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Ronnie Coleman - Why I Kept My Job As a Police Officer | Remastered in 1080 HD

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Shop my Official Supps - https://ronniecoleman.net I had all of my old training DVDs remastered in HD! Here is a rare clip where I explain why I kept my full time job as a police officer well into my years as a professional bodybuilder. Yeah Buddy, Stay tuned More parts being uploaded soon! As always don't forget to LIKE/SUBSCRIBE for more gainz!! Subscribe for more videos like this- http://goo.gl/3PBf8v Check Out my Supps - https://www.ronniecoleman.net Follow me: http://facebook.com/RCSups http://twitter.com/BigRonColeman http://instagram.com/ronniecoleman8 http://instagram.com/rcssdirector Get all of my products here http://ronniecoleman.net Check out the rest of my videos - http://youtube.com/rcsstv
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Text Comments (526)
pedro gomes (1 month ago)
michael wheeler (2 months ago)
Im a C.O. and a fitness enthusiasts and Ronnie Coleman is my idol.
Jad Mohtar (2 months ago)
Al Camacho (4 months ago)
You still a police officer ?
Javier R. Castillo (4 months ago)
Phil heath couldn't hold a full time job and win olympia titles. Ol Ronnie worked harder than most pro bodybuilders. And stayed humble. And loves his fans.
Bálint Szekeres (5 months ago)
Randy Roberts (5 months ago)
Can you imagine getting pulled over and Ronnie Coleman walks up to the car ? I'd get a ticket and ask for an autograph ...LOL
Randy Roberts (5 months ago)
You are the best Ronnie !!!!
Edward Fortae (5 months ago)
Ronnie your a good man. I wish you didnt hurt your back though.
Matthew Purkerson (6 months ago)
Wow, I never knew RC was a police officer. This man deserves 1000x respect. That is insanely difficult to balance both of those. PROPS.
Religion LOL (6 months ago)
Dude does police work to get away from stress lol
MORE MONEY (7 months ago)
Simple the best... how can you not like this guy.
Mike P (8 months ago)
Brian. What a man.
Bludika (11 months ago)
bullets dont work on this guy
Shubham Sure (11 months ago)
The Bodybuilding Legend Ronnie sir...... My god My ideal Dear Ronnie Sir..... Love you sir .... My cont.9284056784 Shubham Sure....☺️💐💐
Ryan Yee (1 year ago)
Best shape ever. Genetically gifted
Moe P (1 year ago)
Them Texas Boyz
Mark Risjan (1 year ago)
Ronnie your a hero protecting the citzens your an awsome man just keep that in your head buddy
Jay R (1 year ago)
If Ronnie tries to arrest you, just run away. Bet he carrying too much mass to catch you lol
Ronnie Coleman (1 year ago)
I may be big but im agile like a cat
Marquis Lee (1 year ago)
Why all the toughest men has squeaking voices .. ronnie and mike tyson
vango tagger (1 year ago)
This nigga ah god damn super cop lol
Who knew The Comedian owns a gym?
1tonybricky (1 year ago)
a copper breaking the law that resonates
E_Musk (1 year ago)
Big thanks to the Brian guy
4d's (1 year ago)
One of the greatest.
Sagar Kotian (1 year ago)
Why doesn't his voice match his body
Tiffany (1 year ago)
Hey Mr. Officer 👮🏾, smart man!
Ewolf5150 (1 year ago)
Ronnie seems like a guy that just doesn't give a fuck and goes with the flow. He probably is like "whatever" no matter what situation is in front of him lol
Mark Richardson (1 year ago)
Does anyone else think that Mr Coleman is on steroids?
Veto Zaragoza (1 year ago)
the legend himself has spoken
Ronnie Coleman (1 year ago)
Jon Joe (1 year ago)
He won't be able to run after someone
Krokodil (1 year ago)
How was he able to work as a cop? You're nit allowed to take any kind of drugs while working..
dalle5 (1 year ago)
Booyah Hoorah (1 year ago)
Much Respect to Ronnie and his trainer
Hardik Dikshit (1 year ago)
You've worked soooo fing hard your whole life. Relax now. stop working out like a mad man. It'll kill you.
Xuereb (1 year ago)
jokes aside they don't do drug tests at the police department?
zoki (1 year ago)
yeah buddy! what is motivation? Motivation is Ronnie Coleman, god bless you bro
dinnynosher (1 year ago)
So you could shake down steroid dealers and get your mexican supps for free aswell as a paycheck by the end of it.
nicu de la piata mare (1 year ago)
ron is natural.
MrMacedoniaOfGreece1 (1 year ago)
Does anyone know, what car that is @ 1:56 of the video??
MrMacedoniaOfGreece1 (1 year ago)
Actually, found it. It's a 1995 Chevrolet Caprice.
Joeyissexy (1 year ago)
I think the interesting part is not that he took steroids as a cop but that he bought them off steroid dealers who probably also sell a shit ton of other drugs as well. Not trying to bash Ronnie or anything though, I think steroids being illegal is fucking stupid anyway.
Kristina Rajkovic (1 year ago)
he work in police and he take a roids... ?
Paul Newman (1 year ago)
What happen to protect and to serve, I love the community, make a difference......All you care about is your benefits. Sad part is the majority is probably like this, it's sad.
4k3el (1 year ago)
He doesn't need a bulletproof vest.. he is a bulletproof vest
Jeremiah Wilder (1 year ago)
Great guy real people person not a jerk for all he has achieved
speck68 llswood10 (1 year ago)
this guy is a con,when he doing steroids he do video but now he's down no videos
APG95 (1 year ago)
Why? Because I'm Ronnie goddamn Coleman. That's why. Problem buddy?
guillelainez (1 year ago)
So much respect man!
packagepagan (1 year ago)
Umm how does a steroid user not lose their job to a drug screen ???
