covering different genre's of music. For the next week I will feature music from some of the great jazz legends. As always comments, requests, & suggestions are always welcome. God bless! - Kev Are You Experienced? Check Our My Other Channels. SuperbMusicExp The Superb Full Album Experience PLUS superb random songs. http://www.youtube.com/user/superbmusicexp soulbrothanumbahone The Superb Music Experience http://www.youtube.com/user/soulbrothanumbahone kacobb2 The Superb Soulful Music Experience http://www.youtube.com/user/kacobb2?feature=results_main thejazzcafe1 The Superb Smooth Jazz Experience http://www.youtube.com/user/thejazzcafe1?feature=results_main As always, request are always welcome! Thank you for your time!!! Enjoy!!!!!!!! Kev
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Merk Feat: Mr. Magic (Love My City Official Video)
MERK FEAT: MR. MAGIC (LOVE MY CITY) Produced By: BeatDoctor For Booking E-mail [email protected] Neworlafornia Records and Banx Entertainment www.djro.com www.504magic.com
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Amy Winehouse - Mr. Magic [Subtitulado al Español]
Traducción de "Mr. Magic".
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Merk ft Mr Magic - I Do It 4 Da 9 (Official Music Video)
Merk The Lyrical Tantrum take us on a visual journey thru New Orleans Ninth Ward. Beat Doctor turns up the temperature on the track as Merk pack it with lyrical heat backed by the Late Great Mr.Magic to make another 9th Ward Classic. Everybody had a chance to rep for the city but now its Merciless Merk turn! Film & Edited Saddi @understream Written & Performed By: Merk Produced By Beat Doctor Beat Doctor Music Group Follow on instagram @ merk9thward
Views: 18057 Merk 9
R.I.P. Magic (No Limit) Video
Recorded March 2, 2013. Awood Johnson, known as Magic/Mr. Magic, died in a car accident last night, Friday, March 1, 2013, along with his wife, in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Johnson grew up in New Orleans' 9th Ward and was known for being signed with New Orleans' rapper, Master P's No Limit Records, in tha '90s. Johnson was a part of tha group, 504 Boyz. Johnson regained success when he formed Body Head Bangerz with New Orleans rapper, Choppa, and former boxing champion, Roy Jones, Jr. Johnson died at tha age of 37. Music (CD features listed in video, to save description space): "Sky's The Limit" (1998) 01. Intro 02. "Ghetto Godzilla" 03. "Did What I Had 2" 04. "Depend On Me" 05. "9th Ward" 06. "No Hope" 07. "Take It To Da Streets" 08. "Ball 'Til We Fall" 09. "I Got Love 4 Ya" 10. "I Never" 11. "Money Don't Make Me" 12. "Sky's The Limit" 13. "No Limit" 14. "New Generation" 15. "What I Gotta" 16. "Hard Times" 17. "Life Is A Bitch" 18. "Gimpin'" 19. "Special Forces" 20. "When Drama Came" 21. "Mobb 4 Ever" 22. "Chastity" "Thuggin'" (1999) 01. Beginning 02. "That's Me" 03. "Ice On My Wrist" 04. Party Time 05. "Wobble Wobble" 06. "Soldier" 07. "9th Ward" 08. Premeditation 09. "Good Lookin' Out" 10. "Do You Really Want Peace" 11. "Club Thang" 12. "Puff Puff" 13. "Thank You Lord For My Life" 14. "Keep It Gangsta" 15. "Freaky" 16. "We Gon Ride" 17. "Wanna Get Away" 18. "Thugs" 19. Ending "Goodfellas" (w/504 Boyz) (2000) 01. Intro 02. "Roll, Roll" 03. "Big Toys" 04. "Whodi" 05. "Wobble Wobble" 06. "Check 'Em" 07. "Uptown" 08. "I Can Tell" 09. Commercial 10. "If You Real, Keep It Real" 11. "Beefing" 12. "We Bust" 13. "Thug Girl II" 14. "Life Is Serious" 15. "Them Boyz" 16. "Moving Things" 17. Commercial II 18. "D-Game" 19. "Enemies" 20. "Souljas" 21. "No Limit" 22. "Say Brah" "Ballers" (w/504 Boyz) (2002) 01. Intro 02. "Tight Whips" 03. "Who Run This" 04. "Holla" 05. "Haters Gon Hate" 06. "I Got You Girl" 07. "Look At Me Now" 08. "Yeah Yeah" 09. "Get Back" 10. Commercial 11. "My Life Is Sweet" 12. "Wanna Live Like Us" 13. "Tell Me" 14. "War" 15. "I Gotta Have That There" 16. "Everywhere I Go" 17. "Everybody Chillin'" 18. "We Gon Ride" 19. "Grab Da Wall" "White Eyes" (2003) 01. Intro 02. "War" 03. "Hustler" 04. "What U Gonna Do" 05. "Creepers" 06. "I'll Be There" 07. "What Up Then" 08. "Shake A Little Something" 09. "Fire" 