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Sea Kayak Sailing, Tasmania
A trip from Stanley in NW Tasmania to Wynyard. A two day trip done mostly under sail.For details regarding our sail rigs visit my web site at http://www.vision.net.au/~jennings/sail/sail.html
Views: 145647 Jeff Jennings
A Quick Look at the P&H Kayak Sail Systems
Mat takes time out from circumnavigating Menorca to talk us through the P&H Kayak Sail System, and how it can help you get more out of your time on the water in your P&H Sea Kayak.
Views: 20449 PandH Sea Kayaks
Kayak Sailing- First Sail- First Impressions
Sailing Kayak, Perception Essence 17 with 1 Meter Falcon Sail Rig. Reaction to first 5 minutes of sailing with the new sailing rig.
Views: 592 Travel By Water
WindPaddle Sails - Rigging and On-The-Water sailing instructions.
We'll show how jibing across the wind is done by rotating the sail on deck and catching the wind as it comes across from the side of your boat. This sailing demonstration is done using the WindPaddle "Adventure" sail.
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Homemade Kayak Sail Awesome Test.mp4
The final sail modifications works perfectly. Here's the link to build this sail. https://www.youtube.com/redirect?redir_token=WaersMktEsn6VT82HsLrloiiyDh8MTUyNDY3MDgyNkAxNTI0NTg0NDI2&event=comments&q=https%3A%2F%2Fmikesyakingadventures.wordpress.com%2F2011%2F05%2F01%2Fhomemade-kayak-sail%2F&html_redirect=1
Views: 399152 MMTB Adventures
How to fit a Flat Earth Sail, Sea kayak, Mirage 580
Purchase Flat Earth Sails on line kayakshopaustralia.com.au at http://www.youtube.com/edit?feature=vm&o=U&video_id=HYAb6hXcQjE THE KAYAK SHOP Open weekends September - May 9am-4pm. book to avoid disappointment Any other time by appointment 37 Jetty Rd. Sandringham - right on the water Become an Explorer On the open ocean or a secluded bay, sea kayaking offers fantastic opportunities for exploration and adventure. Port Phillip Bay is an ideal training ground for learning the fundamental skills needed for safe and enjoyable paddling. The team at East Coast Kayaking are passionate about the outdoors and open water. Come a meet them today to learn the fun and excitement of kayaking.
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Pacific Action Kayak Sail Kits
Now available at http://www.outdoorplay.com - Pacific Action sails were developed by kayak enthusiasts to enhance the paddling experience. These kayak sail kits have a twin-mast system that adds sail power under widely varying wind and sea conditions. They perform well across or down wind by adjusting the mast angles. Pacific Action sails are stable, reliable and have great versatility. To raise the sail, just unwrap from around the twin masts and release. The shock cord pulls the sail up in seconds! Adjust the sail angle using the trimming line. The sail can be easily lowered if the wind conditions become unstable and does not interfere with paddling whether in use, or furled on the deck. The sail kit integrates the wind with the sea. It is made from high quality synthetics for rugged durability and a clear panel for a see-through view. The sail mounts fit most sea kayaks, sit-on-top kayaks & canoes. Pacific Action Sail Kits "make paddling a breeze!"
