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Vista System Catalog EN
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Anti-Windows Catalog: Snow Leopard smells like Vista
Commentary comparing MacOS X Snow Leopard's reception to Windows Vista and the absurdity of using it on a non-Macintosh PC. Performed in the style of Rick Mercer's straight-to-camera rants. Ranted and produced by myself and filmed by Paul Sadler. Find more videos, commentary and bad design at antiwindowscatalog.com.
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Dodgy & dubious electronics in the Heartland America catalog
If you're looking for a 4 GHz Windows Vista laptop, 3000 watt amplified speakers, or a fake HD camcorder, you've come to the right place! Images scanned using my 1998 HP Scanjet 5100C parallel port scanner.
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First Look at Vista Nova - It Pays to Watch
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[Tutorial] FIX: Windows Update stuck on 'Checking for updates' in Windows Vista (WORKING 2017)
SONG USED: Level 99 - Windows NT + 98 + 7 remix by Rever Man Check out Rever Man's Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/rever-man Updates to install: KB3205638: http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB3205638%20vista KB4012583: http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4012583%20vista KB4015195: http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4015195%20vista KB4015380: http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4015380%20vista KB4014661 (only if IE9 installed): http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4014661%20vista I hope you found this video useful. Thanks for watching, and don't forget to subscribe to be notified of more videos like this in the future!
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First Look at Vista Sharp - It Pays to Watch
First Look at Vista Sharp
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Is Windows Vista really THAT bad?
I recently picked up a Toshiba Satellite L305 laptop computer with Windows Vista installed. But rather than just delete it and install something else, I decided to actually give Vista a try. My verdict is that with sufficient processor speed and RAM, and with all of the updates and Service Packs installed, Windows Vista is mostly the same as Windows 7, expect with a few annoying quirks. Of course, back in 2007, when it had well-known compatibility and performance problems, my opinion was much different!
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84 Million Stars and Counting — VISTA creates largest ever catalogue of centre of our galaxy
Using a whopping nine-gigapixel image from the VISTA infrared survey telescope at ESO's Paranal Observatory, an international team of astronomers has created a catalogue of more than 84 million stars in the central parts of the Milky Way. This gigantic dataset contains more than ten times more stars than previous studies and is a major step forward for the understanding of our home galaxy. The image gives viewers an incredible, zoomable view of the central part of our galaxy. It is so large that, if printed with the resolution of a typical book, it would be 9 metres long and 7 metres tall. This pan video gives a closer look at a huge new image of the central parts of the Milky Way made by combining thousands of images from ESO's VISTA telescope on Paranal in Chile and compares it with the view in visible light. These infrared data, which come from the VVV public survey, have been used to study a much larger number of individual stars in the central parts of the Milky Way than ever before. Because VISTA has a camera sensitive to infrared light it can see through much of the dust blocking the view in visible light, although many more opaque dust filaments still show up well in this picture. Credit: ESO/VVV Consortium/Nick Risinger (skysurvey.org) Music: Delmo -- Acoustic (disasterpeace.com) Acknowledgement: Ignacio Toledo, Martin Kornmesser
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Installing an Older Touchscreen Driver from the Windows Update Catalog
Learn how to install an older touchscreen driver from the Windows Update Catalog. For other helpful videos go to hp.com/supportvideos or youtube.com/hpprintersupport. More support options for your scanner are available at hp.com/support. This video was produced by HP.
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Clear Windows Update Cache and Fix Windows Updates
Clear Windows Update Cache and Fix Windows Updates Windows Update not working Sometimes Windows Updates fail to download or install in Windows Updates. This could be to do with Microsoft or Malware damages the windows, these are common problem in Windows. So to fix this problem, your going to have to do some troubleshooting steps to fix these issues, I will show you some steps in no particular order. Its really important to remember to create a system restore point first before we start making changes to the operating system. Repair & Fix Windows Updates with Fix WU Utility http://www.thewindowsclub.com/repair-fix-windows-updates-with-fix-wu-utility How do I reset Windows Update components? http://support.microsoft.com/Default.aspx?kbid=971058 Error code 0X80248007 when you try to use Windows Update or Microsoft Update to install updates http://support.microsoft.com/kb/958046 Windows Update error code list http://support.microsoft.com/kb/938205 Windows Repair http://www.tweaking.com/content/page/windows_repair_all_in_one.html Reset Registry Permissions Repair Windows Updates Download Windows Update Troubleshooter Winodws 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 https://support.microsoft.com/en-gb/help/4027322/windows-update-troubleshooter http://www.briteccomputers.co.uk
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ГРАН: Каталог 1.0.6 Windows Vista 800x600
Демонстрация работы прогарммы ГРАН: Каталог 1.0.6
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ГРАН: Каталог 1.0.6 Windows Vista 800x600
Демонстрация работы программы ГРАН: Каталог 1.0.6
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Download Dll Files For Windows Vista
Looking for Download Dll Files For Windows Vista? Click Here http://bit.ly/repairmycomputer .. .. Nearly every PC user complains that his or her system is running sluggish at some time. The reason it slows down after a period of use, is that the system windows registry is clogged up with invalid entries and fragmented details. The best way to fix this problem is to run software that is created to scan and repair computer windows registry errors. The system windows registry on a system is similar to the index catalog in a library. Whenever a program is installed and uninstalled, the operating system makes an entry in this catalog. Overtime this details becomes unreliable due to lack of oversight. This is not the users fault, but rather the computers. The reason the windows registry clogs up is that the operating system is better at knowing what details to store, than what details to delete. When the user uninstalls a program, fragments of data are left that point to a program that is no more installed. The files are gotten rid of from the hard disk, but the referral to them is still taped. When the system runs, it needs to first load the entire system catalog in order to know what is supposed to be on the hard disk. If a library catalog was not kept up to date, in time the clients would find referrals to books that no more were kept in the shelves. This slows down research, just as the PC slows down by having entries that are no more valid. The software that cleans the system is created to read the windows registry and look for matching files on the hard disk. This process can take a few minutes or over an hour depending on how many entries need to be scanned. When it finds an invalid entry, the software gets rid of the entry to clean up the data. The software must be run at least as soon as each month, or anytime the PC seems to become sluggish. If the user is a passionate user, it may be needed to run the program more often to prevent a large number of missing entries. These programs typically will fix other errors that turn up from time to time, causing crashes. Many individuals resort to buying a new computer, or resigning themselves to an unpleasant experience using their systems. Using software to scan and repair computer windows registry errors, the PC will speed up and the user will enjoy it as they did when it was brand new. Using the cleaning software on a regular basis will turn an error vulnerable PC into a healthy system again. I personally managed to clean up my computer by downloading high quality windows registry cleaner software. ort out all your Download Dll Files For Windows Vista problems and repairing concerns online. The most innovative kind of solutions is readily available from online computer repair services. Considering that majority of computer problems develop due to software concerns, it makes more sense to find solutions from the Internet. Such computer repair online solutions for repair of PCs are undoubtedly a terrific way to make do at the time of a crisis. The benefits with selecting repairing online solutions are lots of. The rates is economical. There is no time restraint with regard to calling the personnel for service. In addition, the entire repairing process can be handled with ease in the house. The user of the computer need not do anything aside from watch. The repairing process is carried out by the computer repair online business getting linked to the user's PC then addressing the problem. Now don't you agree that repairing online way is a remarkable element of innovative technology? Another terrific advantage is that one can in fact view the entire repairing process. The technical staff from such online repairing business is skilled at managing any computer-related software problems for any brand of PC. That apart, the tech staff is readily available 24x7 which is why computer repair online is getting large popularity among computer users. The system windows registry on a
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Sign Frames | Vista System | Sign-Frame.com
Sign frames from Vista System are ideal for new construction or to complement an existing sign program. See it now http://shop.sign-frame.com/ Vista System is the world-wide leader of modular signs including office signs, directory signs, desk signs, flag signs, poster frames and more. Great for informational, promotional and wayfinding applications, Vista frames are made from anodized aluminum making them a viable alternative for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in a wide variety of sizes but should you require custom office signs for your next project Vista can accommodate your needs. Vista designed its products to support printable office signs by using MS-Word or similar desktop publishing software packages. They also accommodate a variety of other insert materials in the event you need to match your existing sign program. For more information on these sign frame visit http://www.sign-frame.com/ or browse our online catalog. For additional product videos check out our channel. Take the Vista challenge today!