Jose Herrera (1 year ago)
Grande el rey coleman! constancia y perseverancia de un campeón! Light weight baby! 💪
Tom Hill (1 year ago)
So juice is legal or illegal?
Jeffrey Randall (1 year ago)
Ronnie: sir do you know why I pulled you over? Me: YEAH BUDDAAAAAY! WOOOOOOOO!!!
H.E. Pennypacker (1 year ago)
Without the steroids he is a fraction the size he was. Steroids are bad news.
Steven Heap (1 year ago)
Sergio Olivia also maintained his job as a cop throughout his career.
Allah Akbar (1 year ago)
Steroids are illegal.
WertyMartin (1 year ago)
Police Officer uses illegal drugs
Anthony Vo (1 year ago)
What happens after major pain takes steroids this man is what happens.
Diego Gallisai (1 year ago)
Awace (1 year ago)
Not hating or anything, but isn't it quite ironic how he's a cop yet taking illegal substances lol
Moe P (1 year ago)
One Retarded Boi good observation
neto Bolsonaro (1 year ago)
BR tá ligado man
he is fucking huge!!!!
taipeitaiwan10 (1 year ago)
How many years did he serve?
Scrappy Muscle (1 year ago)
be safe brother
Scrappy Muscle (1 year ago)
Awesome Ronnie
GA BU (1 year ago)
so you claimed natty to ur boss?
volvo245 (1 year ago)
Wait how exactly do copious amounts of illegal PEDs and being a police officer mix? I get that many cops take some roids but Ronnie was clearly on fucking everything the labs could churn out.
Shanu Kaushish (1 year ago)
the best there ever will be.... respect
JuliusCaesar (1 year ago)
Imagine being chased by Ronnie Coleman. I would shit my pants , start crying on the spot and probably pass out. And then he would lift me up with one hand and say: "And nothin' but a peanut"
Mokipiliadus (10 months ago)
JuliusCaesar 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Mike Studmuffin (1 year ago)
Oskar Niebudek (1 year ago)
8 time mr olympia, and have to worry by ... insurence? bitch please....
Sheridan saul (1 year ago)
TYPE THIS IN YOUTUBE AND SKIP TO 4:00. RONNIE ADMITTING TO DRUG USE. **Tom Platz Backstage Secrets of Pros [pt. 01]**
Yuquan (1 year ago)
I'd rather get shot, then to have Ronnie to punch me
Sergej Braun (1 year ago)
rick dees (1 year ago)
idk how he stayed a cop he breaks the law everyday
Caleb Able (1 year ago)
So basically he knew, training the way he did, he would fuck him self up and would need the medical.
French Fry (1 year ago)
He needs 3 of these bullet proof vests to cover his chest.
Timofee (1 year ago)
Ronnies the type of dude to arrest himself during a steroid house raid
Matty McMattamus (1 year ago)
so you can confiscate steroids
Sandor Clegane (1 year ago)
it's paradox how he's a cop and takes a controlled substance. And all you yanks don't understand why your country is fucked.
Rodrigo Bermudes (1 year ago)
Ronnie Coleman Champion!
Driver 302 (1 year ago)
How do you have time to be a cop and a pro body builder..?
Tyler Durden (1 year ago)
I had a fellow soldier get kicked out of the Army for using steroids. They found his stash in Afghanistan and proceeded to chapter him out of the Army. It's illegal and an integrity thing.
Pappy Tron (1 year ago)
Do police officers not have drugs testing?
MrTopG (1 year ago)
it is some bullshit hes a police officer yet purchasing and using a lot of illegal drugs though... hopefully he turned a blind eye on a lot of petty drug offenses
tyler gnosis (1 year ago)
Is he still a,cop today?
Keith Mikell (1 year ago)
Call out Castleberry for taking your catch phrase. Only RC can use "Light Weight"! Did you eventually retire from the force?
celpabedn (1 year ago)
Its funny to know his police officers knew he was roiding, and he was listening to gangsta rap all the time and we all know dem rap playas love the sum police....
Kevin James (1 year ago)
Protector and server of the people. Thank you for your service and thank you for inspiring so many to better their self.
Agent. K. (1 year ago)
Metro flex used to have legends train there. Now it's full of scammers like kali, mike scamshid etc...
It's always good to see something positive, being done by Black Americans!
Kenneth PECK (1 year ago)
He can arrest you for weed but he slams more steroids than anybody..
RebelForce8 (1 year ago)
Arresting kids for drugs while abusing 17 substances. Hypocrisy at the source.
sudd (1 year ago)
one job is fighting drugs and the other taking drugs................
Shazzkid (1 year ago)
He's just as useless as a fat cop, neither can chase down anyone
Michael (1 year ago)
Ronnie is a hypocrite. doing illegal drugs and arresting others for doing the same.. while he remai s safe and his freedom intack
Simon Bendtsen (1 year ago)
I Think he Use more Money on food Daily than i earn in a month
KevinCummings Fitness (1 year ago)
So it's not about helping others? It's about just himself. Typical black guy
Y tomar (1 year ago)
How your health rony.... From india
Zarachi D (1 year ago)
bit twisted hm cop taking illegal substances?
Christian Bell (1 year ago)
Because roid rage is for life.
jay w (1 year ago)
is a cop and takes illegal steroids?
Shizmoo (1 year ago)
He kept his job as a police officer because like a typical officer, he breaks the law using illegal steroids

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