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Falcon Sails helps with an amazing 2000 mile kayak sail from South America to Miami
See http://www.falconsails.com 2 paddlers paddle sail 2,000 miles from South America to Miami using a Falcon Sail. George Parry & William McCreadie of the Golden Arc Exploration who chose to use a 1.3 square meter Falcon Sail with a carbon fiber rigging kit, on their 2,000 mile kayaking adventure from Grenada to Miami. They where on a Seaward Passat tandem kayak. In an article published by Canoe & Kayak they quoted George the following. “At one point were hitting six knots where our usual fully laden average was three knots. It’s a great, well-made piece of gear — definitely the best kayak sail on the market.” On the Golden Arc Exploration website they wrote the following. To say the least we were absolutely thrilled with its performance. Credit must go to our fantastic Seaward Passat but the falcon sail did not compromise our stability in any way. The sail operates extremely well in strong winds; we were able to reach speeds of up to 6-7 knots on occasions. On the calmer days, if the wind was behind us, we would still be able to add an extra knot to our progress. For 16/17-hour days the difference between 3 or 4 knots is absolutely huge and we really do have the Falcon Sail to thank for that! The sail is very efficient. It packs down very neatly to the side of the boat when not in use and is also very quick and easy to put the sail up when the wind picks up. The Falcon sail website states that ‘With a Falcon Sail, you have the potential to gain an advantage when paddle sailing up to 30 degrees off straight up wind.’ It’s certainly true. We were wary to not be pushed leeward by the wind when sailing on a beam reach or higher but by frequently checking our progress on the GPS we were able to factor in any cross movement and continue at a good speed. Kayak sails in these big expeditions are no longer an optional extra but fundamental to ocean kayaking. We definitely had times when we really needed the support of our sail, dashing to land on a few occasions. We would thoroughly recommend a Falcon sail to anyone looking to get involved and give it a go. You can read full written account on their Falcon Sail experience on this page. http://www.getexploringtrust.com/kit-list/ What Falcon Sails has to say. As always we are thrilled to be involved with the small and incredible adventures like this as well. Since we are kayakers ourselves we are it is just plain exciting to be involved. As a maker of kayak sails with the goal of always making the best rigs possible, it helps us advance, and prove our product is the best you will find anywhere. Our customer’s feedback is one of our greatest assets. This adventure is another supercharged opportunity to give great customer service and learn about our customers experiences. Since George and William are from England and had a rush and demanding start and had zero kayak sailing experience, they had to learn on the fly rather than take advantage of the help we love to provide to our customers. They texted us a few questions one late night, and we answered them right away as we always do. Adventures like these create a long list of must do items that can get in the way focusing on kayak sailing skills. This is an example of why both experts and newbies want an easy to use rig that is reliable and provides amazing performance in a compact size. They did amazingly well, but we could have helped them do even better performance out of their rig with just a few small adjustments that can be found in our instructions. Unfortunately they missed our soon to be released updated sail design that is more efficient, a little bigger, more powerful per square inch, has better up wind capabilities, is lighter, and folds more compactly. They just missed the opportunity to have this improved sail. George and William if you are reading this, we will be happy to give you free upgrade to our latest sail design. Just give us a call. We are always happy to talk about kayak sailing. To learn more about their expedition, check out their website. http://www.getexploringtrust.com See the review they wrote on their falcon sail on this page. http://www.getexploringtrust.com/kit-list/
Views: 7188 FalconSails