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Resetting Your Password in the NOBLE Catalog
On May 29, the libraries of NOBLE moved to a new library system. Passwords on our former system were encrypted for privacy and could not be moved to the new system, so in order to log in to the new system for the first time, you will need to reset your password. Here's a step-by-step screencast to show you how to do it.
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Windows 7: reset tcp/ip and winsock
TCP/IP is a set of protocols used to access the Internet and other networks. It is possible for the Windows software that deals with TCP/IP to become corrupt. This video uses Windows 7, but these commands work on Microsoft Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Windows Server 2003 and 2008. This video resets both the TCP/IP stack and winsock. The commands I use are: netsh int ip reset netsh winsock show catalog netsh winsock reset Providing training Videos since last Tuesday http://www.technoblogical.com Thanks for Watching!
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Using System File Checker to Restore System Files in Windows 7 and Windows Vista
Learn how to use system file checker to restore system files in Windows 7 and Windows Vista. For other helpful videos go to hp.com/supportvideos or youtube.com/howto4U. More support options for your computing device are available at hp.com/support. This video was produced by HP.
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Volvo PROSIS 2013 Install Video
More information on:http://www.xcardiag.com/wholesale/volvo-prosis-2013-parts-repair-3849.html Volvo PROSIS 2013 Parts + Repair. Spare Parts Catalog & Service Information for VOLVO Equipments. PROSIS – THE FASTEST WAY TO ALL THE PARTS INFORMATION YOU NEED Volvo PROSIS Specification: Region: All regions Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Japanese OS: WinXP, Vista, Windows7 Quantity of CD: 3 DVD Year: 2013 Date of update: 02.2013 Volvo PROSIS Introductions: 1. Spare Parts Catalog & Service Information for VOLVO Equipments. 2. PROSIS – THE FASTEST WAY TO ALL THE PARTS INFORMATION YOU NEED 3. Volvo Prosis 2012 spare parts catalog, workshop service manual, electrical wiring diagram, hydraulic diagram, maintenance all models Volvo Construction Equipment. Volvo PROSIS Functions: 1. Parts information is stored on DVD-ROM and can be retrieved via the user-friendly system PROSIS. PROSIS is an abbreviation of PROduct Support Information System. PROSIS contains parts catalogs for just about all of Volvo Construction Equipment’s products. 2. Easier to use than a Parts Catalog Volvo Prosis If you’re used to working with parts catalog, you’ll recognize the structure in PROSIS. The same graphic design makes it fast for you to learn how to use PROSIS. The connection between the parts list and illustration makes it easy to choose the right part. When a row in the parts list is marked the corresponding position number lights up in the illustration. 3. Simple search function Volvo Prosis PROSIS has a very user-friendly search function. Activate the desired search area; Part, Heading, Figure or Equipment, by clicking on the right section. After entering the search conditions, the results are displayed fast. 4. Create order in Prosis Volvo In PROSIS, you can quickly create an order list with the part numbers you want to order. By clicking on the part number in the list or on the part’s position number in the figure, the part ends up in the order list. The order can be saved as a file, it can be copied, e-mailed or printed.
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смена картинки при запуске Windows
ссылка на программу "Windows Logon Editor": http://www.winzoro.com/catalog/soft/LogonStudio/ программа идет на Windows 7, vista, xp
How an AK-47 Works
A 3D animation created in Cinema 4D and After Effects showing how an AK-47 rifle works. Corona renderer was used in order to create realistic materials and reflections. Music is a track from Killer Tracks called "Reassemble" (KT335-8). *Correction: The firing pin does NOT puncture the bullet primer. It just strikes it against the anvil, initiating the firing sequence. Please visit my website to see more animation work: http://www.mattrittman.com
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How to Organize thousands of digital music files for free - Song Director
Download for Free at: http://songdirector.com/sdsetup.exe Song Director automatically scans your computer looking for music/audio files (MP3, M4a/AAC, iTunes, WMA, WAV, OGG and FLAC files) and builds a searchable database of all your music. This Video goes some of the basics of Song Director. Sorting, The Find button, Filtering records, Cataloging, inserting and finding information about your songs, Using the main Grid screen. The Help Menu, and much more. Song Director is a new music organizer and player offered as a free and easier-to-use alternative or complement to iTunes and Windows Media Player. This new program provides more extensive organising and search capabilities than either of those programs. Song Director organises all music files on a computer and you can view, edit, and play them in one place for Free. It automatically scans your computer looking for music files and builds a searchable database of all your music. Once this database is built, you can quickly and easily play songs, build playlists, sort by artist, song title, genre, year, etc., and easily view all your music. Locating a song or artist cannot be easier. Type the first few letters of a song title and immediately jump to that song. Type the first few letters of an artist name and jump to songs by that artist. Can’t remember the exact song name? Just search for any letters in the title and see all songs that match. Sort on 23 different fields. There is no faster way to locate, search, and organize large amounts of audio files. http://songdirector.com/ Listening to a song by a certain artist and want to see all music on your computer by that artist? Easy; press one button! Want to see all songs in a certain music genre? Easy! Want to see all songs on an album? Press another button. Once viewing a filtered list of songs, you can build a playlist of those songs with just one click, or export them to another player or storage device. Rename a file or move it to a different folder without having to search for it in File Explorer. Want to read the lyrics while the song is being played? – press a button. Want information about the song, band, composer, album art, cover versions? – press a button. Want to write notes, include pictures and personal information about your songs and audio files? – Easy! Song Director is FREE to use forever. It will find, catalog and organize all your music files, build and export playlists, and quickly locate and play any song or audio file you want. Full featured, no ads, no time limit. Create Categories for your music. You can easily select one or multiple records to display or play. You only have to deal with the songs you want, not your entire collection. A unique feature allows you to organise songs into any Category you wish, then view these Categories separately or combined. Copy songs easily to other devices Rename, copy a file or move it to a different folder without having to search for it in File Explorer. Play the songs the way you want You can use the music player to customize the order and the way the songs are played. If you are a Music Collector, home user or If you are looking for easy to use DJ software, Song Director is great for a DJ wanting to use Windows for customized play lists, song searches and music management. A Disc Jockey can sort on 23 fields including beats per minute, bit rate, etc. and can have endless customized searches to find the perfect song in their digital music collection. Song Director is compatible with all full versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems. For example: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. It is available for FREE Download on: http://songdirector.com/download/
Help prevent slips and falls with Vista Rugs | Solutions
We sell mats with no slip backs that help prevent slips and falls and look great! BUY HERE: http://solutions.blair.com/e/vista-rugs-stair-treads/8098.uts 100% cotton Vista rug is very comfortable. But it's also tough enough to take high traffic. And the nonslip backing really holds them in place, preventing slips and keeping my home safer. Best of all, vista rugs look so nice-- they're a great addition to my home.
