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Deer Hunting: Girls Hunt Too!

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Daniele's first buck! Taken with a Scorpyd Ventilator 125 crossbow!
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Cade Egan (3 years ago)
Sweey shot
Robert Unversaw (3 years ago)
Eric Pickhartz (5 years ago)
NO, thank you! Check it out on the front page: wideopenspaces (dot) com/wos-shot-of-the-week/
Razors Edge (5 years ago)
Thanks! Shot in long Valley, NJ Not guided, I just took her hunting with me to get her first buck. The young lady in this video is a friend of a friend and she was looking for someone to take her hunting. I offered to take her and she came over early before the hunt so she could get some shooting time in with my Scorpyd Ventilator crossbow. She does a bit of shooting with guns so I knew she would be able to get a good shot off with the crossbow.
Eric Pickhartz (5 years ago)
Great stuff! We'd love to feature it on WideOpenSpaces (dot) com as the "Shot of the Week" but would appreciate some details to share with our readers. -Where was this shot? -What ammo/arrow was in the crossbow? -Was this a guided trip? If so, what guide company? -Are there any other interesting details worth sharing? Thanks a lot!
Texas Hog Slayer (5 years ago)
Ladies ladies ladies. Come on now the music is kinda korny in the background :) But I dig the ladies hunting. Just looks a lil more laid back than how I hunt:)
HA Outdoors (5 years ago)
Awesome! My 7 year old daughter loves to hunt! Check out our HA Outdoors channel
Jason Fullmer (5 years ago)
Congrats on the buck! Way to go!
EnthralledinNY (5 years ago)
Outstanding!! (Shirley Here) :P
Razors Edge (5 years ago)
Thanks! She did a great job! Panasonic SD90.
HuntingandRacing (5 years ago)
May I ask what camera you used? Great footage! Great shot!

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