"How to's & kayak reviews" - Today we do a review on the Windpaddle kayak sail. It's compact and easy to store, easy to attach to your kayak and works well in the wind. NEW EPISODES EVERY THURSDAY ****SEE LINKS BELOW**** https://www.patreon.com/30milesout HELP US FUND THE ADVENTURES... Donating even the smallest amount helps us continue to bring you awesome new kayak fishing adventures. OUR AMAZON STORE: http://astore.amazon.com/30milesout0c-20 30milesOut KAYAK FISHING CHARTERS Booking at: [email protected] Visit our website for gear and charter pricing: https://www.30milesout.com DOWNLOAD "30milesOut" THEME SONG NOW on iTunes, iHEART RADIO, GOOGLE PLAY https://www.apple.com/itunes https://www.iheart.com SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/30milesOUT/ INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/30milesoutyaktv/ ****Visit Our Sponsors**** https://www.mccainfishing.com (Use code 30MO20 for a 20% OFF) https://www.mariner-sails.com (Use code 30milesOut for 10% OFF) https://www.anetik.com (Use code 30milesOut for 25% OFF) https://www.thefishgrip.net https://www.yakattack.us https://www.backwaterpaddles.com https://www.linecutterz.com https://www.kayakfishinggear.com CONTACT US 30milesOut PO Box 36301 Pensacola, Florida 32516 email: [email protected]
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Points of sail when kayak sailing
Points of Sail Demonstration. You can kayak sail on all points of sail you can can with a conventional sail boat. VI000005edit3PointsOfSail01.mp4
Views: 4662 FalconSails
Instructions for installation of a sail on a Bicsport kayak
Instructions for installation of a sail on a Bicsport Kayak
Views: 45804 BIC Sport
Sail Your Kayak 2015
Kayak sailing intro from Sail Your Kayak
Views: 10617 Sail Your Kayak
Test sail Orion sea kayak
Test sail Monday October 26 2015
Views: 44 sobat97
Old Man in A Kayak - Sail - Sea Review
PLEASE STICK WITH THE VIDEO - IT REPRESENTS THE WHOLE DAY AND YOU WILL SEE IT "AS IT WAS". IF YOU JUST WANT TO SEE HOW THE SAIL WORKED FAST FORWARD TO 4:30 AND SEE THE SAIL WORK - NO RUBBISH.... I intended to go out today on my kayak from Queenborough and paddle around to the Sheppey Crossing bridge and use the Advanced Elements Rapidup Sail for the first time on part of the journey however the gremlins were out as the weathermen got it all wrong. I ended up on a real "downer" however all was not lost! The sun came out later on as I was driving home so I went on the sea at Bartons Point and I was able to use the new modified Rapidup Sail for the first time and it worked very well indeed as you will see in the video. I had no problems with the sail deployment or its re-folding while on the water and the kayak stability with the sail deployed was never an issue. Hope you enjoy my ramblings on the video as its all done at the spur of the moment. UPDATE - The top cord has now been removed (the one that's dancing in front of the camera) Just not required with my set-up. Enjoy Regards Peter.
Views: 2347 Peter Bruce
sea kayak sailing with the Falcon Sail
A fun afternoon of sailing my sea kayak off Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, with my Falcon Sail. Not long after this was taken, I capsized and had to do a self rescue. Get the whole story at http://philiptorrens.com/2015/09/15/a-sail-a-swim-and-a-kayak-self-rescue-doing-the-paddle-float-re-entry-for-real/#more-231 Music: http://www.purple-planet.com (track name is "Voyager)
Views: 832 Adam Noman
Showloop: Hobie Mirage Island Sail Kayaks
https://www.hobie.com/kayaks/mirage-tandem-island/ https://www.hobie.com/kayaks/mirage-adventure-island/
Views: 130681 Hobie
Noosa Kayak Jetty 17 worthless sail for sea kayaks. A waste if money!
I was given this kayak sail purchased fro Kayak Noosa. was very disappointed as first there was no installation diagram, masts can not be adjusted once they are pressed into cross member and the cross member is flat whereas my sea kayak has a curbed deck. decklines which are to be used to fasten the cross member to the sail only reaches the required width too far back from the front of the kayak so with the sail taken down, it would either drag in the water or cover the cockpit. I didn't get any help or suggestions from Kayak Noosa so I am stuck with a sail that is NOT suitable for sea kayaks yet they mention it is on their website. A waste of money
Views: 162 Bepe Gabianni
Kayak Sailing with Home made (DIY) Sail (upwind capable) - Del Valle
My compact DIY sail seems working nicely after lots of trial and error. The second version of my DIY sail video is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5v3mHJyIIw You can have the better view of the sail rig. No leeboard, and no rudder. Kayak is controlled with the sheet of the boom, paddle, and body weight shift. The lightweight, compact sail can be easily fold down. We can switch quickly from sail type to normal paddle type, and vice versa on water.