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Anti-Windows Catalog: Digital Pearl Harbour
Fake commercial for fake documentary about an April Fool's joke gone horribly wrong, and one man's futile attempt to save us. Produced in the style of Rick Mercer's fake commercials. Produced by myself, using footage from interviews of Jesse Hirsh by Nancy Wilson, stock "fire" footage, and a part of "War" from the Pearl Harbor movie soundtrack by Hans Zimmer and Warner Brothers. Find more videos, commentary and bad design at antiwindowscatalog.com.
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Архивация и восстановление в Windows 7 (23/29)
http://www.teachvideo.ru/catalog/20 - еще больше обучающих роликов по операционным системам ответят на ваши вопросы на нашем сайте бесплатно! Архивация и восстановление системы теперь стали проще. Теперь, в отличии от windows Vista, нет малопонятных пунктов, а создание образа системы теперь происходит в три простых шага. 1. Для того, чтобы начать архивацию выберите пункт "Архивация и восстановление" и выберите "создание образа системы" или "Создать диск восстановления системы". 2. Дальнейшие шаги похожи на те, которые были в Windows XP и не должны вызвать какие-либо трудности. 3. Для того, чтобы восстановить состояние системы из ранее созданного образа кликнете по нужному Вам образу и начните процедуру восстановления системы.
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Driver Vista
Driver Vista http://lu.klowis.ru/Driver%20Vista Есть два способа решить эту проблему: "Диспетчер устройств" или встроенная в Windows Vista утилита Driver Verifier Manager. Драйвера для Windows. Ресурс X- будет регулярно отслеживать обновления для Windows Vista. Ежемесячно мы будем представлять все последние совместимые с ней драйвера. Драйверы Драйвер для Vista Win7 64-bit Драйвера для Windows Vista Год выпуска: 2007 developer: ATI,Nvidia,intel,Realtek. Диск с драйверами для ОС: Windows XP и Vista 2009, драйвера. Драйвера для Windows Vista Драйвер для работы с приборами фирмы Локарус в среде 32-х разрядной ОС Windows Vista, Windows 7, windows 8 или windows. Realtek AC97 Vista Driver - Realtek. Платформа: Vista 32x, Vista 64x Язык интерфейса: английский Описание: Intel MotherBoard Driver. Драйвер. Драйвера для Windows Vista 32bit Описание программы. Vista Drive Icon – полезная утилита для старых версий операционных систем до Windows Vista. Сборник драйверов для Windows Vista: Найдено драйверов - 3 для Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit. Контакты Форум My Drivers Поиск. Загрузить драйверы Windows Vista — обновить. Характеристики драйвера. Драйвер предназначен для сетевых карт Realtek, в операционной системе Windows Vista. Vista Drive Icon русская версия. Эта версия требует Windows Vista 32. Технический - Technical. Title: Intel PROWireless and WiFi Link Drivers. Vista 64-bit. Драйвера для Windows Vista NVIDIA Verde Notebook Release 260 Driver Version. WHQL for Windows Vista 7 3264-bit 25 октябрь 2010. Этот эталонный бета драйвер предоставляется. Каталог драйверов - Драйвера для Windows. Windows. Driver Vista
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The Cryptographic Service in Windows 7
Provides four management services: Catalog Database Service, which confirms the signatures of Windows files and allows new programs to be installed; Protected Root Service, which adds and removes Trusted Root Certification Authority certificates from the computer; Automatic Root Certificate Update Service, which retrieves root certificates from Windows Update and enable scenarios such as SSL; and Key Service, which helps enroll the computer for certificates. If this service is stopped, these management services will not function properly. If this service is disabled, any services that explicitly depend on it will fail to start.
