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How to Shoot a Commercial Quality Product Shot

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Director/Cinematographer Matthew Rosen demonstrates how to shoot a commercial quality product shot.
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Text Comments (41)
Vhusi Phadagi (9 days ago)
Very useful.. Thank you
theUKtoday (4 months ago)
bloody hell
Stefan Bendik (5 months ago)
Thanks a ton, this is some invaluable info
ok4240 (6 months ago)
HI thanks a lot for this video. I have question : why do you use 360° shutter speed when you shoot at 60 fps ? Generaly people use low shutter speed around 45° for packshot thanks
Joshua del Rosario (6 months ago)
Hope to meet you soon! Awsome information!
Fabrizio Nannini (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing, great work, indeed!
Tasia (10 months ago)
This amazing! You are helping me make my dreams come true! Thank you for your detailed videos!
Tariq S. Alexander Waheed (11 months ago)
THIS is soooo fantastic information! I cant thank you enough for this!
Raja ram mohan (1 year ago)
Thank you for this amazing tutorial
DockLight Productions (1 year ago)
Matthew, you're the man! Thank you for these videos. You're simple explanations, to-the-point summaries are perfect and your voice/accent makes for a smooth delivery. Your videos are fantastic.
Cai Carney (1 year ago)
I'm so glad that no one has thumbed down this video. It is indeed, perfection.
Pascal Jean (1 year ago)
Cai Carney it happened:(
VedoStudio (1 year ago)
I just winter what lights are they You mention is Led strips in tube did you DIY those lights ? Thank you for share great content
ok4240 (1 year ago)
thanks a lot for this tutorial ! Can you let me know why you use 360 shutter speed and not 180 for this shoot ? thanks a lot
Huzz Production (1 year ago)
I watched all your videos enjoyed it and learned alot thank you soo much. Can you do a video about lighting a room and your characters right.
David Glabais (1 year ago)
A problem solving genius.
rayrapphael bisnar (1 year ago)
awesome video! can you do more of your color editing videos. really loved the vectorscope video and so did a lot of people. would love to understand more of how to properly color grade stuff!
Rrah (1 year ago)
Is this the full commercial? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzYl7QpK_9k Thank you!
Gambit The Exiled (1 year ago)
Dude your a true philanthropist this is pure gem of knowledge your sharing thank you what an amazing channel this is keep doing the good work god bless you.
French Coupon (1 year ago)
Great video! Subscribed and liked! Could you subscribe to my short movies channel? I try to break the 100 subscribers curse... :( Greetings from France!
It's very useful. Thank you for sharing.
keep It Raw (1 year ago)
Marek Vančo (1 year ago)
please, there are original content in the flacon, or you are filled by other product with better light "behaviours" ? thanks you for this video.
Victorfilm (1 year ago)
Amazing photography! Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
Dylan Saliba (1 year ago)
I ALWAYS get excited to watch another Matthew Rosen share! You produce some of the BEST tuts out there! I'm very grateful that quality cinematographers share the secrets with hacks like me. Thank YOU!
Noe Chavez (1 year ago)
Noe Chavez (1 year ago)
beauchampy (1 year ago)
Brilliant! Thanks!
Lucas Sanczyk (1 year ago)
"I hope this film has been useful to you". Take it for granted hahaha. Many thanks!
Jay C Elliston (1 year ago)
I've enjoyed and learned from every one of your videos. Thanks. Always want more.
Paul Kretz (1 year ago)
The only missing thing for me is 1080, I got so used to watching it all the time. Besides, the information is brilliant! Thank you!
Fauxhobo (1 year ago)
moar plz.
Julian (1 year ago)
Just wondering if there is a link for these "kinelux" lights you've mentioned. Where could I buy some from?
Giacomo Pandiani (1 year ago)
Amazing thank you very much as always
Cactii 101 (1 year ago)
I always look forward to your videos!
Carter Daily (1 year ago)
Thanks you but whats the frame rate and how long this took you?
RisenMedia (1 year ago)
Always enjoy your content! Where are you based?
Ex Astris (1 year ago)
Very insightful, your channel is great.
Justin Schug (1 year ago)
I feel guilt watching these breakdowns for free
m0nkeyb0yduane (1 year ago)
yess! this is awesome information! more of these videos please matty!
My Life Japan (1 year ago)
I nearly missed this episode in my feed! Notifications... ON! It'd be awesome to see the final commercial. Anywhere we can check it out?

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