Views: 56509 KS Kayaking
A short introduction to what we do.This video is playing twice a day on Sailing/Nautical Channel in more than 40 countries and on 6 languages.What a great and free promotion. Hope to see you paddling around the Island of Rab :-)
Views: 726 seakayakcroatia
Arriving to cinque terre by sea on a sail-kayak
Arriving to Cinque Terre, Italy, with some help from the back wind.
Views: 1026 Rumbo Mediterráneo
Kayak Sailing / Bic Kayak Sail on Wilderness Tarpon 140 ; part 1
Watch in HD for clearer video click the link for part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cq1IqrSrFlc&feature=youtu.be We each have a Bic Kayak Sail and use it on Wilderness Tarpon 140. This day the wind was light to moderate we cruised along at paddling speed sometimes slightly faster when the wind picked up. These sails are super easy to use and great fun. I would recommend them for anyone wanting some fun on the water.
Views: 108131 kayaking 4 fun
SeaDog Sail test
Test sailing the SeaDog Commander Clear-View kayak sail. Don't forget to visit Richard at http://seadogsails.blogspot.com
Views: 1013 DKPaddler
Kayak Sailing with homemade sail
Maiden voyage of the homemade sail I made for my Hobie Adventure that I sailed in Galveston Bay.
Views: 20100 Quoc Nguyen
Big Inflatable Ocean Kayak Under Sail - Sevylor SVX500DS u230
http://SailboatsToGo.com The Sevylor SVX500DS is 17 feet but weighs only about 45 lbs. With the folding SailboatsToGo sail kit (about 35 lbs) it becomes a great sailboat. See it here on Maho Bay, St. John. http://www.sailboatstogo.com has a variety of inflatable kayaks with sail kits.
Views: 142602 James Luckett
Supernova STAR Kayak Sail on Tarpon 160 in Lake with Drone, youtube
YakSailing.com SuperNOVA Kayak Sail kit fit on a Tarpon 160 kayak. We had some great sailing conditions and some awful fishing conditions this weekend and decided to travel to Lake Pontchartrain for some kayak sailing action. Thank you to Tarpon ROV LLC for their drone work and some awesome launches and recoveries with their Phantom from a 21 foot boat. If you are interested in these sail kits, check out my website, www.yaksailing.com. I am the distributor for the US/North America while the designer, Bill Pain, distributes to most of the rest of the world. His site can be found at kayaksails.com.au. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions! Thank you!
Views: 3109 Nolan Thompson
Kayak Sail - the most comfortable sail for kayaks
Update of the sail with the new Oceana logo, a colourful way to travel :)
Views: 717 Rumbo Mediterráneo
Pacific action sail
Setting up pacific action sail to kayak the easy way
Views: 24891 BLAlifestyle
sail on sea kayak
my new poly tarp sail on my sea kayak. I did not drill any holes into the hull, but i wanted to design a frame which sat on top of the hull and which can be dismantled when not used.
Views: 623 ethno piper
Small Craft Advisory - How to Sail a Kayak
Join host Ryan Wood, on this instructional video for kayak sailing. What to look for in a sailing kayak, setting up your kayak and sail, and how to start sailing. Footage was taken on a 2019 Hobie Mirage Outback Kayak. Video resolutions available in up to 1080p Hi Definition. Be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE! Thanks for watching!
Hobie kayak sail to Peel Island
Liz Cantor from Creek to Coast and Nat Gray from Sunstate Hobie, head to Peel Island for a pedal and sail-powered camping trip on the Mirage Revolution 11 & Mirage Revolution 13.
Views: 24823 Sunstate Hobie
Kayak Sail Sea Trial
I took my kayak on a sea trial today. The winds were very gusty but I got a good idea of what needs to be tweeked. The loose outrigger just about did me in on several occasions, but at least the water was warm so it wouldn't have been a big deal.