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FIXED!! Windows Update Stuck after Installing Service Pack 1
These are the updates: KB3020369, KB3172605 http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/home.aspx https://superuser.com/questions/951960/windows-7-sp1-windows-update-stuck-checking-for-updates
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Intel Inf Update Driver Windows XP
Intel Inf Update Driver Windows XP http://hutod.kated.ru/Intel%20Inf%20Update%20Driver%20Windows%20XP В систему пользователя INF -файлы, определяющие конфигурацию компонентов чипсета, необходимые для правильного функционирования. VIA HD Audio Codec Drivers. Intel Management Engine Interface. Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility без регистрации и смс " Драйвера " Intel Chipset Device Software - Драйвера Intel. Драйвер - это набор INF -файлов, идентифицирующих компонент, присущую. Windows XP, 7, Vista. Языки интерфейса: Английский. Intel Chipset Device drivers - Каталог драйверов. Название: Intel Chipset Device Software. INF Update Utility - Primarily for Intel 6. Дата выпуска. Операционная система: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win. Дополнительно: Драйвера подходят к материнским платам на чипсетах Intel 6 Intel Chipset Device Software. SoftBuild Intel Driver Update Utility - это официальная программа, которая служит для обновления драйверов Intel. Она умеет определять наличие более свежих версий программного обеспечения для наборов микросхем. Скриншоты Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility. Обновлена. Добавлена. Операционная система:, Windows 2000 XP Vista7 Язык интерфейса: Многоязычный в. Русский Тип лицензии: FreeWare Разработчик: Intel. Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility. Microsoft Windows. Intel ®. Старые драйвера удалять не нужно обновление происходит автоматически. Intell inf update. Рейтинг. Lenovo G580 - Программа драйвера. Нажмите, чтобы Ссылка №1 версия. Размер. Мб Для ОС: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows. Разрядность. Intel ® USB. Xtensible Host Controller Driver for Intel ® 7 SeriesC216 Chipset Family. Intel Chipset Device - Каталог драйверов - Драйвера. Intel Chipset Device drivers 42. Intel Ethernet Lan drivers 36. Название: Intel Chipset Device Software. WHQL INF Update Utility. Дата выпуска. Операционная система: Windows 2000, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7. Intel Chipset - Device - Каталог драйверов - Драйвера. Оборудование:ASUS INFupdate. Название: Intel INF Update Driver. Совместимость: Список совместимых Device Ids 677. Дата выхода:21 Sep 2009. Система: Windows. Поддержа утилиты Intel ® Chipset Software Installation Utility Windows XP Professional*. Программа INF Update Utility - изначально предназначена для использования с набором микросхем Intel ® серии 6, 5, 4, 3 и 900 - Zip-формат. ASUS INFupdate Intel INF Update Драйвер. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista 3264 bit Операционная система: Windows 10, Windows. Win 7, Win. Название: Intel Chipset INF Driver. INF Update Utility - Primarily for Intel 5, 4, 3, 3400, 900, 800 Series Chipsets Intel. Intel Driver Update Utility - русскую. Страница драйвера для Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility. Удостоверьтесь, что в списке совместимых операционных систем указана Ваша операционная система. Intel ® Chipset Device Software INF Update Utility9. Драйвера Intel Chipset для Windows 7, 8. Программы. Программа драйвера INF файла для Intel чипсетаIntel chipset INF Update Driver. Версия. Windows XP 3264bit, Windows Vista 3264bit, Windows 7 3264bit, Windows 8 3264bit. Intel Inf Update Driver Windows XP
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Finding a DVD or video in the MacEwan Library Catalogue
Finding a DVD or video in the Library Catalogue
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MCTS 70-680: Windows7 Remote Shells
This videos look at how to use Remote Shell and Windows PowerShell to run remote commands on anther computer. Doing this allows an administrator to writes scripts to make changes on computers without having to physically visit the computer. Remote Shell demo 02:50 PowerShell 05:10 PowerShell Demo 06:00 Remote Shell A remote shell on Windows 7 gives you the same functional as a command prompt. The only different is you are running the commands on a different computer. Windows Remote Management Service The Windows Remote Management Service must be running and configured in order to allow command from remote to be run. This can be done by running the command WinRm QuickConfig The command WinRm QuickConfig configures the Windows Remote Management Service to delayed start. This means when the computer starts up the Windows Remote Management Service will be started after the all other services on the computer. WinRM QuickConfig also makes the necessary changes to the Windows Firewall in order to all remote commands to come through. If your computers are in a work group there will be no trust relationship between the two computers. A trust relationship will need to be setup using certificates. In order to do so you will need to run the following command on the admin computer. winrm set winrm/config/client @(TrustedHosts="computername"} Winrs Once your computers are configured you can run remote command on the other computer using the winrs command, syntax below. winrs -r:http://comptuername:5985 --u:username Command WindowsPowerShell Windows Power Shell is a modern day command prompt. It differs from the old command prompt in that it interface with API's like .net a lot easier. Using Windows Power Shell allows more powerful scripting then what the command line offers. To use it to run remote commands on anther system you need PowerShell version 2. This comes with Windows 7 but on systems like Windows Vista you will need to install it. ICM ICM is the PowerShell command that lets you run commands on anther system. The syntax is icm comptuername {Commands} See http://YouTube.com/ITFreeTraining or http://itfreetraining.com for are always free training videos. This is only one video from the many free courses available on YouTube.
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Пакет Драйверов для Виста
Пакет Драйверов для Виста http://melu.wetuma.ru/%D0%9F%D0%B0%D0%BA%D0%B5%D1%82%20%D0%94%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%BE%D0%B2%20%D0%B4%D0%BB%D1%8F%20%D0%92%D0%B8%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B0 DriverPack Solution за пять минут Программы для поиска и драйверов soft Сборник драйверов CD Год выпуска: 2009 Версия. Платформа: Windows Совместимость с Vista: да Системные требования: Windows Vista XP Язык интерфейса. После пакета, драйвера интегрируются в Вашу систему. Драйвера для Windows Vista AMD Radeon Software Crimson Edition – комплексный пакет драйверов на Windows, предназначенных для улучшения графических возможностей видеокарт от известной компании. Поддерживаются системные драйверы для Windows XP, Vista, 7. Drivers - Microsoft Download Center Realtek Ethernet Drivers. W10. W7 +. Vista. Realtek Ethernet Drivers - универсальный пакет драйверов сетевых карт производства Realtek. Драйверы для компьютера cкачать Пакет драйверов для Windows. Последнее обновление драйверов - 26 августа 2012 года. Вовсе не обязательно эти драйверпаки интегрировать в дистрибутив Windows, можно также поставить драйвера вручную уже после Windows. Драйверы - Русские программы sorus Microsoft Data Access Components MDAC. SP1 содержит те же основные компоненты доступа к данным, что и Microsoft SQL Server OLE DB, и драйвер ODBC. Realtek. Vista Realtek High Definition Audio Driver — пакет драйверов предназначенный для корректного воспроизведения аудиофайлов под операционными системами Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista и Windows. Загрузить драйверы Windows Vista — обновить - бесплатный каталог драйверов для устройств Windows. Яндекс. Диск или по прямым ссылкам с нашего сайта. Lan Realtek. Vista. Каталог драйверов - Драйвера для Windows. Размер: 3,4. Windows. На данной странице содержится информация об последних загрузок драйверов Windows Vista с использованием средства обновления драйверов Windows Vista. Драйверы для Microsoft Windows Vista Драйвера предназначены для работы в операционных системах Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 и 64 бита. ATI Catalyst. WHQL Официальный пакет драйверов для видеокарт AMD ATI Radeon. Windows. Данный пакет драйверов поддерживает графические процессоры для настольных ПК серии GeForce 6, 7, 8, 9, 100, 200, 300 и 400, а также графические процессоры. Для операционных систем Windows 7, Windows Vista 3264-bit. DriverPacks for Windows 2000. Все файлообменники примерно одинаковы,так что эти два примера вам дадут понять как пакет драйверов. Пакет Драйверов для Виста
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Intel Chipset Driver Windows 8 1
Intel Chipset Driver Windows 8 1 http://baf.kacupu.ru/Intel%20Chipset%20Driver%20Windows%208%201 Intel Chipset Device drivers 42. Intel Ethernet Lan drivers 36. Intel Chipset Device Software. WHQL Пакет драйверов для системных плат на чипсетах Intel. Intel Chipset Device - Каталог драйверов - Драйвера. Intel Chipset Device Software - драйверы для материнских плат на чипсетах Intel, ориентированные на обеспечение корректной поддержки функционирования шин PCI-Express, AGP, PCI, USB, IDE, а также прочих компонентов системы. Intel Chipset Device drivers - Каталог драйверов. Драйверы. Windows ® 10* Windows *. Windows 8 * Более. Если нет, то программу Intel ® Chipset Software Installation Utility не нужно. Драйвера Intel Chipset для Windows. Intel Chipset Device Software. Пакет драйверов для чипсетов Intel от самого производителя. Дата выпуска. Операционная система: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8, Win. Win 10 3264-bits. Intel ® Chipset Device INF Update Utility. Нажмите, чтобы Ссылка №5 online Размер: Для ОС: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8. Intel Chipset Driver Windows 8 1
Securing Category in Service Catalog (disable inheritance, add permissions)
About Decisions | http://www.decisions.com Decisions is the finest workflow automation SaaS. Our graphically configurable platform (http://decisions.com/platform) gives users the ability to both create new, and enhance existing applications. The Decisions team has been working together for over a decade delivering an experience that gives more control and configuration ability to administrators. Specifically, the platform allows for the creation of applications that can be configured by non-programmers in a way that is safe, visible, and flexible. This mission has driven the Decisions team to create numerous technologies in use today at some of the world's largest and most innovative companies. For more information, visit Decisions.com.