10. "Good Life" 11. "What" 12. "With You" 13. "Friday" 14. "Ball Like Us" 15. "Never Slippin'" 16. "Smoke On" 17. "Forgive Us" 18. Outro "On My Own" (2003) 01. And It Starts 02. "Tear It Up" 03. "Do What U Do" 04. "Knock It Down" 05. "Wilyn" 06. La La 07. "International Gangstas" 08. Wild Wayne 09. "Ninth Ward" 10. DJ Ro 11. "We Give You" 12. "So Tired" 13. Down Here (Skit) 14. "Down Here" 15. "My Life" 16. "Time To Go" 17. Short & Simple (Skit) 18. "Short & Simple" 19. "Y'all Don't Really Want None" 20. Detriot 21. "All I Do" "Body Head Bangerz Vol. 1" (w/BHB) (2004) 01. Intro 02. "Can't Be Touched" 03. "Don't Start It" 04. "U Know My Kind" 05. "I Smoke, I Drank" 06. "I Smoke, I Drank (Remix)" 07. "Keep It Moving" 08. "You A Freak" 09. "Big Bodies" 10. "Ballers" 11. "24's" 12. "Can't Let Go" 13. "Body Head Anthem" 14. "Yahoo" 15. "Getting Money Right" 16. "Go Hard, Go Home" 17. "Outro/We Run It" 18. "Y'all Must've Forgot" "Hurricane Katrina: We Gon Bounce Back" (w/504 Boyz) (2005) 01. Intro 02. "Them People" 03. "D-Boys" 04. "1, 2, 3, Gs" 05. "That Work" 06. "Streets Is Callin'" 07. "Real Talk" 08. "Hurtin'" 09. "We Don't Play" 10. "Jump Shob" 11. "You Don't" 12. "Go 'Head" 13. "Bounce Back" 14. "Bounce" 15. "Mob Life" 16. "Murder" Featured on: "Buck 'Em" (Big Ed) "Picture Me", "Watch Your Enemies", "I Remember", "Can't Hold Me Back", "Ride On Dem Bustas", "Closin' Down Shop", "Damned If They Murder Me", "Down For My Ns", "Street Thug", "From The Bottom" (C-Murder) "No Limit Soldiers II", "Real Niggaz Gon Ride", "Heaven 4 A Thug", "Dying In My City" "Do You Wanna Be A Rider", "Been Thru It All" (Fiend) "So Much Drama", "Don't Cry" (Gambino Family) "Blood Line", "Our Thing" (Ghetto Commission) "Throw Them Thangs", "Show Me What Cha Workin' Wit" (Kane & Abel) "Meet Me At The Hotel", "Nobody Make A Sound", "Bloody", "That's Hip-Hop" (Mac) "Let's Get 'Em", "Ghetto Prayer", "Ice On My Wrist (Remix)", "Ain't Nothing Changed", "Nobody Moves", "Pockets Gonna Stay Fat" (Master P) "N.L. Party" (Soulja Slim) "Plead My Case" (Steady Mobb'n) "We Ridaz" (Lil' Italy) "Soulja Style" (Lil' Soldiers) "Bonnie & Clyde" (Mercedes) "Murder" (Mr. Serv-On) "Hail Mary", "Soldier 'Til I Die" (TRU) "Back Up Off Me" (Snoop Dogg) "Down Here (Remix)" (South Coast Coalition) "It's Whatever (Remix)" (Beelow) "Slugged Up" (Choppa) "Ain't Got Nothing" (David Banner) "Da Lou Swag", "Rollin'", "Like Beyonce" & others... "Gold Mouth Dawg (Remix)" (Foxx) "Niggaz Ain't Shit" (Level) R.I.P. Awood "Magic" Johnson 8.16.1975 - 3.01.2013 Footage Credits: (See end of video) * FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY! * Follow B-Real: @bybreal225
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TASTE THE MAGIC - Stick War #2
The Magikill have joined my army! Prepare yourselves for the minions! Stick War #1 • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwnAwS8C-Ks Play Stick War • http://www.stickpage.com/stickwargameplay.shtml •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• *Questions? Check my about section first!* Twitter: http://twitter.com/mattshea MattShea T-Shirts: http://mattshea.fanfiber.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mattsheatv/ My SubReddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/mattshea Facebook: http://facebook.com/mattsheatv I spend a ton of time on Twitter so if you want to interact with me, that's your best bet. Thanks again for the support. I really appreciate it :)
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Magic - What (Dirty)
Views: 421 ShoRRo0909
Mr. Magic featuring Master P - That's Me / Ice On My Wrist
No Limit artist Mr. Magic featuring Master P in his video entitled "That's Me / Ice On My Wrist".
Views: 115501 jjcenterprises
"Blow My High" music video Beat Doctor feat. Bay Bay, Juvenile, Mr. Magic, Greedi (explicit)
Beat Doctor New Single Release Ft.Ay Bay Bay Juvenile Mr.Magic & Greedi Shot In New Orleans This Is The Single Of The Summer And A True Club Banga Song Of The Year (C) Beat Doctor Muzic Group 2013 Dedicated To Mr.Magic And His Queen Chasity Jhonson RIP

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