Views: 9213 TheKjandmegan
whitsunday passage crossing by sea kayak and sail kit 2008
A groupd of Five of us in three single sea kayaks and one double circumnavigated whitsunday Island in the winter of 2008. We each used a sail kit which increased our cruising speed significantly. This section was on our last crossing of the whitsunday passage with no visibility running on compass bearings. The biggest concern was getting hit by the ferry with the lack of visibility.
Views: 2686 mrp72
kayak Sailing - Raising and Lowering Pacific Action Sail
Kayak sailing on a winters day.. Pinnaroo Point, Perth, Western Australia Wilderness Systems-Tarpon 140, Pacific Action sail, Gopro camera
Views: 10422 kayak sailing
Windpaddle adventure sail on a BodyGlove Glider SUP/Sea Kayak in 8mph wind (very cold)
Clip shows how easy to use a Windpaddle sail is standing up on a SUP, although it was even more fun in 20+ mph conditions earlier in the week!
Views: 1490 tobytillie
Batwing Expedition Sail on a Long Haul Folding Kayak
sailing, sailing kayaks, kayaks, water sports, extreme sports, water fun, North Carolina, BSD, Balogh Sail Designs, baloghsaildesigns.com
Falcon Sail Installation on a kayak
Falcon Sail Installation on a kayak. Actual time I spent working was about 2 hours, time spent thinking about working and where to install the mast, pad eyes, cleats, etc. probably about 8 hours, over a period of several days. If you know what your doing and do it faster than I did you might spend 1/2 day. I'd rather go a slower and make sure I didn't make a mistake, Oh yea I still made mistakes. I love this sail, it's the best design out there, it's well built and it works
Views: 1626 Tony Knight
Fitting the sail on the kayak
Fitting my homemade sail on a RTM Ocean Duo sit on top kayak.
Views: 3225 123emmanouel
AirKayaks.com: RapidUp Kayak & Canoe Sail from Advanced Elements
AirKayaks.com: The Advanced Elements RapidUp kayak/canoe downwind sail is pure paddling fun. Compact, portable, easy to setup. Clip it to your kayak before your next paddling trip and you can be ready for wherever the wind takes you!
Views: 39769 airkayaks
Kayak paddle and sail, Orford.
A kayak paddle and sail, Orford, Tasmania, 2nd March, 2014. http://www.flatearthkayaksails.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orford,_Tasmania
Views: 482 Anne Grace
Windpaddle Kayak Sail demonstration
Available at http://www.outdoorplay.com - Wind Paddle's Adventur & Cruiser kayak sails allows you to harness the wind and provides a safe, lightweight, efficient and easy-to-use sail for downwind or off-the-wind sailing. It is self-launching, self-standing, and stows either on-deck or below in a small package. From recreational day touring, kayak fishing to expedition sea kayaking, the Adventurer is your sail of choice.
Views: 118793 Outdoorplay
Mirage 582 Test Sail @ Taylors Beach
Guy Holloway aka The Complete Package fits and test sails his Flat Earth Sail on his newish Mirage 582 at Taylors Beach.
sea trials with the Hobie kayak sail
My second outing with the Hobie Mirage kayak sail and Sidekick outriggers.
Views: 785 adamnoman
Viking Profish Reload Kayak. /  Viking kayaks sail system.
Viking Profish Reload Kayak Sail. /Greece 2015. / For Viking kayaks sail system made in Greece/
Views: 2023 Vayias Pournaras
Kayak Sail for Passat G3 Seaward kayak.
This is accompanying video for Paddling South website article. Kayak sail design for Passat G3 Seaward kayak. See the article at http://paddlingsouth.wordpress.com.
Views: 1964 paddlingsouth
kayak sail expedition
offshore kayak sailing, OCEAN KAYAK, BSD rig, BOSS outriggers, Pacific Action rig, setup for long distance
Views: 1154 Patrick Buck
Flat earth sailing system rigged onto a canvas covered frame kayak. First trial.
Views: 121 Gavin bennett

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