Dexpot 1.5: Full-screen preview & Window catalogue
Showing Dexpot's Live capabilities. Download now: http://www.dexpot.de Follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/dexpot Become a fan on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dexpot/103370033036563
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Sentelic Touchpad Driver Windows 10
Sentelic Touchpad Driver Windows 10 http://fola.klowis.ru/Sentelic%20Touchpad%20Driver%20Windows%2010 Подробнее о пакете: Название: Sentelic TouchPad Driver Драйвер для тачпада Sentelic, Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad Driver Версия драйвера. Дата драйвера. Операционная система: Windows Vista, Windows 7 32 64 bit. Sentelic Touchpad Тип: Windows VistaVista 64-bit77 64-bit catalog Открываешь Драйвера и Файлы, Win 7, выбираешь битность и качаешь драйвер для тачпада. Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad Driver. Windows 10 - тоже качай и ставь. Файл Touchpad _ Sentelic _Compal_Win7_64_Z9044. Touchpad: Sentelic. Clevo. Опубликовано. Автор: SamLab — Нет комментариев. Обновились драйверы для тачпадов фирмы Sentelic в ноутбуках на аппаратной платформе Clevo. Windows 28. Sentelic TouchPad drivers - Каталог драйверов. ALPS Touchpad drivers 15. ASMedia USB. Sentelic Finger Sensing Pad drivers. Драйвера для тачпада Sentelic под Windows Vista, Windows. Sentelic TouchPad Driver - Каталог драйверов. Описание: Sentelic Touchpad driver for ASUS Touchpad ArrayArray ASUS Sentelic Touchpad драйвер. Название:Elantech Touchpad driver. Версия. Система: Windows 7 64-bit. Драйверы для ASUS Touchpad для Windows 7 64-bit Synaptics, Sentelic Touchpad Driver for Lenovo B50- 10, IdeaPad 100-14IBY, 100-15IBY. Версия. Windows 10 64bit. Если при нажатии ссылки ничего не происходит - подождите несколько секунд. Как Synaptics драйвера для тачпада? Драйверы и Программное обеспечение. Процедуры и решения. Документация. Центр поддержки Windows. Другие бренды Lenovo. Motorola Продукты. ASUS Touchpad Sentelic Touchpad драйвер. Драйверы для Мыши и тачпада Sentelic Touchpad. Sentelic Touchpad Windows 7 Driver. Добавлен. Размер. Мбайт. Лицензия - Тип: Windows 77 64-bit. Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBY - Драйвер для сенсорных. Название:Elantech Touchpad driver. Sentelic Touchpad Driver Windows 10
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Via Vt1818 Audio Driver Windows 10
Via Vt1818 Audio Driver Windows 10 http://tavu.svikob.ru/Via%20Vt1818%20Audio%20Driver%20Windows%2010 VIA Звуковые картыSound cards ДрайвераDrivers HD Audio VT 1818 все драйвера и утилиты. Аудио Драйвер для VIA HD звуковых кодековVIA HD Audio Codecs Driver. Версия. A для Windows XP 3264bit, Windows Vista 3264bit. Аудио Драйвер для VIA HD. A VIA HD. VIA HD Audio Driver VIA VT 1812S, VT 1818, VT1828S драйвер для вашего компьютера или ноутбука и без регистрации по прямой ссылке - бесплатный каталог драйверов для устройств Windows. VIA HD Audio Codec Drivers. Софт-Архив Главная страница Новости Software Драйвер VIA HD Audio 10500d с поддержкой Windows. Выбираем лучший android-смартфон за 10 000 рублей. В погоне за производительностью: видеокарты – май 2017. VIA HD Audio русская. Загрузить последние версии официальных сертифицированных драйверов для устройств VIA Technologies HD Audio Codec VT 1818. HD Audio Codec. Серии: VT 1818. Совместимость: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8. Помогите найти драйвер на звук via hd audio на Windows. Windows 10 32 bit, Windows 10 64 bit Имя файла: via - audio -xpvistawin7. Ссылки для драйвера звуковой карты VIA VT 1818: Ссылка на 1 Ссылка на. VIA драйвер hd audio Драйвера нужны именно для Windows. Драйвера разрабатывает производитель оборудования. Когда он их разработает для 10 если разработает тогда вы и сможете их Драйвер VIA HD Audio 10500d с поддержкой Windows 8 Драйвер версии. A для звуковых кодеков VIA HD Audio VT1702S, VT1705, VT1708B, VT1708S, VT1716S, VT1718S. Введите код: После ввода кода нажмите на ссылку ниже для загрузки файла. VIA HD Audio Codec Driver. A. VIA VT 1818 " Драйвер, описание, обзор, отзывы Драйвера предназначены для работы в операционных системах Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows. Windows 10 архитектур 32 & 64 bits. Realtek AMD HDMI Audio Device. VIA HD Audio Codec Drivers. VIA HD Audio Codec VT1812S, VT 1818, VT1828S Главная " Каталог программ " Система " Драйверы " VIA HD Audio Codec Drivers. Драйвера предназначены для и работы в операционных системах Windows XP - 10 архитектур 32 и 64 bits. Драйвера via vt 1708s в windows 10 x64 - Microsoft. Оборудование: VIA VT 1818. Название:HD Audio Driver. Версия:v8700a_­. Дата выхода:01 Oct 2010. Система: Windows 7 Windows 7 64-bitWindows VistaWindows Vista 64-bitWindows XPWindows XP 64-bit. Загрузить драйверы VIA Technologies HD Audio. Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 или. Windows 10 32 или 64 bit. Vinyl Audio driver VIA AC97 - звук для материнской платы: VT82C686AB, VIA Vinyl or Tremor. VIA VIA HD Audio Win 10. Версия. A для операционных систем Windows XP 32bit64bit, Windows Vista 32bit64bit, Windows 7 32bit64bit, Windows 8 32bit64bit. Вся информация по " Аудио Драйвер для VIA HD. A" версия, дата, описание и примечание. Via Vt1818 Audio Driver Windows 10
WannaCry ransomware MS17 010 patch download and install guide
WannaCry ransomware stoped by install MS17-010 patch How to download/install MS17-010 update patch Microsoft Windows MS17-010 patch download install guide
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MCITP 70-640: RSAT & Snap-ins
