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Columbia Titanium First Tracks 860TD Down Parka Review

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A simple tour of the First Tracks Ski Jacket from Columbia. The Omni-Heat and TurboDown technologies from Columbia keep this jacket extremely warm while cutting down on bulk. This jacket also comes in black, and the first link below showcases this. You can find more details and purchase this jacket here: http://www.scouttech.com/columbia-titanium-mens-first-tracks-860-turbodown-ski-jacket-omni-heat/ There is also a Women's version for those interested: http://www.scouttech.com/columbia-titanium-womens-first-tracks-860-turbodown-ski-jacket-omni-heat/ As always, you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (NEW). Thanks for watching!
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Juhziz playlist (11 months ago)
whats the size he is wearing
Juhziz playlist (11 months ago)
thank you
ScoutTech Outfitters (11 months ago)
The jacket in this video is a size large, and this jacket model is generally true to size.

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