Using Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) allow server/client administration to be performed from client operating system like Windows. This video looks at using Windows 7 to perform these functions and using the MMC to customize your favor tools under the one interface. Download the pdf handout for this video from http://ITFreeTraining.com/Handouts/70-640/Part2/RSATSnapIns.pdf Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) RSAT is not installed by default on the Windows client. The RSAT install can be downloaded from the Microsoft web site. RSAT not available for Windows XP, however the predecessor Administration Tools Pack (AdminPak) is available. This does not have all the same tools as RSAT does, but does allow you to perform some basic administration for Windows XP. Windows 8 http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=28972 Windows 7 http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=7887 Windows Vista http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=21090 Windows Vista x64 http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=18787 Windows XP http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=16770 Microsoft Management Console (MMC) All the administration tools in Windows use the same standardized frame. This means any combination of tools can be combined together in the one interface. Microsoft provides the Microsoft Management Console or MMC to perform this task. Using the MMC you can add any tool under the same interface. For this reason, administrative tools are often referred to as snap-ins in reference to them being able to be added to the MMC. Demonstration RSAT RSAT first needs to be download from the Microsoft Web site. The install is quiet simple, setup does not give you any options other than accepting the license. Before you can use any of the tools they need to be added. This can be done by opening the control panel, selecting programs and then Programs and features. From program and features, select the option Turn Windows features on or off. The admin tools are found under Remote Server Administration Tools. To enable a tool or tools, it is a matter of going through all the options and ticking the administrative tools that you want to use. Once the tools have been added, these will be available under administrative tools under the start menu. Demonstration MMC MMC can be run from the start menu using MMC. One MMC is running, additional snap-ins can be added by selecting file Add/Remove snap-in. Once you have the MMC configured the way you want, the MMC can be saved and used again later. The snap-in can be saved in different modes. Before saving the MMC console, select file menu and then select options. Author mode: Allow any changes to be made by all users. User mode -- full access: Prevent changes to MMC console, add/removing snap-ins etc, but all snap-in features can be accessed. User mode -- limited access, multiple window: Allows different snap-ins to be opened in separate Windows under the same MMC console. User mode -- limited access, single window: Does not allow additional Windows in the MMC console. A Windows Server will not allow remote management to be performed by default. To enable remote management, open server manager and tick the option "Configure Server Manager Remote Management". See http://YouTube.com/ITFreeTraining or http://itfreetraining.com for our always free training videos. This is only one video from the many free courses available on YouTube. References "MCTS 70-640 Configuring Windows Server 2008 Active Directory" Microsoft Press, pg 38-40 "Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows 7" http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee449475(v=ws.10) "What Are the Remote Server Administration Tools?" http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee449470(WS.10).aspx "Remote Server Administration Tools" http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/2202.remote-server-administration-tools-rsat-for-windows-vista-windows-7-windows-8-release-preview-windows-server-2008-windows-server-2008-r2-and-windows-server-2012-dsforum2wiki.aspx "Windows Server 2003 Administration Tools Pack" http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=16770
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Lighroom Color Correction Introduction and Catalog Preparation - Lightroom Video Tutorial
Full article and exercise files at - http://www.slrlounge.com/introduction-and-resetting-our-lightroom-catalog-to-default-lightroom-video-tutorial Time for the good stuff! It's time to get down with the developing. Before we get into any artistic editing, we are going to proceed step by step and start first with basic color correction. In this chapter, we are going to focus on providing several different examples of color correction for different types of photography and different types of situations. In this Lightroom video tutorial, we will be discussing this plan going forward, as well as prepare our catalog for developing. This means that we are going to restore the catalog to defaults, and then re-keyword all of our images based on what types of tutorials they will be used for. Some of you may thing that it is easier to simply delete and create a new catalog. But, it really isn't, and I want to make sure you guys truly understand each of these features in Lightroom, rather than simply doing something the lazy way because that is the way you are comfortable with. So, let's get on to the good stuff! Enjoy!
Backup And Restore
Backing up your computer system is one of the most important jobs that you can do. This video looks at how to use the build in backup and restore software included in windows server 2008 R2.
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Wanna Cry Ransomware Worldwide Attack
Wanna Cry Ransomware Worldwide Attack This ransomware has gone global, it's hit the NHS in the UK. Why? because they are running Windows XP which has no support for security patches, this global cyber attack which has crippled the health services in the UK. Once WannaCry ransomware is on the system it will encrypt the data on that computer in the background. Then the cyber criminals who created WannaCry ransomware will start demanding payment to regain access to vital medical records. $600 of untraceable bitcoins is the demand to release your data. This could be the biggest ransomware attack in history which has spread to over 100 countries. update for XP & WIn 8 http://www.catalog.update.microsoft.com/Search.aspx?q=KB4012598 disable SMBv1 (not SMBv2 or v3) https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2696547/how-to-enable-and-disable-smbv1,-smbv2,-and-smbv3-in-windows-vista,-windows-server-2008,-windows-7,-windows-server-2008-r2,-windows-8,-and-windows-server-2012 It's sad to think that over 90 per cent of NHS computers and equipment in the UK are still using Windows XP which is a 16-year-old operating system that has no support from Microsoft. Windows XP is vulnerable to these type of attacks which can leave NHS computer systems at risk in the future. They need to upgrade their hardware to stay protected and have a proper backup system in place where the data is stored away from the computers that they are using. Here is how WannaCry ransomware (WanaCrypt ransomware) spread so quick https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/security/ms17-010.aspx Microsoft issued a patch to fix this flaw back in March 2017, but organisations like the NHS running older and unsupported versions of Windows such as Windows XP were unable to apply the update because Microsoft no longer supplies security patches for those versions of Windows. There is no way to decrypt data yet. Why oh why are the NHS still running Windows XP? 1. Never pay the ransom fee. 2. Backup, Backup, Backup 3. Keep Windows system updated with latest updates and security patches. 4. Rollout Windows Operating system updates 5. Don't click on attachments from people you don't know. 6. Don't open links in email 7. Use common sense Join my forum for help and support http://www.briteccomputers.co.uk/forum
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American Men - AM System (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
Cool World Album • http://smarturl.it/LM004 "Buffed by adulation from all corners of the industry... American Men deliver their first five tracks of Miami-lazer-rock for LuckyMe. The Scottish group comprise three members of the short lived Russia outfit and Dananananaykroyd, playing a canny fusion of complex Math Rock and arcade game melodies... Their sound is an intense blast of nostalgia delivered with incredibly sharp musicianship and an acutely aware avant-rock knowledge that's gained them fans from Mary Anne Hobbs to Mark Pritchard and Radio 1's Huw Stephens. The remixes range from Ikonika and Optimum's 8-bit Funky ride to Falty DL's febrile beat collage and a boldly epic recomposition from Hud Mo. Recommended." - Boomkat Review Released July 6th 2010 | Catalogue Number: LM004 1. Ccccool World 2. Claude Speed 3. Tenzin Zopa 4. Good Po-lice 5. AM System 6. Claude Speed (Ikonika & Optimum Remix) 9. Ccccool World (Falty DL Remix) 10. Tenzin Zopa (Machinedrum Remix) 11. AM System (Hudson Mohawke Remix) ©LuckyMe Records
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Export Collection Sets as a Catalogue
In this video we look at the new 2015.8 fearure of exporting collection sets as a catalog. Livelink Training by kenfisherphotography.com https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhyaEumpoDSuCJ4qGVOSeFhCIZLWnwxC4
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How to Create a Hosted Catalog Bitcoin Payment Option
Wondering how to accept bitcoin on your website with a hosted catalog payment option? This video gives you the answers you need to start. Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BitPayOfficial
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The Moment President Obama First Meets Federal Inmates: Fixing the System (Teaser)
Check out an exclusive clip from VICE and HBO's upcoming special on criminal justice in the US: 'Fixing The System' — it will air September 27. Watch the full trailer: http://bit.ly/1MmMPRj In the first clip to go live from the special, we see the moment that President Obama meets the inmates and sits down with them for an in-depth conversation. Stay tuned for more prison coverage in the weeks to come, and watch the full-length special this Sunday on HBO. Watch VICE on HBO Season 1: http://bit.ly/1BAQdq5 Watch VICE on HBO Season 2: http://bit.ly/1LBL8y6 The special offers a panoramic perspective on crime and punishment, and will follow all the key characters in America’s sprawling justice system, including prisoners and their families, members of the judiciary, and community reformers. It will be hosted by VICE founder and correspondent, Shane Smith, and will also feature President Barack Obama's historic tour of El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in Oklahoma in July, where he met with inmates and prison officials. "There's an emerging consensus in this country — on both the right and the left — that the way we treat criminal offenders is utterly broken and weakening our society in profound ways," Smith said, explaining the significance of the documentary. In filming the special, President Obama became the first sitting President to visit a federal prison, signaling that criminal justice reform is a top priority in the final stretch of his presidency. At the medium-security prison for male offenders, Obama met with six inmates. He said the men's stories and the mistakes they made were not dissimilar to those the president made in his own youth, when he admittedly smoked pot and used cocaine. America needs to distinguish between violent criminals and people "doing stupid things," Obama said, adding that many young people who end up in prison for nonviolent drug crimes grew up in environments where drug trafficking is prevalent. Giving those people decades-long sentences is what is contributing to the country's overcrowded prison system, and more resources should be directed to education, support, and rehabilitation, he said. "I am really interested in the possibilities, the prospect of bipartisan legislation around the criminal justice system," the president told reporters on June 30. "And we've seen some really interesting leadership from some unlikely Republican legislators very sincerely concerned about making progress there." The special is the latest in VICE's ongoing coverage of what has become a major civil rights and reform issue in the United States. Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag
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Canon L10576e Драйвер Windows 7
Canon L10576e Драйвер Windows 7 http://kas.tovoxu.ru/Canon%20L10576e%20%D0%94%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%80%20Windows%207 Для Windows Vista. Canon LBP-810 Printer Driver XP R1 04 с официального сайта. Где можно драйвер на Canon LBP-810 Printer 64 w10. Canon LBP-810 Printer Драйвер Nederlands. Windows - Driver - это бесплатные драйвера для Windows " Драйвера для Windows " Canon. Прежде чем драйвер Canon. Рекомендуем удалить старую версию драйвера. Canon LBP-810 Printer drivers драйвер для принтеров canon серии laser shot. Перед драйвера рекомендуем вам Ускорить и улучшить работу вашего Windows. Canon LBP-810 Printer Driver. Win XP, Win 7. Драйверы для принтера Canon LBP-810 L E под Windows 7 — XP. Как драйвер смотрите. Для Windows 10 — 7 x32x64 прекрасным выходом из положения будет. Canon l Canon LBP-810 Printer Драйвер для Windows 7,­ Vista Nederlands. Совместимость: Список совместимых Device Ids. Дата выхода:24 Mar 2010. Система: Windows 7 Windows Vista. Canon LBP-810 Driver. Canon LBP-810 catalog Canon LBP-810 Printer Driver - Драйвера. Загрузок: 37,776. Операционные системы: Windows 7 x32bit, Windows Vista x32bit. Оригинальный диск от принтера Canon LBP-810. Драйвера для лазерного принтера Canon. При поиске этих драйверов мне предлагали отправить смс за пустой файл, вирус и просто какую-то левую ерунду. Драйвер для принтера Canon LBP-810. Download: Canon L E Driver Windows. Как смотрите тут У любого серьезного производителя комплектующих, драйвер принтер canon l e для windows 7 сайт, на котором, доступны свежие версии драйверов. Очень нужен драйвер для принтера canon L E otvet Размер: 0,9. Windows. Canon LBP-810 Printer. Driver - Драйвера для лазерного принтера Canon LBP-810. Драйвер предназначен для в 32-х битных операционных системах Microsoft Windows VistaXPWin. Каталог Драйверы Принтеры Canon LBP-810. Canon L10576e Драйвер Windows 7
Shirley's IQ - How to Transfer designs from PC (Vista) to IQ
How to transgfer designs to IQ using the Vista operating System
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LGR - The Sims 3 Generations Review
Is the fourth expansion pack for TS3 worth buying? What are all the new activities, interactions and objects? Find out in this review! ● Buy the game for a lower price here & help support LGR: http://www.gamefanshop.com/partner-Phreakindee/browse/gg895-The-Sims-3-Generations-(PC)/ ● Please consider helping support LGR on Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/LazyGameReviews The Sims 3 Generations Expansion Pack for Windows and Macintosh computers As with all my Sims videos, this also covers the new content provided through the patch that launched with the expansion. In this case it's the Generations patch/Patch 22, which includes memories, dates, body hair, life sliders, reputation, catalog filters and more. Want the custom items shown in the video? Almost every item comes with the house download link below. Links: Download Free Official LGR T-Shirts for The Sims 3 http://www.thebasingers.com/lgrshirt.html Download the house in the video (Modern Tropical Dream House) by Zveki: http://www.sims3updates.net/details.php?cat=obj&id=15488 Download the "mirror floors" objects: http://bit.ly/kG5wmI Download the Apple iMac computer: http://bit.ly/MNCVI3 How To Install Custom Content: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZLRW79MzEw Donate to the show via PayPal: http://donate.thebasingers.com/ Buy "real live" LGR T-Shirts and swag! http://www.cafepress.com/LazyGameReviews My PC system specs: http://lazygamereviews.wordpress.com/2011/02/10/pc-specs/
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Standa Products Highlights 2017
Standa Ltd. is a developer, manufacturer and reliable supplier of Opto-mechanical Components, Precision Motion Control Devices & Solutions, DPSS Lasers, Optics, Equipment for labs & industry. Website: http://www.standa.lt Identify product by playback time: 0:05 - DC & Stepper Motor Controller with USB/Ethernet interface: http://www.standa.lt/products/catalog/motorised_positioners?item=525 0:09 - Some Examples of Motorized Posiotioners produced by Standa http://www.standa.lt/products/catalog/motorised_positioners 0:16 - 8MT160 series Motorized Linear Stage 0:19 - 8MT200-100 - Motorized Linear Stage 0:22 - 8MT167 series Motorized Linear Stage 0:26 - 8MT295 series - Long-travel Translation Stages 0:29 - 8MTF200-4247 - Large Open-Frame XY Microscope Stage 0:34 - 8MTF series - XY Scanning (Microscope) Stage 0:38 - 8CMA series - Compact Actuators 0:40 - 8MTL series - Direct Drive Linear Translation Stages 0:51 - 8NANO-100XY - Nano Positioner 0:58 - 8MVT188-20 - Motorized Vertical Translation Platform (Labjack) 1:01 - 8MVT100-25-1 - Motorized Vertical Stage 1:08 - 8MVT40-13 - Motorized Vertical Translation Stage 1:21 - 8MTP116 - Motorized Tilt Stage Platform 1:27 - 3-axis system (100mm X 100 mm linear travel + 360° of rotation) 1:33 - 8MT295 - 2, 3- Axis Long-travel Linear Stages 1:41 - 8-0048 - XYZ Precision Gantry System 1:53 - 2-Axis Precision Rotaton based on 8MR190-90 stages 2:00 - 8MRB series Large Aperture Rotation Stages 2:13 - 8MR190-90 - Rotation Stage 2:16 - 8MR151 - Compact Rotation Stages 2:36 - 8-0023 - 3-Axis Continuous Rotation Goniometeric System 2:44 - 8MG series 1, 2-Axis Motorized Goniometers 2:50 - 8-0031 - 2-Axis Large Goniometer Stage 3:06 - 2-axis precision rotation based on 8MR151 stages 3:09 - 8-0019 - 3-axis Motorized Goniometer 3:13 - 8-0021 - 6-axis Motorized System 3:18 - 3-axis Rotation System 3:26 - 8MG-2SQ200 - Motorized Goniometer 3:32- 8MBM24 series Motorized Optical Mirror Mount 3:40 - 8MKVDOM series Ultra-High Stability Motorized Mirror Mount 3:49 - 5VDOM, 5KVDOM series Ultra-High Stability Mirror Mounts 3:53 - 5UFOM-40 - Flexure Optical Mirror Mount 4:04 - 5LAOM series Manual Optical Mount for Extra Large Mirrors 4:09 - 8MLAOM series Motorized Optical Mount for Extra Large Mirrors 4:54 - 5AMR-500 - Adjustable Large Heavy Mirror Mount 4:59 - 8MID series Motorized Iris Diaphragms 5:08 - 3-Axis Vacuum Compatible Goniometer (similar to non-vacuum 8-0023 system) 5:14 - 10MS-2R200V-DC - Vacuum Compatible Motorized Goniometer 5:20 - Vacuum Compatible Open Frame XY Translation Stage 5:23 - Vacuum Compatible XY Gantry System (300x300 mm travel range) 5:25 - 8-0038 - Vacuum Compatible 5-Axis System 5:40 - 7GM-2R4V - Vacuum Compatible Manual Goniometer Stage (Optical Mount) 5:46 - 5LAOMV - Vacuum Compatible Extra Large Optics Mount 5:51 - 5LAM series Kinematic Large Aperture Mirror Mount (manual, motorized) 6:04 - 8MT175V series Vacuum Compatible Linear Stages with Encoders and 3-Axis System based on such stages 6:18 - 8MR190V series - Motorized Rotation Stages for Vacuum 6:24 - 8MAV series - Ultra-High Precision Linear Actuator for Vacuum 6:34 - 8MGM25TV-1B - Motorized Optical Gimbal Mount for Vacuum 6:40 - 8SMC5 series USB, Ethernet, RS232 Controllers for Lab and Industry with vast programming capabilities for stable and reliable control and integration. Good for plug-and-play options as far as for sophisticated complex utilization. 6:58 - 8-0020 - 3-Axis Motorized System 7:01- 8MT167-100-XYZ-8MR191-8MR151 - 5-Axis Motorized System 7:05 - 8-0047, 8-0063 - Two 4-Axis Motorized Systems samples 7:08 - 8-0030 - 4-Axis Precision Motion Platform 7:21 - Standa Passive & Active Q-Switched Sub-Nanosecond DPSS Micro Lasers and MOPA System 7:47 - 1HB-AL series Black Anodized Non-Magnetic Aluminum Honeycomb Breadboard (very light) 7:52 - Optical Breadboards variety manufactured by Standa 7:58 - 1CB series Laminar Flow Table Top Workstations 8:01 - Optical Table Workstation for clean room 8:06 - 1FC series Faraday Cages 8:10 - Laboratory equipped by Standa Optical Tables & Vibration Isolation Systems
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